Let's Get Healthy, 4/21

Let's Get Healthy
Saturday, April 21st
Hosts: Dr. Richard Massey and Meridian Grace, Naturopath.  Guests include Dr. Susan Shumsky, author of Maharishi & Me: Seeking Enlightenment with the Beatles' Guru; Emek Blair, Ph.D on NuMedica's Methylsorb and Liposomal CoQ10/PQQ product line; and Scott Jurek, co-author of NORTH: Finding My Way While Running the Appalachian Trail.

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Welcome to let's get healthy and talked 1870. Perhaps you buy people's RX Constance favorite pharmacy we're taking your calls live and by 26 foot three lives. I went 264354. And 830. Hey good morning everybody on the 21 of April 2008 team this is there to return man CNN join my last. Beautiful below there's. It emerged in grace good morning meridian mall bringing in good morning Boston welcome to our wonderful lineup of great guests today. Be and where didn't in the mood for. I'm a bills whale sponsored show you know bill and has Scottish background so we were listening to clandestine this mormons were driving again. It really isn't as great Scottish music. And bill's son Brad is actually working on organizing the program. Now so we appreciate the big show live to Brad and his children and his wife and saying thanks for the good work Brad and yeah. And so anything you'd like say hello about today meridian. Test you know we kinda interesting days in Austin is often the me in the great day for relax seeing her feet for our first guest is going to be talking to pass without. Meditation and maybe even to how to take great. Power now. Oh my goodness you are now and the sounds good to me. Now and I saw that I'm not found. What in the world is a power nap meditation you know. And and doctor Susan Chomsky is. Todd meditation an affirmation and intuition to so many thousands worldwide and has been featured them. All the big media. And so. When I saw that parent that meditation. And she wrote a book called maharishi and be. Seeking enlightenment with The Beatles do room. Over 45. Years ago I got introduced to maharishi school work. So this this can be a lovely and interesting conversation premier I have flown many friends or TM teachers. And around it. Well I think doctor Susan chump skis on the line good morning Susan. Good mom Amy how are you. Who are doing well you sound better I think up a. I. Me. And game. Celebrate your greatness. Can share about every I'm not. A. Power nap meditation season and what's going on there. Well I think is this idea that people take physical power nap in on that help to refresh them during the day ms. Actually get work and you know they getting Dodd said. I think your power nap network that another LA you know work very well let let's have a debate over asleep. And take a little Medicare can break. And meditation can refresh spam. OK because I'm a good idea. And Ivan seeking meditation for fifteen year earth. And so I know quite a bit about it. But just am very simple way that people could Medicaid. Would do would be to close their eyes. Take some deep breath take at least three deep breath. And that helped. You can get into. A quiet David Cassidy get into the these days. And taking a deep breath it's trying to take a deep breath. As you breed out this imagine they're going deeper. And you're letting go. With each. Deep breath that you released. You're released singer letting go more and more. And a band. The idea is to just say to yourself. He. He'd be bill. Be still and be at peace. DC. BSP. The bill and be at peace and that's how he would get into a deep meditative states. So do that or. And just a few seconds actually out of of the deep breathing and then saying peace peace is still to yourself. Let's take you into a deep meditative state anything in it after five minutes and refresh yourself. Probably. I know we can do that you know at your desk it depends on what your situation is that work. But you can always go to the lavatory you know if you want to be alone. Note some other quiet place. Like. You know there's so much research these days of her showing us clinically how when people are strip in stress. Because this releases. Of these hormones and teams that are theory harmful or immune system. And actually they're saying as much as 67%. Of our immunity can be greatly benefited by learning these methods to reduce stress. And experience piece. So I really think says a great conversation. And a great tool and far more important than most of us skin. Benefit you we might think are pills are more important. Then finding the state of peace inside of course. Well my experience has been and there's been. At least 400. Studies. About. The particular method caught transcendental meditation. And not sure about other form of meditation that balances. Very widely researched because the research started so long ago in the nineteen. Sixties and seventies. So. We know from the research. That. Meditation is the great anti stress and that that. And it reduces hypertension or is this strapped. Make people more calm. I even get resistance those changes in resistance so people. And Medicaid. They really get. Those of non stress gallery setting. Great relaxation. Deep relaxation. In fact. Even deeper than in the so we wouldn't something that people should really consider. Doing and I think that. It will Bennett set them a lot more than taking pills or. Or other kinds of methods. I've been practicing meditation since 1967. And ninety minutes past that a truly. Miraculous. And wonderful thing to do and that that I believe that the panacea of all ill frankly. Well your picture looks really good I have to tell you didn't. That's really taken you a couple of months ago. And I am seventy. When no way. Yeah play it oh my goodness. And did you actually meet this maharishi. In fact I lived with him. I was. Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was the founder of transcendental meditation. In 1959. He's earth. I arrived in the west. At that time there was no meditation there was no Montero there was no yellow got none of those terms existed in the west. Within ten years he made those in the household word. He was an extraordinary individuals. I. Lipton is Josh from port 22 years and I was on his personal staff for six of those years. Oh my goodness that's great oh my parents is wonderful opportunities to see some real. Powerful. He only needs it's awake and being in deepening. Means and and and Susan can I read a number one hit song if I start doing the meditation that. Guaranteeing that I think its okay let me talk we're. Happy thought the great hitter Don. Scary and. And wounded. Is she anyway I do write a book about my time with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. My 22 years that I was in his rush from I wrote a book called maharishi and me. Seeking enlightenment with The Beatles to remove the name of the name of the book. Yeah very nice added that inspiration come. Right that's what they usually an editor at McGraw-Hill told me to write it. You've I'm really interested in the books that I was the proposing to her at the time in London 1998. But instead I wrote the book I want you to write in your car. I actually it S three years writing it that bad times. And then and seen it was not too long after she talked to me that he no longer work from McGraw-Hill. With no longer an editor. And thought oh yeah. I had a nice wonderful man didn't get that my agent couldn't sell for three decade low maintenance I think and so all of oh my goodness I mean I've written many other books since then I have fourteen books in print but. My agent. And salad. Oh my goodness that might. So it didn't go to these youngsters didn't know Murray issue and I talked today and Elena. You know but yeah. And no medication it and it is really enjoying a stellar come back where it. The David Lynch foundation that teaching at all over the world to people at risk like veteran and yeah is then. Prisons than on us now becoming the cool club again and a lot of celebrities that are right. In my book Marley and me an event at the and the impact thick. And lists 215. Superstar celebrity. Who had to do GM and people would be really. I think you'd be really surprised that that letter you know. Okay I think he's carrying on I know a lot of people who live and I do love part of the community. The hair and some of the beautiful work that when I started to help promote world peace but you like to mention anything about dot. You know mom eighteenth. Goal in name golf during his lifetime. But to create world heat. And it's his idea he said. In order for the forest to be green it's pretty must be great. A lot of then it may. At all instead if you want the world yet he's you have to. People have to be at peace and the words individuals have to be at peace. And I spent his entire he dedicated his entire life to keeping as many people as possible transcendental meditation. And then you couldn't possibly keep millions and millions of people without him Dade teachers be created. Teachers conferences don't let a patient doesn't traded 40000. Teachers. And it through those 40000 teachers six million people. Learn present now Matta Christian. And science where he adds. Maharishi I graduated. From up by the university in. In India in physics physics with his. My goodness. Up he. Like to research everything you brilliant scientific research. In. You. I from the start you wanted to. Proof. That through scientific research that TM results were valid and real. The other bidders over 400 study done. And that many of them have to do is. The brain wave coherent and those in resistance and anti spam kind of thing indicators of anti theft. So. That proved. That people. We're experiencing peace but more and that that he actually. Experiments where he was and group of people. To places where there was conflict. You know like war or crime and you know and did a study done that that the typically proof. That would people meditated in groups together and actually read did. Crime rate or reduce war. That I don't think anyone had ever tightening kind of studies like gotten more but he actually proved scientifically. That. By meditating in large group it could regain. These factors in the were all the that cause. Dressed in crime and more. Nine and Nasrallah. Has this beautiful too so I don't want to. I believe the program included pledged to two hours meditations a team that people committed to that they basically just said. Okay we're gonna basically lives here in this community and be instruments that this type in world peace. And is that how you understand Harris has a different way. It doesn't mean it'll just how I understand this guy is that because I lived there in Iowa. Often on for ten years and now as part of those for eighteen years that I talked about where I was with maharishi. Maharishi osh Ron Shelley and yet many are strong throughout the world. When I was on international staff I was in Europe for six years I lived there but then. When it came back to the state. There was a period of time like and then about ten years on an off and I lived in Fairfield Iowa. Though the violence that programs Philly this. There is going strong and there is the university there are called Larissa university of management. Where people go there and study and it's been accredited universities so people get a degree and at the same time they practiced together in large group. In two. But called golden dome these giant dome that were built under maharishi direction. And in those don't people practice meditation together any group. As the idea is that this helped to create world heat. It's really a beautiful beautiful service he knows so many people whose lives have lived there or live they're still. I'm very precious friends than their level of commitment. On to this showing how this lifestyle can profoundly affect. Every aspect of our lives and which also includes health that's kind of what this program is more about. But you're talking about mental emotional spiritual health it's if physical health as well. And I just I found so fascinating to the last courses that I've been doing. There's a lot of scientific data that's not dealing directly with TM. That is dish showing how wind we reduce our stress and we know from the research and hungry she's institutes have done. That meditation. And in particular this form of meditation. Does reduce stress. It's one of the most powerful ways to build our immune system back it just its foundation so many diseases. It's very true yes and I'm really pleased to hear that there have been. A lot of that is done outside of transcendental meditation kid because that it says says. Meditation work you know doesn't have to be this brand. Any brand of meditation is gonna take you into quiet and peaceful state. It's going to reduces stress is going to be healthier. Is gonna have a stronger immune system. Is good to me yeah often. I've been recommending to people for probably fifty years myself that. We find any kind of a trigger that we want like opening the refrigerator. Or getting into the car where red light. And take those three deep breath. Yeah I mean they kind of triggers that happen all day long for us you know. And on and bringing you got kind of peace into our everyday life can really make a huge difference. Of course it's not my aunt from work but it's I'm in a way it is because every when she uses the words that during the deepest level of peace to them. So we talk about ten and trying to words that work for them that they can breathe in and and what they can release. And it's it's been truly life changing for a lot of people. Definitely life changing. When I first learned transcendental meditation in 1967. It saved my life dramatically. And I became such a huge advocate of that I would. Father everybody about it and impolite it's AM walking advertisements. And everything all right it and got up already leave here we heard about it in you don't have to get David hammer on a but yeah I was telling everybody about it. Big Ten big advocate almost immediately end. Really. I have I have promoted meditation not defensive no medication that other forms of medication throughout my life and I just think it. The most are something that people can do. And I totally recommended and I think it really makes people very healthy and strong. So if people want to find out more about your turn key in your word and how they can personally. Maybe benefit my meditation where which is send them. Well like I bet I have fourteen vote them in print and many of those books are about meditation pairings including one called exploring meditation. And all ducks are available on Amazon. You can Google leases and sound C and you can go to my web site if you wish in fact you can read the first chapter of everyone in my book in my web site. And the website is doctor Susan dot ORG that. Doctors didn't dot OR yeah. Eight and trip beginner which group would you recommend. I exploring medications would be excited here a beginner and you want to learn more about meditation and things related to medication. And I affiliate great first step. Or you can read my memoir which is fun to read you know you guys out more about moderation if you're interested in maharishi and me is the name of the app. That's carried. I I personally have some friends who spent time in Switzerland has monks there. And I. I just heard such beautiful stories that you wouldn't give us one to critique is we've only got a couple minutes left but one that might entice assault ago runs at the book. Well nothing is. When I. When idea where the hippie is sixty. I lived in the everything is a Bay Area. And that got time. We are very interested does not to a flower children we were interested. In developing ourselves spiritually dot but really the flower children whereabouts if nothing is all about that. Drugs and rock and roll but in fact it was about. Spiritual awakening was about experiencing Nirvana. And it Timothy Leary and Richard Alpert they were telling us to turn on tune in and drop out. I am doing my best to do that and also they advocated just taking LSD. That didn't work out too well for me in fact it was very damaging for me but. In any case I was. Brief thirteen I was studying and reading the Buddhist scriptures that would be reading. I've a biography of yogi by Paramount the other non in reading the way of Dan another book by Allan watt. And an outlawed booking that they you have to find a meditation. Guy. Well in 1966 in Berkeley California he didn't exactly go to the yellow pages answers or medication diet or anything remotely similar to that. So I have to roommate how do I meant it how I find this medication guide you said well have you ever tried to meditate on your own. I said well I'll give it a shot. I laid out of my dad I didn't mean I was so clue excited they were indicted but is it up what you meditate. Thailand my dad and I sort of prayed for wrath or of meditation. Immediately I was propelled into the ecstatic state I could feel that the Russian record of energy rushing from the tip of my toes all the way to the top of my head. I felt like I was like bid two electric socket pot makes electric sockets that in the most ecstatic way. And I figured well guess that the medication. Little did I know that I has not only had my eyes. Birds meditation but also could delete the awakening all of the things time. Night tennis in an hour. That's what happened to me and then. I'd just kept searching for a medication guide. And a friend had because it transcendental meditation center. There was no teacher there I had to wait nine months to try to learn medications that I finally learns. In 1967. Nine months later and I've learned appropriately. I guess in 1967 during the summer of love. This season and that is that's a perfect place for us to is to say goodbye to you for right now but we'd love to have you back on another time he thinks might. Able to find some time for us to reach the late Oscar. For Kenneth. Thank you for that story. I recommend that you all good to Amazon and look up talk terse is in this dot org her books. And I'm who we invite you to continue to listen to the rest of Russian open. Have a great day. Hey Austin wake up and fly right on talk. Thirteen Saturday. You're listening to let's get healthy with people's I had. That's often favored pharmacy. Tucked 1870. I have a question call us now at 526 or three lives. Hey good morning everybody this doctor Richard Massey vacuum with doctor meridian grace and you know just this morning. You might hear to have a little raspy in my throat so. A charge about an ounce of lite the sell more vitamin C the something's something we didn't have enough as a kid. It's it's still ahead. I think we had a good yeah cod liver oil or castor oil so he tried to never complained. And a dose of that and but iron next guest here doctor blame here. Found in natural method to form a light blue zones. And to put all these schools. Nutritional products that are buddies just kind of seeing him dance when they get him. Inside of these things collect the sounds doctor Blair you with us. How okay it is morning thanks for sharing part of your Saturday morning. Torture you saw always like to ask people when they discover some and can you tell us a little bit about that. Was there a moment when something just came to you. Yeah you know that it's actually kind of funny. Well what I was actually trying to achieve something very very different all the time I was working on. Trying to not make like this so I may be prolific film route and time. And looked through years my life was miserable because I failed and I failed and I failed and failed or. But but in retrospect. I just didn't and harness the opportunity because what I was doing something really really great I just didn't recognize in the time and then one day. You know I was. Reading the paper don't like whoa I've been doing this. The solution to this period serious problem that we are dead all of a sudden it was like OK great let. Accusing the natural way to just copies called nature make these global. And you know that's that's spelled the beginning you know make all the but I don't know quality of the vitamin C and all the different kind of products and you know now with the during clinical studies and you know so we we publish a critical us that he from a Colorado state university. And you know last year. We've been executed morn Morgan I would really understand exactly how these cool little Bobble help nutrition absorbed. How hardly interact with your body how they nutritional source that your body and and would have done. My goodness I love that kind of stuff where everything looks like a failure from one perspective and and then in the near the little kids in the park blowing bubbles are tellem is the secret to hold time right. We just. Asked her and it's the right. Yes so don't tell us about some of these tells about some of your favorites and would you like about him. Well no it just like you this morning I woke up I took my what the civil vitamin C and go to trial on. And you know the vitamin C and that's a no brainer everybody knows such good potent antioxidant. I would go to trial on the same thing I mean it's critical for your body to detoxify and make energy support Ukraine took what you long. And you know these products. We've had we've been studying we know how they work and they're actually great but what's been really fantastic in the lap you're so. It is we are developing. Are more complete product. And it would mean more complete the it is we don't know I get something we were trying to help the body works. And we built a system to fully supports. Duck part in your body so for instance on. What do much fitter Clark lately that I've been teaching is are a metal torque which is basically. Hope the mess pollution article in front of your part museum. And you know every day it's kind of funny every day we are read the papers. And getting the stalking elk. May be five and a hundred people had issues revelation. And then it was stated that more than that number change to 15%. But yeah. Problem isolation of their bodies and I don't get into what that means a second. I just read a paper last week those publish its suggested that over half of everybody United States. Type issues was met Alicia Oman and you know the next question what what's the Malaysian public why do I care about what it means being. And I don't I get into you know the really heavy kind of rhetoric like that but in general. It is eight cycle in your body right to you can visualize it I would like to think of it as he wheeled technique deter me right. And we'll return to your body and culture create energy is hopes. You know are equal weight inflammation. And conflicts that break 21 missile issue works properly. You really put your your body in good. You know. He got out yeah and that's really what we're all looking forward to good healthy balanced park. So we're able to do is include you know all of these are to increase in such as you know active full right to your body doesn't have to take an extra step. And concur fully captured into rebel force recruit by car. You know active pequot. And oh what happened there is we turn this we deal and one of the parts as well. You know your home system rebels are consumed correctly which means that your body consuming to bring home sipping something on. On the you're able to make other increase in trying to describe our culture and which. Are critical without being without you can creep into your body without the real turning your body can't make any energy. Right so and without energy. That's that's it it's over right we can't get out of bed can do anything. It's it's just. You know massive massive problem and the other cool thing and this is something that. A lot of times tournament solution like with men. It's we include an entire radio lifted it to include not only post recording but also a problem and that's. So it's basically up PE is as well call a truce complicity. But this increase in the one that we really don't get enough in our diet and it's very very difficult to. So we included there and in your body this. And it's a critical critical step in allowing this escalation will deter. So basically you're providing us with everything we need to support their escalation and it sounds like it has a direct relationship also on ATP production in the mitochondria. Absolutely so so that's where we came then whip. The next formulation we'll put together which was really. Marta card real support right so if you're gonna give your body being create it and their ability to. To generate energy in yourself to mitochondria which are you know basically double our power factories inside of our bodies right so. He's a little tiny. He you know power plants you know need to be supported me to be exploited where the lady we can't. Arms so that they can function properly so we also put another former together which a combination of impact cookie ten. PQQ. And bumps some good healthy and secure also we really provided all of the parts together. So that. If you do that patient and you do. All these things together now we also where you can read so cook tent. Right there people been reading about it a long time and we know it needed. Palm is really a critical critical component in triggering ATP. Right so it has multiple multiple. Function in your body you know recruiting. Being opponent you oxidant that also you know without it you can't per track you can't record breaker. Writes that the critical component incredibly in my Carter. Well scrape some are medium chain trickle charge which is just that hope the clean energy. Rick that this oil spurt really really nicely her body to create good copy clean energy. All about it in you know give the mitochondria. But it would also try to kind of a more unique increasing that maybe a lot of people don't know about and that agreement called peak QQ right so. It's a whole alphabet soup right he's with us and the cookie can't keep you cues and the key that the but would execute really really well known for. It's hoping create more mitochondria. Right so in keeping your mitochondria active writes if you have a hundred mitochondria but only sticky of them firing. You're looking very much energy your body or the PGQ really helped make sure that might occur under fire are. There's been really really interesting research in coming out of Alaska earshot and that. Actually helped create more mitochondria. Brenda not monopoly critical so. You know what are people you know supplements or create a new really gauge a long way Bart. But don't forget he got to have a good diet and exercise as well we'll sit. So. If you if you do that makes some good lifestyle choices. And give your body all of the components to meet. You know your your body you know you know pistons can really be firing. Very very well produced a lot of energy. I think I'm going to take a run defense. There are now talking about. And go hit up our kooky there losing never shared a Blair appreciation one up and he. And sadly sadly with all this information we have to go and med. You have a lot of these products are with new medica. And he gets in the people's people's RX. And so thank you for that and thank you for that wonderful story of feeling like you were failing so many times in the end. Had to shift of perspective and all this wonderful stuff is the result we so appreciate your word. I can be very encouraged to get it there is a man is so perhaps she will come back and share with us again. Got a sweet vindication thorough deterrent sounds good doctor Blair will enjoy the rest of your Saturday. And we'll talk again. I think you have a great YouTube bye for now. More cutting edge health information it's just around the corner. You're listing to let's get healthy with peoples are next on talked 1870. We'll be right back. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere. Radio dot com. You're listening so let's get healthy was peoples are. Favorite pharmacy and tucked 1870. Got a health question call us now at 52643. Live. Were. I respect for rich massive death from meridian Graceland you know words folate people who work and go and places you know dealing them marine people who. Places do NC was making a difference men's. Yeah and you know Annette and our next guest are going places. And the or are actually going places today. No oh yet uh oh really there's going to be Scholl creek. Fund run this Saturday at 430 in the book signing at both peoples at 6 o'clock oh my goodness. With Scott and Jamie jury. I hookers of north. Finding my way while running back Appalachian trail. Is low earnings god. Good morning. Are you guys did. We're doing an all right thanks in yourself. Can't complain too. Had a nice slow drizzle outside it's going to be a beautiful day for around. And yes so tell us what you're up to. Well we just published this. Book called north and it's a fantastic greed it's basically chronicles. The 21. 89 mile journey that can unite all stuck because she was an important part of the journey and supporting me. And we're celebrating that with a little run leading off from book people and then we've got a book event after. At 6 PM will be speaking China's short short film and that it looks funny. Well on TV you mean like two point 189 miles is that what you Maynard. I mean 3180. NASA. I yeah. He did in street they'll. Goodmail is in a news Tucker races on that is our real commitment to the third. It is it was 4046. Days on the trail. Eight hours seven minutes and to give folks an idea what that's like that's. Essentially running almost fifteen miles a day for 46 days six and a half weeks. Jenny and John and I were out there with the bugs to bears the rattlesnakes. And everything else they have election trail further that idea which. Is a lot at times and that it pushed us all to. To our edge in that really challenged herself and I think that's that's what the book north is all about his bout. Inspiring people to find something that pushes them. Out of their comfort zone and move them that you don't have to run 2189. Miles on the Appalachian trail around fifty miles a day but you can find that thing that. Might just push you out of you're normal boundaries and in detecting something because that's what I believe we find out. You know what made and we become you know transformed individuals and we learned something about ourselves. Finding news x.s. And Stefan Krause and that sounds good Scott's Wheeler gonna have a fun run which is what like 500 miles this afternoon. Where were asked. We're gonna take it easy this afternoon we gotta get back in and speak at 6 PM so that's the fun renal take at 430. It'll. It'll until you know people wanna go a couple miles they want walk run. You name it that's I think you about at the Appalachian trail I was out there are doing a lot of hiking and it's not a runner trail so to speak so I was in a lot of making so people are encouraged to join you don't have to beat. Redding had a top speed with elite runners it's a fun run in which means we invite all levels and we'll get out there and cruise and and some people do 345 my also whatever we can do in an hour and I'll make sure I'll I'll get through the crowd. Very nice then go ahead and over the boat people. That's correct path that. 6 o'clock we have a talk in signing the unknowns. It's great to be here in Austin loves we'll of the city love the people of southern Texas and where we're excited to hear. We're excited to help you it's really inspiring to hear about your journey and I think it's going to be great for people find out even more evoke that. Yeah yeah and to do this says and begin ultra marathoner but there's going to be a lot of questions around that I would imagine. And he definitely get the feeling part is very important and again Jenny. Also had a tough job finding you know I don't assume is gonna fuel me in the week weeks. This stuff than our current event and as he drove that around deport me back. And you know it's a challenge you when she had to do all the things that you had to do in terms of laundry and manage you know supplies you know making meals and she was and we had likely had tussle with an all they had some power in the van so she can make movies or me and and and we had to agree Dolan at two burner Coleman stove that we we threw on whatever we could that. Get warmed up that seated amazing she's not the cook like I am so it was a bit more challenge that and that's the thing when I was out on the Appalachian trail. That the food element and hydration nutrition. Became so important and it is ours to someday those incidents six to 78000. Calories a day and I still lost nineteen pounds at the end of the trail so might be six calories in vs calories out or were pretty critical. My goodness what we're there any room where there any like scary parts sure that will that ruin the movie you're gonna show. Asked if they so we want. Cable and there's a spoiler alert we we do you talk about. All in the holster but we talked about it around and actually had to run ins with mama bears but Jenny and I specifically run around in the evening together as sometimes she would get somebody that drive and the next spot. And lever enjoying a nice run in the evening in shenandoah national park and came upon a mama bear and cubs and we did you cubs for the longest time and not mama bear was that definitely close to charging she was. It's very protective of young and it doesn't. It is the most dangerous the ideas but props yes. On the we we know how to handle that situation and make sure we give her enough from that the tricky part is if you don't seem to coach and don't. And there's cup around. That may or fifty feet out of the trees a middle. How OK okay. So so meridian when you and I run our 2000 miles we know the logo popped I. I think it's a get a look at all their ex us that's that's the one thing about. This journey as you know this this senses and just eat. I had to be on in terms make sure I was in tune with my surroundings tennis paying attention to everything and I think that's. A unique thing to you for a lot of peoples in and take that time we're we're so busy in our lives and yeah so many stimuli around that we sometimes don't you know and plug in just kind of focus on. You know I think surround us and for us the reason we went on the appellation trail was to kind of sort out in just a major life issues we had trouble raising a family. And having her own children and Jenny had a couple of scary miscarriages and may not we just took out the mountains and woods just sort through that and I think. You know it's good defined that you know slower time as little time to kind of tune in to the body in the mines and pencil. Though mind we'll think Kiefer. For sharing death and how you all responded to your challenge. Thank you thank you there's. It was again something it especially being out with a partner and loved one it can be challenging at times and he happened to millions of that have to learn how to you. You know communicate in and respect each other and it's kind of try to understand things but then on the other and it's it's quite rewarding when you can get through all that so I'm a big believer in channeling challenging individuals but also beat them you have to challenge relationships and women get stronger. In this kind of personal experience that the couple years backpacking in the woods and just coming out every three months to get supplies and with a partner. And I'm it's it's really quite amazing I never set any kind of physical goals for ourselves I thought that for me in the beginning. I mean just hiking holiday carrying heavy pack on my back after being new from. That I. Middle class family in the suburb of listeners if it's. Definitely steadily. Year and it's not nothing to be any. That's one beauty of the appellation try ended up spending a lot of time with other thru hikers you know that takes six monster or sometimes even more to duty appellation trail. And spent time hiking with them because I was. I was moving longer hours throughout the day just basically. All day and three donate a lot of times and they were able to keep up with and we had great conversations and you know again if it's not so much the speed at which you do something and it just kind of pushing the boundaries and and doing things you can think that he can do and I'd recommend to anyone it could even get out here you know few days long weekend and weeklong trip. Jenna and I looked certainly don't always go out and set records we like to go out and just put a backpack on and and go for a week and it's McChrystal sore on the twenty year plan to get specific restaurant companies. We try to do week at a time but it's that they're very learning experiences like is that. You know there's times where you know if any didn't speak to each other on or out hiking give each other some space than we come back in there and it's it's a great way to I think. You know built stronger bonds as well as you know get to know somebody. It is that's their rear treatment we actually came across another human being content is rare in week. Kind of had a history Alia we were always way out there and I don't. That we were up there is always this little piece of who gets to tell. Story about you look at the puppet of a shoot it and I think it. The animals yes. Athletic Gaby at least until there's tons of people around so it's it's different social trail which I think is quite unique to get times along that I love those times are too we just. You know get out in the wilderness and don't see anybody for a long time. So and so everybody show up at shall creek today you know oh fund run at 430. And or if you don't want to do that show up at book people at 6 o'clock. Because it sounds like it's going to be a real treat. To meets god in Ginny and does it with two folks you. He found away. And I. To even their relations and get healthy and ultimately really pushed the boundaries so I'm looking forward to to see in your book. You know north as the good read road and Lakota. So entitled there. No bank is bank in Nevada. Actually at a meeting. Excellent. All right Patrick thanks god and you'll hopefully see you later. All right well thank you for having me this morning and but I can now. Okay about. House without this quite tough quest minute news and we have a couple of other. Things are going on here in Austin and OK so tell me about it meridian one of them is an REP based detox program is can you be shared at people's self. Monday April 23 at 7 PM. Okay and then also. Chuck Norris that people's wellness center. Where can hear about how their cheese and oriental medicine on Monday. April 23 at 7 PM. And of course if you wanna find out more about what's going on in the community and things that peoples on our favorite Austin pharmacy is supporting. Please just go to the website he pulls our packs to Cochran and please stay an extra week. Thanks for listening so let's get healthy with peoples are next on talk thirteen seventy. Tune in again next Saturday night for another hour cutting edge health and wellness information from people's RX Austin's favorite pharmacy.