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Noble Capital Radio Hour
Sunday, February 11th

Noble Capital Radio Hour, for February 11.


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Coming GU from the noble care. Capitol studio Xena Austin, Texas this is the noble Capital Radio hour. Formerly a real well blueprint this is your source for the secrets to success and end. Best thing we've exclusive tips on how to grow protect and preserve your well. Don't lose a penny of your hard earned. Money to a investment strategy then know all Capital Radio hour teaches you how do we achieved a financial stability and predict. Ability you need to live with confidence now let's start the. Our. This is Chris Rockland and welcome to the noble Capital Radio hour. This big show now. Yeah produce some big things I'm joined as always by mr. Navarro Micah hosts yes and the producer of today's content so thank you for saying it's big things because I was struggling for information here today yeah but not really when I'm looking at the script here. It's bullets we got stuff going out now thanks to James that he actually shot meaning no we're talking about a couple things it was like. He's like I know we're talking about this or talking on the radio Korea I write I'm good for the good little Brandon every once known as they had no little. Keyword or little lonely guys are guys who are legal or three jokers that have the noble Calgary are actually where. Three of the four principles and noble capital which is an alternative defiance firmware essentially. Retirement planning real estate and private lending experts we've blended all three of those categories to create an alternative financial institution based in Texas so. We actually are one of the largest private lenders in the state of Texas for real state professionals that are flipping houses and we've been doing that for sixteen years now. There's also been doing financial cleaning for retirees for almost a decade so. Then I don't know amid a minute. And now we're here is so if you glistening in the slot you may formally know as as the real blueprint show you can now find out more about us. And noble capital dot com. Yeah you know like check us out on social media outlets to me and we are heavy duty unknowable. Is FaceBook page now. We have been living under the real well blueprint FaceBook page for some time that we we haven't turned it off it's still out there but we're trying to bring everybody back over to noble. And I were pretty active there's truly a lot going on. Yes and Indian and make comments and threw up suggestions for future segments on real well please come motor to noble capital and do it there so the yes sure we don't miss it your information so. It's new show that essentially the same premise and we're focusing again as a kind of a three pillars retirement retirement cleaning private lending and real state and this week we're kind of I guess essentially we're getting back to some of the basics so we're really gonna dive back into private lending that's that's what we're gonna talk about today. Yeah and it's it's essentially what keeps everything running where we're we exist over our office so that's what we know best and what we know probably. As good if not better than anybody in the country yes so we're talking about prime lending in Texas we've got right this minute about 300 to 350 people at any given time who are private lenders through our company. On Israel's state army inching about a 160 million. These single family residential properties throughout stated Texas critic's idea that passion that we have that to your it is actually had it carries over into our retirement planning carries over into our real estate business because they are so closely connected and without one the other doesn't exist quite the way it does and noble capitals let's that's where it. We get excited about so when we start talking about private lending and first trust deeds and also brings him into. I get I get excited. Now an absolutely you know friends talking about retirement planning standpoint I think for us that's certainly one of the ways it. Our advisors are differentiated jade you meet with clients on stilts sometimes. The we've got a number financial advisors are firm to do that and you know prime lending is a way that they can certainly create an income strategy inside their portfolio. Yet Chris you know I was thinking back this morning drive and then go to the radio show. And you know sixteen years ago we were teaching these exact same concepts that we're gonna talk about today. I was talking to Chris before the show Romney and we you know we were we remember sitting there across the table from. Individuals investors that we're coming in to learn about the swimming program how. How can I give them on this and become a lender. And you know I thought I'd be interesting to drill down on that a little bit for our listeners and talk about the whole concept is. Lending money as an investment you know mean to get get your mind around that just for a minute he you know we think of all types of investments we've begun investing. But what about the concept of actually just making a loan. And creating. You know some type of contract and then having them any paid back over time. And earning some interest on the money. Yeah and it's ten I think everybody listening and understands it. We knew we just stop for 12 and think about it people listening understand it's real simple you've got to property got a piece of some assets and some collateral you're willing to put up. In exchange for a loan at a higher rate so if I give you a dollar you give me a dollar twenty back. That's what we're talking about. That is that's what we're talking about and you know if I'm the commonly get into that that business you think upon shops are you know automobile lenders. You know they they focus on their collateral right so just lending money based on a promise is one thing. You seem like a good person you know you seem honest and united and notifying you if if if if you don't Amy got. That's on a little bit modest editorially independent I don't. That's funny I've given some my buddies some money I still nowhere and I think that's a that's correct if you are okay I'm glad I am against us money. They get extra yeah and so the the concept of having collateral. You know quickly comes into the picture and talk and about lending you know what what am I gonna secure this loan within the event that. I don't get paid app. I don't wanna be chasing my knee you know in my in my borrower's down trying to collect on one another that. If something does go wrong that'll still be able to recover and week we called that pitch in our business. Collateral based or asset based lending. Yeah at the very. Or of the business is asset based lending so we know were landing on we know how much your were lending based on the value of the collateral so the point that he is something you always say is trusts. But verify. So if somebody gives you aid. 200000 dollar house how do you know where 200000 dollars. Yeah you know it's funny I guess and just I dreams and times about like. How did lending first starts oh god we're hey I don't know if I did you have felt okay. It was kind of like hey can I borrow that thing of yours for a little bit and I'll get it back to you. And maybe a little bit extra for letting him borrow that thing over there right at pretty fundamental and you know it it probably worked out for the first few times nearly as pretty good. And then something unexpected happened. And on Sunday came back his they hey remember when I borrow that thing of years announced faceted back to you within sun I don't have it anymore I'm sorry. It you know and then all of a sudden the guy I was like well that's not good I mean my thing back in earning my money or whatever was easily. So I still wanna do this this this this is that this was a good way for mussina gets an extra stuff. But probably need to have some type the security no you know and that's you know that as it kind of how it started evolved and and you look back get a leg it's hasn't changed we're doing the exact same thing we're talking about giving someone a loans that they can go acquire. Make improvements on a property and then sell it in and for them and they have the chance to make enormous amount of money special really got on a percentage standpoint. As the investor the lender you're gonna get back interest on your money once that property sells. At its pretty fundamental in its its pretty much the same thing. You you just hit it Chris so you're talking up properties in the and that that was going to be my next point is we've chosen our collateral. Arson our security to be real estate that's the asset class we've chosen. And can not only that we've we've chosen Texas real estate. And we've chosen Texas residential real estate. You know we we talk about that a lot of work on them that. Get windows to do you know why Texas residential real estate is so special that that factor is pretty much known around the world. That Texas resident rural states senator stable asset class that we've we like that asset class and that's what we've chosen as collateral. For our loans so. Net now that I've decisions made you know. We got to get into our how how does this work what are the mechanics now that come into play we want to lend money on Texas residential real state. We don't really wanna deal with time consumer loans and we're looking for long term mortgages. But we we wanna specifically fill this niche to these entrepreneur who are old. Business men and women that are out there are flipping homes. Rehabbing homes even. Tearing down or building new construction homes and then selling those into the marketplace or in some cases building their own portfolio of income property. All while season we're send all the parameters sleep day you were lending money Texas residential real state. We're also collecting monthly payments from these people that's that's the and it's it's wouldn't kind of makes people just comprehend the concept thank god it. So every month they get a check got it my my investments secured by a piece of real estate that is worth more than my investment. God it so now Sunnis are planning around it. Really we're talking about income and we only get different a investment vehicles he has the honest truth is not meanie. Have a meaningful amounts of income. Ranked so a lot of you're counting on appreciation from an investment standpoint. I'm in with depreciation and comes risk or if you're counting on appreciation with an investment. Then you are taking a risk that's the whole point. However if your investment can actually create some form of an income that's come back tear the chances are you looking at a lower risk profile so. When we meet with our clients that's one of the reasons we're able to do that we're looking at lower risk profiles while same time creating that current income back to them. Yeah and it if it's pretty nicely too with most people. Only because typically speaking in the older you are the less risk you won't have the younger you ER the more likely your take risk this fits nicely right in the middle. Yes so does everybody can take a little bit how much of that you wanna necessarily incorporate into your plan. It depends on par and some income needs and what not but it's. Everybody could participate at a certain capacities so long as he got to fit the bill. Yeah and I talk to younger people all the time and I tell them you know hey yeah you can earn between 6788. May be mile higher and terms of on your money you know like but to have all I I. I have a real state backing it so something goes wrong I am okay no matter how hot. We'll talk about that a little bit more haren does the second so. Yeah let me are wrapping up for the segment to me that's essentially what we're gonna do we're gonna dive into on the next segment the differences are in terms. Our private lending program where that fits in if you're looking at an income planning strategy and how it compares to other types of investments so if you're familiar with things like reits or fear greed ecology say -- right. We're gonna be I hope he hears this I hope he gets to hear that date. You know maybe even comparing it with some mainstream investments like stocks and bonds so. We'll be back here in just a second a quick plug though if you want to learn more about us he can actually text noble radio all one word to 313131. Again it's noble radio to 3131. 31 sports you can visit us at noble capitals are conscious. We'll be right back. Sound off on the news of the day with a time poll online ads on thirteen seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy go right choice. You're listening injured and noble Capital Radio hour formerly blue real well blu drank. Your secret to grow. Growing rejecting and preserving your wealth to root alternative. Investment strategies. I welcome back to the noble Capital Radio hour I'm your host Chris ride and joined as always by mr. Ron Navarro in. We are talking today about or write it lending what does that mean for you pay me maybe you wanna earn between 60% on your money. Anyone is secured by Texas real state as are all about so we're jumping right into that if you wanna learn more about us. Our company and our products and everything about what we do and why we do it you can find is that noble capital dot com. Yeah could follow us on social media as well guys FaceBook is active and we're always looking for feedback certainly on next show topics it's it's actually something we we look forward. Every week when we talk about so give us your feedback. Reich is if we don't get any topics I'm just gonna talk about like SpaceX and things like that pay you enter into big week you were fresh off the Super Bowl day it is safe sex and as. You know we're we're jumping in in complaining we kind of hinted that we're gonna get into this and he has started bring dialing three notches. Of refined but I didn't wanna say something and that's if if your financial advisor in your after listening to us. What you may not know is that you can actually offer our private lending product to your clients as well. That's pretty cool so it's not just exclusive to noble capital of your financial advisor out there and you wanna learn more. About how you can offer our products to your clients as well then look at seven noble capital dot com and reach out we'd love to hear from him. Yeah I wanna add one more thing if you if you're not a financial advisor if you're an investor somebody who's really looking closely at their retirement. And you work with the financial advisor might be time to let them know about this to your interest in this is this is really important because often times financial advisors won't talk about something they don't know. Yeah they don't know it or they don't know I mean this is began today also don't know how to get paid on your right so if they if they know and they can get paid on and they should be offering this product I mean right let's work with them I think the other person contact your advisor. I so let's talk about this team in from inning complaining standpoint where is where does this product fit in what some private lending creating net income how does that fit and. Well you know so. We we started with some basic lending principles. I likely Chris took only about to cave man times. It now here we are right we went from sitting across the table from individual. Investors of bars and explaining how they end. They can make a loan insecure their loan with residential real estate in Texas on the short term loans these private mortgage loans. And earned a handsome return to 678%. Interest. And that that comes in the form of monthly income so. Now this is turned into an industry it's called private lending and that's the space that we play and that's a space that we're experts and so. As an industry leader in private lending. You know we've created this marketplace now that sits between real estate and alternative investments. So we're talking door clients about this this product this investment opportunity. It is an alternative it's a real estate alternative. And it's it's very it's it's. Think it's very Mitch. Right now we're lending money and in this great state of Texas and that that's where the money will be put to work and that money. Is gonna go to work and it's gonna generate a nice return to 678%. Interest so when we're sitting and talking to clients about out how does that send. You know. The name of the game in retirement and his income. I mean we're looking to plan out income the definition of retirement as permanent unemployment I'm no longer getting a paycheck. Where's my income gonna come from. It pensions are not not really a thing anymore I mean you're lucky if you had a pension government pension maybe. And most people are gonna have Social Security but what other income generating instruments do you have out there and how well does diversified. So I'll let you know I'll tell you were Fitzsimmons fits and right there are engine you know in the bull's eye of the income plan. And it its in vehicle to generate monthly income for clients that they're gonna actually is and spend in retirement in the things they like about that with with this is. They protect their principles that out right dominant America my investment out there protect that with this asset backed loan. And then I'm Dennis skim the interest off of it I counts not gonna fluctuate in value ominous skimming interest office didn't use that in com. To go out live and and him to do what I've worked hard for witches to go out check check those boxers off your docket. Listen up you said on its not gonna fluctuate in value in it in case you're listening in didn't I'm sure your understated but if he can Casey did and that means you invest. And a dollar mountain says it's 250000. Dollars. He's skinny interest wherever that 250000 dollars earns you. You'd you'd taken you do every won't with the its income and think Hillary can just continue to grow it but. When you're done with the investment you're 250000. Dollars is still there that's we're talking about that's huge. Yeah and we probably don't wanna get too deep down that bunny trail now the reason why you're too entity thousand dollars maintains value and a lot of listeners are thinking you know but I I thought we're bringing into real stayed real estate changed eyes and and we'll get into that and another show but we are but that's because we don't Lindh at a 100% of the value of that real estate and you're landing inside of a diversified fund so author of those two little teases other Virginia where you're talking about to mean if I'm just average listener sounds a lot like a REIT. Regular reel save partnership how how. This different well so as we get as we get into the the concept of blending deeper. You know I've we've got a lot of listeners a lot of people have some basic understanding and in real estate you know when you make a real estate investment. There's a term here in the financial world called the capital stat right. And the capital stack is that is that whole stack of money it's gonna take to do a real estate project. And the capital start at at at a fundamental level is looked at as. Debt and equity so. If you just go unpaid paternity thousand dollars cash for rental property. You know guinier and that you're in that equities sound on the capitol steps to YouTube but 250000 dollars out and traded it for 250000 dollar property. Now. What we do we're not buying properties were lending against them. So when we make alone were on that debt portion of the capital stock we only win seventy cents on the dollar 70% loan to value. So on that 250000. Dollar property. You know we might win something like. About 35 minute 175000. Or so that means that other 75000 equities and have to be brought in from an and another source right. So. We position ourself in a conservative part of the capital stock which is the debt peace. Reits and general and other real estate partnerships. When when they go out and in launch a finder re like that. They're going to end and and the money that's being invested is equity. And it's it's on the equity side of the capitol staff. And so I am not only. Is it not secured at seventy cents on the dollar like like our private lending program. They're actually going out in getting debt from the bank to finance their projects and that's called leveraged so. Not only am I not been as seventy cents on the dollar. I men. And I'm leveraged I've got risk that if if something goes wrong with that project are not the one that gets paid back first if I'm on the equity side the thing gets paid back first. Yeah very true end to flip that around when your private lender that's that's being the bank right now that's why it's so secure were talking about. You know nobody else except you know the federal government in their property taxes can step ahead of us whenever we're lending on real state so. That's a great when I think for media I think that I wanted to point out that I feel like is a big deal. Is also some form of liquidity we're talking about. Generally speaking into your lockup in reefs and partnerships can be five to seven years so it's a much longer commitment there's other risk factors involved. Whereas with private lending we're talking about your money being locked up for 24 months in a sudden. As a big difference to me if I wanna have some flexibility in my plane right. It is and you know one other point on the reits and end it there are some good reads out there we've heard horror stories we've heard a couple good ones. But at at the end of the day here with three it's. You know when you when you hand them money over you're here you're putting your full trust and confidence and that. Find those operators as managers. Ability to go out and execute their business plan and and really there's not a lot of recourse. If something goes wrong. Then. You know you you're almost slept in a free fall because especially if you had leverage you know again the bank's gonna get paid back first. We said look if if we're playing in this retirement space in this more secure space we need to know that if something goes wrong we are the paint. And we're gonna have that priority and and that ability to take control of that collateral. And recover the investment and that that's the really at the heart of the program. Yeah I'm glad you brought that up because what you're talking about the ability to take it over and manage anything from the failure standpoint that's that's true asset management and that's something that differentiates noble capital from our competitors in this marketplace which we do you have so. You know that's actually agree bridge because that's what we're talking about the next segment I'd like to know a little bit more. And we'll go over some of our differentiators between our cells in the marketplace and and really ultimately what sets this strategy the strategy private lending. Apart from the other types of investments you can get and again if you wanna know more about as I'm one of the best ways to do that is to shoot us a text you can actually send the word noble radio that's all one word noble radio. 2313131. Just a text message no radio to 313131. And we'll give you more information may even see new a couple of deals check out stuff that's deals events you mean. Well all kinds of fun stuff. All right. And we'll be right back. This is the noble Capital Radio hour formerly. Real wealth blueprint sit back and learn how to achieve the financial stability and predictability you need to live with confidence. I welcome back to the noble Capital Radio hour I'm your host Chris rag and joined as always by mr. Ron Navarro NG new means they were dumping a lot of information on new. On private lending we're coming out and saying look this. Is an alternative investment strategy in one that we happen to be experts and I'm comfortable saying that because we've been doing this for sixteen years. We even incorporated into retirement planning strategies to build income for our clients that enable them to have the lifestyle confidence and fulfillment. That we all its nuclear looking for in retirement so we're gonna jump right back into this but if you wanna know more about us he can find us at noble capital dot com. Yep cut a check us out on social media as well guys FaceBook is the most active so gonna say it gives us a little shout out there let's talk. If your client or if you're actually participating in this you know give us a little bit of feedback to there that's that's we like to communicate. Otherwise as Chris mentioned a couple times just drop us a quick text and we will communicate right back. Text this to it text noble radioed to 313131. That's noble radio to 313131. That's all one word nobody knew I could deal until it's done noble it's not Nobel. No into the skull radio yeah yeah. If you keep healthy. And noble and OB EL EE why Juli give me easily guided edit yeah yeah okay Mahan says this thing doesn't work AI don't know the winners are I think just putting a space honestly I was like Noble's history. I was I was at a Super Bowl party com this past weekend. On V series of the game one. And I was hanging out with some bunch of thirty somethings and forty somethings you guys have done well. And guys and gals it was a role well and I was telling them a lot about what we do in the early perplexed and I was thinking how do. They don't get this they got the what we do private lending give somebody along the giving back although you know your money with some interest they get it. How it fits into like retirement planning. That was perplexing to them because they were in their thirties and forty yeah they're not thinking they're in concerts or what they're still thinking about building that highly cash out of their damage is a different mentality but it was interesting I mean it's. It does the kind of old clothes three get to that golden age. A retirement. I think you start realizing that appears you know we need you need job. You need a lot of things to get you there. It's just one tool you need whatever it may union blueprint yet you've got the good one I'm thinking now I'm thinking the blueprint for sure I mean I'm thinking. You need cash Alyssa blueprint needs stocks eating whatever you may need to eat alternatives. All these different things you're so any kind of you also need something a little different that's we're talking about the many think we've. We're creating a missing link that says hasn't been there in this little space that sits between real estate. And alternatives. I'm I'm I'm of course being cheeky and you know what we do we actually deliver what we call it's a product or three iron and blueprint to our clients it. Yeah I'm and part of that is an income strategy and part of that is prime lending all of this us related it's all related I mean. Income strategy is that the forefront of the blueprints on every come and talk to us about retirement blueprint. We're beginning comes strategy for life I say they decide sell organs that they even you know. Good day don't need anymore but there's a hundred other things that are thrown in their taxes. Even even you know even estate planning you name it. All the good stuff yeah I bring it back those sun summer what sets essentially what is what sets us the company and our strategy apart that's one way to talk about it we're talking about retirement cleaning. Based on income strategies utilizing private lending so that's that's definitely. A differentiate huge rate so Blake. Let's talk about the product to prime lending what's separating that apart and you know obviously we don't entire shows on some of these things but let's demur recap today at a high level kind of what what's different about us. Well at the highest level we've been doing this for sixteen years we've put out a verb. Going on half a billion dollars in loans currently managing about a 160 million dollars in loans. And done our phones are performing as well as anybody's so what what sets us apart. Figured it out we made a lot of mistakes in 2001 made a few less mistakes in 2004 a few lessons 2008 and here we are it's almost it's almost. Totally dialed in. And we continue to get better yeah well what sets us apart that. But underneath that it's all the systems that have been dole attempted to protecting investment almost like the you know many uses terms CME's air quotes but the warranties being we got a bunch of stuff in there to make sure. If things go wrong we have a game plan. No no kidding I mean I had won my mentors come into our office and then you know I learned a lot from this individual in terms of loan servicing. Aria a management disposition. And you know he knew we were alone shop rite like we're literally creating private loans for people in his that that's great everything but Harry actually supporting what is your operations are quite known immature the floor and everything and all the people he's like I'll. Then you guys are like a little smaller private banker like something and say yes I mean this is there any where we are institutional grade or so we've built. Yeah but in the fund the fund proves it I mean it's it's producing is performing. And I think where our biggest fund right now we're about a year into it. Close to on the larger ones on the largely hedge funds now for three years but yeah. It's it's it's a nice healthy funds and everything we've been doing since I'm in in the prime lending space is always just. Worked out because we always have a backup plan. Write to Jay mentioned four Lebanese summit asset management and that's the thing and and I can start there it's almost like going backwards and prime lending and the that's what I wanna be doing if I was asking hey do I trust this institution with my money. What do you do when things go wrong. Right is easy to talk about hey I get you good returns in this since backed by this in this great liquidity human to pay you monthly or quarterly huge shoes. Okay now what happens when things go wrong. And and when I mean guess what we have an entire division like an entire group of people that are dedicated to making sure that first things don't to go wrong. Right that's collateral monitoring and we have that same the other half of that group their job is if something does go to foreclosure inside of the fund. They're job is to be on it all all day long and make sure that we get rid of that asset as quickly as possible that's a big deal. Yup you know it's funny didn't win now when we first started talking about asset management when you and I first started talking about asset management is 2000 and 89 whatever was in you call these guys swat team and it's funny ten years later. These guys around called seal team six. He could change if from the swat team that that the back. Does the bad to seal team six there is no better well it's really that's just deploy seal team six. It is and and I think there it's a great group in fact it's so great day they do little cocky sometimes in LA cage we hope anybody else know any of our competitors get out of their Troy deals announced Lego man you guys agree it's a love debit. You know it's on CDs type of resources. Which is why it essentially works so well inside of your retirement portfolio so I mean we're talking about. I wanna get into seven common retirement mistakes so we did it last week we did our first one let's do this let's do this it's now time to hear the second of the seven most common retirement mystics. And I guess you going to really does we should just have it on the entire show yeah. Yeah I'd. It's incredible man Fred JJ nets like you walk up music man. I'm gonna I'm gonna Tina's one of Virginia how about that are making no the seven common retirement mistakes folks this is what we're talking about I am going to tell you these second of the seven common retirement mistakes. And then James gonna take it and tell you all about why it is a mistake so mistake number two. Is very simple. State number two is not protecting your nest egg. Man. That once they hit you right between the eyes. Just considering what's happened the last couple days in the stock market oriented. So you know. People ask. Says as advisors you know especially when the markets keeping his volatile like this like what's going on with the stock market what do you think you know what what should I do. And it's like you know does the very first question is will you know rule. Bullets to start with the basics here how how old are you and when are you gonna retire. Because if if this is the sixty year old or 5050. Or sixty year old asking us that question. Grab a completely different answers for you Korea then we would for you know the bid the thirty year old that the Super Bowl party you're ami I mean. That the fact is is that if you're 3035 theatre 41 K in the stock market right now. Theoretically. You should be able to ride out a crash. And led a bear cycle play out and then righted the the upswing the bull market back up. Some people Don and Mike to stomach that you know they have the stop plus may buy to just let that the storm go by hand and cannot take a hit it. Bet it's hard to time the market. But if if your comment that is and him we're talking retirement this is why this is retirement mistake number two not protecting and Estee. Really here's the bottom line folks. I mean let's get real. And we've been saying this for some time now this markets had a great run. But as a disciplined investor and someone that's on trying to be irresponsible. He set boundaries for yourself and at some point you know. It's it's Smart to sit down in and get with a financial professional this is what we're doing a lot right now with our clients. Is let's sit down and take a look at your portfolio and see if we are out of bounds. You know I mean we've harvested some some nice games here is it time to take some of those off the table and rebalance now. And commit some of that debt capital to your future two things that are more predictable more guaranteed more stable. When I tell you run for the hills. An and miss out on on opportunities in the stock market but it. A rebalancing a critical look at rebalancing right now is very important don't let greed. Blind you. It's time to take a good look at it and look at it and make sure that we have that retirement income locked in and we're gonna hit triples the worst place you can be. Is to be overexposed. In the stock market which Internet state. When it's time to start drawn down income from your portfolio and at that point Chris you're starting to make. Lifestyle decisions. Based on how the stock markets performing and you did not work hard your whole life to be put yourself in that situation. Yeah they what they were when you do have your eyes set on retirement that day. The stakes are just we need to lie to keep it all out there in in the world of risk. Most definitely I guy we've actually got clients decide as a sister Sadie came into talk to us after the 2000 any meltdown and they said yeah I am I'm working an extra. Five or ten years. To recover from that I mean. That's that's not good that's not a place to be it's they way this works really well with the the first common retirement mistake which I don't remember but it camera. But if you're on our text list you know so that's pretty easy just got a text noble capital all one word to 313131. And you'll get those retirement. Most common retirement mistakes and over to you via text so. I think that's a cool idea to stay on top this. Yeah Stephanie can take away from you think it affects the author is to go and yeah and those retirement homes around me like that that I just gave that that was like right there we just we just trees and the new for on the screen that innocent Beth I've done all seriousness we're talking about ways you can diversified portfolio. Polish from Wall Street another remarkable to think so I. I had a lot of our employees walked into the office today would casually mentioned to me like hey how about the stock market neck crazy you know Mike. Lot of I don't know must my investments in real statement kind of just cruise and our offense. It's like guy hey I had that I've got some money in the select market too but yet you gotta have. A lot of patience. And he got to get away those things out not everybody is in that position so we talked about you know suitability. Diversification. You know had essentially who are you looking for Kazaa will say this you know for the most part in terms of meaningful amount of income the stock market doesn't provide. Recurring meaningful. Income so and that's that's something we need to talk to an advisor about. Yeah you know Chris is you're talking to them you know my I mean to be an honest here little little little sincere. Did you know maybe me I don't wanna be perceived as overly sincere but I'm I'm just gonna tell you. There's some listeners out there right now that it. Are very very concerned. I mean I mean may hurt that they're seeing what's happening in the stock market. And you know I think we should promo I find I mean we want to talk to you we want you to comes he has so. Right now is is the right time to get and get in front of our experts on on the retirement planning side and let's make sure that we don't we don't veer off course to mourn mature we can we can help you hit triples. I mean here's something that's cool we put on seminars we let you throughout the state I'm actually attend a seminar and you can come listen to us talk about you know the seven most content retirement mistakes and went essentially what our strategy is so if that's on the and it's interesting to youth. I welcome you to attend or mercenary she can actually. Schedule yourself you can RSVP at our website at noble capital dot com but you can also give us a call you or does he did he'll fashion when I think of the phone policy can do that it's at 8772819314. Again that's 877. To me winds 9314. Yeah and there's always text method go ahead and text noble radioed to 313131. We will set you up with an event. We will set you up with an appointment or we will set you up with some literature whatever you want. Text noble radio to 313131. All right we get back we'll talk a little bit more about your options if you decide to eat do you wanna work with noble Capital One of our retirement advisors or. More of our prime lending associates so we'll get into that we'll also hear from Romney on the last words. We'll be right. The right choice for breaking news first talk thirteen seventy though right choice. And now back to their noble Capital Radio hour formally who. Real well blueprint we're bringing you exclusive well the building strategies used by financial industry professionals. I welcome back to normal Capital Radio hour I'm your host Chris Wragge and we've been talking about private lending and how that fits into essentially your portfolio especially for those of you did are in retirement you're looking at ways to create an income strategy. Of course that's one of the many products that we do offer. In our retirement seminars are retirement planning but. If you count I know more about us as a financial institution that's that's really what we specialize in we specialize in retirement training private lending. In real estate and you can find is that noble capital dot com can also it is up on social media Romney's a drop that a few times we'd love to hear back from you on that feedback. I'm that's always a lot of fun for us when we get that. Little side note we've actually got a lot of events coming up Indy month of February so if your interest in learning a little bit more about it in in May be just kind of a low word. Barrier of entry on coming up to one of these events you've got a couple of dinner seminars and Austin got a couple dinner seminars in Dallas and I believe we have some tax workshops. Very important very timely. And also in other tax changes there. There are some tax changes that you should be educated on if nothing else educated on so come and see a stud all that's on the website and you can register Raikkonen. Awesome okay so if you're looking for education though junior nearly in this space in particular let's talk about the ways they were able off that credit lending and and you know it's kind of interesting is. Pretty much every single one of our clients that comes through the retirement planning and they learn about this product right Jane yeah. I'd say two thirds of our clients. That that become. Retirement. Clients for us that we were with. Really for for life for a lifetime we help them get all the way across the finish line two thirds of them are participating in our private lending program it's and backed. A one of the things that makes this unique and an and one of the things that attract people to us so. We have that conversation about private lending early on and in the process and you know. Win. When you think about real estate. A lot of folks that own rental properties. Or maybe even just their own homestead you know here in Texas. It doesn't take long to sort of you know but the concept together that hey. If I can find a way to put some of my retirement portfolio to work and residential real estate integrator in my own backyard. That's on I don't wanna hear more about you know what will will Adidas put this together so that that's when he education clubs and. It's it's interesting because it is your backyard and it reminds me you said you are number fifteen years ago sitting across from somebody explaining to and the simplicity of they need got it. You know I also remember several years ago sitting across from client looking to borrow money. And done at the time that was I was just doing loans complain underwriters less is trying to do a deal. But it wasn't until that loan came back around and he paid a soft that I realized what we do that is so special. We literally funded this guy's lifestyle. His business. And he was able to provide for his family so it's it's it goes further than just hearing complained. That's that's the the result the man at the end of the day we're we're actually changing these little these communities. We're helping these guys create a living. And an legacy it was it was that first deal well I remember like it was yesterday was you remember the client is first there was Ben he paid a soft one time. And it's like oh my god we give people a chance. That's what we do. And it's our incredible that's so cool you know I'm. One of the things. But when we talk about. Lending money. You know what once a client comes and and and and participates starts to. You know let's see there's the performance and and see how this hoping comes together. I'll tell you a lot of folks become fanatical about it and we've got quite a following amongst our clients and we love pulling them together. We get together formally a couple times a year we do a lot of events. But the word is out on private lending I'm hearing more and more that people have heard of noble capital and and they've heard of the private lending industry so. This is definitely something that you want to get some more information on I'll tell you one of the big. One of the big things that I say ninety to the seminars that really. That really sticks with people. Is. When we talk about private lending you know we. We Lin seventy cents on the dollar right so if the real estate market. Crashed in Texas and and that that's one of the risk that we have to be aware that mitigate against that if the market dropped 25%. I'm I'm still OK at seventy cents on the dollar if I recovered that asset and go through a disposition process. I should be able to recover a 100% my investment I'm not gonna take a big hit. But it if the stock market drops 25%. I'm down 25% of my stock portfolio. I'm sure a lot of people this week thought about that. Oh yeah right as it was gone up and down and Emmy as a as a big and it's doing things as a lots of going on there but. You know one of the best ways to learn more about this I think is to come in face to face talk to us and immune you universal's it's right one of our advisors. Yeah we guy that we've actually we we do it all time daily we've got clients coming in and out of the office in and out of the office dallas' is really fun because he gets that. Does it with our retirement home specialist essentially our advisor weaned in Austin we've got unjust who's our senior advisor. And an entire team folks just putting out information on global capital so if you want that. I don't get to know the team that's one thing that we will. We want the opportunity gets milieu as gene you said it's become almost like fanatical. It sometime in March were doing a wine tour with about thirty of our own say favored clients thirtieth. Thirty of our fastest to respond clients are a better way to put it. And that's just this is the noble Weiner can't wait yeah those are fun events in I think a lot of are bringing in their friends and stuff like that too so we really enjoyed that. Are right so we got another thing we've been doing here every single week and I think it's gonna be pretty exciting so I'd like to see our. Basically I wanna hear Romney what's the last word. Last word. Well it's certainly not that sound effect straight yeah I was that was and it now that was pretty awesome thank you Matt. So I I told you guys over the winter holiday I was reading some books and one of them that I read. On the never had this earlier and you know several years ago but it's beyond the richest men in Babylon. I think you pronounce his last thing place in George Clayson is the author on the says an excerpt from his book the it's part of the book where he is talking about you know. Lending essentially. And done. The book was just you know just full of wisdom and it's so basic the principles principles that we're. Were in use. Thousands of years ago still makes sense today. And the one thing that kind of stuck out to me especially as we are thinking about today's episode was this one quote very simple sentence the first sound principle investment. Is security for our principal. So protect. Your investment. Is the net net on that. And I couldn't it's they couldn't be any tournament it's the same thing today as it was 6000 years ago yeah when you make an investment protected is keep increasing that number back in time. 6026004. Million years ago it hasn't changed the ability in 1988. Does a great that's a real good guy ever read about myself and if you had to read a book you should. You should it's it actually plays and really nicely with some of the principles that we practice it's not necessarily we don't. We don't follow the book per say but man it is it is the principles are dead on and it's still still makes all the sense in the world my like it. All right so are we talking the next week. Whale you guys know I think we're talking we're talking more investing problem now is like investing now we're talking about keeping it simple conservative investing for income it's you know right now there's. With with everything happening on Wall Street good or bad down let's talk about keeping it simple and and in creating a predictable income that's I think we should be talking about actually. Yes because there's other ways to do it right pride at winning is one of our cornerstones it's certainly a big deal for us but there's other ways to create predictable income in retirement there really is you know we we've got a whole tool box that vehicles that we can bring to the table in the beauty of the good plan and and that's essentially what we're talking editors. Our retirement blueprint has a comprehensive plan. That creates many streams of of them come. It considers taxes safety it considers finishing strong with long term care estate planning. So. I wanna I wanna personally put an inviting and how do you clemency has come and talk to our advisors and we'll look forward to seeing in the office hired everybody I'm Chris Wragge and I'm running tomorrow. 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