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Let's Get Healthy
Saturday, September 2nd
Co-hosted by Dr. Amy and Dr. Elena Villanueva, DC. Guest includes Dr. Paul Christo, author of new book, Aches Gains.

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Keep up with the latest breaking news in Austin and around the world take allow it to make sure you're following us on Twitter at top thirteen 7811 trading began. Just one more way to stay connected with top thirteen seven deep down right choice. It's now time for let's get healthy with bills well on talk thirteen seventy he's taking your calls live at 512643. Life that's 5126435483. And now here's mills whale. Welcome to the show where we started pretty. Introduce our guest for. That Tyler and doctor Tyler. She's a doctor neutrality. And today for the first time we've had we've got with us from. The doctor of chiropractic. Love that an oil. And is the leader is a leaner look and Elena Amanda yeah. And that's OK it's OK so we're we're we're we don't we don't rehearsed this show about the way so we hope you can tolerate it. Because we just wanted to shoot from the head up and yell and Colin if you like to sometimes you do and if you don't that's OK you know we're just listen that we found. Doctor Paul. But to Paul Crist who. But there's so are you with a is. What a pleasure having you on the show what he timely thing to talk about aches and gains. Yes thanks much for having me dot two crystal you don't shoot to ensure. But do. It's called actually the same title of the book eighteen games. Thanks again reasons just to well you also have web site partners against pain in the outcome right. Tell us China finally last night. And I don't know what to Promos. I've been the and a computer literate to do that. I found its own daily street dot org. So what. It just is that is that something the people who go to partners against I you know I think you know I think what's. Yes I think they they certainly can go to that actually my website is slightly different it's Paul Crist still indeed dot com. That's my direct web site related to their radio show and and then other elements of what I do. Crist so CH aura as to you know unity dot com. Try to sort of grinned okay the institute of loss of information. Because people knew her from mission I don't think. There will be absolutely do I think at this time. Certainly with respect to paint control and no Buehrle did keeping it more important it once before. Well it touches them term this cull the Nicol finally dropped. What's amazing is is that. In the old telephones you know the total from Bruce you know to pay phones you politically and Charles how this is saying is that you put in nickel and it is sticks and so you got to bang home. On the telephone to ever do there used to play from either going to be that much either go down I think. I don't doubt that I do I don't I. The grays they get this term is that v.s we've finally understand was going to do when a nickel drops and you got to connections to the world against. And and I think that's with what that we have here today with the pain. Revolutions happening in this country. Andrews is a big problem and then. And actor Crist though MI correct Bayard. Both eggs Indians just got published is just a month that it's released. If it. The publication date is just a couple days away September 5. OK great so it's and it's called aches and gains a comprehensive guide to overcoming your pain as a bank. Okay and the Sonics say it as I don't think we mentioned just your background you are AEA board certified pain specialist and anesthesiologist. And an associate professor and a division of payments that Johns Hopkins. Right OK and so obviously. You have a lot of experience in this realm. Can you tell us a little bit ago. Just what are the things that are discussing misspoke when things. I've heard is some women and men experienced pain differently which a lot of people had suspected Kean tells wielded more about that. Assure I you know the definition subject. It's actually. More women than men. Report pain and complain of pain and part of that we think is that well women are more communicative in general and more vocal and they seek out health care. 102. Since. And it's really seek out they seek out healthcare attributed degree in men yeah scoop. And yeah actually and more so. They do unfortunately suffer from more chronic pain conditions in India and I'm thinking of conditions like headaches migraine headaches. Fibromyalgia. For example I mean he is so deep and as a result I mean there there are more concerned about getting treatment. Him. An autoimmune and most other immune diseases predominantly women. Good point absolutely true rheumatoid arthritis for example yes. Whereas we haven't agreed completely that although I'm not sure how he explained the man flew bisphenol a can. A I don't know against. Another study do they just. Anyway so tell us what other way doctor Tyler who's who's talking right now is a doctor Musharraf with. So she's review because you were determined to help patients tortured in that you really got to enters into to it. I don't ruin those doctors who felt frustrated about patience complaints or dismiss pain as a valid medical condition. Absolutely and they attribute that to reason that I created the radio show I felt like. Patients in pain and remember they number over 100 million in the United States alone needed to voice and needed a voice in the media. This probably a low number. Yes right I mean only a third of the population right this crisis who doesn't apply yeah. Yeah you're right it's probably a little bit higher than that still that that's huge it's huge number and I and I just felt like gosh you know we we need they need. An avenue to discuss their concerns to make it known that. Chronic pain it's a real condition in and of itself just is not imaginary it doesn't exist just in the brain and it should be. Believed and we need adequate treatment for us. We also are chiropractor doctor with us. Today yes hi good morning and doctors or wherever and so she's an all she got a new officer and those were torn about later but. And so we had to pay people and maybe three pharmacists. And though we we don't like to affect who we dispense medications I like pain medication we try to. Recommend whether other avenues that can take also like acupuncture for instance. Usually does a good idea. Oh absolutely I you know I have a whole section on integrated earpiece in my book and I believe that they are helpful and I think that we have a growing evidence based. For their effectiveness things like acupuncture. Yoga. The mind body therapy I think in the past he's been under utilized for treating chronic pain. A bit but there's a growing interest on the part of researchers and certainly on the part of patients who have pains to utilize these therapies. We had thanks again needs can can you tell us briefly how you can look for the title games I can't thank Eric's. I ate well we are headaches. That tighten up with DAX. Everyone has some typically some sort of a and big gain element came out because I felt like it's important for everybody to know that there's something that we can do about the eight. So there's an ache but there's a treatment and that's the game. Okay. And the fun let's hope that people need to have as you can treat things. Well there where they've been adjustment for chiropractic. Or whether it be with doctor Tyler. Omniture press you can make your natural ways to do it do you like to use natural ways to. And I do I mean I certainly recommended if things look like you know I've I'm a firm believer that the food we eat influence how we deal. And I unfortunately I feel like a lot of you know do the nature of society eat that students. Food they're fried food could lead to inflammation and we know that. Food could lead to inflammation. Can cause pain or worsen pain. Very well said doctor Christo. Yes thank you and I I really. If I tell my patients look see I knew it difficult and but let's focus on eating it. See that's what proteins into the animal proteins so how dark cherry experience foods that are anti inflammatory. Didn't happen overnight and you know I think that it requires patience but over time months for example patients who do you notice a difference. Then definitely yeah they absolutely do I know that town. Amy can probably attest to this thanked them when I'm working with patients who are in pain. You know we typically use a combination of different adjunct therapies and and one of them is. T you help them to change their foods and I was tell the patient your money can only make. Biological changes so fast so let's do this for ninety days and let me show you how food is gonna helium. Found food does make such a huge difference I'm so glad that you said that then. Yeah. There's good excellent point crude makes a big difference include exercise and the exercise does not to be an hour a day. In the chair and it can be fifteen minutes of walking around your block. Our meditation also. At the lack of exercise. Absolutely I'm glad about that because I feel like the mind body therapies are often untapped and what we've learned it and we're learning more. Based on medical finds that. The week that we think can influence how we deal and I can certainly influenced our perception of pain. There yet and yeah that's absolutely true and and also you know in addition to that. When you get into mind body therapies such as meditation that bill was talking about. That helps people to reduce their cortisol levels and we know when you aren't fighter sliding you've got high cortisol levels all the time. That's just going to add to the pain in the inflammation in your body says that meditation and that mind body work is very very important component of helping to you. Controlled pain. Then and that's some you know really into another point they both discuss this is how you know due to. Several teams including hair crowning cortisol levels than in constant pain brain chemistry changes so we see a lot of nude issues sleep issues. Memory issues cognitive issues that accompanying chronic pain. And so it's. The you know one of the things that you mention is how we can see this through brain imaging. That actually there's a loss of gray matter that occurs when there's someone who's and chronic pain. He tells a little bit more about you see a lot of battling where the pain cascades and how these other systems. Yes and that's that's a great point too. And it's amazing it was amazing to me what I learned in time that gosh can you believe that. Our brain are read matter is affected and is compromised. When we have chronic pain specifically low back pain for example but that's even been found and fibromyalgia. And that leads to. And even greater importance of treating pain earlier. I like which brought up to with respect to. The fighter flight system because they think that's under. Represented and it's not particularly well understood but when you're in Cain and chronic pain specifically. It triggers the nervous system it triggers the endocrine system. And it triggers the immune system and if you can use meditation. If you can use relaxation techniques or yoga. For example even things like biofeedback to get those under control he can make a difference in your life. Yes great point. And continued tells a little bit ago what do you feel just a lot of that modern. Lifestyle that we have in terms of sitting at computers. Using iron in hands and wrists from taping. How do you feel this contributes to. That they end the chronic pain epidemic deflect it plays a big rule where. I think you played the rule of low back pain for sure. Because the more we dead and more moral lesson on myself included. Sit for hours and hours in front of the computer and we know that that can lead to low back pain were worsened low back pain. And I try to myself. Get up every ten to fifteen minutes for example walk round for just a couple of minutes it makes a difference. And as she noticed that you mentioned two weekends and these things can lead to Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which is. You know compromise of the when the nurse and a risk leading to end game from excessive now Melhuse. And it's important to make sure that ergonomics are correct that your cheers supportive. That's the height. But your computer that the height of the keyboard and the mouse is appropriate so that you can reduce the risk of developing. These conditions. Yeah and I've noticed an Austin at least there's a lot of companies moving towards having standing workstations are adjustable workstations that people can move them up and down as another way to. Not these could stand to sitting constantly which I think is great. Me too I really do I think beat what's surprising. T here for patients of mine who have chronic pain that movement can actually be beneficial. Most the time patients who have chronic pain. Feel like they don't want to move it hurts when they moved in yet if you look at the science. Especially with respect to look back and you see that the movement the exercise but walking. Some of the U ruled Britain and maneuvers. Can reduce pain. Mean yeah that's absolutely so true you know just before. For a person his inflection all day which most of us are you know with the sitting in the driving in. And texting in being on the computer and looking down that's those are all selection movements as what is what I explained to the patients and and if they can just take their body into some extension movements extensions stretches. Does give almost instant relief to that chronic ache that people oftentimes you know feel. In the area that has been in fractional time. I like that point and that reminds me of what we're seeing a little bit more of now which is. I wanna complexion of the neck leaving due tech net cortex neck from all of the use. You know it's what votes. I'm not in. And really bad picnic food protection. A new. Medical diagnosis. To when you look at if you you've probably noted this yourself the means to do to walking outside in the street or even inside of building every one I mean virtually everybody is looking down on. You taxed or to read some message on their home. Rain yet fairly sometimes a little disturbing when you notice that the Watkins who have missed on you to see everyone. Staring at their phones and they're not talking to each other and it's Hannah I think on several levels their problems with that physical and beyond social issues to develop from that. For now and that's what we're. Dealing with them hoping overtime we find my the balance with our technology and and it's great it's serving its purpose that. There's there's obviously some downsides to. A lot of passions found that massage with essential royals. You know from watching shows us something like for NATO be ideal because you can soldier and occasionally. You know. I personally love massage I have to say and I do you recommend it for patients who can tolerate touched on all of them can. Unfortunately but some certainly would look to kill pain headache pain. Lighten astonished and use and some of them as far as they're this will use some lavender had some of these anti inflammatory pain fighting. Essential oils like lavender. Work time or. Siege. And you mentioned that the inhaling the Romans of the essential laws can help from them. Kidney pain post are complained after surgery needles used to playing from dallas'. Lots of pain so. No I shot monitor something's safe. I agree in the past saying no I mean dead. And aroma could reduce pain is so it's just it's sort of boggles your mind and yet we do you have. Studies that sure that the the ailing essential wheels can make a difference. When you're paying. Vienna servicing the needs to they had people who Wear on opiates inhaling. You know it. Getting as those from a therapy while they were using the painkillers and then as they withdrew the painkillers they would continue their brain and continue to associate. That cents with a reduce pain levels and triggering those pathways in the brain. So I think that's another interesting use of it is just hope people who are on the opiates discontinue. Martha with. I think so what one of the guest I had on my show describe an amazing story of having a terrific intractable migraines she started using. It's a combination of essential oils that she would inhale but also placed on the skin of her forehead and temple and the back of her next. And it made a significant difference in the frequency of migraines in intensity from migraine headache and that's which uses to control them at this point. That's great. You your impressions don't you you have an office where you sit here for a so do you have music or playing your office to help with playing like because my music actually triggers. The release of natural painkiller don't believe them. Endorphins. That she was turned your book music. Well I use it as well music I don't know what that would judges who do have to go. Yet in his capacity as well that's been shown to be. Also effective. For patients who had surgery in reducing opiate requirements during surgery and even after surgery and the music can be. Based on that a patient preference or it could be slow relaxing music that China. Sort of reasonable tempo so I think that's. Something that you can do at home certainly and I find relaxing myself looking a certain type of music I feel like take me to another place. It's distracting me. From the daily stresses of life but it's also been shown in recent studies to help reduce pain in patients who have cancer. You know and in the life. Yes first you dig continues they won't right. Good thoughts and nice call music. You know I would think he what I read in the studies that would familiar with it described. Home music that was pleaded to slow temple it yet the I wanna talk to patients about those people sort of tell me we'll let you know I don't like classical music I don't like music that plated a slow tempo. I'd like hard rock and of that and I thought well gosh is that really gonna make a difference but they do report to me that it's more based on their preference than it is I guess on the science and talked. So what are you doing your office that you you let him. Let's go to radio station or something. That this. Well. We we actually don't have music playing in the office. Unfortunately we don't do I actually do you know. Recommend music therapy for certain patients at home or even in their own offices. It does make sense. About you know having patience listen to music that they like. Because I see here that. You know. When year doing music therapy it's it's it's sad triggering the release of natural painkillers like to open meaning endorphins so if you're listening to. A music that is nostalgic TU. That makes sense that is going to trigger those you know natural endorphins and and open mean levels. Exactly and I think the trick in one sense is too. Be able to figure out. How to do that throughout the day I mean it's sometimes difficult to listen to music in your office all day if you have to have meetings in around other people and lead your office. However I think that there are. Certainly. There are means of listening to music. Through earphones. That can make a difference in your pain improved the quality of your life. And reduce stress because against stress can trigger pain and in person chronic pain. And yeah I liked the symptoms have people. Listen to music if they do something mindless where they it's easy for them to do the task while they're listening to music or in the car is a great time you know when they're driving to and fro. We only have one minute left so just on an extra people know where to find your books again we're talking to doctor Paul Christo. A pain specialist is coming out with a new book that's been released in just a couple days. And aches and gains that comprehensive guide to overcoming your pain where can we find your book. You can put it on Amazon. Amazon and it's usually order it there. I agree and and you website again is Paul Christo and indeed dot com PA ULLCHR. I ST UND dot com. And I'm right. Will leave millions they'd. Having an SOS that the have you back and talk fair another hour we assignments to discuss your book is obviously going to be a wealth of information for her. The countless people out there who are suffering from time pain and want some other approaches. By the way we're gonna carry your book in that in the pharmacies because we are books like this. Murder and we're very integrated. When you see so much so we're I just talked to producer we're gonna kill you can you Jonas after the break is just tailor the longer. Can you OK okay yeah I just like to keep you on just a little bit so. So we take a quick break and we'll be right back. Presented by people's Austin's local holistic pharmacy we'll be back with more cutting edge news and health and wellness and a few minutes. Taste talk with you anywhere. On your computer or Smartphone log on to talk thirteen seventy dot com. Sites stay connected with top thirteen seven deep the right choice. This is your favorite shows keep up with the latest breaking news and more anytime at sock thirteen seventy dot com. On top thirteen seven lead the right choice. Listings and let's get healthy the bills well on top thirteen seventy crusty by people's Austin favorite pharmacy. College life at 51 sees six or three lies that spot once he's 6435483. Welcome back from the show. Actually doctor Paul crystal. Keep your eyes to you doctor Christian agreed to graciously agreed to join us some of them longer. He is so good in the he's good yeah yeah faded but the spoke to come out in a few days if I were occurring is because storms. So. Going a lot of people have religious record that. People by the book if you look at the pictures from Perry can edit the past that way is if it got a little quiz Golan. As a by the edges more of the book and just perform and advantages. Yeah there's so much to know about painting there but wait. There's a drug did just came out that the company voluntarily review was doing this involuntarily because the drug companies if you jumped on them. Is is is go to. Pros because as problems of drug abuse. Does that open a painkiller so they're they're really but we're in this now. You're. Of the appeared that they removed from the market. And oh yeah. Yes I am aware of that and I think they did that because. They were concerned that. There weren't sufficient. Studies and there was insufficient evidence that the abuse deterrent element of that was particularly effective. It was yeah it was worth the risk I guess. It was worth the risks exactly and you know I'd like Mick the quick remark on a Buick because they think this is a huge topic in the media and well it is. Tremendous problem I mean. Example we have even more opiate related deaths. Recently than we did just a couple of years ago I'm not sure that we're making progress. At the same time I feel like. It's important that. Blues who have chronic pain. Don't have access. To appear at their peak when they needed I don't think it's a huge number of patients. Who need OP would there be chronically that there are some who simply feel that their piece that we're talking about. The attributed therapies you know yoga acupuncture for example chiropractic. Injection therapy other medications simply don't. Improve their quality of life and it's important just to have access I think to OP UH it just to try a little Buick to see if they can make a difference in their lives. Well you know I have a patient holed about a month ago that that who's got skittish to prescription once for an overall on forum she's been like by the way. And overall that OxyContin. And so we have a concentration Russa and he's talked to you so. As a what are we treating your cousin who's a doctor he's he's very reputable. And does she says don't she's listed start listing or problems. And his like. Maybe you never choice I don't know but you know is it true can you can you just get. People and there's so many problems and there was toxicology and bad guys and all that the doctors just don't know what to do it. Well that's true they can be very challenging when when patients present with multiple pain. Complaints. Throughout their body or even states. You know I've tried everything I did everything and nothing helps and that's when and after appropriate assessment and risk assessment related to appeal it that we can trial and a Buick for pain control. Yeah and it was it as this and think that's a good point you know my mindset I think all of us agree is. To leave with integrated medicine there's a time and a place for everything it's just judicious use him like he's been making shared you know they are a good candidate and that. They have tried other options that definitely. It you know to have those options is important for people with their indicated and them. You know cause beat because of the told a chronic pain can take and I always have their length and their quality of life. Lower doctor got a little wave has or hasn't. Cushion for you. Yeah doctor Christo what are your fonts on. CBD only ill and other can avoid it therapies as a method for reduction of inflammation and pain control. I think that debt. To inevitable aids medical marijuana if you will. Will probably replace oh period they're being in the future. I think that we've got a lot of people in this country who are already using it for pain control. And more and more states are making it legal. For medical reasons. I feel like it will probably replace the Buick to certain degree. I think that it can be useful I think the studies. That show that it's effective are prevailing in actually patience that cancer pain and near Patrick Kane. Related to for example HIV. Or multiple sclerosis or even other conditions like diabetes. So I I think that it can be viable option it's certainly sleeper. Sporting councils and no Buick therapy. Yeah absolutely. We'll also post traumatic stress. Has been coming. A big problem in this country in paper using proportionate tress was great success. So I think it's safe. To use. This to keyed. But isn't playing that doesn't we don't we need some time because before without paying. Give a condition called with the worst disease in the world is Lapentti. Yes because you you know you for your disposal. If it's. Yeah and hopefully we need to maintain it too is an important. Physiological warning signal. Forests for all of us. Except that when we talk about chronic pain we're now talking about aimed at no longer release or to function. And that's what we're seeing. This and that's where we're seeing over a hundred million people in this country. Having to deal with. Some element of chronic pain can be Austria tried this chronic migraine headaches low back pain. Muscle pain fibromyalgia I mean they're actually a large number of chronic pain syndrome where you know the the and in response the burning station and the throbbing whatever it may be released serves no useful purpose anymore. How can read some of the things more from your book here at eight paying joint soft tissue pain. The about listen as Alter his playing well throughout this. Neuropathic pain. Other infant can be. Infant. Yeah that's really under. Represented I think not many people realize that BD. And these are really Morsi BB BB that are for example in the icu. Suffer from a large number of painful procedures. And that I thought this is an important section to include in the books so that if these people have young kid. Infants for example that require hospital patients that they are aware of the fact that IP placement. Different types of breathing too pleased that's for example he'll stick can all lead to pain and if you. If you perform many of these over the course of weeks or months. Well I mean it may affect the incidence. Neurological systems such that in time. The needy predispose to developing chronic pain and that would be tragic time wanted to make sure that. Anyone who had a baby gets sick beating in the hospital how to resource. And can you can use them what are some interventions that can help those children remain. You know being medically fragile or acquire a lot of medical intervention or Leon. Absolutely. In this has been well documented that actually also in the literature. Had a little and small droplets that sucralose which sugar or glucose. For example. On that. Tip of the tongue of an infant. Right before and during a painful procedure reduces pain. News insisting that and in. It'd be yeah we're adults we wonder if you don't sugar has the reverse effect almost anyone overweight sure because it can be pain inducing but or infants. It reduces pain it releases. Endorsements those you know natural painkillers and our bodies so that's one another one that's been used is. Breast feeding. The mother breast feeding it how right before. A painful procedure for example or close contact physical contact between the infant and the mother and her skin to skin contact we care. Is also important. That's insisting. I don't know you can turn this is to have heard that even massaging say that there are gonna have and I be placed in on one arm then. Just kind of went messiah seeing other years of their body to draw attention of those areas lovely place that maybe could be helpful. Some distraction yeah that's skin to skin contact is important. Didn't. Found that's I think that's a great point because they can't speak for themselves and you know you like you said you mean none of the long term effects of what they're going through. They can't speak for themselves and they're very in their vulnerable and that's why I think parents and loved ones need to intervene. If they see in that there. Dick Beatty is subjected to several different procedures that can cause pain. And then entry point. In your book also you cover sports injuries. And petty and Skelton please replace entry pass the ball surgical pain. Disease related pain. Cancer pain care giving I give good care. People playing. Our immune put you talk about our immune to the news show how eating properly will help you. Right just you can use has done for autoimmune conditions. That's right. I think it did the diets that are anti inflammatory that are. That focus on vegetable proteins. That focus on dish for example salmon is a great food they can promote. They can reduce inflammation. I do it good and dark cherry. Varies blackberries for example. Blueberries. Again I feel like some people why when I've discussed this with some patients bind they look at me strangely and and like work well are you are you telling me that he had nothing else to offer it up. He desperately to change my diet and I attribute to reasonable question because when your in game. You want to do is gonna reduce the pain quickly. Some of these interventions don't. I think that what I try to do was offer other interventions that can be helpful if need be nerve blocks that maybe nearest stimulation for example. He attributed treatments and at the same time. Incorporate these teams fighting foods. That makes so much sense you know to be able to provide the patiently at eight short term solution while you're working on a longer term fix. You know that's that's that's exactly how. We need to do it and and you know to also be able to supplement with supplements like you know. A proper glued to science supplement an Omega three and Omega seven which has shown. Great studies even in small doses to help reduce inflammation. You know in addition to the CB he and then you know and again obviously changing the feuds and just makes. A lot of sense. And when the patients in CD outcomes if they just stick with it. You know like I'd like now is time drastically different ninety days in united in need these prescriptions anymore for the pain. Yeah that's yeah that's. Degree I think that I CNET as well and I've also seen that. Food changes seats for example dietary changes exercise. Can reduce the pain by certain percentage. And at the same time they may still needs some other treatment that I provided may be that nerve blocks are. We're just here be that pops influence. Positively either quality of life where certain medication and still. Improve your life along with these other integrative treatment. Absolutely true absolutely true I got a question for you. What are your thoughts on how genetics can affect pain modulation. Well that's a great question I mean and that's an intriguing field ever searched it in its infancy I feel like there have been certain. Machines or class of the genes that have been identified. And leading to certain pain conditions but I don't feel like we're at the point where were able to modify. Billie Jean in a way they can reduce chronic pain quite yet. But I think that at the same time we also know that. The food that we eat exercise for example and modify. What's produced in the body in terms of proteins. So this is a great point because this is why exercise. Eating healthier foods to get fish. Dark berries Cherie staying away from fried foods. Staying away from staff who can influence jeans and a positive way it's that they don't produce. Teen neuro chemical. Me an idea I think that as the field of genetics booms that is the field of FB genetics such as they are describing is how. We may have to people with the same genetic make up bad Taliban. They genes interact with the environment includes LA style even the thought that they think. There's just so many factors so actually. Determine how those genes are expressed so it's not a fatalistic view of you know our genetic make up. It's not and I told a lot of my patients simply not to give up it's sometimes it seemed like. The process of having chronic pain in treating it is overwhelming. And they wanna give up. And I really try to say look let's take this piece by piece don't give up let's be open minded let's try something that you haven't tried. Because you know when you've had pain for ten years and you feel like you tried everything. It's easy to give up. Most the time I feel as though patients have not tried everything and I. Try to get them to the next step let's try for example the changing year. Exercised better let's try for example botulism toxin for example Botox which has been shown to be useful certain pain conditions. Know when they we re talking about a sleep because if you sleep well lets us. That's a great pain reliever that. It is and when you have chronic pain. It often prevents you from going to sleep of course staying asleep and insomnia in of itself worsens paid. We'll wait we have certainly have a right to leave you but because this is some good. Racing gangs by the way people X against a doctor Paul Christa was well known around the nation from which you do. One of the top 1% right of people in the world. That know about how to treat the. Well thanks so much for having it I really enjoyed it. How it then that wish to do of the where someone working. Sure it's Paul Christo. PHR I ST go indeed. Dot com. Announcers radio is where I'm. Your own right the radio show. That's right listens. If you're six and radio. Does her what's the best way. To be brilliant shall just have huge addition. You have to do to your radio. Well it's yet to get to serious radio it's Eddie airs live every Saturday from the outside at 6 PM eastern time but. What happens is that we take all the issues the air live and we create podcasts that are all housed on my web site. Oh really in effect there. May accuse some news of the website one more time. Yes Paul Crist still indeed dot com. Great what a pleasure have no we've got to wishing you afford to get you back if you George Reid today you would be a lot of money and no clue. To come back and how much do you get thank you. You've had a version again thank you yeah bless you sir. Our journalistic breakthrough here. I think it's health information is right around the corner you're listening let's get healthy with deals well on top thirteen seven deep breath CU by people's Austin's favorite pharmacy. We'll be right back. Texas weather can change on a dime. I wanted to continue doing here. Normally. When the weather turns severe. Turns to us for what you need to know on air and online at top thirteen sending dot com top thirteen seventy the right choice. We knew how does it happen this year topped thirteen seventeen downright silly. Thanks for listening to let's get healthy with bills well on top thirteen seven deep breath she bite people's Austin's favorite pharmacy college live at 512643. Lives that's 5126. Or 35483. Welcome back to the show host welcome back to show. Well we we don't take about that time ministers to talk about what's happening now inducted or wherever you have you're you've got to. Ways to help people in Houston don't you. Yes actually. We are we've had to. Thank you Austin I just wanna bring this up you know on Austin has really pulled together. And so many people have been going down on us and with I mean T Houston and Beaumont and the surrounding flooding in areas have been flooded with. The boats with supplies with them with medical supplies. And I is gonna give a shout out to all of our awesome people here in Austin have been doing that. There are several of us to have been working TU. To gather supplies to take to Beaumont and Port Arthur and those surrounding areas. My son graduated from Lamar University this past may and he got he got some text messages from some of that. Professors and other engineers living in the area saying you know we don't have any water we don't have any food. In neighbors are rescuing neighbors right now on there's not enough help here. We are out of water and sound. Many of us I'm not the only one but. I got that Tex and I started trying to rally some help for supplies. And on and I and I called some of my contacts. And I wanna give a shout out to you courtship Flint and hang I ash and they have been around laying up and getting trucks together. And we are all delivering supplies we have I think for me like 25 foot tracks over and it. Ward's house this morning that are getting ready to take off tonight for Port Arthur and Beaumont. And effort any view or do you want to donate you can donate. Please connect with me. On FaceBook dot com slash help Beaumont. And you can get all the information on where to drop the supplies off. They are heading out this afternoon. And and they need our help. Is your phone number that they can couldn. In case about it. He's you know what they're such an overwhelming response or not all able to take the phone calls and texts. But that they can get all the information that they need it is that dot com slash help Belmont. NS the so great in wet donations they used to looking for at this point as saying need water water water and yeah they are needing there are at least three he nursing homes that we know of where the elderly were sitting in. Waist high or higher water that we're able to get rescued but they have no towels to dry mouth they have no socks they have no dry clothes and their cold and so we need it cleaning items for them on the sanitary items for the elderly and for women is while. We're needing baby formula there women who are saying that they are out of baby formula. And on nonperishable foods. Other types of you know basic medical supplies contact solution things like that. There's a water filter called perky. Are you familiar with the I am you can take further on the waterway that actually it's very good and and that would be something that I'm racist about sending. Will be asked to people could you can take any water put it to the perky and it'll filter. Without the lectures during. Yes that would be great if we could get some kind of murky water filters hadn't thought about that that's that that's a wonderful idea I'm wondering will take contaminants in the water. The Internet every encounter bacteria and all of that it does now yeah this whole list of and then do you want the the singles size Letterman's that the alert when it goes there anything anything anything anything is an idea I'll and blanket and banning these people are sleeping on the flowers. And let's remember that you know our elderly a lot of them cannot late flat and they have to late they have totally propped up and where in dire need of that pillows and bedding as well. And agrees that face that that come to help Beaumont Olin weird he's sort of dot com slash help miles. And Bo minus bones is the DA EU and and T and it is an extra. Now. It's okay great for for the non Texans yeah exactly Rihanna got a statement should have. OK great so or the. The the Gerke is available at that time. I know that tree house in south Austin solution. Okay greens and as onto equipment mention upcoming event here and answered Tuesday September 5 is that the people's wellness center in north we have a sustainable weight loss with in wealth and that's at 7 PM Tuesday the fifth. Ends are very own doctor Millen who we've not who we have here today. At people's south there's a September 14 7 PM is going to be discussing autoimmune disease the link between inflammation gut and happy genetic. And yeah and that is part four of five of the series you'll be lost if you've missed the other ones. But I can guarantee that your gonna wanna come back and repeat this year is we have had people coming back for a second time to repeat the Ceres Billy you weren't there and part three we had. Standing room only in there. So you know please come and listen we're giving very relevant information on the Euro was always do don't you don't show is I was keeping it simple and there that's great in the did get to sign up a commit to show that. They can show up if they want to are as BP. That they can goatee you modern holistic health and they can get Hillary now team doctor via mark holistic health and they can RSVP that way. That just helps us kind of know how many chairs to get set up but we always having to plot more chairs anyway without them out and holistic health dot com and and again I don't mean disease filling between inflammation that and that be genetics people south. And Thursday September 14 with that island bill and Oliva. Sounds great and we did I mention too that we have our upcoming let's hope we becoming an annual tradition. Him day which supports the health alliance fast musicians. And we donate 5% back and columnists in Delhi feels on Tuesday September 12 loss that musicians playing each people's Eric that Easton. At new and so we hope you can come one other. Plug we have rococo whips off sale of its and you coconuts. Based non dairy soft serve ice cream and we have African mingle into directly bear that are essential building with that sounds delicious. And it is good it is you can where they'll restore. Maybe it Texan but we're we've just got to lose it's just began this current. Boy it's relief it's been a great show thank you so much structure of doorway of and you and your offices and west like. It's at the Wesley medical senator at 3636. Became friends. Induction Tyler always a pleasure having you on a palace planet hopefully I'll have a great weekend and we'll. Have to next week Saturday the director of Saturday analyze. And thanks for having people in Houston Beaumont and when we got to leave. And thanks for our. Producer he would do his great job again so we're gonna take a break we'll be we'll be back next week. If every talk radio program for the same what would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas weekdays five to seven on top thirteen seven Michael Berisha.