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Let's Get Healthy
Saturday, August 12th

Let's Get Healthy with Bill Swail, for August 12.


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Take a talk with you anywhere we'd be on the news talk thirteen seventy app was your favorite shows keep up with the latest breaking news and our search for top thirteen seventy in the App Store or find the links at top thirteen seventy dot com it's anywhere need sock thirteen seventy right choice. It's now time for let's get healthy with bills Whalen sock thirteen seventy he's taking your calls live at 512643. Life that's 5126435483. And now here's mills wailed. Good morning everybody good morning what a great feel more write this. Won't be a great day because in the process. There. I. And we're swear myself rate which tumbled to some nervous or afraid of the senate isn't the shift and it's crazy. Alan again office not close as possible and get in this until I just before I burn as your digit we define possible. It depends upon what the neighborhood will freak out about with a laugh but I got these itty bitty bikini. Ticket if you look at it now we show we're here folks there's ladies in your sixties with. A the issue of the good bikini eighteen so I'm looking better and better all the time every year. It's true the well I used to use his diet and take years I do take really good care of myself. Do you know good partner in life right now Compaq. These can be that. Life is Ed. Slot you know wonder if we have a loan we don't rule about lying around here I'm. Does not get. Because I think we had this. As the opinions expressed by others people on the show or not this or those who think. Of the station if you heard that before we yes yes and. And then that was your opinion yes well at least anybody can say this together kind of feel the energy it's already donated. Oil in in a funeral and. This is true of the pain and well you know we we have fun because. There's a salary range right because our wings. Is taken and so let me take yourself lighting pretty soon you really fun. We're in the third floors to be careful not to. Petitioner would not have and a as he delivered our guest. Well good morning. Ron who wanted her. Why why I'm sorry. A lot of round any runs the monotony probably doesn't that's lovely spring and it's an India or learn. Yeah and German but in 1980 else happening in India and it's I had the teacher who gave me that name is that means it's. It's kind of flattened like a good minute sitcom plot that means something make you proud. Lean. Well I tell you you're pictures look very healthy you're very healthy person. Yeah I will say that it a lot of us from you know good diet and meditation. And living right would you say that. He's do you think that if half the country would practice which you preach our health insurance. Are sick insurance for we have basically. We've really come down wouldn't. Well in you know it right and that because I won't like the more quickly China have all. Include. And only a lineup indigent to have to get that because I didn't start out that way. Well you know it's sensing a lot of have a grandson. There's ACC. Which is. Corpus clothing home. Where the brownies don't. Don't connect very well when you and so I think he's going to be a very special. Loving child and adult. They do a lot of my questions if that's the same thing so. Yeah and by the way you're in the. I'm an end yeah Emma and yeah in Germany and I'm net clinic at tech columnist psychotherapist. Meditation teach. And in America I came in 1985. Of the state. So you you don't. You you you regard the combination of western psychology. With the eastern practices and so all in all yeah it is highly effective in the. Yeah and that's why I think these people want. That sent people. Okay in this country we have a real drug problem. Yeah and we know why they you know we know. Stars in when I was certain you gonna pay medications that they can get off. So do you think the meditation would be a similar an answer to that this is people learn how to meditate. You people that. Yeah they match yeah I do you know I think. That Mickey what we saw how cold while many lead them Biden and it would give people you know. And auto the black clobbered in the awful. And how many keeping people aren't content why are they are in Hayden and they content that. Well they want to do some trying to get my head up and it's very quickly. And in and leave a press and has. And meditation plaque at her they can you good in that top. Who. Wore our. You know wave. I wouldn't say. Who despite all of my needs and people can bet bill eruption in which had allowing gay men and I'm now. And they can build up some warm into acting notes that is not what the patent on what's going on there and outside well. And I I patent. You. Having the capacity to hear comfort. And I hadn't thought brackets and I don't went out gives them another way to the goal line and then going. To block. And third and prepared body bitch and I made quick as many Haitians. You know. To beat what layout. Yeah not corrupt nation's on the line. Mean. Aaron what can he did anything I want well. What kind of like a book about south compassion should who. What and urged to go to the plot led him to dot com top. Would they console Othman called for quick it odd that popped into about a mile before they can't he wolf thank. And so would increase apple madness and won't increase and apparently meant to warn them out. Or they can not swamped with its content. Bad bad that they won't be able to do something out. I can meditating for like fifty years now and with so many. Are so many different techniques. And I was wondering if you mind. Want to share a little bit about what. Makes your process unique. And may be a little window in. In the sense that people can get a sense that. How to do this self compassion thing or how to recognize that. Loan. Okay patent that will be fine I have. I bought into that pool just talk I don't buy at all what it glad to do out by Linda talked a lot. But too many attractive. We can do that you know sure Uga after driving ocean after closure on be careful. It and pull over to decide whether or even by the Wear the blue UP your book is hard work. The path of self compassion self compassion. Institutions to term or compassion because you we have compassion for yourself. Is to look yourself can chip. And that's a good start. And in the real needing the pumps there. Suddenly last won't stop by. To hop winning meant to keep your outlet and wants friendship. What goes bankrupt auto and let them and I'd let that name. Would have added a walk. And and let me so let me add that to prop them up making news sports ala south. It caught in the ad ought ballots found it just merely. The key ally and a team. It kind not. Act. Yeah he's become just pitch up that the bat well what I want count. All right so if he had only a shortly and that takes awhile. You know make peace with all of south. Come to save up and up that name and Thailand. And friendship. Then there is welcome. Who sent while which. And general watney tees which means that you can extend outwards. To other people and the ball. Well I'll make sure we have time for this a little less who gave us. On. And self compassion. But. Well I was back as I'm gonna let you just talked to the solution to presume that your parents. Murti gross. You out and her partner lies doctor Richard Massey is really the social. He's an Indy just like Q can you so's. They the area. Yes they have they have. The same do you draw the same views you know because. We we don't believe in just for our farms is rather wait and I don't I don't know that drugs are the only answer for sure. So what you're doing is greatly appreciate very much. So you aren't so quick lesson. Hack at it as what you want me to speak about pat tried. What is different about the medication are as much as I think you could do but let them. Well listen listen the lesson mr. Simpson you. Okay. It. So they can't help conflict about it. Or Chad. Not a football deploy additional food we have gotten. No go on the goings on. And then how would he helpful why do without Madden. Global wow a wide pool and Ali. Finally do. An actual bra. Allowing no body can do for me. You can wow wow. To brush will be an old car. You can't. Brush all bank hadn't paid you can no good. What's going on there. At times for heart. In my calf and plenty of tight pool ball complex so. They don't all. A man. Kind won't know what is going on. And Oman then. Or just child why I don't. Feel we're going to end up god. No it was. That's as tensions. Are trying to. Inside able. Obama can pull. What can happen and when you extend compassion. As people walk. What shall now. What he'd score they hadn't hadn't shown to attend school. And point. We addiction life for people following putting forward. I'll let me I would keep cool now. You my whole. You know I'd be happy with my eyes. What happens all. On the nuts and I'll contingent. Yeah I'd be kind to myself I did feel bubble ball. Yeah I'd be under and they looked at my house. And seeing a typical idiot. I have been cold front apple. And caught people off won't. Yeah I find the support I did. Why. Wiped out. What pool. Mobile rob. Russian school level for ten K. Connecting and the wrong and the outside or inside. Next in the wrong. While mom and expand and compassion as more before it's scary. I think he also. Latin. People keep it easy for me to why I laugh. People. If you won what twelve pounds so that's popped on who they wouldn't Leo well paying. And I know. So why all the home me. So smooth and what apple. So you know all cordoned off bombs. You know I won't creature they aren't. The water and the guy. Won't all be volcanic and kale. You can all be happy. Well the froth. Russia will be poor couple with Chad good. Could make all the cool side for a son and I'll side with it and I'm. Nick Satan. I've all. So I'm. Well thank you that was beautiful. You know I was I am a finger while polls. If my post option. Part right there in Abu. Al. And I think that a lot of people. Meditation is very powerful. And so it's in the way as simple book. You know used to you know a few lessons from this tortured that you. You know beautiful state I think we work. And very peaceful. And those that are driving story was can. You shelf wolfpack with his. But. But it's is really this amazing and we're just your health. I think it definitely got chewed decreed that it's not Russia. Basically all of typed lab on. It increased its oh billion and immunity. So it had just amazing how unfit cool. Body mind heart leap forward. He's hunted only stimulates our own. In your pharmacy to produce in their chemicals that relaxed less than being Smart piece during the day. Exactly what it's and it's it's I think it's great and I'd just stick with what ever be cool web at exercise diet. Let up until the process. I'm glad that it is and and you apply help oral habitually be engaged him and saying they all book to apple. So we can just bring this awareness from the meditation tear each of these things to take a moment in acknowledges. Before we take that medication before we do that. Exercise or before we meet with somebody just to remind ourselves that the compassion for ourselves there hard. Yeah it's gonna. That's one that's already answered and applied it dedication and you know true act made their and pocket then. Who out of into the bulb. And in the weight if you do now. Back at how badly that it caught you feel let that let. If you let them go home. You feel a lack for praying. And it increased to I want apple needed to be generous allotment. There's on an ancient practices you probably know lose the news that they all being his beef treats for you. And I'm there's a lovely yeah I'm Indian way of saying that has a prayer. And I find it it makes such a difference to offer him you know that prayer before I start my day. So that the whole day is dedicated to reducing suffering from the planet. At least. Being on the unconscious. Yeah and I'm an unconscious and maybe even on the content level. There's less and yeah. There's a video suffer. Assists for excessive it's with a it's infectious and feel and I think is so. Is that American word roof we were described it. Who. I understand you you put a bill kind of push truck up to the top of a killer. And then it would do just couldn't pull them up there are so he's whose is always turned you against. Push is rock of the hill. And as Sig is so good matter for of what we could be doing her own lunch correct. You know as a so interesting here saying that they can't just I think two months ago I. Published an it comes in ninth warm this time I'm not abdication. The truth of the central the body fat flop. And in no way I emotional about couldn't do that except actually there he the invasion of controller. And I'm blogging picnic at the choice. Will be probable with a walk and told gates will go walk. A lot and and even the victim up as. And who actually had a satin ball. Also saw it being trampled web and doing it tops which are pushing the walk up the hill this metaphorical walk. And then I bet that that go back and bad how would be if we would need to walk not just add a lot personal walk. But at the walk of all you wouldn't condition. And sort of along walker at the pushing up the health and DK and you could do it what about that. And let live Cobb passion and and maybe even went so I. And then that maybe I'd give being. I want and I can get a meeting. And leave no end in my old picked up from goal. Manuel survived concentration camp about the fact I ain't a and he vote. Warrant such a meaning and he at everybody's. Who has no why can deal with anyhow. Moon. And well those gestures they sell a lot of well in this country. Steve Jobs rose has quietly in this way you can successfully. Because in my home from music to what you ask why why don't anyone know what we do this was going on here you know and just ask why and and become craft and creativity. Because you can create an issue to me your problem and I think we meditate. It helps a lot and so this this has been very good by the way. I was really for us this past meditation at the UUT's have lots of the book by the way so you know I think you'd be great book for. Any young person anybody in older Yahoo! whatever but because it's you know. Is not a book you pick up from. And wait for the outcome of them into the book or something is if you study it don't you. Yeah yeah it's book can't look the pop up that compassion he had and it. It didn't in this country apart the front part had. Did up my story you know how I got bad luck and what I learned by the thought we need that much about me it's about inviting people at school. Album that's what that old story so in the end up its act so that general question. People have and we didn't work then try them out. The second pot had packed with what Boeing and practiced the that Powell who swing and my ankle and some compassion and income they need diet and tool plaque says. Al compassion compassion for our and we'll give parents. And that her part had already. Awful why why why me off. And avert your PR people who you'll see step toward pac ten says. And to add I did that because I hope that people who need that we'll find them out in these starry. And lewd act or in school. At Walter can you need to be creative to apply a little pocket pull for the south. Well it's it is a great primer for some are that it wants to live long time and who wants to enjoy their lives and and stay away from drugs and things are. Because you didn't you can lord my polls went down when I was doing. This exercise now. My phone it is a new catch would it happen. Just to our attention to these parachute and the currents and the present. And and Robinson that mind and then. It even more powerful. Went the path that compassion. Because sometimes when I am and all and be a westerner or a Hillary care. And PI at high eighteen you know that all the XY baton. And then you meet there how are compassionate and not how compassionate. And really establish our south and look what I want now. And it kind of create the concave. They contain up our mind on that and compassion in big streak and without without. We'll come right of the week we get we gotta get you back on some time believe what causes this book is powerful. Yeah we need to get to part work part work the path of self compassion. Yeah nine practices for opening the hard over in the heart his release. Is the best thing you can do or else. You know hard it is it it functions brokerages like. And we're we're Lex is supposed you know we were pushing our cars that weren't pushing the rock. I put it. Doesn't pregnant. At. When your browser you're. Sure yeah I think you are we up you might not mean I applaud it WM thank you Troy offensive and that he hadn't kindness. Well thank you so much Richard dress for the country to you part work. What a great book and by the way there's other bush called artwork to answer. No fact that he's on but at Kennedy mentioned what what they are. And we can leave that I thought that important and Sam buck you have to act and middle and a pot snagged yet until Bob more than I began cash icon at the solidarity and compassion project. So why do you. I have a much and yet need paying a lot about the medication beating its in this state church that episcopal church. Who. Gave up that saint. And block but I'm all speak or a debt climbed. Topics. Talks from lol I and I did that a rabbi a baby mom the triumph on the mission and as unitarian minute at a Buddhist and Hindu and all tropical pilot. And how can you can come passion that's what she roots and at what bonds or how can he beat me with. I'm. Fear. And with a lot she and cool forward. At Kuwait yet he added I think we're just saying we have. From picnic. How the pop Oprah gets mad can't allow. To increase to be engaged with the bulk. It bullying at Atlanta needs that right now don't we. So yeah this guy. Mean what and that would not do it ever I don't that ain't bad won't kind of solidarity and compassion project would. We are now. User well I think due to sound out more about you wouldn't do without this person armed. Why didn't all biting PHT dot com. Because I think she sold it's our aid the issue on the one weaker than the in UN GE. Stabbing you in the eye and I NG ER engine and he. Isn't it and then got hot. Look at. That's correct me if lessons in all of this will make a foreign lines. We're gonna we're show you should buy it you in this event go to Amazon right. Yeah I'm a guy and and it's also I'm concerned iBook and you know. All the different except. We'll blow issues for which you've done which is trying to do this is great and move our country need you more than us thanks thanks again for being you know. Keeping aside or not buy them back every weekend are going to greatly. Don't go anywhere let's get healthy with bill's wealth rescue by people's Austin's favorite pharmacy we'll be back in just a few moments. Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the on the top thirteen seventy dot com stay informed with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away at talk thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with talk thirteen seventy. Top thirteen seventy is everywhere with a new talk after getting now at times thirteen seventy dot com. It's. Things are listing let's get healthy this. It feels Whalen top thirteen 78. Plus you'd like people. Austin's favorite pharmacy. Collins live at 5126. Scored three lives that's 5126435483. Since this were true love how well you you can killing time. Your coach you know. Think the sooner. 81217. And as you can. So we're still alive. No I know that we don't trust Ron ago but it was a time period bill's opponents in the slowed down that it hasn't stopped. And he's been. Distance. What messages to their way to via a note this isn't teaching you how that works. Well organized roosters are some older we got a doctor. Well Alger yeah your doctor sure burden. Ocean off. Okay and trying to go assured that we're going I don't do my impersonation. Of which island extra large because Israel is gonna. And mushroom. You have to talk very quickly and very intelligently written intelligent Parse it vita to accomplish earlier. This is I'm. We're going to be talking about today. Is something I'll thereby listening. The Easton about. Buffalo forecasts and you can try talked tough pitches can he dance itself is a very good anti Russian that we take internally. It's Warsaw able fest saw you'll have talks on cable or regenerate other toxins such as pharmacy. And eat. And others Susie effects in the bottom. And if you're gonna do that because to take you a full podcast that's good stuff. And combining it by Tim in this product. Argument isn't it yeah this is an entity controlled release that you had getting a penalty long runs at just one time. Which is the unique thing about it that people are doing an ID to. Bill perk things I care. Chris they can't say that cures cancer but they are finding that supports the body healing itself. This decision to you can lose weight without a vote yes I think institute its affect on the mitochondria. And how effective it is supporting mitochondria function does spark plug the cell. But so you get more energy. Richest talking yesterday I asked him about it I'm. Awful podcast and now. He does that and I can't. Say. Ill because just in the AL. ALA is where people obviously soon and then. If you had a vote if your diabetic you have. Burning feeders something isn't really good time yes yes that's so calm and B twelve. Between them. Users can care. Since he may enhanced by his ability to do users' own use them to me were butchered her. This great. Into Goodman. Tino has to protect your country facing. Percent to know if it has any effect in releasing insulin for type one type course it just hurt us a good question I don't. I'm other across Newfoundland. And we're sure we can ask her yeah sure prevent. This is restarted early morning shows courses not too early but some urged the country it is so can we had trouble. Oh we we probably too. Your cellphone Liverpool and with him and his caller caller caller. Had current. The case she's he's coups and listeners who miscues. Can be a little later they're now the assistant include brow beater we should condone. No it's but from podcasts it is and hello Al Max pale light image elements. It looks like an excellent project. In you know I think she could really support it being more effective. If you get out in the morning sun that also helps to feed the mitochondria can so mitochondria are just like little. Little suns inside of every cell. So I say more you son of you could hear this quite a bit now. The Maurice and is good for you is is that religion religious coming up over the horizon or is it. 2 o'clock in the morning there. Well that's you can actually look at the direction of the sun not directly into it maybe fifteen decreased to decide that you can do profound to work with healing. The body according to the latest research. By actually spending time as much time as you can outdoors in the sun and controversy in the enough without any sunscreen. There and early in the morning I actually all day really until you have a slight sensation of burning in the and you would. Stop and menu cover up. There's the rule out here is Boca. Bold to administer shrapnel prior to it's it's different with every person from coast to excuse you some people aren't you know Pincus can be and some people have the golden brown color and some people are very dark. So it's depends upon your skin coloration helmets and you can take. And the warrior out the longer he can handle and that means the more energy you're being fed to wreck it by the sun. And actually our food even is nothing more than a sun slowed down into form or matter when you start getting into Kyle physics. And that sun really supports the mitochondria. A Princeton biodiesel recently in a little period from the house. The there's enough soon to realize trees with those head after a plea based home cooking everything minutes and morally. Hey so and you know this is so. It is is so he's in looks good was growing hot or lose your in the house heats and it is cells that. There's just so. It's a combination of two of several good things so those dude yeah. Fisher Breslow dude you. I think. This trend has had to putt and I I'm a but it is and it and it takers because she's just sought to adjustable that was that was an acres of. She learned what I love it wrong actually in an olive oil and garlic. And with hope with crow homegrown tomatoes. It's so good in all of lamm Lincoln effect the first pass olive oil sells only teachings that money can't. I hung in a series just say and homegrown tomatoes. And I looked at him. Do you think that those famous songs tonight shapely and well people have trouble too late he's accused say it's a gut when they if they picked him when his. Right. And and it's so hot truck trying to right and then perhaps that would overcome some of them. Ration room. You know I think a lot of this have to do with iron my crew by known. And we have individual ones and when we strengthened my compiled a lot of times we can get away with tonight states. Others some others in there just aren't especially people with art A have take issue with most by chains and simply draw throughout Asia yeah dude don't you know so Heidi do. You know tomato patch. I'm you know I have in the past I don't have one now that's that's really the only way to decorate tomatoes he. Or go to farmers market you know in Austin we're so lucky to have so many of them and they just pick them in the morning and bring them right to us fresh. And like they are from our own garden right now there. Never anywhere to good yeah yeah. Also a great time for cucumbers and making your until peppers William my daughter she she tried bruised tomatoes is and she fit the Burge. Well. I I just don't end. They do little thumb we have to have enough. To share. With the person you are healthy and that's a pretty version bees for sure yes me too and Felicia who taught. There have been show about the version of these front. Looser on the weekend of the you know end and I just think imminent. Otis Redding used to do that same thing that evening in the morning sun and he ended up in the rock and roll hall of fame sort of the last. To be a great idea. Yeah he wrote a song about Sydney in the morning and son that's a massive Monday evening comes. As called dock of the bay hey yeah. That's a seal strategy there and just like the gaps diet is or a re do of that old nursery rhyme you know there was no woman who lived an issue had so many children she did know what to do. So she gave him some Borough off without any parade new gluten. So they went grain free ended broth and all the kids recovered you know. Isn't that that's all been around for a long time everything where you think we're rediscovering. It is an offender re discover it you know plays this defense which is remind people I think is by meditation and justice and meditation in her money people. About. I wanted to add one more piece as he didn't hear the last part which is it's so weird that they said whipped them all soundly and attempted that. But in the ancient meaning with whipped it means a rock. And since airs rock Rollins to swing early yeah yeah. There will I'm getting it means to to you Ali yeah you do with sound like soundly it means to recommend singing to him. And then that ended that nursery rhyme is too grotesque for modern taste. Met the last line said that she went to buy coffins. Like when she put him to bed they were so sick she went to the undertaker the coffins. She figured they were gonna die. But the singing the rocking. The grain free and the broth actually when she came back home they were all vital and in good health. So isn't the recipe for good health and the children didn't. And like our our first part. The show today we talked about compassion and love and the human touch. Is also a way of giving light to each other. And holding the children with love Moroccan women singing to them and that's there's a loving vibration of the sound of moms they needn't. There's sure they're sure healing. Prescription. You know. And as you know you you go were were real have solution. We caution about. These are issued auction. News 200. No I don't really turn sorry from a from a tick bite about a year ago. And so the boy is touching is so vital to view him he'll live on the couch and when I'm just I tried tush mr. acute. He'll wag his tail. While touching his legs two eyes on the couch. So while there because not only are they getting so much benefit punt by him. Or 1990 you to pet him and you're you know lovingly compassionately giving ticker. Your touch you're also. Being profoundly nurtured by his. Warmth and he used. Like unconditional love because animals are like that completely unconditional love for you. So he's helping to heal YouTube. By creating a desire to I've viewed touch him. Exactly. It's so beautiful issues is very valuable Newton. Her you do orange too especially so obvious it's so important I Wear my son and my body all the time until he can crawl. And then he was still back there when he wasn't crawling through yeah. You still there and Irish yeah. After forty years old and is still there now he is way bigger than I Hillary. Well on off a full report has some of their side effects to one of the things. It's it's a good side effect it is lower your pusher show emotion sometimes you're going to face. Hunger weakness and sentence would destroy your pressure. Which is great for diabetics did burglary and Herb Kohl burglary is also good he's saying he really wonderful and those who do take it. I'm. That are really. In the field and Shenzhen. Is just Internet forums and knows you sometimes can rushes but very very rare and it's only December 1. To the hospital forecast. Moon and those are good clues for nature paths in of somebody takes helpful forecasts and as a side effect. You get information from that that exactly be sure to tell them and they'll know how to would just everything right. I believe it's also really helpful for heavy metals hope it doesn't holds that a lot of heavy metals especially from places like the brain. Which is a nice place to not have a large deposits of heavy metals. He reduced. Especially led to. Yeah. And don't be you're probably a more more environmental medicine becoming so critical to it is. Yours will Wheeler go take a break here. We've got some of them talk about what have you talked about a test. Can mainstream news. She's been. You're listening to let's get healthy with bills whale presented by people's austen's local holistic pharmacy we'll be back with more cutting edge news and health and wellness and a few minutes it. We know us and trafficking via. Challenge. These continue with time saver traffic. Mornings and afternoons on top thirteen seven lead the right choice this is your favorite shows keep up with the latest breaking news and lower anytime at soccer scene seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy. Right choice. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy with bills well on top thirteen seventy rescued by people's Boston's favorite pharmacy college life at 512643. Life that's 5126435483. We just we just have. About four feminist some movies just. We introduce our guest here. Oh coastal issues. Structure Richard Massey. Who is an MD and and his lovely. Partner in life. Really grace and future path. What a combination. Yeah so when they can see either one you all you compare. It partner and treasure that was wrong people right. Yep they were hard to do that today if there's some talks as if there. To blunt the talks and if. Lots of interest I should say I have lots of interest in devices and talked her mast to use this luncheon. And I'm we aren't looking at things I'm really subtle levels to find some answers if you can't. To check out awakening helped dot com you'll see a lot of our stuff there I've I've done YouTube on the drug blood. Test that I do repo people's fingers and and looking to drive blood patterns you can see a lot there what I have discovered is that everyone's body is healing all the time. Took me a lot of years to have the confidence to say that but the whole illness thing is. It's changing people are realizing that what makes us feel bad as when we're healing too fast. When I'm healing so fast that I don't have the nutrition to keep up with that rate of healing that's when I feel bad it's not because I have a disease. So if you wanna come back and take a look for yourself I can show it to you right there on the slide. Everybody is always healing we just need to support the rate of healing that the persons do and so that the healing doesn't do you demand. That's when people actually dies because they're healing too fast for the resource is that they have access to. And we can't be an emotional support so nobody dies from an illness that's very very rare. We die from healing too fast. So I can show people that. I don't know have these unique reasons and I to ensure the party knows unique needs something individualists. When is the magical things that happens that our office. Yeah and so we use we use a lot of light nowadays because everything is light everybody tells us. Even all the biochemistry compounds are all different forms of liked them so we simply are learning how to put in the wavelengths of light in to people that they're deficient in. And that's a way to support healing. So we're doing a lot of that. They're doing a lot of that and we're starting to really and I'm go back to some of the basics. Where we look at that professor Katie in rhythm. Of our day. And that's Katie in recent guides us asked that the best times to eat. If you're trying to these weight or gain muscle. I'm the best times that day to do things like cold Thermo Genesis the new exciting piece in my world but I love Teixeira puke. And I'm also I mean there's just so much that we can do in relationship. To the light cycles of the day since we are native light. So as they come to understand that those light cycles and lift fight and we can support the body in being strong enough. To do it's healing without suffering. And that's their really big piece of what we're doing now we're discovering that water. Magnetism. And light I think three primary thing. Sam and good good drinkable water to gallons of drinking waters. My career path and I know fluoride and yet M we're doing our relationship stuff. The way stand tat can and John Gartman talk about it who have been lurched in that we'd love to share about that and I'm so. Gonna come over and visit great if you want to check out the website and just. Tebow were a good Torre's you keep your overhead down then whenever you have big fans jobless bill who he had. Gershon is English now you get a lot of individual attention when you come over so right. And what a pleasure to have you on the show he does it's well tanks and it's a great pleasure always to go to people's pharmacy can see you bill. When you go dollar. I. Well we tried we showed. We senators Richard yeah. It's the place you can find just about anything it shows the website again is awakening health dot com we can help pitcher how. Just awaken what's already in. You meditation personally. I thought that was good that was a good rotation. All right we've got to go for. Where we can accomplish your own teams. Keep up with the latest breaking news in Austin and around the world take a moment to make sure you're following us on Twitter at top thirteen 7811. That's waiting began. Just one more way to stay connected with top thirteen seventy the right choice.