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Let's Get Healthy
Saturday, May 27th
Let's Get Healthy with Bill Swail, for May 27. Co-hosted by Dr. Marianne Calvanese, ND and Dr. Tess Strickland, ND. Guests include Nathan Allen, founder of Little Herds; Dr. Christine Horner, health expert and award-winning author of “Radiant Health, Ageless Beauty"; and Kiran Krishman, co-founder of the professional line, Megaspore Probiotic.

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Texas weather can change on a dime. It's. Getting towards laying. When the weather turns severe. Turned to us for what you need to know on air and online at top thirteen sending dot com top thirteen seventy the right choice. It's now time for let's get healthy with bills well on top thirteen seven he's taking your calls live at 512643. Life that's 5126435483. And now here's mills wailed. After the walk through the show folks this is bill's well and they talk about. You know opinions and the opinions that we offer and not necessarily those of station. I know what they say that because a lot of a lot of these political people. That are making big bucks you know they got the strong opinions people like appear in topic. Which you have on this show. If we we might have an opinion about something but for a group of home office detours in the show. And so we think this memory water and it doesn't as we do whatever you know is not gusting to where he already dollar. You're open to an assay Yahoo! might be a good time to introduce New York. You all can we just say you'll put. Good as Doctor Murray and Calvin these. She's a doctor in the truck of the and we have doctor Ted Strickland of Strickland is Patricia command she is a doctor to. Yelled to universe to our commitment in ranked as steering university in Seattle. Who. And if you put it would settle this coliseum where the tendon kind of human been and a visit you know this problem doctor aryan drizzling now. Less humid there. He unity right but don't we have a hundred degrees. Is goat was going to be the DuPont where they caught it is going to be a hundred degrees. They predict the surgeons. From the community and all that so publisher. It makes things feel warmer you have to keep in time to get hydrated. The strategist and automatically you walk outs yeah. Yeah as some details and well we we have to we got a good show today and I need to go and get nice and Alan displays and was this. I am bill when you are you concerned. Good good Barry and that's also a pleasure to be huge holiday. Thank you or happy to have you on our show. Where they got to where do you live by the way you move north yourself. So I yeah I'm in north Austin. Okay well there are practicing and sophomore so. It's are carried out so I was like this we can be determined drug MC and Huckabee hopes of. I agree. And I can't wait to hear about your bug fest in the work you're doing to promote. Promote. A warm relationship between humans and insects and I hate it. You're the founder of little herbs urged. It's your deal or heard little or had you heard you'll. Little heard the livestock for little heard the kid. Little bird as an educational nonprofit here and often we were we down between thirteen and over the past four years we've done over a hundred educational bench coach you're not the men around the country for a world. And we shed over 101000 people their first. Bite of edible insects. Well awesome this could be food in the future right. Oh absolutely will and it's also it's asserted that perhaps you know there are there were two billion people around the world who traditionally eat insects and it's. It's a bit of endurance for millennia it's really just the American but what the car lost touch with that. Right now. So what can boast retirement crickets. Yeah a lot of lot of talk about things like crickets. But but sometimes meal worms grasshoppers. Other sorts of larva from loss than Beatles. And there's they're about 2400. Species guerrilla world that we know have been you know cataloged as as definitely. Edible and and traditionally consumed but we know there's also a million and picked up there that we haven't read or really even tested and their personal relationship per American it is a very strange idea very weird thing. But but we really think the idea of eating infected grooving in a very quickly from that shock value that we might commonly associated fear factor or survivor. Is really being considered. A resource that's been untapped. Shall shoots they're both in those resource efficient area or other countries where they might traditionally even for experts. Also even here at home in the US. For a couple reasons they're. Nutrition is certainly key. These are incredibly nutrient dense in the triggered. Britain perhaps a couple of person cricket is gonna have over twenty grams approaching. The complete routine what they're great essential amino up the profile. Good Polly and motto and saturated fat. And a lot of weicker nutrients vitamins and minerals iron calcium magnesium. Copper zinc riots and so the really it's it's surprising that we've really overlooked them for so long. But then they're also incredibly resource efficient the livestock. The same amount of speed that we would get one pound east west. We will get 8109 pounds of cricket. And at the same time we are still using less water they're using less space they will be harmed vertically module early. And it produced drastically fewer greenhouse gas question like among. If you're a vegetarian is it okay the crickets and within the hour when it. What we can we say that they're vegetarian all or vegetarian or or even beat him for sure there are reasonable. But we've seen a lot of registering and begin our very open to the idea because it is. You know more. One more help even though another meet the work are environmentally friendly and really it's more humane and why are. Are we can both arm and sex and harvest them. In a way that that doesn't cause them stress or pain. It which is really wholly unique and allied stock option. It's really just too few bugs us well it's. That's right so we're going to be says that in annual audit and budgeting Tressel to meet June 10 at ingredients from port 8 PM. We're have a variety of kids activity at the beach free for kids. It's about five dollars for students with IDE ten dollars for adults but that a lot YouTube. Take a hole right about a portrait products come that are the hole and six others that are abstracted with something like a cricket while our. In Q chips or cookies crackers. Well and have a look will shut Josh June. Get you without a little pop up you know edible and sick. Would being here. Wolf small plates are really nicely prepared or haven't been getting shut just peavy we can be during cooking demonstrations we're gonna have. The local music from Little Rock up a bit band that actually had written a song about eating bugs for us. Raffle prizes an in order to have a still screening of the documentary film bugs on the continued afterwards so it's going to be a great night. Very dimly relate. And you know that does this open at every year we get more more troops that come out and and are willing. We get over that psychological tab do I and tried out first bite of Barton's. The spurs should vote flower registry. I see how would you tell us go Bojan. They're kind of yellow I I took its body I'd. Our river coming in talking with with UN over the spoke to aquatic club a couple of years ago. Although Julius and you have some samples to it and you there aren't enough about it some of those guys those older people you elevate the level who corners. And so they edit a what do you think about it but you know I just I just. I trust via an and that's great that year your Horry and eating it toward children we have a lot of you know and it's. Because I think that that's really the key to altering. Our our whole cultural and community conversation around eating bugs is is to really. Have they kids begin to feel comfortable with that and then they grow up and then their parent you know they become parents and then it's just a normal part of there there. You know there are eating. Well when we were we have to run bureau quickly but what I like to do is have you back on Saturday June just to play in the morning that could be the day. Yeah that would mean because that's right because I think that we educate people on this and just mark your calendars instant. Try some. Absolutely will well and I will make sure to expect that we've got some actually don't try and yes. Our son yeah I'd love that I never had and hooked solution is okay argues shall crutches would look. At him. Christian Christian. If they certainly without the you've just thank you Josh threw for what you're doing and really are Nathan comes our Nate and I really appreciate it thank you. The initial surge that the find out more they can go to little herds. Dot org. Little urged little better than Garcia our tourism rate OK when Nathan thanks for being gobbled we'll talk to give on the tooth. Dubbed Google area test signal so much. Alrighty thanks again all right have a good weekend. OK we are ready let's see doctor Christine Horner. What a pleasure. Good morning. We don't really bugs to do and I were to radiant ageless beauty yes I love that I guess bugs will make you look pretty when. Has improved in. I don't now. And it knows this is Austin so we have a phrase keeping Austin weird. Really it's very progressive and the thickest and where you're nationally known surgeon. Your best selling author. And professional speaker and you're just you're good you're just wrapped a whole person per song wrapped up and want you there and users and you don't do. Well let me say. It goes it's good to. Hit and maybe it and you have weight and time out via. Even doctor resin or colon all kinds of so we're honored to have you on the show there's no thanks we're not as big but we're we're part of an important. We think so I would come from nature present today doctor companies and doctor stricken. So good morning from two. Angst is doing great work senator can you have a great. A great so I think to talk about this morning because. Let's talk about the for a fatal mistakes women make over forty. Sure you know look at that we know that there's stats you know people think they're invincible 120 is an actor you can't have meant. In their forties that really start to make it differences are is seeing how you're taking care of yourself that these days is seen as bad instead of being kind of over the bulk. Did you know really at the time with people are super busy with their careers and also with their families are so women definitely have a tendency of putting their health on the back burner. You know for that that there is. You know she says I think it's super important to them for what had to pay attention and simple things that they can do to really protect their health. Exactly and Christian I'm over on 75 so I found out the order against them more interest at a given health. I have talked to you know yeah. You know because a lot of the a lot of young people like I did take to prevent you know. Well yeah your your body starts to talk to you and tell you any attention to me overdone talkative on the show and slam. Like this that there's some simple things that you can do that can really make a dramatic difference and that's saliva develop battery Intel facial beauty which actually just won a national book award for the best budget health medicine and went to see here in the house. So I'd number one mistake that women make is not as really neglecting their heart health a lot of times people whether a particular don't think says it's hard it's you know issues there really a problem for them as more of an instant they used it as it turns out as the number one killer of women and it kills ten times were early in the breast cancer against. So we really need to pay attention and and those people you know to know it's a simple thing like quitting smoking if he had used and really eating starters. You know switching out all the processed and sicker and you know foods and the things hurt. Eating primarily organic can't plan itself and makes a huge difference. Exercising obviously is is extremely important as well and just even dealing. Brisk walking every day can has huge benefit and then one thing that I read it. Steady a couple of years ago where it's almost silly how responsive our our bodies are so there was a study where. They had people jogging purchase I in minutes a day that was 65 minutes. And it reduced the risk of cardiovascular disease by 48%. So doing. Any day you know it's it's very important is city has been shown that he really deadly forum but if you get up from your desk just for two minutes per hour just walk around a little that it takes away all the little extra. That can happen from a prolonged sitting and then the as far as that there's something that supplements that you can take it can also make a huge difference center. Omega three fatty after the journalism that's considered the healthiest types of staff that we can concealed. Super important to get enough of those in every day and there's so much of our body that's actually made from fat from the cell membranes at the coatings on her brain and. And that nervousness and also our hormones they actually do need that that you need to healthy type which is the Omega three fatty acids and then vitamin. Streets as another one simple life than bad act a couple of minor body at which it's is essential for every. All of her body to function. Properly at the very important for heart health as wolf you know the whole body being. Right yes it is. And then does these two ladies here or measure passed the doctors. And they want to medical school to lose different kind of medical school so their border to. Which you just talked about yeah like a trying to do not trust him he's eating things are finally got token only so good for him. All right yes the mistake remembered fish yeah it's that innocent blood topic has really near and dear to my heart which is this managing mental pod and yeah. Boundary that's their near and dear to my heart is that I was a breast surgeon and. One of the things that we discovered is that hormone replacement therapy which is to be given out like candy is. Something that's been known to cause an increased incidence of breast cancer ovarian cancer heart disease blood clots gallbladder disease than meets. Really add another study just came out like a week ago that said. That should never be prescribed for people. And I kept thinking about perhaps protecting them against diseases because that side effects are so danger as you know with pets. So you know what to do it well that's possible contenders for your body pockets Italian that you're doing and that's that's how they had doesn't like. Yeah if I just rebalancing your body through a healthy diet and lifestyle. Sometimes those menopausal symptoms that go away pretty apparent at us. And then if he needs some additional help and it's yeah I believe it's much more important event. Looks forward natural kind of plant based. Formulas that are perfectly safe an example I didn't. I found out about us they have formula called relevant spelled REL I EE EN. Just below the guy I was reading about it and and it does its main pro flowers from Sweden. It just came in the country couple years ago that in Europe it's been used for about fifteen years sentence and relatives actually the number one hot flash formula in France. Still one of the it's amazing things that they did that to really focus on doing research on us that they actually studied. Relevant at this same. Try to rigors that they do with pharmaceutical medications and then double blinded placebo controlled studies here in. In this country and. You know university based and everything and now we know for sure we've got this really tests you know hard data showing their guerrillas like super active sports. Helping what's hot flashes and mood swings and night glad sleep disturbances some of the common menopausal symptoms and and also they compare it against placebo so they knows that so. It doesn't have any side effects. To it anymore than a placebo it does so it's perfectly say it doesn't work or in the lake so I think you're choosing something like well this is how. A much better way to go there's also an all cultures across the we're older than plants in each one of those cultures that have been used for menopausal symptoms for thousands of the year recession compounded these days it is so I mockup you know from. Peru is. Considers the perceived also bounces hormones black beans. The people heard that have great hormone balancing. Properties Hewitt black who Hodge was used by the native American and you know here in the Olympic traditional Chinese medicine buyer they'd have me all house. Plants that they used for thousands of years that you know really gets paid option. No absolutely Christine once one of the things this new routes and in this what was happening is urge become more popular front we're gonna talk about homer off it was in the show. Good job of really starting to see some value in that you practiced too but to give an example new chapter. Which is all across the country. They they're going affirmative Marco. As an example affirmative LO affirmative Emmerich. Because they're pretty firm there do it permanent or because those things you know we're just as you reduce the digestion to. Great yeah. So so this I'm Swedish flower pollen and works really well. Just as the out. That's. And like it and it's you know perfectly safe effective double point of people controlled anger out of that we know for sure yeah. So irrelevant now. So your third your third tip. I was the might their intent is. You know and not accept your weight gain. You know thousands oftentimes by white people in this country or two thirds of the people are obese than in overweight but. In a lot of people of this except Alan middle age as normal match you know against a way to get a little belly and and let research shows is that even gaining a little delayed really appreciate more at risk for a lot of different health problems and and so can they can just that simple changes like. You know if you if you drink because you know coffee drinks that have occurred Vitale can let me just switch them up for a lower calorie then again it's kinda giving up that's the junk food in the processes and to think how the healthy you know vegetables that's. That isn't adding a little bit as exercises. I mean really can be very simple front parking your car you know much further away from. In any story that you go into taking the stairs that were considered taking the elevator and aren't you know things like that and it can really to. Simple things like that can make all the difference in the world events and help you to keep your weight down. Also up park a little ways away from the store. So I can find it. Far far because it's Texas they have all these big attraction army seven you don't remember sometimes exactly what you do. Yeah. Glad to cook. A lot of people not loving themselves. And that is how it. You know when I was in medical school they just didn't even think there's any connection between. Brain and it's not behind it. Scott and Helio is that practical security people think ideological Heidstra. As it turned out now what they've found is armed militias actually affect your health more than anything else. You know it more than diet more than looking at more than genetics. And the once saying one of ocean it has of these targets influences really feeling the love and support and it's. Does the number one predictor of. Your health your longevity years of Bible you know from illnesses such and so you know Larry is that you know in order to. Bring people into your life that are a little having supported he got angry spectacle of yourself to violence and dad so there's offers a different technique I have in my book for you to really practice. Yes I'll float they have a tendency in natural tendency to because all of our cells can you believe that. That's right where you know obviously we lose today they're angels. And you're an Angel and Angel lives not because their wings. But because they taste and so as lightly. I don't know and so if you take yourself lightly I think you'll do much better your and he just. Yeah I don't watch TV in and these magazines that Havel these idealized. Unrealistic. Images of women. Yeah. Exactly exactly. Well wait a news and I love elements so I just this is a newsmagazines in the new you're depressed looking yeah. Big muscles yeah I'm Diana passed the south love gun that's this is his love yourself like you say take yourself light and. She felt like your best friend that you saw. Often I mean we think about the Howard self talk is oftentimes just like oh my god in you would never say that's when you're from. I get that good test yeah it was right we text America show for Trevor just take a deep breath and and say well you know it's too bad alternate route down the road. You know because it's a good two to be in such a hurry all the time just to fix stuff wind if you only tune always say. I'm not the employees say bill thirty because unlike most of time. And I said well I'm all journalists on but you're never late to get there. Right so when you get there than your late switches so the worry about it and how we just sections of the takes a lot of the joke around it like you to. You've been on the show before I'll tell you is always a pleasure and I'm not looking forward to target to again. I think CL a on why if you're become Dawson. Who would do some books and four that's a pretty good Austin. I only changing planes that the airport. Well let's Celeste and you do that until we're can pick you up. And where can people find your book. In my books available everywhere Amazon.com Barnes & Noble but if you want an autograph copies can get it from my web site. Which is doctor Christine Horner dot com as the DR CHR I ST I NT HOR and ER dot com. Awesome. We'll Kristi what a pleasure now this picture youth on the front cover this. That is June. Eight. I thought so everything I write about guide itself out. I know I just I'm just teasing but you know Lanka until we get these books and and there's there's a picture when somebody is like. Twenty years ago. And is this a beautiful picture. So you're you're Angel for sure I can think yeah. So. So would be something we can together go and portion so so what to know would be something you think that most people. One thing that people need to know as a request we talked about. To use of lightly emphasized that. Yeah. Well just let you know one of the things that I just think as. So important and the other thing comes up sometimes because he overwhelming us it's our try to change your diet lifestyle habits but you know distance to. It can be so simple there's so many read these simple practical things he can dig do they can have a really. You know huge impact though. If he'd start adopting in the inhabit every. Week. You know and think you're gonna be having just an outrageous you know. Healthy healthy diet lifestyle but again just as the way simpler than if they can match. Like the example of you know jogging five minutes a day events that are getting effort to its team as you know per hour so it can be really kind of silly as far as. How easy can be and and that can happen really huge impact. Well now to talk about sugar I think sugars is. To have four yeah and I. Right energy in once they withdraw remind people those four milligrams. Our student for Graham's. Certainly teaspoon foreground when you look at these these illnesses mr. very much. But when you see four grams and these McIntyre. A lot of things like Coke has 33 grams of sugar. And evens used to have a lot of sure there's your music sugar about 433. Again. I'm a big bunch. Like eight teaspoons of sugar you are put eight teaspoons of sugar in your coffee. I think that just just that little two printer can help people out. And it looks like and it looks like in your book. You provide this very helpful structure for people because I can be very helpful only key set overwhelming. He's out that the back of the book I have to. I get a thirty day program that you do because again when you read a book can. And you'd they're established information and it does feel kind of overwhelming record noises began for the whole idea. So my thirty day program is really taking you by the hand and as saying okay this the for a candidate they want we're gonna do that they didn't. Really how he would implement all those healthy. You know guidelines. I am wonderful contribution. And a Christie I'm so happy you gave of surgery you had to match. Not usually I give my doctor Ross because you can do so much more. Well I didn't blame my whole point here is helping people out to avoid a nice to. And there you go as far as school radiant health Asians these ageless beauty with a great. What a great boon to go here thank goodness for injury. So we can next time we hope to have you on the show last may be if you're compulsion. I'll let you know for sure yeah that would do some books on east and that's okay Kristin IRA place again congratulations great book thank you. I think ten. An original thinking about it. And let's take a break with the. Don't go anywhere let's get healthy with phils well rescue by people's Austin's favored pharmacy will be back in just a few moments. Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the on the new talk thirteen seventy dot com stay informed with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away had talked thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with talk thirteen seventy. Thanks for lip thing. So let's get healthy food fills well on top thirteen seven these rescued by people's Austin's favorite pharmacy college life is 512643. Lives that's 5126435483. Well we have loosened. We have here and fresh home. Meg is for pro ball. Is secure and must reference my pronounced it right. You are OK for having me you good morning well. Who we may have the super stores on rusher but we have ever robotic is similar to Smith is becoming very popular thing. Place like that's happening. Absolutely well you know people are trying to understand that really did that god is Central Command system. For the rest of the body. You know we've got about a hundred trillion bacteria felt that live in the gut alone. And you when you compare that to ten trillion human cells that make up the entire human body we talked understand the proportions. And it was really kind of controlling the strings if you well. You know we even have over three and a half million bacterial genes. In our system that we utilized. And we compare that to just 22000 human genes you know we actually utilize bacterial DNA far more than we do our own be it. And so it really becomes the central control mechanism far immune system are endocrine system controlling our hormone balance. I'm of course a digest of track and in our metabolism works. Our brain the gotten bring connection is extremely powerful so all of these disorders that we've been. The police searching in figuring out ways to to treat managing prevent. Seems like more more of them are starting in the gut. And why you think that is an out and I theory about the emotional experience that it's instant sounds what are we Y always why our country is so. Turned around upside down when their gut bacteria. You know that's that's a great question and and there are some real glaring clarity is their number one it's the environment that we live it. You know we are surrounded by. Over 80000. Chemicals. That the average consumer is exposed to on a regular basis. Most of them have never been tested in the human system you know we're talking about things slide doubt flame retardant and all the furniture. And the blues in the paint. And in all the coding and feelers and of course. Probably one of the biggest offenders of all of it like to say the weed killer which is ever. In minutes in all our it's on all our food is you know your neighbors using it in their yards. And ended penetrate everything in fact it's so bad now that they're finding like this faith in the cord blood of newborn baby. Listening Rainwater out and I want and that's just is kind enough to say it's. Ray won't be so I don't know how you light volume arguably best movers. In the best loser so economically growth to sleep. Florida. That's part of barman and and like us they cannot be washed off because it actually get into this cell structure of the plants which is how would actually inhibit the growth that we need to get it in Europe something publisher tomato. At play which is the biochemical pathways in the plant that's important for growth. And and that's how it interferes with the now the company that make it and promote it will always say it's safe for humans because humans are humans cells don't have this pathway. But the part that they're forgetting is that our microbes and I got have this pathway. You know I just did I talk and and ought to them a big autism conference yesterday and it showed this chart that compared the rise in prevalence of autism. Right next to the rise in the use of my life was saved on GM alcorn and soul right and it matches to a tee. Yeah you know there's no. In of this bill arguing that evidence that there's a direct correlation. Between the increased use of my life is saying and Ngo Mo corn and soy. To increase problems a lot of them. And it all comes down the gut it's messing up our gut bacteria. And you know was really sad and sorry let me just say one thing what these doctors are focusing just just don't know. And there's deals are folks in more room. Only environmental things to you I'm sure because what's happening is that we really need to educate people who who was going home. And and these doctors and that that into this field say is very hard to. Find something that of the talks opposites round. Drew tough you know your body somethings are muscle tone of this is really tough thing to. It to you when they really work in Beirut measure and all this you know it cost money and they so this research. Is they're doing also. And when you. I think replacing and I think this part you have this is is good we'll talk about that. But I mean I think I'm a detox doesn't hurt. If you if you do run. Absolutely out that'd be tough thing is important and one of the things that people forget during a detox program. Is supporting the detoxify. The that organ systems in the body that are responsible. For the detox thing mechanism that deliver the patriots in the gulf letter to some degree but mostly deliver on the think it is. You know and then the other problem with what he can't sing not incorrectly. Is not addressing leaky gut before you do it. In a leaky gut has become the number one cause of mortality and morbidity. The worldwide. That was according to a 2015. Published paper in the journal of immunology. And it was a review paper of all of this study. And they basically concluded that when you look at the number one killer in the western world especially being like. Heart disease diabetes cancer on the autoimmune disease osteoporosis. All of these things are driven by leaky gut. In on that that's from your ability your intestines. And the every time you each and every time you consume in the face. Toxins leaking in from your intestinal lining track. Into your blood system. That leaking at that end and don't talk ceemea and that inflammation is what's really driving every disease and like pesetas one of those things that cause we got. That's a technology comes back under the gun. So it becomes so important for us. To repair and restore the gut on a continual basis console that are detox system works better our immune system works better car and the credit him everything else seems to work better. So isn't enough how to get ahead of all of that. That that's a really really important question one of the things that was so people it. You know we we we should start by cleaning up our environment around us. And and in parts cleaning in some ways including getting a little bit dirty here one of the big. Also we have in the in the modernized world as we've created these huge barriers. Between Austin and nature in on would probably just natural dirt there's so much good stuff financial they're including bacteria. The goal Longley to shaping our immune system and are trying to micro bio which is a collection organisms that I got. That's one thing the other thing is. Getting rid of the chemicals are on the house so this study that showed that household use of chlorine based cleaners are Clorox based cleaners and kids who have a much higher incidence rate of viral infections and and also things like allergies asthma and things like that so that misconception. That we need to sterilize our home. It's really driving a lot of this comes as well so we don't need to sterilize our homes we did you know we just clean it up I look for the most part I used a bottle water with some essential element. And spread the surfaces down and wipe it off that's about it. I don't attempt to serve like that and then you know even having like a dog for example had a huge impact because they're inside out that animals they got outside they pick up all this great microbes and things from the outside world bring it into the house and that actually helps grow your Mike Bynum and helps support your immune system then the other thing is. Taking a really diplomatic. One that has a protective effect on the got. And that can go a long way to help it. So tell which one would you suggest real quickly. Upper problematic so we were quick to provide expert that's what I do all my research with amount micro biologist. One with just the rise if prob attic and that's one that you can get in any retail place. Or Magnus or by attic which is a position version of it but that was used to bite through your doctor. Can now export. Right we'll come from doctors your today and show. Julian I can definitely look into it. Yeah because it's a different approach can you tell us a little bit about the spore forming bacillus strain that you think that that is in these products task. Yes absolutely so you know do. What interest in what the provided industry is we really kind of developed a lot of products cut pay about 98% of the products have been developed prior to really understand what's going on in the gut. So we've really only come to understand the nature of the flora and how it's structured how it comes about and so on in the last about three to four years. And a lot of that this is something called human Michael Bynum project. That's basically. Focused on studying the floor. So now that we know what the floors like what we understand is that it's really hard to beat you before I would new strains of bacteria. And so what we'd. You focus on the list of reconditioning. Bacteria once they can get into the gut and change that got environment. So that it favors the growth of all the good bacteria. In the gut and suppresses the book a bad bacteria these should be conditioning microbes they act like the police of the gut if you well. And they are organisms that are found in in clean natural environment than dirt and rivers and streams and things like that but. We just don't get enough exposure to them anymore. So we took these and this spore forming bacteria put him in the product because what we found is that when you take them pixel by 100% through the gastric system. They get into the got and then they start to re conditioned it by. By lowering the PH they will actually directly get rid of the bad bacteria they feel what they've got we just completed a leaky gut the and then modulate the immune systems of the basically turned the environment around two restored to wage should be. Wonderful. So these these are available on. I'm not sure we have only the first tour and we'll check Google it if you wanna do your can get these two I'm sure yes mr. doctors. And. Yeah absolutely and the we that just lies part of this really marketed through. Independent health food stores and focus and then stores like vitamin shop. But we really focusing on the independent health food store because we find them in many communities. That's really the place where people go to get their health answers. You know they the owners of the stores the people who run the stores are very well educated. In the area of natural medicines and nutritional support. An and we think they've got health is so important that we wanna focus through those. An outlet so if it's not in your store which that we probably getting him in there but we we love that people go on by an independent hopefully source. Sure it will also we win mention where you have post treasure resurgent molecular biology. So used to it does somewhat. Absolutely I've been and as a Mike about it then and having but he molecular biologist I've been focusing. On people by addicts in the last about. Ten to twelve years that's been my primary focus. You know in the end being a Mike about this here's your focus here understanding at all about bacteria. Me and you know you've got a lot of different types of people and deciding pro by attic some bacteria but nobody knows better more like a Michael Bennett Mike about just says so. I was so far more into the bacteria before it was as popular as it is now and so I'm just glad that the awareness and increasing. Yeah I mean it's amazing how well what is that this whole field is really relatively new so you know I think this micro by am project really. Really brought our our understanding to a whole new level of micro bio right. Absolutely. You know here's an estimate that might that might really be hard to understand but it really is fascinating. When we look at the DNA that we utilized on a day to day basis to conduct everything that we do as a human you know I just walking. And talking. Metabolize food are immune system and all of these things said that require. That are required to be done in order to function as human. 99%. Of all of those reactions and processes. Are coded for by the DNA from the bacteria. From our own DNA. So in reality. All of these years that we've been studying medicine at setting the human body and we've only been looking at 1%. I've ourselves. You know that might combine them project has revealed. Clues into the other 99%. It's amazing can't you can't ask you a quick practical question we have two seconds so I've always. And I've always recommended patience you know like. Keep changing their pro plan not next supplement. Do you feel there's any value to that bomb or yet to tell tell me a little bit more about and. You can do general quickly. Yeah we've looked into that from a research perspective there's no scientific support for that now the reason a lot of people would recommend that is because they find that the probe by the perfect kind of dissipates after a little bit of time and so it helps to try other products. Now when you use are we conditioning back. Bacteria like sport you don't have to do that at all because what you're doing. It's changing the best environment so that all of the good bacteria have a chance to live we're not trying to reach concede they'll god would with other good back variable we're trying to do. It just changed the the environment so you really don't have to do that and and the most what does a scientific support for it. A lot of people just started doing it from a practical standpoint that I feel better when I tried different ones. Yeah I. Yeah you don't you won't have that with the spores. They recondition got all the good bacteria can survive and do well in the. Awesome thank you so much we do around what a pleasure her the only show we be more time pastime of time to rush through that and thinking come back. You would actually it didn't all right yeah. You have a great weekend thank you to yeah okay thank you think I'm gonna take a break from these other. You're listening to let's get healthy with bills whale presented by people's Austin's local holistic pharmacy fully back with more cutting edge news and health and wellness and a few minutes. We know us and trafficking via. Challenge. These continue with time saver drastic. Mornings and afternoons on top thirteen seven. Things are listening to let's get healthy the the bills well on top thirteen seventy rescue by the people's Austin's favorite pharmacy. Collins live five once you six point three lives that's 5126435483. Well welcome but we just have a feminist movement we won't cover something new Doctor Murray and companies. And doctors stricken. North south Austin were so worried that I can we show because I don't know how they can. As you can see yes so so online Austin nature around half thick. Dot com. Is the best way to reach us get rid. Whose talk let's talk about something national really excited about as you as you study it more Morrissey the results of the the key is resolves the safety and home. Right right so. I really want and talked account needs today to talk a little bit about my favorite subject because I have seen. It's such a powerful medicine and coming up its aid and I know just enough to refer to her because she's a master homeopathic. Physician. And it eat you do have to be very good at it to do it well and such love doctor companies to talk a little bit about it and about how powerful elements than it is. Yeah so I've been practicing for almost thirty years and prior to that I lived here two years old when you start. On 57 now. And and this is kind of funny little story I am so before I went to match a Catholic school I worked at a natural health clinic. And I was treated by a chiropractor who did constitutional. Homeopathy with me. And I experienced its power firsthand so I was very impressed by that so. I was preparing for not a Catholic school so I had to quit the natural health clinic and get a job as a waitress because I wanted just I wanted to make. And when it is save up some money for not about the school. So anyway at at the at the restaurant. And I began my practice. Chef. As a waitress yes as a waitress I would start to treat. These hung over her in you know very nasty cooks who are all grumpy from there there. Their hangovers and I would give them knocks Monica and it's like all of the sudden they would become knees. Very come on range cooperative people to work with and so I saw its power firsthand. In my first practice in a restaurant I figured I'd do that this great is happening so anyway that was your research that was like researching so that was where I began practice and so. Knee is so yeah so I use it everyone gets serenity in in in my practice about windows Obama is really can't think you don't summit is a common. Acute remedy the combine so let me just make a little distinction between acute homeopathy. And constitutional homeopathy. So many people might be. Familiar with acute heart using it for acute problems like coughs and colds and and an injuries so larnaca for example article Montana's a very available wherever they sell homey topics and and that's great for four you know. Common bumps and strains and sprains and injuries. So that's often people's first entry into homey on the feet. And so I do. What's called constitutional homeopathy also so that requires. If. Spending three hours with someone and really finding out about who they are as a person. Both physically. Mentally emotionally spiritually. So it really is a holistic. Approach and so. After this and so. You know and I and I give these like you know three little sugar pills right so how does that work how does that how is that possible right. Well it's possible because it's it's an energetic form of medicine is not a physical. Silicon herb or or or dietary changes its energetic so it affects the body from. From that unseen energy that we all know in feel exist but. We can't see right so in other words like it's a vibration so you're like a tuning fork when you. We knew we knew banging tuning fork on your hand and you hear news. So that's a vibration. So we as human beings. All how uncertain. Vibe Pretoria frequencies. And we knew Chris and we knew take a well prescribed constitutional. Homeopathic remedy. That those little sugar pills are holding. This via Pretoria frequency. And we take it in our bodies. And what it affects is our personal. Sum total of vibe Pretoria frequencies and it resonates with that. So it has like a sympathetic resonance with that and when not. Renny vibration matches with power by operation. It causes like a catalyst like Bob Boone. And act panelists then stimulates. Our own. Natural. Inmate healing response to heal and that means physically. That means emotionally mentally so we may feel all of a sudden have more confidence. Yeah and the 56 physical bodies he said it better left Sonia so a lot of it in an action expensive yes no side effects so it. And you're you're you've explained it so much better than most people I ever heard really so you have a great job. So. How can they reach your dude so in Boston nature of Catholic dot com okay. Doctor colonies in doctor Strickland. We just needed more time next and yeah. We give you thirty minutes to talk Yo-Yo to my rivals aren't. Folks go see him and travel real issues so. So it's a very powerful and very. Human evil thing okay. All right we're gonna evolve into the show for next week or this afternoon thanks for listening folks have a great great holiday we Kuhn. But he won't say in we will be back. Buying I'll say about it. Knows me. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy would deals wail on Austin's top thirteen seventy didn't again next week Saturdays from nine to 10 AM for more cutting edge health news and wellness information from people's Boston's favorite I. Pharmacy. But. And breaking news exclusive contests and more delivered right here rim not I like doing things doing the right choice club that talk thirteen seventy dot com and you'll be in the just go to talk thirteen seventy dot com and click on the right choice club from top thirteen seventy the right choice.