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Sunday, May 14th

John “Moss” Pieratt, Jr. was a fifteen-month-old boy who passed away on April 26, 2014. Moss’ death lead to the Sudden Unexplained Death in Childhood Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated toward research and awareness regarding the sudden unexplained death of children over the age of 12 months. The nonprofit was founded by the Pieratt and Jenkins Families.

Moss’s grandfather, Bobby Jenkins, is embarking on an ambitious challenge as he rides his bike alongside brothers, Raleigh and Dennis, across the United States to raise awareness and money for the Moss Pieratt Foundation. The brothers will be biking from Seattle, WA to New York City beginning May 23rd.  

 To learn more about Brothers Bike and stay up to date with their trip, or to make a donation to the Moss Pieratt foundation please visit


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Pitching you always had a focus on giving back yeah I mean ABC has always a that's a core value is that something you got from your dad yeah. Okay growth that way yeah. So they all of that is. You know I think that's what what makes ABC special I think is why we we do well I think people. Appreciate you know business said that. To his back to the community and it comes time and it's just a great fit. But when you're choosing like how you're gonna get back on what you're gonna support I'm thinking that you know this is that they have coming up this is something he never imagined. You'd be a part of right now yeah. Our editors. There are things that happen in life that you just would never. Expect to happen and and and the loss. Of a child and my keys or grandchild. It's just not the way the world's boast a war there's no way that you can. I'm that I can describe the pain in the tragedy from it for a my daughter and son in law firm Meehan my wife the entire family there's just no way. That you can understand what that with that is it anyone can I would never want anyone to understand it it's it's. Without a doubt the worst thing that's ever happened and what it happens so my grandson moss was. This guy moss is literally and I'm not I don't register grandfather. But he was the cute this little boy you've ever seen in your life moss. I'm had this amazing ability to connect with people he made friends like I've never seen before we'd be sitting in restaurants. He's an aside chair and people were drawn to him I mean he'd he'd people a connection until you look at him connected I mean and then that smiles and so he was in usual and that way the most outgoing personality for a little Fella I've ever seen in my life. So moss was on. And Jessica and Jane my daughter and son in law had just moved back to Austin from Houston. They were remodeling their their new home that there are gonna move into and they were staying at my house with a wife Jan and and so. It was well one later in the week and moss went down for us now. Jessica NJ were getting ready to catch a plane it was a Friday Gergen great to catch a plane to fly to Dallas to be a wedding. And Hamas is down offers and amp Jessica goes up into the room to get her rings and notices looks into the crib and sees it. I'm losses lying face down and doesn't look right losing its fifteen months she immediately grabbed send notices he's an responsive. Starts doing CPR. My wife calls 911 they arriving immediately. But the truth of the matter is by that point he was he was gone. And so you know fifteen months to die. Unexpectedly. And we didn't know what it happened. Big ticket to Dell children's where he they they got a heartbeat going and they but he never regained consciousness and the next day he's passed away. And so. We didn't know what happened. Out say this leaving the hospital. With absolutely no answers was one of the other pieces of this and obviously. The loss of loss in the tragedy and that that's the suddenness of it occurring was was. Unbelievable to describe it than other piece of cool what they had just hang up one what is this long and we had no answers in the people would bill they had no answers they they did not know what happened. And that was what led us after a couple of months and my wife Jan. Armed not willing to take I don't know is an answer and searching and searching on the Internet and talking to people stumbled across. As Hugh DC which is sudden unexplained death in childhood. And connected with the people there and started talk in this some. A huge connected with a grandfather from Arkansas first. Saw him called him the demand was so nice and spent. Half hour hour talking to her and in their story was exactly. Like ours how eerie it was in in and it and it was so that led to send an issue DC we got connected with him. An and gotten completely involved and so. To today. We have formed the loss Pratt foundation. And our our mission is to find awareness and research force sudden unexplained death in childhood. The fact is that we still don't know what happened to moss we know what we know that it's a category. Rank but we still don't know. But that is we know it's a category four category of sudden and unexplained death. And challenges is defined by children over one year to seventeen years. The preponderance of these tragic deaths occur between one in four years old so this is different from says it's yes it's it's definitely different from skids. Sudden infant death syndrome. Is for children under one change one year of age and ultimately most of what sids is a suffocation. We're children die in their creative and well in today's world you know when my children were children we had bumper pads we put blankets on them and they slipped neo. Kids slept in bed with parents and those are things that don't we don't do anymore. There are no bumper pads on creatives and children sleep in sleep sex when they reach a certain age and and we all know now not to have your children sleep in the bed with you were they could suffocate where you you know all kinds of things yet so. That's basically what that is and so. And it's as good as you DC is truly. Categorically it it's just on explain they may don't know what that is as a that's what we're working for we we are now working to find answers as to what is it. And and ultimately. Ultimately we want we want hope to do is to find out can we prevent her this in the story that is told you about moss. We've heard time and time and time again over and over and over the exact. Same story. And our autopsy performed on these children as they don't understand yeah absolutely and and that's the point after the autopsy. There are no answers how. So you go through all of that prop and that must be just brutal the thought of an autopsy on your fifteen month it's for the army and yet you know you've got to find out what happened who. You know you know that. Other children hopefully are coming mound from the you know in and that's been our case we've been very very blessed. After moss passed away. Actually Jessica was pregnant at the time how well and so Madeleine was born and so she's wonderful and then after Madeline Kane France's and the good news for the family and all families that have suffered this kind of lawsuit as she DC this type of death. Is none of them have appeared to be. No no sibling his passed away subsequent to one of one of them passing away that's interest that's comforting in that respect it's interesting we don't know really what it means yet but I based. We haven't seemed to children from the same family. Pass away under this category this year he's. Right right that is just that I am a little bit blown away because I really didn't know that this was a thing that so happy. It in in your not the only one we went Dell has been wonderful build children's has been wonderful and would Jessica NJ we went over there couple months ago. And spoke to a group of internist and not internist that. Young doctors who residents residents after residents. And we told the story about loss and yeah we asked Xena who has heard of that issue DC and maybe one or two hands went up. And so we let them know that this can happen this is a phenomenon that occurs and so that's part of our mission awareness. Is one of the pieces that we really wanna make sure that people know. That this happens because often. They often we really don't know what it is. Sometimes children die and it's it's it's not categories is and explain they might put it. Pneumonia they might put suffocation they might but L uprisings oh really really did know that they had to put they felt they had to put something yeah well the president signed a bill. Year and a half ago that said. When a child dies and it's on explained. We put that it's an explained. And so we will be able to gather more data over time to find out how more how many more of these or might be right now. That being the guess is that it's about 400 a year. Die from. Are in this category. He says for a year let's not Manuel guess what it's actually. The fourth highest of any category. Of death in children one to four while so while it's still a small percent the fact of the matter is. Young children don't die in this country I mean that's a good thing. But this is the number four cause of death or category of death so it is one that does happen and so it is one that merits a lot more awareness. And a lot more research. Into what is happening. And is there a way that we can somehow hopefully possibly prevent it on down the road that should go for for what we're trying to do. Most definitely. And I'm struck by a couple things first let me say if you just now joining us on inside costs and I'm having a conversation with Bobby Jenkins if you recognize his voice. Because he's the owner of ABC home and commercial services. And we're having a conversation about sudden unexplained death in children. If you'd like to learn more specifically about what we're talking about what happened to Bobby's own grandson. Visit them mosques per rat foundation. And that's online at mosques Pratt foundation dot board. And per rat is spelled PI AER. Eight TT. So. I'm I'm really struck that. That hadn't heard this before and then it's it's it's really an as the fourth cots leading cause I mean that's shocking that's a lot. It's a tragic way to garner information that you have to kind of wait you know so I think that. Awareness is really huge for parents because as you said there probably are some parents here have lost their children and grandchildren from the us. And really had no idea. Does. The mosque press foundation also help to connect other parents in the community. So if she DC does an amazing job at that and I can tell you. I watched part of the grandparents group my dial daughter and subtle are part of the parents group date they have done an amazing job. A connecting parents and grandparents. So that they can support each other because the stories. Are identical and in which very very interesting I just the family we just got back from New York last week. Were we went to the first ever an issue DC medical conference. And so part of the conference was we have a lot of parents come and grandparents. And these people that have met each other online have shared each other's heart break in story together to meet face to face and it was. It was incredible. These these moms. That hugs the tears the sharing of pictures and stories from Tom it was it was an amazing experience sounds cathartic if only it was it was a it was wonderful in that regard. You know that own. These parents and you know their children you know their names you know other stories and their stories are very similar years but they all got to. As my daughter Jessica said I'll try and say this she said this is the first time. She got to go and be with the group. Where in that group she was just losses mom. Allow. Here. After that no people are good with talking about these things hard and they aren't comfortable they don't know what to see all this horror didn't feel so awful. You know you ask how many children does Jessica have we knew we have mall are Angel in heaven and then the two girls and it's whore yeah part of that group alls she was was losses mile mile. So that was neat so that was a beautiful piece and so that connection was was really fantastic. That we at a medical conference the next day and so we had doctors and researchers talking about. Different possibilities. In research it's going on we had a actually our own medical examiner here from Austin was on the program out there so that was really neat he understands there's this. Unexplained phenomenon in that we need to be categorizing it as such and we have people from. NYU laying down there that we're speaking in. Park people and epilepsy people and just different pieces trying to. See what is there a common cause that that that that might be occurring here we don't know yet but yeah we're working on it yeah in the loss per rat foundation. We're actually funding research and content directly at NYU lingo and so we have a fellowship position. That we're funding there's so we're really engaged in trying to find answers. And trying to find solutions. Yes absolutely and it's so important for so many families. Seemed an important event coming up may 23 he lets us about that. He has so this is you know crazier or not I mean. I am my passion right now is is to raise money for the for the mile sprint foundation. So that we can do the research there was through issued east in raising and awareness we're talking about. So so passionate about it that I'm going to get on my bicycle on. May 23 like is said and I'm going to start peddling. From Seattle Washington. All the way to New York City so wow it's it's a long way it's about 3500 miles. And now I purposely wanted to end in New York City because once again that's were issued DC is located and I thought that there was some nice symmetry to end up. They are and yeah we'll have some support there from that community and such and so but I'm doing hands on with my two Brothers. So this is a unique sound event. Three Brothers writing for essentially two causes actually. Our mother is going to be driving the support vehicle with my daughter. So we've got. Two causes three Brothers a mom and a daughter have that I have on his bike ride so three generations of Jenkins will be on this and I think that's. It's neat I mean I I find that to beasts really really special so much so I'm writing for the mosque Barrett correct foundation and into April things we've talked about. My brother Raleigh is riding for a child so which is an orphanage that we started in Haiti. And Raleigh is been the driver of of a starting. A child so open B of built the building we've got children there in Haiti. And his passion and vision for this is is incredible and my brother Dennis the other brother who's writing on the the ride from Dallas. I'm we're both supporting him in this also. The interesting symmetry again with this the building that that we built there in Haiti. Where the children are living is called lost hall. So all losses picture pain and loss hall and design as I like to say and I I I find this comforting in many ways is that. Our Angel losses watching over those children in Haiti at to have a child soaks so. All of this kind of comes together. Come in and in a special way but times this it would be writing for the press foundation Reilly specifically writing for a child so. Dennis is writing for both and so. We've got three Brothers for these two causes that are very very very near and dear to our hearts of the kind of a unique shrimp boat. One that we're very excited about now. Very nervous about too down on all and it's taken a bite from Seattle to your so. So about. 55 days so almost two months we expect to do seventy miles a day after Annan the good thing is this is not a race downhill it's we're going is is a ride. Is that we'll get up early in the morning lower ride when he 25 miles of walls stop and have a break in chloride and again for another twenty miles or so and have lunch and then the ride until we get around seven year 75 miles today and we'll stay a little hotel when whatever little town orient. Will want to raise awareness my daughter Chelsea that I mentioned that'll be on the trip. One of her responsibilities. Is a social media and connecting his week you know try and connect back here at home and in Houston and Dallas and other places that were from and I'm kind of telling our story and will be posting footage in video and pictures. And sitting up interviews and little tail it's no bribes through you know little local paper radio station and kind of telling our story meeting tomorrow once again building awareness of the bank were doing and why we're doing. Right now that makes a lot of sense what. Do you have a Twitter handle or something if I wanna follow your journey so. I know I do without they have that we wound and a caveat we have mark you we have the Brothers buy dot org. Is our web site as a and we will be posting to that every day pictures video. Blog you can do we have a big map on there we you can literally follow. A sunny day to day basis. We got our sponsors on there and we're been very fortunate to have sponsors. Part of the right and so that's wonderful and I'm the causes are listed their she can really see what each of this is doing and and not know why and I think that's the most important part of this of course is does the why. But do you think that this is a good story this unique and I hope that the story the uniqueness of the story. Helps generate. Interest and support. For the why I need for these causes. I have to say I do think it's a great way to raise awareness. And the website is terrific its Brothers bike dot org if you didn't catch up the first time. Two cars is three Brothers and 3500 miles. So when you lay it out that's simply I think it really helps and I think that there are some people who are gonna listen to us. Talk about sudden unexplained death in children in Bell's gonna go off either for something they've experienced or something that someone close to them has experienced. So for people who wanted to donate Brothers buy dot or he seems the best way to get Jay that the donate now button right on the website. Yeah it's or is really efficient so. Following us go to that website you can hit the donate button it take you right here both organizations must Brett foundation 501 C three. It's a secure site so we've we've done a good job of setting this up. And we do you know it's like I've I've told people of pop passed in the hallway you're gonna get a solicitation how. And here and in continues like this we can get our message out there let people know what we're doing. Every little bit helps and so you know hey letting people know that this occurs trees I think your point is is is very important that. You know I know somebody that might this might have happened to Laura I remember someone and the story and wait a minute maybe this is a direction that I can. Give them to point them to issue DC or something though that's that's gigantic. Gigantic to help people. And then yes if people are so inclined and we touched her heart and they wanna donate a home we would greatly greatly appreciate that because. Everything everything to once again with our foundation there's overhead right it all goes straight to research and awareness and so. It's a very imp helpful your donation would would make. Two to it to the costs. You know where I'm really struck by. Just your presence in the community Bobbie I mean. Eat ABC could come ABC commercial on the service is a family owned and operated business and it and the family is clearly coming together and so many other ways to support. This cries and and to raise awareness of as he DC. And it's it's an incredible saying to witness and to be apart in this community sides really just I have to say I'm so struck by that and and it makes me. You know proud to utilize ABC home commercial services you know I mean. Juli and I I I really appreciate that an end in and it's very eerie kind of saying. I wanna tell you how much I appreciate you giving us an opportunity to tell the story I mean. These deer there are lots of great stories out there. And venues like this are important to get stories out of things that are happening in this community in good causes in this community in south. I really appreciate the work that you do to get those messages out and yes haven't asked the opportunity on here we're very very very grateful. Yet and I hope that something really. Tremendous comes from this experience I don't think he can bike from Seattle to New York City and not just have. Really extraordinary. People connect with you and amenities so excited to hear about it. When you come through it because the idea of having interviews on the way. When here I think a lot of people listening are gonna think how sudden unexplained death in children. There isn't a wow that's to say it's more now it's not you know this is when we talk about children aged one to seventeen. And that it's affecting a lot of family so to really make sure that people are connecting the dots and then of course to find out why because I think. There can be nothing more painful than the loss for the child I. It is there's learning more than natural order and then may be the only thing more painful than that is not knowing what happened. I mean that's just how do you even wrap your mind around that so if you're listening and you want more information about sudden unexplained death in children you can visit the mosque perhaps. I SAD let me say mosque Pratt foundation dot org. And that's MO SSP I eight ER HTT. Foundation dot org. If you wanna follow body in as Brothers on their journey from Seattle to New York City which is gonna take them a couple months. Three Brothers and 3500 miles of supporting two causes go to Brothers buy dot org and if you're inclined to make a financial gift there. But anything else that you want folks know either about mosque trap foundation. Or about this incredible journey starting on May. When you know it it's going to be a wonderful trip I am I am really really excited about this that in my passion is so high. Tit for to be successful but I tell people you know. Part of the while also is you know it's it's a long trip but I know that I have moss on my shoulder following bill away every panel and so. I know that that's gonna be inspirational for me and thinking about moss and the family and and and all the other angels that are out there and I. We we we will be successful we will. And make an impact and that's what we wanna do and ultimately we wanna be able that. They help finding answers from him. Prevent this from occurring down the road. But. It's going to be great trip I'm also looking forward to my Brothers and nine. Are incredibly close and so the uniqueness of that team be together like dad. And then my mom there with this and and have Chelsea with this my daughter. It's just think it's that parts knee and so. You know we use it if I just feel like down. What people know that this is a good positive thing we're gonna have something really positive come from it and that's the kind of the mindset that I've got with a trip. I think you're right I think it's going to be more extraordinary. Than we can even imagine right now. Health Bobby thanks so much for being here and for sharing all of this so openly. Juliet thank you for giving us the opportunity we knew we really appreciated and Tom. It's been great great chance until the story Ira I've enjoyed it.