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Saturday, June 9th
Lifestyles Unlimited, for June 9.

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The lifestyles unlimited real estate investor radio show. A real estate investment pros. Listen and learn how to use realistic to build wealth and passive income streams for you when your family. We bring you experts every game to discuss and answer your questions on everything from single family homes all the way up to 600 plus unit apartment complexes. And now lifestyles are limited we. Real estate investor radio show. Google I felt a limited rules to invest through usual unopposed so long we. And today's tell Dell we have a very interesting guests to Tricia Mets and he's a member. In Georgia Atlanta Georgia close to where Georgia but she has done an incredible job. Started as a member here in Texas probably San Antonio didn't move out there and decided to take on the global by herself and she did she do a bang up job. You yourself say a 28 unit apartment complex that she's made over 500% return game on on her investment has doubled. The value of the property or better and has raised the reds. Bob I tremendous margin about 60% across the board just a fabulous job and we're really happy to have her here today to talk with a she's also. One of our ambassadors. And ambassador for life helps them have been due somebody who's a member it's really excited about. The possibilities. For people's lives out of the program and they in turn share their time. With other people helping them see the light get involved get to meetings have meetings and so forth. And she's taken that role on forest now we were like we're here with me today Tricia Mets and welcome to the field. Thank you for myself thanks for having me so when you save you know I wanna share with what others about as successful as I have I've had. Its earliest selfish reason because we had such a great I had such a great time in central fact being a member there in 2013 and and having in his Georgia. And fifteen that I really wanted to cultivate. Lifestyles on my part of the world so that I would miss out on having. In a case studies and meeting up with investors and other people that are like minded so first selfish reasons eyes you know pushed and pushed to have it and then. And meetings because I really wanted to be UN war people like myself now. I gave you all the credit but I was politicians. Spain you know I want more of lifestyle would be our Erik is I can't. You know you're there hasn't been part of that program and your honest people every month. You've really missed it you really really miss being around like minded people. So. That's how it all started for me. Well I think you're absolutely right I don't think it's he's since for selfish reasons can speak only for selfish reasons although there are good instead of it really would be more likely still be I think. You know as you help other people it does benefit everyone in the group because. Like you say that they come out of leadership. Good group education. Networking and I find that I've got 90% of my friends come out of lifestyles membership so just because. It's the only people that could sit with me long enough that ought to be long enough without going crazy because all we talk about it. His real state making money so it's really hard for anybody else you won't narrow interest and enough. I had to try to figure out so that I couldn't figure out which was okay how are we gonna grow this. Thing if we can get away from Houston. To give some credit here a guy named Carrie at the unitary right. I Eric Berry. Carrey took it upon himself in San Antonio. To bring together a bunch of people got them all together it is how to get regular meetings his health until we had enough people there to be able to. Open office so there and so if you cookie whose new regional ambassador. And he took a long ways we took off with the itself. Let's talk about being an ambassador welcome things do you do as an ambassador. Well I mean before I was actually given that title of ambassador. I'm only when you started a program. I'm I had invited you know money Kabul to one of my due diligence inspection reports we've purchased the sixteen unit. And I mean other members were invited as well but they're the ones such as prevention says Taylor says it has property because they were in single family and they live in Atlanta. And they wanted to see you know how I did it. Because you know they know a bad game they came in Houston and educate study it. And injured today knowing that we had somebody in that I'm Georgia now. I could show them you know how to do that that they took advantage of coming to be the property is doing our inspection and that would really when it started because. I guess that I was you know looking for others to. Specialize Wear and teach others the other members they're wearing our crew how we know we buy multifamily and that's when it really started. And then it just grew from there the following year. After we had closed and re. We invited. The group and whoever wanted to purchase a number of trips to. I'm our apartment this year than how it's done what I did you say what talent businesses increased their friends and you know just how to. To take down an apartment. Community how something like this is time now that's where I'll be gone. Well folks out there if you. Think this sells interest seemed to have other people around you. That will show you their business explained you how they made these massive result of the happened. If your interest and so what that to be on these type of events you have to be a member. These are not open events these are only member of the events. And Patricia Scotland come and appear. On July. Fourteen is that what you told me once you go to a fourteen yeah so prefer what did you tell everybody what what you're going to be doing on July 4 can remember guys. All I'm telling you this is a private event for members only but will his share of those you that are members so you won't miss out of you would get out there. Patricia you get in touch with Kerrey right is it carries is in charge of all the ambassadors. Yes Carrie Taylor. Yeah called carry Gilbert shoot if you looked up. With their I don't give you go for broke over the year and like 101000 people collier right so. Go ahead and tells what can we do on this. Inventive and Hank yeah deficit put together. And what it is says Glenn and I talked about having her trip because. We've had. Other members and the national. Ambassadors have per trip to the apartment just like we did with a then I want. But that's what I wanted to dive deeper into helping members that are I'm interested in buying multifamily. And showed them how it's done. Because they're you know it's worth purchasing properties and our area in Georgia. Why not start seeing education so people you know they start to finish that one other Palestine. So coordinating closely where PayPal and Jackie Kareem. Tech is analyzed things and multifamily properties that we're gonna potentially view. And it or break it down just so people is that they're deal is this is not a good deal. And over that I have you know very trip just he got property. That is theaters that are not good you know it's just so that we can have education because we have. Increased their numbers and the Georgia my entire region and without these the whatever they wanna say because it's outside of Georgia there are. Significant numbers in North Carolina South Carolina. So it wants you know get that opportunity. To the other members. Say get educated. Based on the ground and Georgia. You can solo home do you have any idea. At all I mean it doesn't have to be an actual accurate number just. Educated guess as to how many people you guys have roaming around in your southeast every group out. I don't really wanna get at number because it would feel good again but I know that one we get together is forty to fifty. You know it's it's hard to despite her too because we have huge numbers coming out from different towns states to become. You know involved in our area so we get to upgrade another layer of members because. They're interested in investing nationally that are hitting all the major cities in the you know would account. There potential or apparently it's our investment opportunities. Yeah that's interesting to meet that. Now because we have all these different groups over the country that person can live where they want. And so diversify their investment all over the country which is really a neat thing to deal would do. I know a lot of people travel that that's what shocked me though what shocked me was that they would actually travel. They go out to events and see these places in and meet these people and so forth that that's the part because I realize they wouldn't bet that a you know little shocked they're wounded two all that traveling to get to find people and meet people so forth. I know you did some travel quite a bit when you first started you go back and forth from different places. And went to a lot of and so I guess is what is your thought on that. I think bat and you know because you're national now and it just. At first they're growing that this investment company is making. Lifestyles better and better it's just you know it's. It's it and defaulting is happening is growing as. That stock and that stock down this is your legacy and this is your legacy that you are getting enough. And it's sacred. You know all of back so I see that it was going to do. I'm grow and prosper and so many different cities that are you know I'm happy I'm doctors have deeply. That are purchased it and building and people running for best investments. And it's important for people that. Once they're about mad city ticket no I don't think it's really well because when you're not there and I found where they're. You know it's important. They get the note them and there you know focused and that they're confident and investing in that city is that person an athlete. Well let's take a short break here. All we go to break or get older reminded you're likely to get involved in the group like this. He's need to come to our two day class could give in Orlando. June 31 July 1 date. If you wanna start up that you need to go to the website give me total freedom dot com give me total freedom dot com. So we can get you signed up and then after that if you are member. Tricia has road trip coming up July 14 so if you get it down get to this case continues today you have a possibility keeping in true road trip also. We'll take a short break be right back with Tricia Madson and beat myself on limited real estate investor radio show. Lifestyles unlimited is the real estate investor education and mentoring group that has been taking people by the hand in teaching them how to invest in real estate for over 25 years our students have been so successful at creating wealth and passive income the people on local state and national investor the year awards. Ten of the last ten years it's easy to see mark being real time magazine named us the best in the US. If you're ready to add real estate to your portfolio due to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to access summer free life training events schedule. The number one question real estate investors tab is should I buy end with the best available data. It up on the parable sales and raising your marketplace lifestyles discovery allow. Estimate capital gains and monthly. Getting the best deals dot com to sign up for the free online class how to get the best investment property. And learn to identify the very best deals to add to your portfolio. The best Only. I love about the last couple other real estate investor radio show with me here today until Dell is attrition that's another book Georgia. And does she is one of our ambassador there and she's got a road trip coming up here. For members only blood you can become a member if you like to give into one neutral crips. The parents if you wanna be a member you can you can go to the two data wherever we choose June 31 in July 1 Saturday and Sunday. And did you pick ticket for that you need to go to give me total freedom dot com give me total freedom dot com so Tricia. Let's go back way way way back when you first start because it's one of the things I think you you're getting to know. Is it Q when you first started. Were you surprised how open people were with all their private information in their business techniques. Well don't my history is that I understand how mom and so I didn't have. Much experience with business or our corporate world the so I can't say you know I was surprised that it was so open I was just happy that it was so open that you were able to tell me how to do something like that. So I can't say that I I was surprised that the openness for the members I was. Really loving that people took you know deal and you know wanted to talk to you and envy. Just think earth itself is still open and and I think that's what it. I enjoy so much about lifestyle does. I have people that come from taxpayers are whatever state they're coming from and they know you're a member. And they can just based attack you or something or say hey I'm gonna be in Savannah. And then I'll donate them for dinner and then all of a sudden we're you know like they're best friends from wherever it just because we have a common. We'll stay investing. A commonality in us and plus you know we're also learned heard her give her purchased everything that you embody in my files this way. You teach us to do that so we share that with the other members. So we you. I have these events. I assume that you have a list of everybody. Or is carries and that was dealt when there's you've been to occur. I'm OK so what I'm mainly due when we get something can others take for instance when you come. Two it plans or we have a two day or are fixed. Bible gets to these members. Get together that night prior along with you and we'll have a dinner at this done better I'll organize it better for us that we found that or. And then I'll organize the next day and trying to get us a launch of networking events so that we can still. Stick together and socialize with other people and other members especially new members because you know. Coming in just such a news program here so here I there's a wide a plate you know what is this about what is that never do it. And we want to help those that are in movies and and just to get them you know their overall. You know I guess father I doubt about really felt threatened and southern contrary you know that hey mrs. did this or just all of them you know. And just get them the same advice you give us. Terry on the other hand takes care of all see. -- do I'm scheduling and anything that have to do with thousands that the company and myself. I'm on the ground doing the networking. Setting up our donors or appliances. Members. That one engaged it and it may leading. So I think I'm more of these social gatherer. Event planner if you wanna say that. I'm Terry it's gonna take care of the scheduling or Italian. The advantage as south. The you know they interest in part about so the whole thing of starting a co op somewhere is you've got to start somewhere isn't particularly DA and so we have the present stuff for you guys to do. So that they that you guys can do it enough to tell the people about it so. That we then get them to do it too so it's a it's a symbiotic relationship there to say the least now. We and we I have this meeting coming up here for the two day. June 31 July 1. For that community seminar. Are you going to be bringing the group together for that. I want to do not answer that question at hand I have my parents coming into town so I might have to deal with them. I so I go. I thought definitely let people know if I'm going to be involved in the heyday they could get hurt these are. Event planned further and her husband and are conscious. Record your as far as I'm concerned it's almost as good an open question right now. Are over gonna take a break on that win and if you want to get to this two day event. In Atlanta at June 31 and July 1 every Sunday you need to go to give me total freedom dot com. Give me total freedom dot com we'll be right back. Which we should match and and the lust of the limited real big Belgian radio show. Did you know that every dollar you invest in real estate makes you money five ways cash flow of money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars you create when you have a great team and by the white property using the right now. Appreciation. Realistically increase in value over time equity built up ranchers pay down your mortgage each month. And finally the tax advantage when done correctly real estate investors pay no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains at lake styles unlimited these are the five ways we make money in real estate which is why real estate accounts for more millionaires in the world today that any other investment vehicle and you should have some real estate in your portfolio. To learn how to attend the lifestyles unlimited free workshop. Call 8669718970. Or go through what styles unlimited Alston dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 8669718970. Or go to what styles unlimited Austin dot com. Well thirteen seven. About the lifestyle what it will fit best radio show would be it is crucial match and other book Georgia and Tricia let's get back in here now and talk about your accomplishments I think we've spoken up about the ambassadorship. But let's talk about why they would want to do what you're doing who stuck with that version do you the first twenty you do you did. Tell us all about how you found that what she did in. How we create so much profit on this thing. Okay well. I can't start this thing those are negative without starting off but Iowa and this single family uncomfortable first at bat but to those 1031 to purchase the 28 in it. That's 28 unit is basically. Property that I found on the net of all places. And George we moved here and I'm 2015. I. Or like those on a street. So we are on seven of those or plaques that other import taxes on that streak and it was you know. They'll just. Mom and pop. Property where. There's this bird. Maintenance and everything with the stress didn't. Old and nothing had been updated. Friends on the property where at 535 when we first time purchase them. And identifying and implementing a and play and I'm like washers and dryers. As. Insurance policies. We've increased it to 910. Dollars. One unit. Golan. Phillips get this. You took it over in your head unit's revenue flow was 535. And you've got them now all we have to 910 and are only used the same size of all of. They are actually there are a little bit under 900 square feet there are two bedroom one bath. They all have a washer and dryer connections and they unit. They are stacked vertically individually metered for water and electric so we don't have data and or the electricity or you feel pretty. And they're just like four units from Billings let's find out VH one I'm but it was saying was our plan. Let's that's really beneficial to have all two bedrooms like that because you can get the larger red for the two bedrooms in the one bidder. And also for that environment of war collection fund used to fund families. The wanna live that way they don't want to live in a complex. Purse say they've they've like you're you know report what you think I don't know it can be feels more like a whole board duplex or. You know then just. Important accomplishment I've seen it. When I had a minute my problem by the way. A big one hello Blake fifty duplex. Can reflect our. In about 1210 or 114 flexes. And I always felt like it was just a little bit different clientele get a little bit better clientele who we got our apartment complexes and that's our respective that we owned. Really old cheap apartment complex so I got the hands quite so possible. But that's all I could afford it and start out just like you start with the house is correct way into multiple holes and so and so forth so now. How long did you teach you. And did you do it in stages or did you rip the band aid off to go from 535 rip off denying them. Actually. Liked it. With the contractors that I've been using it since we've purchased the apartment. There is what you renovate a unit and less than probably ten days maybe a week like right now we started our morning an epic and it may down. And they are delaying orders. I'm not unit on Thursday and so they started that on Friday of last week. So I can't almost ready to go or and I felt like I'm. And so we've taken it what it was just when we had an original plan. We kept the property management that was on. Previous purchase so that we could come get them thirty day notices. Because otherwise the beach and I am well and that would be sixty day notices and I didn't have time for sixty days to start re happy NFL. Which has its its parking manager important so we had he had not taken all the the unit to where we wanted to. We have them. We would do one at a time. Whenever they Wear out there and do we would rehab tomorrow when nearly six iron you're gonna happen. And so far we have 26 of the 28 pounds completed. Tell us. Sure we this we got about a minute left in this segment should share with us on now with we have. That's not a time when I'm alone here when we come back for me to tell us one all you've done. Could you have to have done. Some really nice to make ready to do operation wrote that much and that. Really unheard of rate increase. So many European you have to say about for the rest of you if you ever got in there and signed up yet for the two day class we have coming up. Go to give me total freedom dot com there's give me total freedom dot com Atlanta Georgia June 31 in July 1 two day workshop will be right back with. Crucial match and in the life dealt a limited real street veteran radio show. What would happen if you didn't show up for work tomorrow for the next couple of days before week a couple of months. I hear it how long until you lose everything you or forcing a fraction of the time it took her earnest. This fear keeps you up that night it's time to learn the strategies we teach at lifestyles unlimited. Start with the free workshop goes through life styles unlimited Austin dot com and find your true financial he's like so many of our members already. That's lifestyles on limited Austin dot com. We know you're out there hiding in plain sight living a life of quiet desperation. Wondering if you're going to keep your money to the poorest. There's a better way of federal life at lifestyles unlimited. It's time to live a life you deserve he could only do that by creating passive income. Let me show you how it's just two hours. It can't be worse than another meeting about meetings or another mine was right in front of the TV goes to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com. That's the lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com. Well my blood so the limited real estate investor radio show with distributed until Dell is Tricia merits and out of Georgia. And I attrition tells about these incredible project she did 28 units. Who's really a oh whole group of four elections she bought 24 from the she bought the next for use as it at all. And she's renovating these things so much. That she's gone from the 500 dollar month thread 535 all we have denied and the last one that she just finished. And what I wanted to know political break Patricia is what are you doing to these things to make them that. Attractive and raise the rent that much. Okay well I'm. Standards you know that we would do it any property when we take an error is replaced with exploring it but we've got carpeting and there for years so we're kind of venue Florian. Where is involved I'm scoring a dollar you know it's easy for the senate to clean up and it's easy to turn. Contemporary art colors to attend bray is the most popular now. We resurfaced the cabinet that they don't need to be replaced and we resurfaced. Moms hardware. Update the lighting Alley he played. Feeling abandoned bedroom. And down at the doctor is it an overhaul or just being the new vanity toilet and we'll do it into the bathroom please put a new countertop. In the kitchen and back flash play on clay tiles. I've been very popular. And we'll chase what are bought the plane is depending on what some weight isn't the kitchen. It's really a night. Really nice contemporary unit the tenants are loving their. You know their units inside so it's not the you know standard unit that they would say on the outside for the same price. Cities that that I am pretty much patient in my area because of my upgrade it and my finishes. I'm not going to be at a party the other. And communities because there. You know stay online and not granted him by having such nice pictures this product that's right what you tell us. Even so do we have any kind of an idea of what that may crede caught in totality. Per unit. We. But we haven't had to replace. All about and it's it's about a bit vanity in the toilet. With all of things it's mentioned we've spent a little bit about 5000 dollars per unit. And each unit which although the appliances. And all of the supplies needed to. In front of flooring you know lighting into the bathroom vanities. What it is but Albert is saying. And I. Fixtures fan or not spending its time on them for isn't but the stock for not buying anything that is you know special order. Which is contemporary colors make all the fame of the regular color. Or if particular budget pretty much. About five and a bit over 5000 to renovate a it has. So you spent about a 140000. That's 5000 door you have a dog who do you interpret. Mostly honored 130000. Spent so far. Fair and correct you're looking at the situation purchases property. 4178000. Is that right. I'm added that whereas the four but that was just to purchase and pop up. In case and you double that you've made the property worth 2200000. Dollars so think of the benefit guys. She spent a 130000. Dollars in upgrades. Increases the value. Of million. Dollars. While that's a profitable. Upgrades. You know when you're giving you eight times the cost. The median value that's a tremendous tremendous upgrade. Whom come back from break here what I'm gonna wanna do is talk you about all these other things she did. To increase the income. And also a short piece on the renovation you do for another member and help to members can get together. And make something really exciting happened by working together and want to do that we get back. Now before we go to break I remind you one more time if you wanna go to this two day. In Atlanta on June 31 and July 1. You're gonna need to go to give me total freedom dot com that gave me total freedom. Dot com and they moved you would you do if you win they're so Trisha when we come back we're gonna go into. All the extras do you put it. As far as revenue increases and also the rehab that you did with the first pass a deal that you've done and we'll get them all covered for. The losers in this next segment and get more more time for what you go for the break you need to go to give me total freedom dot com. Give me total freedom dot com for the Atlanta a two day trading class June 31 and July 1. We'll take a short break here. And when we come back we'll have treasure explained to stuff that we just went over. Right back with a large tells limited real estate investor readership. Thirteen seven. About blood cells live in the real big mystery show would be here today is crucial lesson out of Georgia. And Richards who went to break pressured to do what are. What I would like we're finish up the segment and the show and that is some things you editing your career. For instance you implemented. The compress. Program expert if everybody what that is when you don't that first on my law itself. Two and telling them. Potentially it differences that the DNA collections where. Basically your pet that you have been on the community. Though. Basically Wendy tenants. It. What they're dog go and do their business and property. If they don't take it we've done that our kids but DNA to print flat. And they come back and say is targeted so that we can find that Canada. For leading bare dog mascot not Kirby I'm well I'm as the Phillies it's a silly thing but it works you know we don't have. Tenants not hurting or animals because they don't they know we are tracking map. So it's it's people. Have something like on a community. That takes pet though that we are pet friendly Nat is also another. Feature or ancillary comments we've accepted pat and before that for the media did not have any handle on it whatsoever that. We signed Eden because not many in other areas have animals price and I properties so. We take advantage of I pointed out the person company first started and I actually enjoy. Having they had a big impact friendly community we interviewed attacked first people we put them and make sure there's something that. One not on a vicious treatment and hang itself but that's. You know that the owners are you know pretty good but they're animals. I'm. Please and we also have a washer dryer connections we can offer our principal. And being and military towns people don't really want to have washer and dryers because they have the employer to do. You know he's he does it's well my thing for them to worry about. We started up a great program with a plan for how they charged me twenty dollars or they they. Deliver positive prepare and I cherish it and fifty dollars for the wrongful month. We have and we implemented or renters insurance we you know policies that Canada doesn't want to. But one employees and we'll take care for them to have their eye and the church up in their unit. Personal belongings. And that there were just you know trying to find more income to generate. Too I'm authentic but there's. You've also. Dug some amenities that it's not necessarily. Directly related income but it's still good program. You've who have promoted to community neighborhood crime program would equip effort to such. I Sherry out but they're great program one of the other members suggested they might actually look at it up because we. At first we're gonna do something where an off duty officer. We didn't have that kind of vicious there's so I figured. What he's back kind of controlling done so. They they try to never occur once I got attached to the local police department and talk to their program director. He came to the property. Luncheon we had. And talk about you know safety thing to do it just you know common sense thing nothing windows so and then. And I'm not indictable McCartney gave me it's fine to put out there are monument sign says that they can see that we are countries in our crime watchers. Again I'm. Community. Making stickers that went on the windows on the bottom Larry and I I think now that it works but you know pay every every ounce of prevention as you know help. That I've always done went and his city's template I would give to new tenant moving him at all crime watchers and tell them through. Keep an honor their environment that anything suspicious because I wanted. It's a nice community I think that these tenants the phone you know because there and it's it's I think we see the company now. They watch you know their cars better. You know the people that aren't there and they know that if anything special going on they'll report and they put out of you know. I'm going to live up on my mom wanted to see something suspicious that they don't look out for each other they you know are close with each other talk about the united do. We've added picnic tables and Barney spirits so that the tenants can mingle and go outside and I just see you know inside of their unit. Not have anything outdoor especially if they have pets now they wanna walk a property. Something that specialized. If they can watch improvement though that's right and hit it. Well we were just about the with a segment Jerusalem just been going to introduce intrusion. Took on the another project this year she came to pass have been properly there where she moves and she did the renovation and half of the unit which were down. So. 24 units she did to told Ria this is interesting because it's a two members. Working together to cop to go about the huge lead investor he had other partners assuming you're passive partner. But yes you can do we appreciate so good at it. Well a lot of people that know me love but they go after properties and that's my eighth we have is my passion so. I'm keeping what I did in my community and what I was able to accomplish he wanted that to happen on the between our unit distressed. Boarded up property and they got me to help him with the project he would take care of their remaining portfolio and artwork on the down unit. And I'm basically finished up April we started in July of seventeen and completed. Their renovation April 2018. And a lot support is he's one unit from being a 100% bowl. Well that's great double appreciation for coming on the show today. And for the rest should go out there remember this we're not doing this for some money with beautiful life don't think investor radio shows remember that this show is for entertainment purposes only. And should not be construed as legal investing or Texas sites results thanks very. Always consult a professional before making any financial decisions if he'd like to find out more about the mentoring available at lifestyles unlimited please visit them online at lifestyles of unlimited dot com.