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Sunday, April 15th

Noble Capital Radio Hour, for April 15.


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It is time to anybody. Let's start. Welcome to this week's episode of the noble Capital Radio hour where we explore investment strategies for the modern financial landscape. With me as always are my cohosts T Newman and Ron Navarro welcome back to the Airways guys. What's going around Chris is going on seed. What's going on sets you know hey man we have critical show last week I was very interesting in one regard in that I made a lot of fun as you guys. For using. V transition word Palmer a we did talk about this for a couple weeks it's almost like our theme now. And then our producers shine like between the shows. Counted everybody and I guess who's in first place. Just this is defined first place first please mean deep person who's losing. Pollute the Biggest Loser like I strides make it better because that's yeah I knew it's me he Biggest Loser is Chris I know so for those of you just inning ending on one of these jokers talking about. Look we are speakers and we're always trying to be better we're three and business owners of noble capital and we're here today to talk to you about financial matters. However we're also counting how many times les transition words improperly as public speakers like a and as several things like that and apparently I say it more often than anyone else. Well not only do you say that more often than anyone who volcano started peeling back the layers it turns out instead of saying all we're saying the words. You know you know. And you were killing at the instead I just because no little rest and meal is the thing yeah they are being everybody's locked us both they ten times now are right so enough of this will come back to is maybe in a little bit depends army times they say you know. But the thing you know what guys the thing is is that he might not really be losing his what he mean winning because at the end of the day he's got he's gonna donate more money to. Paired. Up that's so important to you that's true we are gonna donate money through charity based on his but I'm hoping I just become a better public speaker. So we're not just three clowns talking about public speaking here where actually well maybe. We're also the owners of noble capital an alternative financial institutions specializes. In retirement cleaning up privately and dean. And real estate you can find out more about us at noble capital dot com. If you can also follow us on all of the social media outlets specifically FaceBook in the grand Twitter and Chris is personal FaceBook and oh yeah I hear that's a good graces of both stories even younger brother get las referral OK I just did die just you know pop squad blew but it's this weekend he should take a picture and Fiat now in that is the season for that right it sure is and yeah that's that's always fantasy and gotta love those blue violence will Texas tradition for those he listening on the podcast talking about. Blue abundance in Texas it's that season. Well not talking about blue bonnets for a second let's talk a little bit about what we do and how we do it if your interest in anything that has to do with normal capital. So sick she doesn't text the text and said the number to text is. 313131. And the code is noble radios are key word noble radio to the number 313131. There you can find out about events. Deals general company information general private lending and retirement information it's full of good. Nation you know the past three weeks we've been talking a lot about real estate private lending and how those things can work in your portfolio in retirement planning. In classic in particular we focus dine. What happens when you have to take back real estate as an investor in some of the headaches that can be there are so it was a good show you can actually download this podcast on our website and noble capital dot com if you missed this on that point. A but we're taking a big turn today were we're gonna talk about some very different types of things in our business right. But promote for just a second okay my dad so not only did he get on noble I capital dot com. You can actually find it on apple podcast yeah I think that's the purple button right that purple buddy go get it there are noble. Radio our guest the noble radio out or you are a dinner you know in fact we just got a cool little redesign on this in the noble copper radio hour right ears and everywhere else one of our team members is like super awesome that that designed entirely new logo and I'm trying really hard to embarrass her because she's actually in here in the studio it is today. So she's over there are turning beet red right this minute but honestly yeah shut us actually it's been an amazing logo creation and there are so. Elaine all right so. If you're like why would these guys are just nuts are all over the place what are they talking about there's actually a really good way you can get in front of us. In learn more about what we do so if your interest in financial planning particularly. In their retirement area. We can help via our media around me so I've got a cup. Of events coming up I've got one on Tuesday in Dallas. This is Tuesday April 17 at Chamberlain's as women are more popular locations we actually always fill out there but we always reserve a few extra spots for radio listeners. So Tuesday in Dallas in the nine got another one on Thursday in Austin this is on the 19. April 19. Also want more more popular locations which is true looks in the arboretum from the mistaken. And it's going to fill up pretty quickly. So we're gonna reserve about ten for us you know how hard to radio listeners call how to do that though. Very easy text noble radio to 313131. Normal radio that's one word no spaces just let it rip. And they go yeah that's easy. Okay. I like it let's get our sort of talking about this week where we're actually getting a little more into use sort of a lifestyle essentially. Look one of our missions. Is to help you have. Really enjoy allies on retirement right now we have kind of missing around the office since three words that we're looking for right. That's right. You know this has become a the theme for what we'd do our retirement planning and really you know. They the way that it comes together for for most people and you guys tell me if if you agree with this. Most people are gonna be able to retire. Yes in time and back some people is gonna stumble under retirement. So it's it's not really weathered and retired and gone but the question is. Are you gonna retire with lifestyle. Confidence and fulfillment there it is and does so so we just some random people right yeah it's very heavy for sure. Lifestyle confidence and fulfillment so our producer Sean his been continuing this shot on the street segment and he was out there a couple days ago grabbing some people in town. And asking them how they felt about. Lifestyle how they felt about retirement so let's kick that off kind of set the tone for the rest of the show and then jump off and start talking about whatever he's responses are. I without further Duchamp on the street. I'm going around talking. Now what his plans to you when they retire so what about you what is your retirement looks like in your mind. Retirement analyst thanks travel. Hot eats. Good key. You know just and do things that I have time to do my entry everyday so how much money do you need to do all of that. That's a great person answering any answer to that. So you don't you don't have that plan in place yet I have a clean place I don't feel bad because I don't either case very pretty typical. We do and I was segment on retirement. And I was wondering what you plan to do once you retire we gonna do with your time. I'm not sure yet. And it's great city like fish like to play ball just as much money have. I like to travel as well and it just depends on how well set myself up for retirement may have lots of money do lots of things there. How much money do you think you need to do that I'll always say les. A 1000002 million and have. Set aside for retirement funds specifically and probably in the next 45 years what I love for retirement or maybe more than. He's got a pretty good deed on how much money is gonna take to retire yes it's not cheap. You say there isn't it casually and yours say in Austin yeah. RAY appreciate your time back. What you wanna do when you retire. Award travel. Or go lowers. See you need money to do that I guess how much money do you estimate that you might need in order to the top. Our average of 200 million dollars cool. Okay Cipro. So most people probably don't. Have quite that much money by the time they get ready to retire so how can day. Be sure that they can have the money that they need in order to do all the things that they wanna do. Good you can either keep working. Or you can take it you've accumulated and position weighs in May of last July. And how do you view that it was a bunch of difference that you can use annuities insurance products really grateful that. So coming out of the market solution to worry about investing dropping down is probably the first clue what to do. What do you do for a living on the financial. Go hello this guy's a ringer. Okay what exactly what can you meet near the same time every week so I can ask more questions than it did. Appreciate. On the street. Hey that was pretty good I'd say you know shines a segment for better or worse last week well I might have been worse that's good news that Senator Obama is a little bit better police are not peeling back to the white meat. Oh lower. Halo is a guy it was during our guns I'll never forget that guy a it's RA BA definitely had some freebies in there are shy and I don't know that. That was good that was as pretty good you know billion common theme that I saw one with. They they knew I at least a couple of and they knew they needed to decent amount of money the number two Dell line travel was really about lifestyle right. Now that was a big thing assets and that's that's exactly what we're talking about. I think that's the most people want in general if you ask. Hundred people I'm sure most of those people are gonna that travel their top ten Canadian machine trowel out from work in the Michael you wanted to stay home. And if that's me up like falling asleep until I got to go somewhere and Mike and I just stay home and sleep that's I would like to do and I retire. You health care is one big concern. Travels on big concern and sleep that's another thing retirees really really want to sleep apnea the dishonesty and third topic and does pretty good does a lot of funds have made no Ahmard time here and sang in the we've we've actually got shine with us in the studio today so it's it's nice nominees back to the office but. John knows pretty good. Thanks I appreciate it yes he thought it was pretty decent yet again timeout there it's great to talk to people thanks for having me in here today I'm I'm really just your account on the style that's really all he's going to take this critiquing me. That's great Freeman's own youth jobs and that's all right all right in first place I'm records are in a lifestyle we are against him then we're gonna do necessarily get back from the Sprague organ and we're gonna break this down and we're gonna talk a little bit more about what. These people are talking about organs about how you can enjoy. A lifestyle of confidence in fulfillment that's what we're all about so just hang in there and we'll be right listens. Really old dot com now. All right pain so I welcome back I'm your host Chris Wragge Owens who this is the noble Capital Radio arts they were talking about. A lifestyle of confidence in fulfillment particularly. In retirement so we had shot on the street out there. Doing his energy and talking to people and I thought that was really interesting so we're gonna we're gonna dive into some of the answers that they were that they gave us here in just a second. If you missed. That segment order if you didn't catch my reference on peeling back to the white meat from the previews each show. You'll just have to download the podcast and you can do that at noble capital dot com. Yeah definitely check this out on social media channels FaceBook Twitter and sue Graham. And if you want send instant gratification text S text noble radio all one word. To 313131. Noble radio all one word no spaces. No caps I don't know about the no caps the normal radio 313130 when we will reach out real quick with bunch of good information. You know while we're talking I'm actually gonna try out captaincy that happens disincentives. A FT are those break this down so one of the things that I I noticed everybody was like and how misty needn't you know until retirement and Sean was giving him a leading question there but people had some numbers but. I don't know they knew a number I think they were just kind of pulling some numbers out of thin air really right how does that work complaining standpoint she's all to be kind of curious because the numbers that they were. Pulled out pretty big right is better than like I mean sometimes I MS and someone has no idea. Only you get things like. Couple 100000 dollars maybe half a million and they start almost feeling like. That's too much. But that's because they've really given no thought to the ideas like not earning income possibly. Order maybe they think there's some other mechanism out there like Google's obscurity is it was gonna take care of Virginia EC is on a daily basis and get this year input on this. That's right Chris is retirement financial advisors and wealthy senators mean belonging. Question that we get from people when they come in to visit with us is essentially. Can I retire. So they're coming in they might have a small pile of money they might have a medium sized money met them I think they have a large oil money. That the fact is as they're wondering and they and they want to confirm. Essentially can I retire. And we'd like to help you kind of finish that question because it's it's really not can I retire. You know on a red beans and rice budget per carry tire on a shoestring budget. What they're really asking. Is can I retire with lifestyle. Competence and fulfillment. And the first step we have to take is to really drill down on what what that lifestyle really looks like we've got to take it from. Front porch rocking chair conversation. Too ambiguous. You know dreaming and you know talking about the future and and these hopes and needs desires that they've always had maybe even from the primary young kid. And we've got to start taking math and getting that down on paper and the way we do it as he walks methodically we walked through a budgeting. Exercise. Where we have a 100 line item. Budget and of course some of those are miscellaneous. You know categories but literally we have 100 line items. That. Have all the bare necessities the day to day living. But we also get deep end to the discretionary spending because that's where the build the dreaming in the lifestyle comes and you know we're talking about things like. Eating out spoiling the grandkids charitable giving. Getting down to those those dreams and those goals and even those bucket list type items that that really matter to them. You know for the ladies we got you covered we got shopping maybe it's Bob. You know what the things that. Romney are Sunnis is spot rate at least the shopping again I'm gonna put this out now as far as it. This but this is important regular summit establishing of a budget. And then there's a reason why you need a budget in new spending money and it's not just so you can spend on that pile right well you said it he says it's not about. Retiring on the red beans and rice budget right but it's at some point you wanna retire on at the same standard of living that you had leading up to retirement or better right. Well and at a minimum most people would say yeah I wanna maintain my standard of living but then they might even have they have more time on their hands they wanna go do some fun stuff to. So defining Matt and putting dollars and cents behind it is the first step and you know you're number my comment and a 100000 a year it might come minute 200000 years it is what it is. Some of the feedback we get there we go through that budgeting exercise is they really quiet really appreciate that. We drill down on some ambiguous line items like Medicare supplements and how do you budget for an automobile and you know what what are you gonna do with health care long term. So these types of things come on you know and and we would we bring some. Some clarity in some color to those that we have a real real budget that represents the lifestyle that they wanna live. Once we know that number down. Then we of course gross it up for income taxes and we have to inflate it checked those boxes and they wouldn't tax planning inflation big part of what we do. But now we know it's gonna take to actually fun now lifestyle and we can get on down the road towards figuring out what we're gonna put together in terms of an income planned it. To find paychecks to pay them for the rest of their life. So that that whole lifestyle old discussion is worth the planning process starts for everybody. And it's worthy of of time and and you know it's worthy of even. Sending the the client back home to eight to really do. Some some kitchen table time with their spouse or you know go for go out and get away from it altered your phone away and just start dreaming a little bit and just. Our read read. Remembering those things are important to you. And remember why. You work hard your whole life you know it's funny though you also have some clients some people. Who are actually leading up to retirement party knowing exactly the one thing I wanna do so the minute I retire I'm going to do this no matter what come hell or high water. And I'll never forget that client I think it was about 67 years ago. They came into the office and met with Hughes who you should expand on this. And remember the details of it. But their goal is for sale on the world. Two straight up and done with work I'm gonna sail around the world take care of the rest of my finances pleased because I'm gone for 365 days I imagine that meeting was awesome. It it is and you know let Romney there's been several of those we've got several captains that have come in with the dreams it's a selling around the world and and every time that's come up. One of them actually had their budget for the vote and made Dane they have more they're numbers to find the other one it was just more of the dream lives they've they've they thought they had enough money to do it. But either way we have to drill down into that that lifestyle discussion we've got to figure out what it's gonna cost. And then we've got to figure out how to solve that in India Indian the plan and we'll talk about that won't get ended in on to talk more about confidence that million. But humanize it too because mother things are occurring and I think this is another story that that you know probably better than us but sometimes when we're having that conversation. And they also realize they're not on the same page if it's if it's a couple array sometimes they don't go on the sailboat trip because turns out one of them didn't have that dream. And you know so it's it's a big deal like in people put this off Beno we all Wear all procrastinators. But they put enough and they come in and when you're forced to put stuff in a budget. And put it down on paper and then establish that planned things get real real fast. They get real and you know you got it sometimes like to say is as financial advisors we have to put on our. Our marriage counselor hat for a moment right and we try to avoid that you know that that situation but it's a reality you're sitting there. With a couple talking about. Planning out their retirement their golden years the rest of their life. And it does get a little emotional intense at times but it's a beautiful thing when you see them come together and agree. And you know they begin to really start to light up when they see on paper that so we finally for the first time we've defined. What that lifestyle looks like and we put a pen and paper to it and now. We're gonna go into this planning phase and try to figure out if we can solve this. So that we can move forward we don't just wanna retire we wanna retire with lifestyle. Confidence in fulfillment. My wife and I are in the earlier stages of our retirement planning. And I got to tell you men its it hurts a little bit now too. So before even getting in front of your financial advisor and he just kind of expose yourself in need to talk about everything you wanna do everything you say and everything you haven't haven't done. It hurts a little bit right now because. You have to get on the same page. And you said a minute or gets real we get that off as it gets real when you start talking about is if you're listening to see you understand what I'm talking about it gets real right now. Because you have to do something you know you have to do something very. Yeah I'm really the sooner the better right there's election you could possibly making with your employer right now could help with retirement you know that maybe you are not taking advantage of and you're gonna miss an opportunity. And so getting into the office meeting with a financial advisor whether it's our guys and our team and our office's door. Or just anybody it's it's really important. Yeah let's remind them how to do that. How you meet your mind does what are you totally I tested it why you guys are talking nice and a text message with some caps in there and it totally worked. But you can you can actually also says an appointment by sending us a text descend. One word noble radio. To 313131. In you can get a list of our events such a great way. To come into our office to meet us to come to one of the dinner and instantly put on sneaking its nose thought better yet Jane's retirement blueprint dinners are. Incredible you guys have to come and make announces he goes deep in we are actually changing the format a little bits and he's gone in Europe and I'd like this. Come the next or you're gonna love it. All right so we get back on the next segment we're gonna talk about basically every once everything you do and that's spending your money so using your money to enable allies that we'll be right back. Hi and welcome back I'm your host of the noble Capital Radio hour Chris Wragge and today we're talking about. Essentially. Both ailment in that lifestyle they're trying to create for yourself. In retirement as you may know and noble capital we Arnold turned a financial institution in one of our major areas of focus is retirement planning we do that the number of ways. But one of the key areas is in in complaining strategies and we incident data the last segment they were gonna break that in just a little bit more in terms of if you curious about what are we talking about and you just picked up mid segment. Make sure you check this out and noble capital dot com we can download the episodes in see photos of Romney from last week. Yep looking incredible you can also check us out on social media. FaceBook Twitter and disagree and we are all over it our producer Sean is in here accounting comes Shana just give you another nugget that was a real for real on. And we are actually looking forward to. Seeing a lot of more information about us about the show about what we do on social media was you're spear heading for a so thank you for being here and thank you for spearheading so. Media efforts. Yes so you know and at the last at the last Cigna we were really trying to figure out how team pretty progressed see no we even had shy out there intervene people. In terms of what did they think that they need. Two retired like dollar amounts is and who really kind of occurred to me and I looked over AJ and he drains and notes that. Really has a potential retiree I'm moving into this I'm trying to just check off the box is right and I'm looking for someone to kind of show me the way. That's right. Before he can search I come boxes up on your bucket list. You've got to start checking off boxes on the planning and building pace and that and that's really what we talk about. Well when we're getting into the confidence so we we define life style until we know what it's gonna take. Now. Just like you're building a home you know we call our plan and the retirement blueprint it's a building team. So we're gonna have conceded design that and the we're gonna plan and build it and then we're gonna enjoy it and live in the right. And and that's where that fulfillment comes and let's talk about the planning and building pays real quick. This is where we begin to build that confidence by having the plan that we know we need to solve now so. What is the retirement plan that's the plan. That's gonna show me how to confidently get all the way across the finish line. Be able to maintain my lifestyle so I can move forward with confidence and in fulfill my my goals in my dreams. So. Some of the big boxes I would say the ones he just can't miss that you've got to check off we get on. Inflation earlier we're talking about income planning we've got to have a lifetime income plan that accounts for inflation. We've got to have tax planning we don't have comprehensive tax claiming no surprises. Nobody wants to pay their route to more than their fair share to Uncle Sam. We've got to finish strong with us a plan for long term care. That's a controversial area a lot of people. End up just you know fallen for those the products cells in that sells them a long term care insurance policy. We don't offer long term care should entrance to our clients come to one of our events and find out why. Yeah a long term care by the way as you say that last week we talked about me being out of town. I was out of tunnels visiting my mother back home in South Florida. It started stern reared its ugly head to I got to do something about this she fortunately had a plan. She's got a taking care where we're bruised supporting her son you know she's got a taking care of boy that long term care things of the year you started looking at the numbers. Are you kidding me. Everybody is going to need some version of this there's not one person that's like I need something. Bigger heads whatever it may be. And here crazy and here's the point when we we have an entire show is dedicated to long term care bit that the point here. Is if you don't check out thoughts how can you live at a retirement with confidence is worried about that the whole time exactly were you can't go to sleep that night because you haven't checked it off to live we have to punch that one right in the face and we did that refer clients. Love also a state legacy planning we got to finish strong there and then of course having a good investment to be a diversified investment portfolio. So all these big boxes get checked off there's other small concerns that we can address of course we're putting a plan together but when all those boxes are checked off. You're armed and dangerous you now have defined their lifestyle. And now you've got that confidence around you to go forward in fulfill that dream. Powerful powerful took time and you know for for someone that's going through this process. Yeah I associate it with the the steps that fuels we've got drew we've got lifestyle confidence the film with less thousands dreaming right you do. Confidence is. Is that's the hard part. I think confidence is key enablement. And that's what the retirement blueprint does that here's mine enablement plan right I am now able to go out with confidence. And finally have that life that I was dreaming about. That's powerful if you don't have a plan. In Europe always worried about my spin it down. Or do I have enough income to match my expenses. It's very difficult for you to lose in a lifestyle where you feel fulfilled this is this is great this is what I worked for. I just if I always associate with Tina lifestyle confidence the film that myself dream confidence builds. Fulfillment you know Phil just live it out and say anything you do in life it's not just retirement retirement like anything else has to be planned. I was then working out a little bit. And it kind of started thinking about this a little bit after. But I didn't think about it and they can't I get on it's it's beach time you know we gotta get out there. And that's kind of what I'm thinking about all the things I wanna do. And then I said Laura workout planned and I hit for the most part so I guess he's not gonna fulfill his work out and body during this guy. But like anything else if you do it you get the result. Right Indy may take years liking your case yeah right although I don't work now may take awhile for this advice for you apparently did on our members are the draft before I can dunk and then you can. If only I. Yeah it's like anything else hey is like anything else you have to do it first the ball if you want to have that level that dreamed up fulfillment and you have to get started the sooner you get started. The more likely desist order. Well I don't know that corporate direction as their cars are you know who the visual radio visuals these guys are great visuals that listen this is how I know that this works. Because we have people to come into our office at their 235. Year reviews and they come in. And you can just see. They're living in life that stress free. There. Implementing our they have implemented that plan and they know what they're going to do they have already taken that trip around the world on that cell load. And they knew that when they got home in a year two years or however long it was they're gonna be out there. That their plane is still working because they have reliable income strategies in Dayton talks about this another episode seeking the download does. We talk about how mean guaranteed level of income like something you're not constantly worried about right the F stuff that's not at risk if that Belinda planned retirement blueprint is what gets people felt level of confidence. And you could only do so by planning and around some of the more difficult things those things you aren't thinking about I almost associated with a deep tissue type work the things just haven't really been able to touch in your life. I've heard you guys that set up some budgets and some plans to go real deep and I always come back to his 11. Example. But pet and pet medications. I took weird but it's about to behave this thing it's real it's very real budget I don't have I don't have. Any any pets you know did children's day you have had said children. Something like I had children but there so they want a pet and I could only think about what the cost is going to be. If I don't plan for that man that says that the new bomb that's dropped on my personal budget imagine retiring it has no more income yet. And by the way this really is if you're married it is a as a couple's affair it has to be done LA I saw something happened today that I I've heard us talk about before but it never seen inaction. One of our financial advisors in our office had a couple points and only line. Showed up. Any very respectfully said that we can't have the meeting today because they can't claims process without both of you. And that was the into the meeting I was is Psycho wolf that just happened. But I think he made his point is very respectful about and he is like no we both have to have buying on this because I can't claim it as phony as can build the. They're terribly apparently doubled to view yeah that's radical move and you know we're talking about confidence here. And interestingly there as we dive into little little deeper here our listeners. What what do you guys think the the three largest. Impediments or you can call him the that the confidence destroyers. What what what do you think that that the three things are that really hold back people from having that confidence they've worked so hard for and and honestly that they deserve. What are what are the three big confidence busters boats and in retirement thing to think about it but it's got a health care has got to be up there if you got it running long term Ding Ding dang thing I wrote this a long term there yeah. It is one of them and we talked about that earlier but essentially ever you know if in if Yemen experiences with the relative or loved one. End of your life care less three to five years that's a very scary time and there's got to be a plan for that and if not then of course you're going to be concerned about spending money you're gonna have insecurities. And you're gonna have. You're going to be hesitant and that's not how you live. A life of confidence in retirement so you got one what we'll what do you think the other one that. In retirement one of the one of the worst things can happen is that we'll look at happened in my met with my money I thought mine was he ran out of money run you know you editing right now I think that. And nailed it that that's that running out of money. So that that would be probably the number one fear for most people is is running out of money. You know lip lipped out living your money and with longevity as you know a new kind of a new risk to bet that we're facing mounting that this is a big deal. And you think about we we actually just got. Right we were contacted by a who was it the business news daily. And they asked us some questions and actually wanted to get me on record talking about the big gig economy. Now for a moment. Gig economy Ayman bird defer to my technical. Analyst over a fact check. Gay economy here's what is basically. They knew the millennial that I indeed Kennedy has come for our job that's where it started right thankfully you found that it's actually permeated into everyone's lifestyle so for example one of the things that we're seeing a lot of our. Retirees are near retirees they're actually picking up right sharing their driving forward he's right chair economies. That is the gay economy we're talking about people that are taking up short term employment contract employment. That it's is what they're calling that base if you had a short term contracts. Or or independent contractors the new term for that is to gay can. There are coming in and what they were getting into in this interview was you know people that they get the next generations here that are coming up they don't know what attention as. You know you're lucky not even have a 401K if you're gonna go independent contractor you don't have a for a one case all these tools that that you're supposed to have. For a stable retirement are being pulled out from underneath you. So how are you gonna expand their retirement so that this fear of running out of money if if if you're fearful as a baby boomer. Imagine the next generation that's coming up but that you've got to deal with that or obviously you're not gonna have a retirement of confidence. I was I was in Scottsdale last week and now as a drug doesn't Newburgh. And the latest Israeli news about 76. These late in 65 to seven years old. And that's why she was doing that we had a great conversation says they need to find this is my job this is how I pay my bills. And I kind of want to give her a hug and I think they did at the end actually I want to get drug that we we can do something here for only if only lived in in Austin and Dallas so. I she gave her my card we might occur if one of our. Financial advisors your sometimes you but the bottom line is a lot of people were tunis this is this is a real thing that's their real. Thing and a real quick so that the third one. And this one's a little harder to think of so I won't make you also stressed over this that I'm just gonna give you this one the third one is. Survivorship. And come to my spouse you. And that's for both spouses and K well whether you're the breadwinner or or or you're not the breadwinner in the household do you want that surviving spouse to be taken care of how can you go forward and lose with confidence. Without knowing that that's going to be taking care of impossible. I mean can you imagine arguments about spending money in law complications and you know all the although the pain in the in the drama that comes from not. Knowing that you're gonna be good. So. Those three things the long term care. Running out of money or survivorship income. For that surviving spouse does have all got to be addressed and again we hit those head on when we put together that retirement blueprint. That's pretty good and I think that's that's what happened earlier when I saw that today our our last earlier this week. And when he's like hey I need both of you here it's so we can have those types of discussions if that's the top three. Definitely a discussion that's happening. We're having an in my house and so with that I get it I believe it I can see myself as I start to age really sore and you want me not only make moves the moves are being made now. But those are incredibly important for the day I'm gone and my my wife need to be taken care of and vice Versa. That's pretty powerful all right so we're gonna have to take a break here for just the second. And we'll be right back. Mirnyi Romney's favorite segment where he cheats every week but your money where your mouth is and so we're gonna talk about this entire segment in five words exactly right running. Or fourth fourth Kentucky gets the toll cheater. I hang in there will be right back. Thirteen seventy anytime anywhere you all know radio dot com. Check your phone's App Store or visit told thirteen seventy dot com slash out. Capital three. Hi and welcome back to noble cavalry ER I'm your host. Chris Wragge and joined by. Ron Navarro. Yes Angie Newman as always the we're also we have our fourth person in here in a chair producer John Harris. Thanks again for joining city shines nice that he egg in the radio. Thanks again for having me I'm actually running out of ink. You know I hear today and anyone here this Yasser if you're just tuning in we're we're trying to improve ourselves as public speakers. And what does chance criticisms. Is that we say armor and or you know to me time so he's actually live firing here counting us in getting his visual feedback it's almost like a leaderboard. Italy is the worst leaderboard ever they'll arrange slot too distracting as a I think it is scary to talk. To sort of this world is really each other early tonight to say that. I just on talk about planning a wanna talk about budgeting I wanna talk about retiring. And I can't talk about anything can only think about is home to his eyes you can do happen and you can't count Valentine has this season context that's all right but we actually have a jar. And now we're putting money in every time we say when he's being so. Corey can't wait for the pats have been. Listen we are. I thought I don't know I just did you why did you know it has to get there within jars full insurers Fuld today RA it's you can find out more about us in our intakes at noble capital dot com you can also send us a text message. If you do that you can get access to events. And deals you can also look at how to come join is one of our dinners it's really cool send us a text message it's all one word noble radio. And send it to 313131. That's noble radio to 313131. All right so let's try and wrap up this we were talking about having you lifestyle of confidence. In fulfillment right and you did messaging we were talking kind of ending right there in. We were talking about that level but how do you in the fulfillment what does that do how do you pretty reach that right that's the Mecca how do you get. There so Jens we god and to. Really check on the boxes off on the confidence list and making sure that we were secure and by the way that's not a sudden forget that that's something we're gonna monitor you mentioned earlier another annual reviews. Every year he you know we have our doors open you clients can comment as often as they want. So we liked his leasing at least see you formally once a year to make sure on track. But once we get that. My style defined we build a plan in and and that's the confidence part. Then now it's time to go forward and fulfill your dreams the failure why. And that that's that's when it starts to get exciting is now you've got the confidence to spend money you know you're not gonna come up sure you know you've addressed all of the the risk forces that that you're dealing with. In retirement. And you've got someone there is your guy that your advisor to help you as we say get down the mountain without getting hurt. So this is when it gets fun this is when he gets it does start checking a box has talked about it list and and I love this about what we do in fact. That's what inspired you get this going is is watching my own parents tried boxes off their bucket list. And seeing them come from a humble beginning and be able to now do things. That we never dream. Be able to do you know whenever I mean that's a great story. And if you've never heard. Dinner because he actually tells that story when his dinner so if you're wondering when Jane's talking about go ahead inches text message and get on that list so you can hear jade and speak at one of our. Dinners right where we can actually talk about. Screen through retirement blueprint. There reminds me a little bit about my mother's story so I'm one of five siblings five boys. And she'd several years back just a few years back excuse me she decided to. Pay for everybody to go on a cruise. The five siblings are families serve our spouses our kids and what not. And it was one of the most special things for her to be able to do this and the whole time we were on the screws over time. This when he took office in other gadget isn't it she'd she did some house and she's been a planner meticulous planner her whole life. When when. Towards the end of the cruise it was a one of the formal right to some along those lines she raised a toast she's very very soft spoken and a woman of few words. She raisin toast and she's like Ian cheers everybody in basically she said this is something I've always wanted to do so check this off my bucket list of T that's pretty cool you mean between the eyes that he or she didn't. That's awesome you know. All right so let's move into the next segment this is our favorite time we see how badly Romney's gonna cheat. Using five words exactly Romney we'd like Ting capsule eight you're thoughts of this entire episodes of this is put your money where your mouth is Ronnie all right so the Google says. And I'm a kid and it's very totally came up with us and on my own OK driving in this morning had turned into something else. But here it is five words dreams start with a plan. Beautiful and asking us for your welcome you know thousands and thousands and I think you've prepared this ahead of time yet he -- I thought about joining me is this theory on the fly now I got to manage our minds on the fly which is why minor kind of lane shorter anyway so that you pretty much hit the lifestyle part. Right there were talking about right that's great. You gotta go let's go KI among more latte because the boring line rating practices like right here. Check off all the boxes. And both you know he had the confidence part OK it. OK so lifestyle confident ER PR clothes and I various strands of Helmand really it and it on the that the girlfriend during an OK here it is. Go forth. And be fulfilled. Who. Mean doesn't get one that's like actually colonies slate be etched in stone somewhere. It's good insane that I would studies he did the lifestyle down the confidence and then you just. Go get it code could go live that dream I liked the way we do this right open it up it's kind of like four by 400 relay will be a person's really important. The ones who met Glenn I'm gonna keep the based on the onion and yeah okay. And then you had the anchor did a nice word. All right we'll surprise we're caught audible here are deceased that shines and share in the studio is today you had to do until you tell you want me to do what I do I hear the steroid all right. He. Using no guns here we go which you just clocked tunes that didn't late date I'm not part of the EM cal and I would she go play. Be ready with lots. Money. Alou got up and down to a man. Who. John's better with the Nutley is a limit to how early do be ready with your money now that captured on videotape dinner appointment if there has. You can see I'm not they very rely on money could end up affecting five worry about it you know what I meant I didn't know how that yeah yeah absolutely eyes are really quickly let's see which you guys here hit us up. I mean signs and we used transition words so you guys actually made a really big improvement from last time so owns. Chris you've had three. It's not that Romney you had to alms tax and Jason had two bombs. You know those weren't quite as good. Chris you had two year notes okay Romney had five and Jed knew had twelve. Now I do wanna say this is a lot better than last time of their last time Chris had eighteen all of this and he had thirty you knows. A wall gas. Anywhere else JD and Romney had five owns a piece last time. Romney had six you know as. 23 she knows how man. Well hey I hope this is is making us be putt better speakers here that's in your are improving thank you so much I already marked improvement so on next week's episode. If a bunch of silence bunches silence it's also going to be about win will you quit working of course we're talking about wing are you going to retire how do you know when that's going to happen how are you senate that that there will be talking about that. My five words or dreams are with a plan you got to have a plan into your stop working. Well as Fisher absolutely I've got my my deep. I've got a date circled on the calendar already a given date earlier everything picked out it's on my wall it's it's a good thing but you're gonna Wear that day. Edge altitude Dutch team that's pretty cool parent and your Leo this is it's gonna be a good show for us because we're going to be able to Joseph dies in a little bit more. In that fulfillment part specifically. What happens. After the facts are you've used planned to. You've built and used. What do we call activated whenever maybe you've turned it on now it's time to do it so what would. Does that do you look like and when does it come right that's fantastic I think a lot of people are probably struggling with that question in terms of timing just in general. So that'll be good will dig into that next week. Thank you very much for everybody for joining us I'm Chris. I'm Ronnie and I'm Dave and we'll see you next week. 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