Presser: Charlottesville Latest, 8/12 5pm

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Saturday, August 12th

Officials give an update on the latest from Charlottesville, Virginia, following protests Saturday that resulted in three fatalities.


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Well good evening I'm Kara called governor of the great commonwealth of Virginia. Today was very sad day for our great commonwealth in the city of Charlottesville. We know it's now three fatalities today. In addition to many individuals who have been hurt. Let me start off for spy thank. All of our law enforcement officials. This could have been much worse day today. I want I think our local law enforcement individuals. I wanna think the first responders. I want to thank all state police. To the National Guard and everybody else who's involved with today's activities. We planned for a long time for today's incidents. I also wanna give a special thank you to the court we're here today. Who helped us on the streets. I also want to thank those courageous you VA college student yesterday. Who last evening surrounded the statue of Thomas Jefferson. To protect their stature. And I have a message to all the white supremacists. And the Nazis who came in to Charlottesville to back. Our message is plain and simple. Goal. You're not want it. In this great commonwealth. Shame on you. He pretended to patriots. Which you are anything but a patriot. You wanna talk about patriots. Talk about Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. Who brought our country together. You think about the patriots today the young men and women. Who were wearing the cost of our country. Somewhere around the globe they're putting their life in danger. They're patriots you're not. You came here today. To hurt people. And you did repeat. My message is clear. We are stronger and you. You have made our camera while stronger. You will not succeed. There's no place for you here. There is no place for you when America. We work here today to bring people together to unify folks. I remind you all that we are a nation of immigrants. Unless you're native American. The first ships that came to Jamestown Virginia in 6807. And since that time many people come to our great country to unite us. Our diversity. That mosaic tiled. Immigrants is what makes him so special. And we will not let anybody come here and destroyed. So please. Go home. And never come back. Take your hatred and take your bigotry. There's no place. If I can give you a piece of advice user time and energy to help people. Come would beat Oklahoma show. Come would be to help veteran I have a job or place to live. Special we need help I want to bring people together. I spoke to the president this afternoon. In weird conversation. And I told president. That there has got to be a movement in this country to bring people together. The hatred in rhetoric to his or not. In his intensified over the last couple months is dividing this great nation we need to work together. I told the president that twice. You willing to work review if we can work together to bring people together. But staffing hate speech stop the rhetoric in this country we have got to bring people together. But we are great commonwealth and we are great nation. And we are even stronger today. Because of those actions of those people who came whether bigotry and hatred. I'd now like to introduce the mayor of the city Charlottesville. Michaels there. Thank you governor. This is one of the world's truly great. Cities. We have in the home of a lot of history. We have overcome a lot in our democracy we've overcome McCarthyism. We've overcome segregation. And Morgan overcome that's. This tide of hatred and of intolerance and bigotry that has come to us and that has marched down with torches. Lawn one of the founders of democracy. It is brought here by outsiders and its partner by. People who belong in the trash heap of history with these ideas they're going to be in the trash heap of history. This they will not define us. We will define this day by the story that we continue to tell tomorrow and that's Maher after that we kept that in Europe that. There is a very sad and regrettable coarseness and our politics. We've all seen too much of today. Our opponents have become our enemies. Debate has become intimidation what democracy is about we know this here because we're the birthplace of democracy it's about the liberation it's about action it's about progress about working together and it's a back out at the end of the day if you disagree with somebody you don't try to take them down. You agree to move forward these folks do not want that they do not agree with the rules of democracy and they are on the losing side of history. The work of rebuilding appealing is just beginning today. Tomorrow we'll com and we will emerge I can promise you stronger than ever. With that I also wanna thank this the arm the state government don't think governor McAuliffe secretary Moran for all their help. My colleagues on the council off more of them are here today I wanna thank you Charles police department. On their law enforcement partners around the state protecting the residents. This Tuesday university jam wanna say that our hearts break. But the casualties and injuries that suffered. Today and our prayers are going out right now please send your prayers these folks and their families. And the loved ones thank you very much that amateur governor city man. Or Chris Jones that we. Thank you. Thank you mr. mayor. He came to our town today. In a way that we feared. But we've never really let ourselves imagine what. I wanted to start today by thanking the Virginia State Police. And our law enforcement officers and all the first responders who were here in Charlottesville today to protect our community. Charles so police department. And our. State partners in Virginia State Police. Were on the scene in our community. Very early this morning. Anticipating large crowds. Are law enforcement it was on hand before 10 o'clock this morning actually began around 6 o'clock this morning. And unfortunately. As we went through this day. We have folks who came here to cause mayhem and chaos mr. And it resulted. In 3% to three fatalities here in the city of Charlottesville. In the days and weeks to come our city we'll have many conversations. In City Hall the community centers and our houses of worship. Over fences and at a dinner tables. I would ask that in addition to sharing our grief and looking back at this difficult and extraordinary summer. That we look forward. I would ask that we were considered the question of who we are as a city and who we wish to be. I would ask that we each seek opportunities to see people who share our home here in Charlottesville. But who are outside our circles. I would ask that we worked to build meaningful relationships. And fosters strong connections. City Hall will be working with the community to rebuild our structures and repair damages. We will also work to provide opportunities for our community to come together to mourn connect and report. But City Hall cannot bill the bonds between neighbors to. Or create your friendships. I'm calling on each one of our residents. Not only here in the city Charlotte Charlotte Hogan Charles malaria. To come together and take all of this into our hearts and our daily lives today. And to begin healing as a community. If we all come together we cannot fall apart. We will be with you and we will be side view. As together we write the next chapter in Charlottesville history. Thank you mr. Jones. She felt Thomas also police department. Good evening. The premeditated ballots that our community experience today. Was completely unacceptable. The situation escalated rapidly into violence and we had no choice but to deploy additional personnel for an Virginia State Police. The Virginia national or to help disperse the crowd and move people safely through the streets. None of the injuries sustained today. Were due to engagement with law enforcement. As of late this afternoon there had been at least 35 people treated for injuries busting personnel. Fourteen people have been treated for injuries resulting from individual engagements. Not pedestrians were treated for injuries and make three vehicle crash at the intersection of fourth street and Wall Street. Here in depth socialist bill. They're entries ranged from like threatening to minor. The question also claimed the life with 32 year old female best friend at the intersection as she was crossing the street. We are still in the process. Of notifying her next opinion so we will not be released her summation of that takes place. As the curtsy to the family. The suspect vehicle that left the scene of the crash was located moments later and the milk Robert is in custody. What charges pending. We are currently written us as a criminal homicide investigation. Also want extend my appreciation to the many individuals who witnessed the crash for helping us by providing statements. Photos and video evidence. Again the question remains. Under investigation. So where do we go from here. For right now we're encouraging people to return home. Please let our city officials built our home store to recover from this. What the world saw today is not the place tallest building us. We love our city let us feel. This is not a story. Outsiders do not tell our story. We will tell our own story. That's just common place we will be reviewing the events of the day over the next weeks and months. We are committed to providing our residents with a strong safe city to Olivia and being partners and our community. Thank you.