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Saturday, August 4th
Lifestyles Unlimited, for August 4.

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Listen and learn how to use realistic to build wealth or passive income streams were you when your family. We bring you experts every day to discuss and answer your questions on everything from single family homes all the way up to 600 plus unit apartment complexes. And now the lifestyles and limited real estate investor radio show. Welcome blood cells are loaded real estate investor radio show would be here today and JB David Durham that our National Mall by famine mentor. And to school's been on today's. Program what we have is we have a company. The only people that are willing to give back all over the country and the program is growing growing rapidly. It's come popping up in cities all over the US with large groups of people that we've gotten together. And have put together meetings and road trips and all the types of events we have lifestyles. What they're doing it all over the country and so we started for the last couple Beers. Expanding out into taking our presentations into these cities where these people accumulating themselves. And also we've had national mentors for two years we've increased the number of those again this year and the gentleman who spearheaded Elvis who is. Basically the one we got it all started is keeping it rolling and others like a trained on attractiveness for JV DD Durham. Our national multifamily mentor and great guy all around guy welcome Joseph javy. While still while actually my good friend and my mentor thank you for having me and let me tell you. I'm here at all over the country if you see bill Ellen thank you for me in my family. All of the countries in that they'll and the next thing you're saying it's another that's right another great date to be real estate investor. Everybody is following your map so congratulations. Well let's go ahead and give some you've got some bureau the students on the value of highlighting and sharing their stories. What's going suppan who worked some of these people in this show and. You're the story here is marina there's marine holding. Yeah you're gonna need down wrong that's why they I agree with you. No what let me probably about ms. Marie and you've met her before bell and if you use one of our super women across the country. That's following your math now she she's. She's more mature than most of those who have boys he'd been an old retriever. Is a young girl academically. Over achiever edit everybody in our group. She was welcome our first responders early adopters South Florida was really almost all too expensive to buy. Income producing real estate if you want cash flow. If you already been an ambassador to to take care of her family and to provide. In any credible way the boy you've got ahold of all of your map your program they couldn't Tuesday and used I believe and she's just been a moment here in South Florida. Networking with like minded members they've recently not as a leader of passive but as a true partnership. Three or four of them got together and they and they bought their building together within the last thirty days but that's not all. You know right after that she closed on her own building as and I wrote to complement her growing portfolio. A single family MO I think Marino was Marino congratulations on your success. Welcome to go. Well I think it was it's they don't really get into the night since October point 815 when I first came. To the food. You get immediate success. Both happened recently acquired over the last couple months in an achievement. You need both C yeah. No. You know you're knees. And mentoring and we need all sorts of things you know adequate to pick up that the senate. And I have been billion. Soon to go back on the harm. The find out things that I don't know because sometimes you get superficial things. They apparently need to DT but that's what Tom has that been very helpful for. Number and I know I've known for quite sometime now and you know JB characterizes those people. As more mature. Products that protect. If you've got more energy than any young person I've ever met. And more you more aggressive than anybody I'd like to be next to because you just blowing going all the time. Tells about the property purchased fold when you bought the partnership the wonderful result -- properties where they I've not heard the moment on the proper object. We're growing body of forty unit and stay at the partnership but it did two other lifestyle and so. Basic able to say that ethnic group and its support unit and we would have thought of that at the scene these properties. Identity management company that they deflated it doesn't adequately mind. It basically ruined it gently at least the upgrades and and what's even more interesting and as I have no way you. The only thing that an increased offensive and who wore wonderful things. It's my mom always says that what happens if we ended when he was sent collection event could of before the building this building. Certainly doesn't the other one thirty. I bought that make kids. And because then the vehicle is in its family and it's been that they finally get it sits in the courses that getting them about it into the management. It's going to be unit is basically. He knew plainly that. Duty units and it and it doesn't need much in the it is in some distance away from Miami so. We you know it is it to could be. When I was. In Houston. In. So it's been. I decided I was going to. It's about quite a few things that they hadn't succeeded. But outside unity economic reports political dissent. I think Mississippi those things that. And it owns and depleting it to even if I. Could have been a marine. Marino are you in South Florida where you located at. I am. The end of the property parent big aircraft code of I broke hated it. The volume. And it by the dozen other folks that I you content to Canada. As a group and who would go over the details of how we could nobody to support each. Yeah I know we had a small group down there are meant went down there and spoken I think you were there at that meeting. And to do is look like we're grabbed. Accumulating group people's self what are we already have them in you know northern Florida Central Florida so. That's interest in good did you build that up JB would what else do we need to talk about with you marinas and your more. I think god or Reno was earlier doctor. Group started with two people out a couple of call read maybe Francisco. And then Jose and Julio will go up and we've got a couple other members join as well would that solve this organic growth that you talked about starts though. Start with people like marine branches still have a cup of coffee. You know they're able to come to a common ground like minded people I tell people is I don't like I would into the castle also over the boat all of the drawbridge. You can take all your armor really talk about balance sheets assets returns on equity etc. So. Yes say enough about what marine has accomplished for her and her family. In she's certainly as a super woman. And a leader of that group down they're always been an over achiever and she certainly has accomplished. A lot would that ball back in the game she's very sharp if you. Well ordered out of boy she's quick with a pencil and calculator and the acquisition mode as well it's it's just great to have. Have hers as a member and again it's so rewarding. To work there certainly is a challenge. She has high expectations it is. Expecting responsiveness and edgy very Smart and she really gravitate to that bridge program that that you develop bill. And she's what we're seeing what all our members now it's not a one and done or microwave. They're using that I'm as reference material. Identify the subject matter when that issue comes back. They know how to find. And so very rewarding what you put together bill on line congratulations. Certainly is one of the pillars of our membership. Ball marine have you ever seen that the videos of the parties that I throw my house. Oh so envious. He didn't just before I kill it. Well we're gonna have another one this year and you've. You've worked your way on to that in but this will get you on there and see if you can give appeared to Houston. For this big national give back party because this is the give back to all the people would help. Developing all these different areas throughout the country much all the build have a great time give you some thanks for doing it. And also free all the network they can just keep growing those groups and let each other know who the leaders are. All over the country pretty soon. Like you were talking about it and let you be having people coming to new York road trips. And do your meetings from all over the country so you have to learn how to beat this celebrity you've already begun to be. KB take it away. Laredo one update you so what are called in today and congratulations on your success and let us know how we can continue to be a part of your game to graduate. Thank you. Have a good job. Thank you very humorous senior vice. All over. The weekend. But we have Michael let me check my time or not we've got a minute left is always go look you can introduce in them go to break community react you know do some. Well we need just one of our ambassadors now we're talking about the upper midwest in the Michigan area. We got many members of that area we've actually got members on the southeast that are looking at a bar properties up there but. Mike it is mama did all time members. He would be a sector third generation investor. And we'll meet up Mike won't come back from break and for those of you that are bought the C Zeller is being. Don't forget we're that was the San Jose Chicago Charlotte Saint Louis Anaheim and Seattle. Vegas check our web site by the seat bill if your map the financial breed. All right we'll be right back where JD get a Durham and these lifestyles a limited real estate investor radio show. Lifestyles unlimited is the real estate investor education and mentoring group that has been taking people by the hand and teaching them how to invest in a realist the front. 28 years our students have been so successful it pretty well and pass an income they have one of the local state and national investor of the year awards. Twelve of the last twelve years it's easy to see why they're being real Teen Magazine need a hospital that's been blacks. If you are ready to every speech is important for you go to lifestyles unlimited Texas a were you by training events schedule. The number one question real estate investors tab is should I'd buy it. With the best available data on them parables sales and rinsing your marketplace lifestyles discovery allows you. Quickly and easily estimate capital gains and monthly cash flow. Getting the best deals dot com to sign up for the free online class. How they get the best investment properties and learn to identify the very best deals to add to your portfolio. That's getting the best deal. It's dot com. We'll go back to life settlement and we'll send us your radio show with the today is multifamily national multifamily mentor JB David Durham. He's brought with him today some of these students around the country and some of the ambassadors from the country that are growing this program from coast to coast. Very rapidly so JB. You wanna go ahead bring my god now that the person you would approve next. Absolutely there are let me tell you about my ears probably at least second generation about the maybe third guy is sweet Obama who's. Like we say go a little bit more mature. Sort of best of almost a century ago or her family. So here's a guy that they've added in his blood wanted to do it. And he's come on board he was one of our early members early adopters in Michigan. What do Bible group we have up there. Mike does a single Payer on the investor I believe that a couple past deals potentially. He's also one of our ambassadors and these giving back even further that he was 12. Oh the little get together and actually. Take some people to his own property. Single family so welcome to the show my power today. I'm doing great shape they end up Oreo. You're good serve good to have you on the show. I was about what's going on up and yet it. Investments and I was let's get together the other. Well you know the last time that lifestyle that I visited. If you bear workshop I believe it was April 28 and 29. And since then we've been trying to schedule a meet up pretty much every month so the months following. Or get a cold and enough. Good group newbies as well. Old numbers on out of their apartment they had. Fought a couple years ago. The next month we met a better restaurant and we had up to. Forty or 45 people it was quite a turn out. And not just this past month I had a small window of opportunity or thought well let's try this at a single family home com. I thought I would buy. Any at all like numbers. Cleaned it up or got wrecked Friday and all. Folks came over and it had a walk through take pictures ask questions. All he's just trying to share information. You know and especially a person that knows you folks that have joined. All they can take what they went through. And compare that we're the training at some lines and you know get more information it needed and for quick they're single family mentors side as well as they wanna go. While very rewarding we've got to fiber group members are there we've all got another couple of other bastard human is why I believe. There and her goal of of people that momentum of that trajectory. But they'll delve more about some of your about how long you've been investing what your portfolio looks like. Well my story of actually if it's as you saw lifestyle my parents but I do the is that I'll mention. All my my current. Got involved with people Bentley and duplex. When I was young so when I was like six years old. I would go to seminars and have my color books sticker books. And really not know what's going on but I was part of that process and as they worked on there's single families some you know in our small hometown. I'd be there doing what I. Mow the lawn hey these moral. You know anything that a kid could do knowledge the first my generation two or my family to our go to college so. All my original map. You know probably I was you know. Those who'll get good grades get a good job and that's where wide but. As you can your continual involvement sure to continue on I was stuck in the our dependence. Mode. And I wasn't until later on that I had my problems in all of my parents we're doing and I worked my way up to a lot of people Stanley. There shortly after I was looking at podcast they can possibly expelled a limited. And yet we're talking exactly what we were doing to you introduce the concept of law. Our very own with apartments or even buying them all on your own. And that really intrigued me on the part of my ears because. I can work up to eleven angle Stanley but you know I thought I'm a full time job. And I can only skills so much and ladies but before. You know war is not batter better. And with training comment on the outside he thought the skeptic I went for all the trainers said yep. This is matching. What I'm already doing so I validated everything. Yet the corridor of. No they're just tells you come the end of the segment yourself. Oh let's go ahead and much Finn says they've been there we're gonna have to get out. Other segment. Yeah the real America. Intent here very long to notice that. At that and nothing was the way to go for me. And I have sold out for my single family and I have law. I invested heavily into law multiple much apartment units and nom I had a great a bit of news this morning. The first oh lead that I invested with we had a yacht apparently financed with them today though that was done a terrific. That's a quick note to have to take a break on their will be right back with JB did Durham the last album limited rules state does radio show. Did you know that every dollar invested realistic makes you won five ways cash flow of money in your pocket each month. Equity capture the thousands of dollars and create when you have a great team and by the white property using the right map. Appreciation realistically can increase in value over time equity built renters pay down the Morton's each month. And finally the tax advantage when done correctly real estate investors pay no taxes on our cash flow and capital gains at lake styles unlimited these are the five ways we make money in real estate which is why real estate accounts for more millionaires in the world today that any other investment vehicle you should have some realistic in your portfolio. To learn how to attend the lifestyles unlimited free workshop call 8669718970. Or go to what styles unlimited Austin dot com and register for the next available workshop. That's 8669718970. Or go to what styles unlimited Austin dot com. Top thirteen seventy. What about the life doesn't look at a real estate investor review show with the today. Highlighting our national members who gave mediated Dermarr multifamily national mentor. Jamie picking back up where your dad you've got some people hold on line for who you would bring on next. Yet ought. Yes we do. There are welcome to the show Libby get a little and brought personal experience several years ago. She achieved. Irked him was from the midwest well artwork and our people I believe are from that area. At earned a little mess today get and they wanted to be advised him out of the basket they turned it here and and her husband Dan and M and and they sought you out there solid. Heard about your program your map they join. They live outside. Alison nor actually really ride on the Oklahoma border so they're close to the Dallas ball was that is quite a little I. I'd take out of property as we would be exactly and the buy your own. Back yard or your paper and they had one they'd made at all or the awful except that now that was full of anxiety so. I got here at all the ledge and out of the tree and got on a branded programming patter on the back back out of the back on the ground. Our passports today. She is an absolute super woman she's been one of our analyst at the expo. Had they taken your map and excitement across state lines they're they're looking at assets and Oklahoma and it's amazing. What they're fine they're welcome to show. Thanks for having me thanks bill for sharing of applicants so we can't even have the opportunity to talk about it. Well thanks for coming on appreciate. Yeah it's pretty exciting you know Gaby had McCartney appeared to earth kind of we didn't have any real estate experience that it. That was vintage baby and then I didn't aren't we were able to do it and it wasn't hard Weaver is successful. Haven't bought out by the dip turbulence is bad and we saw that out they're really well and our. Actually. Doing a deal right now in Oklahoma so. Right and started I can't pay a lot of details but we're pretty excited about it. So literally you were able to pay this same procedures as saying map display it across the border. Yes very easily. Everything that they. Everything with the same with the department or the parts or been told what to do it at the end I was and we could enable. I'm buying the property all oil keeper everywhere in the Dallas market right now. Always incredible on grill are they are what you did how many units probably in com how much analyzed. You can buy at some of these markets that are outside some of the major growth figures but really glad that rewarding. To be apart there and dance scene they certainly have done a lot or their family. And their children that there there. They're like oh my it was almost all there is this what my kids did. Or they're great. Orders would. And number get a maintenance or leasing a young days that you could make him pick up garbage but. There has been restored in her children don't be taken over great balance sheet but now they'll be followed that was pretty good visual that you speech. If you learned through inter dependence upon our other members so she's developed into what we call a lead investor after being Cairo. With their but is he going to be able to go. Other families as well there's also carry congratulations on your success and. Here thank you are scared and excited to bring other people along with us and it has been great. You're not many partners do you have and how old spread out are they geographically. Well. On the first you know we just did it ourselves and I am with his parents when I can't stand on this second wind we. Have we don't we haven't got all our investors we know lists like incredible. Apparently Oprah. All they're like 30800. People got 300 people freaked out over there as a public company. From all over the US. And that's particularly getting. To X they expose the really great about meeting people from all over a mile and that's how we got to eat them and you know. It's it's allowing people to invest. In parts of the country that there and where they're better returns. I totally appreciate where you're at that you're in the middle about what to do together she can't be soliciting so I apologize for the where is our position and but I totally understand that and I agree with you that's yeah he should be done. All private that's why they're called private placements. So that's it. We're glad to Clinton and a new head open and pride that our. Great heritage back on when that happens also. We're probably gonna wanna get you out here to the house and then the idea of seeing that the party videos. I have a little girl is fine. Well you can begin an invitation come out hoping to make it. Bring your husband and good luck till you enjoy the give back for spread this out all over the country gives us who we want reduced continues for the southern. If you cracked Oklahoma force then watch out of the flood of people behind you you're like what you're like Lewis and Clark meant. Do exclusive color we'll be right in fact we javy did Durham. In the last album with a real student veteran leadership. What would happen if you can show for tomorrow for the next couple of days for week a couple of months and year. How long until you lose everything you or forcing a fraction of the time the current. This fear keeps you up that night it's time to learn the strategies and teach and lifestyles unlimited. Start with the free workshop go to lifestyles on limited Austin dot com and find you true financial. It's like so many of our members all right yeah that's lifestyles on limited Austin dot com. We know you're out there. Hiding in plain sight reading a life of quiet desperation wondering if you're going to keep your money to agree there's a better way of federal life at lifestyles unlimited. It's time political life he deserves. You can only do that by creating passive income. Let us show you out it's just two hours. If he works in another meeting about meetings or another mine was my front of the TV go to. You lifestyles are limited Austin dot com that's lifestyles on limited Austin doc got to. Thirteen seventy. When I. It. And I don't think there's an independent I'm so. We'll about a lot felt a little real estate investor radio show would be here today is JV game Dermarr multifamily. National multifamily. Mentor who is highlighting many of the students today. All over the country as we are celebrating and about ready to celebrate with a giant 350. Person party at my house. Party of which shall never see your like again. I see that every time we have one in every time we get bigger and better thanks to my little fiancee Melissa chase getting crazier and crazier each time. But you guys who come on out we celebrate. All of you guys give it back to a JV who you wanna bring on next to celebrate. Well I think we have Chris on the line cartridge and her husband risk what would break members they are wanna start off by. Thank you both of them for their sacrifice service there's a doctor. And service are our troops. You know they're all vacate it up and up to the speech up towards. Delaware and adore these are the countries that are independent rental owners based its single apparently they're back and investment but more importantly. Patricia Russo also ambassadors over at the George area we just at a road trip. There were we had to get together a pervert members only and we actually. They added a little bit and went over the slopes of shared the numbers in the story in the process that we went blues on the ground on the property. I don't wanna trip just gonna give us some rundown and a breakdown of the being brief about that when it then. And what were bought were pressured Chris welcome to the joke. Get back in and everyone thank element. Thanks for having outside excited about right here we is I might donning her take on arriving on nine you are right now. He's selling to Iran to rubble are thought I. Yes can you guys hear me out I. Yes we can't trips go ahead. That that I read Brad played so bad that well I'd put that on base architecture of the members. The property since everything that we did about that we're big and seen all the members from all different states I'm out you know property and get educate and and it would. Great great time because like I let me about it said earlier I doubt that people are coming from out of state do visit. Other owners other goalies as the you know that the parent well the bottom of domestic and one state is not many. Lead and other multiple states that we have now the opportunity. You take advantage of investing in that state and the people that it back it and the property they came via this past weekend. Got this being what they what they're hard earned dollars and that what the site. Trick I don't know where to start with you you've done so much. For yourself and lifestyles and for the members as an ambassador and now you throw in road trips and each great stuff where Uga right now as far as you're investing. I do as far as I'm a bad thing right now where I need in our property. Looking good there at doctor I've got another property act ever look at that grow our portfolio individually. But we're also looking past the Batman because you know we're seeing opportunities. And many states across America that it does. If it's a wonderful organ state without because it's the below it. That's what I'm so excited about is if you as a company is growing and it loading and we're part of that that it bite me I happen. Or like wild because of what it's bad for our fan myself I'm thicket about everybody else dump it on the brain and and catch on fire at that site it. We don't loan. I think you guys were one of the first really fast growing groups for us there you're developed how many people. Do you think our members within the umbrella area that you guys are working out. Well we're back meeting. I'm allowed we had 65 members to come and visit aimed at its. But if you're talking about the umbrella of the Taliban aspect he that they didn't you have an answer about one. You know I really don't know but I know about it off I usually work with the preferred members but throughout solid you know it is not only an ambassador for Atlanta but really for the southeast. Our region is in South Carolina or Carolina. Northern Florida southern Georgia. There's there's quite a vibrant group that passes. They were rebuilt database but. She uses Steward of your program certainly applaud your leadership. And right by her side as her husband whereas he's got. You know great responsibility. And we certainly appreciate both their sacrifice and serve as an outside it is sell the border from your body. Tribute we've got to go to. We've got to go to break out what to do to get this and I hope you guys do to really get up there for this party. You guys the reason we're having this party saw what to their in my house students enjoy. I sharing and giving back do you will be right back would you be getting German lifestyles a limited realty does radio show. And. Talk thirteen seventy. Look like a life fell the limit real estate investor radio show this so last segment here would javy gated Durham. Who is our national multifamily mentor and he has been highlighting. Many of the successful students all over the country. Here with the snow left student it's gonna come on is very special person someone I've watched his career very closely. And JV what are we go ahead and introduce Lee Reeves under the show relief thanks for coming on. I Leo appreciate generally arm and but it is free and please not only all I remember are used at all what is apparently saying. Bob also they had to let your work good. We're pleased as well he's now preferred member ambassador and just like here and how she took your map from the ballot hall was. When across state lines though all law. We've been able to accomplish the same thing. Please welcome to the show and tell her aura and congratulations I think you have a close to this morning did you not. Idea that I I think for me and who's the boss actually sitting right out. Apartment complex are purchased in Lexington Kentucky. We actually closed it a few minutes ago. And it's really. A good example of how bad you know that you have given everybody works in any market. I know we're gonna hear great success here and I'm just excited. If you're sick you're working. You'll be I didn't know you that he'll outfit that's exciting to be geared to have a problem today in today's news feed. Congratulations on that your story though is very diverse you've taken a lot of wrists lot of challenges. Out there when you give a short synopsis of your. Life history lifestyle because it really is interesting. The decisions you've made in how they worked up where. Sure yeah I'm happy to do that my background is as a real estate Ernie and let's just separate schools and I don't think York city working at the the law firm then. You know how. Oh stop it better though out from our whole career or some properties are all over the country. I've found that. I was at the rat race and any needed defiant something that provided a screen in the more my family. I think it was divine intervention of brought you know lifestyle there is they'll join in as a as a member out there. I flew to Houston shortly after the hour. Has bought a number of properties sold a couple. At just some of the moves in just the day all or property open let's think it's that important that. This is something that government's consent in the and it has been a is. While pitching is better at any point along the way I. Kind of are considered the business there than in any event and it's only yes. If he hadn't done what over. I don't think I know are they not have done it without the order of lifestyle and in internal. You have taught people to. In her own apartment. Slowly ever used was the property you closed on their. 28. If they're building is and this bill. All this for about thirty done thousands of the war and we're gonna put about it out the door into it when I'm real excited about is their property immediately across the street next to us. Have sold in the last six months since they formed is oh yen. And over seventy years or so I think. We've got a great. We're going to utilize the same same period in order that it is gonna increase the per repeal in don't look you know the property and it's so we are accurate he's. The order they hear that right away you decided. Brought in a third party manager who's. I'd already hit the ground running so I just real excited to return this polished and yeah him up a little. So humble what are the future proof your fairly you can see yourself continuing like many the other guys just you don't want her. I mean I'll do your own. I didn't know no other country. Well come on do it a bit of all the guilt or that matters the most and I can I I I. I think it will it end here. I'd like to our mourn them but I'll find more or less than they do then and it at other markets open up and make sense if he or we'll explore that for. Right now in this country that a lot of opportunity and and I wanna whatsoever there's I think. You know reload my himself a. You know Scott there Austrian ever know the deal the deal he's got struck I thought was rather interest in. Yeah hue that back to his hometown in bought a property and once you lose there are the guys go while we really like what you guys are all about in the east they agreed to sell never property that they ever wanted to get rid of you being there in Lexington Hugh you're losing Clark Graham you're the guys can open that town up force and pretty soon. It's going to be called mountain you know elections can be called leave bill you know immigrants can change in name there aren't you didn't sound. If they leave and in my house for parties right. Well you're welcome here and Morgan yeah we invited you're going to be re invited for this year's grand party. So we would for a senior lovely wife they're javy looks like we'll come the end of our time here. Great job today as always you've always got a great radio show for everybody whenever you come on today's it was no different. And really appreciate should be out there changing the world one person from Russia remember this we don't do it for the money. We do it for a lifestyle have a wonderful day we'll see you tomorrow. Thanks for listening to the lifestyles and limited real estate investor radio shows remember that this show is for entertainment purposes only. And should not be construed as legal investing more tax advice we don't think they're always consult a professional before making any financial decisions if you'd like to find out more about the mentoring available at lifestyles on limited please visit them online at lifestyles unlimited dot com.