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Let's Get Healthy
Saturday, April 14th

Hosts: Dr. Marianne Calvanese, ND and Dr. Tess Strickland, ND.  Guests include Tom Spooner, former special forces and Warriors Heart co-founder; and Dr. Cheryl Burdette, ND.


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Welcome to let's get healthy and talked 1870. Got you by people's our bags Constance favorite pharmacy we're taking your calls live and by 26 foot three lives. I went 264354. At 830. Good morning mrs. doctor Marion county and these and I'm joined by my cohost. Tying tactic testicle and here. So we're delighted to be refused. Here this morning. And we've got very interesting show today and then we have Tom Spooner. His gonna join us here in a few minutes. Who he is a co-founder of the warriors heart. And foundation. And he is. He's a very interesting man I'm looking forward to speaking with him he's a former special forces. I person. Yeah we don't know military we don't think the turn on the military lingo very well he's former special force as it sounds very. In part is furious and is there. Very heavy duties green beret and a in the US army and he's retired. And I am you know he had PT EST and traumatic brain injury and now he is. He is working win if all kinds of people. Who. You know even firefighters and law enforcement. And people and you know active duty military veterans Sony it. Yeah and he's working with them and has all kinds of interesting programs. Inpatient outpatient and treating addictions. Anyway will be speaking with him a few minutes here. And and then after him we have doctor Cheryl our debt and we're gonna talk about female hormones. Not so. Let's see anything we need to add. Talk about right now before we welcome Tom. Well if we had just one minute can I just plug the play peaceful activities to do today who go for you know I'm everyone knows getting in touch with your inner child and playing is really good for your immune insist. Who. Lot of allergies and infections so. I want to just put out a word. To. Parents with children or grandparents may be with children or even aunts and uncles that need to give parents a break today. If there's an activity going on out on an old Santonio Brad wreck behind Aiken high school. It's whole life learning senator it's a school comma private school. For emerging learning and they are having something called spring shined today and it's all kinds of kids activities. Really wholesome fun. Really good wholesome snacks. On you just really love that and be something you'd wanna do every year if you go oneself. I'm gonna put a plug for that and help everybody and get out there. The whole life learning senators added in here found and you can find it. Sounds great 11 AMR. Eighty thing Q Nina I'm that's C sounds fun it is. And supports it and cost her already so we have we have done mr. Spooner on the line. Hello Doug shape and unity counselor here. Her time assist doctor Marianne unwelcome. I don't Marianne. And and Toms I understand you had been in the US army for 21 years and you ultimately ended up in the special forces. And on T wanna tell us a little bit about your career and done and how you came upon. Co founding loot the warriors heart. Absolutely. And verse about thanks for having me on the show really appreciate. The time they can give an. My am and my career began my military career began in 1990. I joined the military parent. And I went into the 82 airborne division and and went straight to the gulf war towards from the street straight into the gulf war and at that. The big impact on me as far as the rest my military career just spent five years in the 82. And from ninety to 95 and then firm 96. To 2001. I know hasn't sent a special forces group. All pre 9/11. We deployed to central and South America mainly. I train and those countries. Military. And then. In September 2000 more and I went out to do don't selections and made it and now as an operator out it took us from 2001. To 2011. Over over my whole career ahead twelve deployments. The total look sporty much in combat. And and I retired in 2011. And so that pretty much sums up my overall military career that condensed version of course. Yeah a well that's a pretty impressive career and I'm sure you have you've seen a line and through ala. Yeah and grab your ass so. So young so tell us how how that affected you and then how I'm sure. That led to you. You know seeking room. Howell and possibly. Then moving into. Helping others. Through warriors tartan Telus tell us about that. Okay yeah so through. In my career. Overall it is and it and it plays in two warriors heart peace that. I struggled with alcoholism that early age so I guess that is sober in and 92 so and remain there sobered you know all the way till today. It's so that wasn't a factor in all the trouble is that ahead near the end of my career which was was wonderful I didn't have that variable you have mass where there's no medications and their cable or dependency is. And that at the end of my career. I came out pretty hard meaning. Net. Had a lot of PT SD. From all that was going on in addition asserted that as a process trauma and different things that experience that. Really bothered me you know anyone that goes to war experiences those kind of things to some degree and the other thing that I had going on in 2006. I had a mild. Traumatic brain injury. Which affected me greatly also so. There at the end of my career whenever I was kitten out. I ended up getting medically retired either Miller had over twelve years war in service. For my PGA at the amateur Matt brain injury or some other injuries that I had him down. And there at the end for me it was before received all the wonderful therapy is that I got you know I was either suicidal at that time and it wasn't because I want ridiculous so it was because. I needed to stop that noise that was going on between my ears hands down. So that was pretty rough spot and would Jovian be getting help was one of my best friends another warrior you know that's just kept pushing me impression need to get help and and I finally did. So my process was I ended up having to go to you. Cognitive therapy that they're here at their T psychological therapy pay them that you get on mad there for about six months. And so I guess. He immersed myself into it into get better for me in my family and and that thing is that it all worked. Could've put a lot of the work yet. And then all this trouble that I was experience and you know I just couldn't imagine. Other soldiers sooner or anyone in the military that population you know. Trouble in that kind of weird about it felt and that's especially true me you know I live the life of service in Mac Serbs still today. And then so that was my motivation my own experiences and surviving goes. And and wanted to pass that onto you. That it does it push throughout their separate and so so that's where warriors are you know comes into play. Lose lose. Now you know so so tell us a little bit about. You know what. What you do at warriors heart and you know who you serve been and how it's different from what may be Didier offers. Okay I absolutely love skewed the poppy a person the population that we serve other wars heart is. Break it down and it basically goes there face life and death as a profession. On a daily papers. So our population out there is. Active duty military. Military veterans. Law enforcement firefighters and all first responders so we really kept. The population. Suggest that and it's only one in the nation. That Serbs just that population. Really proud about that aspect doesn't and and then main one of the main reasons the well there's many reasons and I the first reason that we did that is you know beasts. These spoke. That that we treat out orders are. You know they're the ones that take care about. In a front nine a less than 911 call you know greeted folks who are us and extremely as a matter of hours. I just greatness emergency. You know they're the ones we call and they come and helpless and so then through their job you know they experience a lot of saying they're mixing Netherlands need some help from its. Okay well who's helping them hand them an answer usually is. Believe that it is usually know and I mean they're they're either trying to take care of themselves through their own organizations. But I you know as a community as a nation. You know it's our responsibility to take care of them in their hours of greatest need that's our. Beliefs and our lives so that's what we we do out there and so that gives them one. The one thing that we ultimately humans is the most powerful. Element and that's the peer to peer network. You know there's no pressure like peer pressure as it did a good. Yeah. So that's where best bet sums up the population that there are kids you know it's it would be very typical for. Even though everywhere and that they're trying to do the same thing and better their lives and engagement relax as much difference day he had me. In our soldiers sat across from. Business CEO. You know or law enforcement officers sat across from a drug dealer. Even though they may have to do that same thing he could see how that. You know the connection just wouldn't be there true. So that's one of the most powerful things that we have with the population is. Is that we would get or have had a net peer to peer network. You can't that's great because that is it's a unique. Light situation too. You know on a daily or on a regular basis deal with life and half. And Ryan and sleazy things that it normally people don't see. And that that affects some slight deeply physically emotionally spiritually everything. So yes we're like yeah the asset to have peer to peer connection and that that resonance of of you know similarity of experiences. Is icing I think that's really important. Yeah and I sorry not only comes serve them psychologically but also medically. Can you talk a little bit about Howell your program deals with both aspects. Tour nearly. So with that population you know BN pretty much you know like minded you know they've all your bench a basic training they're all bad to. Some kind of academy so there's less familiar rarity where you know kind of that slow pace than them. And so what we know is is that we treat we treat the whole person account have warriors chart. And what do you mean but that is is that. You know whenever con see. On process trauma and alcoholism. And drug use. You know there's. Well what is it particularly egg you know there's sort of the trauma this drive in the drinking and any use or is it used to it brings up the trauma brain so. Sinking it in Los. Facility for most of the things that are going out there for treatment in this population and are very segmented inspect any girls are here for your here here's the I go over here for your chemical dependency funeral and at. It is who work is Tricia racial out there you know we treat. You know where we're. We have primary diagnosis that chemical dependency the self medication and then you know we also treated PT SB and the amount Tiki. So. We keep both of those at the same time that's where one of the things that makes us. You know very difference between you know whether when we have a lot more counselors that are out there don't have one on ones where. The Kimmel co dependency counselors and then one on ones also with the psychology focused counselor so. We hit them both along the way and it's a we have minimum stay is forty today. Source the program and account Rancho. That gives us just enough time to give them a good solid foundation. You. In both of those very. Area so then we can reduce server confident warriors they can get right back into the living in back into election on the job. You know those thinks. Hump and is fantastic its really a holistic program and not segments seeing. A person into different. Places for treatment I think is so powerful because if you who won feels more known when it's all in one place and it's integrated together so that sounds like a fantastic program. Definitely definitely is certain that that a lot of that came from because when I was going to my own personal healing process is vessel that would have ended zero. Have to go to one place where my cheek my cognitive therapy and other place or psychological therapy and meanwhile have brain damage haven't. But in my GPS how to get a read you know review. Emaciated additionally hearts and the. Man ask okay and you can you talk to sort all about outcomes like do you have any east how long is this programming going on and do you have any statistics now on how well it's working. Once. Of a patient I don't know what to call you called the patient your client on the patient is out into the world. In so called clients you just got our relations and the like the patient can they're used to treat patients he's. So we did we get a lateral we are elusive in our lives we have guests. And yeah. Sure that they are able makes two years. That we had clients coming in now into Canberra. It warriors are just two years we have judges over 300 that have come through during that time. And you know and whenever it comes to you that the statistics. You know there's. There's a lot of different ones that are out there so we can say any. 60% of our people that come through kids they overstay their over live happily ever after. But that number can be used as like an eagle had been doing this for thirty days and yeah. And so our statistics that we do you have as roughly about 60%. In me that fall into that. That he did big statistic. And that we have is that. Aniston one of the most laser like it should have been in the recovery shield for 25 years also and I'm. The one statistic that we have that is just amazing to me as we always get a 100%. Call back. The would have been bad that is is that you know whenever folks come out there to us you know they get trained healed and then they go back out into the world. Sometimes dependent on how much saved everybody comes in at a different spot in their lives you know some of them are completely willing and ready to Disco full bore in this new we have by. And some just aren't yet. And that's so what happens let's is that they never had to we call relapse you know what they're readers are drinking or use them again and Election Day amazing statistic is is that is they immediately called back in the reason why that's amazing years. It because most that have when alcoholics or addicts relapse you'll hear from him. You know from Martin's. You know and it's if they don't die while they're out there you know did eventually hear from a and so what that speaks her messages volumes that. You know Amanda they know that there's no judgment out there and their only loved it though only thing we want from them just to get better so that's. That they're big crowds statistic that we have been at least they have done and I said this through me personally it's you know it's unheard of and. That's yeah that's significant because they recognize there's something in them that recognizes. That. There is help there in how real help. In real help and no judge let you know remain the only thing that we want from them is. It better you know that as we've had folks that is. In a sense that our first one that came out they were. We have some of those additional socially and there almost to your server. On the job whether they're at law portion inner fire fighter. We're active duty military. And and you know me and then also looks all the way in between Serb. You look very proud of what Purdue and NS and its various sectors. Also Tom if somebody is listening right now I know somebody in need of help Horry Garnett helped himself. And I know the first question they're asking us how mind enough for a desk and you talk about how people pay for this or. Absolutely. Yet though. So how people pay for there's there's. Are the obvious what is so they came with cash paying. Did the next thing that we have is that we take insurance is who are out of network with trite here but we also Detrick here which is the governmental insurance yeah we ought to take older. Commercial insurance lose. And then this third thing is that we have scholarships. The concerns that we have and then on top of the world into her own foundation the worst sort foundation. Because this population number one does it make a lot of money. There have been if you look at the so. That are coming to us a lot of times you know they've they've burned through a lot of money a lot of relationships. You know not a real pretty story. So usually how vicious hateful is a combination of although this sinks. You know weeks. We figured that it's not we can get past it is bash. It has the warrior this kind of an out you know has so little skin in the game you know where they invested in themselves whether that's. That's 500 dollars or more you know Alina doesn't yeah it really matter it's an investment that. The rest of it is is that achieve the hybrid who are tremendous paid by insurance that they have it. I would also had folks come in on a full scholarships you know that don't have anything and so those are the masses that we use and went other another crowd saying that we have is that. We never heads to turn someone away. Because he didn't have the money. And that now it may or it may have taken meaner team you know you know seven or eight days to piece it all together through. Amazing American private donors you know a bit different organizations that we're affiliated with Beth. We're really proud that canola amino a big goal is that you know the money isn't everything a conversation. Whenever it comes to treat these lawyers we're. Unfortunately we're just not there yet you know we rely on officially helped us with that in cure foundation. We get it done. He and I just went it could apply again you know people can go to warriors heart dot com and we can you can donate you can donate to support your organization so I just wanted to put a little plug in there. I meant also to kind of find out about the program find out more in the numbered cardinals that warriors are dot com. Tom anything last words before we have to go. I did a lot of talking and it would tell. The days that at all I use at NI it's a great program and we really appreciate the work you're doing. Yeah we're ready. Can't thank you so much for your service and an on all these different ways you know with with with the military and now. With supporting people. In their healing. From their service and so thank you for your service on multiple levels. Are you absolutely welcome and it wasn't my pleasure and still live my pleasure to search. And I just think you have been me on the show in. And we'll look forward to it. Any father if you'd like it to have the some show another parent to do that and really appreciate and grateful. That you would have some ownership. Who's absolutely. Tom will definitely have you back. Yeah yeah okay. We want to hear more as your program develops and ages who wanna hear more about it. Yeah I'd say you're very much you welcome RA you have a great day Tom. Cream hue cue from. And by. Don't go anywhere mark let's get healthy with people's RX is coming up. After these messages. You've made the right stories talk thirteen seventy. You're listening to let's get healthy with people Barack's often favorite pharmacy. Tough 1870. Got a health question call us now at 526. Or three lies. He could. Morning my back doctor Marianne and tough test strip planned morning. So that was a good discussion we had with Tom Spooner and them. So we'll have him back and now I think we have doctor Cheryl for debt. OK we're gonna talk to a doctor Cheryl Purdue in a moment about. Oh female hormones the my microphones pump falling apart here OK sorry I think it's important that. So. What's up so it seemed. So you know did you know that doctor Ted Strickland denying. Are the high side dioxins I. Think that. I'm not only individual people we are. Dazzling do I think I'm by docs. And I find dodge is about. Holistic Lee. Approach change. Being human beings. And raising our vibrations. That's with the Hyde died this card is raising our level of well being and physically mentally emotionally and spiritually. Not just for herself but for all those around us and for the planet he can of the planet to. He and while we do impacts planet and how the planet is in packs sons and so on and so forth but. Talk about that later chair because we have doctor Byrd dat on the phone she's. Not your perfect physician and she's gonna talk to us about some female hormone issues and. Honey are you there doctor Bert Danner. I'm tired welcome. And so I understand you you are a fellow graduate from last year as we are. And I Aaron. Well yeah well my time man I think it's certainly quite well yeah I'm good now where you practicing. And Atlanta Georgia doctors need to charge to stand down that medical conference thanks for him. I can't think who talks stand here in Florida actually in the little Florida sunshine to day. Nice nice hair. So oh yeah tell us a little bit about yourself then and what you love to do and and we'll jump right in. Absolutely. Just share hanging. Be it. Term that doctor came prominent being too cheap to. I think that and it's laying our luck to you and all apps act. Whether or not we're talking about teaching center teaching a look clinicians our action. Pan am if he even and I'm. Keep in some way and are cursing or islet and it captain Jack. Or read a lot of at came to a moments out there and Barack cot enter your car particularly in terms. I'm talking at wow we're looking out of the planet and each. How are all part of that and I think that that I really love teaching are dynamic and I'm rich and it's any. Companies that provide a lament that they. Maybe he'll complain more ironic that he's black Mercury being quite and help. LO people on the planet so we're seeing an initiative that I'm itching right now to move our. Of their last. And two. Paper container and they're up our commercial company only that has joined beat you any clean sheet act. We went Japan which what can we do and I can't help until that initiative whereas you might now know a plastic that they. Problem in the OSHA an actor Jack in the next 1015 years are gonna have more weight a plastic at least you have way up there. And and any crazy things like 20% about plastic straws that just the next time you go out and about not taking that straw. I'm now at the moment that that they employ them and talk about is still a plastic bottle up another one you'll expect to see transmission in 2019. So much. Brilliant thinking about from the patient respect. And around the clinician perspective and I and I respect that it's well. It's grade now now so what it what would the bottle be transitioning into. Yes so. It cardboard containers glance fact saved the mayor or some other match Cilic or example if you ever work with protein powders are functional there which. You know those things come in big clunky. Plastic containers not only. Our collection cup a points. Spain their target traveler and now that would move to eight car port aux. Individual Irvington China and try being more capsule then Clark or boxes and blister packs through. I think it just really minimize. Around the clock and again. Working with EU and China. Try to keep the open ocean pull a national question. He wonderful yeah an easy for young you wanna talk about how. And does so plastics. And Z no western Jim's son Harley or email hormone system. I act and mail from him. Yeah I kept Shaq blank so I think the content of the plastics in the current maybe microwave in Yemen and use them a lot and each and they are plastic around. Sadly Obama child you know at that that some child and it's. Can we we liked lot glitter and let EP which turned out even literate that micro up at all out yeah. In a small amount mechanical plot or make it's it's over you're really seeing some. Consequences. Turn up or mogul ballot and then when you call back troops. Plant outside of being a lot of solutions out there. Like arm and synthetic hormone may be like primary and and we might get discussion about. So I think expressed can't learn how to shape it that a whole other conversation later square columns come. Important and it's not all are required that we extract hormones oh or oh when you're thinking about planet based alternative. Something like a and the glare all that gives you I don't at Chechens and I don't protect them meaning hormone come from plants. Much more at it that much or ethically sound the way should getting some of these compounds to do. How women with those issues than mainly. Hello happened or shoot to extract that's more mound and pitch and then and it can really thinking about all aspects of the best this who fly. There's been a movement torture of these I don't estrogens and protest then Lichen and quell. And because on one hand they can have at a higher state even though we always have to be at least in its arms like Larry Kirsten. Also a little bit more apple or riots jail and does business and really interesting at product can mean to attack and it comes to us from a practitioner. It stands he would not run her practice actually could not trumpet product and that it's now. It changing climates and it has. She would literally out there trying to buy out when bottle but it chime and couldn't find such. Planets not so clean now so it to rose from the they're the champs and how are they are routine and how black. Actually got to be really hyper vigilant about so when she thought about how can act provides some really works and the most ethical land of my patience. About why partner by accident. Begin to make their ups and so how two of them I don't niche or actually act like it or just an extra chin in the body but at the same time the or. All accounts and other compounds. That help the liver to remove the rest of test Chechen. On the travel light which can increased risks reps Q there are definitely stimulating half playing. But not forgetting about the backing and how delicate it's been out of the audience how we keeps somebody each and a nice balance only Spanish that's not too low. And not sure I should not Jimmy metabolize kind of like goldilocks right there at the metal. You're rude. And should. Along sides and about other Baidoa estrogen than rare. When my favorite arm ingredients are here or not probably Kelly on myself but I made it such. It's something called external slapping noise or extract from hot. I'm a big pop band you can buy it in the air when I get it. They're both. Isn't here. It's got to really can't eat that up. In terms effort used to hot spots and men men however and we often think about a hot last happening would somebody pastor Jen it's an article it. But in addition to that lower arch to working Q lecture last spat at church and the patient she did see it. If I take action compound from top. And put it next to jump in college and yet shut the line restaurant just cell line is actually increasing Apatow or shell that. Dole on one began in particular the hot blast off would think that the pastor to the Suu Kyi but on the other hand. It increases that's approaching just felt we worried about the progress too much apps to churn. The general election and slow that wears them out make her work in able to working that balance and shut the pottery. Praise in and I'm. The world to want to talk a little bit about DM and yeah and using math and when it's appropriate to use them and it's not and are there any long term studies about him. Yes soon that a really easy way to conceptualize that is that they broccoli age. So there permanently compound columns from broccoli and we've all probably heard that broccoli cannot turkeys are urged the act cancer. On Wall Street and some data that show has. China may be etched onto the playing that we can used to rocket compounds gee even street circuit cancer storage at the hole we eat up study on top it's. Dedicated to looking rocked it out abstract term which potential of being at an acute or any chance and so that you know. What we know about pastor and actually there's a whole lot of it on apps to change not a student popped up into exploring now. The trouble. Well we are breaks down into it can be important issue. That dinner and help our listeners to its huge favor. Better capitalize each one daughter and nine that are non cancer causing and move us away from from the chapel like or more crashed. And so really helping to manage not only Carmen. There's not too relaxed. And drive towards these aggressor metropolis that looked to be more assurance termed a rescue. Yeah. Losing. And I definitely circles back to that Dziena Lister turns to the egg art out of the tabloids I. Yeah access point yes helping went. All those estrogen like the cap art art forms but content from plastic and other things from an environment she's I'm being quite protective there. Into the practitioner that brought that you know. Not hot spots but really balancing hormones which. And Garnett thirty expert. It arm through met up so she eventually kill and eat it suits. Aren't she amassed its. And then finally. You know pop the pop ups partner at the line just not feeling like our shelves. Now and I noticed shift to Eric in their tin can you tell us why you all put to American your formula. Yeah other there factions and evidence turek can't activate my old. I don't act church but also. We cannot have more anti oxidant on port. We and we richt is pretty out of old church is not there and that we can. Help repair its unhealthy pastor too much out. You'd go about it oracle buying cheap or it's surrounded not the bad guy. But it is people who worked and or block the rabbit rabbit it makes a thing called the knowledge and that the thing that amateur it's cute but in any. And could cause the mutation. The tumor and can't tracks. That humor also helps the who works at night in part by amateur and it helps our brain and heart or cancer or it. Is something tropical everybody should be throwing insurer curry now and again to get more up and your father. Newton. And now. This looks like a really interesting formula has so many factors that lenient because it's not just one factor causing harm an imbalance problems and it's really addressing a lot from a lot of different directions. Yeah and I think that when I first thought I was like well what are we trying to do here are trying to. Increased after your return to peace talks estrogens but the reality is. He's got to make and it's estrogen all the way through the body age giving them men but also properly getting them out as well. Love from my end and can you just talk about some. The company and how the decide on what other filler ingredients to use as Ellis talked to my patients about grieved other ingredients and make sure those are clean enough and I'm can you talk a little about that. Absolutely so. In terms. They'll learn period inspires you have to go through quality assurance. Permanent and am really proper to is to eat as little as possible. Has done a big one that will pop out to something called magna if you stare and you'll see some people say much but that it unhealthy however action. I'm like challenge you to go to pot mad or appeared you'd medical churches and put them back in Eric. And what you actually find that the secret to turn go cart to get back that it's each other and spend a yet. And come from bank like coconut oil or dark chocolate until we get what are you more in our diet and we've really ever get from a supplement. They're read them out there just are only alternative to get something into a capital a back. Actively each is just super key ingredient. That this keeps you are heeding an ingredient that cute. Armed. Really armed unit. Well destroying yet or you aren't really more. Yeah it really be evidence based we think about being such. You get way more stare Catholic from acute at coconut oil and probably most that you had to actually you're not bad yeah. Okay good thing Keogh. So let's CNN in the end and a few minutes that we. You know what would put us would you like to tell us some to in this product or your practice or resign mentioned. So untrue and really I'm. So are going to the ones where we just sick people. Succeed and so I really brought that on a practitioner she talked about. For example. Working with lemon here that have just to eat at miss chair to bomb it's very spent match. In vitro treatment. Or technology and arm after three kicked out every month that's hormone art. About three month. Each of really seeing that church. People up or are able to get pregnant it's making at this current term. Maintaining an end and being a church he cracked about being sent. All contraction that at this it's not the only any dispute unions he was working with up all integrated approach and each doing that and alongside it that you saw that's. Kick her other air eastern here another cute story has armed this. A younger female experiencing. Extreme premenstrual syndrome just captured at a couple days every mile spot but hanging. Horrible audio lies. And she goes to a certain way that saw them on the mayor couple weeks later by not with bottles at all know what's she doing my feet. Taking more than I recommend it at all what I should be in here can. Went over top floors of mom I think it's working so well I'm never letting that slide out blond buying everything that you have now. Murray wolf Spain since so we can none so and here in Austin you can get if we can. I think people's pharmacy sells them quell from my designed engine and so. I would I would advise working with the natural path you're somewhat at the little things using this product. And done well it was delightful speaking with you doctor for death thank you so much. Yeah how much pleasure extra out of me aren't laying yeah you welcome have a good day. For lack of time. Okay were you take a little break and we'll be back to close out. Listen and talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere. Radio dot com. So let's get healthy with the people's our backs on. In favor privacy talked 1870. A question call us now at 52643. Lives. Hey there at hi hi doc back Canada daring and and to test for plans a sound. What I mentioned a couple events happening at people's. RX. Two is our sponsor. So let's see people wellness send turn Norris. Is going to be talk about natural menopause relief. Coming up Monday. April 16 at 7 PM and this is all the website to see you look at the people's RX dot com and and check that out all the great information at all. Courses in two and programs that they have. And what else do we have doctor Ted Strickland well it people south we have to you know your dovish our body tight. And that is Monday April 16 also at 7 PM. And Osha's are about higher beta iron Natick medicine's orientation rain yes. So if you have an inclination to learn more about a fade amateur body type is gonna be interesting move on then there's chief songs health care for stress reduction Melanie that Saturday April 21 at 9 AM. And then now Lyme Disease support group meaning Saturday April 21 at 11 AM. And home and central liberty. And and none. At people's wellness centers central's so that's the 1 across from central market. There's some there's a talk on higher beta for a healthy life and that's coming up Wednesday April 18. At 7 PM. And then now there's a community. Event that we like to announce. And and it's is sweet and wild flowers school of botanical medicines if you want to learn more about. Herbs botanical medicine. He might wanna check this out it's it's actually. It's called foundational holistic herbal as some online programs so actually it is it's an online program. And it starts. Tuesday. April 17 at 6:30 PM. And see how'd you sign up on that I guess yet you go to wildflower her. Herb school dot com. And young they have folder up coming to classes events and all of that and nine you can sign up there if you like to learn more about. Journalism for around. Helping your family be. More healthy naturally and with plant SMU and me. And I say one more community event drew groove on my mentioned at the beginning but in case anybody wasn't listening. There is it and send out at whole life learning center this morning it starts 11 AM and goes to 3 PM. I've gone to it many many years it's so fun for children and adults. You can take your kids grandkids nieces and nephews it's for good cause it helps support the school. Which is a private school for emergent learning. And so many fun things for kids to do out there. Sounds great and I think the wind is calming down a little bit may be well and we have a lot of trees around us out there and denies it's usually compact and other places so it's great you. If he'd never been out for you wanna see if they have an edible garden and they have chickens and donkeys and get sent. I'm not yes that's a fun place to be for kids and didn't healthy food fruit snacks for kids to eat and lots of fun game since terms like a lovely event asked oh and there's an auction was really good thing silent auctions though. He can get some really good deals on all kinds of holistic. Menace and holistic practitioners. Yield just anything you can think and that's healthy and holistic. They've got an ox and option for at seeking you know you can auction for ten dollars 200 dollars worth of a service with a holistic practitioner that's a great thing tip. For adult Iranian and it's located again again it's on Holtz CNN Taylor Antonio road right behind Aiken high school. So you could just play again whole life learning center had tear fountain hills Accuray there. And then in terms of your practice doctor Strickland. Why don't you. So help people Ken can contact deal. Sure her boy today's lecture of today's sentence from interview with. Tom Skinner and the warrior project was just right up my Alley because counseling is my. First and and I think it impacts the body and so many physical ways when we work on. I'm healing our mind in our spirit. And so that's one of the main things I do. Although I work with all kinds of physical. Complaints I really. Love working at that peace and so. If you're looking for a holistic counselor. On and you never tried not to have a counseling and viewing courage people to try it it's it's it's. Different in that we really come to an very holistic way to begin with. I'm so you can find my practice at Strickland natural Catholic dot com. Just go there and you can I get appointments error information. Or you can email me track I. Grades you know K I highly recommend doctor Strickland. And and for me doctor Marianne. You can locate me in Austin natural classic dot com and I love to do hung me up at the end. Language of the coaching it's another kind of holistic coaching body mind spirit OK you'll that's offered now all it was lovely scene with every one listening. And by so fast instead okay well everybody have a great week and and most season. I think I. And it. Mean. And yeah. And went.