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Sunday, June 17th
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Listen and learn how to use realistic to build wealth and passive income streams for you when your family. We'll bring you experts everyday to discuss and answer your questions on everything from single family homes all the way up to 600 plus unit apartment complexes. The lifestyles unlimited real estate investor radio show. Like self limited real estate investor radio show unfulfilled while we're always working under financial freedom. My friends of I've been working through me. Problem in my life that. Has led me to some Tiffany's that are really want to share with you guys. The challenge and I have been so long story and hope you can make it to the polls showed here's the the end of the color on the fixed it. But the whole story starts way back when they had cancer. And I decided that because they didn't have much time left and had money that you spend just opened a side of the start collecting model trains. And put together model trains that and it started over my other house. And start by putting out to open on Christmas you have big giant living room with nothing but the Christmas trees you know what was just said the train set up here. And we did. And then it went crazy I started by more more track and so you have all the whole house. That I serve by an additional trains. And pretty soon I had a whole office filled with boxes. Trains. Some which I've never open did you know we won't sooner. And you know it. Because lives you know going through this thing going through cancer and everything I didn't really thinking the other thinking computers just. Life has no Roland that this we're going to be dead here a couple of days years we would have it's going to be I don't know. And so legend of resentment and also in. Win. I can by the decided that thing there and we said we're gonna move into a large role I wanted to. Oh home working literally set up and Trace it keep it simple time so we look for garage or Larsson grudges and Munich in the twenty car garage. Actually rooted houses we're looking preference houses eight Picard Roger larger head dealer credit card Roger who could who want to do. What I wanted to prove that. And so while. We found this house and I started building this phrase it this way. And interestingly enough a ball more more more stuff. But then I found it figured out in the middle who's process. That I had collected four different kinds of railroad equipment. Whose cheap or like stuff. Then there was you know. Miniaturized. Scaled style she's slightly smaller so he could put the track. Have the you know tighter crude contract. Then there was scale. And then there which premieres scale which was just super high quality stop it but you know look almost real. Sounded real smoke so owns everything just was unbelievable. And that is Adele muscle go you know what I've got all this stuff I don't want this doesn't look good mix together. Got to pick a scale what are you wanna do so I decide to go to premieres doctors you know rude looks me. And so I had to sell back all the stuff about got to be big. It sold all this stuff back a while I was on eBay selling all this stuff I saw all these other neat things out what it's like bought all this stuff. But the point in getting two guys is how many view of their living your life. Just Willy Nilly that he had no real point and he Lisa I think government go to school that's like me said the governor of trained lay out. To go to school new build this play out you take courses that would get them to courses you can get into that I didn't like what they studied. That is going to be my wife and I look at this model that I'm trying to model ago that this is that right. So I sold as to back it up on all the rights of now I'm in the right scale marais gauge now a certain goal in this track. And I blew an incredible track. It's up I didn't know we knew about building products. And so when I got to the point where. The limitation to the way I was doing it was starting to show. To the point where I can see. That it was few tell to continue. Because of it continue doing was doing those who continue given what those getting it wasn't gonna be the result we wanted. So I just quit. How many you started out on projects like I'm going to get rich in the U. You go to data about Robert Allen Jonathan Cohn Tommy booed violence from a grand Karl chief Robert Hughes hockey Donald Trump doesn't matter which course you way into like double limited. And you you had this idea I'm just gonna go by this rent house. It doesn't work. Because the foundation that you started with was wrong the property the ball was wrong. The way you managed it was wrong. The whole system was wrong she didn't have the right man the right play again. And so you just quit. And are only two of them are similar to last ones of your people commission you don't remember me but I was for two years ago your memory of your five years ago ten years ago continue to go. I started this about a couple of them walked away just to do anymore and because you did wrong. The people to do the right to two years later rich. Lot of people just won't do it themselves and that's what I wanna with a string lay I just wanted to do it myself but wanted to build will be mine. A lot of people build their lives and build the well their own way. The way he doesn't work. It makes no sense at all. Yet. They can't see that when they start out on that road. Five years ten years confuse sometimes said the thirty years later they figured out though there was a flaw in the plan from the very beginning. Geno and I had to do. There's I had to send all this stuff back I'd take almost track back off. I put the wrong kind of tracked down didn't look realistic are the very realistic training they don't know ruse to track. M. I even went so far guys is to go up and meet the guys that build the build the best train layouts in the country Parker. He'd go Warren Buffett's trying to lay out for him when worn but bought pianist said trains. And he built this way out of or could more commemorate what is called memorial has affected you bought that BNSF. Praise. I met this guy and you've educated on my house looked a mile layout and we put together loosen me a great player of the to have him go ahead and finish of 4% to that I just do so long I'm frustrated. You know. And. When we did that. Came up with a price tag to do that. Got to go home there patches too much. I megabytes. Two ferraris for that today it's just beaten much money for it before. That I probably won't you very much. Public Iraq. So let's say I'm sorry that I really hate to refute. I just couldn't do it. Up Rudolph. And that's like so many people always have people fill the questioner for me it could take to music. Are you going to go ahead and buy an apartment complex or you gonna go up and bite you or 101000 what do you do. Are you step up to the next level where you get a mentor to help you do right now. Peoples and just too much money. And too much money for what it is too much money to get rich. They've seen everything in their life they've ever done they get no result from sort of cost more than the comparable rip. It's not worth that they can't rationalize. Caused everything to Paris told me to do didn't work everything under. Proposes to college told to do didn't work. Nothing to do financial planner does works nothing there account until we do work they have no results. So they can't quantity the value results. And so it is for a I distinct thing and then I know results Ukraine's. The united fit try and build tried film go man spend that much money is it grow even more that I don't even know what the resulting joy will be. Just like you don't go to resort the result enjoy being rich would be like. Because you've never done it. We have no idea what it's like to get up every day you know you have the money to live the rest your life. And that you can squander a new kids and grandkids your friends he doesn't matter you more than enough to give away even. What kind of feeling is that I don't you don't have it. Because you don't live that way you were live and Dave Ramsey beans and rice beans and rice beans and rice second job. Get a cheap car. You're live in the Dave Ramsey dream of being broke. By the way. When you're not old you pay off everything you get right back and we've got a hold of which war. You broke. What happens is like pretty down and didn't do for a while then last year sold a bunch of real state made a ton of money. And so you know look. Even though I thought those like it's nothing compared how much money I mean this year it's not even scratch. On the go and do this comes one of those things in my life I'm gonna finish up on the finishes project. And a I called got back of us look. These Tagalog is just an old drawings. As his limit look object and his wife called Dexia we've got a huge deficit look side yup and how many do this thing. And so she side of the agreement for the construction and said it was gonna take eight months and all the sudden I got apprehensive because eight months. I love paying for something right now and Americans whose operate most and you know folks are bright that in there realized. Why people don't wanna be rich because we don't wanna wait eight months to be rich. Eight months it's too much to do something you want when you want it. And so you just don't even start the process. That's ridiculous isn't it. But that was so I felt I felt just like you feel like Gingrich. Eight months a year all my guys have pleaded diet I could stand alone. If it's O. You know of a whole rear of utter did. But what really we're the neo. Is what I'm gonna cover when we give back from the break. Is the fact that he asked me a book she questions like. What reroute you wanna be who are you where you can be. What part of the country what you hero what you're resisting going to be what do we modeling what you wanted to look like what are you won in it. And who you share. And you know Acuna answering those questions. And that my friends. Is the real problem. It by asking the same thing you couldn't ask some questions either. We'll take short break. Be right back let's go to limited. We'll stay best ratings. 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What red blood cells are limited real big investor radio show today we're talking about. He's real plan for your life. Are you wondering generalities. And I'm using the example of me trying to figure out how to build us. Rare road that I wanted to build this model railroad. And making every mistake could have possibly to make in continuing. To make the mistakes to a point where finally gave up again time and time and time again they gave up on this project. Because. I just didn't have the play and so I left the blessed whose god. You know agreed to sign his contract and had scheduled this thing for me. Air and being told is gonna take eight months. That you like that that was about ready to make me quit because it would take couldn't wait for that instantaneous gratification and let up item building and we had done. And then he started talking about how there was a play and face it was three or four months long thing. Why it put me he'll play any phase pieces yet you have to tell me who you want to rear road to be. And you have to do we are just railroads could be said that when what are you modeling what part of the country modeling desert mountain city what. What you wanted to look at what he wanted to and it you have specific scenes that you want to occur. And what are those scenes that you want. How much you're willing to spend. Your how elaborate do you want it. And who we gonna be using whip who you share this. And they would ask these questions it's I knew right then I had no idea as to the answer to any of them. And yet. As I fumble relatives. I started thinking. You know this is exactly like me he console can someone about becoming wealthy. It's an amazingly similar thing. You're sitting out there right now and you listen who's thinking yeah I think I wanna be going to be ripped. Just like god think and yeah whatever railroad layout. But you have no more specific information. At all. You know who do you wanna be if you were to step down thought about who you wanna be. Who do you want a model your life after. I don't wanna be like Donald Trump. I would hate to be that person. I don't like we actually like we looks like we treat people. Right there's lots of other people don't like you'll I don't care how rich they are. They're not likable people I wouldn't like myself like that. But then there's two AJ why. Go whoa. What I love to modeled that lifestyle. Everybody likes you. Yours small or large county national hero. Through super athlete. Physically fit. Great body. Friendly guy who cares. While. I just pick a model. I want a model that kind image and I know I can't be 27 years old boat all over again. But I can characterize. The type of person I wanna be what I wanna look like I wanna carry myself and we always care about the people. Have you republic and who do you wanna be. Or or are you just a conglomerate. Of left over. Personal events in your life you can shape to do some mishmash of whatever vision car. It has no real. Meaning for being life. It's amazing people I've been playing with so little goalies of where do you wanna live you know one of the kids. I was in college insider when you get out get rich and so I've researched. The five fastest growing cities in the country made it planned to go visit and spend at least a month and each one of them. Or at least a week each one of them and decide which one I really wanted to spend the rest of electric Lenovo gonna building business. You gonna have to pick someplace to ground yourself. And he'd be you know and did you know. And so I picked five best sequences kinda confused into their ran out of money for a guy at the last two. If it okay because it was I would write this he made me rich. It's incredible city for money. So why pick weren't wanna let me if you live deceived were born. I'm so glad I don't live was born at Ferguson. Man. Ferguson Missouri right nations Saint Louis home to ride it. I'm glad I did end up where my parents ended up with a job of Madison Wisconsin. That's insane liberal location but that's nothing but liberals live there. Man. I'm so glad I picked a place to live. Have you. Are you just wouldn't look over result of somebody else's choices somewhere along the way. We'll take a short break broke you right back. We lifestyles a limited real estate industry. Did you know that every dollar you invest in real estate makes you money five ways cash flow money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars and create when you have a great team and by the right property using the right map. Appreciation realistically can increase in value over time equity built up renters pay down your mortgage. Each month. And finally the tax advantage when done correctly real estate investors pay no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains at lake styles unlimited these are the five ways we'd make money in real estate which is why real estate accounts for more millionaires in the world today than any other investment vehicle and you should have some real estate in your portfolio. To learn how to attend a lifestyles unlimited free workshop call 8669718970. Or go through what styles unlimited Austin dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 8669718970. Or go to what styles unlimited Austin dot com. About like double the roof investor review showed that he was talking about. Having a plan life as opposed to having an unplanned life. Telling a story about how frustrating it is for me. That have gone through 45 years a warning to build a train layouts. And just every time. Figure out that I'm doing it wrong. And every time wondering how many do write the next time and starting and stopping quitting and then realizing. Through all this frustration that's exactly like what you're doing with your life financially. You start and stop a thousand projects you don't know which one's gonna work which went to work you eat it just it hasn't worked. And sad that you wake up 345 years 102030. Years later and figure out it's still as a work. It's not getting done it's not coming to completion. So in the story house talking about it I think this guy you know to do this bill distract me I should look I changed my mind though when BO for you in charge before number of he's in but if it can take four months to play in this thing and I don't even have to be getting answers the questions. If you have. A realist a couple of things one realizes you don't want to go to golden rebel assault comes as well they're looking at and try and designed in my bring what I wanted to realize that the ruling that the design of life is full life. The design of the railroad is the whole real world it's the book on designing. And then I realized that. The way the construction I used is all wrong side take revenue part of already done and start over anyway so it really doesn't mean like I'm losing the tiebreak you. It also I'm just gonna take it apart into bright if I doubt they know all different things I've done wrong there loosened up about six things that you're wrong. Fifteen when there will be back and that's exactly six things we could tell you need to change. And if accused is what he was just because they've just taken the tugged to little bit of thought and research on it and see with a different was what I was doing wrong. Before two barreling into and normally people do really well Byron Nelson when you have any idea what you're doing the by the wrong kind of red house who could go wrong kind of candidate. Who do the wrong kind of make greater wouldn't they don't know I'd release it and they just fail. And then they give up. Because if I failed to read how sort of got to be a failure of the ultimate try to do make money and so they just quit and so I just quit. But then I got back discuss a look at what we do. I can see now that I need to consulted. What I needed somebody to Cuba and every inch the way to do this thing I don't want to do it for me. I would you do what I do with people I help people become millionaires by walking them through the process. I want you to walk me through the process wanna pay you for your time to console. And guy the other agency knows has. They're under thought that puts pretty good idea. You know. And all these years he's been doing this is the number one guy in the country he never consulted anybody people ask him questions you should give them free answers just as he denies guy. But he made all his money by getting one person to buy in to letting the Goldstone report and they build big elaborately right. Take me here to do one suing the one caution you to say yes. And then everybody else you're just asking questions which is built in clientele base. I'll but he never used that none shall we got a can create a whole other form of income by consulting. And helping people get these things done right and so we agreed to do this and I showed up were we have a little thirty minute intervals we'd get together. And I went back and sort of Reading some of the design magazines and I picked up on something one of the bag and it would make sense to me. He said do what would railroad. Layout is is a series. Of die Rahman's along the track. And what do dial Robin is it's a little scene it's a little miniature seeing that you build model it. And you build the structures and buildings and double diesel people and things that go in animals and each scene. He's a guy Romo someplace. That you wanna go you wanna see. And so I started when my garage and to always start off track and pulled all my equipment out that I was gonna put my trachoma different buildings and stuff. I started rearranging around the track I started seeing some stuff I really don't want it doesn't fit. The original theme to this thing. And then I realize. There can't be a theme to the entire thing like to tell you if you want one I want which is to model bunch of different stuff so I started realizing. And I was gonna have to of these little local buyer rumbles of different things that's are deciding what I wanted to in my life. Overall my train. And I came over these little scenes and figure out of the anymore interest there's only room for three who have or big scenes under train track. You gamble but the little ball around us. But no not that many big ones. And then it hit me that. It was the big rock spirit all over again and it was paralleling life all over again. Reid demonstrating who's out what I already knew he got to get the big rocks in first. Before the doubles in the sand and all the other stuff I do going to the same backwards from the very beginning. And so have most of you when you look at your finances. Who would come back we'll start working those solution. So that you to can be ripped right back in lifestyles eluded most industry to show. What would happen if you didn't show up for work tomorrow for the next couple of days before week a couple of months. I hear it how long until you lose everything you or forcing a fraction of its kind of earnest. This fear keeps you up that night it's time to learn the strategies and teach their lifestyles unlimited. Start with the free workshop goes to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com and find your true financials. Like so many of our members already. That's lifestyles on limited Austin dot com. We know you're out there hiding in plain sight living a life of quiet desperation and wondering if you're going to keep your money to rigorous. There's a better way of federal life at lifestyles on women. It's time to live a life you deserve he could only do that by creating passive income. Let me show you how it's just two hours. It can't be worse than another meeting about meetings or another mindless night in front of the TV goes to lifestyles on limited Austin dot com. That's lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com. Thirteen seventy. Welcome back to life so solution misery you showed they were talking about having a life plan. I'm paralleling along with the frustration I'm going through personally with trying to developing. Railroad layout for myself. And it just brought up the point that. What have found to be true is it. What railroad layout really is it's a series die around those series of scenes. There you go around the track and you see. And then I realized that. These guys are dramas although you can have many of them on the track or on your way out you can only have a few. Big large ones main scenes. And I came to Israel's visual and without their necks or just putting the stuff out on the table and seeing. How much it very decent action we take two models something that I wanted to model. Then it started thinking about we you know pitchers like like that's the big rocks the real low brigade got a big rocks and jar first so there's sort of think of him. Maybe there's more parallel here than even that and that is your life is a series. Your whole life. Is a series of scenes. And you just live life from one seemed to the actually you've got his son what scenes you want. But first hole when you're doing your design you're like forget who do you wanna be. Who do you wanna be I wanna be JJ bought into the team to me today doing the show. If there's anybody would model my life Petro would remodel my life after JJ watt. What an amazing fellow interest in. Were 31 lit up I picked Houston. Other people pick other places but at least I pick someplace it was very successful for me. What you want to look. I would look like an athlete a wanna look in shape. I would look clean cut. I would look like eight the best I could possibly be. They'll widened some people wanna look the worst they can possibly look some people. Get fat on purpose some people don't care just get that for no purpose. Some people are tattooed over the body appears all of their body and they will weird color here why do people. You take a person that you could doom. Mostly could possibly do look good I'm. I try to muscle as acceptable possible for someone who was not born with a wealth of looks. But I try to look as. It is okay. Why do people. Make themselves look bad mood you wanna look like what do you what do you like. I mean. Thirty community the other day he said. One of the biggest problems people have we Johnny Depp who takes him two or three hours to get ready to go out because he gets put on all the make up and all the the eyeliner all the world scarves and all that bridge adults in leather jackets are. It alleged and everybody about a comedian brought up but their duty illegals because 48 years old and still dresses like he's 21 jump street. Is it I think there's an age limit to being cool. Well the reason visual limit to being cold there's people who try to look like a kid and be cool right. And so. Have you changed your looks that you were thirty years old. Now you're forty or fifty or sixty what is your look. I was wondering if you want. And gives it doesn't about how much money is enough. Enough money so you be willing to give up working heavily gun show yesterday and I said you know going to party and I've been fifty people are all millionaires. When you first came here you did you were very skeptical that you this would work as a W better run while you've done some Michigan to two through apartment complex just. Do you actually now believe someday you're going to be millionaire if you tell. I figured it out Q the Duma. The financial statement. I am a million. And from a person who didn't believe any of this was gonna work choose a total skeptic. Now she's a millionaire so astronaut Vanessa what about you. We knew you couldn't quit your job or do you just like to work. And you get an answer. He really didn't have an answer and pick the the real thing he goes here's I think a person as a look. Do you make a 100000 dollars a year but you only take home 60000 altered after income taxes. Social Security Medicare taxes. State income tax. And you're 41 K contribution. You're taking of 60000 bucks here. And I say you know if I can give you 60000 you're passive income tax free to where you got to keep at all. Would you like you got go. And they can answer the question. No I need to make more than 60000 dude you're making 60000. Barrel. Do you any of you out there actually know what you're living on what to actually make after taxes. You've never really set go far below what the number would be huge for your work. But that's what has to be done we start pulling help. You got to know where you go and got to know what you want to have one. When we come back. Talk about who you share win. Get short break be right back like they'll political state this week. Seven. Much less like Marcel we'll we'll see that you really should do we've been talking about playing your life. And really what it comes down to lose that through my experience of seeing how unplanned. My project of building a model railroad. Was that I figured out. That most people whole lives are on plan and especially young financially. Because as my consultant consults you on putting together you. Railroad model railroad. Brutalizing its exact same thing seeing problems of people on the come to me personally have no idea. They have no idea who they wanna be. You know what they want their life to look like really wanna live what their dream life is. You know they have no idea of what level of fitness is worth going out and have no level no idea what level finances and well is worth going after. They don't even know who do live wit I mean life is like who did you end up. I know many many people were miserable and very unhappy either being alone or married you can be miserable either way. You don't have anybody in your life then you miserable because of that or you have the wrong people in your life miserable because that. So what choices have you ever sat down made for yourself. And I envision. This dial Rama. Of my life that I think OK what are some of the things I really like I really like being fit that's something I can picture that in the end I can feel the enjoyment of nor will it take off my assured those women or whatever that. People won't matter guys will be open old dude you know that's cool thing to me feels good it felt good we look bodybuilder when I was really mobile. But you know working out the gym but it's. The rush you get from this guy irrelevant like that rush from B I I think about things like. When I knew. That I had all the money in the world that I didn't need anymore money and that. I can quit working right now for the rest my life about the money and still have enough money to give away my friends and family. I remember when I used to hate Christmas. And I hated myself for this but I heated. Fearing that I wouldn't have enough money to give gifts to everybody. We everybody was to maybe it's time to give gifts and for anybody give gifts that make me feel terrible that alone Christmas could I see myself as. You know saint nick giving stuff the people. I like what I see. Now. Right but I had to work to change. I'd like when I go to Kabul everytime I go there. I like being alleged scheme every chemical used to the crisp cold air mound here goes skiing. I like being there I can go back once beauty each of those things and just enjoy so we're so what things in your life. Give you great joy. To love having grandkids over for the one week of the year. Going to see your family for holidays. Too like traveling. What is it gives you. The greatest joy in life. That's what I wanna know. What gives you the greatest joy and life. No custom calling here we've only got about a minute to thirty seconds left so good quick answer don't talk we'll be about it. Yes I want novice real estate. I don't have a clue about what I'm going or anything. I just wanted to know exactly how do I get guarded. I was listening to a few podcast. My friend of mine. Who actually. I hope he's doing or what but some copies quickly Peter podcasts and everything and I happen to listen to you can be downloaded everything. I'm extremely interest stated I wanna get started right away with the government dire straits with mock our natural. Kuwait and here already and her photo once you do you're gonna when you go to our website spelled UI and C dot com. That's held view on which is lifestyles limited incorporated. LU I NC dot com. And there's free program there. And also when contractors. Take the free program started studying that contact is mortgage into free workshops somewhere. Okay Corey we start with free Dennis and if you like it you pick it up very quickly. Okay thank you appreciate that sir are no problem have a good day that's Dennis from Pennsylvania guys they were all over the country now. That's what I'm loving about the same as the Nixon a human life a CBO go anywhere in this country know that I'm helping people help themselves. That's another dire Rama. Until you've got to figure out what it is in your life if you want guys. Figure it out then we can plan it didn't we can get out the software and draw it up for you. And then we can start construction. Too many times life. We start construction before we even have a plan. And many times we have played them before we even know what it is we want the result could be. That's what I learned by this painful. Exclusion. Of trying to build a railroad. I started without knowing what I wanted. And I started building. Before I knew what I wanted I started building before I had a complete player and and I what I started trying to put a plan to get drugs putting blend together without knowing the result. I was doing it exactly backwards of what should have been so for you guys. Let's go get out there. Let's start working on the desires of what you want putting and I rebels together what you want and we'll get what you created plan. How wonderful day and remember we're not doing this for some money. Thanks for listening to the lifestyles and limited real estate investor radio shows remember that this show is for entertainment purposes only. And should not be construed as legal investing or text sites results thanks very. Always consult a professional before making any financial decisions if you'd like to find out more about the mentoring available at lifestyles unlimited please visit them online and lifestyles of unlimited dot com.