Real Estate Investing Is A Way of Life & A Way of Thinking, 10/10

Del Walmsley
Tuesday, October 10th

For this installment of the Del Walmsley Radio Show, Del addresses a range of different ways of thinking that impede investing. All relate to how people think about themselves and their abilities. First Del attacks late life doubt with a list of increasingly fantastic accomplishments of older and older individuals. Then, we explore the finer points of reorienting life’s priorities, handling the overwhelming and our undying capacity to figure out new concepts despite new circumstances.


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Welcome you don't want to radio show with a high bench and help begins on your hopes they'll one plea. And is always working on your financial freedom today my friends on the start. With the topic that was stimulated by email that I received last week. From a gentleman approach me and said. I don't love your radio show listen to it every day at work during molecular just wanted to know if it's. Too late for me. Or I'm too old to get started to real state I'm 53 years old with a wife and five teenagers at home. I like the idea of passive income so that. Maybe I could retire I have a 401K work with the about 725000. I would like to diversify with some real state it's tough up here in Boston. Larry with lots of reits that have moved in. Avalon several what's your opinion thanks well. There's this. Question I would taken on two different levels we came and then come and go into the hole popular due to several relief too late. Fair and cover that whole topic for this segment. But let's just take a distinct take this thing on the surface surface of the his gentleman's 53 years all the dental how much he makes for a living. Which gets 725000. In his 41 K alone now Pisa kind of person. The dinner at seven and 250041. K you wounded vet Q. Without a doubt he's also got equities personal residents probably gets modest savings account maybe diary. Maybe his wife got something going on in her life also. So if he's admitting 725 and just the way people are there are you know people have money don't want to admit how much they have it which they weren't all that. There would make it most difficult when they ask you questions of the guy we thome hit two million dollars would be ridiculous. So we just helping a similar fifty but it was just pretend like always got to 725000. Books. You know we talk on the radio show here about going out there. And buying real state. That producers anywhere from. 8220%. Cash and cash return. So let's just say 10% and that would be 72000. Dollars a year for 10% return. Are the key to problem easily you know look at 72000 your tax free income and live on that. He has said in about wanting to quit his job either but that's another story it was pretend he's gonna quit his job he wants to retire. We also talked about capital gains. You know. Turning over a period of time some first initial capital equity. But more importantly for an apartment complex it's the ability to increase the value of the property. And within a 10% increase in income. Producing 25% increase in value since you've only got 25% down. That becomes a 100% return on your investment. So with those types of numbers with the kind of leverage in front of you you're looking at this which which we could take the 725000. Bucks. And turned it into one point four million dollars in a year or two years whatever takes so we take it takes anywhere. From three to five years to retire we used to say five to seven. But most people are doing between 35 down another which you can get on the system the system so much better than it used to be when we get old single phone calls this. With the kind of deals we do know these capital gains people retiring anywhere from three to five years seems to be more consistent with what people. Email me telling me and talk. Explain to me when Mick talk with me so. You know on the surface the answer is absolutely not a problem. Yet for some reason the 53 years of age seems to bother the guy. Having five kids seemed about it. I don't understand why. I mean I'm 61 years old in about a day or two here. And age is just a number but physically age can be a problem. You can be worn out tired you can feel like you don't have the energy anymore. But the reality you can fix that problem by doing things to make you feel more energetic. Full exercise and diet. And so forth. If you've got real physical ailments there's medications and medical procedures that can help cool things and improve them. But so the real answer is not really an age problem. Now I sent them over to of one of my. Customer service reps. Name surround. And I ask so rove explained to Muir what options you would have to get injured do something. And go into detail can communicate to them Massa. So I should just gonna work with them and so opens eyes what's available. And this was rove wrote back to sit I just tried to call you. And let you email allowed to speak would you. As doubles data it's not too late at 53 myself. I had not saved too much for retirement I started this seventeen year plan to work until I was seventy. And invest heavily into my retirement. Five years later I found washed over limit on the radio and I came in lifestyles a limited number. In three to five years of real estate investing I have achieved 80% of my seventeen your goal. And retired from corporate America this year. Give me a call we can discuss the ways our program can help you meet and exceed your current income. It just. In just a few years. So there it is there's the on the surface to answer. That the direct answer for this gentleman. From an individual has same age. Who have already retired himself within three years. A working elections around very good working at the principles like. We picked the guy out because you have such a compelling story. To be customer service represented and help other people with their journeys. And he does that part time twenty hours a week. But he doesn't have to because he's already got the real suit investing. Gone. Now that doesn't mean he doesn't want more he will continue to add more and more and more so. And what they do what do what do you Internet access OK let's take a look at this your second night putting and why is never too late in life. And I got back surprisingly. Only 641. Million. Articles. On that very top. Now 641. Million articles. There's a lot of people out there that they are telling you it's never too late. And this really blew my mind was her good looking at reading some of the articles. Am. There's all kinds bizarre stuff and ways to look at this. But the first from the we're gonna look at him look at a major for wasted the first former look at is as anybody ever done anything successful what they were older. And so this one article I've pulled up I think it does just about to do a lot of other great story to Florida not even on this article. But imminently read this article to do that he pretty institute I can't even explain how many people think that their dreams past the box. That it's too late for them to go back to school start a business or pursue that unique interest of others. The truth of the matter is that we're never too old which justice story. Timeline we've given ourselves. We have told ourselves that certain things never happen by a certain age or they will never happen force nothing could be further from the truth we can choose and make or doesn't any time. Here are some inspiring stories to understand that age is merely a number. There's never too late to accomplish the dream. And goes on number one that forty years Hank Aaron hit his 715. Home run. This was not mere luck of yours to play. This was talent develop through many hours and many years of practice he had a passion for something and he kept attic until the became the top in the field. So there you go there's a forty year old storage growth that we had 49. Julia Child finally published her book. Mastering the French art of cooking anyone familiar with the life and storage Julia Child knows that she spent many years writing every right. He rejected and looking for a place and then finally someone saw her what had been there all along. Although it did not come until the second half of her life she became one of the most beloved and been respected chefs of our time so she did and at age forty. At age sixty George Bursch shall finish writing heartbreak house this was considered to be by many the greatest work. Of his career but it took almost his entire career. To come up the right things today. CC reference. This is just the beginning the reality is it's never too late. You just have to get out there and start but what about a fundamental in that whom come back who's break we're gonna go to people. The became successful in the 70s80s. And nineties. And that ought to open arrives to the rest of your life. We'll be right back with a don't want to read. You're listening to the Joseph blogs were great. Principles in just a few minutes. Lifestyle some limited is the real estate investor education and mentoring group that is taking people by the hand and taught them how to invest in real state for over 24 years our students have been so successful in -- well the past having found that they've won local state and national investor the year awards nine of the last nine years it's easy to see my personal real estate investor magazine named as the best in the US if you're ready to add real estate to your portfolio go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to access our free live training events scheduled. Wondering who the free workshop is for we did amazingly successful with people who are pressed for time. Doctors lawyers small business owners and corporate professionals. Who are grinding their lives away for earned income and don't realize they can start creating passive income today. Within that confines of their schedules and commitment. Want to get started now go to my passive income workshop dot com. That's my passive income workshop dot com. If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas weekdays from five to seven on talk thirteen sevenths Michael variation. Home Wednesday to set you free the men on a mission to retry. Once. Welcome back to don't want to reduce sure were discussing a topic was brought up by an email today which is is it ever too late. And pulled up plus 641 million articles and elected to. Cover one here. And than going to bunch of other ideas I have on the topic so right now we're at example number five on this article says. At age 77 you heard this writes to me seven John Glenn became the oldest astronaut ever going to space. Something about this just leave me at all when I think the training that this colony the mental abilities in the shoe drive to do something like I'm. I'm continually impressed that it was able to accomplish this something made it. Many would have never been able to do. At 77. Years old. Can imagine it. He's an astronaut at 77. Years old not 67 not fifty cents to 77. Years old. I am. Do you think that you just too old to do something you gotta think you can and here's number six at age 86. Catherine Pelton swim the 200 meter butterfly. Stroke I struggle with period. In one minute and fourteen seconds. Two words astounding come to mind something that many of us could not achieve something that many of us tell ourselves we cannot. More importantly she is living proof that you can't accomplish great things with practice and present here it's so it. You've got this lady you it's four inches 200 meter butterfly very quickly but what about the bold leading to swim across English Channel. What about. Colonel Sanders who started his chicken business that you know it's eighty believe it was. I mean there is a lot of examples of people that didn't hit their stride until they were in their seventies or eighty years old right. Here's one age 92 Paul spangler finishes fourteenth marathon. One is an accomplishment fourteen great before anyway. But throwing 92 year old man to be out there keeping up with most of lead of those training what is our exercise of foreign. What is our excuse for not giving up and working out in the morning it takes a little steam out of all the excuse. That's news and the tomorrow's. Physically physical fitness guys. We're gonna go into that when that Monica back to fiscal fact that it it's another one of those things it just people. Just don't understand it's. A really good let let go. Number eight. Door he Devin hill her pin the oldest person in North Pole aboard a Russian new cooler icebreaker. Talk to every. Refusing to leave anything off a bucket list that's amazing something many of us. Will never achieve our lifetime she made this happen this is not a decision I make these things happen ourselves as just that we choose not to look what choosing. And perseverance we'll get you. More than give a figure that lady but there's a pretty we're going to go to the North Pole. So how the other things out there are really strange. I took my fiance unity opening helicopter over the Grand Canyon. And you know. The simplest simplest I've known her for ten years and I've never build your opening helicopter she loved it. But it's just something you have to put your bucket list and say I'm going to do she'd never been to the Grand Canyon. It just something you have to say you gonna do there's a million things out there. That if you just tell yourself I'm gonna do it it will get done. Number nine doctor Leo Denmark worked as a pediatrician tour chosen retirement age 103. While 100 in three. Talk about loving what you do a perfect example when you love what you do is not a chore to George. One that you want to do his long injury able I think we all hope replied to call like that. A hundred in three years old she's still pediatrician. You know Betsy of the my definition retirements completely different everybody else's my definition retirement is that you work into your 65. And then you live off the money you have. And hope your life survives. My definition retirements would do you have the right to do which one do so you can go do which I love to do so we can do what you love to do it high level perfection. To become very successful. For the rest of your life. I was looking up to figure out an age 32 by 34 of retired. And then. Every year after that made more money but what's more interest in his every you have to have had more fun doing what I'm doing and helping other people so now it's it's my lifelong. Dream to continue to help people as long as I live. It's not because of money. Is because that's my dream and this lady being a pediatrician tools under through pressure which I can teach people. And continue to help people 12103. And I hope it would 200 victory do you have you've got half but there were a man now that's unbelievable. Number ten talk about law lifelong realized dream. Bertha would board in 1905. Dream her whole family. Dream her whole life of writing and publishing a book the dream was finally realized in 2005. That's a hundred years old. It was based on her memoirs. I suppose there was a great deal to be said. Ninety years he took her to write it. Nine years to could write this book should borrow five. 1905. And the book was written in 2005 so few hundred years old took him ninety years straight despite. Become a threat of all these individuals whose persistence. Bully himself and not putting term limits like speech weapons. Or any type of constraint upon ourselves we shall be decided have a goal. You had big goal they were going they simply decide the articles are going to accomplish and they kept trying until they had. It shows. That all of us that there's never too late to do what we want to do. And be who we want to be. She led takes the age part of. Or done a bunch of reasons why people don't believe they can accomplish their goals. Why they believe the one of them is I'm never on tool right that thwarted your excuses I'm just tools. I've had a look at bush who told me I'm too young Motorola. I can't do. Yet we have kids here there retiring in their early twenties. I'm too educated. It's ridiculous for me take a step back a already. Perfected this skill is in dusted everything I had in this college education in this career path. But the career path has not gotten to where you wanna go. Silly people I'm wasting all if I give it up and go do something but if you give it up and go to something that's better. It makes you ten times more money. It relieves the workload by 10% to 15% to a 100%. Then you're not going backwards. I wrote a little more about one of these places where it's good. Sometimes going backwards in your old life means going forwards in your next life. The you have to go backwards. You know pure animation good on the wrong path you have to come back out of that path and go find the next path is correct. If you continue to muddle around in this trap did you put yourself into in this major never gonna get out of it so sometimes yes you have to take a step back. To make things worked where you want to work and you know people consider that failure they consider a waste of resources. You know if you're just not right. Now. The next twelve to bring up is a big ones from the bring it. Out and then take it over to the next segment because. It's so large and that is. I never could figure out. They look. I'm fifty years old I'm sixty years old. I haven't figured it out as of today why do you think I'll ever figure. That short break. Right back don't want to review show. You're listening to their Joseph wants leeway here. Principles are just a few minutes. Long time lifestyles member Curtis Payne. It's a real joy for me looking back. Is helping others and I wouldn't be able to have done it without the support of lifestyle that he can't please thank you enough feel for that. If you were to ask people if they could vote on the top ten guys. That help other people you'd be one of them there's no doubt about it you have. This roadmap of holy success stories on this one I'm just one person out of that thousands fantastic success story that each and every person can learn from that's my advice. Take Curtis Haines advice come meet felt like minded successful investors who are helping others just like Dell helped him. Attend the workshop. Get your map safely and quickly build wealth and passive income so you never have to worry about working till you drop. Losing your job or retiring in poverty. Call 18669718970. Or go to lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com that's lifestyles unlimited Austin dot com to register for the workshop it will change your life. Texas weather can change on a dime. I wanted to be learned here normally. When the weather turns severe. Turns to us for what you need to know on air and online at top thirteen sending dot com top thirteen seventy the right choice. The wisdom to set you free from the man on a mission to retire road America one person. No one's. Welcome back to don't want to radio show today we're talking about the reasons why people believe that. It's too late in their life to accomplish something they wanna accomplish. And we left you at the break with one. I rights named to never could figure it out. How many people wife believe. That they know at all. Or bad they're just not Smart enough to know at all. Or that. They're fairly told them the only way that's right good everybody else is trying to manipulate view. Thousands of these it's that. Good basic philosophy. That it's too good to be true this can't be true. And that's just not the way the world really works there are things out there just about anything like you want. But you're going to have to find something goes how to do it. When I was in fourth grade of about twenty pounds. Typical type vehicle packed it. And I've spoken fairly about it. You know my dad says something stupid like what you what they're just. Pick the biggest toughest bullion suck right now and they don't know you're not afraid to leave it alone didn't work. It's got me beat up again my mother said. You know don't worry about it. You know they're just kills you mom and it kills me and to a pulp that cute Coke bottle glasses. You know use the parents didn't have the answer. It wasn't there. And you have to realize. If you grow up and assert them. Some your family members the people that raised you don't have the answers to the things in life that you wanna know. And so you run into too real problems one they teach you from the beginning that you're not good enough nor. Is it necessary. I mean Cassius and we'll do it sometimes a teacher you're not good enough you know it's just not our fame member remind dad told them something we'll. Bloom UH adult where one police were 80% we can beat in 80% of everybody in this role if any one thing we're good at everything. But debt how we graded and no we're not. That I met another friend later on life isn't strong smell in the world he said nobody cares about number two or number three. All the money goes and all the data which goes to number one. No he said it in the song I am number one it was not a winner in three. Members. It's just the way the world really works. There's the winners and there's everybody else. And so sometimes you clearly tells you that it's not necessary to be winners that Tony winner troll Eric if he statistical SOB's right. And that's just not the case either so you get all this misinformation. Your entire life. And if you ever want to pick something you like it does how old you war. If you open up your mind and listen to someone else that knows something you don't know. You can get it fixed. Our member of having real problem with my diabetes. And I saw you know two or three different diabetes doctors nick. Gave medications and whatever and I watch my diet really strictly for a long time I exercise a regular basis for a long time. It just wasn't it means there. And I couldn't figure out why the doctors didn't seem to know why it just I guess I'm I am diabetes. And then one day I got NAFTA could just saw a thing on TV and senators Lisa because the stuff you can take. And is not good for all people but it's another way to fight diabetes take a look elect my doctorate complained exit. There's got to be more that you can do. And so I taught my doctor into changing my diabetic medications. And sure enough. He's wet almost immediately away. I mean I was rising with a 120 blood sugar and I was peaking at a 180 when I need. After I started this second medication together with the first medication also known as rising in the 70s60s. Or seventies and eighties. And I was hitting 120 when that effort he whose phenomenal by the way. Please don't call me up and ask you what those medications or have people who overlooked in. Please go to your doctor and do the same thing I did complain to get him. Indeed I'm not a doctor Adams not prescribing medication are just tell you. You have to actively and physically go out there and look we had a guy the other day that Hussein you know that remember and I can't seem beginning anybody's deal. Any essence that a fire sector and so guy got up that had a what you duels then she looked just what you've got to do. You've got to go put your faith in their head you've got to send him a picture view. Stand when you can email. Talk to them get to know that. Find out what they need and then they'll know who you are Watson who yard to give every do you want and then discuss that started doing that. As sort of contact your people this new way and also needs how many million days is is working I got like thirty yields and it's unbelievable. How much different was once I started looking. For the right way. To get into deals instead of just looking for deals. So. Sure you can't figure it out insurance been fifty years to sixty years and you still haven't figured out I'm here to tell you lose him figured out to him and look at. You have been looking to right places at least. That's why you have it figured it out you've got to get a mentor. You've got to have the right math. You know I keep telling people you're watching sports teams. The ones who have the right map we and every year the ones with the wrong map they just bottle of rum bottle around the world trade out people prayed up people change their. Coach they never get anywhere they don't have a winning that you need a win Ingram. That's what's convicted to report. Now the next one. I think is really important. To understand. But it's not really important. To feel keep you from doing what you want and that is many of us most of us intact are pickle jars of life are completely fool. Which means. Our life is full from day one. Now the trick is. If you've ever heard me tell typical drug stories you put big rocks in first in the medium sized rocks in the sand and in the water. Because you put in the water person nothing ills goes and if you put in the rock you know pebbles and sand. Nothing else going and you gotta get those big rocks in their first. But what you need to understand us. Exit polls wrong option that chart change as you change your age in life and you've got to get don't hold Charles start over sometimes. Some of the worst college was a big rock in your life when you heard your younger years. And work was a big rock in your life when you're in your younger years and then raising kids was a big rock in your younger years. But as life goes along that college has gone. And that rock. He's not in there. And so there's all that's basically what did you do with all that space when you've got out ago. Well I tried to turn it into my job location on your job is there. But what did you do with your fitness time when you were in high school and college Weir's the debt you've taken these rocks and you love the big rocks. To shrink down. Your job is no longer a big rock for you anymore because it's not growing it's not getting better it's not the focus of your life. So as that big rock shrinks there's more time for TV. Talk. Wasted time. If you would take Dole's. Sand and pebbles and water do you jar. And rearrange your jar. There and you can get some new big rocks and it. The challenges people number one don't wanna take the time to do that number two don't wanna give up what they already have number three or too lazy. So right now you've got ten favorite TV should I know I have ten favorite TV shows might be your records of all watch and watch anything other than potential that I like. But man I gotta watch as ten shelves if I'd stopped watching those ten shows that would be ten hours a week. Ten hours a week more I can go pick of another big rock about wanted to. Into a think about how nice that would be if I just get renewals to now let's talk about just DSL or actions to. He took what sports games I watch a lot of sports basketball. Football so there's more hours. In Montreal are being used up. If I would get rid of those things. Just change a reasonable I don't wanna to remove my choice there my enjoyment of course they are. But what if something to be even more and what are some that could be more important in your life. You're going to have to cryptic drugs like being in the nation gone down the wrong path now I gotta go back. That means giving some stump up. If you're not willing to do that then it's not age is keeping you from being successful my friend. It's laziness. Is keeping you from being successful it's complacency. Is keeping you from getting the true. That's the real problem is not to stop you're telling yourself you're too old to do it. You know it's just not right it's not that tough. So as we look at this. And we think about it the next woman to go into news that task at hand we're thinking about trying seemed so large. That it feels overwhelming. So large that it feels overwhelming how many of you out there right now. Feel like your goals in life. Are overwhelming. To your short break be right back with you don't want to radio show. You're listening to their tell monthly radio. Principles are just a few minutes. 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We'll go back to don't want to readership today we talk about if it ever to lead your life to accomplish your goal in your dreams. Your financial security in the answers obviously you know. Snowed almost could do it no matter how old you or. But sometimes we get in the position where the tasks feel overwhelming. You know. I don't understand how this concurred I'm just gonna move or talk about it just lay it out here. Did you start out in your normal human beings somewhere in your life. All right somewhere in your life you became a fat slob. How. It didn't happen overnight. You had to say to yourself I've fuel miserable. My clothes don't fit. I'm short of breath. People are disgusted too with the way I look at I'm probably disgusted myself the way I look when I look at myself the in the near nude. Am. Also in one day you wake up. And you 300 pounds. Or you're 200000 year old woman you know your woman issue 10225. Pounds. And by the weekly did a woman shouldn't weigh more depending on their height and size of support they shouldn't way. 18200 pounds there's just no way. The female friend to beat in the large athlete. Should be about a 15060. At the largest metal large female athlete. But for the average woman you know you look at him in there and high school that we anywhere from you know 9240. Pounds. And yet somehow. They become much more guys same thing we have to talk a bit about just women it's all this. How to do once they get so bad we can't see are feet below or bill. OK so now now we're here. Right now orders who did well Dell is that you know to reach thirty years to get to spend. Was not gonna take you thirty years you get unfair. The beautiful thing. About accomplishing goals is that the very first day you start doing it you feel better the very first day I go on a diet I feel better. Because of not stopped and bloated anymore I feel my body getting back to normal even though it's a long way. It's one step at a time the very first dollar I save. Because I didn't waste it on some nonsense that I don't need to have in my life I'm not gonna go into those not to just because you all have. Alluded to bring to belief system to what you actually have to avenue life. And I I shooter right now because I have so much money that my PI to expense stock while I think stupid. But we have money to spend and she doesn't she want to and so she gets it it doesn't hurt our investment money doesn't hurt our savior retirement or any of that stuff so. He's irrelevant but you don't. And the reason I do this because I didn't spend that money when I was in my twenties. I save that money. I didn't make a lot of money when I was young. I worked at a health club. The reason I have monies to live below my means. So. What I'm saying to use these old Wellman tasks. Start with the first step I love the saying how do you know for one bite at a time. How do you walk a thousand miles. One step. You have to just get started. To do not take an overwhelming event so I'm gonna conquered your overwhelming event. You take a piece of the overwhelming event December and conquer it. Now. What happens with having goals in life. And overcoming conquering these. Really big challenges in life. That seem overwhelming. Is to give yourself the feeling of success. In short intervals. In other words. You're gonna build the muscle of success success itself is a muscle inside the brain that says. I can do this. Now you don't believe it at this point. But you have to prove to yourself if the build up muscle. Just like you'd work on your arms you wouldn't while they're trying to coral hundred pounds of first day you try to cruelty and held on bell. And that would be the right thing to do could you be sore tomorrow. And then you work to whip. So what does this mean. You're gonna diet. Let's see if we can diet three days out of the week. Take one day off. Then three dates on that to seven day week. One treat their week freon on all three. When you go that three and you had achieved it which is the normal food you used to eat. You're not going backwards. Because that's what you use T you have gone forward. The same thing with your poignant. Look at your finances and figure where you can cut back. So you can get some money you're saying I can do to everybody or any money you spend your money. If you don't have a job and get a job. Well. I'm too old mining industry won't hire me to go another industry. Do something else. But do something. Take a step. You know you've got to start if you've got money you've got bad credit and get in a credit restoration program. You get that stuff fixed. Six months a year from now you'll be ready to rock and roll. But take a step. Give yourself small victories to celebrate. And then. Ask for another. Pass from stood at three days on the one day off we'll school forties and one day. 21 more day by that time the three days is come pretty Asian and you're not even looking forward to that. They achieved anymore. So adding one more day's night and challenge at all. Eventually through could support rewarding when we treated to a real truth could you be so happy with the results you're getting. But if you wise. You'll set it up somehow to give yourself some kind. All the bonus maybe if you want to cheat anymore maybe go by yourself and being quote. Maybe gloat on a date maybe do something to do just normally wouldn't do. But it's time if you think about it it's time to change. And that overwhelming challenge out there. There's nothing more. Series of small steps. Hope this helps you think about what your life and remember this. We don't do this for money. We do it for a lifestyle. One you'll. Have a great day we'll see tomorrow. The radio show. Can obtain the rose. Enjoyed a seven day. You can't get enough. Access has joined by. Just enjoy the. I. Okay. The information and poignancy here on the Dell wants a radio show or those of the host Dell wants Lee has gas and is collars and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of the station its affiliates its management or advertisers that don't want to show was for entertainment purposes only please consult a professional regarding your personal investment needs nothing presented on the Dell wants a show constitutes an endorsement recommendation offer solicitation to buy or sell any product to secure. Taste talk with you anywhere. On your computer or Smartphone log on to talk thirteen seventy dot com. So I stay connected with top thirteen seventy the right choice.