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Listen and learn how to use realistic to build wealth and passive income streams for you when your family. We bring you experts everyday to discuss and answer your questions on everything from single family homes all the way up to 600 plus unit apartment complexes. And now your host a self made. And national award winning investors were a big year old Holmes movie. But the blood cells are limited real estate investor radio show on her host a long slim is always working on your financial freedom. Today my friends from the show you some insights that I think are very important. You know for years I've been trying to teach people how to become financially free. And. Through my thirty years of experience of doing real stayed 26 usual things company helping other people I've noticed that. It's easy. Two out of by real state and make money literacy real stage these people are difficult might think they say all the time. And the typical part of our people. Is that. They have perceptions of life they're paradigm just keeping Kobe would call them they're paradigm of life which is there map that they followed to be successful. He's cute it's wrong. And the reality is a very high percentage of Americans have pushed you to map I would say at least 95% of Americans. Have this wrong map. It is very hard to ferret this out because. What these people want me to tell them how to do his tactically OK here I'm I'm about what it Q on the radio talk about how about real state and that's not ruin what's important. What's truly important is why you won't buy real state why you don't build your asset base why you will not be financially free Sunday. In the future nearer four. And today amid covered email it's it's sad. Said email. A bit of a recovered anyway because sometimes. Out of the ashes of somebody else's pain. Can be drawn a conclusion that maybe one or two or 5000 of you can see or hear. That might change your life. Because. There really are reasons that people fail in life and they're very clear. When you dig down below the surface. People ask superficial questions that mean nothing. Because they don't understand which really deep questions they should ask. Today's email gentleman's asking me a bunch of superficial questions. That really mean nothing because he. Doesn't understand what he really should be asking doesn't understand how the world really works and what it takes to become financially free and because of that sadly enough. If the gentlemen continues with his belief system. He's never gonna become financially for. And you know he thinks he's asking the question. They're not a smear. In his level of thinking it probably is an honest question. But the reality is. He's so far from understanding what he's really saying the female. That I told him today when I got you know two guys that I go over it on the radio and you know hope he's listening in or listened into the first show. And and gets the understanding that hey. There's something wrong with the way you're seeing the world so. America Europe Jones name I don't want to share his pain. We did leave people might know himself on the go and cover this is just. Hello Dell's been awhile since I shake your email fields not to be discouraging. But I wanted to get your input about something I've been thinking about for a while now so this is something you've been thinking seriously about what we go to whose email. Don't forget that part this is something he's thought seriously about. Over twenty years ago when I was sixteen years old and working full time won't high school. I didn't have a lot of money and Erica had a car without mister slow start right there he was working full time in high school what is. And what has always been his belief system in life. Work. Trade money straight on from money work even in high school when most kids are out you know participating in sports. Endured growing up going to dances having a good time. What ever he was working full time in high school and kick. Back and got an old car. Without a stereo. Around that time most cars didn't have stereos or. If they did it was really bad sounding so before the Internet was around I went through every checked got a few books and read them. All to learn how to install like own stereo since I couldn't afford to pay someone else to do it. So that is the next belief in life for the average. Person living a life quiet desperation. Is that I can't afford something. So the only thing I can afford to waste my time I'll go and get a book books and study and learn how to install. The radio. Right to install stereo whatever news. And save a few dollars this is the next American missed belief. This saving a few dollars will actually get you anywhere in your life and I'll cover that later on a comeback that would begin later carried. Our nation is once I figured out I showed her friends. What they've done and they were impressed suggested by console new stereo amplifier CD changer etc. in their cars well before I knew it had a business license in order. Car stereo equipment at very low prices compared to the high retail cost stores like Circuit City and best buy were seldom. So now. Here's the next life that Americans where he got himself way. Business license. And now he was a business. He was any business. He was a job he had a job of installing the stereo equipment. But in his mind it was a business people believe that having a job as a business. Being self employed where you get up and go to work every day is not a business. It is a jock. Now if you order a company worth thousands of other people hundreds of other people work for you. And you still get up go to work and might be considered a business. If you do what I do witches have hundreds and hundred people working for you but you don't get up go to work every day it's definitely a business. Because a business is something that makes money without you. It's a living breathing organism. That's why they know other to be corporations that you can't through the people who owned business because they're not people it is a business a company. That produces income without you getting up and going to work every day. Next walk he goes a sister like good work and great prices there due to my good work. And great prices. Are. Which again. Good ball low ball low ball. I'm gonna make because I'm cheap. I'm never good business because I'm cheap. I'm going to be cheap because I'm doing all the labor and not paying somebody do the work and because of that I'm trading time for money. Had a tow cars lined up in my driveway waiting to be worked on. I made good money until years later factory began to include stereo units Meister units or cars. OK I made a lot of money where is that money. Today. Did you buy houses with a did you buy stocks with a didn't buy anything. Now. So here it is trading time for money. With no believe that you should ever invest that money. Is another American fallacy. Carl what kind of became so complex you have to unplug your computer. And remove nearly the whole dashboard upgrade mr. Russo I saw this becoming a problem early on and got out of the business again. He is now quit a business. Right instead of learning to upgrade and improve a gold a company around. This business what he really was saying was the job was getting too technically Rolf to work was getting too complex too hard. So I'm Iran on the go find something else to do. Because it's just not easy money anymore here's a type a personality. I want easy money. I want something for nothing I want it passed I want to free if I don't get something for nothing fast enough I would change my direction and go somewhere else. Right I bought houses 2030 years ago. Away from houses. To duplex to four plex to small part was to media apart large parts and I'll try to buy classic I mean proving my business skills that I'm growing my businesses. He just ran away. Next fast forward age 21 theater that is skills to do so want to collaborate got a bunch of books on how to create a website. My site became popular fears literally as a hero. I'll search engine optimization was unheard of alert how to make my website pages very friendly to Google so a lot of key words were listed number one which bought a ton of traffic and revenue to our website. And they're not think about this. Again he Witten got books. He didn't give formal education just went and got books figured how to do something because nobody else knew how to do it usually get in and make some money. But how much money the Mickey says tons of money worth the money awarded you with him. Right. Goes on says I thought I hit the jackpot since I would make thousands of dollars just from blue rule thousands. Dot tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions he made thousands of dollars. There again. Living a life of quiet desperation middle class America or on that note lower the middle class America. What are you doing you're making thousands of dollars and thinking you hit Richie says I thought I hit it rich. I hit the jackpot. Because I was making thousands of dollars. That was until the word caught on and millions of people learn how to make certain sites as fuel friendly as well. So my key words that were ranking number one got pushed on to page 101000. Since so many people were educated on how to do this they'll think about it. You go and learn how to do so whatever it. And in no time and all your 101000. Worship. Could you imagine if I was the 101000 worst radio host if I was that you know I'm not number one. And I'm not even be within that top hundred but 101000. Wouldn't get on the radio where would you would you think if I was the 101002 worst. Real state training program would oppose the 101000. Worst. Apartment owner. I wouldn't be in business. This guy was 101000 workers. Right so you think about it. Work earned think you're rich find out you're not. Don't keep open business. And have to change. To a new business. This is the form of who would come back we go deeper into that form and a few other items. That this email proves why Americans. Are not financially secure what is keeping them. From becoming financially secure will be right back we don't want the public to watch though a limited. Real state especially. Ask in. Lifestyles unlimited is the real estate investor education and mentoring group that has been taking people by the hand in teaching them how to invest in real estate for over 25 years our students have been so successful at creating wealth and passive income the people more local state and national investor the year awards. Ten of the last ten years it's easy to see mark being real time magazine named us the best in the US. If you're ready to add real estate to your portfolio due to lifestyle unlimited Austin dot com to access summer free life training event schedule. Lifestyles discovery is your GPS. Quickly scan the investment. Pinpoint the best deals tell me your returns and taken. The free online. Best investment properties tonight in the premium valuation techniques you need to. The very best deals done to getting the best deals dot com to sign up today that's getting the best deals and dot com. Top thirteen seventeen. In the with a group that leadership today would talk about why he. People fail to become financially free. We'll talk about the the ideas and theories that they live by and how those ideas and theories are really the problem challenged it. They haven't become a successful it's not that become successful difficult. It's not that it's only for a few it's four of the fact that people that have the wrong mentality about life are not gonna get their shall mercurial with a female. It says next that I figured that. In order be successful have to learn something really complex that is Hari in high demand and maybe that I can have a stable career shall give. That sentence very complex education. To be able to every stable career in other words what you got what he what the job. It took me years but I learned how to program multiple languages set up servers that pretty much do anything that makes. Besides opera. Since there was a lot of demand for programmers back I was making a lot of money and figure finally found a career that I rely on again what is a lot of money. And two word of all the money go. That was only social media. That was until social media became popular and now people can share their ideas online without needing a programmer or hire a cheap one which are predicted would happen. Oh Sunday the future and so I got out of the business again he runs instead of upgrading and becoming. Better Eddie skills that. Or creating a business that proved Cooper Olympia. Or. Investing so that he can sidestep all that stuff by now we've had so many this is made so much money could be saying I'm making tons of money. He could have invested all that money any could have been financially free right now. But he doesn't he just keeps trying to find ways to scale up front of the job market. The next thing says is I figured I need to have a skill or do not have to compete with the whole world that's of high demand. OK he just gave up. Our one of guilt trip that is not in demand in other words. Comedy go hard and Iraq. And do something nobody else wants to do. He then says that became a truck driver which are currently. Do I love it. Except now I hear about how they're making driver was cars and some wires and which. I'm sure to be replaced. Pay my friend. World and reboot placed as of our jobs. All jobs will eventually be replaced but you know what like Trevor tried. I like Brothers took a beautiful. Is that is serene. There's no competition. There's nobody you have to talk to there's no communication there's no skill set just mindlessly time. That's a job that nobody wants. So he wanted to because there's no competition for. Goes on and says you're the main reason for this email here you on the radio recently stating that you are expanding nationwide opening of new offices in other states. That's good thing for your business that you already successful and say you have more money than unique. I just wonder if you grow so large that thousands of new preferred members that the second. They do you come to bill will be gone within two seconds to just so many people going after. Or worse multibillion dollar company we'll see that you're doing and duplicate your business model and spend millions advertising worldwide to a point. There's no houses or apartments will be available as investments since they will all be bought before you can even find them. This is where the guy shows the other side it is insanity. This is what we call the lack mentality. The lack mentality. Says that. I have a zero sum game belief in life for me to have a dollar I have to steal it from somebody else. If you get a dollar I can't have a dollar if I get a dollar I have to take it from you this is what the Democrats fully. The Democrats believe that the only way that he. Socialized class that the representing could have another dollar is to steal it from a human being that worked to work. They don't wanna teach their people to earn. They don't wanna teach their people to invest they don't only teach the people be successful because they don't believe that any of that's possible. They believe that the world as a zero someplace. Right he goes on and says I'm sure if you were not teaching real state. And kept the support yourself and your circle of friends there would be invasion you know if you just sitting there waiting for you to snatch him up since no one be aware. All of them and would be passing them up. Right so. To say the rules to pars bigger for everyone but not if the whole world is competent educated enough to spot a great deal. No they're giving good deal would be like hitting the lottery. If reaches that point it seemed like the only secure jobs for those who are already rich. Are the ones that take many years of sacrifice and credentials such as being a doctor a lawyer. Which is something not. Most of us are willing to do. So my friends. Securities. The lack mentality won't come back from break and explain you why his premise is absolutely. Wrong in every way shape and form. And that's why he'll never be rich. And why the people's lifestyles are becoming rich if not already rich from the program because they do not have that lack mentality. They have the abundant and tell. We'll be right back to the lifestyles and limited real state industrial great. Did you know that every dollar you invest in real estate makes you money five ways cash flow of money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars and create when you have a great team and by the white property using the right map. Appreciation realistically can increase in value over time equity built renters pay down your mortgage each month. And finally the tax advantage when done correctly real estate investors pay no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains at lake styles unlimited these are the five ways we'd make money in real estate which is why real estate accounts for more millionaires in the world today that any other investment vehicle and you should have some real estate in your portfolio. To learn how to attend the lifestyles unlimited free workshop call 8669718970. Or go through what style unlimited Austin dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 8669718970. Or go to what styles unlimited Austin dot com. Without that luck doesn't look at it. Thus the radio show. They were discussing why people frail. What types of belief systems it has to create failure financial. And we've been going to see mil this gentleman that sent to me and his main premise channels covers mean premise is that. Everything he's ever done life. Has failed to succeed for him because somebody has come along taken away by being better read it. Or being more efficient at it and he has based his entire life on the premise that. Burning is the way to become wealthy and successful. He goes on and says OK now I hear you saying that this real state stuff you're doing is growing and growing role of the country. Isn't that could eventually create so many investors that you're going to be about the deals well let's go ahead and take that went on first well. You know one as young kid they told me there was a twenty years' of oil left when I went took a geology class Mozilla dot college there were a thousand years of oil left now there's. Hundred years of oil left in each of two or three states in the country. Every other you know country in the world has another hundred years voyages that thousands and thousands of years well oil flow from their president. Was the mentality of how you find oil what you do with the oil so for. The same initial real state if you're out there trying to find something for nothing instantaneously gratification diseased cows for nothing. Like all the other real state rooms in the world teach. Then yeah if everybody knew how to do it there'd be no left but that's not what we're doing we're buying giant businesses. And the fact that we've been doing it for 26 years in Houston never riled that we have even scratched the surface. There's like 3000 apartment complexes in Houston. And I don't know how many we have nowhere near that many and not even half of that that even a quarter probably. If you take a look at Dallas same thing another 3000 dolls for working awesome Santorum together those 3000. Literally counting the small town what Midler. Or corpus Christian that were buying out of soldiers. You know three to 5000 apartment complexes in Texas alone we have even scratched the surface we probably don't listen. Less than without following across the board I don't have a real number that's all we know for the tackles. But the reality is we're buying more more Romo all the time faster fashion we've been doing that for 26 years because we get better at it. Were buying the larger apartments it takes more people to buy them so more more people can get in two deals that. You know where it takes 2030 or fifty people by deals on each apartment whereas before we buy one apartment retired one family. Now we buy one apartment complex may be retires 2030 things right. So then that thought that this lack mentality it's too as opposed to an abundance mentality. Is what holds this person down I'm not gonna try to do it again it's just gonna be a failure is just not gonna succeed. They talk about what we've all over the country. Is that can create even more investors know my friends through the bottom line if we've been able to do for thirty years in Houston and not even scratch and serviceable and everything. What happens when we go to Atlanta. We've got at least thirty years for re even to this point right here. What happens when we go to Florida what happens when we go to Michigan whenever you go to Phoenix Arizona would have to go to Las Vegas would and so we go all the different places. Each one of those cities adds another thirty years of possibilities tour membership. And that's only named a handful of cities what about Saint Louis what about Chicago what do all these other cities in the country that are out there. Right they're all over the place. We've got an entire country what it is is if you look at it as a demand versions availability situation the more we expand. We expanded to unsaturated markets. And use investors from all over the country. And so these deals are getting better as we expand the deals were doing our provinces. Texas. Are becoming better deals and we don't become better deals. As we get bad ran a little words with the abundance mentality. We won't improve. With growth this guy has never been willing to roll with anything in his life he runs ways Susan gets tough they'll. We grow expand its smarter do better. In everything we do. And our members benefit for the next thing is what about some big jarred billion dollar corporation to come in and knock us off guys. They can't do that. People try to knock me off for 25 years they can't because you don't have to turn things we have number one. We of the quiet until people that have been developed into a belief system of giving back a share. If you get a giant corporation. They wouldn't share they would keep everything for themselves and nobody would column. If you don't have people here you don't have people looking for deals you know people find deals you don't have people making the money. You have to have money to do these giant deals you have to have money. You have to make it available. If you don't make it available and you don't have the money did your doctor to do do the deals so jag corporation doesn't have the second thing we don't have we should cover wanna get back is. They're greedy. And I agree. I never wondered all the deals instead of me being a billionaire I wanted each and every one due to be there. We'll take a short break we'll come back right back with a large dose of limited real state restoration. What would happen if you can show for tomorrow for the next couple of days before week a couple of months. A year how long until you lose everything you force forcing a fraction of its kind of earnest. If this beard keeps you up that night it's time to learn the strategies we teach their lifestyles unlimited. Start with the free workshop goes to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com and find you through financial news like so many of our members already. That's lifestyles on limited Austin. Dot com. Get your path to retirement in just one day at the country's largest wealth and passive income tax spoke Saturday April 14 game one on one access to hundreds of industry experts realtors and lenders property and asset manager's apartment owners real estate syndication and trained professionals week national radio host multimillionaire real estate investor and mentors the top award winning investors in the country del Walters we use promo code expo eighteen and attention for just ten dollars that's wealth and passive income expo dot com promo code expo eighteen. What about the life doubled over the roof and a radio show they're moving north through email. As a demonstration. Of how B. Average person living a life of quiet desperation she's the worldwide that belief system. Will not allow you to be successful and so instead of just how do you see the problem is the problem. And I listen. A series of points that this email made. And I want to share them with you here just to sum up the you know the move move on the first when this. The way to give it life is being cheap and doing things yourself. You know. A penny saved is a penny earned there's a belief system that middle class America has believed forever. And the reality is what I want you to understand is savings will not make you rich. Putting money to 401K and diarrhea or savings account or little Billy's college fund. Does not make you money simply putting money under your pillow sticking it in the dirt or any savings account. Does not any way make you any wealthier than you were you've already earned that dollar. You have yet to decide to spend that dollar but you still only had a dollar into you learn to invest your money wisely. And make large rates of return. Successful long preside and you'll never be successful. Number two. Working is the secret to wealth. And the secret to becoming wealthy used to get a better job. That I'm always looking for a better job that I can make more money with it better career that I can make more money with. It's all about the job and it's not about investing at all. Number three. I want to be nothing. That presents competition. Competition is bad. I want a quarter of the market I wanna be the only person doing it I would have built that easy money. Right. I don't want to have to keep up the pace of growth of an intellectual and intellectual growth to build progressed my distance along with society. So as soon as there's any competition boom arm out. The next what is. Almost hide in the job that nobody wants. To wait to be successful. Is defined did you talk to nobody wants me. Literally he's saying that folks and you gotta get this she got is that if you were to write your own manifesto. A what you believe in this poor guy is gonna rip it apart at the bottom line is. This is gonna help somebody out there don't. But if you write your own manifesto how we sentences could take right out of your manifesto. Of your life belief system and just rip you were new and it. Well there it is almost hard to jobs that nobody wants I mean that's doesn't solid up nothing else does an excellent. Technology will always wipe you out. There's no matter what it is that you do or have technology will render it useless it's so important future. So. Let's see technologies made everything about living in the house and apartment better over the last 200 years. But has it rendered useless. No. Has it made it more or less available to people to live in housing. Now how is available there's probably more Els you know there was before but has it taking anybody's investments away from. Now. Even the oldest real state we have still rentable somebody. If it's not that it's come of age and it's no longer within the mores of our society healthy enough to live in. Then they've got to demolish it you should have moved golf it's a natural progression in life. He's to grow. With technology. Not to let technology wipe you out. There's been natural process. Of things becoming outdated when people want to automobiles the guy who built settles there wasn't many of needed. And then only the best ones were still there's still people mega channels. But it's only the best. And the same thing's true with what all these things this other guy did is it. Technology can wipe him out the fact he wasn't very good technologies what wiped him out and that everybody also willing to grow and to change. The next one is this a zero sum game idea that there's not enough for all of us for me to have a dollar. I have to steal from somebody else. For him to have a dollar everybody else just to let ego. That they're there either can't be enough for everybody this is the democratic believe you've got a steal from the rich to give that a four. Not keeps the port to become rich. Not teach support go earn any deaths and only assets. Why don't they teach the Puerto do. What is the poor don't do. So the poor can have with the board don't area instead they'd rather steal from the rich this is a zero sum mentality game situation. No bug this mentality. Not at all and last greed gal why didn't you take it all view should have taken at all. Boy. That soundly founded in pure life agreed. Unbelievable. When we come back from the break I got one more piece of evidence not in this you know but another. We'll be right back to the lifestyles a limited real estate investor reaction. Thirteen seventy. Pulled back to life doesn't limit the growth investor regular shows. They we've been talking about mentality that lead to failure financial. Failure. Middle class than the left quite desperation. You know just. All those things to keep him from ever being financially successful I got one more for you discuss six or seven radio last email. Here's one more to this was kind of a cute it's it's a little. Funny story. That really. To me it was said to be a joke between husbands and wives and obviously money in a different manner but it really tells us how we all see money in America. And how it's just really. Not going to be successful because it. And done on the degrade Ricci says. A woman has her husband do you drink beer can answer is yes form says how many Beers a day then usually says mayor says she usually about three. Whom says how much do you paper beer manages five dollar which includes tip. Woman. And how long have you been drinking man about twenty years I suppose. Woman sort beer cause I don't you have three of them today which puts you spend each month about four and fifty dollars. And you wonder will be approximately 5400. Els correctly and does some math and says correct. Woman if they had one year you spent 5400 dollars not accounting for inflation. The past twenty years put your spending a closely to 108000 dolls correct and Jones says correct. Man. Woman says do you know where. You didn't drink so much beer that money could have been put they stepped up interest savings account and after accounting for compound interest for the past twenty years. You could now have bought a complaint. The mayor looks the woman effects do you drink beer. And woman says no. And the mayor says. That we're sure play. No folks you've got to think about this from persistent to really get to listen to slow high level infantry here. And that is. First of what was ticket what people believe is. In savings. And what the woman is going to point out that she would say that 105000 dollars. You would have something. But the point is is that the lady even with that savings mentality is seeing you could buy. Courts you could buy crap. You can buy a plane a boat. An RV. And the reality is even with this husband wife fighting over this five dollars a day. It's not gonna make a single bit of difference in their life which those two points out because you don't drink beer and we still don't have a plan. And what I'm saying is there's no mention here the woman would have said you'd take that 105000 dollars and over it and over that twenty years in auto red house. Every year you have twenty rent houses in the twin red house are producing 101000 dollars a month of tax free income that I would have been impressed. But even the woman who had arguing it acting on her husband are being the way about the Fargo today. Still has no idea how to make money still has got no idea that even saving the five bell today isn't going to be a big difference in the long term. Quality of their life and the husband mills with debt. And so I know people. They got that very same belief system. I'd somebody tell me one time almost for rim something like this he said. All I know. That would I have problems. I'm gonna lose my money. So well I get a chunk of money I bought something I want because at least I'll have it. And then when problems come law. Sickness loss of jobs car break down whatever it is higher risk tax problem whatever. I'll just pay and payments. I'll just pay into it but at least I'll have my toys at least the thing I won in my elect at least double taking their vacation. So the concept is the zero sum game concert began that. Eventually. You will fail you might as well have some fun along the way. Nothing. About actually. Winning the game. Nothing about investing and having income come and tour not only can you buy a toy that you can retire and have the time to use the toy. And increase that investments sold in the future you can Natalee be free to use Detroit but afford to buy more and more and more of the toy is better and better Torre's. And never dig into your income. These are the ideas. That are lost to our society the easy ideas to make the difference between wealthy people. Middle class people living a life of quiet desperation. Until someone comes out. And teaches these ideas to the world and you. Joseph listener. Decide to hear them. And believe them. Then the rest to view will be asking the same questions the gentleman did in the email which is. Where SharePoint. Where's my special car my special ops what do I have to look forward to. And or why did that guy gated off. That's the problem with our society. Everybody wants to know why everybody else has something that they don't. Instead of one need to know how big guy. Obi got some from today's. The emails. The wasn't tend to be negative is intended for you to see it so you could become positive. In your life. And remember always as we do this for not doing it just a little bit more money. We're doing this for a credible lifestyle had a wonderful day. Oversee. Thanks for listening to the lifestyles and limited real estate investor radio shows remember that this show is for entertainment purposes only. And should not be construed as legal investing more tax advice results may very. Always consult a professional. Before making any financial decisions if he'd like to find out more about the mentoring available at lifestyles unlimited. Please visit them online at lifestyles unlimited dot com.