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Saturday, August 4th
Let's Get Healthy for August 4th. Hosted by Brad Swail and Dr Marianne Calvanese. Featuring guests: Paul Ehrlich on Jaw Development, Dr Brian Fallon on Lime Disease, and Anna Wilson on Weight loss by mineral balancing. 

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Welcome to let's get healthy and talked 1870. Perhaps you buy people's RX Constance favorite pharmacy. We're taking your calls live and by 26 foot three lag. That's I went 264354. At 830. Good morning and welcome to let's get healthy sponsored by people's. RX Boston's favor pharmacy on top thirteen 7 AM I noticed grads whale and Mike. Coast today is doctor Marion company stereo I'm well thank you won't greatly or actually just. We noticed that we both sound a little neatly today because I think that allergies must be up and you are saying they grasses are emblem and grasses are glued into the fire and jet stream years and you had the really the real meteor. Hello meteorologist even weathered fascinates me. So we have a great show today. Coming at ninety and we have Paul. Air elect who is a co author of jaws the story of an epidemic talking about mouth formation. I'm an end at 930 doctor Brian Fallon author of conquering Lyme Disease we've had a lot of guests talking about Lyme Disease which shows me that's. It's a real it's a bigger problem and I think people realize. And I really think it is yeah I see more and more patients asking me about lyme literate doctors as it's really. Helpful to see one lyme literate lyme literate. I've I've not heard that that's a New Orleans. And then at 945. People's practitioner and a Wilson will come. On the show to talk about her upcoming talk on Monday about weight loss so it's great show. Stations. And it's back on the ice when you tell us a little bit about EU and how appealing to get in touch with you. Well let's see I am in South Boston and you can reach me to my website Austin. Nature O path Beck. And you have to you have to say that out NHL best. I'm used to that like marrying and one word howl and then niece so hits recently. It's tough one but yuck so you'll you'll be able to find it nature of Catholic however you printed in the that and leisure searched you know you'll find it. So you. So I treat the whole wide wide array of people and issues and treat Lyme Disease. Well you know. I do not consider myself a lyme literate doctor after today's show you will be taking heat from now maybe. It's tough one I mean I were. The role that I tend to take. In people who have Lyme Disease. Is a supportive one so I have other unique therapies that may be in the lyme literate doctor is not using so. So I'm just there for support I wouldn't consider myself an expert by any means it's a very complex disease and is very complex to even diagnosed as we'll find out. Yup absolutely and he hits it sounds like he's got some great stories about it so within Ford that now I'm into so. I think we have our first guest. Paul Ehrlich co author of jaws the story of an epidemic mr. Eric either. Yeah our gear. Up. It's early out here in California. Whom he hopefully had a coffee in your ego. Are you anywhere near the fires. No fortunately we are getting some smoke but of course because he is really just started actually it's. We climate change is going to be basically a whole year. Mean the guy that's really it seems like every other year or something there's a big fire over in California and what are what are we deal. Well. What we should be doing courses are getting rid of the use of fossil fuels. It's oh we know exactly what's causing this is a mystery. The mystery is why the government will do. He out well that's certainly a competition for another time years yeah I'm here to talk about our jaws. And now it sounds funny long talking to you might be because I'm trying to make my job feel what I think is more natural. There are close to what of those secrets question that's what people in the going to be my entire life. That why. We're on a radio show and I don't know I think enough clothes. And. Now it's people or more people are noticing. It now. All tend to have races. Adults are very often for assesses. Senator kind of wrote the book George. I have discovered that many of my friends are concede that the machines effect. I didn't really know much about sleep that machines or like got into right arm outlook Lisa might border. Is using deceit that machine of the reason is very clear cut and that is our jaws twenty. Which does not leave enough room for RT oral and time. The key get crooked so we don't look so great. But much more important is electable for the fun because. Then when you sleep at all on or slumps back into throw. And block should briefing in the middle of night. And that's an incredible structure it causes something with doctors cooled sleep apnea but that's basically. Involuntary choking in the little ramadi which which you look stresses she tremendously. And there is. You're probably aware sleep deprivation and stress. Are very big for you news. It increases your chances of getting diabetes getting heart disease getting injured. Even getting elsewhere. We've. Also. Is responsible sleep deprivation. War. Anymore that slovo highways and drinking and driving. But we're at least we have a crisis it would certainly be there's this includes the I was sitting in the middle of this epidemic and never recognize it is it is my interest in probably go. The reason is very clear it and it's entirely environmental. That is we have over the list. 200 years particularly brutal also believe 50000 years. Change from a standard human diet to almost liquid diet if yourself emotionally is stymied chief of the release of state. You know when there's less time you. Shut down a buffalo. Cut off a piece of low launch and bench who don't. Nowadays he embers are almost liquid. Kids are no longer breast feed it long enough and it turns out that breastfeeding is very important exercise. Your jaw muscles. The medical community tells us that exercise every. Australia muscle car party except our jaws and problems. And it turns out as much as human beings. If you keep horses. If he he'd give him the standard wonderful the poise today. Vigil was good though the reason is the normal course. Spent about eighteen hours a day truly tough grass. If you don't people foresee exercises same thing happens they draw mussels sea exercise. Same thing happens is happens to people's choice and it's a release of these brought. So be more like a horse. They eat more. Well go through eighteen hours a day but one of the things is slander my you recommend in the book glutamate changes is we were eventually go. You don't get the chance to exercise their draws what their young and he ends up destroying Oakley looks and threatening their held. There to have true Gartner put trying to push to get. Chewing gum companies to make dumb it's tougher. That you can read Jews wouldn't that is developed in Ireland in the Mediterranean where you can chew it and keep its. They it and they so bad. So. It it's. The biggest global environmental problems that you actually can do something about two of those fires in California I can't dole. My friends' kids. Who somehow do something to prevent the fires except of course not Cyprus have them. But I can tell them what to do to try and avoid having these problems caused by this gigantic environmental change and going to farming and industrialization. And processing or food. So that we don't get the right kind of exercise and only critical. Parts of our bodies. It's addressing so from. I'm trying to think about when I was growing up and I've I would consider myself to have a small draw. And what I did differently I mean I grew up eating all sorts of processed foods and I don't think I eat anything particularly tough but I may be at. Based just genetics so I guess genetics or they've they're playing a role as well. You're very soon play a role in individual differences in this stuff but for example. I'm older and also the most of the fruits it IE you have to chew. Nowadays is not only Apple's absolutely we'd buy these wonderful. Peaches and payers. And they melt in your mouth. We've moved his movies or is is that right very great you'll shrinkage in the very recent crimes. And that's because again. And we we will talk more liquid diet east you know human being used to wean their children all of those things Tuesday which worked out. And is that the start truly an early on nowadays you have things called baby foods. What are the rule which quarters full quarter pack. Some sort so. We get is no real mystery here. But it's just like smoking. You know I think all of us market is certainly in the health community. That smoking is very therefore. But there was the people who would have to be 97 and smoked the last day and didn't get cancer and these are probably listed the NC. You can do things could take your chances of leaving here healthy place. Much better which you can't guarantee it anymore than by smoking you can commit suicide for sure. Yes he mentioned the smooth these and everything getting softer and I guess with the all the Jews and people are gonna colleges craze that maybe it's really Jews reducing epidemic. Yep that's about right and it's it's really is it's very strange to me that the public health community hasn't caught on if you look at the the literature and therefore fight very good things which you can get about. Good diets and Politico. But they always talk about things like saturated fat salt sugar in Seoul. They never talk about the consistency of food you eat this and so at Stanford University has gotten as soon and is looking into not just the nutritional value of the food is served in dormitories so we'll also be exercise value quote cheat day. Yeah and that people I think. People read are really educated about the importance of decent diet. But what we have in the news server at least until we wrote this wonderful joyous. Which by the ways and totally nonprofit operation without making any money order. Until we wrote the book there's basically no literature to tell people what to look for what the symptoms are. In their kids are going in the wrong direction and how early. You've got to look I'm happily most important comics. Is done if in the final three Korean. Which is much too late to change virtual tree which is what you wanna do. So you're saying that. As children. If you're exercising. The jaw the muscles in the proper way. That's gonna start molding that actual jaw the skeleton. You know. Absolutely. No lighter on pretty. Your. Our homes are in life they're development is in large. Part. A function of what environment they develop that if you don't lecture kids walk into their twelve. They do what their legs or look like. We've we've focused or that we most people don't realize is poles living organs. They're always changing with the environment and that you can. I'd change the bones very well by changing their environment if Croats basically what we do or violates. You move bones you move. Very tough solid and changeable pretty. Through draws by process totally remodeling of bone that is the bone if you push in order to all the time. Football and part of it will be resolved and the ball behind it will grow at the bone actually the socket for the team will migrate. And one of the reasons people people. Should know this should they have kids would braces 'cause you always have ever. It's a similar move around less you anchored inflation will. So mr. Eric EU I'm looking at this from a parent's point of view I have two young boys a four year old and a one year old. And and I think that there jaws are forming correctly but you know I guess there's no way for me to tell. But there is there's a table of the book which will tell you what the Clouseau. A bird it's very easy. To do something about this or at least it's very easy to know what the things to do more getting kids to do things in your parent. And I got great grandchildren. Trying to get kids to do things can be a bit of mature. A few more relies. Well Rex doubles but you're trying to meet but vegetables eaten vegetables nuts and seeds you've got to chula so why are you act when. It's not great the lottery would be. There's plenty of evidence. Think that you know if you wanna be healthy. That he watching your diet having Laats is good friends. And exercising in general. Are the things we know best. But nonetheless the Red Line. I think our old. Mix it they made up for the kids that needed. Drink enough good wine you can keep your internal environment in great shape all the external goes down literary. That's true so. I guess to going back to that the kids. You mentioned that once. They orthodox will approach the problem once the adult teeth are sent in and by that point it's little bit too late. Is there. Organize for smaller children. There there is a movement in the orthodox community to start paying more attention is something that is. Things are just symptoms. Forward at crooked pretty. You engine fine lots of people can find who did the the main reason that parents or one piece straight. Is basically cosmetic and that's such stupid because in our society. Good looking people if they're politicians get more votes if they are. Corporations they get higher salaries. Loses a lot to appearance. In our society. If there are so got to remember that appearance. Is important but more important is what the underlying causes of crooked piece. There are some clues were also given in the book if you need professional help there are places to go. And if you in the book explains that. But particularly. You don't want an orthodontist was going to take extract these in order to make or rule for it in other words. The critical thing is keep individual is moving forward in the vote that our. Now new devices coming along that are going to. Hope to back job if you were already have kids in trouble with the very best city. Is to get to the kids early. They sure they're not I mean is doing things slate making sure that they don't have their files open what they're not talking. Or oh what are. Not eating. And making sure that they're sleeping like lives easier. We'll see your kids at night. And if you purity abilities from her breathing that's a bit sign if there's soaring. That's a terrible sign because everybody's starts outscoring virtually certain is like its sweep back the later on and so on his or getting them now. Some dudes or concede that change which are essentially breathing eighties and Coke you. Of forty. The penalty in the little device which is so dangerous. So that there's lots even with the kids covers are all messed up when you look you are in the late inning lead and squirming around. Did you lose sleep like Lawrence with their pals close. Creeping so silently you came here. And there are lots of other clues to as we have always covered lots of pictures. In in the book also. This is not a Vietnam. You know don't need extra and you will forever well. And there's lots of issues here that we're not certain about and we cite something like 300 to 400. Articles in scientific literature salute virtually every statement. In the book is backed up as far as he would then be good bit of the references are all look back you can just read it like Koppel. But it also using human need to know where you can go to get more information. Green angle so oh I was thinking am what are the greater ramifications of this is approached this. With my four year old now. Who sexist men. He sleeps really well I don't know obviously but blog. MIA what can expect is no orthodox bill it was he has wisdom teeth as he's an immediate those taken out. I did was the ideal scenario. Ideal scenario is. And find the right public the right health provider. For example. It'll comics look for somebody is a lot about the airway whom mentions. In early problems because. Much of orthodox extends to move deep backward. And it is actually majors you see in the entries we'd provide make the airway network and makes me you know. More likely. So. It's really important. Look for the clues in your kids. And then you composure is the rules is simply visit tires and her calm. Senior broker the north of Paris or people. As got a whole sort of exercises here it's been due. That will help. The problem is. That is interrupted our rights. The orthodontist does all the work he puts middle and now he preferences so and so forth. If you order a pitcher George wrote properly rather than just altered he surrounds you look better. You've got to get proper growth in your draw. You've got to have a lot of cooperation from the parents and the kids in other words our market value it's really easy. Particularly because getting the right to die it is an easier way and it and my wife. Gave up cooking which eternity. And so we Yale law. And boy trying to find anything due to the restaurant is not easy I mean he's in the parents which are in great Julie things. They've become riveted by the rules scraps. We got everything. We do the same thing unfortunately for our kids. Early on when they should be pushed to true it. There's obviously got to watch about it joking but. Young is already have defenses against pokey so. It'll. Get a beer and those parent and it takes time it takes effort. But it's sure worth it there instead of having a now full of metal for a long time and having him or. So mr. Ehrlich were cannot pretty close to the end of the segment but I did as he mention oral posture few times am. So to see you could may be painted a quick picture of what that might look like. Grocers and also tell him to blow up. If it's. Duties we talk a lot of poverty and draws. But proper oral posture is that he Italy contact your mouth and lips closed. Archer lips closed at your teeth apart which you can do with that they're due watcher decent contact. Shoulder development has coordinated the upper and lower Jules. And then you watch your tongue pressed against the power the roof of a mile behind the difference in the sizes different little but he. And I didn't do that enough what I was a kid I didn't know about it very conscious of it now. Progress right B 87 so which uses I think I have my permanent seat early in the minor baby. And your work. How can people get the book. You can easily five or Amazon just looked at very devoted to AA HA Samarkand who's the senior offer. But jaws itself we'll just bring out two books the water about sharks won about your Jules is. And it's inexpensive. It is. Say it's been nonprofit operation and any buddy who comes and goes right back into the effort to inform people. About this and other environmental problems. Well. Were come up on a break here thank you so much doctor RMR Alec I really appreciate you coming on. Spinach thing and my home. All right what an interest in existing users to grandstand and in the benefit parent's perspective now just what can I do differently. I know home and then thinking about my you know almost adult children and my other one adult children has like you know totally crowded teen yeah. Yeah teacher. I can't know years aren't IT my door. And you know I think for more than Donna work I had a tooth. That all of a sudden died when I was like 55. AM really weird because is trying to be pushed in the down to recount anyway. Yeah. Well I guess I think we're coming up on a break here. So thinking this is let's get healthy sponsored by people's RX Boston's favor of pharmacy on comfort in so many stay tuned for doctor. Brian Fallon on Lyme Disease. Let's get healthy with the people directly. Boston local ballistic pharmacy we'll be back into a few minutes. On air online and on your Smart device and talk a thirteen seventy is the right choice. Let's get healthy with the peoples are. And welcome back seat let's get healthy responses back peoples RX. Austin's ever pharmacy on top thirteen 78. And I think our next guests is on the line doctor Bryant Allen author of conquering Lyme Disease doctor Allan ray there. I am great thank you so much going on Harry each day. I'm doing well thank you Ed so tell us a little bit abouts. Use in your book and yet ended. Well this book came about because I had a medical students Jennifer's got he was working with these one summer could you medical students fellowship at Columbia in New York City. And I'm a busy person and I don't really like medical students follow me around all the time. To figure out something to hurt him. Site and let you download everything on Nightline is a web site. Columbia get slime does door. And let's put together a pamphlet to local publisher so opposite in this summer. So it was he had the master narrative Madison she should mark. And she did those super job this summer it looked as so well this is chilly out it is them that interest in so. Let's just hope she could into about it so alas she's so excited about an election right chapter that's oh. I thought the chief medical students should go back medical school that's doing very well coached back treatment later. It's a work on it try to rest more to do and humans Swedish index kept coming back. Annika and got longer and longer than men after a while have a chance hate. And I really did want to work because outrageous. But she had that kind of work on it I decided. Have to do something else that I realized that giving a talk. That people love which is called exciting. The good news and outlined these recent. And there is a lot of could have put so many. I have an idea for the book let me just put in all the good news. Into the basic. Structures that Jennifer has put together. And then I can update the book and coherent make it valuable addition to literature. That that we did and can amount number and it's turned out. A big buckets over 400 pages. Look does blood beautiful pictures that we cover everything over the basics and covered latest science that is. Information there for someone doesn't know much though I'm disease but there's also a nation therefore traditions. Because. Latin music is the controversial entity and that a lot of unknowns a lot of uncertainties similar debate and conflict. Michael was really present. In cleared out sanctions so that people understand what we know what we don't know and I also feel optimistic about future is like a great thing coming. Yes I was talking to doctor companies like oh last year Fred for the show about how it seems like every three to six months we have someone on talking about Lyme Disease which to me makes it tells me that. This is a much bigger problem than people really realize. And it's great that you talk a bit in the book it offers lot of information for doctors she also at the beginning the show brought up the term lyme literate doctor. Yes I guess it seems your problems of can lead before we get and all of that can we just go over gives a quick. Basic what is Lyme Disease and how short it. Our yeah so Lyme Disease is infectious disease is caused by eight bacteria that it's treated with antibiotics. This bacteria is carried by a certain type of text. Subtle way to get lyme diseases is that you have and how those checked in your geographic area. Or he traveled to remote areas were the text so the techs are you. And it's that extra attached 24 hours or longer it's increasingly likely to architects more likely. So whatever is inside the tech quote kick made it transmitted to Yuma. I didn't realize I was attached for that long that's that's. Pollyanna on the debate stage it is they had captured several days now along they attacked the more likely. Whatever it inside look at transmitted them by they whatever. I'm saying that because the ticks carry often matching the agent of Lyme Disease that they caused. Carry of at least two. Malaria title called would be easier or. Viral viral illnesses as one northeast here called a lot of buyers switched. Causes. And Deirdre logic eaten some patients so that these Bellagio assistance permanent congress and a lot of different. To sport organisms that are concerned. So that's been a little uneasy is that inspection. First manifestation usually I crash you're lucky to see you ration that rich starts small gets bigger. People most likely will recognizes doctors will recognize that is why should treat you with. Standard treatment of the Iraqi side and her much so unfortunate three weeks. Or so of Iraq's team and that works most of the time not only. So good news is that generally it's treatable although I'm patient you have Wii classic symptoms of persistence of support for them. It's more problematic killer. Oddly to. I picked by computer preventive buck that by. Rightly so one is at the end if you're every bit. Where you know there can't secure hiking in the woods or your children are playing in greater les Pacific flight to hang out and Italy's. Sensitivity to checks at the end of the day that's very important just a look inside hair he'll. He element here check the body to make sure there are exits into really small unfortunately. There can be this size poppy seeds that are hard to see. So taken shallower U helpful could that lipstick congressional office and I firmly attached. If they are taxed only has to do take on tipped tweezers go underneath the Bharatiya pocket out. And that will be. Great big to do it peacefully arrested. It's small there could be just the local irritation out and hello if the rest it's bigger. That this time. Lyme Disease and there are other manifestations. He might not kept that ration my point developed. Flu like symptoms muscle pain joint pain. You might feel profoundly fatigue you might have cognitive problem where you have a are complaining the word really on Election Day you might have severe headaches if they're treating pain stabbing pains. It's. Can be like Stephen King Obama so patient. Gary. So what is the most recent exciting discoveries about Lyme Disease. Oh great news stuff so there are some wonderfully diagnostic test that coming up one of the problems that lives visas that the current diagnostic tests early on these. Only 35 to 50% since its detecting or. That's terrible because that means someone presents to adapted well with the flu like illness but the national scene in the airline jets. Have an exact negatives that position a lot outpatient most likely I'm. So we need better hair good uses there are tests that had been shown to be quite as effective as current tests. Are being developed so that rate. That. Are these available to us yes and there are a better there are newer test certain that it the first. Advanced test for Lyme Disease. Since the original cast which were the regular life the life blood as the a line Brawley the door crease he takes pat had a lot of said that is available now widely used but it is available. And it is. Somewhat more expensive than standard license violent or that test because it's highly specific. Which means that in addition to being somewhat more sensitive. It's a lot more press site so it's positives. It's almost assured that the person was previously that part of Sparky whereas the current allies as part of that the current test. Sometimes you can get false positives that you previously had mono. Or another almost. So that's good another interesting thing is that people have demonstrated. Animal researchers have demonstrated. Without a doubt that this parakeet. 10%. By antibiotics. In. Mine and monkeys. That's obviously I'm not good news. But is good news in the sense that it allows us to study. Newer treatments and new approaches to eradicating inspire key. So even though it's. Bad. And to know that there are some turkeys can persist. Despite antibiotics. It's good that we have a way of studying it now develop better treatments assault but could that. It's widely recognized now throughout the world Sparky Anderson persist in any animal that has more likely. Possible that it will persist in human and for a long time many clinicians did not believe that be true even though even though in lyme endemic areas. We see patients to relax them and many of them do benefit from repeat treatments so it's an area of study has been very huge controversy. Happy escape that heat Laporte that was so prevalent. 1990s. Or less intense you know people somebody scientists really Smart scientists are working that that it's encouraging time. The talk about how the takes like to hang out under leads. Hands. As a mentioned that it's only in certain areas can you gives an idea of where. We are at most at. At most risk. Sure so. If you're hiking for example KeySpan on the path that with chips on the path that makes it less likely that you're going to get. And kicked by whereas if you have lunch fitting in the woods. When it. Leave go around it's much more likely get it. Another thing that can be done would pile. Were because of my hang out with. Are more likely to be associated it with text. Wide open lines are pretty safe because that takes still like. Cleanly men manicured lawn. They prefer. They prefer to what is cheated here. I don't think that's important that we look to note that if you spray your clothes with her Matt read per metric comes from the chrysanthemum plant. If you are very close with her that's where it will only help not only are held but it will. But ruled deactivate checks so that they become neurological care they count walk well you know by eight. So it's a wonderful thing to spray on your clothes outside. And let your mind. And that at any time you close to make six elections and launches a people's pain as many options. That's that's terrific thing to do that men are there other products that you have computers are likely exposed. So Lou eat products or this chemical or 3535. Borough oil revenue collapses. I card there are two different products with a skin. The doctor found work we only have about 45 seconds left as American people I'm looking at the book on Amazon has. Classify her views and has had is that the best way for people to get the book. Yeah Amazon's very easy it is very quickly. I hope people enjoy school conquering Lyme Disease. As conquering Lyme Disease science bridges the great divide so that's by doctor Brian Fallon and Jennifer sought ski. A doctor Jeff my my apologies wealthy so much better offer coming on the show we appreciate it. Okay my pleasure this question yet the day. At Tampa. My thinking. All right and you're listening to let's get healthy sponsored by people's RX Austin's favour of pharmacy on talk thirteen 70 AM. And our next guest coming out. After the break is Anna Wilson if people's practitioner talking about weight loss. Tells information just around the corner. You're listening to let's get healthy with people's eyes on top eight teams that. The united. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere on the radio dot com. Don't get anywhere heartland you're listening to let's get healthy with the in favor of update teens and kids you got another question college now little by 2643. Life. And welcome back to let's get healthy sponsored by people's RX Austin's favorite pharmacy on top thirteen 7 AM and so typically we announced the events coming up it peoples are people's pharmacy. And the only event that we have to announce is coming to coming up on Monday August 6 at 7 PM. And our next guest is the practitioner that will be done that tuck them names and Wilson. She is a nutrition therapy practitioner specializing in holistic mineral balancing and shall be talking about sustainable loss understands things weight loss but she's on an unsustainable. It is important that your so. Missiles on either. Good morning good morning Harry you. And you're you're out of town actually see your Jonas. The excel here by coming on the show even from syndication. We're not cute violated and Merkel are better really. You will be here. Well that's awesome. Does wind play a part of sustainable weight loss from her. It certainly Canon. Being article about how a glass of wine a day it hit it backs are I am not sure I buy it or not. Yeah I don't I don't know if I'd buy that either there is there was time monitoring more than a glass of wine and I felt like it still needed exercise pain. Your talk is coming out on Monday. 778 PM and it's free and which location is Columbia. It would be at her north location and a nearly climbed. Okay at sixth when he and 183. And so give us a preview of what you're gonna be talking about with sustainable weight loss. Well as mine who has done that about every. Form ugly lot programs. And I talk a lot about how are you seeing now with our. All kinds of rules in the action and then you'll. Relationship that they're. Oh wanted to eat. A court it's finding. The truth that are really good in the and then changing. Relationship. With suit. I I strongly believe that Wang Li. Merits our bodies and cellular level. And mutually attitude. By kind of guy you know. Now they're on the net and termination. What should be eating and how much should be eating and right. Now I'm. Michael what. You're not yet but people have been. On the weight loss. Rollercoaster. The out and so many people have done it's. Family members friends they just if they'll lose the way we'll get back to lose with a win back its you know I think Oprah went through that. Yeah it's complicated they out and so missiles and you are. A nutrition therapy practitioner specializing holistic mineral balancing can you give us a little bit what does that mean. Well all I'm nutrition care you restart we did what you're eating. And turn your back and and when we support your body that won't eat it seems to work out some other. More complicated issues. I'm not counting their own court because. Ideally we would all be getting all of our narrow and our nutrition you're actually did but that's not possible anymore these. He I'm quality of our oil it exceeded. The quality of dark suit and turn against. Very depleted and ad campaign bite. Toxic heavy metal to. And they twist and mineral white balance. And you know bouncing and yet more targeted. Look how cute. Maintained Howell. Yeah. As so I mean I've I've heard things like. He put a a lime with the skin. In your water he put in a glass of water and let it sit overnight matched it the first thing he drank in the morning. It's against the your minerals and balances there as you heard that before. Armada. I don't want. No it really have people think that keeps you hydration that drinking glass of water a day. And that's not true because we need minerals. And signal themselves to hydrate. Appropriately. And back to last year the body. While adding lines or even and Rainsy all cheer water. Can signal that helps hydrate. And down your water just works better. Anders and I put me and mineral supplement my water. Every morning and it it does it really it tastes so much better late nights cold. Hi mineral content water really quench is that when is the thirst first thing in the morning. So at your sustainable weight loss seminar. Will you. We'd be promoting a specific diet. Not necessarily. Aaron bat an eye on them. I and starting a class act in September. Called restart. And it is any. Is that it's a whole lot of programs won't and the ones but. Part informing it changes that approach. And me. The mind at about weight loss. But when we remove something that can pop in relation to the body. I'm. Your body region level sensitivity and that we reintroduced in baton may agree with your body the body in the clear signal. So it it's a security talks. Yeah. Digestion education and and long a little bit therapy all rolled into one. And I supported group environment. It's not so you go through in the class how many weeks is the class. I only have weeks and so you actually go through kind of elimination diet. I. It removes the most commonly. I'm inflammatory foods. May not restrict it. And if you really satisfying narration you're stopping your body and then. Number one important thing about to remember about wait why is you have to be in a relaxed states. Sometimes. Being strapped in contribute so much accidentally bringing the house. And I'm nearing at a other problems. Is that where the red wine comes and just eliminating that stress so do you have a specific. Diet the fuel our fan of DC works more with other people or you more of a calories in calories out person. I don't believe that everybody Karina Mitchell and what I eat me no way marriage and my friend so finding. What fueled your body absurd and that I'm. I hit eating. With the intention of how. I think it ain't gonna be different for every one. But Long Island and is there anything else you wanted to give our listeners. Genital listeners before the four Monday. I'm. I. I think that I'm becoming an open mind and eighty and then it's and that you are ready to change and on the looked a little bit differently than what we've gotten. That's great advice I think at an antenna that also goes to the staying relaxed. I fear if you're on the defense and it's in and he thinks that you don't figured out at a seminar topic deaths. And the price he stressed out you know you you might want to bust one. I. So missiles and think too much for coming on in helping us promote the upcoming talk which is on August 6 that Monday from seven to 8 PM. At her very north location at 63 in 183. I think he's not coming up. Really appreciate it. So. To our listeners that as a free seminar again that's at the late planned location text when he won 83 and peoples has three other locations including now on the 1 central on north Lamar cross from. Supermarket the wanna Westlake which we're right I'm Graham radio studio. Across most like high school and then on south Lamar. Next you've been Y. And Lamar. He and I commend people. Also going to the web site peoples RX dot com. And sign up for the newsletter in the newsletter that I think is very am. Very informative. And help as a high open. Doesn't that scream at Harvard it it looks great and they have coupons on their for discounts at the store and snow I recommend going to the website and signing up for that. For the newsletter. You do that and so we've talked to so many other practitioners but we have talked the practitioner in the room. Is that may yeah I think so I don't I don't. Not me for sure it was or tsunami. So let's see you asking you. You mentioned before I get in contact with EO and time when it guilty of that information again Cher. Austin nature rogue traffic. Dot com. And give me a call and let me know what's going on with you and work with weight loss if it. I do work with weight loss or yeah. And none and so you know everybody has a different approach to weight loss and I think that that's hopeful yeah because it is it is complicated it's never just one thing. And and you know like and I was talking about it's it's multi factor Ariel and she and and she does sounds like she does a good job it. And covering all of that so that could help you get jump started and then. He needs support you need a constitutional homeopathic. Mean need. You know her constitutional on the traffic is this a political figure taken back. Nothing to do with the cup well it has to do with freedom of health care okay a cup of content you homeopathic use and is using only a path taken medicine or remedy. Two. Just optimize your gym genetics. It suggests is the hold eating at addresses your physical symptoms. And also mental and emotional and spiritual so it really is like. It's like oh wonderful. Tonic to your whole constitution. And and it helps you experience more peace and relief of symptoms. And greater wellness and saying how long he'd been a natural that the doctor so I couldn't in Japan for thirty years outlined now. I didn't realize that thirty years ago I mean certainly there I just you know it seems so. Popular nowadays that you don't think about it being that that was it how's it changed a lot. A lot and I had more time to talk about it yeah I mean a fundamental principles have never changed Brett. But the therapeutics. Have altered some you know with the you know new supplements new discoveries. But but but but we always operate from the same basic fundamental principles and accents and a. Great will hopefully next time more closely together we can talk more about that. Are all coming up at the end of the show. This has been I'm brats Wale hear list doctor Marianne companies. This is let's get healthy sponsored by people's RX Austin's favorite pharmacy go to the website www. peoples are X dot com. And on top three teams in the AM. Extra listening to let's get healthy with people's our backs on talk thirteen seventy tune in again next Saturday at nine for another hour cutting edge health and wellness information from people's RX Austin's favorite pharmacy.