Let's Get Healthy, 3/3

Let's Get Healthy
Saturday, March 3rd
Hosts: Amy Tyler, ND and Jonci Jensen, ND.  Guests include Julia Ross, author of The Craving Cure: Identity Your Craving Type to Activate Your Natural Appetite Control; and Rev. Mary Schneider, CEO of Repattern It.

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Welcome to let's get healthy and talked 1870. Perhaps you've by people's our eggs Constance favorite pharmacy we're taking your calls live and by 26 foot three lives. I went 264354. At 830. Good morning thank you for joining us this is Amy Taylor and I Nestor traffic doctor as people's pharmacy. And I am elated to see how one of my favorite people in the world scares me today is my co host she is a fellow announced traffic doctor. She joins us from California she's here today like in the studio. And doctor John C Jensen thank you so much for joining us of course Amy I'm so excited to be with you this morning doctor Tyler the sisters so much fun to have you here. And so hum part of let brings doctor Jones and here is a program that you're bringing to Austin. The bush as Nash having doctors were really passionate about teaching. Ditch fairy which is the Latin word that doctor comes from actually means it's heats. And so big part of what we do is educate and teach they really want to empower people take charge of their health and understand other buddies where it. And so tell us how we're doing now and actually bringing it to the schools around the country that specifically and in keeping in the program here to Austin. Oh my goodness it warms my heart so much should be able I'm at it it's actually a program then I'm bringing back to Austin so when I lived here a few years ago. I created this afterschool program and act. At one of the middle school here middle schools here. It's a ten week program specifically diet designed for 67 and eighth graders. And it allows them the opportunity to do three things one is be educated about chronic diseases specifically this program that we're doing here in Austin. Is about heart disease and heart disease prevention. Heart disease is still the number one cause of death in this country after nearly a hundred years and so. I'm about half of the deaths from heart disease are preventable or considered to be preventable and so. What we're doing with this program future doctors of America is what it's called. What we're doing with this program is going into the middle school spending ten weeks with these with these middle school students. Teaching them about heart disease heart disease prevention we're also inspiring them to going to health care and I'm higher education and then finally we're giving them. We're empowering them to be able to share that knowledge with their local community so I do this program in east LA. And we have an amazing group of kids each each time that comes through most recently we did a set of videos and it was just absolutely fascinating and to watch. What surprised me the most is I forget how whole area is a twelve year old boy can get a. Not typically. There's so he had seen the videos myself and in many elements and just that connects these see them if they wanna learn more about what this looks like you have on your web say which is. Featured docks of America doppler and yes. Yeah we have picks we have pictures of the programs of up on the website future docks of America dot org. And I'm I'm back here's specifically because those well in people's pharmacy have funded. A springing this program back to Austin and I I just I couldn't have my heart couldn't be more more warmed to to be able to bring it back to the people of Austin and are so excited and that's another thing to note is that this program. For the participants and their families it's at no cost of them that's really make an afterschool enrichment and I love it because again it's that's something that's usually missing from most school curriculums a lot of people don't really build kids early learning how does my body where it how can I be healthier how conniving and pumped my family. Right in it and then after school setting we do it in a way that so much fun I mean that at the they have huge smiles on their face and to see the look on their face when they hear their heart beat for the first time with a stethoscope is just one of the most heartwarming things that I get to do with my work that's a great and is sent you do part of it is that cooking demonstration day if Derek Fisher or so I do a lot of plant based eating cooking and so bringing about twenty middle school students into the kitchen and for an afternoon to get them to try begin. And healthy heart healthy foods is. Also on a bit of a hand fallout and also a whole lot of fun. I this is so gray well we run it will have so much time leader on the sodas learn more about it and out the other programs there. Traveling that we actually called John C doctors on C that traveling doctor sees. New and around the country bringing a few different programs to. Defense cities and it's so exciting for love following you and seemingly doing. And so today we have a great lineup we're going to be talking first to doctor to authored Julie Iran son her book the craving shared. Identify of creating taped to activate your natural apple take control. And of the greats big discussion Rouse a gonna have a couple local. Practitioners of every nation later on opera pattern in how to break out of patterns that are serving you whether it's with the job or relationship people stuck in. Am also have. The wonderful doctor Alain you know we've. Holistic practitioner who's gonna talk about her upcoming. Seminar on the micro bio dome so the guts and how that impacts our health. So I think we have Julia Ross on the line you there's Ilia. You do have me here I am. And associated you know IA I think it was about fifteen years ago and red chip but it. The mood here and was fascinated by it and so I use amino acid therapy with a lot of people in my own. Practice and so I'm really excited to have you here talking about in new book. I'm glad to be with you. And slowed the books called the craving here and so the sun. Is starts off with a questionnaire is that rate to help people identify a what's the creating tapes they have can you tell us more about that. So whether real started booking of the brain. And time is the kind distressed that. The American brain is in the right now being taught to. Almost universal compulsive eating you know at this point we've cut. Think that we can keep these statistics 80% of sad are overweight with 50% of the debate officially present diabetes rates are. And talk baton. And primarily the result. Pause function in the brain and the brain has five. Different it's an epidemic regulating. Task forces that work. In any given time helping out I know when we're hungry when looking at outside of between chewing your food. And all of that. Careful chemistry to deepen and eating in keep for life. And the appointment. Of the book is that instead of having you know our traditional healthy appetite. And as it is satisfaction. After eating healthy food and we've now become addicted to to. Commercial product that are. Having drug like effect on the side period of the brain. So her her talent and had to get her appetite back how to get her brain chemistry back and you know our own control. And time to return to. You know it's normal. Made his appetite but it detected a healthy for million years before a couple million you're currently before. And the 1970s when now are. Eating habits of the took a radical turn. Though the book it's really a practical manual and Natalie explains what I've been talking about but and the practical manual that doesn't start out with a five part questionnaire. So that. We can identify very quickly just a few minutes of which specifies. Appetite regulating and Anderson the brain is malfunctioning. And visitors each. Propane. Dependent and specifically dependent on I don't think handful of amino acids. We can actually. Playing knowing. Which sparked the brain are in trouble we can actually feed those parts of the brain lit up. I mean US and its settlement could get right into the brain and literally turn off. The struggle I can't clean that we're experiencing. And returned to normal hunger and satisfaction chemistry. Hi Chilean this is doctor Chansi Jensen thank you so much for being with us this morning I just love your writing in the way that you've you've. Outlined to a lot in the book especially. This piece about how a lot of the foods that are produced industrial are actually designed to tap into those addictive. Components of our brain the other thing that I find fascinating is. Are you how you outline the different types of craters and am I I went through that with a quiz in the depress the crashed. The comfort distrust in the fatigued and I can think of different points and in almost every day that I feel those things. Well that particularly here. It is how. Intently do you feel them. So you know we all get signaled oh I'm tired I think he's Jimmy eat. It is that when we get that he would signal that. Now I'm tired you know I think I'll have sent a twelve count on. And a Coke. Or. You know it seems like K. And has that repeatedly throughout the day pick these. Then he knows it can't. There's a craving going on that there's a drug like K compost and going on and different from. You know to varying kinds of country satisfaction. Signal that that we should be getting into did did you identify with any of the fact Peyton. In that concern. Over the top. Creating. Kind of way. Well I think I think more so Chilean what I can see is is how an innocent in my practice I can see how different aspects come up. I'm throughout the game so look at it would I'd I'd be really curious to hear. A little bit more about so I own the peace with with weather. It's sugar craving or her. You know more comfort craving. To talk a little bit about each of those types. Sure. Well. You've you've hit on the most common. Type of crater left but. Detectors comfort crater a hoot what. All natural comforting to come with Jenny and her pleasure generating endorse and protection is. That's a standard. And our network in only able to get to. That feeling of food as comfort and keep reward. Pleasure. And enjoyment in life. From. A certain kind of world times food particularly. And go to campaign chocolate they major indoor conditions there but anything's sweetened well. Over stimulate endorphins. We directors and the brain. Fit right in there. And as well mentioning that some whole foods for example. The gluten contents. Is called good deal more shame. Because it fits right in the attack and torsion receptor in the brain can do. And quote can get an abortion which is a protein in milk products. Which explains why so many people. You know are in love with ice cream and really can't do without it on a daily paper. And of course but namely if the comfort baked goods that you know it's such a huge. Factor unfortunate accurate and so many people's lives and. Fascinating things you. There and none and so once someone figures so they're tight and sounds like the solution. I from the book is really twofold part of it is really understanding the chemistry of how the food can be kind of fooling and hijacking their system any other part. Is sound amino acid. Therapy to help get those levels of what they may be going after with these foods that China. Help their body produce more of what they need and then wait it's not harmful. Well again you know it's really nothing short as a miracle in fact it in Boca hey you know pardon me but. These really are silver bullet that's. I have believed it myself that this you know trained psychotherapist and the addiction and eating disorders field. That when we. Came up empty with all of our fabulous technique can learn you know not able to help people stop over eating or over using any addictive substance. Potentially. Fortunately there was some research coming out buying neuroscientist. Saying well the thing really only need to he and full of me when it's it's. And for example if you're a comfort crater. And you know we're going after the chocolate nicely candidate Goodman and I came into our. There isn't a mile an attempt. Couldn T feel Allen ain't which could actually lead searched in the medical field originally. To tell help doctors. In surgical wards reduce the amount of morphine were getting to post operative patent. The worked beautifully and they researched it and to you know to commission the FDA and it's available to all of I don't. And I will Altman. What I have available and it takes just a few minutes authorities are reform mean no matter what you know into had to reform to get into the brain. And and and make a discernible difference. I don't know that it's somebody who comes into our office for example are weak and we we haven't had virtual clinic now but. Well we trial but amino after the split them. If for example there their questions were shows to their high end in the comfort creating. Indicators have. Will give them capital. They feel owning. And a little cup of water any discussion around their mountains towards its. I pick him up right gets right into the brain and don't. You know we asked them before and after you know art car. What would you be craving it. Right now. And in our area they answers typically Snickers bar. And 05 minutes after they've done this a little. The trial we have been getting up till have a big interest at a Snickers bar. And if it's unlikely that the response. Is the blanked we'll look at it they've forgotten. That they ever wanted and and it's just that remarkable for people and some people have you know 11. Problem. Like Patrick integrating back. But others don't have the fatigue script we talked about before you know where they want to caffeinated or chocolate. I don't know I don't get the militia throughout the day of people. And that attention overeat to. Michael herb and things like big bowls of cereal at night. When their serotonin levels dropped so there. They're starting to feel they're turning our inattention and your natural anti depressants. And no way to. We don't manufacturer matches and I can't attenuated partly by sunlight. So there's. You know very well known how. I mean Atlanta to check the fan. And it's since almost identical twins try HTTP. Readily available in all health food stores and online into the fourth. That gets right in. And take Reagan serotonin levels in minutes. I know that that impulse toward. What ever nighttime eating. We tend to do just good golf and and so that gives us his breathing room. That we can then turn to have a healthful foods we've been wanting to he has. And supplier. Literally listen you know at the candidates once food protein is one of for a week we just don't seem to crave. And it doesn't have a drug like effect until we get to protest in go right through the card out. But we came Leno at its on board if we want to approach to team we want to test them Holcomb. Whole cartoon that we'd like vegetable again. And they'll we've. It just it's a tremendous amount of time. Boone here. For. You know all of us to worldwide now who are really trapped in an industrial food. Addiction cycle. Injury and a quick question just because they're talking on the topic of serotonin in north and a friend and these different church considers that. So many people now days on medications that influence and work on these pathways so necessary medications very. Depression anxiety program. Do you speak to that on your book in terms of how can people safely use them is strategies if they are given the large percent of the population that's using. Medications that work on these. No chance pathways. No. That is the province of my book the most popular which has an entire chapter on how to use these nutrient. To safely and comfortably. And with the cooperation of the describing doctor. Try going laughing antidepressant. What to support of the immediate appropriate demeanor attitude and it and find it. Became much better. Almost universally. Much of the excitement of the conditions so in the craving cure what would say is if you're on an anti depressant and you're still craving. Sweeteners and starches. Especially in the heat in the afternoon evening. Then. And 100 anti trying to link these communal activity. We can doctor's permission for a couple of weeks and see how they do for your mood and your cravings. And then. Work with them there's directions and it cures for. And your doctor for reducing your antidepressants and going off but that was with the help of the union advocates and that can. Yeah I almost universally acceptable procedure. And then I agree. Julia I just wanna say thank you again for empowering people I I hear so often from people if I just had my discipline I could do this if I had just as. If I just had more discipline to do this and I think. You're right I know right it's just not that simple and in one of the other things I just wanna call cult of the attention of the listeners is that you put this this this quiz this questionnaire for determining their type on your website is that right. I did. Yet it's. Right tyranny can score it yourself from identify a you know just three minutes and you'll know which part of your brain are. I'm responsible for your cravings let's. And and then you can just to go to book and he is just right into this section of the book. About yours do to creating tension have to read a whole book. In order ten to prepare your own appetite imagery. So wonderful. In them and so that website is Julianne prosecutors that comma separates. Upgrading your dot com if you remember. OK craving chaired dot com. Great and they can and the choir is in terms of skinny handsome book I'm assuming Amazon your website. I know that he had bookstores. Are they very. For the three and hopefully we can get some copies for our pharmacy as well William Bailey PC to print came to join us this morning we have a lot of our questions sentence would love to have my tendency another. They if you do want to come back. Sure you know I'd I'd be happy to do that have been a pleasure. Thank you again Giuliani I will just say that I have heard so many times that from people that sugar is different more difficult to get off of than some drugs in your book really empowers people tuned to begin did to take that journey themselves. Well thank you thank you very much. I think you've been saying enough. Things are hiding in Syria. Doctors tell her I'm so grateful that we got to talk with her today and to be able to go until her website and do this questionnaire. If it did enlightened few things for me and I'm sure that it will empower people. To be able to get past this idea that food is just about discipline. Exactly and I like that she also talks about the pitfalls of way it is available and a sister because so many of the foods that are there. Just really feed into this pattern of you know craving in blood sugar just regulation and am so I think it's great for people to just get that awareness that it's twofold it's partly wood treating and it's also just helping restore the balance. Is the amino acids are I believe back in a minute. Thanks for joining us. Don't go anywhere. More of let's get healthy if people directs is coming up after these messages. And the big 121000 dollars. Tax break isn't Monday morning at six three on top thirteen seventy. You're listening to let's get healthy with people's RX Constance favorite pharmacy tucked 1870. Got a health question call us now at 52643. Night. I think you. Printing business analyst Amy Taylor and Johnson and Centene aesthetic doctors and we just talked to Julian Ross author of the craving here. If you missed they're just kind of set the end you can go to daddy daddy daddy debt creating your dot com to learn more about her amazing book. And so you wouldn't sometimes do lectures and talks back to Jensen. And you have touched on this topic that we're just talking about and one of your classes which is how to. And dole is and how do enjoy food and no way that's you know a healthier end. It's kind of avoiding some of those pitfalls foods is discussing. Yeah that's exactly and I first of all I just love being in here with you this morning doctor Tyler and I know I know I'm not that fascinating conversations were able how this morning so I hear from people. So frequently that the idea of eating healthy and I am I am a Kamal. I'm a proponent of a primarily plant based diet. And that doesn't mean that you have to be V can all of the time that eating a diet that's primarily plant based in. And I hear from people so often that they don't want to deprive themselves that they don't want to. To torture themselves to be healthy and in their reality is that at that from my experience it doesn't have to be that way so I been a vegetarian for almost thirty years snowing in when I first became a vegetarian. The only vegetables I liked for corn and peas and whenever there's a disconnect. Neither corn nerve teens are actually vegetables. But it. And so finding the we need to indulge health here I. It was one of the classes I did over the holidays and and I have a series and I call the six house secrets which includes living with purpose. Eating well drinking responsibly. Moving your body resting comfortably and socializing safely. At and that's safely and Merrick. As it as a way of of creating a life that's more worth living creating a vibrant life a life that you get up in the morning and you want to live in in to do that. Takes a little bit of consciousness very in figuring out these things like which really Iran's talks about how. How some of the things in our environment are tapped are are designed to tap into those addiction pathways and and you know I think we're starting to become more aware of how prevalent. Addictions are in inner inner country right now my dad sits me the other day said Dino there's families in this country that aren't ravaged by addictions and said he and they say SaaS watches real too and I believe that when I see it to go. Via an acting. And inciting becoming more and more conscious of waves that we can create lives a life for herself that we loved living is one of the few ways that we're gonna really begin to win this war in the addictions that are ravaging us. Angry and numb and let's talk about the immune tasks into tears and those the series as well. And so it looks like we have our next guest on the line we have reverend Mary staters is a local Austin practitioner. And she has a program about three patting you there with a string. I am my morning. Yes thank you for having me on and so thrilled. Yeah residents free cash earnings. It's a process for prop or positive change that. Based on quantum mechanics. And it said that all manner of energy so that all married energy. And everything has its frequency we go. Things like low back pain kept frequencies. Diseased organs have frequencies and an even since spot is matter. Things like limiting belief system the negative spot patterns they all have frequency and if you could optimize the frequencies. People experience really. Profile dramatic change in their life. And read an entry starting at the process. Opt for optimizing frequency it wouldn't go there to note that clearly confusing. Well I was just gonna say thank you so much like C I mean you have so much for your coming to us with so many years of practice almost thirty years of practice and in doing this sort of thing continue. I know this is gonna sound like and that means I'm. I don't even even people who have been working with me for ten years can't really complain about it. Her problem can you could could chew. Spleen simply what you mean by quantum mechanics. Well basically. Quantum mechanics is is debt study of Einstein equal them Tsquared right and that. I had to do with everything being energy where all energy I think it's really I'll write. Code for energy. And were light. Right energy impolite. And light travels at a 186000. Miles per packet and that helped that. A human being can change. I eat it what we do is we find out through multiple checking what it is that a human being system will resonate. And then we we. What you read an age where if I create your reality and so we make sure that. What you resonate with sub conscious level like I am on lovable we're right. If you read that and you don't know you do it doesn't matter how much people show you how much they love you. You don't you you total it up but you don't get right. That all of the best explanations. Well in and the thing about it is is bad. You and I right here on and it in this content conversation. That's actually one. Of who we are. Nine of is beloved father and me are. Like by their right and below the surface is basically that Babcock. And that's the only thing that I deal. And and by virtue of the fact that well but we can't get it right. So we all need help with. My parents subtracted which would actually give me job security. I thought I. Yes I'm the government could benefit and so the sounds like a lot of well may bring people see you as if they're feeling stuck in some ways so whether it's that they're stuck and at careers may that they just feel like way babble. Saying found the definition of insanity is Ian nuns and it isn't worth the doing it over and over again. And so I. Cracked yet just as we're stuck in the in the east pattern and these sub conscious pattern that we keep. Repeating over and over Albert and we don't know how to get out of them because we don't know that structure underneath that write. So into it Renton entry pattern we have the basic Tenet and Guatemalan as that everyone I have an inner dollar bet it was exactly. What they need in order to heal themselves and in what priority. Okay. And then we say that for every since every damn mark problem or issue or is ordered at a human being yeah I. Eric structure underneath that set of contests. That is specific to you pray that you gonna have to we have men. With with the same kind of breast cancer. But the structure underneath I won't got yet is he is probably different I don't and we ain't you can find the structure of anything. You can protect. And so we use muscle checking to find out that the structure underneath your issue. And since the issue or is it in the structure is that the EU. Thank you modalities that are needed. To change that structure which allows you to go up to a higher migratory rates higher frequency overall. Because that's specific view. We can we use everything we use color light Al music movement the Chinese side element acupuncture sit down. The higher beta shocked that this them he had DR. Cranial fake or were trained in all of those modalities. That I'm the effect protect. Other modalities that will raise your frequency. And when you get. Lack of state like I am on lovable that is the low by the Tory frequency unify great if we race somebody frequency. All the way. And how do you find yourself. Having more luck in your life it's not like it it's not like it pretty well it's not like it's. It. A huge endeavor is don't fall the way. While. Mary you may find me on your table before I had back to California on Tuesday if there's room. Yeah. I thought I it I. I have testimonial after testimony electric testimonials of people who've come mantra once passionate and airline technique. It sure looks like it and for sure blisters I have not how inexperience with muscle testing. Could she explain that is it as a wonderfully issue did with a quantum mechanics. Well out muscle testing has been around since the sixth century but I wanna find out from. Whether a specific let's say a specific supplements. Worked for your body I can't tell you put your arm out great and I put the supplement in your other idea. And I pressed on your arm and when it's your arms state college that means your body wants to. And it's your arm bode well your body doesn't need. And it's basically the dynamic market itself. And that's part of the brain the part of the net that help the heart to pump blood that was gleaned the creek file and that's part of the brain. Rob three billion bits of information and every black. I can guarantee it after that viper. I'd let you can use muscle testing for a lot of things you can use that for food you can you I used my god to find out at this particular supplement. It needed Albion whole foods healthy people. Looking up it's wallet supplements well you talking about what you'd see what you need like. The screen and you and I ever ever tracked their few albeit. All kinds of practitioners is that all the time yeah. Yeah and I am and I just once they get some ideas so sun Wear to work with you is that typically initially if there's something big but there working on. Would it be like one session a week where a few times a month how does that typically. Get extra. Well I work with people in all different kinds of weight I I know it's yeah that's meant and how people work with Whitney. I have really transformational open Oakmont active topic clarity act it's which is the benefits and people are in a partnership would be for recruitment in their lives their life everything. I have people that come in for individual question. And they help people come every week some people come every other week some people come once a month. And basically what happens is when makeup and I bought. A okay. Is the most beneficial for you to have another red tree expansion and our state draw okay okay and we now in two weeks. And that's basically how we do it we're never up to me. Up for your time because you're dumb no a lot of theory we have all have that inner dollar and tell him buried deep level. What it is that we need and residents regard product. Act with very deep level and then it in a really foul. Effective and quick manner. Okay a degree and for sure it's about time they won a mixture of people those two things one is that you can also work remotely so some on the ninety listening from outside the Austin area could still work with you. And some on an accident or how to find you so again my talking to reverend Mary Slater what about sovereign pattern name. And her website is WWW debt re pattern it. Dot com. Yeah I have clients in Nigeria a while now. Yeah. Yeah a it and it you have mark went thirty I idea. I have thoroughly enjoyed it. Well right we'd love having and we very deftly gonna have you back and some yes so I think he's missed what you are doing and as sounds great trans formative and we're excited to have you out there enjoy the weekend. Thank you to thank you so much it's a Sunday. I. Just think let's get healthy. And legalistic privacy. We'll be back and. Hey Austin wake up and fly right on talk. Thirteen seven. Get healthy people's I have. In favor I'm. Not 1870. Preston calls now by 2643. Love. Welcome back this is Amy Taylor and John systems and that's about the effectiveness people's. Pharmacy and where bringing you grace and they have been talking about. Cravings amino acid therapy fabric pattern names and coming up next we have doctor Alain Andean Alina. Who's going to be talking to us about an upcoming seminar about the gut maker by him. And this is kind of fascinating topic there's been a lot. Of research and people are starting to really get serious about this whole ecosystem that we have that lives in our intestines and all these different flora. Bacteria and he says this very. Fascinating. Little ecosystem and it really influenced their health and some surprisingly is for example there's a lot of research into how it can influence our immune system. And even contribute to things like autoimmune disease that that bounces. As off. And so. Again them even and manufacture of some actions and as happens in the gut and that influences the brain and very direct way. In a Aaron got health influenced their skin and so it's really. Against on the kind of forefront of medical resource is something that nest and the doctors and a lot of holistic practitioners like doctor and B and Alina have long. Honored this connection between our gut and I digestive tracts clearly a similarly in breakdown of these nutrients and some of them intra system seems very. Logical to understand how that can impact our whole health. And in it it's just a fascinating. Area of research either so researcher out of here. I out of Arizona state university in Tempe Arizona and an ice age she's finding something that I think most of us on our she was previously out of is here tease me. I as she's finding something that most of us I think realize witches those bacteria. And and the micro bio as it's called. When when there's bacteria in our gut that is creating certain foods. It can actually not a fire moved so she's finding that isn't actually in the last things things that we've seen you know personally and of a personal level I mean. I can tell you can grumpy when you know my blood sugar drops are. If I'm hungry you know there's one in my favor acronyms which is halts are you hungry are you angry are you lonely are you tired. If you're any of those things don't don't interact with other human being great. I hit a little theater at the under the bed you know I think I think in it the more research that we do in this area the microphone I am I think refining. More and more that's related it is to the health of our gut. And take me and them doing we doing abducted in calling it anti missile trying to get a hold and OK so we found it and try to get on the line if we can't willed. Talk about her upcoming talks you know where to find their logo are few other events that people some element and talk about what you're doing with your travels around the country. And so we have I think it's important for people just understand how important their gut houses and a lot of people have chronic digestive issues that they sort of get used the AC a lot of people who have chronic bloating and gas or at loose stools and he has not to panic that is they really look closely at the health of one's debts because it is such. Markers for the overall health and it's so important to the rest of their. By the and the immune system the skin of the brain that the guy isn't in balance and so. And there's a lot of another opinion kind of fascinating area of research in this. Realm is sun fecal transplants right ends as strange as that sounds that actually involves taking. Someone else the species and implanting them is different ways that they do as intense that's. Is the victims contends it's orally. But actually changing. And flushing the system with someone else's. Maker by him basically am as a way to rebound so it's actually improved. Treatments for. And clustered in the Cecile there's been a lot of research into using it fair inflammatory bowel diseases like crowns and ultimately this done now accrued dividends if something he searched for that as well. And so. And and you're talking about the impact on cravings and weights one of the the anecdotal things that they found from some of the fecal transplant studies is that some people they got better. And their symptoms resolve but. They Wear different after they had a fecal translates into fastening them case some people gain to wait so they're weeks that point was different after they had the transplant. I and so it does we are learning again in on this topic of and cravings and you know weeks control that. Then we discussed how sometimes it's not as simple as discipline and habits there are some really strong biochemical factors at play that influence someone's weight including. The maker about him. An in it's just fascinating to see all of this all of this new research that's coming out in this area and in you know I I am. I practiced a lot of homey apathy indeed if you if when you look at some of the older writings it's very similar to some of the things that we're starting to discover now which is. This possibility. Dad. Some of the chronic diseases like you mentioned like like auto immunity. There may actually be a link in there are some sort of a chronic infection or some sort of as we call just diagnosis in the got great. And in this thing that I'm really curious to hear your thoughts on is I have not recommended to fecal implants to any of anyone that I work with the attitude and and but I had very often recommended over the corner and pro be addicts and other peoples has an awesome selection of pro beyond next. Some of them refrigerated some of them not refrigerated. The other thing I'm finding really fascinating especially as they do more cooking and I share I share cooking more with people is. Really taking a look at ways of including fermented foods in our diets race so things like Kim chi and sauerkraut and come boon Chang and we have we have. Man in. That's at the Hollywood farmer's market that for men's. On that that's tremendous power issues and makes non dairy cheeses out of out of fermented caches and so. I'm I'm wondering are you are you doing much in the in the realm of fermented foods these days. I am I think it's very individual a am people who have a hard time breaking down has to mean sometimes can't tolerate too many fermented foods but. People who can't who don't have an issue with the system mean. It's great exit like you that's one of the best naturally is incorporated. From that includes foods since the diet. An unmet topic I didn't wanna get a little plug for a fermentation block parity within happening today for entry descent and and sat in ingredients on train 610 manner a rude. Not familiar with the store and begins as a package free grocery store. They have a lot of areas for us produce some bulk foods there's a kids' play area it's the really neat place to check out. And silo that only an Austin may be Portland spring. When you find a fermentation lock party if it's I gotta love it so yeah I agrees it's a great way to get those without a geek again. You know we utilized about it supplements on time based to some nice waits any time we can. Use food as medicine and have medicinal foods that have. What were aiming for in them naturally. I love that yet and so. I'm curious that they I'm curious to know so when it comes to it and people that have a difficulty with his two means and I hear this coming up more and more. Lately are you seeing this offense. I'm in water you would what you see with that. I I don't see is super often that there are is sometimes the people who come in and they say allowed Kansas wine. No V you know staging red wine look at like flushing in its sea and they just have issues and so. And there aren't. At we don't have it available on for years there's an enzyme available to people could take eliminate those foods in the aiming ox of a sick actually taken a capsule form to help breakdown has to mean. But it's not commercially available any longer and so but I do believe that underlying summoning these different things. The we're gonna of the more we learn them are gonna discover that the gut flora plays a role in that. There's also genetic factors. Abilities that produce that enzyme in the gut is somewhat. Regulated by their genetics some populations have a harder time in humans I'm. And so. Well we just had a couple minutes I want a mixture looks like we're having trouble and getting that to be on the linesman a mention her seminars he notified it's going to be great she's amazing she's local. Holistic doctors to. Again C. Puts a lot of emphasis just like we do on the importance of Emeka by am. And the march 8 at the people's. Confidence among south Lamar 78 PM that's this Thursday. And stuck to be is going to be talking about the Mecca by own. And the reason that he can become imbalanced and how it's its major determinant of health just as they're discussing. And so we also have a couple other talks next week on March 5. I'm from seven to eighty understanding left tens and weight gains again. You know that one of the themes we've had today is how disease signals that we're not always in control of affect our week in our cravings and understanding left ends another. An important part of that puzzle so mart spent 70 PM. And that's that the people's wellness center in north. And so. I think. I think that's it in terms of events next week and we have just a couple minutes left edge of one of plug landmark community events I think it's really fun and as nets have a tensions rise tanning get people outside and riding their body paint and seeing as I entertainers sling yeah and they can do all those things for free tomorrow at fizzled apart. Hate fest I think it's one of my favorite. Things to giving here again. Com is so much fun to seal the amazing kites and get side as far as I know the weather's gonna cooperates and those gun range and a few times in the past few years but. And Sony they don't forget about the case testing get aside and move around and get some fresh air. Ends look tell us before we wrap up today a little bit more about here featured acts of America they bring in your time Austin. Oh well you know it it's fascinating as I'm listening to you talked actors how I spend moan as you mentioned at the beginning. I I am. I have this hash tag the traveling down great because they spend. Most all of my time traveling this to these days between San Diego Los Angeles central coast California in a few other places and it just one of the things and it still warms my heart about Austin is this amazing local community culture that's here it really is unique in coming back here in seemed. How tight knit in their kite festival in the fermenting a fermentation block party and all of the love that's an area I mean it just reminds me of how special this community is here in Austin and and I'm just really grateful to be able to bring future doctors of America back here so. Hopefully this spring his songs are all goes well in the next couple of days this spring we'll have another twenty to 25. Middle school students that that will should be here in Austin that will get their first stuck the scope. And that will learn how to use that stethoscope learn anatomy of the heart the physiology the heart a little bit about heart disease and maybe have a visit from the fire department. I. I love a lovely dinner and they learn things that struck me when you first told me about your program is. That you do part of it is a fair weather of the health tennis led by the students at the end and how you saw them kind of coaching there. Elders and their community about how to be healthy and what they've learned and I think that's where it all starts is educating our kids to understand. How to cook healthy had to live in a healthy way and if they can show that with their families. In her inspire. Inspiring featureless devastated by chronic disease that's the purpose of the program. We'd love it let's spend a delay to have you here at the Sundays and just does so does that mean it's so great and so you can science doctor Jensen ads. Doctor DR John C Jensen jail and CIA JB and SC and dot com. All word. Or. Ichi docs and America that arc thanks so much to have any have a great week and gives you the tape festival tomorrow.