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Saturday, July 28th
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Styles unlimited real estate investor radio show a real estate investment program. Listen and learn how to use realistic to build wealth and passive income streams were you when your family. We bring you experts everyday to discuss and answer your questions on everything from single family homes all the way up to 600 plus unit apartment complexes. And now the lifestyles are limited real estate investor radio show. Welcome wiped out a limited rules they're best to reduce short intervals so while we was always working guard your harder to predict today in my presence. I have the pleasure to introduce to the leaders and great news the news and probably. One of the most interest in the mall but apparently that voters that we have been added to our group whose whose Kevin Chalmers Kevin. Has 3000 plus units with sixteen different apartment complexes under his belt and he has just been brought in as the new. National as one of the new Daschle won't let them measures there are multiple of them are because it's like the third one. Which is indicating that we're growing quite rapidly Kevin welcome to show. They'd open for having me. So. They got you. Expect if they had it at the U got me you did. But I know a lot. Our area that the call that. You know still. People that it just about the time that you're doing super rich and happy and friendly and life is great you're doing nothing good look at him go. That's good appreciate you coming on the team within us and helping other people who hopefully won't be much of a burden for you try to make sure that everybody his mentor. Keeps their work load down that's why there's more more more all the times we have to make sure that we don't. Living duplicitous wife saying it is all about the lifestyle about the money. So we can keep it as a lifestyle even though we're giving back to the people so it's important that we. We have adult mentors to do that that we don't have to make a good job for us to. It is really good jobs truly it's a work of life it's for Kia Kia. The ability to give access to wonderful thing it's your brand new bits if people reduced use tools which were like when you were younger and how you work your way you do this. Point your life. We've yet earlier. You know. Yeah early like border rate in Houston you know and my my mom raised both my brother and I from the very beginning senators are back like ought to remember him you know just grown up that was about it you know. Making it yeah. You know domain and didn't have a lot of that this time career operations there a reason you know early on all. College or currently none of the aren't there that we're doing now. None of that ever came into the picture. My mom you know we've I guess I was born and wrote there is another way to put it and know what I mean but. We were you know renters my mom moment always rented. Whether it was people coming home for. You know trailer homes all of accused them. Multifamily you know apartment. Property varies among the one the bike now which is just ironic is can be. By growing up that that that was my life you know I. From a very. You know a bowl you know. Simple you know middle America the kind of background of my mom working or telephone company. And you know figure my brother enough and so we're always you know to get things done that Al Bloomberg school districts and you know growing up you know I. The plan certainly an appreciation for the life of my mom. For me and it's created federal uncle myself and in my future family. And you know somewhere and you know I thought Bill Clinton. Don't know do you know trying to get an apology university first in my family to go to university. Still the person and only to graduate. I would wish and so that means a lot to me personally. In terms of always you know. Staying humble own it and pushing myself and what you said giving back and helping others and stuff. And but wanted to create about a lot of one you know that my mock are all you know war. Extremely hard you know to give us a lot that my brother and a critical for the and so. Making sure that I can pay that forward you know my family my three girls. And create that kind of you know opportunity. I mean a lot and of course now where I'm not. National mentor being able to get back you know to. Two other members who would try to be the exact same thing there and and and and require investment of. So what age did you start getting the the thought process affect the way you explain to me before as a friend told you about it. But was there were you looking and searching during his friend just flip a switch who wasn't even on until you talk to about this stuff how did you. Com didn't look into this winter and get to were you looking or did someone just. You know you know yes and I respect it's a credit or was saying I'll let Barbara enough to be researching and looking at stuff but. You know I I would I would I would definitely trapped in corporate so well right when I got mine my corporate job after graduating. Yeah. Looking it was that he had a terminal big I mean I neutral reading other book millionaire next door of the of that nature that really look it was where. You know most people bigger body. But I had no. None of the knowledge the education you know certainly will not been warship you know Benoit well has provided even tried to jump into that that's what what it was almost. Just double that think about it hoping that something would happen. And come to me you know what was that your money is trying to figure this thing hell does this retirement thing out but it. Don't mind my buddy Carlos and turned me onto it at work what do we Africa cup all in the hallway almond explaining to me and I'm talking about these 529 plan the college savings opportunity for my three girls. You know he had three children as wall off an adult yeah I bought three single family homes. And that he's just keeping them and when one of the kids want to go to college so so that how they all the equity you to toward their who. Tuition and I remember thinking that they just beat most amazing car. That I have ever hurt you know and certainly a lot simpler than he'd try to figure out that spot on the ninth day open networks. I'm. Well yeah he terminal so that I mean literally a five minute all the the person you know. Simple coffee break something that you know we get all the time the corporate affairs at small they won't get all the you know having that kind of life changing you know what it now they're watching us and I are certainly a little. Or turn on a lot so. While that's amazing that really is you know Wilson who like you do you think about that five minute change your whole life that that's great story. Let's move on to where you came to the two lifestyles. Couple questions they didn't actually ask a moment get to this time but let's go in go with this. When you first came to life skills the first thing you do lose the free workshop what did you think about the free work. It would it would go it would be incredible is that the what I needed here you know there's there's. The other half that the other part is that the knowledge he's confident that. I just wasn't familiar with that I didn't know where to go oh yeah I'll do it and it was achieved what you know what I mean at what then. It wasn't a pitch it was there that sell was it what eight you know if what an idiot. I don't know I would. Expecting that to happen or not but it was. Hey here's the opportunity that we're going and future interest and if you wanna gray and if you don't bet on it if you don't mean it would it would kind of you know put to it that way and it was. Bumping that we had been looking for. In terms of that includes the real estate. In so yeah I mean it was it was amazing it was kind of the stepped in the nuts what what was of course Tuesday. Inaccurate workshop that. Now did you take Lorie with you to the tune. And yet she was. Yes you were listening to look into today in yeah it was you've represented the convicted of a period doll. And that was back and get back and we were seen. And July August we were seen. And you know Saturday that dealt with them now. You know I mean that was what we are looking for we're expecting to understand home singled him home then and out of bodies properties and right now. You know make it could make a good crop at all that we had no concept of what was gonna happen the following day you know we got it. The Sunday talk about open Indian apartments and you know tax free cash out refinance. Into an ally and also the which is mindful. But. Yes he was looking at all time it and you probably you probably remember that little guy Greg turner right across the street that we ought to go to it was hurt me sitting down the table discussion. Are we gonna make this jump you know me and I'd probably like most people do and we we decided they would do what you always speech about who the end of march. And we we don't and multifamily. They had to like this that restaurant booking a I would wonder how many people how many people's lives have been changed right there at that restaurant we sit there all the time in the fear that's good place I could beat him I have to also. Do food of them the order the you know out of me. My movement. They had no do you rework the bill Donaldson and creepy yes and no so what we we we got the white to the two days and you know you you're totally positive. Do you have any hesitation at all. She wouldn't. More skeptical than Iowa you know I think by. That that date was certainly. Coming around war you know Buick up about it we have the book where we have our kind of handbook. Through that today in the back of it we always great we're not do it they'll all do. And I remember it but boy it was probably on Sunday when I really start to realize what was awful. Right underneath that I elected I wrote on that you need to quit your job. If you don't mean I mean it was for me it was best that bipolar you do get beleaguered this all thing that we need to jump into deep and that. And she would get there. You know not about the gun laws but she was definitely getting there shortly after that she would call and I mean after joining she does she loved her job we will later. So but all right we're gonna wanna put it on him. We're gonna believe this segment felt what better way to segue into the next segment will be right back with Kevin Roberts. 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Properties to learn the property valuation techniques you need to identify the very best deals done to getting the best deals dot com to sign up today. That's getting the best deals dot com. We. Own them. Album limited real estate investor reassure within thirty days who multifamily mantra from the national. Part here question in his we've given Chalmers. Kevin welcome back to show would pick it up with Europe the two day I always liked this is my favorite question to ask. What was the epiphany what did you. What lightbulb went on your editor at heart that's what I needed that's what I did there. Sure with a sure your big Pitney from the future. Probably no one to probably too big like all of them and often and didn't we came into the end of the few days. You know. We're all our goal was to replace our but the that it was the bigger out of retirement thing that are often about where. You know at some point and and me having a career high you know I I did. You know lay off reorder you know it if you bought them bought it. Yes it was all about you know figuring out how I'm going to. Replace the income that was paying them with both of them certainly whatever we wanted to do going forward in life and so won't pick all the department was. Incredible way and it is hoping that I had never heard it so that two day. The idea of putting your money work or unit investment. That is patently providing you distribution. And that was. That in itself was that that would use up that for a look what we're looking forward especially with little days. With the idea that we could make a small investment to get back and distribution are really putting no work into it and I think the second one which was. What are much much bigger an unexpected. For and what he especially. Was that retirement. And so there's not an age. You know in in I was working towards my plan that did it five years and I had advantage here are spreadsheet my numbers and I knew where I needed to be and how much I need to David what we're on whether we're gonna you know the magic number before. He had to pick our president. You know you came in with the idea that that real that that retirement is not an age that it supporting which you'll have to income. Has replaced or exceeded your book as. And I was I mean I wouldn't I was done I was ball bold I've been told me figure out how I could make this thing happen. And and those those were the typical move through the big one of the whole idea of the immediate comedian put a passive income not even the retirement. I didn't realize that an activist that a lot sooner than my plan that would that that was real big. The other as of that is a really big one and delegate told to go forward to it always. Feels like to me that I don't get that across. Stronger because most people feel like. That retirement is the end of their life. And that from that point everything goes downhill. You know you can make less money you can live off what have you got left over your health who's gonna get you know go downfield you have left. Let's let's let's. Notoriety. Popularity. You know success. And it's just sort of like in existence words. The reality years in our lives especially retirements in the beginning it was that opportunity for the first time in your life and not have to give it to go put him. You know 681012. Hours a day or 567 days a week and just be a part of the grind to where you can now step back and think and I remember. Thinking to myself when I first retired at 34 years all of it. Wow for the first time ever. If I get a great idea I have stopping a wanna go do I can go do it. And they end up making more money than what I've made working because by the time to go do something that was incredible. And the second thing that. I don't think I can quell wall though is that every year since I've retired I've made more money. Every Europe have more passive income. I know ball basically the same amount. Yeah out l'Alma fiance and spent a lot of money though. But without her I would spend nothing and I make more every year couldn't take what I don't spend included investment to make even more for more about the so every year. Since I've retired. I've now. You know made more money and I think people think that isn't the way it happens is you get poor and poor or. With the traditional way of eating the way it cheapens your life savings to live up. And that those things are just not true. I also what they had with. Back this point would you pick it up and carry it that is the time. What do you think about the did you quit your job and having the time and we're gonna break on this form that's the big question. But do you think about that the big you gave your notice you belt had your life. Opens it cute that big decisions you've never made before like what time am I gonna get up. What how many and what did it with my daughters would my wife would might. Just go look for new business to start something new if it's an incredible concept that at your wife back in Europeans. Most people don't know what to do it himself from Rupert gave sensible take a short break. We'll be right back. With Kevin jobless who I felt a limited real big enough to radio show. Did you know that every dollar you invest in real estate makes you won five ways. Cash flow money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars and create when you have the right team and by the white property using the right map appreciation. Realistically can increase in value over time equity built renters pay down your mortgage each month and finally the tax advantage when done correctly real estate investors pay no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains at lake styles unlimited these are the five ways we'd make when you real estate which is why real estate accounts for more millionaires in the world today that any other investment vehicle you should have some real estate in your portfolio. To learn how to attend the lifestyles unlimited free workshop call 8669718970. Or go to what style unlimited Austin dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 8669718970. Or go to what styles unlimited Austin dot com. Thirteen seventy. About black belt so limited real big investor radio show with his various Kevin Chalmers the new. National multifamily mentor for lifestyles unlimited. Kevin currently or throw 3000 units and sixteen different apartment complexes manages to those are a couple of them. Himself that we're looking to get him as a new mentor. As we went to break Kevin I'd let you with the question remember what question won't. Do I do. All of a runaround who went through and pick up the question here the question we're left with was now that you have your life back in the second you bought your life back. What does that mean you and how to deal with that. Yet that that was. No it big you know beaches. You know that that that in itself was an incredible day you know turning in my noticed some things and I've done that before or do this job and that that I didn't do well than playoff that was done. You know knows every packaging and I doubt that the point of my real estate development bypasses the income my first though the lead investor where I had a decision that I could. That it wasn't forced to me by a company here's a manager's somebody higher up right to say hey I've had enough and I'm done and I've heard the questioner asked hey I'm the I was you know I was an iPad for eighteen years in the paranoia at those companies always. Or you go you know are you going to be company won't help or you're going to that no. I'm going home that you don't mean that was the opportunity that I that the U is going all the figuring out what I was gonna do my. You know that was amazing I mean I had the opportunity to. The sun went out the way culpable. Where are needed beer what I need to do look at this priority weight or did it is something that I did it between now and and more importantly have more time my girl you know I was at a point where I kid you wake up every morning and take the time to take my girl at school you know turnaround in the afternoon and pick back up Matt schools are I was. Always bear you know and I still am always there for them now and I could not be that. You know before. You know. I was traveling all the time that sodium cause he's that good morning TriBeCa back home and then her curls beard. You know I have another 7 PM call you know. Meeting that meeting and turn around and you know you do the you do the same thing. You know look at the next morning and you just you know repeat the exact same scenario over and over. And I think that part of the problem it may be that we have is that we're we're in corporate America. It's all about that company were so committed to that job we're so committed to doing what we need to do without really realizing it. Of making that company better. Instead of taking a little bit and figure out what we eat it is to make ourselves better and I think when you do that when you do that he's certainly focusing law and but health education or training you know that would that roadmap he shared with me about how can we get all worked on back. They start to change you know you say you realize that the train you bet light at the end of the tunnel stuff the train is the way out. And I absolutely outlook for me. That's excellent and dumb. Let's add to that this part of the story. You. Recently had us over for road trip. Wanna work cooers. Of course it aired your property was excellent. And I really enjoyed it now very critical those balls were all the where all the time so I was very happy with viewers. Will share this if you Keyon. You were belief system about how to operate as an excuse that's like I want to get this out. You know what are you thinking as you operate your own business now. For me and I I don't know its own you know other people certainly equipment or another really successfully investors. Batted first and foremost about the team and any and we're lucky to have put together. Over over the course and a few years they say it's really incredible team. And it starts with an element there with my community manager of the slightly maintenance than they are the core. Everything that we have on site. Bates yet she is the ba she's she's my ball you know she's the one who manages the property. Eight both of us make some really critical decisions and what these app now we're gonna do about it. I'd make her you know an integral part of that decision making you know so all along with my my we made that guy. And what we need to do to really make this community Zsa. And done she's involved in you know every aspect and from operations to rehab the ball and you know that I'm I mean. Both of them over to our tactic you know that we've been working for a few months and so they're people that I trust. They're people that help me sleep at night people that allow me to work on the business and not in the business and so. Everything that we do from our big management perspective really took that team first and and everything else you know what all players that we take care bill. Excellent routine short break now will be right back with Kevin Chalmers. And the watchdog the limited real estate investor radio show. What would happen if you can show for tomorrow for the next couple of days or weeks a couple of months and year. How long until you lose everything you or forcing a fraction of the time the current. This year he left that night it's time to learn the strategies and teach at lifestyles unlimited. Start with the free workshop go to lifestyles are limited Austin dot com and find you true financial. He's like so many of our members already. That's lifestyles on limited Austin dot com. We know you're out there hiding in plain sight living a life of quiet desperation and wondering if you're going to keep your money to the current. There's a better way of federal life at lifestyles unlimited. It's time to live a life you deserve you can only do that by creating passive income. Let us show you how it's just two hours. Can't be worse than another meeting about meetings or none of mine was my front of the TV go to. You lifestyles on limited Austin dot com that's lifestyles on limited Austin dot com. Welcome back the life of a limited real estate investor radio show with conservatives every Chalmers our newest. Multifamily mentor. Working out of the national division and or Kevin is currently. Owns over 3000 units in those sixteen apartment complexes manages to she's got a lot of experience. To bring to the table. As he moves into this mentor position Kevin Love. We're lucky to get you hear heavy helping other people what have you thought about so far as being new bid to what are you thinking you wanna bring to the table for. All these people that need you so much. I think. I actually didn't think about that quite a bit you know kind of my don't process and kind of what I've gone through my over the loss almost almost odd years which. It's just incredible thinking about it how fast we've been able to lose it and you know a lot. Blogspot years vs Obama BT that added as a corporate America have been just. Doug Moore made more odd years and I had all seen here. In corporate America the same company in N and they're getting paid well to. But it I would I I really look forward to. Being able to help other people that they kind of scenario being able to put a plan together to figure out I mean is that he's too uncomfortable. You know I I have a good lie very I don't I don't know that I thought a lot political. That booed by the job that I keep dot BN ID and more myself. You know through lifestyle. The incident an and other education. But I would I report helping people create plan. To put it past employees. Allow them to make that jump from that you two to went we're going to be 22 lead investor. Or whatever I get though retired from corporate America to to buy all their time back. But it's been more that I'm Stanley to go on vacation have a good time to do the things that they want to do to. And enjoying life a little bit more than maybe they are now but. Ultimately make that that transition from the BC to the real estate if it is one that I know from experiences as. Not even want. I I think sometimes financially it easier than it is mentally because we we come from the you know this background you know I I have to go to school to get it out that or can save it up I'm doing anything else that I have completely uncomfortable. Don't think Donald it's something not right here. Well all I've not both believe a good job you know. But I did you know I love is really replicates all all fairly and I am doing much better than I ever bought was all bull. You know they have aside and but having opportunities people kind of do that and also the on the that I look forward to it elements we're now and healthy people create test and lots ultra themselves. Well you know well as I told you last segment the the thing that I look to people for a minute or degrade themselves basically. One of two things we grade one is how many people have you retire to be totally changed his life that's. At you know two little black book start you know write those down every time he hopes so we see you changed your life there take note that mentally because you can. Turn around one day it could be hundreds of people. If you're gonna walk into a Starbucks and so was that hey there's Kevin he changed my life each reader how it happened so quickly it's oh so you don't all over the place. Even when you grew out of the state because our vendors or our members were everywhere and if you're going to be. Mentor and actually you're gonna walk into you know some room somewhere in another city. And abuse event on will be 15100 people that although who you are we walk through doors. Crazy thing so retiring people cynical ones I think creating excellence. How reviewer meant to release or would win state local and national awards I think that that's important. Because. We're passing on the idea best product that prices will pass through the idea of excellence. In the industry which. You know what I started real estate. It was the school board concept you look at all the people into teaching. Courses there will teach you how to get over people. And how to make money by getting over something for nothing instantaneously gratification disease midnight madness of other guys. Is what's up there they'll return to ground where life sells for twenty some years is preached excellence. In the industry so I think that's the other way ethics report. But we'll show you hear us. And I joked about it that's a good to hear your entrance interview. That I really believe it to be true there are three types of mentors to fail one of abused the no bid for who told you that everything you try to do. Is wrong doesn't make sense and the know mentor Beijing's concept on this I'll never make a bad decision if let's say no to everything. Right because I think no will never fail and on the rebels' failure on my resident. It's like would you guys yes guys who can't say though we when you look at the thing you would actually no way you should do I gotta tell you don't do that. This is crazy please don't do this. And yet for some guys can't do that they're just okay what you think that's what you should do you pick it up. The third one. Is. I'll pick this stuff we come back right here in the segment we'll be right back with. Average almost. Good luck they'll deliver the rule states that you review. Talk thirteen seven. Somebody like Dell delivered a real estate investor radio repeater if Kevin Chalmers. Do multifamily mentor for the national division in the cavs went to break we'll talk about the third tired. That poses problematic and that is because she's got nothing but they'd. It is good stuff. But dated doesn't make major decisions in life to be admitted to was more about mentoring people about life. And about a deal. That is about just knowing they need to about real state so whom through challenges for those who protect us he field type tootsie. Ru succeed other one's been able to take. Themselves and share their personal belief system with people and help them make logical. Business decisions. There will change your life so I'm looking forward view setting up your book of success with all of the people who won awards and you have all the people who have retired and you. That's a good thing. One bit skewed to the question did you didn't last segment and that was. You not mention anything about any naysayers. In your life. Family members mother brother and not mentioning about them what is your family and or the people used to work for think about this. Now that you are where you want me. Is anybody. At first but they say are now not do you have a good base your stories or. You have the people now that are wonder what's going on them and how to get there to what what about people around because. You know what's funny is to is what would you go on this that is. I find that I. Primarily hang out watch felt members. If because who else could. Put up with what we talk about all and people don't wanna hear about you know to their mom million number water number southern number fifty I mean. They don't want to people ought to be with people who don't have to get up go to work the next day. They can go up Monday through Friday and they can't I mean it's just the only people can hang with these are the last of members so. I don't have all that outside stuff. And what about you did you have a government in which are distractions. Now and I'm not really and I think I always try to be positive for that and look at things and surround myself with as much opportunities that and I destroyed it. Ignored push away all the negative but I don't needed distraction and a and I don't need India or to order we have what are they away from all. From the beginning really fortunate that might be and we didn't think I was crazy if anything else they've they've kind of been what I've done and just booting up and corporate America doing well there it. You don't they make it big jump babies cute is it. You know Shapiro look it it was probably a big one but I've always had their court. On the print side same thing you know you know my wife my pearl all real world. Might might close friends they've they all. I guess I would expect something like that put me at that point we've all been an incredibly supportive. And always have confidence that I did make that happen and hit it in the internment. It's hoping bill do the same thing so. We've been able to pool but few people over you know or my review. Dogs and and introducing them you bought than helping them create you know. That new opportunity of financial you know independence and and and certainly friend didn't you know family members as well we've done thank thing. But. I haven't had a lot of these there's fortunately. I agree with you I don't know that I could tolerate you know I spent a lot of time surrounded by. You know lifestyle members and as you know what are folks that we dedicate that he can road trip than that mothers that we. Converted a you know bill. What we we got one minute left we've got old Kevin we only got one minute left and wanna get one minute in on your your daughters your lovely daughters. What are they see yet what are they thinking that this young age seeing daddy died I have to get a good job what we're there might get them what's the future for them. One in the the old old old apprentice she's been retired by she's eighteen her friends think she's absolutely insane asked her how to make it perfectly clear. I'm gonna retire with little eight. He's eight years old age to get that. All realize that you know I mean and that effort is huge debt that who like to direct their understanding that there's a different path than it was not something up or all of them. It something that they apt to be a part of an odd more than more than happy to show them everything I've or. You know in the end you're really cared about football you know then when you shared with me so. Excellent that's excellent well grew and shared the appreciation I have for you being with this and coming on to mentor unit who you work. We achieve. You buyback of lack of corporate America has become financially successful. And then I come along and say hey can I take steals a mere hours from junior day. We can interfere with other people's I really appreciate that thank you for coming on air and paper evidence of the road trip for the rest throughout their remember this. Kevin myself everybody else. Pat myself. Or not doing this for just a little more money. We're doing this for incredible. Lifestyle. And that's what you could hear you're just gonna have to get a ball become. Make that decision. Come to one of the free workshops. Look into this. And open you rise. To what possible. Something you never dreamed was possible is possible has been and will be possible. You could just get a look. A wonderful day Kevin thank you regret you will see you tomorrow. Thanks for listening to the lifestyles are limited real estate investor radio show remember that this show is for entertainment purposes only. And should not be construed as legal investing more tax advice results thanks very always consult a professional before making any financial decisions if he'd like to find out more about the mentoring available at lifestyles and limited. Please visit them online at lifestyles unlimited dot com.