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Well guns of that natural underground radio show and podcast dedicated to the natural food industry. I'm your host Al springer that usually means studio a couple of just one of the experts from the yacht. He's already doing them isn't just fallen that's called active list. If it and you know. I'm just reinforcing that I'm here with you and president and then the same. Full attention not worried force that I got a guy out shrewdly got look out the window or probably study in this phone that voice is Ryan. It took us. Anything to contribute. Yet no limit the he's more of a defensive posture reactive participate only link there. And Bo Ryan likes reacting to things and having opinions on arguing right arguing about how easy thing. I we're talking how we love to pretend like we understand trends and topics important news stories in the natural food industry funerals this show before who runs. But we each week this show is all about the natural for the industry right we're based in Austin there's a lot of that because the whole foods headquarters a lot of brands. But same thing in Portland boulder Denver New York so cal Bay Area all kinds of places that love and sort of the natural food world. And all those places local is what's happening right local as. It's been a hot topic for probably a decade. As people seem those things out you mean right. They're looking for a non just while wanna go down to the farmer's market and get like a fresh carrot or tomato like I want. My pre packaged food as well too and the justice conscientious in terms of where this has been sourced. Absolutely. Yes and what's cool we have a guest on today the any kind of dig. So that there's a brand called here which how great is that for a while incredible if I mean. We don't we're curious how you defend that name but I guess you can end. Luckily our founder and or. Locked down like in our court yet noticed that he did know there's no defending its fantastic and a local brand name for local. But depressed or get them on today runs here brand and what it is is a marriage in the goal of deleting national trusted brand of so pure. Trampoline you find yourself in Florida. Yes we will you know talk to someone Denny it's a great yeah yeah and get a sense of access on the show and we're convinced that Florida has almost like we've heard heard being reviewed and it isn't clear who did so we'll likely would have recorded that part before this which could be possible now I don't like to Nashville dealers secret and a don't look at the man behind the curtain that's right gene so but I don't remember us going your. Randy I know it's a national company with aspirations you if I'm in California and I'm eating Thomas I'm in the beach. Eating ingredients from my neck of the woods and therefore I am in Chicago I can pick up a similar their same promise but it's going to be different any national brand with a local agree it's a very ambitious and I got to. Tell you what one day you'll try this even if you don't live in the Chicago area of the midwest is not a prominent you had you will try to suspicion that I am a particular set of skills this. And it's making sure one day you try and dipped the funneled into your mind from guest tonight is that that's quite the threat is then how would make you enjoy some delicious did you when he. I'm gonna be tomorrow but he soon. And you'll come from will not regret it either a don't. He's in his sleep through yes you'll lose any sleep how worried about this elicits more of a kind of I'm daydreaming of how great it'll be. Zardari on the threat. So we have Megyn I'd climb on to talk about that and then in the last segment of the show. We have a new person from the touch agency Mary Joseph mark even a trial that's a cool names are sound now. I'm Blake someone who owns around interior design PS always definitely there is but in like Savannah. Oh. Hands down Mars tell you come in here and found. Knowing alias I don't know. Does that seem like Alderman for the fifth I'm seductive and a half I think it was just trying to get some decorations from my. I just like tonight accent part of my brain and just something weird came out okay Allah Allah yes she's great and she actually is a great accent that sounds nothing like. My guide them lightly while we just that but never on to talk about what is she she's she was she working unify and I've worked in retailer for big retailer that you'll hear about. As I'm sure during the interview. But she gets an interest keen angle has inched in angle and if you point nine kind of what are the hot categories have gone local. So for all your listeners on the radio side here in Austin. You know it it's what are the things that you combine your local store for our industry folks that play had a we get ahead. Of this and figure out what's gonna be hot with the next Todd trans. Going forward their question today for the three of us what's your favorite local brand play. Yeah. All Wu held the note I just at all on held the note and OK nice what's your favorite thing coach hello. What's your local product well mind as more of a local thing. And I am breaking on the rules by doing that so has anyone heard of the restaurant died UN I had that the there was an ointment or that I got to life. What is the plan lands. It's a local wolf butcher shop in the supper clubs you know in their viewing at some local sausages are meets or something but you can also go in there and enjoy a meal. And it is all ingredients from central Texas so that many is constantly changing and and you go and it's like cafeteria style style seating cede it to like. Be a part of their community. Which I know Ryan isn't something new year all that into a little bit of parliament committee just that you. Paul and everything on the menu is local whether it's the Dino. Hog that you might be eating need dual whole hog roast is well why. I mean come for this big gather mean and everything's local it's really Dylan says it's well respected in the community and that is that is my local day. I love it. My is called Carrick SA another restaurant original. And it is better than died doing all okay shots tired and I think if I think restaurants in all Boston really why we percentages I just conveniently remembered that it has a lot of local ingredients. But it just got it one of the best hamburgers. The woody put on your handers. Little dispersal silence. I'm not caddies just cuts don't catch ups involved it's it's heavily involved though again he's got to catch of candidates to the table yeah in depth at at at an end spinach salad is incredible. And it's just me and there's services and he's he's always late Canada. Awesome true las tonight's it's Sudanese say it will stay stuff on the menu like details about where. Where the where he does a time nominates Martha Texas a lot. I just picture if it was eggs it was like these come from chickens and couldn't duplicate that Belichick in the. And Karl Vancouver Vancouver local sponsor or minus. We know okay. OK Philly goes they twelve or thirteen or 119 or what is my feelings happen and on at America and around Lima lake Towne lake in hostile lady bird lake sorry. Sorry if Larry yeah. But I'm numb back when I called that ultimate sort of back end of the trail all around the dam on the east side. I'm riding bikes and tired and I ran into this guy's a little fruit stand stimulus like it's sort of on the beach and Mexico it's awesome in the sky has taken. Coconuts any ices them down. All morning and was only token that is almost frozen thing takes a machete when you come out and kills you it. Why you are often MS can puts the pocono where though aren't you know he chops the cut and cap and tax the Kennedy or off the coconut. Gives you a strong. So so delicious sandwiches aren't we got to take a break when we come back. All of them practices in the world great guests who got making climb from here brand little bit later Mary Joseph marks. We're gonna talk local you're listening to the national undercurrent. We need it's it happens here topped thirteen doesn't mean don't write show. Yeah. Listening to the national underground. But we're very lucky we talked about how. Rate this brand this. A brand that wants to build need national brand called here about made up of local ingredients mean and how they're starting midwest. And I've been telling just ones and a chance try to stuff. It's just so did Lisa where Christmas honey I know well I'm not in the job I'm job man dressed to. CNN's Andrew product very Smart move so we are joined by Megan cline from the brand called here Megan welcome to financial on the ground. I think now and I just whenever they have to get we have a program. Brian's here too he's just kind of a quiet all you know well yeah I am I yeah and native Megan's met Ryan he knows Sherry knows he's a dud and I am. He's tall and has his that's his only attribute this is a wild card and that's trying. So tell us about here is an incredible name and let's talk about that the men like the idea of but he defend their name out there with the secret here is made in the lawyers whose priority at least thought about that. And then what is the brand all of us so what is here. And trauma and they're here is all about bringing people up close there to there suit out more call here because now we're bringing. You count local police at all. All we made as corporate cupid felt I think then been dampened everything we make contains midwestern produce year round. We make it instead of Chicago and we could attribute not only in the middle class tell. Bringing it back to bringing people look at their food. We're connecting them at the armory to make the product in the food. I'm connecting them with the people who make it played out there's a kind. Chicago and camino creating and cook knit community. Centered around celebrating like our regional that. Yeah and how did you go so I meant in the first up was to establish those relationships. With with you know finding those local ingredients in the midwest how did you go about doing meant to be in west. Exactly so we to develop everything from the ground up literally. Lee. We knew a lot of our aren't we started out with the talent we do wanna get example is that mighty angry at the usual fourteen acre greenhouse mean and personnel Illinois. To make pesticide free it tomatoes so. We delete it get tomatoes here rallied the newly again these familiar sound of a number of our Blake people pretty thin friends like greens and terms in portage Indiana. And Meyer farm's been what kind Elena lying we can do we craft your round from a farm. Chicago here called the urban canopy. And then we went to our local distributors to work with a lot of farmers and now he just had helped ethics standard spectrum so we learned from local food distributor here in Chicago that there are being firmer at that in Michigan that crowd of thousands of acres that have. Drive being mentality beans from the Carlton are aghast Carmen Howard city Michigan had a decent are being kept. And they also connected at the Michigan apple growers that I had here around Michigan apples that's going to are accused says that. You know and more of prosperity here at I'm in other producers. It's like to do what products we can get traders expedited the air and then we. Created our recipe that's our category this happened. It and you can I mean what's so wild in terms of a sort of true the transparency evident that tree's ability. You are room drop and those names on us right and left them as of farmers. That's spectacular give us an example how did you. You know do you do as did you just reach out to one of them did you know them already how do you do that they can't be that easy I. I tend to think combined from suppliers other stuff but you're right to the farmer and establish this relationship what does that look like. Well it might try it tire life as a lawyer allies you know I actually it was the armor for a tablet the lawyer for somebody found protect its. And we can't firmer I didn't turn to urban farm lead that the planted. Chicago I had worked with mighty kind that has a lawyer before Alltel and not to look at armor many united. How planned for here which is that organic warehouse star maker dateline biker cranes so we had a lot of farmer friend through that that's says like. Other people armor that I mentioned. Men and you know we had been. The local food scene in Chicago is fantastic Carolina there's DIA. Detailing armed. Tactic food conference here where you meet a lot of farmers they just you know been. We've been armor than we've been in their armor historical enemy at last for awhile until we had a lot of existing relationships and then the local distributors. Agreed about connecting up for the pirates Novell today you know for example with the bean farmers say we didn't know about these being firmer than that we called them up and said we are making product that you're definitely come that the U and then. We you know built a relationship based on the distributor. Introduction. Yeah absolutely. Well I'd like to say that if he ever expand Austin and a very small diesel plant that I keep in my window. And I liked when he leaves and I'm not very good at my remembering the water at these things. Heineken beer distributor BO look at I just don't think there's a revenue model offer them plans plans he has but I liked it not to yeah. Yeah I like these old sturdy it takes my constant over wandering in underwater and yeah. I was gonna ask about the products what product did you launch west and then what came next. Around so we launch with our salad dressing down lions officially a ticket food festival. And Marcin Tony seventeen. The we launched with our salad dressings they were. This same calendar I think of a brand our apparel brand our brand called farmed here because without being firmer at the drop the armed veteran names that we rebrand it. It's attracting those here in April and then. Because we are also the manufacturer that's straight about that we're vertically integrated we could not be that brand that we are interesting from all these local farmers if we want all of them making the product I can't imagine a Packers taking and if it's talents. Yeah I'm so are we are manufacturing facility authority making call Padgett this private label it could sell in May we launched its five favorite local prostitutes. And then in June we lines are being kept that whole foods we have sixty is that. And Michigan being Hamas that's. It really be a fun looking at the packaging online as well. It is so how is he said they used solid ingredients would be available year round and then can you talk a little bit about how the recipe creation. Begin and Regis trying things so idea that chassis you're working with out of the south and. If there yet so we did we do you have except that we're working with so we gave her. We kept ideas for. Had been kept. For example. All they've gotten. What we like we looked at trends in the marketplace to them we looked at the shell then then we want it did you know kind of identified papers that would be. You need it and like giving can customize something do but also acceptable and not so far out there. But people would want it eat them yeah I'm sure the edit. Mixture. Just Blake. In historic error being. A little bit of data about trends and then and our own personal taste. I'm really excited about this beat depth Alex really Dennis allows other manoa at all earlier in the heat of battle lines are spectacular. Yeah well you want to talk after this because I Hannity and easier unity and I didn't Chicago at a time. Without merit aid to beat that and then come after we can't kind of came up with the general flavor profile. And we worked with the shaft to make sure that they can't get really get ourselves and it Ali Abdullah all. Times he would like that I have for you all the health and wellness center here and Chicago. Men before even working with that she already like had a really good network of kind of local farmers that she works let's put. Do you promote. Eating the rainbow and making things to get fed without adding to my its you know. Really any sugar but the ultimate air Catholic. Do you see does a good job of creating a ticket without thanks so few. Tom look at the nutrition information on our bean that's for example. Because we don't it's bikinis and because we've been minimal amount of extra virgin Caldwell our debts have opted to 80% less fat than a traditional comment like that not wrong. And they are higher in nutrients because. Mori is in the vegetable. I'm instead of the team. So Megan one of my favorite aspects of here is your kind of Mihm was a snafu latest. Can you speak to how you guys Dion. So aren't our. We know we we've always wanted to do it as a as we can with the latest on the way to the salad dressing for belted farmed here what we take our ugly people are the people we couldn't felt. Freeze it and make it into salad dressing and you landed. One of our problem. The drivers behind creating here was to also met a hot night. It who played so we work with the farmers and it's still not all that being dealt ballots certainly not all of the food that we used it took place as we have a way to quantify that he had bad. Most of the time we're taking credit sack and so for example mighty kind greenhouse cynic. Court just made but the one on the bottom of the finer naturally yellow or orange. They're either going to compost or you know just copied sold to other people would try to attack and so what we're by amateur theater I don't like started the second one of the aggression or what not take another good example is greens sent armed vehicle PayPal potted vehicle that have to be at certain height they are composting the people that was too short or too tall for their container. And we have got at table. So we you know we eliminated that waste stream for them and created value for the farmer which is really important to. And against so called Z all you see the news is how incredibly wasteful Americans are in terms of our food system and it. Oh my god I went to the and but I love the nonprofit organization for the tanker went to their food waste conference. Last week in new York and I mean I thought I'd like we. We waste 13 of our food. And word we're wasting all this farmland to feed them. Animals but that we then a waste of good that they produce. So anything that we can do to help produce the grade for going to jail and you know we're working. With distributors now to talk to the armor than Taliban let static or getting to the antipathy that that you have a bunch of killer spinach that you can't sell like please. And give it to us that weekend. By that produce and Tom Frieden says that it. You know you get so worried that something that we're dedicated so like we're dedicated to building out retired plant and I took it. And doing blended product like we have were we have a related platforms and app. Yet one more question before the break. So I am mentioned that the bigger picture is that a replicate what you're doing in the midwest around the country. But since it's so built on those relationships with farmers is that dawn team now I know you've got to work I mean super successful in the west first but. How many have you started that process serves you thought about it a lot of what does that look like. Yet none at all it's fun to they Amarillo were doing is talent they're pretty excited about and especially you know local farmers take out a giant body firmly generally do you have additional products. And very excited to have that an opportunity to resolve there are like ugly if they're their second until product at ten. Has locker shelf life and at the brand it and then all of you don't if you go to our website you can find some videos we. We're all about promoting the farmer that are really. I need to promote itself pray I need to we have a video. Shelling our visit to the Carlton are aghast arms so. And they're generally pretty excited we help that they create additional revenue and additional the awareness of what they deal. Well that meant what's that web site we're gonna take a break in the second what's the website for people who wanna look at that the brand. It's something here that's called so it carried out the Al. Perfect liquidity to break but can we keep you around for one more round. Right. It's I think a short break when we come back more with making Klein from here. You're listening to the natural underground. Down mile. This into the natural underground. We been talking with Megan Klein from here an amazing brand made up of local ingredients featuring wonderful local local ingredients from local farmers in the midwest. We did turn our attention now it's a little bit more the entrepreneurial side so. First of all Megan welcome back. I take you know they be back. Yes yeah so we're gonna get way too personal here that's not true we're just to get asked some questions. Oh hole you know where did you grow up and IE I'm I'm curious if if this whole sort of far means saying and lawless party your big dream more how did that all happened. Could it save it like it accurate to say what I'm doing now is the only thing that makes sense that he's. Ticker up in Milwaukee. With Scott then Saturday went to school out east went to law school export them. And now hey you know I would primarily an environmentalist with a I worked to take firm in New York for years. My did a really stupid thing equipment tablet at a cabinet summer of 2009 and stared at her apartment Birk plan. 001. Met and that night a good job in nonprofit environmental alive and to create plays called earth just a bad that are attempted and I helped at their factory farm practice meaning like. You know. Tank they're regulated then and minimize. Factory farm that factory hog farms in North Carolina. My goal has always in two. Either create more debatable food or am I thought that the lamb wanted to do that was through law. But you know after working with entrepreneurs and companies they realize they wanted to be on the other side of things that and create something. And I moved to Chicago about six years ago and it started working away at. A lot I'm urban average driver that create greater urban farming CNN and the you know he. Kind of controlled environment farming mean we have now mighty time we have got in green which has its 60000 square played average cap greenhouse we have bright farms. Do we have a really high concentration. Armed within that. Can't have a hundred mile radius of the city of Chicago. I started. Working with a lot of and a at first that their lawyer you know the people always need help and the law. And then now I flipped it and I am now an entrepreneur like that they need to try to help. Yeah and now so I was just in Chicago this past weekend. And a moist rating to people that in the summer it's just the greatest city on earth because. What I am I did they did the bike rental and went from about navy pier opt out I I'm not kidding factually Evanston. And back it was a long ride on one of those goofy heavy blue bikes but it's just such a wonderful city but in the winter it's that should not a wonderful city. The so called so how how are people growing the stuff inside is that what you mean by. I should know this but I'm just curious is that it how are they growing in the winter open in Chicago. Well yeah. So I can give me an example we tapped in solitary and I don't know are we Krauthammer has an 800 square footage from its. Which is there room and in eighth grade incubator called the plant Chicago. And in back to the carrot in in Chicago proper patent. Our tomatoes come from a green how complicated. You know that mediate smiled to plant in Chicago. Are these goal come term portage Indiana from green pen arms they're an indoor farm. And our did you see it come from Chicago than to our paradigm which is great and humble park in Chicago. And then you know they've been with I tried the end though the teams are harvested. In the fall but there's storage year round. Since. That it men toppled or similar to do you know we're harvesting apple now and threw the ball that. Our total harvest for example other apple supplier they were with only Michigan power than they have. Modified atmosphere where they can outdoor apple your round and then they're at it like a lot of great advancement in the midwest with Blair called group out this Larry who passes the tape they like at. That economical green houses made of plastic in it allows mid western powers to turn things like Kalin pathetic here around without. We could get talent and it's your round from. Pretty armed here at such as windy city harvest. Or you know year round from places you could turn out the military in terms of our middle act or thing. In in terms of in team in especially with your law backgrounds. When you came up with the name are you concerned and on terms of protecting and the name or how how did that happen. You know what we are but. We have we know that it. I didn't hear the perfect name for a because. Worry we're here because our local long we are here because for president are farmers' lives were here because for president and our team members live senator customers' lives for bringing people closer to their food and now. We have the legal planned on how they protect that name but also now. I think it really resonates with people want. Oh now I've said it does it's like it's validation if I'm theoretically guys take myself out in the future and if I'm traveling in Miami NIC here. I now have the trust of no mean OK these guys have their true believers there really into it but it's also made from local products that area. A tape W huge play in the future and I think if retailers like NC get excited about them. And you know yes and everything I actually did you do like a naymick take them back and you know a lot of panic like here like I'm here but and that's it. Because there's a lot of great. There's a lot of those tires to tell you. Yeah I'm here they're like yes well yes yes you are what's in the Iran and the parents are here parents have a man who also made in the packaging is really clean minimalist design. How did you think that designs so did you engage brainy agency what happened there. We have the fact that I'm ponder its are also branding agency if there Lindsay and that told you wanna look them up front line now their act around the Leo very act and then has an experience that BP. We wanted to hoot about the story Ed you can keep our packaging it. Clean white background and then it went down photographs to the table that fruit and vegetable and other ingredients that actually go into our product. How did you get in your first retail store in what was it like senior product on the shelf for the first time. Sound so exciting Arab members. We got into the stores that. We had relationships before having been farmers and though we strengthen those relationships and that's our I mean that the buyers were very supportive of us but also excited to be able that local and a new area. The door. Do we continue to existing relationships and that's how we originally got himself on the air forget the weekend that are acutely picnic area known for the first and I am. And went into the Marianne this is the block away from me and particularly the chief says it was incredible to see what we've been working on for months first on shelves. I did our first. That the week that are being. I've been dipped down want simple food they did it at them out at. Steve planting. Whole foods historic and I have like record sales and had been debts could that is so excited about the logic like never have been more enthusiastic about experimental but it's only sixty. Sixty being to have. What has been the biggest challenge for you so far and building make your Brandt. I'm the biggest contract is probably. It's. Scaling. Two what we'd. But the tight into perspective or that we eat up before. We created the product in major that we could pitch to a local supply chain. Don't for the foreseeable future. Now that we've gotten on south the challenges how to do that increased velocity isn't it stands now all we do have merchandising teams send them our team with type. You know as we go from 170 ties Torres today. We logic jewel next month which brings out. That's about to about 350. It's putting their rights even played in making sure that we are really executing our promises to attend the way that could make a successful. So I mean this in the most complimentary way. But you're one of the rules and go Guinean go getter entrepreneurs in the world if our retail buyer blisters I get an email from a buyer almost after every show. Some don't be surprised to make it just shows up when Daniel lobby and has some products to show you. Arabic and I know that that's not normally what you I get that I do think there's that element that's fantastic. What what I think your sort of a way of doing it. What is your advice to like where does that come from what's that need your advice and we only have about. Thirty seconds left but what's that advice the UN offer to another front runner who wants to do something like that it would it would ride that energy. I'm just so passionate about why it we're doing and Mike called the pit that we can do through this year Brandon and I think I bring that to the retailer with like a compliment quite yet. I don't know that you are doing that I will execute very well and we well. Together about I mean I think it also comes down to it being able to tell its story and really being authentic about what you deal. So good and I gotta tell you. As good as amazing as this story is with the local farmers in the sport the product. Is even better. I mean anything when you try a fuel stop in your tracks and go okay I'm done among new favorite dipped by her new favorite beverage short dressing it's really got. Last thing where if people get ahold of you to know more about here how they do that. So my email address to that end ME TJ and that here it's Kerry attacked tell you can visit our web today which it appears that. And he can sign an unpaid you know examined whether. Awesome thank you so much for being on the show this is really great. Thank you very much for having me that. You don't thanks Megan. Time for a break when we come back we're gonna get a little more into the world of local we're gonna. Have Mary Joseph marks he's be with you and a fine and now with the Dutch agency on to talk about seeing the trend she sees. In the retail landscape on the local level. You're listening to the national underground. And. Tall thirteen seventy. They're natural underground. Well justice is the only thing I think here now. I can see it hit it and it's just your general personality mentally get a pick up the pace on the shelves are. Illinois hosts are Yani and something's gone terribly wrong. It I think that's right hey this show has been all about local brain hearing about here and while that's kind of hard to saying. And we've got us thinking about. All the things local in the trends and may be on the interest in getting into a deeper dive as to what categories tend to lend themselves. To local which ones are hot which ones are becoming more local what I think of for sure is honey. Right honey is up it's amazing when you shop the honey set and a pager local grocery store national food store. I mean about half for two thirds of that stuff is is local or inferior outages have and that's the part of the thinking right then. Well joining us in the not in the studio and on the phone today I guess in the studio virtually eighteen is Mary Joseph marks and Mary Joseph has amazing background and she is now with a touch agency. But she really knows retail really knows the relationship between the big distributor UFO unify and retailers. As they did beyond what categories are hot or not Mary Joseph welcomed the national underground. Thank you happy to be here. Yes and you're calling in from the beautiful semi remote state Ameen correct. That's got to be gorgeous up there this time near this fall colors out yeah. It is believed that stat and it's need you really can't look pretty although lower in the eighties so. I'm not quite sure what's going on. Yeah well we're 95 or something nonsensical today so there you gotta do. But were a couple weeks away as I'm sure you are under hustle and we're just has never been to New England or the northeast. So which is weird so we got to come up with a reason why she comes up then hangs out works William. So it's beyond that could. I am one a cottage and I want some lumps them. And I wanted to experience and. Well I am locked up yet. Oh there we go that's right so major a personal background you worked on all sides of consumer packaged goods. The natural food industry including unified what did you do there. Tell you the pilot the retail training managers flash natural category manager. Still a lot of what I did was I worked with the retailers OP PG and financial channel. I'm just finding their sword deciding the mix looking to try and stay until trans YouTube but don't anybody look at that now. I really had to get it deep dive into the stores help them with financial. Based on my whole foods experience so I put all the pieces together for them and didn't really assisted them in trying to in the mix. And then from that experience being retail distributor heeded some stint as a broker what. What are all those sort of experience is due. That allow you look and say OK I can now see what thought categories are concede a local movement from a different angle what have you learned from all that. Actually it taught me how to tie everything together. Retail for so long night thanks so once side of the console so. Just basically everybody that you products from what makes the difference that on the manufacturing side to feel the excitement but I'm a product in law went and it. And then the broker's side I really got to see how they can come alive. How to take that product didn't get it to the shelf educate those buyers so there's not the full circle for me. It and then let's talk local for a minute. I'm your sort of cat bird seat why do you think from all those different sort of perspectives. Or from that perspective what why do you think local has become so big and why is it continuing to grow. So really customers and retailers tell wanna know what their food comes from. It's fun to table there it was a lot of recalls going on a few years ago and it's a lot of it's about food safety at compiled. What works well with the region's main of course but what's happening is we have blueberries. So its product can centering around that so really it comes to consider want to know whether eating what they're eating. Could create a mechanic from. So it's it's important it's an important concept wanna feel like they're supporting somebody that as a cause. And and that they cap a you know what categories based on that logic. What categories do you see where local has really taken hold and why do you think that is. Well first of course is president and that's just because of originality but definitely honey. Beverages have been to. Cold through everywhere. And sneezes. Local facility also stepped felt it then sent that are a little bit more around perishable because I think that's feet. Simplest for somebody to jump into a manic. Is soon to talk more specifically about honey I'm I know the do you get to work with B harmony on some projects and arteries of the consumer they have like a course sentenced to use. But then they also have these recommended regional skews. Can you talk to that sort of high bridge to model of some national. Ski used as well as some some hyper local options. Yes and I am so excited about to fly and just because of that I've I've done honey from all sorts of levels from being a broker and brokerage and other brands and what makes. That really unique district stopped there an absolute advocate for the B. Nationally they can devote a lot more time a lot more resource for us and really make a difference. So does that excite me. When you get into the bridle from the regional to you regions and specific. Maybe it's pretty stated on the Florida and it's orange and citrus based. These guys really have the ability that really dial in to those. Different varietal of what makes it's special but to continue as a gonna wanna buy just one giant island now how many different spin off you have. So they get the aid they get the consumer and retailer the ability to expand the mix outside of the region there. Regular local ones who really can't do that because they're producing and certainly sent. It to me that's like the best of all girls. Then what categories do you think our next for local like what categories maybe localism use now but do you think the conditions are ripe. Love what I what I think is gonna happen alliger gonna get a little aren't essential source from a that it happened that's condiments and Asia is Al addressing all the use things. What is happening in that region and so again like I've said in Florida and used. I think the main blue days Schmidt less certain flowers have to really hate gains what is. What do you call on match and incorporating it into a product that can have a little bit longer shelf life so. I definitely see an historic growing with that. Salad dressing especially I think. We just to get that have you on the show real responses to say Florida and he hell hole I mean how. That might I. Well we might not my relatives were from new York New Jersey and there are always like they be can he used to whenever they were saying but then we get the Florida be like. So bugs down a flat. Or that. Also the like a couple of extra words or letters or something in there and yeah. I did so from a retailer perspective where the upsides to working with local producers brands or products. I think probably the biggest thing is they make your story any. There's so much competition out there. And you wanna find that one thing that has been addressed that consumer NG or serve only so that is applied to an accomplished only community. They really. Law to go to source of support community increase the output having high percentage for communities. Community involvement is so important. So when a customer comes in and they get that local product on the shelf they feel authentic community and that probably better than anything you could feel. Are there any downsides for the retailer perspective. Yeah compared to cut it appears that crept up the locals are small. So a lot of what happens as they don't have main channels of distribution. They have a buyer that have to do you know make that extra effort to remember the go buy an order and it's not a major distributor. And then the second day incident came up able to keep up with demand. At stake smaller sometimes it's just the owner making yet so a lot of times it's hard especially first fired up to really keep up with the demand at retail. Got it absolutely. You know it's interesting you know distributors like where you were to unifier kaine he'd. I think sometimes they struggle with local companies in some ways. They seem really built for it right at them all these local warehouses local DC's around. So that would seem like it's perfectly set up but I am and I also imagine it's difficult for them because they're used to tell them dealing with the national brands. What's their attitude towards local. I think they're trying really hard unifies put in a program called next and the FD. Where they are looking to support emerging brands are local brand. That cost for a little while where there turns in the warehouse have to be a little lower. So they're trying UK is trying as well but you know the end of the day there's so many flopped and aware. And it goes by movement and by volume and oftentimes. Is local the smaller don't have the ability to really advertise that even aside so. There's not. A lot of ways to get the word out for the product so it NN and it just kind of fits because. Don't have the money for appropriate force so I think with local inside the distributors as much as they're trying to. The brand. Having a broker risky it's getting that word out there and it otherwise it's just an accident that's going to be difficult. So what's your local favorite or your what's your favorite local brand in Maine. Opal it's called talked. Fresh full blast and so there. And Terrell I have to beat you out there and we know that well and have read it. Wow so it's very mean now that is not what I would have guests use. Well there's been speculation as a pretty one's conscience safely and it's. Does it right in Portland at the first lap they have the Portland for the plant which is a really great community food lab where this local product can make their products but. Does she is very energetic an has an almost all the stores up here including an occurrence so. I'd love the flavors the main thing. All right that's trying to have always said Portland Maine is the best Portland in the. And I plan from Portland or against others in mean. It's a lot of food there. In there is how cult so last question silly question we talked about how warm it is. How cold like how cold is a really cold day cruising down here in Austin so we have no concept. Well at night to get down to about fifty so that's about the told us that we did have a cold snapped police. I know mile now call I mean in January. Alex in her approach well it gets probably minus. Ten. It's pretty cults and I think we have 78 at no match there will move its. There was just a lot of now. Well enjoy your eighty degree weather. And then enjoy here scratchy sweater whatever and referred to we mentioned Maine early jump. It's great having you on thank you so much Mary Jo we'll talk to each on your soon. Yeah. Thank you thank you are right well that was our show for this week thank you for listening to the natural underground. If you have any questions or comments we would love to hear from you at in cell at the touch agency dot com. You know also follow us on FaceBook and we encourage you listen to us next week whether you're here in Austin and down in Florida. And main admin makena Lance. He hasn't had a field day.