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Well cancer real estate radio who you're host Jason does. Wanna share your real estate story coming out at 526409610. And now here's Jason studs. And welcome back. Visceral say radio I'm Jason cells appreciate you guys tune in and expression podcasters out there thank you keep subscribing on iTunes. And four listeners on talk thirteen 70 AM. It's really easy you go to iTunes and you type in rose radio Jason Stubbs and you click on subscribe. Did you hear my mug and some folks we have instill you with us every week. I'm also were due to break out sessions are Resop folks out and we got a little map layers see coming up I believe next. Next couple weeks he's was top agents outside in Chicago. I'm also be resembles will Sanjay go and just take little pieces of of of them the beautiful uses you have the US Avaya come out here mark Preston announced as say hello southern donate as my price everybody senior loan officer in our mortgage and also expert contributor. A real say radio I don't do and kid are you a good menu do you get any sleep with that time they got a young new addition to family. Sleeping until 6 AM now has not is is good for you so yeah you got that you guys back at work indirect word yet a little bit of a routine I mean Rory got two months to deliver to model or two months old there are members a member of beer free six months was. Was kind of a war zone. Our didn't end of the retain now she store and a and roll over and you know back on thanks so yeah Mort Mort watch out for now we'll get deal and we'll go do what welcome back and that thank you I don't are actually so yeah you've you to know while that's I mean payments you know that's going to be do. And a whole lot like to have all of the data on this yeah no doubt I've got so model from offering after all via real champion last week in and around the little fish and bully Georgetown. Got him out there and you know dude you're 65 in the in the old. Should try investment that was that was a good time so he's loves. You don't care about this amenities like. The best facet rest testers I have essays like an amateur anyway never got a good show coming up we got a ever Thomas and Clinton top fifty she's the owner. A plot on top fifty and it does Fiat don't know about this organization I mean I have been of jealous and envious of this woman for for years and affiliates and personal enforcers aren't so we heard coming shortly to stick around for that got a couple vets and also she's got the luxury lead which is gonna Vick coming up next week so all you luxury agents out there you wanna pay attention so stick around. Our attacks finds open if you got questions. Assassin due feedback in. Mike Ferguson funny feedback yet you know it's you we have some some for some bolder ones I was repeat and I kind of got away from that but at these people poking on me. This seems like the same number every week it does like to know why assists or more of that so those are fun I am also the real questions you know hey. You know little about companies. We we wanna sell our house rusher we should do it now you know the market seems like a slow down is a buyer's market pose questions and we love field those and go to treat is as just a conversation community you know there's a we fugitive you know a phone number somebody in touch with their it gives the best advice we have but I think it's about just announced their meat no. That the most. You know just the folks that do business in that area exactly it it's a lot of realtors like to say that they specialize in. In areas. That they don't necessarily specialize and because you know they're gonna think and you know we just figured out a lot and can but so you reach out to us we love to hear from you regards usually can do on via we heard from. Kabul folks are you know that or just kind of nervous about picking a builder not sure you know how to do that probably if you choose not only equal detonator and an out. So Tex lines open 5126409610. That's 512640. 9610 and also. Checks on FaceBook rose radio I'm Jason stunts on FaceBook unlike its air can a lot of good stuff going on there and you kind of see what we're doing here. And also. You can check us out on a KB PS were on network to a TV channel K Biggio on Sundays. Also at noon just confuse you were taken the radio studio into the living room and we're checking out all kinds of homes out now you know central Texas and a cross this area talking expert contributors. A trends give you guys are you know the knowledge you need help you. You know maximize our you know your benefit on your natural state adventure so aero them in MLS is when it 1407. And I am I've also got to take just a quick second to you about Dick surely would assurance roofing. Our guys DN a before you lose your house get Dan out his team they're going to come out expect her home. What do you got shingles in the yard or not just come come out to free inspection. They worked with or change current companies if you do need some time for repair. But to dance team I mean they'd come around take a look and make sure that that you give buttoned up on me and you'll be wonder how those bugs get inside especially starts getting cold there looking number of them looking for some heat at a target and there are so give Dan. To Gerling insurance rooting. A shot. Also how law firm them with us for pants for over four years now. A support they show and and we appreciate those guys and if you're in this industry pat law firms doing. How do we get things Mike you know I was just talking with we got a had a alone closing. Last week in new the the listing agent most centers is a well. I mean as you know you don't title companies are closet you know 5:6 o'clock in the coal mine doesn't. I didn't say that you know I'm but my old mind doesn't get back that never house trying to drive you out of stock from offering a hand on the job markets are that low blow but here's the truth I mean come offerman Nichols wanted Danny's a price of the advertising but yes like Denny's at 4:30 AM on the guy owns logistics company whereas truckers. On mileage you sicker he qualified drivers and he's driving too much he's nightmare commute. We have 515 and no doubt they have somebody there in and we close on the person down great great vote so there are 15 am so. Appreciate that and a you know guys if you're open you own a small business and you want to feature your company on our show. I'll take a look we got a a moral promo upright loss that actually later today but I'm. It's just like a 32 clip about you how you get your company your small business. You all our show here rose radio. It is so cost to me come on take a shot look after kind of see what we do. And if you like it. On the we can discuss on how you can be more of a permanent. Expert contributor so you don't come on and I think it's about you didn't get your word out there you or TV shows and you know a million households and thirteen 7 AME reseller for central Texas and a must feature you feature your company and you chat about how you guys get more involved in this ring file or into. 640. 9610. Art will we got to. Introduced. Ever Thomas. Owner and president of platinum top fifty in luxury peak what is going on how you doing. Things are having on the show bull Campbell. It's it's I loved in front of you because I've I've admired you. In your work for years I don't let that you know this bomb but government to several people have been involved you're organization and I mean I'm double thumbs up and I think you're doing a fantastic job so can grassy your success for that saints here appreciate it. You that's a compliment pay any absolutely say yeah let's not get my hot air out of the way and tells little bit about tough putt on top fifty. How you got involved in what is this organization. Sheriff's and fortunately enough I graduated from the University of Texas at Austin. And the back to since turning down Harrisonburg in about eleven years ago. Along the way and introduce tournament in this business and I am levs at the organizations have for alleged the group of top agents. So when he she asked me meter for coffee which we did a million times but we're gonna talk marketing and basically shows across the lane says I let's reconsider buying this business. I was that tweet for the time and no radio and I was sitting in jail and but at that time crew chief I'm loud and stupid and you know I hit. Having known what I was rocking and Sarah and but anyways ten years later hairy armed and in Austin now for eight years so at such a privilege to be at a business owner and work and missing intern in Austin. Fantastic and you know just as far as you just I'm always admired your wit women business owners I think the reason why as. Give getting into the mortgage industry were summoned branch manager of now but. Woman by the name NG Chadwick she's Santonio. And she's a boss way back in the day and I mean she's like trying to shut dorsett. Is likely there's a lot danger are good at here's what. Here's what are your thoughts I and that's that's the case today but you know I was kind of floored but I'm just the knowledge and the confidence she brought me in Sydney on my way and I felt like internal paper airplanes and the maiden and choppy cross rooms I go to work. But there's just fantastic and do you you you're you're working what you do come reminds me of urban. So tell us about it on top fifty been huge success. Until for how how GW Santonio. All shirt tell I'm a lucky theorized that 24 at times and he said. Not pissed about my injury birthdays aren't people who think I was older that it's not the case anymore fifth. But the other two actually further training is there myself into the workings. I kind of talk fifty it's a professional organization that's made up of top proceeding agent's top affiliate partners as you're speaking hands that we work with great lenders builders developers title company street. I really think is a business that's Mina relationships. And so we really lets it be discreet. Professional organization that helps Foster meaningful relationships. Agents aging agent affiliate partner nobody in this business it's the top honor and am agents have to apply to be a part of plot and top fifty every year for Anemia and Yvonne is they submit an application to our web site. At that application is only 50% of their criteria so the other 50% actions from sales production I like to say that you know our roof top age and it's not always based just on number. So sure that dialects stepping on his mom's chest to laughter. Here we are still on and provides an aside and is Ross and yeah yeah that top producer this really kind of you know Russell's lap when people around to you don't necessarily get to the top of your organization LA. What you do not I wouldn't know what but he knew when it was fake philanthropy you can't allow emanate installed applications hearing the Arab list out leadership positions Aaron civic organizations that he's doing her PTAs junior leagues alumni association. You know what it what are these agents doing give backs in the city of Austin outside of what they're doing for their office of their awarded points based on leadership and that the industry in community. Inning and that's 50% arm of their score the other 50% sales production usually will efforts to it as like a well rounded agents. Uncertainly sales is a measure of success in this business but I like to an end I think that we have a way to part of I cells outside of just say oh I love. And I mean let's think you kind of knew what are you doing I'm selling your community outbreak are and that's what you do and so cannot fault their compute community yourself on it. You know I is that saw an uprise and I don't know that. Either you do it seems like if you're gonna sell in your community given back should be all you need to be a member of the canal giving our disagreement or at least protest outside absolutely that's. It's a privilege not a recognized agents that are you know not only leaders of the industry. But also great source of the community as well. So how do you how do agents get involved. I mean if they don't know me out but they don't know about plans after Jeter altering about Clinton top 15 central Texas but you folks are necessary art involved haven't been involved I mean how do they get involved with terrorists or it's it's as easy as an online application spun on our website at instantaneous on top fifty dot com Austin PT fifty dot com. It's an online form it probably takes 1520 minutes. Does thirty have have passed as Asher says their due by the end of August. And that's it there's no membership fee there's no cost to apply agents compete for recognition or events. Our program is free for our roster members so we'd much like their radio show. Are fully funded through our affiliate partners and and I love that we don't have something seller agents they don't see is a strength that. In and get into their pocketbooks. As much as we artists and recognize them for the great work they're doing. What else. The guys that a lot of the mountaineers and I don't know monitor and it's it's close. You know that the it's our love the nature stature have. You know but let's talk lawful for a philanthropy in the fact that you're used to kind of taken it farther. And parlay that into another organization that you own. Call below treat lead. What does that. Apps so a few years ago and started another organization against professional organization for answers Benin have like three weeks so whereas platinum top fifty has criteria outside of just sales production. Let's really is based solely off of luxury sales performance. And so you have to actually it's a great compliment Aaron for fun and profits it is something that agents apply for a really teed when he they paid to be members and essentially. All of that membership dues becomes an ad campaign that we rollout abject mill TV radio billboards. Marketing for the extremely well did you say radiant I dead that we really. For your am I bad. I just Ayers greater agreement about just getting empty I'll love it's I think that's a great idea so tell us about who you have an event coming up for luxury league. So and yeah I'm. Ten years in this business I really concern realizing value what corporate philanthropy means in this business owners and people that have been blessed with success and real estate NFL there's no obligation to give back to the community. And so it had a couple good successful ones under about the first and I'll be doing here after lunch relief is on Wednesday Wednesday may come over and Wesley beautiful Wesley. We are right here yeah I griner in the higher price. And right now date and Westlake and come orient has seen a dinner by design it's a private dinner party fundraiser over the top. The scene is we finally settled on. Beetlejuice. Means that New Orleans in the different corners so that's just don't like I'm is not as as I sat there may or may not be marching band talking okay. In the. And you know it eventful and we want some picks from that our whole post those on the real serious face of pressure luck against it's we're going to benefit the Texas relief funds sir and another seventy million sizzling that was started by itself annually in the glossary is a hundred million to rebuild the Texas communities devastated by hurricane Harry Smith there's a Center City got a handful of tickets left dinner by design dot event great. Dot com to go to to get them. In a pretty fanned ten. Say hello we got to take quick break but don't own on the Jamal knew we wanna get you back on uncle I want so we we need to work on this little bit more we were kind of same community. We where your promote nor folks in and if you're doing a great job so I'd I'd love gets back on soon if if you take us up on the offer but. If both of said he questions are there any contact with you how do we contact with the surge is there website again for Austin PT fifty Austin are comfy specs say a great way to get in touch with us thank you very much it's every single theme or keep in contact with yet ending to check on soon visceral they're ready and Jason Stubbs will be right back. Catch up on the latest headlines at anytime at top thirteen seventy dot com. You're welcome back. This will say radio I'm Jason selves appreciate gusts here and and Tex lines open guys got questions got feedback we wanna hear from you. All your rules say questions and also got their annual small business out there and you want to. Feature your company yourself on our show gives a cola we'd love to have you filed 1264096. And and also be sure checks on action news or you do apple iTunes and your podcast and just search our rules they radio Jason Stubbs. Click subscribe. Indo we're talking a little central Texas rules state we're talking real estate market's up you around the country. And also dual breakout sessions would business owners. And Duff folks that that we vetted and we love. Like one we got a hold right now Dana grace. Was so Emanuel mobile phone. Are you done. Or pretty good as well right now I now leave no kid he does he just two minutes real state radio and we got. A man what's up with you ought to go home. I'll none management across enjoy this weather. Do you think you have to do what's the what's this week. Actually got a tip. It's several good date this weekend commit to marketing. Commit to marketing strategy and dominate both for a lot of small businesses he noted economist remarking that you do aren't aware of the day. But you got to commit to something that works you disrespect that gonna make you yeah a copy of it more profitable and in state too we talking about marketing and watch that kind of marketing I. You know from social media got FaceBook clearly being. Get this shot and was one of the award best we all get your best are a lot. And stick with it to me also have things and CEO from what are getting charged local search and words we'll figure out you know from the short term long term goals perspective. Was gonna work best in you and her best marketing and it understand and a marketing the target audience to go on Apple's. Thought they get audience and it just create carpet good garrido told. Q how do I mean that you just phone blows out of does it. Authored your small business owners on Tony. Daniel in his in his team I've been work what now for about 34 weeks and end we we got some come for you were not announced yet but we got some becoming. On the Gaza impressive it is all get out on when I met with you do the first time I knew that tell your men got. And came out came in your office and you believed you you open those those markers and I mean man you you tore up that the fanciest. Prior raised border Russia and I thought if I come off the walls like glass like Ali we know these guys but an enemy he just wrote down is a cart were income comes from Mike you're hearing here. Here's our what you know what's the best strategy what's I mean you know we've really just dialed in Dafoe yes. You know for me because you know be in a few small business owner known hubris measure my mortgage company yet. Yoga or TV show radio show I'm trying to figure out you we're so much time and efforts of all my. Your assets and endowed man I mean we got Donald and and and out due you know for you folks out there that you've got that web site let me tell you if you need help. If you we go to www. Whatever you are dot com and we pull up your website and you got that like little. Inch and a half for two inches on the right or left side of all your contents but you need to upgrade in human I was talking about bloody grids the other day. And out here wars is putting out there he he's he owns one of the top. Decking companies in Austin and I mean acting two guys doing. I just sent me 5000 dollar job he's doing 120000. Dollar job on the lake and guys lay index like insane stuff you know on life. 25%. Grades three stories stuff I mean just unbelievable. In a Mike and we know how do you two business segment on just result flute. And I'm Michael wants you ever talk on the shows are gone only to Barack gave when I came to heal the worst I got. All the thing is these web site's terrible. You know parents insist on board but you it isn't any good care but there's a lot of folks out there that you judge like that fear you know is soon as you pull up that web sites like you know check his personnel. Especially if you don't trust and agree knowledge to act you know yeah you pull up to your like well. You know you you may not take that appointment so a new deal. The Danish market added that. You know and I hear all the time and a lot of people saying that they are you to do it got out of our initial market has been slow that this same ground and there's always someone is competing. Some pointed on the slow down you know. It not just slow down I mean what is you can improve equality or what if it exhaust talking to a month he'll have just with him. On. Got just less last Sunday. And yeah and I mean we wish fission and in did some things have been built Tom and I'll let you know. Why don't you are more people get bigger is a well about some sweet spot you know I just. Are trying to get to pick and choose but think about if he can he couldn't feel it in reality he can literally pick in choose that. Those perfect jobs you to zip and it's Ali that high dollar job you know if you're due Semih does our deck I mean you might want to. How pick somebody who she wanna work with for the next month and a half or month or three weeks or two weeks or however long it takes so. A new NASA assay for you folks out there that you got the budget you got the income I mean you you website needs to be tight these be sharp. And you HS web designs not just to companies out there doing web sites I mean it is a complete. Marketing strategy they can help you find out define where your focus needs to be. In you can really pinpoint areas Younis and Tom want. I mean did you do it held a job about their man I'll look forward to see where we're. And to appreciate it we're sure we got a nice coming for you. All I'm so. Me folks if if you wanna get in touch would gain on his team. I mean anything on the web site marking if you got a great website you need some help kind of targeting in figuring out where spend your dollar your time he can help you Dana how we constantly. Did he give me a ring any time problem to now announce 401 not one you can visit our web site. Eight. Fantastic body why mammal out to it will we'll talk to you soon I'll mortgage records studio. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday in double talk is about. Are gonna take your. So me and I mean he heat that got played to he played the NFL. And and well met with and he also boxes a puck he lives in that place is of their value I don't. No. It's by. Airman is six when he. What's that sports or the east and he's like well last places you could smoke in an Austin, Texas are Gemma Jones jumped coupled. Cali I forget the name it anyway Jones Jim there's a box. Don't agree German. You know he came as the other day and you hit halo Markel and you hotels like dude I wouldn't box. He's young and I mean he gave. And that guy competes and Asia put to a company. In front of you know others in every talk about competing I mean I'm excited he was just real sick radio so yeah I only know if you noticed that we got to just for our team. You know we got to we got a website or working on and on this from the cool man I mean not a whole lot of verbiage ruled tie April just you know cynically pleasing them is to be easy on the eyes. Click double informative and you know just don't know when asked her several singles it is informative moves when I hope people. Your goals couldn't connect the dots about you know look for handouts so he's a help us do that kind of in Gator launch a full spit shine on us I mean I don't know you know I've done several follow on many web sites and you know they see you network order over. It's like OK you don't need these 22 things and PS of time it takes people forever to get that together. You would pastoral almost. Was the Dallas page. You know it's hard to do well on the US army we knew Sean and his crew and you lose in the do underwriters and processors are folks in the news site. Yeah I don't want somebody did judge us off of the out of Dallas pays an asteroid figure out what really kicks up clicks on about us anyway I mean I do. You know fight if I'm research and somebody amuck are it's I'm click on a promise particularly do a lot he's looking for contact us well. You know I got it I have. On them against a fair more than when they would mean about you what about you you know yeah I mean I I give him I mean it's it's kind of figure only one bit. It. You know I. I also think it's like you know if it would it's not personal to me it's kind of like what would you wouldn't hire and yeah if you look bigger than you are getting it but it. Why not tell slider he's all about and is on his eyes I don't know what we know we got fourteen million mortgage company's not used not or try to be huge. You know we're not trying to do their buzz and business and it did it's it's another two billion dollar governors and builders and realtors I wouldn't hear work with phenomenal name right now not contaminated blood you know I mean I mean it's you know we were trying to work with us we like to work with and you kind of create your own environment in -- like to operate within that you are preferences that makes and so do. I really good I'm excited. Hamas Fossum test. And we saw was a McClatchy's work west and I mean it's just and Gaza he knows what he's doing and so. We're guys so we come up we got mortgage matters coming up a little Mike Price who talked with interest rates refinances and got a lot going on as market. And so coming up you know if if you're in an FHA loan or if you haven't refinanced you're one of those people in your sit in that you know 5% and force and we need you to tell what Cologne you guide you might be more in some areas you ensure. I mean here's the deal. Now's the time on the tell you why stick around we'll be back. Sox thirteen seventy is everywhere with a new talk out to get it now let's talk thirteen seventy dot com. Yeah. And welcome back to show this real state radio I'm Jason Stubbs. Come apart her right hand man Mike rice senior officer in other mortgage. Sydney and for another oil and we're here. For us for a little bit more we're not done we are not done with you blasts that we were talking to Daniel Griggs of paychecks web designs and that guy is say he's Smart guy I mean the more he's a millennial. So if you're iron likes to molded to your web design. A day and Ambien that has what they might not be so I mean I figured yeah I mean I can't figure on the walls there's a Polynesia and if they come round the box mean the guy did it just to Tracy showed me for free. Was insane did I came in there and he just he he he just laid it out in not met with her mouth before people. I'm since fancy offices you know and then and die he was as impressive as young as when all of them. You know you know I would say the most be university's general sales easiest excited about me. Side about what we're doing and end up in 1000 others are about what it does there's no doubt Orton. No doubt that guys we got a text on open if you got to any questions for us some you we'd love to hear from me and you know we wanna help you through natural state. A transaction you know whether your bar's owner not churches realtor is used to July 2 realtors you've got to choose somebody that knows what they're doing a meet. In this market in central Texas. You know we're we're kind of we see a little bit of mark resent. It's not quite the you know that the seller's market anymore and they were seen like now's the time to borrow tell you why because last two months were slow. We've seen these builders also are given away houses and on homes are on the market longer than they have been in years. And and now could be the time I mean it dwindle are flustered us there sure asked. Or even a month my old neighborhood. You know it's like the neighborhood is like to 2000 where foot Elsinore about domain by. On this highly sought after a movie house that from La Denny Green at Warner across street from me I mean they went on the market they've they elicited. Way Underwood should have been and I mean it look like they're given away for free there's so many cars leaders like twelve cars out there one point I mean it was insane I knew if things go multi talented. So back to appoint you need a realtor knows what they're doing we can help you with that 512640962. And we can also help you figure out what the refinancing history. Here's the deal you -- they don't call my because they don't we go through the process it's. I mean the whole mortgage process not fund now not if it's a shakedown and a it has you know you you know what I've been telling people kind of jokingly but almost a little bit serious. Get it you get that permanent marker right your date of birth on your left forearm your social. Or you're right forum you know and in India. Just come in the office and we're all shake you down but you wouldn't you know it can be Louisiana it really can't and huge deal. If if a refinancing right for right for you. Brooks idea to there's no benefit it's obvious and you'll see it yes so it's not a score is good deal taking its its aid easier options. We want it exactly it you folks just can't picture that process you know a lot of right oh well. It's like I hear excuses so lockyer refinance them credit socket. Dinner was how. I don't really know that or do you know really how bad credit and again people now or people who now. It if you have a boo boo. I mean what if it takes thirty days to fix that. Any league should have a plan. In run rates are down are geared she wants you see that benefit double boom boom when Chris and get fixed quick yes yes there's there's things we can do to hop in there and kind of coached him through. Yeah I don't pay this down. Your quicker scorer in the united he's he said no weak as that of the thirty those 69 days sounds of the Acer that. Outer boundaries were you on some yeah you know no delegate you know race for sure way calm you know dependent on the rate you're wrong when when you applied for your loan when you purchase. Men may be good talk if you look in to refinance beyond. You know we got rates you know hidden this week at 4% for. Conventional. Mortgages in new government mostly lower amount up but Conan the slow part of season there is a little bit of the did just its own business Conan. Those overnight averages seemed to kind of I mean they still kind of you know at the flow a little bit even though we don't have any market data to support a mean. Appeared not really our job to job reports coming out there can be on the soon you a lot of times rates of follow that I mean big deal seen Eddie following the Fed to win for some happened there it never seems to happens you know it's it's it's speculative it's its market driven and in. He's got to take booking a unicorn loan officer figure out where you are what what to benefit would be if you could drop a quarter of a point drop your mortgage insurance down. Moved from a government alone to supervision of financing if you had the equity built up over last say three to five years and generally looked into the world a lower rate. Maybe a doctor payments stay on the same range savers of over five minutes of both Sunni and can't all have got to kind of fourth quarter. Yeah and mortgage insurance you pay courses are ya are got an FHA loan on the for DNA or fourth quarter well it has familiarized on offer that often that purchase price she had to do you know yeah payment does not change is because you have paid more principled out. You may end up. On yourself on a higher rates saving yourself money every month and they just you just don't know he did take a look at the I don't know if there's anything else he needs maybe need money for them. All of tuition well there's just coming up so you know let's take from top NF so who's refinance to me is folks that what do you take cash out to. Europe re Malo cause tuition gets some cash folks whom FHA loan folks are in my investor properties and not those are that's you guys out there I mean. Let's take from top talk let's go government. In Dallas talking officially launched. All of that while mean if you're currently on an FHA loan you're going to be pay more as insurance. You know after after the Kyra. The mortgage reset the FHA is pacer Warren minimum twenty years on there your mortgage and in eleven on a fifteen year the pay them more assurance that we will not falloff like it will with conventional financing that's something people need to realize tees it. Minority you're that he basically have to refinance out of it out of the at a product. But that being said it's it's you know does that rate in Indy can add up to be several hundred dollars a month especially in this market for a more assurance. You know even if you are stain on the same rate that. Is to get off of that program. The city for a month. Definitely I mean there's also a couple of benefits I mean you know you would about a million more trend goes away from him. Well yeah I mean the clothes dry time of the month to give an option to skip one maybe two payments go to the holidays I mean you. You know you get in the process value probably won't have more fan until January 1 yeah that's a big deal to be huge Mary Crist and senator Pat Perez Dallas has no doubt so. You let us talk about conventional means you know especially you know folks that are doing these. You lowered down payment programs on the conventional side and what you say those guys. Already fury fury and those of us for. As like thrown possible some I'm ready already kind of products on the docks in the provincial 3% you're still gonna have mores insurance regardless of whether or not it was discounted at the Tom and you know if you start kidnap 51015%. Range on the equity. And you know that your market has been in Freeman you know since you bought especially if you had. Don construction and built a house enough he got new construction finishing up around you you know you can see those values go up in a file a 10% a year. Just as they start build monster stuff parents yeah. Yeah I mean it's on the Tina take a look at that to mean and you'll see a decrease even own rate in May be on the rate of the NY if you can't get off of it. Just because you have more equal. Yeah definitely and you know especially you know if you're working with a realtor your old roses songs and Al sir you we can kitchen setup somebody but. You know it doesn't tossing money they'll use call you on your card you know this in the balance you know we take it ludicrous that you can't you just do some. All that's on us and we'll take the time to do for you there's no charge for any thing in and just be Somalis you know kind of what you look and feel how light snapshot of you know some possibilities where it. I like that he's a marked as I think you nailed it you know it's like be it if you know you're in the best fossils position you can be and in refinancing Emporia. Half of yourself as a five minute. On a petition if that down you know a lot of local phone call from one of us moving you'll know you know you're in the best possible decision you at the end. And he's calling analyze your mortgage and if you don't you don't know what you don't know you don't mean a lot of Charles our own visit Akron again I mean I did it again it. But you know let's say that you do know you do your hold and some you know some fairly high and mortgage insurance and here you come to us in arcade you take a look due to valuation are well you're not quite there yet but. Rod you know. We shall know I another year freeze a low Lou those values increased peso appreciation levels you know you can. You know that's due in. In even just a small credit analysis all of material is a lot of your history is based on credit score in and we can see your way for you to maybe make a couple of news in the next thirty to sixty days now. In mountain Auburn. Scorer Keith it's is significant decrease in the right yeah no doubt sort of ambassador properties what are I mean what can somebody that owns no water bowl 23 or 45 investment properties. Out there and they haven't if you've got those investment properties are generating cash flow you don't tell us who don't mess with them and realize investors like all annals close calls home you know my balance a muddle through that again you what each of those guys. A lot of investors into film when they got into the market. You know there's a significant equity there too especially with a lot of deep flexes around it attorney condom machines that kind of thing added that there may be an opportunity there to have to pull all the money out. Maybe dual Rourke on easy. Dress and there's no you know you see around volatile owner is going to be a new new seventy flexes that are built around the corner of what we're the we're rather than features in the air that they had to get these tyrants on. They pay for so pretty quick if he had a bunker and up you know 300 folks mummy you pull money out of the bank and put Iran back in I mean I've I've had investors do that. Just for that purpose on bond holds you know Gaza are looking to flipping on well. You know I keep this phone. You know dude do the remodel along and then I can yearly Max mosques rant on this is no brainer. Yeah I love it you know you inside you'll the ones on the Abdul over the ones that you do you care yeah you sometimes -- repeals is not everything running on your likelihood unity had decked her after walking out tonight is colonel. Not sure rub this in new walking and you start seeing him. We're all that affect me this is so nice. In the pack two are as nice era you know and I think it does describe my house my house looks like the Alamo America. There's ever enemies landscape nicely this cycle all stone is like that orange Heath Austin me they'll also stuff that's kind of kind of funny man you know on the the neighborhood there. You know I was like. Asked manei remic where you can ask you all these just rock from their key here these are giggling. Oh yeah and try to plant if they did how serious and so on thereafter that's like 88 inches down there yeah dished out slow death no doubt as hero yes there's investor properties but are you know I mean. You know we got folks out there that. If you look at common you know you just either you. You have your whole powerfully realized. You know what your balance what should limit Sewell god and you know just kind of telecasts and make sure that that pitcher and the best possible position you can be and offer. Each asset that your old. All right you know you're in the end it. Hammered production and term a lot of times too you know if you're a thirty year you think you're gonna stay in his in the in your home for quite sometime. In Alley in India Indian incomes there to cover it you can. Significantly dropped her interest rate in May be the NL in some cases maybe keep her pain at the same that. Not ten to fifteen years off and that's something I mean that's a lot of interest there are a lot of interest. In deftly as well Mike we got shot right there guys or take a quick break we come back we talk in more refinances. We'll keep it in low mortgage. Romanov I believe also we got to Matt less per. With 1836 party mystery coming on talking you folks can't sell your homes you may wanna think about holding on for the short or long term stick around your back. Losing your favorite shows keep up with the latest breaking news and more anytime you add top thirteen 78 dot com sock thirteen seventy. Right choice. And welcome back to show this is a real say radio I'm Jason Stubbs. Appreciate you guys to an end. We're here every week run across sure. Radio. Right here's talk turkeys of the AM. Central Texas right here in the beautiful. Hills west lake overlook in beautiful atx AKA baby Hollywood. Joba might pricing your loan officer in rural mortgaged my partner is there and now we had a good showdown good old Tom. Every time. I mean really it is has fallen man I love the stuff you've got to secular organization yeah yeah I'll play the top fifty Mia amber Thomas a plan on top fifty gusty check that out so she roaches out their take a look at data mean it's. It's a health organization about kept on her her for quite some time now and you know will continue to to watch her. Grow which I'm sure she will they just you know I podcast that we appreciate you guys are tunes. I trolls say radio Jason Stahl Jim just search Staten click on subscribe. And now we appreciate all the feedback we're getting there from you guys. And now as always and if you got any questions. We wanna hear from meter yard and house if you gasses. If you're looking to to carry how to choose the real sure if you had any of these trees and in a mile from over. Or tile flooring. And that's what we do for Livan I mean we're we're around those folks decking. Electrical plumbing. Anyone else any insurance. Title company's patent law firms have bounced out there a largely home warranty. Yeah I'm in the end and now we've got a guy we're gonna assurance roofing. You're free home inspections don't mr. whom I have them come out McKinny. I'm Jim is a guy shouted a text line 51264096. Tend. And Matt we got mad along. Jason is great here. There he is met less version owner of 1836 property. Management group and what we do when you unit air or you're always somewhere when we got going on. Yeah I don't travel today just trying to get out of town now it was a nice change of weather so we took the opportunity but. In and day doesn't listen and real estate industry who work so I don't hear a lot towards an and to be dressed and got my laptop until sound and you gotta make you won't unchartered. I'm telling you Manso this is pleasure not business a little Bo always have thought if you're like me what you know you are but so we're we're going. Well we're in Gulfport now we just flew in so logs random place but yeah they've got a couple nice hotels some gulf covered duty in and out of so yeah I is fluent. We'll kick ass real good we'll get to hear from him more so what you got forces we've been only a lot going on and I mean this market to were seen as being weird I mean. No I I don't even know how to find weird but it's just been different I mean we seem just a little. Bit of difference of the last sixty days folks not sure if they should list not sure if they should keep their homes on the market is coming what are you saying. You know I'm seeing a lot of agent calling us to Spain hey I got my wanna refer to you because it taught me to sell one or ran the numbers are dug them except brand new on year two year old home they're called out there gaunt. Take care of these guys. And I come back and I think you know what you're if your client to be patient three years. And we've got to do enough reputation relationships with these agents know we're not after their clients are trying to build land land and we're going to be here for the law also yeah there's been a lot of those people call us and you know they're legally get on the lot and it is pretty amazing and any number of increasing but. The interesting part of emitted in the public hearing usually we see people are Colin right and they go hey can you tell me what my household and I'm thinking about. And the last ten days to weeks it's completely turn then count it 10 PM I need to meet with somebody tomorrow after 10 AM and I'm leading talent and memory at least this collection it's just to Houston to Byrd and yeah I think provided the last. Is now like sixty or ninety days behind the curve and Angel. Yeah if you miss that if you miss that spring and early summer games here here on your shoulder and. So the only thing I would say is we ran to staff this week in Delhi had a lot of owners. But property to sit on the market what's going on plumber really great clients long term great properties. Inventory and supply fuel has been about 20% of the last couple years year after year in the demand is flat. At best if not down what it's the open. You know the year with our company and the company maybe it's everybody's doing their job why he even if you wanted to know what I would tell you to jump ship somewhat there's something we see that through it and outlaw big market is what it is. Man I am I've got you web site a dude you look I mean you got all those who use a period. I mean does this is that viewers tune in Israel say radio we got the owner of 1836 property management. On on the phone right now Matt less burdened. Matt I mean tang made you guys doing a good job out there. And just if you if you have any questions you got that rental property out there that you usually have low valuation done on it. Or if you got that your home when it's listed in you're just not sure that. You keep that thing on the market you look at your options 1836. As in 1836 property management dot com. Go check that out and I mean Matt you know what. What do you see in just as far as he spoke to me that initial call it's like K. Match you know we got our house on the market. You know we haven't really talked to our real sure about it but we're thinking about reining it not sure how to approach our realtor. I mean that seems like two to me you know its second that mental hurdle to get over you what you say that person's kind of like stuck in the middle of not sure you know how to teller agent you know that they they may want Iran. It is but you know look for the first time and a handful we're just getting funds because. The last few years we've been getting those calls in the price to be going up so much easier when we run the numbers and these people wanna cash out to spend on a Nelson sort of an investment yeah and they go you know what the numbers in our favor we appreciate your help what we're gonna cash out. Have a good day and we love. And it's the right thing didn't give them the honest he's so now the tide has turned and so those same folks are coming across our desk. We run in the same numbers as they're now on our paper and we're catching them on men on the as well the client because past three years and that I'm telling you they're going to be looking for another crop. In my iPad and there's that original agent tells listener home and I K. Raised by another investor property boom back in the game actually and that's a win win the beauty of it is this and it everybody surely Wentz. Correct in the calling the big opening up the clientele they can money and not healthy and I do unwell and I don't understand it none of us live and so it really nice that we have good partners out there in the community who believe that I still believe in that. That we can be honest and gives clients the data we see and let them make a right to suitcase you need to really get feat on it's it's even better when it's coming back your left. Without Jamail why we don't let you get your vacation on tell you're out a beautiful lady we said hello bureaus say radio you guys enjoy yourself travel safe are we in contact with you served. You know what I want to see you back 94 or computer read our main number called the Apache crews there's people there at all times to help you. And it's an appointment let us know will make it work and we're here is certainly. Well done sir I go enjoy yourself. And I don't opinion they both seem to see disembodied take care are brought back. They actually got his he's a central Oregon had the trouble they're not allowed out of Honolulu there in mobile out of Iowa and he showed played as I got your orbit is easy in and out not only are we going to hear isotope save us from LA. Lower Alabama lower I'm the I got the guy that. This to work with. He's done a moving company by tough funny guy Italian kid he's he's free use from there. And an end a just fund fund Gotham play resulted Arizona's beautiful man upgrade our army is an irregular water I'm like I'm saying is yeah is underrated I mean they got some heard us and good food and almost no doubt junkie you know way but tough in no doubt guys like we all leave that up our time slot open I mean Israel stay ready and Jason starter mark price every year. All mortgage questions and those are questions gives call 5126409. 610. Also be sure check us out. On iTunes get our podcast. We want to we're we're we feature small businesses. You like Matty Tinder six property management. We had a Tito's crew on and I'm a boy Lester coming on they got to in new distillery. That they just opened they they're doing whiskey in chin in all kinds of guitar averages that. I mean Microsemi dot front until Obama dive right into. That's how we'll go to some sampling but you're you're feature your business on British radio. We'd love to have to help you guys and he did you on no strings attached so. Reach out to listen feedback can become and we appreciate you guys until next time I'm Jason subs is real stay radio scene except.