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Let's Get Healthy
Saturday, September 8th
Let's Get Healthy for September 8. Guests Nina Tiecholz, author of The Big Fat Surprise has us rethink how fats can help us be healthy and Dr. Cheryl Burdette from Xymogen talks about how we need to reduce plastic in our environment and our bodies. More information at www.cleanseas.org

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Welcome to let's get healthy and talked 1870. Perhaps you've by people's our bags Constance favorite pharmacy. We're taking your calls live and 526. Foot three lag that I went 264354. At 830. And welcome to let's get healthy sponsor rep people's RX Austin's care pharmacy on talk thirteenth in the AM I'm your host France will I'm here today with. Beverly Bragg where licensed and interest and Brad are you. And yet I'm happy to be there were having had deal and you learn a new active interest over at our sponsors people's RX so. Thanks so much for gonna show English enough in me. So on today's show we have that new anti shoals whose author of the big fat surprise. Now why butter meat and cheese belong and healthy diet and they'll be talking about. There's a new study out actually buy the UT health in Houston. Am. That says that he should banished a guilty feeling for consuming hold their products so. After having my heavy cream latte that fueled a battered up. And and let's get some to some events out of the way at people's obamas and turn north on Tuesday September 11 at 7 PM. There is a CBD. Seminar at what is he BD oil out of things probably pretty good thing this by Don Welsh so that's a great. Topic talk about sense CD is just on everyone's mind. We think it was he below silencing the the I think before and I think. It keeps me a little bit more level. Analysts less likely to rise to anxiousness sort of yeah I definitely and I take it apart and sometimes it helps with that appealing epidemic a lot of people have been getting off at the sites by taking dvd. I've heard that. And that's great and people gathered their dogs I get a tonight on I just got from seedy street that the dogs the dogs have and I problems. They'd down but it's anti inflammatory so it helps with arthritis you don't Skiles. One of them is. I don't like to say olds but she's get them there now while. So the again the seminars what is CBD oil September 11 at 7 PM at our. North armed Lakeland location. The phone number for that is 5122198600. That's a few of the questions as a free seminar. Not so. Beverly when he tells us a little bit about yourself before first guests know mutate at the yes. We have new anti nationals author vigorous price and then. Our next guest doctor Cheryl Burnett with so I'm engines can talk that talk about their clean -- an issue. Just and it carried away unnoticed by Panama other events and the end we'll talk about you and her friend is wonderful wanna give us a brief introduction about your practice. And my name is Beverly Bragg where I made five Allen and acupuncture is here in Austin, Texas Iowa and senior ailment. And then I completed the five element program at that institute of classical five element acupuncture and Santa Monica. That and sunken what's the best way for people to contact deal. Through the website www. Five element. Austin dot com and act IV EU web and you see not just yes and Beverly at five element Austin dot com. Cool. So. Let's see I think. We're about to have our first guest on the line. Now am. I'll news wall this so a slight delay so they're really when he tells a little bit more about five elements and it's not final I kept saying before the show five elements style that is incorrect. That is contracted because we learn about the five elements and the masters are adamant. Any schooling acupuncture so be. And nine year with a five elements. But five on an acupuncture we actually apply the five elements to diagnosis and treat type. We all have the five elements within a switcher wood fires Madeleine water. And were actually born where seeing there after after. We have been elements in balance in one of the elements. And threw it treating that one elements would be. Tends to. Get rid of symptoms that we treat their group caught its rather than just chasing her pal readings symptoms. Yen message in some thing about acupuncture is there a thought about as. It's why go to a doctor and went to some very specific doctor like if I had eight year problem might go to an ENT of and now heart problems and a cardiologist at a acupuncture assists treating the whole person. Absolutely and I am really is treating mind body and spear. Yeah it's we're not just physical bodies that be a lot easier freeware that we have ninth and we have spirits and without treating all three of those things together at the symptoms don't go way to tell me more about the treatments peer partly it seems like it's. Maybe a little bit harder to sort of grasp that concept yat treating Xperia is because backs in knowing why pay each way years. Patience Allen is and what they're steering knee it's. And it's a very vast topic ballet it's without. Treating the spare we don't get the results that we Y ya. So. I actually he treated me a couple of weeks ago and you're welcome to you know without going too much depth and welcome to share some information. Would that be see you're we had a conversation before the treatment where you actually know the treatment mean the Neill park and EU but I guess the whole thing is treatment. You're asking me questions on my life then my kids in my marriage like that is that this your partner. Yeah I'd actually mainly trying to figure out what element yard cynic that's less. You hone in on like yours spiritually knees and each Allen needs different things and would Allen needs guidance and earth Allen needs and that he. And Natalie Allen needs acknowledgment you know. Through those questions when we talk about marriage. Relationships where they're not hearing neutral topics and it helps us. Hone in on clay you're spiritually needs. Of that so go over those Thomas fired almost Omar led to fire. Earth metal and water. Mud and so it's it would is that which ones are you can you say that. I'm a letdown IA interaction and I need. Vision and I I don't know what the plan is I can easily get lost and it's. What it's all about hope. And then I I hate me if you think at a plants. A plant needs water too much or too little and heard it. It needs a seed to grow in needs soil with Trace minerals that needs air ya and needs a home. And too much or too little sign can really hurt a plant and we have the same elements within us and we need all of that and Anna. So tell me loaded the difference between the five element and some sort of I guess they'd. I don't I don't know if it's accurate to say a traditional kind of interest that what's the difference like what led people expect to. The only difference though and I think of acupuncture I think as originally you just go any talk with somebody for a few minutes and you get needles putting him. And then typically they leave the around her thirty minutes to an hour and like EB. And acupuncture actually got very westernized airing them now dynasty he didn't believe acupuncture and he didn't believe it that we are mine bodies and spin is how it's actually an atheist. Five element acupuncture practices. Classically how acupuncture originally was thousands and here's how it ends and it's really special because we tailor the treatment for each individual. And traditional Chinese medicine sun times has point prescriptions. Five element acupuncture each treatment is completely different and you never give the same treatment twice because each person is different each time. The so. When Aniston was different as the utes to Keeneland and then you take it out yet if felt like. I just seem merely in there and I would look and an eagle be gone but it's there's still some of that goes to the feeling. Which was kind of. Now unexpected it's kind of like a dull ache. Yeah not okay yeah and with I've element you don't leave their and you're trading your patient the entire time they're awful. At kisses on Nan and. That you can only treat one person has time I well will talk more about that little later but right now we have on the phone. Nina Thai nationals author of the big fat surprised by butter meat and cheese long and healthy diet neenah area. I think they'll thank you so much for being on thinking. So I guess at times can be a little bit abbreviated. Which is okay. The let's talk about this am. I studied EU the new research could banish guilty feelings for contending holder products so before I came in the show today. I had a heavy cream market should I be worried about that. No in fact. The reason that you might have been or about that in the past is that. You know we've long thought that saturated fat and fat and found tend to be found in dairy and meat are bad for health and cut cardiovascular disease but. They're the last ten years of research re examining all the data from the sixties and seventies. That was done on that subject really found the cat has never mentioned to be true it's always been based and we kind. There's no reason to it would depend fat in your diet. Yeah and actually so. Euro you are aware of doctor Sean baker am. I started doing is the sort of diet eat the car or diet back in January ever since then I've been drinking just tons of heavy Graham summed it is this is good news from me. I'd do. Another thing that higher at halftime and the lower the sugar and carbohydrate content is so low fat not to hire and shippers. And Europe wouldn't show and I haven't seen it and the cream because it's got mark Patton is more officiating. So fills you up to you less likely he's been factoring today or when you have a meal seem. Yeah and so that's another benefit that. So let let's talk about the dietary guidelines the article reminds us that the 2015 is too doesn't twenty dietary guidelines for Americans. Currently recommend serving fat free or low fat area including milk cheese yogurt and or fortified. Soybeans. What do you think of that. Well I actually looked at that time all the and behind that recommendation in tremendous detail and that reading an article about it for the BM today about how that they. Did not review the last five years the science on that subject and they they really were not activity and a lady looked at. All of a clinical trial which has maturities and evidence and saturated fat so that was not a a complete review and the question of why. And I think. That they're they're documented but the main one is that there's just tremendous. And in public to rubber stamp that that it could play there's a lot of forces in place. With the advice that we've been telling American public has been told since 1961. So it's very hard to change and to reverse. A major public health recommendation. That if you look at evidence I mean especially on dairy. But it really is just more and more hate being published about how period that heated kids who drink whole milk crept in America. It said repeatedly that it's that we get credit and but I think in the longer life that are outcomes and the more Rick Rick Kennedy anxious that people who eat cheese has. Better about their outcomes that the cause and effect. Result though. So that the blanket and then I checked out of step with the science that's the bottom line. Yes so. You mentioned that this goes through sort of only back to 1961 I believe he said. Why has that been so difficult to changes therein it I think it's it's as it is sort of seems like nutrition science. Once something is out there and once the you know. The government backs it up it's just it it's so hard to change why you think that is. Effectively just said which is that there with a hat popped it back saturated fat and cholesterol I technique that would. Launched in 1960 under the American ratification adopted very quickly buddy. US government national and it could help. It became institutionalized. As he dominant. Establishment hypothesis. And then it became. Just impossible to back out of it for so many reasons you know institutions don't want became put hopping on a public. Be on that element of attract. But in fact. The clinical trial that bird and again the gold and evidence statements huge clinical trial on tens of thousands of people testing whether or not. Factory packed cut her to beat. Again and again and again either NIH funded trials they found that could not find that such an attack context he's. What happened more than well from the that just went unpublished. Summary that would not have this for decades. It wasn't one of the things I've found in a might be injured article that was. Truly stunning with that no dietary guide an expert committee which convenes every five years in 1980. I think that no committee had ever reviewed any of that kind of child directly. Is to say they just ignored the evidence evidence came out against them and they just ignite it. That is so. Is disappointing for lack of a better word that you'd think that they led one the latest greatest information out there am. But I guess it's just gets ingrained you have. A lot of corporations that are trying to sell these products and it's yeah just as Blahnik. If people aren't. So I anticipate there on technology companies invested that become invested in the product Americans utility more sleeping on now green. And so. What is the harm that is that it's not just. Sort of incompetence are are reluctant to change your mind but in actual harm being anti Americans mean when they were told to stop eating. Need to take cheese butter I mean those are crap that's where all the nutrients aren't fit and that's whether bio by now available and instead. American shifted to eating. I'm 40% more grainy. And so. Which. The greens. It if I understand as simple sugars that seemed to digest it and so there's really an argument he made that I'd shifting Americans over to a high crane high carbohydrate diet to pat. Helped fuel the happiest inside these epidemics. She's so I you mentioned soybean oil and it does stats. And as there's a lot of there's a lot talk nowadays about sole way indeed may be estrogen effects that might have in the body. Aren't there should we be worried about the spoils as compared to saturated fat and our animal fats. I think. You know. Vegetable came into the pit they create they were used to it and lubricant for direct machinery. And then they came into the fifth time when people figured out that our company and Procter & Gamble figured out that. When they heard and vegetable they needed a quick fired and that was the first product that came in crystal in the early nineteen hundreds. But they have never been part of the human food supply. And the problem that vegetable oil. Especially when their chance three which is that. I won't go into that into account is that there highly unstable and they oxidized especially when he did ordered just left out on the shelf too long in a bottle you know I'm a let color bottle they are that they cut. Toxic oxidation products. This remember that we can people take that into accidents is that oxidation is bad for your body. It cut the information information type of the numbers he is. So. Eating vegetable the chicken cooking with vegetable is not safe. And saturated fat I stable that's why they're solid in temperature they don't that actually better. Typically it fat stats are saturated and create. Battered to eat lard Calabar in batteries to beat him. Only two. Really that dominant hats that are Americans in western Europeans could put differently hundred. Coconut although it's been maligned as a plate is also high in saturated fat and good to cook went. Yeah I ate I usually just sort of I'll cook bake in our meet in this release that Greece the panties of the next one. So what about I've. I'm sure our listeners are thinking bit and because and I am. What about some like all of will have been told for. I mean I don't know how long for as long as I can remember is that olive oil is really good and would that be considered a vast oil. It is it slightly different and I have a quote chapter in my that for a that you who want to read something very entertaining about how olive oil became making a little they've really started out as a whole marketing campaign by the European I'll clarification stating and it collaborating with Harvard yet more all of Ireland admitted launching a Mediterranean diet and a mandate it completely and fascinating that and I'll live is different because. Although it is not fact traded only had it. It's the couple mono unsaturated fat mono meaning one double bind so. Because it only has one double bond cursed soybean cotton seed South Florida and our canola. All the corn oil you know well all those other oil are poly unsaturated and poly is multiple double bind. The mortal once you have. The more opportunity there which oxidation. So our plan is actually a little bit better and has insanity that there in age clinical trial but it does not oxide is much. As the poly unsaturated fat which ones you really wanna avoid. So it communal effort say without addressing the core application. Rather than cooking. Quote I think I'll pilot twenty years. That's bread basket ams so you brought your books let's talk about that most of time left is the big fat surprised by butter meat and cheese ball long and healthy diet. And reading through it getting prepared this this interview I was sort of blown away at how. Detailed it is how much research went into it but how accessible it is. It very easy read and how did you get into writing this book. You know it to people much decade if we change to do that that. East and the preview at that the important undertaking I I with the kind of story on trans fats according magazine. Atlas is the booted it stereo and lunch and sat back and got a book attack direct and trans fat and then I just moved into this world as. I can't patent done wrong on you know good fat fat fat non fat look at how much about the need to let Americans and the test and a load and I found this. Truly incredible story about how we seem to discuss it completely upside down and backwards. And how has it been the practice. That this city itself that it detective story. But the Caroline because the implications for our health and health of the nation so. Depressing that. You really just took me down a radical and I'm on difficult subject. Pump and I didn't come up for a long time but I really wanted to get to the bottom story because my book is. It is so contrary to what we've come to understand from all of our tested expert. Yeah I really wanted to prove myself wrong you know I spent a long time trying to find every possible argument that. You know how could I be right how could this be right. How could everybody how can I be right and others are these experts get around that to me really long time to convince myself that what I was writing nice. The trip. Yet it's a really scary thought to think that. Things could be so different than what you're actually told. So I mean I'm actually look in the book right now and the number of references and here is really astounding. And you went through it's like he left no rock unturned for sure. It's really impressive so they're going to draw that research. Is there are one thing that was just this or six and mine is you herb is over played very surprised about must the surprising thing that you found. One's met except for me is the largest wine discovered that which is. It was one studies the largest ever attacked at the hypothesis that saturated fat and crosstalk compared to these. And and this with that and I expenditure on more than 9000 people for four and a half years really welcome trouble because this is at a hospital with a controller food. Mental hospital. And when the results came out that saturated fat cholesterol didn't contact with these in fact. More than men put their cholesterol the greater their risk of having a bank activities. It is our cannot publish for sixteen years while and when the principal investigator was at supply he said well. There's nothing wrong with this study that is just so disappointed that the way it came out. And well in fact the opposite of what science that the that the BI. And I still understand that it could tell that story. And maybe that's why your book is so easy to read because it is so stunning. How many how would all the information and there's really at that for lack of underwear again is its stunning and it's disappointing now. Stuff like that they didn't release information for sixteen years it's just it's crazy. So before we sign off with Hugh wanted to make sure that people know how to find do you engage your book. But I think you have met look at them and assignments that they have to practice. My own web site is. I mean potential dot com matches and I and aid. TE I DH OLD. But if you if you Google they have to Pakistani. And to sit and yet I mean I think. It's still a book I think that it's relevant it was interviewed by the lancet not too long go to the top medical journal which when he said you can put the controversial but that's what we went and checked references and desist but. And he's correct and that is an important victory itself. I encourage people to hear that pick that. Yeah I'm looking at the Amazon right now and out of 957. Reviews you. Four point six cars that's streaming round out though. I will thank you so much you know we really appreciate it. Thank you my man yeah you have a great day he. And you're listening to let's get healthy sponsored by people's RX Austin's here pharmacies stay tuned for doctor Cheryl her debt with Simon and talking about clean seize the initiative. Don't go anywhere we'll let let's get healthy the people's car accident coming up after these messages. Making talk radio upgrade again somebody has to come out and tell it like it is top thirteen seventy the right choice. Didn't favor finally. Collins now. And I'm 264. Let's get healthy sponsored by peoples are at. Since favor pharmacy. Black. Thought their kids in the AM and I forgot to mention at the beginning of the show. That these shows if you miss fine or you know I'm sure it was and the radio you're driving around you make it stop peak on its I don't know. Foods Eagles RNC on a go ahead. Very Smart. Your new permit us now if you gonna feel sorry recede you get a traffic art if you miss something. You can always find us on Mondays we will upload these shows to apple podcasts. It's on Spotify so just. Pretty much where every year podcasts is where it will be. And I think we have our next guest doctor Cheryl protect from zionists and she's a regular guest here on the show. Learning the morning Harry you. I am pretty Harriet. Doing great and I'm here with Beverly Bragg where and it and acupuncture wrists over at five elements and she also works at people's pharmacy so. I shall I sell as I mentioned ally. I did get. Get to have family around. Yeah. So. I've ever debts you're here to talk to us about. You these damage and clean seas initiative. Tells little bit about that. Yeah political. So many times and a mama I'm talking about nutrients than what we can paint can help the Bart well can't stop the moment but. Many times what is in the best. John they grant people and why they're doing what Eric. Doctor Burnett let me. The only. In Europe for the second. Eat your phone cut out their first thing so can we start that from beginning. I turn as you and that something even better. Yeah so. Many turn them on here talking about nutrition and I'm nutrient content can improve our health but this morning I wanted to take a minute to talk about. Not what is in the supplement that by heart and soul behind me where these things come prominent now. One of the things that we have them looking are Arabs are dealing here on the agenda and we are. Moving away from classic we know that one of the biggest threat to our patients are. The environmental toxins that are out there and what we know about plastic is that. It breaks down in the ocean we have literally. Eight garbage truck. I take it down into the ocean every minute. And when not occurred to continue to break down and become a little bit of micro plastics get taken up by bad. That eventually taken up by human. And Maria I'm Weyrich Angus function in terms. Cardiovascular. Health or cognitive decline in our fertility issues when there joke. We're taking amendment that I can we do about that level yet. Work on any talks and work without patient. But what are we hearing about it on a larger level and has diamond in the upper. Corporation in the United States to go to the UN and the umpire. The clean see you back. And that of an initiative. Working to make sure that we feel we entered its plastics. Through it plastic our ocean and there is plastic aren't all that well. I'm gonna moving away from bottle all all paper. On paper well yeah I was about to ask. For supplement company to reduce their plastic in I'm buzzing the use I was. And rack my brain how they do that as a solid plastic bottles so who are switching to paper like paper bag. No cardboard boxes and oh income last say it or an individual have to think about the most. Protein powder and both external affairs that we like it may be like. I didn't diet stricker pre immediate area announcement about Erica on the beach or going on occasion that you wanna take extra grip it well. I got out our our back either good Burton trident group without our autumn because we're like. Pat and they're now and better. A cardboard box. It. Is that there are the same price. Change the way the littler live now where it can sit there what a lot but you know getting our patient well what you mean in Atlanta well. Yeah absolutely mentioned that all the different side effects that can. I guess consuming these micro classic he said could have on the human body. I was reading an article the other day about. Men's fertility is on the decline has been for quite some time and this at this current rates. That it would be completed can be completely infertile or effectively infertile was in my generation or two so. It's going to be arguments about that. Yeah and so far the solution to that lies to. I mean they're reluctant strange sport sperm count one of the things that will look for apartment I'll try to get bored. I'm aren't count and so rather than doing something out why it flow are the most recent I wake regret about the right way. And what normal Rangers. Will lower that now every on all appeared normal. Not really exactly in in the term correction about illusion. That is awfully tricky so. How did you how design engine get involved with clean seas what was. And Indians need just call you an email and do this year. We'll and thank you for asking that because that brings us to hurt the boat and wanna bar. Original founder of the diamond Jim you clues. We lot. Her at last we lose is. Yeah and the plant that lost all our and it would include pat that you know black my curtain mumbling means that I want to work. In the private year battle furthermore. Public bearden and (%expletive) in things on a local level but globally it loud and hey I'm gonna go to you and we're gonna become a part of their prime Blackburn the founder of diamond jumped at bat that make. And while the number they're all are here is not only are we and I bet but it kind of you look at. It container or third Japan cardboard. Radically different a crock that radically expand that so many layers on which a matter for the planet. Even better that they like and management easier to earn the actual facts and diamond in the injuring more into orbit during a compliment as well and so. All of it together. Consistent they'll philosophy. And though. The planet really lost someone and a lot Steve. Certainly her legacy lives on helping all the and about me. Why you are on the top twenty the plastic in the ocean is from hot early. They're they're people can't get quit acting their stride when name out there that significant there. But I think. Yeah and it's I like he brought up the sort of exponential factor of making this one change. As a a profound effect down the chain you know you're not using this plastic attrition cardboard which is lighter so it actually uses less gas so it's a really. Greats. Initiatives the guys have started and again I'm so sorry to hear about. Her name is eve as a reason. You click yes and in the founding member board advisor scores aren't concerned about certainly. A board says or stricker Dartmouth where lead late educate your point there about. Alive and yeah really and enjoyed it I'd say it. I worked around I. Yeah so how can people. Learn more about screen seed to clean seas initiative. Oh hop online and they're cleaned seen an accident and it looked like you write about UN site. You have the option to get off on that on a personal level on a corporate level. And then we'll give you some idea that the basic anger that we can make oh. Getting and a plastic bag commute and something reusable drink go to the credit though are or something as simple when you're outside. Cry every day. As the last hour cycle around the PayPal and not for our oceans. These are all very acceptable and we can do it but you make their car. Yes so it's I think it's easy to. On a personal level like I can stamina recycle more and that's pretty easy Cuba for corporations. That are just a lot of times. And it depends on the size of the corporation obviously bet a lot of times they can be very monolithic in very difficult to change. What's been the reception. In your opinion from other corporations are they making the same move wars is pretty unique to the engine. Still pretty unique actually in the supplement industry advocates like thank Matt. No matter bottles at different containers is enormous span. I am Blackburn very clear that. Everything diamond and that is not motivated by a bottom line. There is American here and that they're gonna make our patients healthier and and we have to ask. Well make the planet healthier well now that's not to say people are calling it. Might think some larger corporations like Al Ahram up. Doctor about it. My demeanor if you don't act and that your son was coming out today he said other corporations DC Dell was getting involved. Yeah yeah. In the US Simon and look the part. Well that's great. So. I would I would imagine that a large settlement company like you're like is damage and would have lots of lots of backstop on bottles just relaying around waiting be used how Long Will it take to transition into the paper and anxious. I have dinner party ban. That there are millions idol cricket and minute that we expect over the course of the next year and it will paint. Those. Yeah. It pretty quickly add up when you start thinking about them on the other lands that climate and they'll. The patent pact with the events that enter code. Supplement in and packs for revenues. Yet so doctor Bennett Burnett were coming up on a break here and the sun has a little bit sketchy here and there so while we had a clear. Can you tell us how people can find out more about design engine. Yeah go I'm in dot com and there are both of them coming to America. About them are bad things that are backing and in the community. You could all but I'm concerned that work with summit and they read them practice and I'll pull it. What we refer back acquire hardly back detect predict where I met them. The album now MC can always go to. People's people's pharmacy location here in town and there's plenty. Very knowledgeable and experts them. Did know all about damage and so it's not been there for sure. Absolutely. Quite a good partner. He actually so doctor Burnett think he's much for coming on and telling us all about the clean season as it. I pretend to be in here have a heart. Weekend. A YouTube thinking of that. All right now that is that we apologize for the technical difficulties there. You know. Even if happens it happens even with today's technologies are solid there's there's downs itself you know that people's pharmacies as biodegradable straws. I think India and utensils him. So we're onboard. That's so let's see. Well we're gonna break here and you're listening to. Let's get healthy sponsored by people's RX Austin's era pharmacy on top thirteen haven't. You're listening to let's get healthy women people who are. Since local ballistic pharmacy. We'll be back. Yeah. Listen don't talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere you all know pretty old dot com how. Check your phone's App Store or visit told thirteen seventy dot com slash Al. You're listening to let's get healthy with peoples are. In favor of pharmacy topped the 1870. And got a question call us now yeah like 24 he lied. And welcome back let's get healthy sponsored by Pentax Austin newspaper pharmacy and talk to kids and am I am your host Brad whale. And again I'm here with Beverly Bragg where licensed acupuncture just and we're gonna talk to her more about her acupuncture. And five almost acupuncture in just a minute but I wanted to remind people about the upcoming event what is CBD oil. On September 11 at 7 PM. At the people's wellness and turn north. So that'll just be all about. What CB do oil is what it's good for. And when all the hype is about as there is lots of I've. So called I want to. 2198600. To find out more about that or email PWC. North at peoples are stuck commonality. Posts by way. Natural path and on the path and herbalist Don Welch. So I have a great speaker there and don't forget that if you. Miss a show or in his part of the show to subscribe to the podcast wherever podcasts are found. So Beverly yes let's effect he needed it was and technical difficulties that the technical difficulties the beginning. Integrates. I wanna know more. How did you get into option. I for Scott and acupuncture as the patient actually. Little background on me I was diagnosed with passion that is fired guidance when a fifteen who Los a bunch of hair gained a lot of way. Was really tired your hair's back now I hear is back nine has gone Beers is not there if I hit an okay. And I tell it that I and then my freshman year of college. I out of nowhere started having horrible digest of problems and living in the dorm I was hospitalized several times east. I was it was rock as ought to stay and I went to tons of doctors nutritionists Castro in neurologists I was diagnosed with. The unknown irritable bowel syndrome. And it only treatment they suggested for me was to take anti depressants which I tried. And it didn't work for me it didn't help my symptoms and ands. They couldn't tell me why I was say quiet ease symptoms start to happen out of nowhere before that my digestion that's fine. And it's. After years and this is about my junior college someone suggested that I try acupuncture and I figured I had nothing to lose so I went to an acupuncture yes it. Definitely helped some of the symptoms. So after college I decided yet acupuncture school honestly hoping that I can't heal myself via and in acupuncture school IA. Didn't feel like has reached my full potential help my full potential health. And I happen to meet Lindsay Tony is five element practitioner here in Austin. And achieve and site owner and Austin and I starting in treatments from her and it was ninety day and I. All of a sudden I had my life back and I can eat phase I was unable eat before I. Didn't feel like a hostage my symptoms is. Really amazing so I decided after experiencing not firsthand that I needed to get that classical institute a five element acupuncture and Santa Monica. Batman and gonna schools and Malcolm's must have been wrath. In a hard time for our. And that's the I am I'm glad you mentioned it's. Peeling hostage to your symptoms I feel like that's a common theme among people who are ill or sick they just feel like these. You know they let the symptoms get in the way of her life and that's and really sad state of affairs so. Especially when you look on the outside Hewlett totally healthy young and it's hard for people understand that you really don't feel well yeah that's a good point till. So who is exposure for Armenian mentions Yang had this very complicated disorder and no one punitive lots of medical doctors and they gave you. Antidepressants for an anti depressants antibiotics. The Internet presence for a gut issue lynch and in his gut brain connection but I don't know that doesn't. A nice baritone and was not Leno and I was that's a form of treatment and blessed Easter stairs and interest IDS so how so who is a dress for everyone it really is right for every on its at preventive medicine and there's nobody it. Can't help we can see things happening before they actually starts to manifest. And specifically with five element acupuncture. We diagnose through odor colors found an emotion and heavily through the pulses. So. It's it's very Italian and you're seeing how each person is different there needs are different. And we surely can cater to any and so you mentioned those how you diagnose people when he. Owner sites voters. Colors sounds and a nation under color sound and ended with five elements there are. I've elements would fires metal water and each has a sensitive and her colors sounds and emotion so how do you diagnosed based on sound. It found its sound is somebody's voice is somebody can have a punching voices singing voice and weeping voice and it's more if it's inappropriate to what they're talking about says. Somebody's talking about how all their partner just died and their lonely but they're laughing. About it you know it's telling. You know you give us clues to where we need to gab. The that and yes that logically make sense yeah okay cool up over. So utter is something that we've been taught to ignore the region wearing perfumes and theater and it's totally fine I'm not against fat. But voters they're really helpful diagnostic tool. And can also help us hone in on what element a person is and it's nothing to be ashamed of we all. We all have a smile and out. You know it. It just the wind is that the nature intended yeah I'm sure my wife would like at about forty that are a little bit more often. I've on the partition it's helpful if you sit up the low and so I recommend for my sake ends. Treatment on the insurer that I'm nice and clean the so. What is your specialty in acupuncture. And I really love treating a need depression anxiety. Traumatic chronic pain anything that has an emotional tie to. Because like I said earlier not just bodies where minds bodies and spirits and it's it's really. Pretty simple to treat the physical body for pain but when there's an emotional tie do it it goes deeper and that's when five elements is really easily applied. Yes so when I do it my treatment there is that beginning point we're talking as the at that and I'm talking about you know. Miami. Especially style old or my marriage or you know and in lots of is talking about different things. Would that be sort of win year treating the emotional side of things. That's yeah out where each element has certain needs in ever and even if you're the same Allen that we all have different needs what makes us happy and so. At the beginning of a treatment I was trying to figure out. You know who you are why the socio. What you need to work on so it mainly is to figure out which Allen ER to based on what I say that beginning portion. Will. Change. Potentially change what sort of points you'd use and I'm absolutely yeah we. We wondered do you need to stand up taller in the world are you a senior problems had RN or are you need a little space do you need for him to grow. Is your spirit bear read. In energy you need to be lifted those are all things we consider an affront on the acupuncture. We treat the person not just their symptoms so. While. Eden cumin for this Billingsley Cayman for a lid back pain we absolutely would treat the low back pain that we don't go out about it just by putting needles in your back. Him ID comment frank opening. Yeah as it is surprisingly less than my putting on my shoes after the treatment. It is. It was nothing about my ankle hurting and adds the she's just slip on a one of the deal. If they have to be here I think Kia not I mean. Apparently I look forward to the follow up than you know working on the stuff more. What's cool about five element is that no truth no two treatments are ever the same and it really is catered for the individual and very unique needs at that moment. Yeah I'm so. Remind people how they can get in touch with you if they're interested in scheduling an appointment or finding out more five Allen meant Austin dot com F five C. And they can also email me at that really act five element Austin top cotton. Okay and they can find you occasionally. And they occasionally at people's pharmacy OK then you're just on the floor. Floating around hundred people sun came up teal on the floor PG who. Offer them some advice absolutely yes I did every time on there usually the south tomorrow location. South and north. Now in north and right now okay. And just remind people that people's pharmacy has 4 locations 1 central on north Lamar cross from since market. One in west slick across from the Westlake high school south. And it's close to be and why and Omar. And then way way north at 620 and 183. Beverly is there anything else. Five on that you're never left alone in their hands and needles that are hardly ever it's retained their usually just put an end taking out immediately and Wii's mocks the passion which is an herb called my glory. It's an honest and and it it's very tarnished by naming it feels really gets. And it's. Yeah I had. Besides I anything. What people expect and they get acupuncture is to get needles put in them and then they're left in Iran alone for awhile and that's just not the five element experiences. Aryan active for now I think it was in your office for two hours almost beyond the first treatments to just two and a half hours wolf. She's yeah. So tell me a little more work almost on the show here but I wanted to. The mug warts it is offset boxes say it's that some and he put on the scam at the needle point our where you had to really put a needle and you burn it. Yeah it basically meets that makes the point function stronger. Ancient Chinese tax say that. Mocks that warms the house before they castor arrives. I'm rankings beautiful city burn that in your home is everything no iPad on this and no I say yeah I think about attacking you that's a metaphor for. Howell knocks on our X yeah it's a it's more or nourishing. A guy who well we get about a minute left. Am so remind you one more time how they can find you. And they can find me at five on an Austin dot com and they can email me at that really act five element Austin com. Rates so. On to remind people. Do you subscribe to the podcast he invited wherever podcasts are counseled that downloaded. Spotify and apple podcasts. I think tendon and a few others. And it's. Our guests today were Nina specials author of the big fat surprise. And doctor Cheryl forget with designers and talking about their clean season as it is so be sure to stop by people's RX. Learn more about that signage and and things and listening this has been let's get healthy fun to read people's RX Austin's their farms I mean host France whale with. That's really where he thinks that where Ankiel and today. They're listening so let's healthy people direct contact the 187 blue demon again next Saturday. Another hour cutting edge health and wellness information from people die next Constance favorite part of the season.