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Let's Get Healthy
Saturday, June 23rd
Let's Get Healthy, for June 23. Hosted by Brad Swail and Dr. Tess Strickland. Guests include Dr. Jamie Koufman, author of Acid Reflux in Children; Robyn Youkilis, author of Thin From Within; and Jennifer Williamson, author of Sleep Affirmations: 200 Phrases for a Deep and Peaceful Sleep.

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Welcome to let's get healthy and talked 1870. Perhaps you buy people's our bags Constance favorite pharmacy we're taking your calls live and by 26 foot three lives. I went 264354. And 830. Good morning and welcome to let's get healthy sponsored by people's RX Austin's their farms in. It's a beautiful day. I'm brats whale here with doctor Ted Strickland and morning Harry today and great Perry 02 and then. So we had a great show today. We have doctor Cheney Kaufman author of acid reflux in children. Robyn you kill us on at 930. Is author of spin from within. They go through no way to lose weight. And at 945 Jennifer Williamson who wrote a book called sleep affirmations 200 phrases for deep and peaceful sleep. So I think we got a really Atlanta today. And as Jim Huard but right before the show starting your tell me about. Liver disease yeah and now that's the number one. Is growing epidemic in this country even among children. But how does. How does have children so it's so I'm passionate about this right now because my mother has been diagnosed with fatty liver disease and that has made in distress a so it's a very serious disease and she never had any trying to. Oh yeah I it's bad bad. But what's coming out of it is I'm feeling very passionate about talking about it and getting people. Getting their livers healthy young owner and earlier before it's too late. And basically it's our diets are causing fatty liver even in children. The high fructose corn syrup that's in everything is very toxic to deliver all kinds of things. And if we catch it early enough it's completely reverse the ball instinct but if we wait too late it's not so. Superb passionate about. Talking about tennis any time you want you know PG kitchen child that you had because in early oh yeah it detention child it's it's really easier reverse if you catch it in an adult even it's. Now here so high fructose corn served as anything else people. How were obviously out called yeah. Yeah but actually the group that. Via epidemic is actually not among alcohol and to use her assists as it's in fatty liver non alcoholic. Wow on fatty liver so yeah it's just our diet it's our. High fat high sugar diet it is our and I mean fat with Sugar Ray I'm not saying fat is bad it's without venture together. And it's as one of my biggest peeves is when people. Still think that fat is yeah. The corporate know it's the calm though it's not real high sugar shack com else. Yeah we should do show about that one let's do it for Sharpton and okay well I think we have on the line doctor Jeanine Kaufman. Doctor company ample. My hand good morning cast Brad good to be with here. In morning re think your being and you are the author of acid reflux in children how health. How healthy eating can fix your child's asthma allergies or obesity nasal congestion costs and crew. I am and I hit my understanding is that your also. It acid reflux and that that's for the passion of yours that you've done a lot of work on. Well in this in this senate before it's over a series of books in this completes the series. Loud hum of the first book dropping acid this same wants to Google made just Google dropping asset and you're trying make. Dropping out who was the first book that says diet and lifestyle as high as six facets racial. Well we're chronic cough and big men came along because a chronic cost is an extremely. Are common sentiment both children. And adults anything more than four weeks this car costs. And I wrote a third book doctor cotton that should reach what's diet which is huge. Well really how do you do transition maintenance and people wanted to be getting include Trace who retired in there and finally acid reflux in children. So look for books really are series that carver. Really the lion's share of my medical practice and my work. Which this new term respiratory reflux. And so many repeat defiant map and we can talk please I'm. When you see on television most dads were we short treatments. They talk about hard earned. Yeah heartburn is not a symptom you see in children at all. But it turned out that heartburn and indigestion. Only account for about a successful people would read fox. And so more often than heartburn. It's. Chronic throat clearing too much growth mucus nasal congestion. Coarseness difficulty swallowing. All lump in the throat. Quote allergies then quote asthma in quotes also. A whole host of breeding problem shocking episodes. End up finally actual science these. And lung disease. And so when you have assets. Reports from the stomach come all the way up into the throat. That's sort of like Grand Central station. So that I can end up any ears nose sinus serious. And even to voice box and longs as some hard practices predominantly people are respiratory problems. There related serene fox. And that gets me to children. When I was a kid I had an ear infection and don't forget it it was the most painful thing I ever had. BJP came at about 5 o'clock on Saturday. I was canned by the pain under the dining room table as a four year old. And didn't even examined me just pull down my pants gave me your shocked tennis talent left and within thirty minutes at the end or shall relate. But today. Almost all of our children are born held say. And by age true they all have quote do need is saying quote they've got nasal congestion cold if all goes well. They've got out and they better allies usually bet they've bass sound course they're coughing that is full of mucus. And so this gets back to the whole question or that you were raising. Which is so basically it's about our diet. If you think so how prevalent is acid reflux in children out. There was no way to know known known because they're truly answer the question NS. Arm for every. Treat children that are diagnosed as having asthma. Two of them have reflux and don't have let's focus on national percent. Thousand it is. Well over diagnosed the sooner about fifty billion dollars a year. And that includes children and adults. How small. Occurs. When this construction. The big breathing tube Oceanside. Long so it's not it's not something that happens in the stroke. And we were bad that people have trouble breathing out here have a prolonged. Experts storage days. And so we eating I can't imitate it very well as. I can't do. So it's but if you have trouble breathing and the three fox. And so we know from our experience and we talked to our patients do you have more. When you have an asthma attack give more trouble getting your inner out that the vast majority of people say in. Which means that diagnosis of nationalism misdiagnosis. And violate the same is true realities that. The chronic Milken US general that. We find two out afraid of our patients who come and say they have allergies really had reflux and there. So is this a is it because I guess your stomach acid and again tax goes up and tear. And your throat. And it's just so acidic it is doing physical damage to the. It is. But you know here here here here's the funny part here comes uncharted. An and all all of this has changed over time it's changed in America. In terms of our diet and lifestyle so it's not just that diet. And when I talk about lifestyle. What I'm saying. Is. That the number one risk factor. Shareef fox an assignment reflux occurs tonight why asleep and then you wake up during the day coughing and hoarse. The number one risk factors for reflux is it eating late. And so I'm quick quick anecdote. Woman worked in my office has a seven year old child had terrible asthma. I get a text message I'm gonna be out late to work this morning we were any emergency room last night with my child's asthma. So I question her about her. Feeding habits. She was giving her child ice cream and chocolate milk before him before before bet. And so I can I conveyed to her and she was going to stop. Bedtime snacks meaning had dinner and dessert and whatever bad television homework and then bed. For a child at least an hour and a half trip to. And not having a snack before bed and lo and behold. Guess what went away the asthma. I'm surprised that they kiddies want to sleepless eyes gonna drop them over and format. Generally people would give your kids bedtime snack. Now sure I'm I know this and that some people that like an apple just follow on the baby's crib and I'm in. IIA I can't imagine how bananas sugar and then being restful. Well first of all him the American academy of pediatrics has come let's small children shouldn't have juice at all. Stand down medium sized children should have less than four ounces a day four ounces or less. When I'm not only is their sugar is high acid contact which has to do with the fact that the same message. Level or stomach acid. In and most things that are ball because social law. That's why he won the last time your heard about someone saying they they got sick will be caught from drinking. You know sort of pop and the answer is they have the same vicinity. Islamic gas at roughly PH. But for me. To kill bacteria. And so for that reason that's another reason why juices and help each trip. That could give it in the bottle with a child going to bat that's the worst of all possible combination. Count so you recommend drinking alkaline water instead. Can you expand on that. First of all. I when I I have a problem Mark Harmon lecture airliner and in my grandchildren would com. Andrew gonna have you know out swim of a cook out my daughter in law would say or do me at every stop and get two boxes you see Jews and a gallon melt. And that ship has sales yeah when we're in my grandchildren arrive and I have a ton of long. Palmdale I'll take one of those big huge plastic cups they put their initials on it they go to the ice maker. And they get water and we go to sit down at a table. Debate pitcher of water you are gargantuan pitcher of water. Armed adults have to handle. And so. Water at the beverage of choice if you if you wanna have a healthy child. And and you really gotta get that all that well or ultra short they were carbonated know all the soft drinks including Jews at a house. On the special occasions really feel that kind of stuff. But. The what the whole question. Of alkaline water. Is even more complicated and I'll explain this as best I can't. When you have read flocks. Not only did ass it come up out of this stock. But an enzyme called taps and instructions are very very powerful and sound. Absent destroys tissue. When you have reflux caption. Which I imagine. It's like a lobster hanging on cheers voiced fox terrier. Armed sign insert your nose you're sure that that that molecules stays there. And the thing about corruption just activated by assets. When you drink something ascetic all the cuts and molecules go right on munching their happily doing so even went out more re. However. Alkaline water now cornered means the opposite of assets so it has a hard PH. Now grown water actually killed the pets and molecule. In the laboratory we've shown the potential molecules sky. It's PH eight or higher. And therefore drinking now on water actually therapeutic. There's also data. When water is good for other systems it's good for bone discussion prostate. No more experiments or alkaline diet slows down tumor growth rates. And so we see no downside in drinking alkaline water. Other than the fact that if you're you're buying it followed by all the expense involved. Yeah I think Kim also is now actually has there. Big water dispensary Phillip or water bottles they have a alkaline but you can push that I think the PH is up to almost ten. Well that's a great team by about a gallon for things 99 cents a gallon. That's fantastic outfits and I didn't know that. I gave a charming. You know I'm I'm happy to help thank you meet me yeah. So. There's a lot of foods that contain sugar them it would is especially in kids guys nowadays so what is the what's the issue what rolled to sugar plant all of us. Well here's the deal sure if it's if it's sugar addiction. So that child who child wants snacks that sharper and of course the food industry knows. That we like sugar and fat and salt and over the course of the last two generations. The quality of our food has declined tremendously. Combat and I heard you talking about this before I came on and you couldn't be more spot on. But I think the problem is sure rejection. But the shorter is like a Trojan horse in all along which is shorter comes at times fat. And so the combination of both of those things lead to obesity. Coronary you know what seems heart disease control yeah. And of course it's taking its bid taking that chance at a snack foods down by next year finally. But it even so. If you look at. You know dairy and meat particularly B I mean it's it's trans fat. So. The all of snack foods bread bread is changed now lifetimes. I've been quite seen that index you sort of the shorter conversion. For sure virtually a year out of up. Sure Ruble rose 59 breaded 72. So when you read a lot of Brad Americans like bread for directors spreadsheet this you know it's just treacherous next well these are bred. And and so are too much spread too much bread products smacks. The so it's a combination of these shorter lots of sugar sugar addiction. And patent so sugar addicted children are big problem and get obese. And they get asked Manning gets and his problem than a year Cooper got course lesson yet every time. Now constantly and I just diet doctor Kaufman that when I was in medical school. I had a patient. And we were getting ready to diagnosed them with CO PD you know breeding problems and our supervisor doctor who's a very. You know. Jerry why is doctor came innocent hold on a second and did just the test you're talking about how to read and how to read out. And said I think this guy has acid reflux. And so we treat wow and lo and behold it went away so of course that really stuck in me right I was very young. Intern. This is very important that's a very important observation that was married. Yes and so I'm wondering. You know how many medical students are learning and how many aren't and and it is your book I mean that's what I'm wondering as you're not going to be one of the ways that we actually have a little bit of you know we have something to hand to pay a cent and say. Even though most people don't consider this diagnosis. Is what I think and here here's your book. You know read up on it I think it's fantastic it's usually I'm having to explain this to people. And it's so outside of from the norm that they don't always believe me. You know it's funny Cairo when I wrote this book error with two really terrific pediatric people. And as we were discussing here are some of its contents. I decided to what I what I did as I brought my grandchildren together. And I so I want I have a discussion here about digestion and acid reflux and so. In this book is actually or read fox. Does express. A conversation. That kid friendly you can explain what digestion is reflux and and then what are the risks factors and maybe we should stop having fast food quite so many times a week and so on. But you know the problem is that. News there are two groups of people in this country now people who are very concerned. About a relationship and I didn't disease in people don't even know yet. But most of the diseases that occur. The chronic diseases are diet related. When I was a kid we didn't have obesity you mean like to assist on obese guy we didn't have diabetes says un wants non Lipitor. Well we didn't have asthma like this we didn't have sinus we didn't have allergies. And so the a coat reflux esophageal cancer. CO PD I mean all of these respiratory diseases. Sleep apnea mean that you've gone now Nicholas that would take ten minutes and they're all really the same. Epidemic. And what's happened is that that this food is gotten worse and worse people of one billion billion this year that are reading lower quality. Higher satire sugar higher salt. All wars quality fast food often. Not he had good breakfast or lunch and then the big refueling meals city's name ominous name reflux all night. The so they don't have heartburn but they have all these respiratory diseases. And we are talking here about. Why health care in America is expensive. To flee if we could convince more people. That eating healthy is the way to go for you for your family fears chiles. And in fact if doctors you don't you know doctors get no training and nutrition I mean not is not an hour. I mean church has not on the curriculum. Annoying about difficulty breathing in and out most long doctors don't know that yeah so the curriculum and medical schools now. Arms seemed to be. Are completely overlooking the underlying cause which is. Well what we wanted to leave it and it's it's a big problem. I hear you know me I mean. Our goal line lecturer and people that send button terms an actual. I'm changing practice. I mean it's really no 111. Physician at a time. On the it's been a slow. And somewhat frustrating process that we've not got greater. Compliance with physicians and meanwhile the book is that the patients. Is not gonna spend an hour with the doctor. And the mother so the doctor can say let's and I think there may be a dietary component. Com your child may have reflux or kids don't have colts you know two years and they're continuously. While that you read this book. And I think that's all. I mean it's we we appreciate the book him the work you do or running up on a break here. And so on and make sure that we get the title look out acid reflux in children how healthy eating can fix your child's asthma allergies obesity nasal congestion coughing group. Is the best place to buy that on Amazon. They can get it it did there aren't in ovals. A better idea Amazon has the most people do these fate our our Barnes and Noble's as a site. Barnes & Noble stores and Amazon if you Google. Dropping ask senator Jamie Kaufman. Mom or dropping out or acid reflux control and they're all gonna come off. Take your word for that if you Google dropping acid gonna. Yeah dropping out so I come up first you kidding me a hand. Well doctor Kauffman we really appreciate you coming on I'm lots of great information and with kids myself I'm definitely have to be. Looking mourn to this book and you know acid reflux. Thank you thank you very thank thank you sir we appreciate it. All right map so those are confident coming up next we have this. Misty kill us coming on to talk about. We lost thinner and within than from my son so this is let's get healthy sponsored by people's RX Boston's favorite pharmacy. More cutting edge health information just around the corner. You're listing to let's get healthy with peoples are next on tucked 1870. We'll be right back. The right choice for breaking news first talk thirteen seventy. So right so I. You're listening to let's get healthy with people's RX com. In favor of pharmacy and got 1870. Health question call us now at 52643. Lives. All right. And welcome back to let's get healthy sponsored by people's RX Boston's favor pharmacy and our next guest is. This Robin you Hollis author of than from within the deal with your gut wiggle his way. Mr. Garcia and. I'm here I am I pronouncing your litany right. If you color Youkilis look at it being like hey day almost you bella. Youkilis I so thank you for being here. You wrote a book called them within the go with your gut way to lose weight. Continue let's start with just also battled. Yeah no. I root my effort but the couple years ethical code here I didn't at all about if the microphone I you know men how. We need to clean up our got to be in here more does gut instinct right we all kind of floating and that he had so many decisions when it comes our food and our lives that I believe that all our our bellies. And after that looking not a I mean they'd be back at a gaelic people really love that and loved connecting Jardine at Ali you. And mark but what people are creed dean was a week lots like a plant something that felt really Spain. And really support it at all so I'll terrorists. Our thought carmaker by him so. At birth. And from within and inside that I talk a lot about you'll crack could they really believe how are getting. Back in your kitchen heal your body and they match and all that underneath the hole wild across that. And then what are some of those. I'm story we Heller tells about her body and her weight that eat could split up their act for example. So an inability of the good debt rule five. What five things. Two to put on your plate at every meal can you. Gives a couple of those are maybe. Absolutely put my my ankle with about it murder reader to feel embarrassed and not surprised. And he'll pay fire suit a lot of like community in my client back like you know we we have his finger like you had a little light salad for lunch in the electric one of the diet or are quite. When that happened and I anchored by reader duty I'll put it make sure that they're putting and not other they like greeted the two weeks. You cover your no matter what you got caught up so pretty electric powered by night it give you a nice way to think OK am I getting on my background and my great street an anthem that gut feeling that. The rule I had it. Green lipped out there rock greens cooked greens whatever we're back Rio on some protein healthy thirteen what they're begin our Carner or great healthy back. That act of avocados olive oil not. Eat I'd like you considered that and eat a back rather that are low because beaches and B I followed him out or how they. And then also like to wildcard there and act on it a herb and it. And I talked a lot out got help in or seen her like I don't wanna be replenishing the good gut bacteria in our value and bill wanted to badly you got it to have. And it broke my attic rich. Arab crowds and other fermented it's like you made income boots. At the door things like that ad in a lot of the good acrobatic. And then we'll work well in it a cult paths to bulk. Art I can't that the thunder actually order it really respond well to warm food you'd reached cute. And though adding in a cook Allen won't really yield much are grounded in our body but also guilt much are nursing and you're likely to be much parked at a I. Actually eat according to the role I played quite didn't make that up and then back at like at. JP pop up for example and I think it will buy it from different anchor you know element that the Molly got to keep that or let it get you a good way to think about OK am I eating my body in a late eating late belly enough. And then what happens from that it yeah and snacking land. He'll mark that side and your body come into balance much more easily. That's great. So. The book is described as part coaching guide impart cookbook. That helps readers optimize their digestion and shed physical and emotional weight for good. So the emotional parts pretty interesting. It. Years. They guess it's he knew tells more about that how does that diet help with the emotional part or was the co how do you coach people through that with a book. You're not so I literally you know my own body he loved image issued all of that Ethiopia called my pocket aerial tired Eric like my job or. Professional Dieter I agree. And even though I box is the cool wait. I never felt at her I never look in the nearer and that I know I knew there I'd Iraq. There is always more we polluted and never felt happy in my body. And what I realized why it. I would carrying around it has nothing to do with the physical we got a caring actually had much more to do with a emotional weight I was carrying around. From what I mean by that it like it weighing you down. And that can be your job can be a relationship the beach you know how happy you are in your hate it daylight. And let me take a look at act of emotional wage and start Q how among comfortable conquered the entered. You're elk hair or explored without help or older a little bit more and went to that inner intuition that guiding us. We can shed some of that emotional way. And we start to release that. Hyping yet that Wayne act out back and finally feel that lightness in our bodies that we've been a four on the L. So he had this and de dieting can be really exciting days and sets. Yeah I know I'm only likes that I'm. That's great and in finding a way that people can. To sort of it becomes the way they eat and let instead as a diet that they're doing. That's. Exactly exactly and it did this secret and all of that he is taking care aired by her Iowa when you're. Giving in beating your belly in your identity is done and healthy he died after that they bring you it helps you actually feel batter and then feel good by the way that I. Sharing in that has worked for me and out of the like eat eat eat as well. Prayed and I see also the Q you know you talk about healthy foods that are secretly sabotage thing in your digestion and your wage. Can you talk to us a little bit about that. He had no you know it's wonderful that. Helping the trend right or seen it more and the market is our options available. But if you're a look at peppers and the digested issues like. A lot of loading our act that REIT luck or. You know you just don't. You look good in your body about he'll appear not whooping every day you know we want to be going to let that day at the time our efforts are about on radio on business. But you know we want you eat feeling good and our bodies and sometimes but he's healthy at just look at the derby work. For everybody belly for example rock salad. Typically touted as you know unlocked adding that ballot I help each day but a lot of people have a hard trying to get it all back piper at one. So again after my third focused on them or cut back to old eating cooked green to work they could not nrgreen. He a wonderful super duty but. It it again can be hard for people to die gap there that cheating and that caught app and protect that creole. I allowed it might grow and I didn't hit the iron and deterred. How are eating it. And so imagine if your belly it in that it might have a hard time breaking act out. The current need for example might I get that the is coming along beautifully I'd feel good my body not getting loaded after you eat but I can have a great Mikey box but somebody out like and that may be suffering from. Loading a belly issues you might want L experiment with eliminating key rob or Oki that help they are they kept the ball as well. Learned about other food you know you got. That hey I really encourage people go what they're got great aim an expert but if the tagline my second thought. That really take a moment yet quiet and actor felt we did feel good or would it feel support. And Dirk has he went after you here and try each week is exactly more. So I'm done with summer coming out. There's going to be a lot of people traveling on the beach and see Sam lane vacations to think that would give me suggestions for people. And I digestion when they go on vacation I know I'm on vacation things get. I mean I feel like I mean the same foods mostly something happens then there. And a laugh yeah yeah exactly something we need to like. Take it up but not seem to be mindful of the birthday and we neighbor or your going to be in trouble planned public convert Asian what you're all about how we're going to go. Are you going to indulge more longer even radio waves or. You know for me the time I go to the I love Florida and their early I I give myself one guy like a it was a car. Well into knocking at the cookie when Abbott and it would ever come it feels good army but I'd get half that there. Back and I feel good because at a plant occurred on an infuriated and it didn't hit from inside the I lived here at other times like on vacation and they know what. And a half whatever no big deal but I'd bring it mother crap that thought had three to mount the water. With Glenn and first thing in the morning. While I am flashlight again that this dumped I'll kind of with the greens as much as I Cochran bleach hand all should I do completely. Apart following on the big cheerleader at U wings. Because no matter where you are what food you can find. That's the way you're absolutely and I figured I get that that he'll look about eat at you a few times while our food practically call. That put a lot of work our valleys are tallied actually a big job for they don't want responsible beer how. For how. Nutrition that your goal to extract from the food that your. Junior that completely ideally get it totally played or are you can he get of course Colleen it aptly gonna help you on vacation at. Accord can help you when your called Q but I'd like that one because. They don't have the we're not control a carpet right and we want to enjoy a nice restaurant they're each. You know food that they are notified it that it kind of to complete the how well you out. Okay I get that the architect. And yes it's become uncomfortable at earth are going to be the last one. Eating make your friends and family nineties view by riot if you don't get a couple of feet and feet vetoed the different deep. My friends of Stanley he's meaningless though that's not because I am going to go out there weren't that great. Oh yeah. So government. Real quick and I can elect to the linen in the water first thing in the morning you know I've heard that advice a lot from different people for different things. How does that fit in with your buck. And Oprah got hydration first thing in the morning. I talked early about who a lot of a couple of apple being we wanna be tripping regularly with an hour we keep up before our coffee on a rely. -- England for that but off and we needed a little at a bar no fear but further only age but if you're at a big you know your hoop as a boat it. Loads without a river. And doesn't. Plus you'll never look at it now. Now lacking without water is going to help that happened actually on itself and adding a landed it a couple response. Technically I typically speaking on it does it. Does not agree with Al collide they helped restore your body he helped. I did get it here digested got to keep it got to wait in line over there at its trying to break through and help your body breakthrough that actually the name read twilight. Recommending an eleven hour water coming back at emotional component at a emotional week. You know like you're doing something good for your well and sometimes that's just as doctors are now back at the board actually animal or that. That's great so. We are right up on a break here oh let me plug the book again send from within the go with your gut way to lose weight amnesty calls is the best way to get them names on. Yes there actually right now it sold out on Amazon. So we're looking at right now it has fired 66 reviews and all of them five starts. Yeah and yeah people aren't Bonnie really about that it be so happy the respite either illicit Al look look but I right. Abruptly the beat up booty I love cooking and eating a lot spirit I just wanna help you enjoy it are at a joint. In your body that your whole lot more. You know what I recommend for rate now at people go to Q what they called indeed talent to IE and there you can support your local bookstore that have a copy or you or you don't your local RL bowler Andy other. Local bookstore and they they all had eight at the copy of the could be out Erica greatly that the cricket local bookshop. And expect to be back on Amazon a couple of feet right. So support level is always greeted by so we had that. I would think he's much for joining us as your golf swing. You're welcome thank you aren't grabbing me it appeared that thank you thinking you. Iran and I don't. So you are listening to let's get healthy. Talked about people's RX Boston's favor of pharmacy on talk thirteen seventy will be back with Jennifer Williamson to talk about sleep affirmations. Don't go anywhere mark let's get healthy with peoples are actually coming up. After these messages. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere you all know radio talk how. Check your phone's App Store or visit told thirteen seventy dot com slash out. You're listening to let's get healthy with the people's I had. In favor of pharmacy top 1817. The question call us now at 52643. Lies. And welcome back you let's get healthy. Sponsored by peoples are so awesome service pharmacy on talk thirteen 70 AM. So our last guest star misty because she actually introduced us to news that lets say Indy downs dot org and I was talking with doctor Strickland is now that we should plug that a little bit more because it helps. You can find books at local stores yeah. That's carrying on an Amazon as wonderful and I certainly he's enough but. You know try to support the local stores. So our next guest. Is. Jennifer Williamson author of sleep affirmations 200 traces Retief and peaceful sleep. The swing interning there. Yeah great these are coming on harried and Arnie great Ariel the wonderful. You know good. I'm just happy to be Garrett at the best funded my name. It's great all Almonte and his hearing itself. At Brigham. So you wrote the book sleep affirmations. Tells salute a little bit about that. More corn. So I think that not humans can currently under and part of the car can be I'll sleep in late. None of my nephew love affair com. Ignite your depression and more of chronic pain and it's not me. You know when you go to bad at it packet client number one thought ma and pop up and I'm not so helpful pot for the so. Don't like it does not happen when I'm. In the middle of the day when I have time to think about. Alia and I know that is not the track and he Latin you know to get away from tha Carter as wonderful compared. It's just the mom beautiful little puck into prior bad side EN eight at Howell. I'm positive free Tibet and we keep Brad. At a forum gear you're basically can't get peed in your in your mind in more iriki anti McGwire it. Work its way here since then kind of become more client to the end in my likely you're able to call from her. When you look at yet so at night and I'm afraid it came. My own personal and charity oh. That's basically route learning confirmed that conflicts of healing sort of a lot of different feedback I'm thrilled style. On the island just about sleep well it's about. Especially intrigued the only income people who come. Recovering from trauma or more and hearing aren't on the glass emotional pain so you kind of forget workflow and Cha he's from grandparent. On gratitude. And our post and that. Can really help you if friend tee it up for other than an enemy you're off at night. Yeah we are an. That's really sometimes I feel like my brain is definitely made my enemy that's at that point then says yeah. It yeah pointless doesn't it can to certainly wait till tomorrow but it's and stop. So I it's I've seen the book and it it's great it really is it's beautiful book. And it's as 200 phrases for a deep and peaceful sleep how do you recommend people use this book is sleep is so important and if you're suffering from. Sleep problems and that's one of the best things he can do to help turn around your health. How people Jesus but for that. So you can only if I ran out on the became a yen. Well I think and it's a credit to be a good experience so if you read one parent night. And you know page one of them pitched here and and fell on site a lot of people like to connect to the random paint can kind of struck back. I won the environmental and I'm planning to. Element of the you know fun and excitement of the conference of leading by it and I recommend reading on how nice it is. So it's a really. Focused on that one group edge and read through it about him which I'm a couple of minutes of that and because that. I wrote them specifically to read like poetry so there's room for. Your imagination and then room for interpretation so. Depending on what you're gone through that day each message heard. I'm learning to appreciate. Where you're so focused and I for a few minutes allowed you to really pick up on. Not just how. AdAware and found my country that they feel they can't. You know on you can I ignore her specific experiences of that day to that math and so I'm really getting your upper big enjoy it. And running so contemplate it and then when you go and cut back about five. And you're fine asleep in the code your irons and just continuing to grandma. The whereas they're afraid that really. I'm spoke to him and ultimately patient. Yeah I hacks like even much at a medication just. Eric I'm and I wanted to get you some things are just. I'm compassionate I bring up if that you what you remember and enjoy smoke from last night everything that night. Sound I love this you know I had. My husband rarely ever goes out of town but when he does it's so quiet and I find myself you know thinking creepy things. And I love the five of just having Cindy right there that I can put my mind on and and then keep you know going at snow it's very timely but does happen and I'm thinking I need that black ice I think for women in particular who kill little unconscionable and I aid. Eat alone I think his fantastic to give our minds something else tipped the thing about into the sea islands then go to sleep Tim. Yeah and that's an important issue is that it's really an empty deck born anywhere between. A lot of crime and and then you don't one of the application and can't even I'm not the other aspect of one of on and about being in the moment you hand it. It's holistic. View of yourself and I'm you know mental emotional pentagon what's gone on EQ you irons so at lake. Just really trying to be a trend here about again it's. I think that perspective shift technique have two different and I intend to end and my content around you know. I so let's win some more countries into the show I want to thank you for coming on I'll plug the book the end sleep affirmations 200 phrases for a deep and peaceful sleep. And I actually I gave copies of my sister and she loved I'm looking at the reviews he has five star review is. Let's call them a five star another great book turns out. And I guess this website Indian downed dot org to find local stores and it is. Numb all over Austin so may eat we're happy on. And some tea I really appreciate yes absolutely think he's going out. Car companies. Have a very easy you guys thank you thank you know that I. So. That was Jennifer Williamson author asleep affirmations. So many plug some events here for people's pharmacy. At the people's wellness and turn north. And we are is all about that today we hear all about as bad day on Monday June 25 at 7 PM that's this coming Monday and an IDS. Got inflammation and deal. Witches and now he's I'd buy did not play them song great who's doing his game at home Amy Nelson. Indeed natural gas and that's our that's our real counts we go to guy at first he and so ear natural pass I am. What's it was it was a natural cost well. For so I IC Nash got exposition and tell us how people can find you. Sure and I'm not static position and that means I I went. The route of care and medical school there's also lay people who call themselves natural pass and we both do good work that there isn't a slight difference. And they can find me at Strickland actor Patrick dot org or Strickland not a Catholic weight loss stop work. And interestingly enough what to Robin and you Kallis does with her books and from within as a lot of what I do for weight loss so. I think the book is great to grab and then come see me if you need extra support because this is pretty much. How my program works we work with the emotions we work with the gut you know we make it easy. To get good weight management by making yourself really healthy and emotionally really resilient. An emotional part I think is just ask such a huge party and people ignore. And they go out may you know big guy he's crazy diets and they never actually addressed the the problems from within yup and it did just sort of sets them up for failure. Right and that's just over and over again we lost that game we lost they gain and usually not with a very good method so they're getting. More unhealthy as they do this year Ewing rather than getting healthier so this is why I. It began my practice of focusing on weight loss that people it was to again another option. To really get healthy while you lose weight and stop the yelling and it's really solid and on and now with my passion for liver. I think that's such a huge population of people who are obese and also have liver disease and don't even know it. And so we really interest as well. Well that's great answer to people contact you. So the best ways is to get on. At the website has you can see my phone number and everything Strickland after Catholic dot org or Strickland. Natural Catholic weight loss dot board. And I'm doctor Strickland Ted Strickland signals just put my name up. Right at the. So again that events is I BS got inflammation and you if you if questions you can call. He. People's pharmacy there at 512. 2198600. Or you can email PWC. North at people's RX dot com. So people are acts of great local pharmacy here. Match a pass on staff now lots of great wellness products. The pharmacist really care they come down they consult with he would give prescription. Great Delhi's. And there's locations control. Up across from the central market on north tomorrow Westlake crossed my high school south. Next to be in Myanmar and then way up north at six twin 183 apparitions there way up in the last north anymore and in growing up in some frost ends that are I guess we east. If our north and is really I mean I'm back if it's passed all foods is the fact that I try not to go. This was to get used to it yet it is and I mean I even drove up to liberty hill. The other day and then and then. It is like on the other you just go it's like how many chilies can you count on the way out. On the further north you go that's right well that's why it's good to get they had deauth. The out abstaining. Great well we're coming at present the show and we appreciate you tuning in and listening this is let's get healthy. With Pete sponsored by people's RX Austin's good reforms on talk thirteen Sony we are here every Saturday from nine to ten. And we have it's authors health guest I guess always I'm not great health stuff for you sound so to an end. Next week and we appreciate you joining. Think it's been great. Yes thank you. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy with peoples are next on talk thirteen seventy. Tune in again next Saturday night for another hour. 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