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Well gun to their natural underground. Radio show and podcast dedicated to them natural food industry. I'm your host L springer Jolene meat as always in the studios desolate and I have no insult or use the saw over the. Hello makes it feel so nice to hear your voice in my head and absolutely data weeny teeny bit of a cold. He still thought we just a lot somebody knew it. And China to cough right into the microphone yeah absolutely but sometimes it happens but I earns this cold I was in Nashville had a lot of fun and you were at a bachelorette party sake and borrowed a high. I have heard that you wrote a mechanical ball. How ball how long did you make it before he got thrown off the twenty seconds but newest. I think I can tell them what they do they usually try and do this whole thing where they go slow and then he threw it and then it was like that is to move on to the next guy. Right as very funny because there was a guy who is writing the book he's doing a really good job actually it was pretty difficult and he kind of looked at the guy and threw his hands nearly one I could do this without any hints I mean he lesson point yeah I haven't you ever want to get on the bowl and start being like. Cocky from the beginning you are gone down wac and did it time like next hour Campbell you'll you know and I'm glad to be. I'm glad to. Hello I'm glad to see I'm glad to be human being living in America are you now knowing not like I got there anyways I'm glad it. To be not in the car. Zone I just did a pretty good drive from we have friends I was in median Denver and Colorado Springs. And a lot of people in Texas make that drive all the time on the New Mexico or Colorado for scheme. But. I was an Armenian and they needed to get back to Austin and I thought I'm we're gonna have stopped we get a drives we can stop halfway NCR friends who live on the money is not an easy to get to lob it. Yeah fly you can drive but it's not on the way to things unless you're on scheme you know so. Decided do you six hours from Colorado down and then then that leaves six hours thanks whatever she got the hang out of their friends. But I love driving in that part of the world because. It's still lunar looking when you get from Amarillo to about Raton New Mexico which is on the mountains on the Indian mounds and Trinidad Colorado. About three hours or two and a half three hours and it's just one is just. A pile adventure in that road. A lot of clicking antique stores on the southern. Calendar time neck is just a lunar and kind of under lane means so it's sort of you know there's there's there's just it's your eyes just are a lot of hand motions going alone there is there any I know there is a raid on his radio show but so too weird things happen along that journey right as one of free spirited people like I saw a guy wearing a Bernie outfit still you know after a year in early winners. All like dressed up like we're always share on the issued to his hat his belt had Bernie. And it's so funny because if you were in like the SE you would get he would probably be jumped equity views without these he'd be like go what is this guy you know you. But in the southwest because there's so many odd ball retired older folks everyone's sort of does their own thing like they don't really bother you you're just like theirs and the basis he when I would travel to southwest as a kid. I once saw a guy that was an honest to god like prospector. Like he was just. I love that dusty desert guy in a look at them going that can't be Pablo is that lap left a lasting impression on you the east still remember him all well ahead of the other reason why this is searchlight Nevada on the Millen desert. I also remember that town because not that guy came out of the bathroom this isn't it weird. But I opened the bathroom door and the back wall of the Shaq was gone. So. You went to the math commitment is a twelve year old you're kind of traumatize her. But you into the bathroom the door and the wall from the building was all there received but there was no match walls all desert. You just went while you sat there indeed he's got to study that does and no one was around nobody wanted to walk around back there is they've I figured hey there's no back all the bathroom. Any way is on this trip to check this out. And when we're experience I sat down at T eat at Connolly a road house along the road. And this old man about eighty years old comes and sits down and he says. You got the Internet. Just given you is a time traveler yeah. Occasionally wander around. And what machine is at its diminish in. You got the Internet so he says that would do me a favor I'm like OK as we get my phone. He said look up the amount of alcohol was the legal percentage of alcohol and beer allowed a New Mexico and so we went to this whole thing had a look by state. He gets himself all riled up and he says leans over to me he says I think there's only Utah here. And unless or does that mean I know they Utah Beers like 1% 1% year beard something because I've had five of these and it's not compact to mean all I'm convinced that this isn't the real beer. And then you're then you're you're only like a third of the Lincoln your sandwich and they get that dilemma like divided Bolton go I gotta go thank you take in this for the road. Forty just embrace it and lean in for a literally embraced him on it and that was later differently. But about a third of the meal was just me on my phone going. Based on this what I can see it's like 12% or something in Mexico 6% the average. And then he was taking notes in Lincoln alone rearing minor issue you know like I'm Todd. The bartender that's all I can think yeah it was in the same town where there was a sign you're driving across the desert and there's no Internet. And then also there's a sign I think it's in Littlefield Texas that says. Internet three blocks with an arrow and it's like a city sign it wasn't selling like a coffee shoppers out there and quiet mind. And I anti acid got convenience stores and wetlands. What's the story here that's the funny side he goes although a finger on the Internet comes through here. And I know what he meant was like from wireless or something yes they have some here letter thing. Sounded so great like that is they'd heard tell this Internet on if they take paternity he'll practice some in Annette and this that around the area it was pretty cool but anyways I would hate before we go to our guests we've got apart we all we I think we always do here right call them at all. My whole yet it didn't jingle let's play the general lament the pounds yeah. Good so yeah yeah yeah. Eat a font on that is lovely it's not a nice jingle again I start. Even please do and pilot hole as our segment where we say it was our kind of health he. Food addiction. What are we kind of addicted to learn history knack and on this week just well I if. Discovered this little gem in the HEB Canada health fear of rice keiki ill luck to you for whom wander down that knowing that it's got soap. Mean essential hills and then Blake was soggy things and and other bombings red milled grain yummy or gluten free a bag this hour is there in so I found a world peeves and they're all different. Green peace snacks a lot of eyes unable take in was saw BP the concept and made it healthier. On the ingredients are all things that you can recognize and Iowa's loving this barbecue flavored. Especially because the serving size is 45 p.'s well. Hate when I put subpoena over an alien 30. Is healthy 055. 45 peas and it only has a 105 calories very low sugar and actually four point two grams protein and so it's a filling snack. I these kind of like the LaSalle BP's other a lot and they look exactly like it was sock BP was come the coating that I think a Microsoft VPs that are. Coming greasy of these Bayside more baked. I suspect but I don't I cannot confirm nor deny the he is you can only confirm they're delicious yet and there are an editorial however they do I don't know what they're up to put whirled peas you should check it out their delicious all right do it and what do you doing. I tell you what mine is the product this week. It is a aid organizations Walter Robb who is a senior. Leadership diet Whole Foods Market mean his first big move I guess it looks like close to Amazon acquisition of whole foods. He joined the board of something called food maven it's wild because it's a for profit. Company that intercepts over supplied food so they put out a wild fact that is am good to press scene and mind boggling. If 40%. The food we America's thrown away. I believe that are especially those weird jurors in your refrigerator that's right Prodi's produce and everything else right you are just my appeared drawers you know whatever but. There's got to be a joke there somewhere. The 40% of your food is thrown away and these guys intercepted. Repackage it while still get beaten and and create meals for every one from. You know institutions. Or like assisted living centers hospitals schools places like that movement ugly. But at least through early veggie yeah exactly right as. The Prodi is that they don't feel like looks good enough to exactly right on the shelf that's a great answer for for profits means do you see how that kind of shakes out and and yeah what people really think about it over time yeah that's political analyst and a cool all right. We've got gas and I mean some cool guest coming up. The founder of honey drop which is just wonderful line of now line mean lemonade ginger raids that all have raw honey him even mean pretty healthy interest they have phones and we got also a very cool snack that. People in Israel and made number one but not well known here and it's peanut butter puffs a sound like jumped up and I puffed snack almost think that she does but peanut butter like the fat content. Delicious scanning app. Absolutely and a gonna have a mind talk about while he launched here in America are found and we'll see in a minute you're listening to the national underground. The latest breaking. It's up 1670 dot com sock thirteen seventy. Right choice. Now. Welcome. Natural underground. And I was Dallas springer I don't know why it's an ounce springer. Is trying to keep it fresh you can't keep it fresh look we get this our favorite part of the show when we get them entrepreneurs on we're talking about it. Their brand and what they're building. And we came across one that I think you guys are gonna love. It is a line of juices right but more like line needs ginger aid lemonade. All with some wrong honey and the bottle which makes it delicious healthy interest theme and really unique and different AM so we're gonna ask. This got all kinds of questions. First of all it's welcome I'm David locks founder of honey drop welcome to financial underground. I try to really yeah. The key here. Yes so what made you wanna launch a line of beverages using wrong honey why raw honey. Oh I've always been so hot it lover every charge on my father he'd be apples and Ali. My grandmother tradition died Italy's. Limited are they so it honey was always in our battle over is always. Perceive as very healthy. And the list and out. And delicious. And delicious exactly. So. I had working artsy PG department before and it left. Had a look at the health scare but somebody India aren't about the PL didn't diets the chart at who's been beverages during reviews are there aren't. An article went on to say honey is one of the few sweeteners such other taught whichever code. Because I thought coach if he's going flowers sort of create audience well because I couldn't that was bi curious what level. Allred which such great benefits of that without Garvey inspiration around it. Which are looking at food and beverages that claim to have hobby of them they all used quite well auto insurers say there were highly processed. So all the help it without my pastor at my local hobby on this well the credit of up there to support a hundred drop. Which is a ball hardly limited. And I know my new guy huh. Honey I think there are no it is that very expensive honey from New Zealand and other words if you see on the shelf at a grocery store natural foods story can be. 253035. Bucks a jar. What is menu go honey and why did you also put that in your juices. Brett. Some renewed hardy you're exactly right is expensive it's a type on leave from New Zealand. Peace polity of bush called the rebuke of bush. All for some reason when these polity that ocean they create a better picture of property called back a Glock all. And all of which had showed be have it about properties didn't show it to heal wounds. Well it's suitably founding cosmetics is great for student that. Removing blemishes. Com we've always been a stand wrong when he knows that perspective but also the duke on the particular that is so functional. All and so we felt you know our ginger radar apple generators. Did some recipes are. Mostly museum Australia people use a couple of ginger because I'm such eligible to that idea. Well that. So can honey trap be used as a cleansed or how without work. Yes some people uses the clintons we have more cost you which if not higher level aided. Young people. Surrounded consumers kind of move afoot to Staley burrows nested. You know she's clients. Are could use honey just about perspectives. Are we don't this area Abbott here push that you know it's still it's a refreshing. We have brought it limited that's that's that in particular issue has Culpepper. On what we do have some consumers do fight you just have also hard. The chart get the benefits of the kayak there's also other. We'll see you know flavors. I'm really interested in the charcoal lemonade. Can you talk about that a little bit charcoal is very real or not is. It's sharp wrote really our product. You know resource activated charcoal powder from coconut shells. On the benefit charcoal to Barnes. To toxins in your GI it helps release of our troops in exit from the core benefit by consumers that the car. Looking for charcoal way to products. Are not secret beverages. Kellogg detection prior one of our more popular massacres Hughes or I think is performed so that would charcoal drawing those they would. It's really stands out of the Shelby yeah Dobson that a lot of black man I don't sit through it. And what's really did you see a big that you are look at that you have this perception well charcoal. Dark black had a good case for it would be York the holy. Activate -- parachute it has limited cease for a Dutch it is great to please look at the one that it. Speaking of flavors what's your personal favorite flavor of what you involved. Obviously we'd love mall on but I had to wonder at this week. I'm really feeling or tumor liberty view. We take first to recruit we precedents. Our two workers great. I'll leave it there inflammatory perspective absolutely. On so are decide we have fourteen grams of fresh pressed to work rather well though les as this we got the objective our products. So you know he had this amazing product health benefits incredible taste the whole sort of seemed. But you also have another party your business and that is that there another part of the way you marketed this product. And is that 1%. You donate 1% of proceeds to the cause that colony collapse disorder caused working to save bees. We work where they honey company that kind of educated us on the whole world of that we're the you know how important these are to us to the very way we eat the food itself having food Prodi's veggies all those things fruit. But then also the very risk that their under. So why did you get involved in this and wise and important you may be most importantly why should it be important all of us. So we got involved and not just started this company around 2010. All of them query that target for it and caught the collapse disorder. It is unknown disease which is going to be population. Which has massive implications. These Polly want pattern of our produce. That all the 100% of all of it on to serve cherries apples. On so you know without Arby's you lose wondered your purpose so you walk eternity supermarket store. All the producer has gone so really not good. Peter also decide that they're like they're they're just great car for producing hobby and it's really important that we have or are these all layers yeah mom let's start do research on why keys were dying. Yet there's never any conclusive evidence proceed could be the combination of pesticides. As well as the fact a lot of dealers be overworked. Going from Paul being all the armed John cherry are required to keep this outside. That's instead of straight dieting. On page where. Patrick despite being quite why that they can be either a find their way back to the High Court dates critical fight that might well because Italy where we can. Yeah it's created initiative called by policy of the TV. Creative I think 20092010. We're very early on we partnered with local beekeepers. In markets forgive 1% of proceeds from sales to build the odds. Every beehive that is created produces. Forty to 60000 new piece. Are you review a lot of BIs actually. How to increase that bee population. To where once was believed to symbolically. Measured gesture. And you start somewhere he's here yeah Europeans. Support society you gotta start somewhere I love it let's get on to murder entrepreneurial for that last moment or two that we have you what was your background before you started when he dropped. I'm working on large consumer product to company. Action to PepsiCo. Why in New York. Always loves. Being mistreated beverage business hire that guy goes into the grocery store my wife we ought be hey stop looking at Carlos. Curtain around. Both at a local you'd love beverages. Are home with diagnosed with cancer. 2000. So have been armed forces find their credit you were or radiation. But that kind of put me this environment to learn more about natural. Process troops were secure and got us on this kind of off the Genesis society as a great leader up. How hard was it then coming from Pepsi to kind of transition to a launch from all the resources and all of that. These things at your disposal Tutsi. Date it and use it that's a great question it out and had a I was part of a that he speaking I was one of the largest beverage or two copies I knew I was doing. Exactly did I realize it is a site. So that you don't have the resources they had never driven a Pallet to the factory at 4 o'clock in the morning you know movies came onto a truck. So are you really learn very quickly to hold so much a kernel of sourcing ingredients produced here and it's going to reach hours or more is to consumer. Speak insult to reach those what was that first story got into the had to be exciting. Then I don't and so our first official store was all new to actually support us. It didn't Newark, New Jersey Connecticut region all of the proportion pretty I'm pretty arrest big arm shelf. And because of budget officers were part of the first official store wherever I have some presence was the TriBeCa. New York calls to sort yeah. Beautiful so you you have all the successor bill in this business. Kind of the other classical difficult entrepreneurial question is. How close did you ever get the same OK am gonna go back to thirteen this is way too hard. There's got happens all the time that beyond god it was so now where realized almost probably probably even KP so I don't. About that a more about going to large public don't figured actually on my I'm about to burn Oak Creek aggressiveness. But you know bears let it go while there's higher highs are low blows all the temperature around the country doubts. Sometimes we ask entrepreneurs I questioned. David NA their answer is 3 times this morning we mean when's the last time a wanted to give up. Is sister writes this the challenge so if you could our final question if you could share one lesson sort of to fellow want for Norris were launching their brand. Maybe they're a little bit behind where you are in their progress. What key little piece of nugget of advice for GO. I can't take credit for the devices that support to those sub salt or told me about how long that is don't die. Although initially when I heard about we let that be but it's the getting to that point in thinking that way you're dead that is happening in your demo lock. It was great arms for Doug you've got to figure out a solution to everything. So just keep on moving keep our truck or look at this let's just keep pushing a liquid uphill it is dot. Yeah they look a bit man you have no idea how well that's gonna theme in notable are topics we have today I'm done done done on nine. This is really dead if you wanna know more and thank you so much for being on if you wanna know more about honey dropped what your website I think it'll be. There are hardly dropped dot com each and you argue RP dot com. You can also email us at hello at hobby dropout com. I love it mandated thank you so much you are mean on the national underground we gotta have you back on soon. Yeah I really appreciate those guys reverend Jack. All right perfect. Our guys what I guess that was a lot of fun when we come back we're gonna meet more folks you're listening to the national underground. C user I. Meanwhile the you're listening to than an actual underground. This next segment our next guest and make you very hungry. This is just look another rain around your area and grace who malicious little snack or about chat with. So we're given where I am on the show Greg Murphy the founder of the snack called puff works. Greg welcome to the national on the ground. I don't. Are right Eric yes absolutely we're glad you're on and and I guess the first question is since this is a very difference that this is something that may be most people in the US haven't tried. What is pop works. Well approach peanut butter are delicious plant based. I proteins act made it just a few simply gradient thing going can't send over his. Now it's my understanding that that peanut butter peanut butter snacks. Or peanut butter puffs are huge in Israel is that correct. Yes that's correct they're it. And you know you come you haven't seen them much and North America mainly quote probably because consumers just aren't aware of them Italy haven't tried them. So for folks who haven't tried a puff work is it kind of like it to would you describe it as like that she'd know. But me out of here murder how would you describe the process. Pitching with a pretty good way to visualize that what we do is we make a stake that is shaped like that she'd go. And then we take that rough and tumble it in a 100% natural peanut butter. Well can you tell us about the other ingredients. It for the original peanut butter. It is just three ingredients in al-Qaeda. Cornmeal consultant. Well that's how to do it. Why is attacked in the end how much protein is and appear but a puff. Our ground approaching one out that's pretty significant via great selling snacks and Percival snatched. Or I guess that we mentioned that this is that this is a big selling sank in Israel why's it taken so long to become the United States because as delicious it's got five grams of protein it's all clean ingredient that has so why within. Why is this not happened array. You know I think the region is just good people. Don't know what they are they haven't seen them and so you know few consumers have tried. But you know what that trend with consumers purchasing. Healthier snacks you know we can now has the right time. Introduce so great tasting agree to cocaine but based back here in the US. Well you know it's funny talk about the right time cream Barber's bakeries do you know certainly mixed cereals walls other things they kill it with their their pasta and cereal and I think their peanut butter puff and is there are no 1 really I am noon. Right and you see all the growth from kind of have been need those and the brownies snacks and all the sort of next generation snacks there. I was reading the other day that 30%. A lot of the American consumers caloric intake is now done during the second occasion yes thank you. So I got to believe you think this is the right time to do this because people are so open to looking for alternatives and they're stacking. In the sack occasion. Is that kind of what set you up for this is that did you think the timing was right. You know I think it I think it's both things and I think that you know the trends towards the healthiest backing the book you know more coaching plant based system. The simple green green ingredients are certainly often try and you know kind of sparks. Consumers' interest in exploring this these kind of options. But I don't know I think our product just you know they taste great and it's made from not. Whereas a lot of the other you know plant based protein accident come into the category. Are made with either peace or being spent. But what people are trying our product or sort of amazed at how you know delicious healthy can be. Yeah that's great. So I noticed that Trader Joe's. Little link or article that said that they've launched a Trader Joe's brand peanut butter puff. And I don't see that had a lot of other retailers yet in the US. So is that just another poll we sign in that here comes this trend it's about to kind of take fire cross country. Yes it's C bet and you know and I think Trader Joe's just pretty Smart and I think they. They were pretty hard to provide what their consumers want and you know and I think that they're pretty much right on and the trend that they were the first period responded that. It lets consumers try them they'll discover that they like pedophile ops. And then I think what's that are so gonna that they like effort in about a policy to better. Parade he also eager packaging and we'll talk about that makes I think it's changing a little bit but your packaging is is really beautiful it's got. Approachable but sophisticated look. Seems to be kind of position for all family adults everybody I'm a weird question for him. So I was talking to a doctor about a year and a half ago who said that the incidence of peanut allergies in Israel. Is like wildly lower than the United States. And he was going kind of on and on about I don't remember all the details but stuck with me. That the part that the theory of why that is is in the United States we we almost. Purposely know almost we've very proactively purposely just avoid all things peanut related to babies and infants. Or to infants young kids. You know in fear that maybe there are allergic to something but in Israel they kind of take a very different path which is they do a lot of peanut peanut and peanut butter stuff. Early on in the belief that that's how you develop sort of the ability to process things like that is that is that. A crazy idea or is that part of what what what's happening into explain those differences. It connection between pro running either allergies. And Israel is in kind of subpoena but opposing Israel's really kind of you know accidental. And competed pediatric community in the medical community. It asserted an interest in it and why they're essentially lower incidence and RG. In Israel than there was in the United States. And so we can get to the top comprehensive study called the lead study. This scans for learning early about you know did. End. They tested children between the ages of reform about a month sewage and hardest being at high risk for being loaded. And they gave one group of children like six grams of an approaching car wage until age five and around. One group that put children avoided it. And up to children who have waited at 17%. Developed conduction. HR. And and remarkable that only 3% of the children who consumed and it's developed technology by trucks. So this is the body's ability to kind of a learned to process that as opposed to making it analogy and interest and very cool. So in terms of them you specifically we've heard about your background. But how did you decide okay on the launch this company and a highly competitive distasteful as a means that there. Banking spanking is not an easy category menu wandered right into the battle yeah. Yeah but I think part of let well it's exciting to me about how purchased it yet you are. Two pretty significant ways to improve people's self. You know first of you know we're just that I appears you know crew that alternatives that. You know people eat again and again because it is great but I also have this very attracted to how effective early election convinces. That pertinent technology. And one of my partners in the business is actually pediatrician. And and we're very excited you know about what originally told coupled I didn't want to children to go ideology create. Love it how is the process of launch Tina brand. Being easier or harder than you thought it would be. Kind of just you verses before you did it. This is actually questioned and eight I he would pay it done it before so it it would be hard you know chips. It's probably even harder than what I imagined. At the same planet also you know billionaire guys you know guy. We've been fortunate to get some really great people involved and so we took all kind of burden counter balances how hard it is. Sort of that could maybe overall it's it's been more fun than it has been our. At this point. That's awesome we asked that question entrepreneurs and sometimes you hear our cry myself to sleep so I was privileged to Yahoo! network and answer. I know it's early in your lines but where can our listeners find a puff works at retail. I do look at the Aurora community to come visit us here in the middle class. That really needs seeking missile foods Fred Meyer. Appear but in about in about a week will be available England's most of the national Kosher Patrick registers. Across the country. And then go looking for that and 28 tingle or shut up and natural sense we all over the country. Yeah well like we said you know seems to be if things happening this seems to be able. A rapidly. Expanding trend or. Opportunity for retailers will be great to see. You about a more shelves and more people to enjoy delicious puff works. Eight finally if if people want to know more what's your website how to get ahold of him. If you needed to get it awkward snack dot com. A fork smacks dot com or Grey's has been all American and I'm Greg. Greg and that's with one GTG's. What you are right. That I sounds funny I think there's got to be this guy. It's AG's are now Landry and I like it if it's just Richard I know you is his grave this is grin there's no there's a second she no guarantee me that TG at the end Levi confused people that now but I think we get it. All right there you have been awesome thank you so much for being on the national underground and we don't have Rihanna back against him. I think they Q. All right when we come back. We gonna get into some news and industry news in the emirate and hit. Are five key points. A lessons from 100 brands when you were back on the natural that. Yeah yeah. Okay. Welcome back to the national underground. Thank you for still being here yet I can't believe yeah. Until he makes it interesting and and there are no absolutely. Crazy I'm humbled us to guess those funds and training and does so is really pull it pull it together for gaffe I guess always Paula I. All right so. Industry news we talk all the time about how mean I had taken a moment to show where we have time and where there's some interest in little industry tidbits we come across. And some of these are. Are barely connected to the natural food industry but there's no kind of registering via and cover some news of the day so with that I know our producer has some fabulous news he's sounding noises. The night baby feet up. Where you I don't know failing to get up for failure of the south Georgia version of an English guy all right industry news. This is one we're kind of excited about chameleon cold brew coffee who was a what at one point was a client of the touch agency sold to nicely this week we know Chris very well he's been a guest on this very show me use one of the original one of the first guest right eat and like I said and a client and at the time. And he. Really helped pioneer the cold brew he's I don't know how she had a very along with dumped down and of your old hometown of Portland Oregon been so congratulations to Chris that's always a big deal when you are able to. Successfully he launch survive. Build a flourish and celebrated. Yeah I remember. Going into it there packaging please slate gray only first started with them and it was a small. Operation and no we really to think of now it's nicely. I was only threw for years ago oh here we are in the a usual. Do an event that our chance that Chris is listening congratulations to you. Chris congratulations. And it won't work product yes that's when you're. That's the more Prokopec. It awesome. I read oh here's another a little news nugget I saw YL article in November's issue of income magazine and I think I know how I feel about it but I was blown away didn't even know this was really happening. It's still the rise of lab back grown meat. Yeah. I mean. I think at first glance it sounds so strange. But when you think about it it's in a controlled environments and it's better for her. Ecosystem. And I guess but there's a lot of negativity in the article rosary and I'm negativity but there was a lot of things just sort of some of their you know when you start to research it out so the idea is. And so I think if you're a vegetarian for a minute you say okay. I don't. Well if if you're a vegetarian because you don't want the truth that you know to trim the weight animals are treated at all those everio farming factory farm team. Just you don't wanna kills something to eat it right. Totally understand that. So along comes lab grown meat which is kind of weird because there's still taking cells like from the original some animal but there. In effect using growth hormones which probably takes it right off financial tables but yeah me. But the idea being that did that that the proponents of that are talking about it as some way to help keep people. The criticism. In there that when you really do bully article is is this something people they are gonna want. Are beginning to believe in the science and the health factors and what the risks are what's really happening if he's in things like growth hormones. I'm but it was really wild as they showed what looked like that completely regular hamburgers being grilled and that they'd grown in this meat. Yeah. I ill laugh I mean I know they do that was like organs right they can grow yours and make cameras on Morgan's. Well it seems like the same science and then somebody realized well. If we can grow parts of the body like it why can we all of the food. Problem in our world with yes. We'll have to see I guess all you can do is feed and of people in the NC they grow three guys serve failed so yeah I mean at all. Pass on being in that test group that initial test group but is pretty pretty crazy to think that that's where's you know the sort of science is taking us. But I got a feeling you know without talking to a lot of folks in the financial industry about the AX was just read the article. I think this can be a lot of respect and now a lot of issues related data on the problems somehow yet. So called someone's trying to solve days but you get the same issue with an of people and aegs schools will tell you. That you know that the people who have still kind of defend Nina modified foods we'll tell you what that's all part of how we get greater yield than can actually feed people. OK but if you're feeding folks. A food that we don't really know all the ramifications of that down the line over the years. There are you really helped minority just think your office now and again we'll find out how we're gonna find out of that one as well. If if if one than usual story deserves another our final news story for the segment is. The grossed an interest in green. Eco friendly burials now maybe you had the lab meat. And you're not doing well it's time to bury you in me so. Apparently the way this works. Is you don't get like a traditional casket they don't embalmed you know they don't do any of that stuff I think you've pretty much go in like a cardboard. Or. Neal paper kind of. Bag a lot of it's like band do little bamboo world men into a pass I know of a weird amount about that so why you know we're gonna. I guess I just. I mean everyone is a little afraid to die right there ya get real deep yes and well so I kind of assuage my fears by just really researching it so I had a lot of questions about as I like the idea of being Clinton made into a tree right can be put in this kind of pod to. And then they plant a tree right over you so your actual nutrients are feeding the tree directly while but I there's some heavy action right there. And then of course might feel pub. Get some weird are you guys. And made into some I don't eat I think are the enemies of paper that later and asked the sad thing is you know would be the worst. You get made into a piece of paper and you end up in like a printer. Nurture those few papers that someone grabs out to sketch on the lives crumble it then you don't need their. You know how sometimes if you take three pieces out the third when you did you used but you can always fully. And Carla yeah you don't even get used properly as the keys. Thank you own an Israeli tanks there. My point is I know a lot about this because I know that if you learn bombed and then you're varied that embalming fluid can leak out into the soil. Bryant and that's. Which injure his visit a funeral home one. Well yeah cell wall and then college because bullies it's still audits. A fate it's something everyone's gonna have to deal as it's usually a family business it seems like like this the funeral homes is the famine business you know like actual funeral home is usually eighty. Family oh yeah it death I had so many questions about it still I did what any normal well adjusted person would deal me in my best friend decided. Let's just held his funeral home that we the paper to write we in college gaffe an error and so we'll just under that. To skies we will ask all the questions we want announced. I have done this all urging I know that question co hosted this show. Then ask funeral homes are sort of like a fake Steve Inskeep bodies I wasn't right looking at caskets I just talked to the owner. About ethical questions about what happens if they find a body Nolan claims that. You know things like that or let's say if Hanley wants an open casket and how does the phenom treasury say hey they were in an accident. Like maybe you mission did you say it's an interest in space and family business because. This without getting too discouraging here at you know we were. Beer mean we we we went to the funeral process. With my father and we did it through. A very family business not big like they've been doing it for usually like Smith family funeral that's right and and and what was wild about it though is. They guy who is doing it was a way to kind of cool to not let my experience in any way cool to be do very excited and jazzy player I want this guy I was more like he had kind of a Vegas courtroom let's go party vibe. And that was such a weird sixteen because. It allowed him to be you oddly judgmental slash a matter of fact and yet as absurd as he was we all started but like the guy because he was suck yeah because it's the classic sort of mortician came in and it was just real weird that would remain so much worse but this guy looked in my data is notoriously kind of cheap. Her and so. He said. Yeah a year over year year this is standard coffin or whatever was looks like this. The lower price when looks like this but your dad and they helped cause. He opted for this and he pointed down there what was looked like. Like a cover or Bobby or Tupperware container. And he said he that's the one yard dash pick a like okay you're making me feel kind of bad and yet that's right I know we did it seems funny. And color and I mean I'm uncontrolled ever on spend a bunch of money on. All of course a course so anyway. Every week we try and squeeze and one little quick class five topics we ratified a one topic five things to now lupus so here we go. Lessons today's topic. What are the factors to consider when you're selling your brand we talked about chameleon cold brew imam here earlier in the show. Selling too nicely and so got us thinking you know we've looked at under brands 120 brands really at our company we work with him. About thirty of sold so we would does that what are five things are wildly. Important to take to consider. When you're selling a brand. And walk away like that lone voice is getting that timing right right the balancing act between. In establishing enough real success to validate what you've done. And while still leaving what industry folks call white equity folks call. Blue sky. Right so which means if you stay if you're communion cold brew coffee. You wanted to get enough six fast going. In the in the launch of the brain improving and out of dementia retailers but still leaving enough other places to sell your product to grow your business. That someone you know desire to I see what I could do with this a big company and lastly comes along and says. When we get involved in turn on market leaning close a deal more retailers weakened quite dry and the Ling and therefore you get a better value India. To. I mean the right partner cultural wise cultural fit wise. Sounds easy or hard depending on your perspective but the question to be asked is the founder stain involved are you as the founder. Staying involved this so it better be a great fit right in other words you're now working for these folks. And you've got to have that perspective says okay and I see myself doing that do like to report to these guys that and they created a culture that's interesting to me. Like if you're not going to be involved then is less important race. And that lets him for a year ago. Upfront cash vs earn out potential so it's the big question. The a lot of these Britain deals are set up with may be part upfront cash and and we don't know that's the case at all with something like two million. But there'll be an earn out in the B there's a upfront cash so if you sell just wants to keep company. Four hundred million dollars you wine may be you'll get. Forty million up front and then the other sixty million you have to stay around and help them and hit various performance targets rate them how the deals are done. So the big question is do you believe that the folks. Who were there. Are there buying you can really take that business to new heights because a lot of year. Remainder of your payout on this deal is dependent on how bitter today where I do you know you can deal. But how bitter they can they support you in doing that so is that second party or payment. Really real and you go full. You gotta understand that the process of selling your business. For a while becomes a full time job bright are you ready for that can you work through the due diligence process. While also successfully running the business that they want to acquire key because if you spend all your time. Prepping for the sale all. And you take your eye off the ball what you're selling may not meet that grade they may not see it may not want the deal to get done. Or if they go way and you spend all your time work when them not managing the store. Guess what happens and your business is the weaker and weaker position because of yeah. So far. Easy he does this so easy to find but it's an easy one to put her arm wrap your mind around number five find that trust advisor in other words. If you're really gonna do it find somebody else who sold the solar business. Find somebody who is bought businesses in the past. The media is in on this deal ends and bring him in on the deal get an advisor somebody to say you need a lawyer to help you in this part you need to oh. Talk to your bank about this part whenever I might be you need to get your business organized in this way so get that advisor give that advice hammering a man. That's it so if you're thinking of selling the business is a big deal and and a big decision so it's important to work through those five steps think about them before you make that decision. So if you're interested in the national burial or are selling to business this has been this scenario it LT or just talking to guys about the beer level in New Mexico Libya the alcohol level and here we've got it all covered. Then there's number that's on the natural underground in thank you for listening to our show this week if if you any questions comments concerns. Please email us at info at the touch agency dot com we would really love to hear from me and thanks very tinian Enders this of the senate this week we really appreciate it we'll see you next week. Think.