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Listen and learn how to use real estate to build wealth and passive income streams for you when your family. We bring you experts every day to discuss and answer your questions on everything from single family home. Homes all the way up to 600 plus unit apartment complexes. And lifestyles unlimited. Real estate investor radio show. I felt limited real estate investor radio show on miracles don't want to do is always working on your financial freedom. Today my friends on the work with you. On a concept that he's been. Rolling around the back of the mind for a couple days now and it started. Few weeks back when I decided I was gonna take back up to project of completing my career road. Lay out for my cranes and so forth tandem. What I've found that was what I started back up on this thing I've quit because I run into. A road block and I just could not figure out how to overcome. And when I came back to it with a fresh that I should look at it. And went back to the same. Educational materials and I had purchased before or not do this stuff. I was starting to see things that I had never seen before. And the basic thing that I was seeing was that like based approach to the whole thing was wrong. And I've made some very. Very big. On going mistakes. Multiples of so much. That I just couldn't forcing. And I think whenever you what he's not successful in life. Wright's speech because they're starting out with the wrong impression what works and what does it. You can do a whole lot of what doesn't work and it still won't work. You can do it faster you can do the harder you can do better. But it still won't work. So on and introduce you today to cup concept to have been rattle around my head I've been speaking about for years but they're really. Rattled Roma had lately and that is number one. How you see the problem is the problem. So. You have an approach you have a point of view but what it is you're up against. Any of you have that porn view. To be wrong. No matter what your conclusions are to how to fix that those conclusions are gonna be wrong also. The next statement is. You can't solve the problem the same level of thinking the problem was created. So if you're based knowledge is what created the problem. You you can't fix that problem continue to go back and change the base of knowledge. Now today's show's going to be about all these different levels of basic knowledge right crew there are a lot of them. But what I'm willing to. To be quite clear about a product is. That. If you start out with a won't promise your base level premise. He's going to dictate. How high you can build your success in whatever topic did you wanna take on whether fitness and finally it's is your family help. What liberty is that you're trying to accomplish in life. Think about it this way. Trying to build. They are very very tall building on a very weak foundation. At some point you can't go any higher it's good to topple over. You have to think about the foundational. Ideas. Before you can work on the pinnacle ideas. And later on today you really talk about personalities. And issues and personalities. Some people are just pinnacle that all we can think about is cherry on top they have no basis and will not work on the base other people. Pool producer based it's very solid dependents and equipped I'm doing her. I'm fine destroy that I don't need more successfully more fitness and will be more health. These theories all come back down to this really based there you have it you can't solve the problems a symbol of both thinking the problems created it. Have you ever spoke to someone before. And you're listening to their story they're telling you what's going on between what's going on with the light and as being told this story of the life. In your mind. You're going. I don't get it. They're life is in shambles because of them. They have no money not because the world created a no money situation for them. Because the world knew these bad decisions for them but because they made bad decisions all along the way. And the bad decisions were based on a base. Belief. And you sit there you go through and or even help disperse. No matter what I say you do it's going to be wrong. Because they don't see the world in the same light. And so it was certainly one to start electric pizza until I was 44. Years old. When I was little kid I was fat or fat. Spare him. I was told you need to exercise. You need to eat health the I was told that you know you have your genetics and somebody who's grow out of it. In other words. I was fat. Got my belief systems about what how life worked out kept me fat. No matter how much exercise. No matter what hang out with no matter what kind of died and try to go on I was fat. Now. Start to believe after wallet. Genetically you can't beat it. Because my base assumption is all wrong. It is not. Only genetic. And it's not exercise. It's 99% are now you give me a bad person and by the way going to go over this I didn't really fast and I know how it feels. There is no way. There is no way that people are society who live in the Wimbledon and they're being happy about it. You look at the whole families the entire for a little kids are 200 pounds and fourth grade. Perish as 300 pounds. The whole family. And they don't believe there's anything wrong. When I grew up men high school weight about a 150 pounds. I was a big kid I would about a 185 to 200 four biggest kitchen in high school. And obviously a much bigger that I know because we've been beaten steroids ever since they were babies. Beyond that point. Every man I know. It's about fifty pounds overweight. By the time you get to be an adult. And you've got that pot belly. Your fifty pounds overweight. Absolutely. Tell women it's even worse for you. We used to think when you were high school you went somewhere between 95 and a 105. And argued 200. Women are 5200. Pounds overweight. Met her 5200 pounds overweight. And one a one Jews or should go to the gym picabo 45 pound plates of the largest what you put on the weights. And picked it up and carry around with you for over an hour to everywhere you go and sit down but to lay eggs we stand up carrier which you. Now big two Eagles pick up tools and try to do they care Iraq annual relay is very quickly why your miserable. You are miserable. Because your fat. In it make your joints hurt your back Kurt it makes your blood sugar bad it make your blood pressure bad and make your cholesterol bad. Everything. You have in your body is being distorted in destroyed because drove fifteen to 100 pounds overweight as you don't what are you get up in this. Because if something is so simple to fix. And yet 80% of our societies fat. It's just bizarre. Now because I know it's easy to fix. Because I know how to fix it in my mind it's ridiculous. To allow yourself to get back to. Putting their minds. The base assumption somewhere says. It's okay to be that. It's not a problem being that. He's not hurting my health to be that he's not make. Wired is not give me less. Enjoyment in life I'm not having a better sex life or in better relationship. With my family members because. I'm fat. None of that matters. The based Gary Guyton being fat is not there. It's gone. The understanding and acceptance of that is gone. Now I don't care you are you tell me your dad you can't lose weight I'll tell you you're you're a liar by puts him at camp. And I've dreamed of doing just want to do is kind of kind of sick acting bit. That this cause my whole life would have been like to take a couple that people and take them to someplace like a camp. And lock them up where they can't eat. Exercise of during the day take amount of Mike's nature hikes. Walk him around can initiate an outlet to me it's just like the greatest loser type thing except you. You know you're not competing you just simply doing it until they get all the way back down to perfect health. And had those before and after pictures because I know that if you took the best person you know with the worst Mattel will you put minicamp. No doubt at all that person be skinny again. The problem is folks you eat too much food. You eat like your 400 pound force. If you don't eat normal human being. A woman doesn't need mourn a thousand calories a day guy doesn't need more than 15118100. Calories a day get we need for 5000 calories a day. So we're back now this is in the summer on how not to be fat this is a similar on the basics that. Everything you do in life you're starting with some basic premise. If that basic premise is wrong. And you cannot succeed in that area of your life. There's no way you can because the basic premise is going to create the looters the limitations that all eventually. Make you fail at whatever he should trying to accomplish. Now the interesting thing I found out was. When I do this trade thing that I saw others for five different things I did wrong I really had to dismantle the entire train set. I'd start a low overhead sell back my trains and by different trains sell back my tracked him by different track. Undo my adventures who have built this beautiful layout take it all parts start over. It took as much effort to go back. As it did he get there. And now I have to start the process of starting over again. That's what you're doing your life reference. That's exactly what you're doing. As you looking at your life at sixty years of age who conducted fifteen reporting saying I would the edge of the cliff I did wrong and others know where to go. But down. For Barack will be right back lifestyles a limited. Real estate investor reaction from. Okay. Lifestyles unlimited is the real estate investor education and mentoring group. It has been taking people by the hand in teaching them how to invest in real estate for over 25 years our students have been so successfully creating wealth and passive income the people more local state and national investor of the year awards. Ten of the last ten years it's easy to see what the real time magazine named us the best in the US. If you're ready to add real estate to your portfolio due to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to access summer free life training events schedule. The number one question real estate investors tab is should I buy it. With the best available data on them terrible sales and rinsing your marketplace. Lifestyles discovery hello. Quickly and easily estimate capital gains and monthly cash we'll go to getting the best deals dot com to sign up for. Us how to get the best investment properties and learn to identify the very best deals to add to your portfolio. And the best What about blood cells limited drills from their review showed they were talking about how your base through these times in life. I happen to be correct or you're not going to do accomplish your goal no matter how hard you work no matter how fast you work no matter how many times you try to do it. It's gonna continue to fail so we talked about you know did this today and hell. He died is the secret to losing weight and watch your diet you can be fit the rest of your life. But it giving the other theory that there's any other way tools you can take. You know Mitt medications you can take care. It's super special diets. You know no you have to keep. The right amount of food go right number of calories the right types of calories. And you'll stay fit but. That's just the base assumption being wrong and everybody else's accomplishment should try to comes into the fitness because I want let's talk about finances. What base assumptions do you have about finding kids who start out with a very basic when you have from beginning of your life. Do you believe and have been told to have a lot of money you have to have a good job. I get a good job he needs to get to college education. Well that's just not the case. That is not the case at all I don't have a college education. Yeah I never had a good job. So do you assumption from the very beginning has got you trapped. At trying to accomplish something can't be accomplished with the way you're trying to accomplish it. The giddy up and going to work every day is gonna solve your problem you believe that right to you retire at seven years of age you're gonna work the rest of your life because you're not going to be able to get rich doing. Work. You have to do something differently but you believe that all has to do with the work. M would you have this base is on should you think about it does college education really make you wealthy. Well back when I was a kid that has statistics that said if you make if you go to the smaller school you could do some of the money if you and earned this amount of money in my lifetime if you can. Go to this level school you're in this. And all those basic statistics. That whether they were true or not the time. The theories the assumption behind them false false. Because the assumption is some financial success comes from having a job. And the job comes from having an education. And that isn't what makes people rip. Another assumption basic assumption I've had my life is that I can live on apple whatever I earn. And the secret to that is not. Carrying what I live on today another which when you start out as a kid. You don't pay for anything. So when you get your first job. I know you wanna run out of my car you wanna run out by computer you run out spend money. But the truth of the matter is would ever do you earned half of its more than what you had last year. Now each year you're going to earn more money. Which means teach you or your standard of living is gonna go. And when I made 30000 Euro lived on fifteen. 10840 lived on twenty when I got to fifty a lid on 25 and I got to seven you lived on 35 when I got 200 lived on fifty. When I got to 200 I lived a hundred. But I found that I never really needed a little more than a 100000 dollars a year. And so the Taiwan and making 200 I'm saving a hundred. The following you I mean more to me 300 but I still lived on hundreds announcing 200. And he continued to do that to where I started making so much money I was living on such a small percentage of the that I got rich. That's the secret. Produce more income. And save more money. That your secret tape the more money and produce more income with the reinvested. And grow exponentially. In financially for the rest of your life in every year should be better in the year before because you have more money to invest. So. You going to continue to elevate. Your financial position. And you gonna continue elevate the the status of which you allow yourself to live. What you never going to impair the ability to grow. That's a base period that I had since I was a kid. And all the people who had things I didn't have when I was younger because I wouldn't spend my money. Now look up to me go boy we sure will had a piece believe I guess. I'd love being multi million. But if you love to be with you wouldn't do what it takes to be and you wouldn't believe. What it takes to believe. Your belief systems flaunt. Your parish police system's flawed. Look around yourself and catch yourself this question is if you drive and listen this podcast for whatever. Who around you is a multimillionaire. They'll ourselves we all know a ton of them because we all think the same way. So who around you has really become a multi millionaire financially free individual. And you figure you can count those people in your whole lifetime on one hand. And because of that. You don't have the right belief system. Because you're not around like please wake belief system. That's why you need to get over it lifestyles putting a short break we'll be right back. It was lifestyles a limited real estate industry should. Did you know that every dollar you invest in real estate makes you money five ways cash flow of money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars and create when you have a great team and by the white property using the right map. Appreciation real estate can increase in value over time equity built up ranchers pay down your mortgage each month. And finally the tax advantage when done correctly real estate investors pay no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains at lake styles unlimited these are the five ways we'd make money in real estate which is why real estate accounts for more millionaires in the world today that any other investment vehicle and you should have some real estate in your portfolio. To learn how to attend the lifestyles unlimited free workshop call 8669718970. Or go through what styles unlimited Austin dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 8669718970. Or go to what styles unlimited Austin dot com. Let's double. Google should just radio show. Today we're talking about. The basic concept that if you start with the wrong person the beginning. You're gonna have very little success when you get to the into the project. And the fact that when you make this mistake of the wall basic. Understanding of premise to begin with. When you picked the wrong map this week I'll be talks about his book when you get to the end that trillion look back in the really sad part about it. There's a you've already taken this journey. That's the rule we said part of my oldest you've already taken the journeys. He's sitting here forty or 56 years of age and you're evaluating. Your retirement plan. It was wrong. It didn't work it's not working down low will never work. And like I said before we went to break your standards he had this clip you're going. This leads to disaster. If I keep going this way I'm gonna fall off this cliff so when we do do I just go ahead and do we delight jumping keep doing the same thing and end up in disaster. Or to a turnaround and go back. Don't turn around and going back it's a pretty itself undoing all the stupid things you've done in life. Let's start with one basic premise that I came up with Afro lost a lot of money. Continued early ages stock markets financial planners. All different kinds of things you can invest in believed to diversification so I had news every candidate doesn't come up with oil and gas. Stocks bonds. Limited partnership deals. And I kinda wiped out almost every one of and I came to this very big premise. I don't need other people to lose my money for me nation that's a negative approach and statement. But it's the way I thought about I don't need to pay someone else to lose my money. I can invest my money I can own my own assets my own business as my own company's. And do a heck of a lot better job simply because I'm afraid of losing. The money because it's mine. Wears these people get paid to take these risks with no risk to them whatsoever. There's a great. TV commercial. Out there were little kids and young guys talking whose dad I don't know maybe eighteen years old just tourney teams so yeah I've got to get my first job and yeah I'm government findings come in his dad's is so have you found support financial planner yet. He has no I haven't done that he says how's your sins of so it's pretty good pretty good. As soon let me ask question get if he loses your money does he have to give back what you pay him. It's obvious and it doesn't work that way. And saluting dads and maybe it shouldn't. You see guys who did basic premise that you don't have enough time. To manage your help. You have enough time dimensional fitness sure enough time to manage your own money. You're limited time to invest in and manage your relationship. And so what happens. Do let somebody else do it. Do you let somebody else you like do stuff for you. I don't have seem. Singles that you do. Get our goal is to get by. For themselves not to get by for you doesn't matter who they are where there's a fiduciary. Or whether they're your spouse. They're thinking what's best for themselves. And so the next major premise like him open like this carbon management don't stop. I'm gonna own and control my own business. I'm an only control my own help I went to a doctor. Couple this were before I went to a doctor. After cancer I got diabetes after that. And a bunch of other things went wrong so as to go to an endocrinologist. And I would do the same endocrinologist for a couple years and he would he would it's subscribe this to subscribe you then nothing's really speaks for me. My test results were still pour. And I kept seeing this dump on TV about okay. There's this new kind diabetic medicine. You know what's it like what oh what all do. And I started me thinking. Maybe my doctor's not PetSmart. And by the way that doctor left I left a doctor could I sort of thinking this guy and they're Smart. And I wouldn't get another. One and the second doctor. Did a little bit more put a little more effort into approach to what my help was all about. But not enough. And so what ended up happening was. I forced the next lady endocrinologist. And give me some different types of medication. And when I got to. Everything went perfect. It was the most amazing thing all my tests went perfect. But I had to manage. The process. Of going to the doctor the doctors don't even care enough to keep you healthy. Emotion you care enough. To manage them. Right after less government. What would happen if you can show for tomorrow for the next couple of days before week a couple of months. A year how long until you lose everything you or forcing a fraction of the time for their earnest it. This beard keeps you up that night it's time to learn the strategies you teach at lifestyles unlimited. Start with the free workshop goes to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com and find you true financial news like so many of our members already. That's lifestyles are limited Austin dot com. We know you're out there hiding in plain sight living the life of quiet desperation wondering if you're going to keep your money to degrees. There's a better way of federal life at lifestyles unlimited. It's time to live a life you deserve. You can only do that by creating passive income. Let us show you out it's just two hours. It can't be worse than another meeting about meetings or another mine was right in front of the TV go to lifestyles on limited Austin dot com. That's lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com. Thirteen seventy. Basic concept that you. Can't solve the problems in mobile facing this problem was created at. Which means that. Your base theory that you working from in life he's got to be right you've got to get the basis. The theory right or all the other technical things all the other things you do physically. And mentally socially to get where you wanna go with him whatever it is you're trying to accomplish will fail. It just won't work now almost complicate the veteran workers were we talking about here is that you know in your fitness what do you base ideas. Do they are there right if they're correct. In finances what do you base ideas and theories are they right are they correct and they function are they effective. In your failing what is your basic beliefs about failing about relationships are they effective do they work or they do not work from the very beginning. Here's the going to be good having relationship you're not. You can do with thousands of the things to try to make a relationship work if you don't the basic foundation of relationships together and talk and work. You know you Gordon taught your help again. I was talking about the doctor that. I had to force. Could change my medication now interestingly enough to come when all of my. Because I can protect the perfect. The doctor lower the dose of the medication that I. Had her give me. And that's why were perfect and those who dwell on what should become. From what would be. To where. The medication would not be affected me more to the root of my body would come accustomed to admit. We would lose that tool to work with this which you base couldn't explain it. And I thought it was so carry kids that I think. But. Why. You know is that really what we want to do ensure no solution cut the dosage back then my blood sugar level went back up again. Now it's not up in the in the dangerous sober look. I've got. Problems. They come from die of diabetes. The call neuropathy which means you can't feel bottom to your feet eventually you have to go to feed off for whatever. And I don't want that to progress. As format double heart to heart talk with her again. Because what we're seeing you good piece of theory. In medicine used to treat the symptom. And let the patient die. To medicate them for life. I don't want to treat the symptoms I want to fix the problem. Right and if there's something that my body can't do like. Produce insulin or this or that then let's not hold out in open my body figures it out. Let's get it fixed right. So get. All these aspects. We have to start with the bases of they're correct basis. My bad assumption was that an endocrinologist knew what the heck they're talking about. And it's funny. Would I would ask them questions about things that were slightly off center from what they just wanted to get in their games medication Syria they're. They could they could talk about the topic. They weren't interested in talking about the topic but they could converse about the topic. They knew that there were other things could be done but the doctors are not paid to. Q will you. Because if you were healed they wouldn't be needed any longer. Does that make sense. And so your financial planner isn't intended to make you rich. Because of he major rich you wouldn't need him anymore. That's the difference folks. The people the you have all dirty your life telling you what to do and how to do it. Do not have your best interest in mind in almost any case you deal with the and that's why you've got to learn to me and yourself now. Once you start deciding man yourself now you've got another problem and this is worried it's very complicated. And that is. You've got a million usual personality. Our greatest strength and our greatest weakness. Is our personality. We are who we are because of what we do and we do what we do what we think and believe and we act we we act because how we believe we should act. We huge change from person to person. They're basic belief systems about themselves completely different some people believe being happy friendly is the way you approach life at all costs. Other people believe the being grumpy and mean and defensive as a way to approach life. At all cost and both of them believe that what they are doing is giving them the best that resulted they can get for themselves. He really gets complicated when you get down to Taipei type B personalities. And until you ever can realize where you are type a or type B personality you've never rule you do get a hold yourself. And do it yourself to where you need to be a life. So we come back from break we'll talk about. A type a personality which is somebody gets instantaneous gratification disease compared to a type. Somebody has analysis paralysis disease. And how one of them. Start 2000 projects and finishes none of them. And how the other one. Or do anything different the whole life. Just keep doing the same old thing for the rest of the life and how in what does this lead to. As far as the results of your life took a short break we'll be right back blood cells limited. Real estate industry. Thirteen seventy. What about the less sunlight total that are real estate investor radio show today we're talking about the premise of how you see the problem is the problem that the problem cannot be solved the same level of thinking that the problem was created that. And that if you start with the wrong. Base idea in life. You're not going to be successful there just no way to do it and talk about every topic fitness finance family health relationships. Doesn't matter what it is if you going to be successful in that area of your life you have to have the correct pace assumptions. Now. I ended last segment kicking unit to a new level and that is the understanding that even your personality. Has something to do you assumptions in life. And your pace personality. And I break it down into two models Taipei and type B. Has a lot to do with where you are like Taipei. People started thousand projects and finish none of them. They have done almost everything that you can think of they've tried at all. They're happy when you're doing something new and they get bored within in almost no time at all. They can't stick to anything. But if you want to burst of energy and you want some real activity do occur in the short period of time. You wanna Taipei for that type of a project. But they have no sustainability. Multi p.s on the other hand are completely different. They hadn't assistive sustainability. Because they don't like to change. And so if you give them a project they won't be analysis per row since about it another losing don't wanna start it until who have analyzed it to death. If you do get them to take action. And they master of that activity. And you'll wanna continue that activity for the rest of life and not change it. At all. Right and so. Can you talk blood typing technique. And you think about it in all different aspects of wise fitness is the person's starts a thousand different dies and then she stays on none of them starts a thousand different workout programs. Has fifteen or twenty or fifty. Exercise videos that they follow but they want but could never get in shape. You know has got every kind of died every person I talked to has a new kind of died they can pick new kind of dialogue and still don't get results because you don't stick to anything. I b.s on the other hand are people go like and of teamwork that I don't know who would take action about what type easily to take action for two reasons. One. Taking action means you could be wrong. And typing used to not like to be wrong to pontificate acres they love to live the life of complete bold. And fun. Are. Totally substantiated facts. Right they want it to be so that you can't argue with them because it what they're doing theories questioned at all. Eyed peas are never more alone in their own mind if they go and do something new. They might make a mistake. They might had a failure. Behind. And I feel your PC. Would be something they can never live. The other reason you know like new ideas and new things is because it means they have to do something. If you do something set in motion of those arguments that a bunch rent houses stayed pretty much one himself from that point on. But by now go I think I'm gonna sell my house and go buy some apartment complexes. I've got to go sell my house looks. Almighty god into doing something. And then I've got to go find an apartment got to find a with the basic principles are important to housing different I didn't get re educated guess. And then after your re educated than I did go find one of these things and then I've got to take risk the risk of doing it wrong the first time the potential of a failure. All my god I can't stand that. So would every put or type B and he'll stick in and become good act. But they don't wanna grow anymore that's why they may become financially successful. But they're never the people at the top forty multi mega million dollar companies. The cage type a or B now. I found in my life at some things a mall a nice touch and I go what did I get tired of it and them on. Other things in my life I'm not I'm B. I believe fitness and unfit is pretty much the same way for sixty years of my life. Same thing would I ever since I was fourteen years old and need the same diet for since I was fourteen years old. It works why change it well Lucy new scientific dude I don't care what new scientific theory you have if I can. Eat the way I ate that may need 4% body fat and one we all these fifty trophies in the other room. What do I care about new sites the truth of the matter is good probably better science up there are probably is. And the results and I'm able to get today. We better science would be better and the result we can get 1020 when I was twenty years of age. But. I'd be doesn't wanna go and laurel much new stuff and 20 what stuff so you just stated we are. So what I'm saying here's the initial. You need to get was someone who help them in you help them they help you figure out your personality is. And then go find somebody to balance you run your life so that you can get through life successfully. Stop being a knee jerk type a stop being a lazy do nothing type B. Go get it was somewhere in your life can help you. Get through whatever your limitation is and then go find the correct. Face ideas if you do that you do have a lot more success. Remember we're not doing it for months. We're doing it for the last. Have a wonderful day we'll see tomorrow. Thanks for listening to the lifestyles are limited real estate investor radio shows remember that this show is for entertainment purposes only. I should not be construed as legal investing or text. Results may very always consult a professional before making any financial decisions if you'd like to find out more about the mentoring available at lifestyles unlimited. Please visit them online at lifestyles and unlimited dot com.