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Listen and learn how to use real estate to build wealth and passive income streams for you when your family. We'll bring you experts every Tuesday to discuss and answer your questions on everything from single family homes all the way up to 600 plus unit apartment complexes. The lifestyles are limited. Real estate investor radio show. Lifestyles a limited real estate investor radio show on your postal Juan Williams always working on your financial freedom. A hopeful we can unlock your financial freedom we have to unlock your emotional freedom. And that's a much more difficult than actually going out there making some money making money's easy running businesses opening businesses and easy. The typical park if you view the way you see the world your challenge your problem is how we use in the world. How you see the world it is your problem. Einstein said it best when he said you can't solve the problem world's problems the same global thinking. That they were created. And your level of thinking. Is what has kept you where you wrap. Now you can say what my level I think is what got me where a man I agree with that that's exactly right in his words what got you where you rent but where your rat. Is not where you wanna be or you would not be listened to his radio show there's no way you be listening this if you actually where you wanted to be financially. I know that to be effective and you know just. You've got to be wanting something more to put up. We've all the information you abuse she psychologically take a listen to a show keeps telling you you're living a life complaint desperation. Has got to be painful for most of you there. But you're listening you continue to listen because you know try to screw you know where you wanna be who wanted to somewhere better so this weekend. There was sports who bound I live here in Houston Texas and so we get him treated for sports teams to which lost one of which one. And there was a lot to be seen in this in fact. I'm cut sleep complaining about the sports teams in the city you know being any good. But this week I really found out what the difference between eighteen being good and a coach being good. And the difference of why and I've always stood for the last ten years the reasons the sports teams losers who did bad coaches. So now they've got couple coaches look pretty good actually. I think two with a three coaches look pretty good of one of its got to go to it's definitely a loser in my mind this guy just can't make so let's talk about. Being a loser coach and having the wrong game plan but let's build up of the construct of why are playing not to lose doesn't equal playing to win. Let's talk about protections. For Texans this week. They just went crazy to Shawn Watson and his offense. We will forward DeAndre Hopkins they just burned the field up now. Russell Wilson. And see action also burnt the field up. It was just a few god came back and forth back and forth back and forth helping those who watched that game and also watched. The World Series that game was a shoot out game. Back and forth between the Astros and Dodgers twelve innings five all worst thirteen to twelve win. After five hours. Over time meaning after overtime inning after overtime who's an interest of a thing of beauty for someone like baseball I don't like baseball. To me baseball's very very boring. I mean we should there we watch baseball. In the end one fast forward to fast forward you can watch it twice because you can see everything happening just takes a lot less time to get to whatever happens. And you can still tell living things happen and there's an interest in you so down go back and watch it. But otherwise I just can't take all this bitten that you in the key can dispute that you and kick and the thrown around the baton spinning around talking and all the stuff they do. My god what a boring sport I've never seen anything like it like gas mower is somewhat all the time. But baseball's like watching grass grow said that for years but. All fair weather fans come out. When there's something to see there was something to see. In this game you know the Astros came back from lost the first game won the second loss of their game one the third. I'm sort of lost the first 12 Walsh of third one before now came back and 15. There's something about that. Polls are people playing to win they're not playing to tie they're not playing to keep from going behind they're playing to win to stay ahead. And that's a different kind of psychology. Now let's take a look at the Texans who would happen because this is this is really unbelievable. For those who watch this game. I'm sure most of you didn't because who watches the Texans are four and two or 34. Their boss the defense had two British guys in the team are gone. And now they're got incredible quarterback and two great receivers. And the whole game these guys are throwing and running and catching his ball and just they're just burn it down people every time. Watching hits the ball he was given the right to play football weekend. And he did he just pulled the ball down their throats every single time. And here we get to the end of the game. I'm screaming for an interception the whole game boom we did interception. There we are we're winning with a minute 25 left in the game winning 38. To 34. They can't win with a few gold they have to have a touchdown we have a minute 25 seconds to get rid of all we had to do. And we get it down to third and four. Now. Third and four Shawn Watson. Would any kind of a role while playing with his eyes closed hands tied behind his back run backwards. To get four yards. But the coach. Calls that I do not want to lose play. The most conservative play in his playbook the running back. Up the center. Boom tackled for two yards. Game over wells not really over at this point now they have to punt. Now what I'm saying is that religion shall want to get that first down easy first down. Had missed one all day in that kind of the situation when four years ago if they would play to win. Then they would add another four downs they could you got that minute clock if you get thirty seconds per down all you have to do is take a knee he can run on a minute. It would have been over. But they in the other team already got a boulder up. All the time outs. Yes we will delve five cents one point no stupidity is 20/20. This coach lost because he played not to lose. What happens when you play not to lose. Was talk about it number one. Fear crude soon. And Lohse who performed as soon as your coach saying okay we're gonna go for the non win solution we're gonna play it safe. Because. In the back of my mind I know we could lose. What does that do the team. He puts it in their mind. Just want coach thinks we could lose this thing we better play it safe. And you've played safe. You get two yards not four if you were playing to win the game if you needed that first down to win this game if you were behind. You have made a first down. But no we played. Safe. And then we joked. So we punt the ball fifty some yard punt. Incredible punt we dropping guys and what to do the comeback was 7080 yard touchdown. And win the game. The coach gluten. Is there a lot you know it's the coat. How he knows who coached well. Let's talk about percent. In years past was hard to top of your coach he really terrible players. We are terrible quarterbacks. And so it always look like the coach was making something out of nothing with these terrible quarterback but now we have an incredible team. I want you to listen to these statistics here for a second let them sink him. Shawn Watson hadn't won for more yards than any quarterback in the NFL. Anybody. He's averaging something like eight yards a carry you could run up or yards in nothing. It would have been easy. But do we uses strength no we used our weakness. Lamar Miller are just less than four yards per carry. We used our weakness. Shawn Watson. Has thrown for more touchdowns. Than any rookie quarterback. L brewer. In the NFL. More touchdowns in first five games than any rookie quarterback. Amber. Think of all the great quarterbacks you can think of all the superstars. And his first five or six games he's better than the whole. I guess repeat himself and council must be the first six games because he didn't play in person. So in the first six games he plays as a starter he's thrown more touched. Than any other quarter. That's unbelievable. What about his receivers. Pumpkins. The under Hopkins. This year. Has more offensive. Pass run yardage than any other wide receiver in the week. The most yardage and is tied for the most touchdowns. Tied with who. Which seven touchdowns as real Fuller of the other receiver. And we'll for holding dubious record it so one believe why can't even imagine that he's only caught eleven passes and seven of them for touchdowns. That is the most unbelievable stat I've ever heard eleven passes caught some of them for a touchdown. My gosh. With that kind of office power. He's running. His passing and their receiving. They gave it to the a really weak running back to run into the circle very very weak offensive line. We'll kind of decisions. That's up I don't wanna lose decision. I really think we've never been able to win I've never believed myself to be a winner. Coach can not a winner you're loser. Because you never believed you can be winner. As long as you continue to believe you loser and you take these incredible players and put them in delivers loser positions. The Texans. Are never going to get anywhere you've got the team now. But you don't have the coach. Owners of the taxes is time to change coaches this guy as a loser mentality. No come back we're gonna talk about. Houses all equating to utilize. How does this actually parallel. The problems you have your financial situation. We'll be right back to life tells a limited real estate the three. I lifestyles unlimited is the real estate investor education and mentoring group that has been taking people by the hand in teaching them how to invest in real estate for over 25 years our students have been so successfully creating wealth than passive income the people on local state and national investor do you words. Ten of the last ten years it's easy to see RT realty magazine named us the best in the US. If you're ready to add real estate to your portfolio due to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to access some of free life training events scheduled. The number one question real estate investors tab is should I buy end with the best available data. Yeah on the terrible sales and rinsing your marketplace. Lifestyles discovery allows you. You estimate capital gains. And monthly. Dot com just. Get the best investment properties and learn to identify the very best deals to add to your portfolio. In the best deals dot com. I felt limited bluefin does she really showed that they were discussing the topic of why playing not to lose is not the same game is playing to win. And I've talked about how the Texans. Played loose and lost. And how the Astros played to win and one. Completely different approach the game out those routes they're kick and kick and kick and kick and and just trying to win their just slam slam slam you know the guy behind many times in the game they just kept going to win they had no. No belief. That they're gonna sit back and just takes second fiddle. Changing picture after picture after picture better after better getting up there swinging at the first pitch just kick him kicking ticket. And we got the Texans after an incredible game with incredible players the coach. Pulls a dummy. And calls the worst possible play possibly call a play you had to know who's gonna fail. That's that's deciding on your own blues host a look at what happens when you played loose or playing not to lose. Number one your fear creates low performance. And you know maybe they could go four yards but once they told once the coach of guys. I don't trust you enough to win this game we're not to use any of our best players not to Shawn Watson not the two receivers to try to win this game with a minute twenty left. They said we're gonna go into defense mode and you shut it down. All the players including guide to running back in the lime in the office supply and said you know what. I guess we are losers. And they just let themselves lose. Number two. In the world doesn't wait for you it passage you bought somewhere around there. And we think we're just gonna sit on the ball burn up and you know one minute and 25 seconds or whatever was. The Seattle Seahawks had no intention to let that happen they blew right by as they came back and they did the things to win the game. While we did nothing to win the game and they were playing to win we were playing not to lose. Next four years. Whom we focus on what we don't want to happen. It ultimately happens it's been time to psychological work on the proves you can't think in negative terms you can't go I don't want this to happen. I don't want them to make a comeback I don't want them to get the ball with a low time on the clock to score are don't want them to do he'll marry and win. Because every time you think you don't want to do it Durbin do it. That's why prevent defense is just don't work once you start from people waved back there you look remember everything they want anywhere else they're just gonna tear you up. Because they're playing to win your plate not to lose. That's why prevent doesn't work. How can they get this seventy yard touchdown. You have within twenty seconds left in the game in lest we want them to there's just no way. It's not because Russell Wilson is a superstar and this guy is a super stud. Both teams have superstars. We just didn't use ours. They use theirs. So how does this apply to you. In your financial situation. Because most of you out there are living the life of quiet desperation playing not to lose. Instead of giving your money out there and hitting home runs will throwing type. Dealt with a you've got your money hiding in the dark crime boss. You go to money paying off your house which produces absolutely no income the dumbest thing any human being honored to do would be to pay off their house. Ever made you believe the payment for health and the Smart thing to do I have no idea that they are one stupid sick person. Because that money could be out they're making you millions instead. He's sitting there is dead equity in your house. You can borrow that money opera 3% three and a half 4% and go make a 100% return. But instead you rather pay off and not have to pay three or 4%. This is. The dumbest thing I've ever heard it's pretty good defense is old news cycle him put my money in my 401K. Because they can't take my 401K from me you can't soon from a 401K. At least it's safe there and my spouse won't spend it. If I put it up four or McCain mice Ben he's Ben he's pals can't get to thank god keep it away from my spells good my sponsored by cracked. That's where people money throwing can and we'll take it out before I even miss it. I won't even this losing the money while that's a sweet way to. Stick your head listening. Let's just play not to lose let's give ourselves another one posting total IRA. Maybe even a college fund for little bill little bill is dumb as a rock but we've got to college fund for speaking billing needs to go to college student in engineering degree so we can work. Like asleep. In cubicle for the rest of his life just like I had. And I want him to be just like me. How was that these kind of playing to win the game how are you trying to make your what fairways like any better the answer is you are not. You are playing not to lose. You are not playing for your family to win who come back I want to talk Roger Bailey winning what is it look like. And what does it mean and also. What happens when everybody bill's passage by could not willing to go while they're trying to score. What does that mean what does that. We'll be right back what's Dublin Tuesday. Yeah. Did you know that every dollar you invest in real estate makes your money five ways cash flow of money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars you create when you have a great team and by the white property using the right now. Appreciation. Realistically can increase in value over time equity built up renters pay down your mortgage each. Each month and finally the tax advantage when done correctly real estate investors pay no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains at lake styles unlimited these are the five ways we'd make money in real estate which is why real estate accounts for more millionaires in the world today than any other investment vehicle and you should have some real estate in your portfolio. To learn how to attend the lifestyles unlimited free workshop. Call 8669718970. Or go through what's files on limited Austin dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 8669718970. Or go to what styles unlimited Austin dot com. Thirteen seventy. Best negotiators were talking about how playing not to lose. Isn't the same as playing to win. And when you talk about these things. How many do out there are loose in this and pain and saying you know. This rule is unfair this ranch you know I'm pretty successful personnel there and you know. I just haven't had the right opportunities. Things and you look at the situation you look at these these teams and say. What what is the right opportunity. Why is that the people always. Gold could be still we didn't. I gotta keep from losing type approach to life. Why is it they made these bad financial decisions. And who ought to make no money with the money to stick and some of countless sit there. What's going on there. If you're one of people I know you save yourself OK I'm pretty Smart guy. And I want to think about you and your best friend went to college get your engineering degree you went and got murdered you've got a house. If your kid you get a car get a job he worked he saved. And also and one day your friend called you princess. Hey man I get some good news and vendors and guys whose war ruin what what's the bad news it was a bad news is on leave work I'm quitting. My job editors almighty god knows sorry to hear that goes know what's the good news good news is I'm retiring millionaire. Two and have 34 years at pressure investment rules you have became a millionaire and I'm just gonna retire. Know what would you think. If that was your friend of what you all think about that you're sitting here right now under listens for your show stoppers second they can be got a call from anybody right now. Or maybe somebody else can you open your family members' homes and you know it's over I'm done. And maybe you guys forty minutes 45 babies spit the you know maybe thirty. Is already done that even make it more stuff. But I'm done I'll retire a millionaire and by the women make more money every year for the rest of my life because my ass and can continue to grow and on it didn't make more money. And then you start thinking. How miserable wouldn't need to be you right now. Think about that. And then you start thinking. All of my the best of what I do. Know. Are you the best player and all that have felt as though are you the best engineer all the world know. Are you the best father in the whole world probably not. You know what is you've ever done that was successful my dead rumor alive when he told me Dell were 80% of his what does that mean data goes. Anything that we go on and try to do we can BD percent of the people that we can just do almost everything well. I should gradually get paid to be number one. Who's not a winner of three no one remembers only number one gets paid. And he didn't get past. He thought that being better than average meet him better than average. But it doesn't make you better direction just make you average. Average average. It just makes you part of the middle of the pack that no one cares about. No one cares who came in 43. In the Boston mayor and no one cares who came in fourth seeded in the Boston America. It means nothing. To be adults program. So let's say you are super star Alyssa you really sharp person. Who won your team. Is calling these. I don't wanna win place. Who is that this is trying to avoid failure who is that this senior friendly seeing. You've got to pay off the house. Which one of you in your spells. Is that your mother in law your father in law or your mother and father is there. Husband wife who isn't this dumb as a rock. The blues are paying off the house is in good financial move. Who isn't that dumb as a rock of believed hiding money from your failure by sticking into the 401K were urging nothing inpatient nothing every month. As opposed to rent house would pay you income every single month this tax free. All 401K that'd sometime when you take it out get a pay taxes and they didn't actually drilling but at least taxes. A compared to income from our house that doesn't have to pay taxes. Who isn't the said that you know you can go in the stock market risk every single day losing 203040%. Of everything you own. And be able to sleep at night knowing that risk is out there. We each person in your family is the coach. That are calling me stupid place. Maybe it's time to get new coaching your damn. Maybe need to fire that coach Rick somebody else the code. She just got to look at the reality if you're sitting there right now and dramatic mean you're disgusted that I know one thing to be true. What I'm saying is true about you if it's guarantee you. It's true. Otherwise it wouldn't hurt if you do if you happen to what goes welcoming of the rent. And boy I know Israelis make sense. Because until I started doing what he said I was where you are and downs in your lap and you. Because I'm not where you are anymore. Because why. Because I listened and did something about it. I'm sort of playing to win. Control break. Right back what does a limited rules especially. What would happen if you didn't show up for work tomorrow for the next couple of days or week a couple of months. A year just how long until you lose everything you or forcing a fraction of the time for Ernest. If this year she loved that night. It's time to learn the strategies and teach and lifestyles unlimited. Start with the free workshop goes to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com and find your true financial. Like so many of our members already. That's lifestyles on limited Austin dot com. Pulled largest multifamily bookstore in the country is coming to San Antonio Friday June 1 and Saturday the second joined Dell won't sleep national radio host CEO and founder of lifestyles on limited and his top team of investors realtors an extra twelve educators. Write your way to triple digit returns due to multifamily and sports dot com game one on one access to. Experts realtors and lenders property asset manager's apartment owners national real estate syndicators and trade professionals it's the only bus ticket worth a million. And multifamily master's store doctor. Thirteen seven. Welcome back the last dozen limited real estate investor radio show today we're talking about why I'm playing not to lose not the same as playing to win. And we've talked about the three reasons why playing not to lose. Will end up creating failure one is here always creates slow performance if you're afraid of doing something you're gonna do it poorly. And when you're playing to not lose your going to make poor decisions and take poor actions. Number two the world doesn't wait for you. And as you sit there and wait for your finances to get better than they are which doesn't really happily throughout their scoring points. All of your friends and on the on all your principal ones that come and do something about it are gonna go flying right by you leave you in the dusk. The world's gonna be viewed in the dostum pretty soon you're gonna be a pour. Leahy's now know is different though she's creek were you unity pour. Ineffectual. So dad. Older person. Because when you were. Full of energy. You can have them playing to win mentality. And so. The world passed you by all your friends are rich and successful retired. Or maybe you just change your friends the ones that actually came rich successful have moved on they're not friends anymore during you know those people. You know that are in the same bucket here and that makes you feel pretty good because you might even triple within an inch and they can pull you back down triple read you an inch. But you still living a life of quiet desperation getting up every day going through traffic working your head. And back off and then. Driving back through that traffic again. Just to get home tired. Worn out. Getting nowhere. Nowhere near the success you like to have. But you can't get out of that place somebody's calling the plays in your life. And that's what are trying to get to you who call those plays here it is. Best running back quarterback in the league Shawn Watson most touchdown by any rookie quarterback ever to show and watch him. Most passing rushing yards in the NFL this year Q Andre Hopkins. Number one number of touchdowns caught this year tied for number two yarder Hopkins and will Fuller and will Fuller. Eleven catches seven touchdowns. These are the three guys you could have gone to coach O'Brien you could've gone to these three guys to win this game pretty. There what did you do he went to a less than four yards security guy running. Directly in 21 of the worst offensive lines. In the National Football League. You chose your worst option. You played not to lose bill O'Brien and so you lost. Wearers. You look at the Astros. Swing and hard swing and fast. Thrown one picture after another and they're never giving up too and I'm learning care of your number one pitcher get out here gives another guy gives another guy gives another dive. Twelve innings later. They want. That is playing to win. Now we can go over there in the rockets and talking but the rockets and they keep their boss to get and so part of the same team. These guys got their number. Why did people had your number. Because they know. Your psychological weakness you can't beat somebody you think that you can't beat. And they've got our number they've got the rockets' number and they just beat us two times. Out of ten times this year to only team to beat us. But they'd be destroy us. Do you think they're actually the best basketball. Team. I don't think so. The man replaying them not to lose instead of playing them to win again we're playing them not to lose. Instead of playing them to win. When you look at the situation. What are you doing with the money. Are you while they're swinging with a ipso the other hitting home runs and give literally all have three home runs many of you fallen into this problematic situation right now we're symbol you know I heard. The rule states not as productive as it was if you were bought 2008 week by tensions on the dollar. Yeah I know he wants something for nothing instantaneous gratification deceased. Massive income well guess what in 2008 we got it. But that doesn't mean we're out of the real estate business that just happen to be a year than that because we're in the realty business we can see the opportunity to convince them. But we're still the real estate business cursing just bought another property at 7600. Years are normally does no good I don't know how many years were in this newly bought. Probably going to be over 8000 units it's an ego like. To every stop. He's he's not going while the economy's not as good as it was the profit margin those wells who was he's just saying give me more. If I have to buy two to get to profit ahead on one dollar bond to buy need 600 sick but I will. Give the profit in the I will win. Even if I have to do it by a base hits doubles and triples. Instead of home runs the rescuers who need to act on your couch waiting. For that one time you can get up once in your life and in Grand Slam. Isn't gonna happen and united swim in the path. We'll be right back Lutz double limited real estate industry. Okay. Thirteen seventy. We'll specialized Dell limited rules to invest radio show. Could you were talking about. Why are playing not to lose goes an equal playing to win element in this last segment pure would you the naysayers belief system that. The investment world has come to halt. Look guys. Who got too into English thousands and thousands if not tens of thousands of businesses that are. Going along just fine apartment complex is everywhere you look turnaround circles everywhere. Then you realize that these businesses are not suffering through through moving right along and people who own them are making money with them. You on the other hand a loan business and you know making money your money's sitting somewhere and account making. But you're pretty taking money out of the account because you're playing not to lose if you've heard that there is not a good excuse who's who used to be. Pool and I sort of bicycle from the houses there has been 25000 how else. Where he got up 40000 all else we could market just kept going about oh my gosh the war was over I can never buy an additional on the house again. And no immediate crisis 235000. Dollars house. Boy was I stupid it's time to believe that but the time I was just like you I was playing not. To lose and so stop buying houses for a long time because. I thought there's no way they can scale that I and higher they went the more about the got to compression Mecca we get. Before Wednesday. Salami reasons got to hear this is out of a procedure which in his company here. They L and apartment data when the national park data services. And this is their third quarter Malta and I can see you Rick reduces National Mall by Kelly market performed well in the third quarter of 2017. With average occupancy. For conventional properties rising four tenths of 1% to 92 point 2%. They'll think about this 92 point 2%. Is the good occupancy. You were successful always down to 85% back into English paid way too much for the property and 92 point 2% people are making money they're making a profit. And so yeah I would rather be 95 or 97 sure. But 92 point two an average is not bad because us as effective rents are up 72%. Over the last three months. To a dollar thirty dollar per square foot and 12146 goals per year compared to the year end. Quarter Q3 2016. Effective bred for a healthy 6%. Though some markets are seeing a slowdown right growth there is a look. Yeah if you look at the different regions seal there so what's happened now is that. The country as a whole to do well. Rents are going up. Now the rate of rate increase has slowed down but that doesn't mean rent increases have stopped going up it doesn't mean they're going down. Occupancy is still going up it doesn't mean it's as full. As it wasn't one time when we had no supply but we were under supplied. I mean there was no place for people go Wren for going week to pass people couldn't afford to live they're starting to move into in three families together. Because they couldn't afford to rent an apartment complex there needs to be enough housing for people out there and they're not building single family houses that people can afford. So there needs to be new building new construction and that new construction has to be absorbed. If so that's gonna bring that down from 97% to 9293%. But there's nothing wrong with that that's the cycle of the business that's the way it works. But that doesn't mean it's killing all these people who owned property before these new which are built it's not putting a lot of business. Dallas is making more difficult for people building new ones to fill back up. And so you just all wrong now let's talk about some of prejudice. I don't go in the whole country because just a waste of time to go through that much information but let's talk about prejudice. People tumble when you know personal savings like fuselage is diet. They're just going out of business. Or it. Are they really mr. and they say hear hear of the top ten cure markets with a third quarter increases. Third quarter increases. Right. This is the top ten number one national Tennessee. Two point 6% that's the highest one in the country two point 6% growth in the third quarter. Really good that equals over 10% on an annual limitation of number two. Are you ready grumbled. Houston Texans. With a 2.5 percent. Third quarter growth. Do realize that means that to 10% annualized growth do you realize that the second best in the country and people are saying we're dying here. Are you out of your mind where you people get your information from. Cracker Jack box. Next Las Vegas 2.4. Sacramento California when we bought an apartment this year one point nine temple floor where we just came back from one point six. Minneapolis Saint Paul one point five being true to just got back from one point five Atlanta Georgia which I'm going to this weekend at one point four. In Los Angeles one point border of the army's top ten. And think about this workbook. And you thought we were die. Those are some pretty good record growth. And you thought we were dying. So my friends. You need to stop playing to lose. You need to get up off that couch. And you need to start investing swing and the ball. To start getting some hits. Even if they're not home. And remember. We're not doing it just have a little more money. Doing this week. Have a wonderful vacation from. Thanks for listening to the lifestyles are limited real estate investor radio shows remember that this show is for entertainment purposes only. And should not be construed as legal investing more tax advice results thanks very. Always consult a professional before making any financial decisions if he'd like to find out more about the mentoring available at lifestyles on limited please visit them online and lifestyles of unlimited dot com.