Pints & Poses, 10/7

Inside Austin
Sunday, October 8th

“Pints & Poses” has returned this month help our neighbors in Mexico City. Recovering from one its most tragic earthquakes in the past three decades, the cleanup is nowhere near complete. That’s why Ferny Barceló, creator of Six Elephants Wellness, joined us to talk about “Pints & Poses”—an event taking place on Monday, October 9, between 6:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. on the west lawn at Hyatt Regency Austin, right on the hike and bike trail—and how Austinites joining the event can help the people of Mexico City.


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This is inside us senate I'm your host Matt Alvarez and joining me in the studio is Bernie Barcella way if the six elephants while message she is here to speak about Clinton poses. Happening at the Hyatt regency on October 9 when he seventeen. And pines imposes. For this event is going to benefit those impacted by the Mexico City earthquake. Specifically groups like Los hobos and in the Mexican Red Cross. Ernie welcome to the program thanks for having me so it you explain a little bit about the organizations that. You're events gonna help that you let our listeners know what lust hopeless is. And years and I think we all got an idea of what the Mexican Red Cross them at a gas let's let's let her lessons now. Of course is so low stop us they're basically end a group and I think they were all over Mexico I think that there's various ones I'm across the country. But their job is basically to help people that have been stuck or injured I'm in the rubble of the earthquake so they're really the guys that go in there and help people out and as most of us now arena some of that. Biggest things that. Impacted the city during the earthquake was that tumbling of a lot of buildings lot of older buildings. And so you know there was schools with children that underneath the rubble there was a lot of people that were trapped so to stop us there they really can't relate the first response kinds ago and then south. They really need a lot of support because they're pretty local and so we're splitting. Everything that's Miette Pattinson poses this Mondays in a split evenly from the crews are how which is a Mexican Red Cross. And the stop us so we're really happy that were kind of helping one of these local groups that really directly help the people that are affected by the earthquake. And so it we have prensa imposes and in the Hyatt regency has been in here a number of times are about the many events that they happened. This this one affected you personally because era you're a native of Mexico City I and I was ball. Aren't there so where my parents and all of my parents families so all of my extended family is pretty much. From Mexico City or the local area. And since I was born in marriage has so much family there we travelled or quite a lap so of course the city is. Super near and dear to my heart and a lot of my family's still over there are likely there'll Safin everybody's fine but. Of Corus had a lot of the grief and in the anxiety and stress that happened. After the earthquake directly affected me in my family because we were. Taking in and make cherry one's okay and so. It really you know broke my heart to hear how many how many people are suffering and how this had you know greatly impacted the city. And a lot of people that are really close at. While I'm glad he has been doing this because it seems that every week we have a new tragedies so when Ali before now gets left behind an alien about it and it's just it's like. There's a there's only so much we can donate to I mean right now agree I think as of this week in October were kind of concentrate on like local Puerto Rico needs. Lot of outings glittery go and now when you know with everything that's going I think like you said it's it's hard to even figure out where you can help but you know when this happened I kind of asked myself OK as an individual what's the biggest impact that I can have. And this big yoga class that I host every month was kind of like the first thing that popped into my head is like OK can reach a lot of people at ones. And hopefully you know and help with one of the many. Sadly tragedies that are going on right now. And I thought that this was one way or an individual can kind of move forward towards making some kind of impact. Act you've done this class before them is there we've been we've been doing pence and as for right here and a half. Nice and or for our listeners that maybe haven't joined and we are intrigued by it it can give us an idea of what it what it's like what's with C event like how's it planned share any kind scan again. I one for Eli and as many as you would like once you're there is so. And imposes a relief in the community event it's open to everybody all levels all ages we get people from all across the spectrum so you don't have to be inexperienced in he'd ago. And he basically come and you do an hour of yoga which is completely free eat. Were set up inside of Texas ballroom inside the Hyatt so no matter what the temperatures outside were good. And then after class everybody gets a free coupon. Or beer. And I don't go downstairs enjoy at the marker tend bar which is located in the lobby of the highest. And right outside is their beautiful patio which overlooks the river and most of are you he's like to stay after class tonight. You know to Chad had dinner and have a few drinks and meet new people that were there at the class it's really this beautiful. Welcoming event for everybody to come in if you're stranger and you don't know anybody you're union Austin it's really this nice place to comment relax TO that. How to beer and hopefully like needs some really nice people a long way. Well you know and it just sounds like a very relaxing evening this is a great way to like. Wind on your Monday night and good way to retire that day it is yet so you are you also have a raffle clicks and that's where along the proceeds are gonna go to aid those those nonprofits in Mexico so. What what sort of things are you get in the way and how much are tickets. So we're gonna. Ask our attendees. In. Basically a raffle tickets are ten dollars so we ask her attendees if they wanna participate and roughly just paid ten dollars to get a ticket. And there are NN and be entered to win everything from a private group yoga session and two professional makeup session. A lot of handmade jewelry that's being donated just a bunch of products from local vendors. Very generously given completely for free. So we have a right now about ten different awesome prizes that people can win so I got to do is commend donate ten dollars. So get the trio days so that the free beer. We parking as well running anyone's that's wary about where to party park in the high rise the acid and then after class will go ahead and pull the tickets for the raffle. If you just stick around a little bit after class which hopefully your doing anyway. You'll hopefully win one of those amazing prizes you have and events page yes but so are listeners can find all of the information on FaceBook. And just search on FaceBook paints and poses. I think this one is called I suppose his fund raiser for the Mexico City earthquake but if you just have impacts and goes on these but you'll find the event a pup right away. All of the raffle. Information is there. It's at 630. On October 9 which this coming Monday and the younger person lasts one hour to 730 but people are free to stay up until. Like 93010 PM which I think is when the parking. Meter starts to count whether or not it's green but basically they're free to sail evening injuring their beer enjoy community. And have dinner if they want to. But yet they can find us on FaceBook. I'm just had been points imposes and then on page to pop up with all of that information. While Ernie before I let you go I just don't ask one more if you have anything that you would like her listeners know maybe. About why they should just attend the event and apart our neighbors down south yeah I mean it's. With everything that's been going on in the world for me it's just been a at. Continued effort to remind myself that you know we are all. In this together and in any way that you can move forward as an individual or within your community. Help whether it's with. Money or with your presidents are just you know being kind to other people. Please do that you know we all need more of that in the world and I think that this event can provide. Our listeners. An opportunity to come together as a community and support one of the men me. Areas in the world right now that better feeling some pain and so I think that. As we all come together and and have a beer and do yo gang come together as a community and hopefully feel a little joy way. We can and he'll a little bit from the stuff that's been that's been happening this up and tell you a little bit more of the. Love Ernie thank you for what you do I'm taking you know what you do deer in the day and you know using it to benefit and how. Yeah. Again analysts Bernie Marcelo and she will be leading tanks and hoses. At the Hyatt regency costs and on Monday October 9 between 6:30 PM and 7:30 PM. Of course the proceeds of that raffle will go to benefit those in need. In Mexico City. Tickets for that raffle are ten dollars and can be purchased at the event or any additional information. Austin Dodd and I and com or you can check out their events page on FaceBook by simply typing and pints and opposes it. This presents an awesome news then. Moved. Yeah.