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Noble Capital Radio Hour
Sunday, February 18th

Noble Capital Radio Hour, for February 18.


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Coming GU from the noble capitol studios in Austin, Texas days is good noble Capital Radio all our formally real well blueprint this is your source for this secrets just succession and vesting we've exclusive tips on how to grow protect and preserve your well. Don't lose a penny of your hard earned money to a investment strategy then nope all cavalry Neil Howard teaches you how to achieve the financial stability and where did. Ability you need to live with confidence now let's start the. Our. Hi this is Chris rag when your host of the noble Capital Radio hours screech how everybody your game boy it's been a crazy week. I would say they're really crazy week when you run in oh yeah. Crazy week on Wall Street crazy week back home crazy we government crazy week everywhere we're joined as always by my co host mr. Ron Navarro and of course Jay Newman our CEO of noble capital everybody glad to be here against yachts direction recording at the Dallas station which we only its deal like maybe one out of every three or four times if that even so. It's nice to be appears little bit of a change of scenery. Little colder up in Dallas than it is down in Austin and you were excited to be here I'm person excited about excited set right around Dallas and check out some of the real state we've got to appear. I'm meets Germany go check out all the restaurants were doing. All day long term ensure we have the best places and Thompson tells our clients' ear day sounds more fun and mind you it's not BD it's try shooter Pennington when he saw. Yeah I think I I don't know on New Year's resolution busted for a six different restaurants and Dave or lunch at the infants got your deal array has got my goal but yeah I'm an ominous is bringing back home to the office OK fair enough that's continue listening to the noble counter radio hour. Where with noble capital obviously so where and alternative. Financial institution we specialize. In retirement claiming private lending. In real estate so last week you know we talked a lot about private lending. And then if you didn't take up on all that information and you wanna download that episode again you can do that it noble capital dot com yep you can actually find it on these social media outlets to specifically FaceBook is the grim end Twitter were pretty live on all lose the case that specifically you'll find the episode you find a lot about us three of us EI I hit us up on the instead that's best from the zoo. General kinds in his kind of ridiculous but it is what it is people people I think gage so will engage read back yet it was guys so are its elastic we talked about private lending which is I'm one of the way easily differentiate ourselves from other financial planning institutions were talking about. Being able to earn predictable income between 60% on your money all backed by changeable Texas real state. Which is pretty awesome. Right so I mean it's a major part of our portfolio we're talking retirement intimate in complaining and when you're looking at different income planning strategies of private innings not a part of your portfolio. You might be doing something wrong yeah a private lending the way that we see that kind of serves the as a as a magical racers to and out of balance portfolio there's a lot of people who've gotten too much risk or too little risk. Imagine Clinton met their match Theresa magical ending yet magical close enough that the private lending is kind of magic eraser I mean it just it kind of takes care of the flaws that you created on Wall Street when it down marketers some of the flaws a year creating in Samir safer products like cash. Right or alternatives say you don't really know what what's going on Fred but don't worry Wall Street is always goes up forever right she's. That's I never know thank you so Leisle trait. Well you know guys who want one of the things we talked about them last week show is literally. Two thirds of our retirement planning clients participate in private lending to that this has become a real staple for us and you know the feedback that we're getting is that they just love the fact that they can get into something that's alternative. Especially in times like this. I was doing an event last week in Austin. And I would I told the audience a kind of went off script a little bit that the stock market. Had had just dropped a thousand points and and one day we've had a couple of those actually that the volatility is an amazing impact as solid an article or said that the Dow. Traveled 20000 points overall. And in lake the last five trading days like that is unbelievable territory came. A lot of movement yet another inning and that's our house actually New York last week in. I was not walk on the trading floor and everybody is talking about treating the vick's because of the volatility. Right that's all they cared about their like this is great so there are trying to figure out how to make money of course and and their idea and making money was let's straight on the volatility and you're smashing it keeps finding a way to trade so you know we were in this event and I went off script and I was I told the audience that. You know. Over the last three or four trading days with all this volatility. We have had zero calls and our office with clients calling. Anxious. Insecure. Can't making. Coming up to the office too does the cell let's contrast that with what I was seeing New York I was walking around in new York and out of luck by a TD retail investment banking office and there was a line out the door. Of people trying to get inside to cash out of the portfolio after to come down on Tony Krispy you could've heard a pin drop in the room I mean Pete people were like what it. How how different is that right usually takeaway is that polite lie where where why our clients not calling this yes and I and they added yes exactly and in fact I think we at that particular event we've booked a high percentage of follow up. You know one on ones which is what we do it give enemy if people like this may wanna connect with us and we invite him in truth the complementary financial review so we had to a high percentage I think so just over 70% of the room wanted to come in and find out why the heck. Do. Do these guys set up their retirement plans and away word. You know were were none of their clients panicked. When we had this extraordinary volatility in the stock market yes so talk about events he got a couple on coming out. The ought to come and join us that if you're listening are Nixon's we have here in Dallas can be February 21 step Fleming's actually it's going to be a complain out. And in FR awesome listeners we've got one on February 22 so if you're sitting around now listening to isn't thinking. While what is going on in my portfolio and I need some stability and I'm not sure of this prime lending thing the sounds and Justine. Again we've got you in Plano on February 21. And us on February the 22 he can actually RSVP of on line noble capital dot com but she can also text SE can text noble radio that's all one word noble radio. To 313131. Yet. It you know what guys this is the perfect time to jump into one of these seminars one of the things I'm always asked is. You know what do you give your clients before they take day by. And obviously we give you a whole lot of education com and we give you some of the tools you need to just regret if nothing else figure out where you're at. So come on and ending to see where you're at if you like career at great if you don't like grit great either way we can help you make streak having come from from now until you know Vienna time. I think brownies under sound a little bit we don't just give you some tools and see where your we give you an entire blueprint. I mean that's that's it's actually pretty comprehensive we're gonna sit down and dig into it we actually. We have you answer a lot of sometimes uncomfortable questions about where you are and what you're future's gonna look like can we give you a blueprint. For the rest of your retirement could look like if excuse improperly. So that's a big deal we do eat out but. The mania when you're looking at a market and I think for awhile lot of people got complacent they thought this just gonna go on forever. You know when you've got a president talking about Taylor Mays Ted to Tony I guess we're gonna it's 25 now you know it's like. Oh hold on a second person fundamentals there's this thing called the Fed. Right now and they came out and they basically he's talked about we're gonna increase rates and I think that Leno inflation then people oh yeah what about inflation. And that kind of reared its head in and we've remembered there some fundamentals of the market. And really great you know the quandary right now is that. You know what that's doing with interest rates going not to is really just pushing the bond market off the cliff lives. Literally sliding down the cliff here as we speak so. You know I can't go to bonds and equities are volatile. You know it goes back to you know if if I'm looking at retirement and I have a date set. I cannot take a big hit my portfolio right now paranoid do I mean just code just Google all in cash and put the money in the bank now I'm just trying to let the storm blow over I mean people were lining up at that at the wire up the broker houses and you know. Can I need help it is sad too because I knew of the next couple days you know. There's going to be somewhat of a rebound singing that's gonna come back and you watch people that were just a knee jerk reaction like sitting down their broker or he's shaken his head they're cashing out everything that. It is happening but I mean that's we talk about Chernoff for us. The third leg of our investment strategies as his private lending we're talking not creating. Predictable income strategy inside. If your retirement plan and that's a worry blue gym prime lending and and honestly that's why we haven't had a lot of people calling us because they know where their money is it's in real state it's not going anywhere and they're able to earn consistent. Return. That's right on in you know. We're gonna talk about the next couple segments private lending isn't an amazing staple in the portfolio and it's very unique but we're gonna even go deeper end and go. Go and look at before private lending what else do we do to secure retirement income for our clients because really it didn't come plan. Is gonna have. Multiple sources of income coming from multiple asset classes and we're gonna begin to talk about how we look at that break that down for a client but you know what one of the things that I look for to get into guys today is talking about different types of income. And you know. It is is a guaranteed. Isn't guaranteed for life is that security is it predictable. Or is this something that's unsecured you got to understand when you build and then come plan all income is not equal and everybody is looking for certain level of security and guarantees especially as they move through those golden years you have your. If you were like the people lining up outside the TD owned investment shop. It's likely the likelihood of those people having any. Perfectly balanced income planet is at the moment is slammed goes hey word while reacting because they were fully invested in the stock market there so that's if if you had any. Fear Iran last week this week whatever may have been. This is this is a really good time to talk to somebody like us can really help you out with some of those guaranteed predictable streams of income. That's good running you know in fact something you said made made me think that's on them right now for our clients in the retirement game. It's not about balancing. Your investment portfolio. It's about balancing. Your income plan. So. Deep thoughts by. It's different for every person writer every couple order partners it's. You know you're gonna have a different level of need in terms of I want this percent of my income to be guaranteed. Verses I'm OK with having this much at risk. Verses in I still wanna go to player wanna deal and makes my investments my own so I only get back we're gonna talk about more about. Howell you're able to actually set the subsidy you can weather. The highly volatile market places that we saw last week. You can listen to the noble cavalry you hour movie right. Sound off on the news of the day with a time poll online ads on thirteen seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy though right choice. You're listening should then you know all Capital Radio hour formerly blue real wealth blue dragging your secret to agree. Growing rejecting an. And preserving your wealth drew alternative. Investment strategies. Hi this is Chris Wragge and welcome back to the noble Capital Radio hour we were. Just talking about some of that crazy market volatility that we saw last week in these kind of differ reactions we had from different investors we saw people who work. Probably pretty heavy inequities in stocks and bonds that were freaking out that's when I was witnessing. And then jade was and friends some people that were more real state centric and so is Romney and and they were not. Having the same reaction so if you want and what we're talking about where we're talking about different types of income strategies and investments. Especially in their and your retirement phase of life and if you wanna learn more about us or show he can even download previous versions of this show and noble capital dot com. Yeah Glen falls on social media to guys this is who probably are sabre platform to communicate then of course this radio station. Fallen Leah falls on social media were always on the we're always act and always looking for her first and engagement. From the likes of best actually when you comedian at a restaurant where he can yes Terry that's around is if you address the day it's all BS Fleming's today from ten to twelve if there's only just trying to frontier. I just meeting people yeah so what's wrong doing and alleys restaurants that we actually holds seminars that's that's one of the ways that we invite people come and it's no assist. Come into a seminar and Woolsey for a free you and and if you're right for us to be honest it's a little bit of a two way street so. We're a little bit unique but you know noble capital is a financial institution that specializes in retirement cleaning. Private lending and real estate so it's a unique combination but it's one of the reasons why our clients didn't cause freaking out last week. Yeah and we don't sell anything at these things that's really important as we we actually meet with our clients 34567. Times before we get to. To a final plan any articles never to sell anything articles give you an income plan right. So at these seminars were gonna give you a lot of information specifically the seven common retirement mistakes and oftentimes one of those that it applies to you. The other part though as we give you a visual as to what a retirement income plan should look like we're not when JD who's giving the majority of these presentations if not all of them. Bomb. Search laying out in it in what we call the ladder in complaint or as Chris said earlier in the retirement blueprint just boom here is how you will retire. Now it's something that you're gonna need some professional help with. But it's we're gonna give you some visuals are seeking get a better understanding of how could work for you. Caspian retirement blueprint Jay Nady and kind of walk us and that that's true we're talking about today is. Really different ways you can invest you know even conservatively investor for incumbents were document creating income in retirement that's right so the retirement blueprint is is a complete planned retirement plan that it that does seem very far down the road on tax planning. Long term care planning optimizing your Social Security. Asset protection and managing risk. You know investing the chorus and the state planning legacy planning long term planning. But really right at the core of the bullseye hit the driver for this plan is the end complain because retirement is all about income bread we've we refer to retirement as. Permanent unemployment. I no longer have paycheck coming in so. Where am I gonna get my income from for the rest of my life all the energy we put into our jobs and securing the salary in trying to get raises and bonuses and commissions. We've we plan our income while we're working and it's a big deal right. What are we doing the play and our entire our income for retirement and that's really where we start the decision that the discussion. And that drives a lot of our decisions in terms of how to invest. How to position the portfolio. And that's that's. They yeah I mean if you're not if you're not looking at. What you're look you know what you need in retirement and why you're not setting up that planning for you we talk about this in the past it's it's insisting we'll all pay someone money. Two cutter here but they're more hesitate to even think about getting a professional for her retirement play I think. Yet and then we just for whatever is given to us that work there whatever what do we get that worked out for until securabit ferry. All that stuff we had a 401K guy coming in today answered and I can knock or anything truly did his job he did a great united. But the way if I I was say a new like if I was like Tony too erratic college. And I sat down there Alison this guy I notice not literally does that was my entire retirement strategy. Like I sign up for that program and I never have to worry about anything else just my life that that's a simple yes. If you are listening and that is you you think that whatever they give your work is that you need Kanye think again you need to come talk to us seriously we just sat through an of these and it was dreary. One dimensional then basically stay in the market the market to market the market in just shift your market. In not even concentration just shift your stock concentration the older you get. The Allah will say this take what if you've religiously contributed 10% in here in concerning the age 220 yeah you did pretty well it's it's not too bad you know an NF BI was it was a totally. Age bounded strategy you know you're gonna put it in this fines and years and you know target retirement date. I get it and I understand that but most of us are not in the situation most of us have the single life happened to a slow on the way and whether it's medical whether it's fame mean whether it's you know divorce or whatever things happen in life. And your plan. Is is upset I think it's tiny and two man mean things happened 58 happens you guess 62 happens 39 happens if you change your strategy you know great what would I find guys that's relaunch are seeing is a lot of our clients have done pretty well accumulating and I mean you know we. You know our average climb this is kind of a wide ban but you know our clients have somewhere. In the half million dollar range or so to say. 510 million dollars that they've saved up. You know for their retirement so they have a pile of money. You know whether that's a medium sized how large parlor of the great date myself but it. There's the question goes deeper just because you have you know a couple million bucks or half a million bucks saved. You know now what what's the plan in terms of making that money lasts forever that's that is the quieter riddle that has to be solved and it's not as easy as 123. You know that's why did we get to seven common retirement state because I will tell you this much I would venture to say the vast majority in the nineties. Percentage of people think the retirement strategy is sick is simply as spin down. I I really think in the ninety percentile. I can't tell you Chris that's that's what people think people come in with their spreadsheets and there assuming some kind of interest rate frank and they've got rose colored glasses on yeah there's no stress seeing. For market trends on Iona and others are showing this this is how long this money will last and you know if worst case scenario of you know if this runs out I can just kind of lower my standard of living end in just live off of some of my social security and you know. One of the things that that we're gonna get into here is you know. What are the unknowns of market heavy vote but you know market heavy portfolio BBN in the volatile marketplace. And one of the terms that I want our listeners to get familiar with an attractive if you can remember this or write this down it's called secular market trends. Secular market trends the word secular in this context does not mean worldly. As most of this associated with this simply means a prolonged period of time so it describes how the stock market behaves and that stock market does not always go out in the Linear fashion. It happens in secular market trends which are five to 25 year trends. Then you can look back over the history of the stock market this is something we talk about an hour seminar. So we talk about with our clients and you concede this deeply. That we've had four secular bear markets and we are in our fifth secular bull market right now in the history of the Dow. So understanding those trends and understanding that it doesn't just go but PSA goes up over time. But it doesn't happen and when their fashion happens in secular market trends. That is the beginning of the discussion on understanding. How to tackle that wild beast called the stock market it's a big deal because by Tony year trend I mean depending on where you are in your life cycle. And which you know of these secular trends your ended it changed everything for years that's right and you can look at you know let me just give you a quick 11965. To 1982. Kind of you know before our time of investing that's that's you know. Late thirties early forty guys in their. The stock market over a seventeen year period. Group point 71%. Less than 1% and seventeen years imagine if you retired in 1965. Yeah when that day Gloria right. Thank you retire and got our money there in your like linking OK that's good it's gonna keep going and I'll be OK in an interest freeze in time and what's so unfair is if you retired in 1982. 1982 to 1999. The next generation you're like cowboys had the best secular bull market. Ever so you know the answer is not either or. You don't stick your head in the sand and avoid the stock market a lot most of our clients have a significant. We invest in the stock market but it. You have to be sensitive. To a balanced portfolio. And we're gonna talk a bit more about the the most current trends when we come back here in a minute because I wanna kind of drive home exactly were rat today with the secular market -- weekend time the markets either but we've been moon and then. Bull market for some time now. We sure there is there what's next and I think we all knew the answer to that. Yeah and I can get really esoteric on you know QBQ each you know lecture and stuff but what we saw this week is certainly an indicator that there are fundamentals in the marketplace right now that are. Forces that are at work so we'll get back on the next they were gonna talk about. Ways that we can take some that risk off the table increase in predictable income streams yesterday and talk about private lending. But there's also a lot more when it comes to a well balanced portfolio you're listening to the noble Capital Radio hour and we'll be right back. This is the noble Capital Radio hour formerly real wealth blueprint sit back and learn how to achieve the financial stability and predictability you need to live with. Or else it's. Hi this is Chris your host of the noble cavalry you hour welcome back. Doing little story sharing your back and forth and talking about situations where it got clients where depending on. Wind and where I guess he retired and how you were set up. How will he fair it's not just about how well you poignant. It can also have lots to do with task training which I'm a market tiny we listened to the noble calvary are you can find out more about this at noble capital dot com the real quick. You can also choose a text text noble radio that's one word noble radio to 313131. Yeah and always Chris on that 313131. You're gonna be prompted to do want three things on one is a simple anyone more information just tell us who are more information. On the other one is do you want to go to an event. That's kind of the big deal or how like events and I guess a third wanna stop. In May leaders leave me alone all intents and purposes that's where you're gonna get it's gonna be events come and talk to somebody or. Just give me some more information and then the fourth one of course is stop leaking whenever I all I ever again if that's that's the one that the majority of the people every child excellent. Did you sacrifice for ten fortified and its influence to stop now little that we'd love treaty engage with us we do that via social media you can also. Text us obviously we said texting too noble radio to 313131. Though we actually get a lot of ideas and suggestions for our radio show. Via our social media so feel free to you hit us up there on FaceBook that that since they were most active we get a lot of feedback. On our faced the page so. Please give us some feedback that we love to hear from you. OK so let's jump back up in here we're talking about how we create sound. Conservatives. Unpredictable. Income strategies in retirement so from a tobacco do you guys and and that she stormed right back in here let's talk about the different types of predict pulling constraints didn't sent three of them eight. You've got guaranteed predictable and that unpredictable stuff. There's no guarantee is. Mean it's a guarantee and you know not everybody has it's you don't need like a none of what has the same comfort level right to some people need this much guaranteeing. And while others have another level but we all have something that we know I must have this much and I think once you've established. What that number is it allows you start setting of the rest of year your strategy right and that's were talking about the other part. Of essentially your your life your fulfillment side of life. We're we're talking about so that that spectrum you know what birdie need how much do you need guaranteed predict two more unpredictable mean guaranteed is essentially zero risk it. Predictable as some risk and then on unpredictable as risky. So it's kind of wording wanna fall on the risk spectrum and then natural forgot we're platoon guaranteed. Predictable or unpredictable and typically there's a combination of all those all three of those to get to a Torre wanted to write. That's right you know. One of the first things we wanna talk about the clients is he won this we wanna start with the conservatives the discussion right. How conservative you wanna be in this plan. And one of the risk that's out there that everybody's aware of is longevity risk and we don't know exactly how long we're gonna live and for a couple. What about the surviving spouse so we've got to start by planning long term and thinking about winning that long game. So. One of the first questions that that we wanna get out on the table is. Just like you guys think about it for a minute just like you'd go and then you have your you know your base and come. I had to edit job burn a career. And you look at your monthly bills and you kind of find out you know what's what's it gonna take to cover that base monthly nut. Right took to make sure that I'm getting all my bills paid you know how how many people had that conversation or discussion murder ran those numbers before. That's the that's very common. The the same thing applies in retirement income. How much of your retirement income do you want to have is that base. Safe and guaranteed portion of every retirement plan and right now all the sources for that hurt her very simple it's not a mystery you've got Social Security. That's going to be that guaranteed monthly mailbox money you've got tensions. Maybe maybe if she even know detention heads right unfortunately that's becoming a thing the odds are odds are you don't have pensions odds are you don't have to our attention. And that's a problem that needs to be addressed. And you know so what are you gonna do for that guaranteed. Lifetime long term. Income aging the new immune systems and right now this is real relatively topical you know we talked about in on a preview show you know we're in Texas where nick had some pretty great retirement systems and I know a lot of retired schoolteachers. And I don't know if your school teacher after listening right now that you've been counting on. Your version of her retirement plan to find a lot of part of your life a lot of different areas of your life including your health care. And they just made some significant changes. This is like a new thing in the late ERS yeah yet and like almost without warning. Like schooled retired school teachers throughout the state of Texas all the sudden had a a big wake up call and it was like now when I can find that. Yes that's scary you know we really scared we're talking about. Does this the most the most sacred part of your incomplete and the guaranteed lifetime income that's gonna be there are no matter what kind gallery or high water here you know and that's my point so many things that people think taking count on. Think again think again so what will we look at all the first thing we're gonna do is. Run through that guaranteed lifetime employment in the way I like to trying to kick up the conversation. Is just ask the question so. You know and I'll ask you guys Chris Romney. What's. What percentage of your retirement income would you like to be guaranteed lifetime income. So I'll answer the question first if you want to design and I'm putting myself in the in my ideal retirement age. Com in my ideal retirement age is not. Very. Very. Older mature it's I wanna retire at about 55 years old right arm and I think that. That right there is going to kind of it's gonna dictate a lot of my decision but I would say grow in far greater than half. Somewhere in this 7080%. Range are no words coming from in the the other south discount please in and does whatever needs to do. And that's what we have Chris I probably could attend John that you are conservative guess that's at the stretch recorder right and let me ask you this. He said more than half right 50%. Or more. Does that number changes you continue to age and other words or or do you are you are you saying that starting right off today at retirement you'd like to have more than half of your retirement income uninsured for life. It's this is another this is. Kind of like deep thoughts veggie Newman. Found you know honestly I probably would stay similar for the rest of my life with sun the sun. Change towards he veer you know towards the eighties and nineties content. Were you worry US a mattress palm man that's hard media incense and we are thinking about it going he's gonna ask next I screwed up I didn't have kids and I was young like you guys so you know if I have children act like starter thing Hillary and we screwed up yeah maybe I don't know maybe I got to find a high school girlfriend and see if I had to accents on the way the little sympathy. I don't think so but you know I'm just yeah I don't know a year arrested that not even thinking about the seemly issue which is there as much time and are different if I don't think about that mine's probably 67%. Some a lot more aggressive I think well yeah it's yeah. So you know you're talking to a couple you know forty year old basically. The moment and that that's our answer today and in we've got some experience in the industry the US has questioned your average retiree to. They're gonna answer that they want at least half is that fair at least half of their retirement income to be guaranteed insecure. Not that one when we do. When we actually put this on our income plan and into our retirement blueprint and run the numbers and show it to the quiet guys what is going on my party's percent mania I mean it's like a wake up call social security and end if you have a pension. You know maybe a small pension or so it it's not 50% and the other thing you're fighting is inflation because every year. Your expenses go up by 3% right guys sounds like a great time interrupt you because you know timing is that it's time court this saddens con men retirement state. All right. Yuriko everybody's favorite segment to seven commoner and retirement what. As in the stakes in recent weeks I'm really hope so yeah. We are having a seminar to ninth grade and we are certain state but he's the seven common retirement mistakes. Just between the states United States know what the seminary do if you if you show up so. Here guys this is one of the things that we talk about it one at these events and this is. Frankly probably the hardest hitting and while it may not resonate in real time when you hear it this is the most important thing so the third. Of the seven common retirement mistakes is not having a lifetime income plan. Very simple if you don't have one you're making a mistake. That's so right on no lifetime and come play and that's that's exactly what we're talking about it Romney so. You know we're talking about figuring out what your expenses are. Not just budgeting fur get by a red beans and rice shoestring budget that actually looking at what the total cost of the lifestyle you work hard for your whole life is. Too. Taking that number of grossing an up for income tax we got to pay Uncle Sam. And then inflating that number every year for the rest of both your lives if you're a couple of the rest of your life if your single person. So. Once we know that down we've got to ask the go right back to the question what percentage of that do you want to be guaranteed. Once we nail that down. Our advisors have several different tools in the tool box that. Basically empower you to set up your own penchant so we can help our clients is one of the first things we do is we helped them set up their own pension their own streams of guaranteed lifetime income and there's a lot of ways you can do that. One of the things we also like to focus on their guys is tax free income. If we can reduce. Overall tax burden and Blair met tapped that tax bracket down by setting that tax free income while we're setting up this and come plan. That's a huge I find for the client. Yeah absolutely in and out of bed and a lot of people and they come in Eugene and they're talking like here's my pal mind and it's been down. They haven't taken taxes to consideration there. But that that happens quite often haven't there's so many surprises that come out honestly when we sit down and do this and again if you're listening I would just encourage you to to come in and and you know our first meeting it's a complimentary financial review and I have you look at it is the second opinion tapped tell us what you think and let us give you are professional opinion and if we connected we like each other than we can move forward and talk about putting a comprehensive custom. Blueprint we call to retirement blueprint together for you. And a little obscure real two for just 12. Sometimes there's some awkward conversations here frank and no if you listen to should thinking yeah we haven't talked about. We haven't talked about it yet but we really need to talk about that like. This is almost like they're PI unit come in Yasser gonna have to talk about some things in your life that are real and you're gonna have to really address and things that sometimes. You put off frame. Yeah I like therapy you know after about the third or fourth appointment your your fixed yeah. It's not a recurring thing no not at all we don't need to do this for her for a hundred years however we do try to meet. A couple times a year. I want to do so so with that said I I would I would actually urge everybody. That's listening now it needs a second opinion figure out what they're doing in retirement. To Iran to reach out com reach out it's real simple text us. Text the keyword noble radio to 313131. That's noble radio all one word. To 313131. And we will. We will set something up for sure. That's good so you know. Once we get that guaranteed portion in and we we answer that question. Then. We get to start getting a little bit more creative and a good discussion becomes a little more exciting because then we start talking about. Either streams of income so. Got to guaranteed portion we got that that sleep insurance we're gonna sleep well men make sure my spouse is taken care of them and make sure that I'm not put myself in a bad position. And then now what else should I be looking out for income and I gotta tell you this is when that the private lending discussion comes up because. You know we don't wanna be too heavy in the stock market asset class bonds. Right now especially you know gone back to the secular bear market. Geist. From from 2000 to 2000 and eleven and the stock market deal know what that's referred to in the financial world. They called the lost decade. And in 9/11 years your junior mining grew less than 1%. Point 71%. And eleven years they've been called the last decade free to forget about it Romney. They could they call it that because your many went sideways yet the tech wreck to 2008 meltdown that you were sideways for the last eight years the market's been running again in here we are. What's coming next is it gonna continue to run or we gonna see that net secular bear cycle start and. Odds are that's who were missing. There's no question. Dan odds are there's some change or authority C in the markets here just in the last week so. That's a good when we're gonna wrap up the signal we give back and hear from Romney he's gonna pull altogether and give us the last word. But we're also gonna talk about how weekend helped teach you in the office and we can actually help you so. On. Pretty good stuff and and apparently we're gonna have a freebie called back and Afghan. I'm interested. It was in the noble Capital Radio be right back. Thanks for making the right choice I don't know where I would get the truth if it weren't for. You talk thirteen seventy. And now. Actually no bull Capital Radio hour formally real well blueprint we're bringing you exclusive. Well the building strategies used by financial industry professionals. Hi and welcome back to the noble Capital Radio hour I'm your host Chris joined as always by mr. Ron Navarro NG Newman. Two of my three business partners we always leave agree off the show because he. This pronounces things like three heightened stuff like that I try to thought that dig in there is many tens or possibly can't. But he may we should have to be from the ship against them and since Angus in new. Fodder to make fun of him with everything around me yeah we'll also pays the bills so now Gary somebody at the shop he's got to pay the OK well all right well if it's going to be anyone delegates be great yeah mommy lures not you. Now but if you're pretty similar type who we are. We're judges. Three guys. You know talking smack about financial news here we're we're three guys that have a financial institution called noble capital where we specialize in retirement cleaning. Private lending and real estate I mean you can find out more about this ad noble capital dot com or Iran is favorites. The various social media. Don't serious social media would just leave it at that they go that's so we're gonna call announced that yes the various not so sure you. And ideas and new little icon on my bottom Nino signature for everybody to seriously social media effect. He does it's on until we can engage here we can engage also owned by way of a lot of our instruments that had the option here and I'm. What we're talking about here is this kind of day it via some of the details that we talk about it a lot of our events but at the event to get to know each other one homeland and to and then a lot of our clients get to. In networking it's knew each other as well so. So Byron no walls talk about the details here momentarily but then by one of our events definitely go to web site noble capital dot com on Q you'll be impressed by the events that we put. JNJ and speaking of the events stuff one of the things we intuit clasping house tuck Michael freebie but like. Is an exercise that you can get people to do any kind it's in thinking this way in terms of retirement planning absolutely if you wanna get a jumpstart. On the planning process and and really fast track the conversation. And in get a little more tactical little more hands on 11 of the things and encourage you do listen to this and I would challenge you to walk through this exercise. In terms of this income planning model this retirement blueprint that we're talking about when we dive into the income planning part of that blueprint. What I wanted to do just like we talked about in the last segment is go ahead and create a rough budget. And in of course will help you doubt that and further but it crater rust budget of what it's gonna take for you to live the lifestyle that you desire and retirement. And again don't just put the did the fixed expenses. They did a living but that all of the lifestyle stuff eating else pulling the grandkids traveling charitable giving all of that stuff right here PetMed everything they can and we'll help you dial an end and then I want you to. Gross that number fer a projected tax bracket may may be used you know 20/20 5% for taxes. And it's so in other words if your budget 200000. You're gonna gross it up to about a 12025000. For taxes. Spend a hundred give Uncle Sam to 125. And then inflate that number by 3%. Every year all the way out to your projected mortality HM let's let's not get short they're like you know a lot of our clients these days we're using. Nine 95 even a hundred. You know every once while we have someone come and say they're gonna kick the bucket at eighty and we kind of say you know that's that's that's sure as young you know let's let's plan on going a little longer let's go 859095. Once we nail that down what I'd like you to do. Is go ahead and start dropping in your known income streams. And what what what the goal here is is as you drop in those retirement income streams that you're planning on taking it and you played those out for the rest of your life. I want you to then and this is really the punchline here I want you to identify the gaps or shortfalls in that income plan. Where you begin to come up short for in time whether it's early on in mid term relate. And I'm telling you most most of you ninety plus percent of the listeners right now will have gaps and shortfalls in that income plan that are revealed when you do this exercise. When you bring that end to sit down with us we will get focused on that conversation and begin to bring ideas to the table and help you solve. Exactly how to. Rebalance in three readjust that planned to make sure that that income is gonna last. And you're gonna be able to live the lifestyle that you want and not only that folks who build a pass on announced nicely deceit here. To the tutor children are beneficiaries. Nana does that's pretty good about say what if you can't do that on your own thing. Getting here. Her patent I think get into the obvious and lettuce to that with you because and we've. We've got really even great completes what we can sit down with you plug stuff then so if that sounded intimidating at any level. Come on in the office and and we will definitely go to a gal or better yet come nor the seminars and let us walk you through why these things are important. Yeah I'll tell you what I think it can seem a little bit intimidating but anybody could can do that exercise I mean it's it's very simple you budget. And in you dropping your income streams the question is even know what your income streams are so if you got a 10101000. Dollar month budget. And you've got 3000 coming by way of Social Security that's the you've got to 7000 dollar deficit right there. How how do you feel that 7000 dollar deficit a threat and and that's aegis challenged everybody do drop it in their figured out they they don't necessarily know. In and I if you don't that's okay. We probably have 41 K out. Get that the first the first step to to to getting this fixed is to identify the problem right so it's not to scare you. But we need to be real here we're talking about the rest of your life and you know one of the things that's so powerful about having this income plan planned out is that it gives you that security did go out and spend money and do the things you wanna do. We we tell clients this all the time and I I think it's really resonates with the retirement age clients. That in retirement. You have you're go go years. Did you have your slow go years and then you have your no go years. So the last thing we want to see. Is. A client. And get into the slow go or no go year's NB looking back with regrets that they didn't live life during the go go years folks life is short you get one shot at this and you deserve to have the security. And the confidence in the fulfillment that condoms by having a solid plan. That's we want to bring to the table for you and that's why you need to come and see this. Man that's good you're right this is not a it's not a run through hot and not a dress rehearsal is not a dress rehearsal man you gotta get it right Yasser command are I think it's time. To hear from Romney. On the last word that. As word yep the last word everybody thank you for getting alas we're going because I really shouldn't have it it should be when you two guys who are. Hogging the Mike sour lemon tart no number Egypt and tsunami just you talk at Sears you know guys the last word it's really interest and Jamie just finished with them. With the planning talk. And and frankly that's an ominous coming to make the last word today. The last word in my opinion is proper planning prevents (%expletive) poor performance. It's it's a tale as old time guys if you don't plan if you lose I love it and unless you get lucky you lose. And that's straight talk yeah I mean seriously. You know in that that's the other thing is you need an advisor that's gonna tell tee straight will look it is an advisory that just tells you what you when he here and in fact you know one of the things we deal with this. When we start bringing up these things and I intend you know our clients our listeners advisor is not talking to them about this. Then it starts to create some questions and in the end starts to to really compel them to come to wanna come in and understand more and you know that's okay that's normal if if that's you when you're listening in you here advisor is that bringing this to the table. It's not that there are necessarily a bad advisor but they're probably not a retirement specialists. And that's what we do. Yes true we are definitely focused in that area so nice show was it was a good win next week we're gonna talk about some of the ways you can actually get that guaranteed income that we're talking about that we've been. Alluding to on the show for awhile now so. I don't been a great show yeah I thought it was great that was thinking guys for having me back on yeah you're you're lucky. I'm looking forward to next week we're gonna get into some some of these and complaining vehicles more it's a really exciting to just tired everybody I'm Chris Wragge and Romney Navarro JB Neumann and you've been listening to the noble Capital Radio hour we will see you guys next week how to get. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Keep financial or street when funding some information provided in this program -- reference other service providers including web sites operated and maintained by third parties such information is included solely as a convenience to you and the provision of such information does not imply a responsibility for such third party information for an endorsement of the only site its operators or its contacts acute financial instrument funding are both wholly owned some sort of reasonable capital Kabul capital but you financial extremely funding and or their respective affiliates and principles which may include the speakers and gas stations radio program may receive compensation from the sale of financial products featured in this program reproduction distribution pre publication and or retransmission of any portion of this program is strictly prohibited without prior written permission of the key financial noble capital and -- funding.