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Well cancer realistic radio we've your host Jason does. Wanna share your real estate story. Coming home at five volunteers 6409610. And now here's Jason studs. I am from beautiful Austin, Texas this is real say radio on your host Jason Stubbs mortars professional. In your consumer advocate for all things real estate. Welcome central Texas viewers KB DO in welcome podcast listeners on iTunes and of course right here on your radio. From the patent law firm studios of talk Turkey said the AM from Westlake Texas. Thank you guys appreciate your your every yeah every week and if you wanna subscribe to our podcast it's easy to do you to search rule state radio. Jason Stubbs click subscribe. And you sort listen to our shows she can tell. You get notified when we do something new will be doing little breakout sessions to outside of the studio here and do little foreign in ten minute interviews with. With folks from around the country so. That's something not to rule really looking forward to. I'm joined by mark my friend my colleague Jennifer Walsh broker owner of amazing Brill C welcome back to show our younger hey things are happening ball I'm excited I mean you you've become a regular. Contributor to the show in town works and have you back my love being here with you on Sundays thank you can do we got the pass and good weather and in downtown lot coming out so I'm just going to go on right here before I do that guys. Pat law firm they've been a part of our show strong supporters are more than just a title company. We've used pat law firm on the mortgage side for fourteen years. I mean they deliver service second to none after hours closings. They will help you. With fury your industry I mean there's so innovative Justin and and foreign as a way that they did offer services that can help you guys grow your business and and things of that sort of get cut off from a shocked also are out doing well up there keep it up you shop homes get interest rates calculate payments. Your rate nerd like me there's a news feed like FaceBook to console enough information out of the changing things about race text. Atx to 31996. Your click on that. The link saved home screens and nothing could ever happen. Right there FaceBook Jason's rules are ready to Jason stodgy click on FaceBook page right there and of course like I mentioned earlier you can search iTunes podcast for realistic radio chase and Stubbs. Our guys were to take up a quick call. Changing peach tree contraction. Changing their. Yes what's going on Hillary got today we're doing good man good dad good to have you on tells us a little bit about junior company. Wolf thanks for having me first small mom as well say we are a all service general contractor that has been in business since 1983. Are seeing me Austin and San Antonio and Corpus Christi area. Obviously with the Eric King you guys know that and here's pretty bad. You got a lot to do man you got a lot to do so I wanted to and you know I wanna hit it right where we need to. I mean that the Texas coast is a special a place near deer in my heart I'm going tomorrow so I'll be I'll be I'll be down there. Com I'm feel good Rockport gals are not sure which but. What we wouldn't worry folks need to know I mean if you are you guys are down their army Austin. Austin has in the second homes all over. You corporate support a rock port I know this goes on there all the time what can you tell those folks should have had some damage from Harvey. What most important thing is Q obviously mitigate that damage you know it's water coming. You know hold your referring to mark that we can do to help mitigate that and then. You know have a good quality contractors there with you when your insurance companies there that's the most important thing you know the insurance companies are being the V that just has been either gonna see hundreds of homes. And when leisure time you want somebody there with you represent your interest to make sure that that they're not leaving any stone unturned and that you're getting treated fairly. I'm you know we're gonna see a lot of homeowners get taken advantage in the storm ma am unfortunately with every. Storm you see that until that's the most important thing is to do your homework mentioned that you have somebody that quality. On you're on your side you know to represent your interest always check it BP B always check your local municipalities make sure that the rest assured in the local news colleague and do business with a local comp. Yeah and I'm out forgot to mention Victoria I know that that are also out that way I mean. You good for you to be able to do you have that irreparable. Option out there and unfortunately folksonomy you know the drill me Storm Chasers it happens all the time these folks are in there and they're not bonded or not insured and you know even even if they do you have you know a decent set up Q what happens is something goes wrong what happens if you got a call them back out you know so. And I think it's it's very important that I give you. Thought it really comes down due to you'd be here after the storm you know who's gonna give you back quality. Workmanship warranty and shell out 2345. Years now on the road. That's what it really boils down to know not that we're against people making money absorbed racers need to make money we understand that but. Now there's lots of good local taxes are being in general contract and companies so we just outside. Business was somebody that you compare father references checked the BP B indefinitely keep that money local. Absolutely we're gonna get you in studio James in I'm sure all meet toe with you here shortly but to Yahoo! to get you in here but. But for now folks if you're out there in that Victoria. Rock port port Marines is that period you got some damage or know somebody that does. We'd amid peachtree construction James had a good contact with the guys. Our office number is 512722. 63 pick burying our corporate office number is area code 361. 288. 2117. And then my personal cellphone number avoiding give that I monetary code 8177135463. Please do not hesitate to give us. James with peach tree construction thank you serve good luck out there are being contacts and and full grown what did you see of the joint pressured anybody. Thank you all right I think we got so one more mean Jennifer you know we got to I mean there's a couple storms set to make that come through town one is RB obviously we have Irma but there's also been a credit breach. Through one of the three major credit bureaus and it is say nasty nasty deal devastating some folks it is it is send out I think we got to injure the credit ninja synergy credit solutions injury there. And I know you do is. Well on did that ethic Democrat and have yourself. We're good we were we're just talking about the use the storm that they came through Texas and old Harvey and there's a bigger a storm. That has come through these the credit bureaus tells little bit about that what people need to know. Following an idea you're talking about the use Equifax and that's I think there is. 143. Million users so about Airbus. And just feel Yahoo! poetry I just about everybody. So yeah dark out yeah. Tunis so I mean it's you know mark my sister you know just called me the other days you talk about it she's definitely a factor in this folks opening accounts and and I mean it's going to be a mass for her she's busy as she can be anyway. In and tell us what we need to know in what to do to be safe. Oh yeah and there's a couple things going on and so. First things first you definitely want to go to the website and see if he gets a compromise that would be www. Equifax security 2017 dot com. And just click on the link for a check potential impact happen come from there you'll be putting in your last name in the last 66 digits of the Social Security number. And then it'll cuddle that you know whether you've been affected or not. Would it Equifax is black effects that actually offering right now whether you were working. Affected they're actually offering. And credit monitoring services through their company. And person that kind of money have a little bit of political Canada persecute time now for you negated your ability to do Aqua socks. And distance is. So extremely convenient right. This isn't a surprise is. Well it's extremely not surprising that the Vick to get even more small and hope they didn't even deeper about there. Tom the period or high power executive he's the son of stock a couple days before they actually mentioned that the but yet the biggest thing they've stated that are significant public pressure for the article fact adding that opt out provision. And so the the ended up removing that and so loaded and remove that you have to actually sentiment writing. Tom that in thirty days of riding at the same that you want to be able to see them if you can't. It's if there's an opt out provision they have actually right into the company within thirty didn't setting up for the servicing so everybody does what to make sure they do that. Pontificate did you have some issues in the future because and all in all twelve months of protection to the protect anybody from that is that they've got information. They're gonna have a for the lifetime of the issues. And so that we want to make she often enough provision could visibility fists do the credit bureaus pretty believe there's a budget clock protection law is going on right now. Many many years you can actually taken a small claims court Collins. The politic or for just maximum damage of the doubt I think depending on where your candidates can be anywhere between 2505000. Dollars. So for the average consumer out there isn't going to be pretty easy to find that information on how to say and that they had noticed since about Equifax folks. Commented there is an opt out provisions so if you can do is Google opt out provision for article fact it's pretty did find that that they're more of the look at the politics and Orion we conduct and help them out that as well. And pretty straightforward. But more importantly it was kind of talked about what are some weight that you protect yourself so. Didn't that we have been overwhelmed with phone calls over here at some Secret Service is about what to do and it's kind of been. Do I do I'd fraud protection and a fraud alert to write your credit freeze what do I do. I mean really all depends on the situation near you are doing what and everybody has to Tom a unique. Situations so. Try to alert first up only luck for ninety days and typically you only can you only want to do fraud alert if you are a victim of identity theft if you can prove it. Number one that does come off there. You can actually redo that first step to seven years but you actually have to have a police report. So they're not as quite have the long term on solution. But it's free and the other issue is that you can do with the credit freeze the credit freeze is where you block your credit with them. You can unlock the credit would your client for credit. If you total market the credit they can't Poulter cutter pork. And it's absolutely T-Mobile will have the opportunity to actually pull your credit report if and if you're playing for home mortgage. So does that give you example. Fraud alert if I filed a fraud alert did it would be able to pull up a credit report. You have to prove that I would have to do it there was actually get below. Where the credit freeze Jason would be an able to pull the credit report and I'd actually have that thought out in order for him to pull the credit report. Well the problem with breathing dividend the long term solution. But you typically have to pay ten dollars to create that ten dollars to pop out. And you're paying all over the place so home. Really depends what your situation if your party for credit in the near future it's probably best not to put freed on there. And the to do a fraud alerts. If you are applying for credit in the near future credit freezes the long term success we can kind of decided there and to know won't unfreeze the W unlock it. Com and you can do it on line but unfortunately it cost you some money so. In Texas church and junior to pay ten dollars at a ten dollar total to lift it. But it's free to completely removing it. With experience they're gonna charge you 1083. That after the attacks two on the that. And 83 to lift this 1983 to remove it and then act we'll factor that exceed putting you Frazier credit for free over the net but it. That's what we gotta we gotta we gotta cut it right there but if you won't get you back on Mullen do full segment what did we really break this down but tough. They keep on doing what you do when I know you're busy you got a lot going on doesn't synergy credit his injury how we get cut touch with the injured. Oh yeah you can call army not the plan at 7134222030. And I'm yet given a question that's all you're more than welcome to fall on our strategy credit services did the page we've been doing interview the toughest as well. And you're more than welcome to call up and they get an invite to you like on the. Sounds good buddy I'm on the give you call what I'll do a little just a quick little break out tough. You don't kind of kind of a credit 101 with a podcasts I'll be kept in contact with you next week and take care and enjoy everybody's. But unfortunately can get trapped in a promise so. The central city radio will be right back. Had made the right choice at all thirteen seven. The show. We'll stay radio I'm Jason doesn't appreciate you guys to an end. On right here talk thirteen Seve how loss from studios and in dot iTunes appreciate you guys on the podcast keep keep subscribe and we love it you're doing well keep that. I'm guys we've got so out. Just a couple things going on here locally and I'm sitting here with just a fantastic aided. Jennifer Welsh or broker wrote amazing realty tell you got a couple of houses with your arm quick. Hey absolutely it's Sunday afternoon is the perfect time you and your houses and say you know amazing realty we flipped on houses. End and so he's got a new ones of the market it's in round rock even 1207. East mesa parks and come I NC is if you wanted to see an awesome house that's under 215 while I know right the price is perfect and everything about his house is Brandi says cunning ruse AC granite appliances bathrooms kitchen you know Amos. But come and talk to us about slipping if you've got questions about investing those sorts of things so will be there will be able to answer questions. Am and then also if you're in the market for a new house and this is your price point yeah. Yeah this one's brand name ready to go. Just ready Duff and I mean you you I know that you specialize in that you know all the steps will get into more of that later but I'm not want our folks know about you know how how this to you box some and that is not quite where it needs to be pollute loneliness he would. See what happens on that rental market. I think with that being said guys meet you more information on where this open house is you give us a call right now 512640. 96. Tend to consider for before we get into your next open house sub I want to bring. Matt less for on owner of 1836 property management. Are you doing man you there. Jason I'm hearing you guys talk and write in my catalog that I. So yeah it's just fifteen per rental do I didn't I haven't heard any New Year's got to cash flow properties for you. Sorry I mean I'm gonna come on and tell you that it's time for people to get off the fence because the multiple offers are gone yeah low seeded this year and people are needing offers on these properties. Kim Levys came out with the house to do it drowns us and they honored a look at NASCAR. Economy did you swallow it will look like it's it's just a difference that I mean it's it's about how this is not that price point out there and I mean Matt you know you can hop on that I mean you know the deed that's sweet spot for that rental property. Is is is way here you know it's it's evaluate all that kind of tell people a little bit to how you value tossup. Absolutely we'll tweets I used to be anywhere between 115200. I guess I've been doing this too long because. The high prices seem to be you know just a little bit like sticker shock for me but really the sweet spot that low is gone there's just no homes for that price so if you can give any saying in a great community under 240. It is a solid home whether it's streets here are their support to. I would love to see something that's a one story because the population is aging. It's easier for folks to get around and it's easier for resale but man a new home in that price point I don't think you can really mess it up if you're an investor it's gonna require you to put twenty or 25% down the income wanted to going to be here without even me pull up the numbers on that specific neighborhood and I think what Douglas pure investors and we see numbers like that we hear things like continue on new neighborhood. Whatever it may be in those numbers it it's just kind of Locke yeah and that's part of that's up. It is I mean this it's a remodel it's not new but I mean for the for the that does the Seko that I mean it it is thing's been it's been redone. Re done yet knew Bruce Gordon booted out when it. It's mesa apartment just off 79 and sunrise on round rock. Yes she should tell that you fifteen and in Ewing an hour I will let you know so yes talk about it. I would it's time for people who did there are gonna go out there on May go take a peek at it. You know the people that are investors are out of state when the numbers look good don't send an upper insolvency because they've got the opportunity to go home inspected and how solidly but on the market it's in good shape anyway but. Man that's pretty great deal. Without a doubt so long lines Amy yeah. There you go gives that address again when we're just twelve those seven east mesa park drive out round rock just off 79 their young bastion of wolves owner broker remain 02 we also got so out a map lets her on the lot with 1836 property management and Matt. Q what can you tell left first times I would want to be a rental property owner but I haven't quite done anything yet person. First thing is to get started your enemy is still not if you can make enough money your enemy is can you make enough money before you retire. Whether you're fifteen or thirty year note the clock is ticking. So whatever it takes to get in this you're given a more money every Monty or DR arrests or you're given her later Smith Barney. Or Edward Jones or somebody annual great guy to even a guy to be IRS. So I thought let's let's be real here don't give your money away so 3% down this house 45000 dollars it seemed like a lot to most people but what if you took fifteen away a year and you bought one house every three years. You know before you know it you've got a block of homes in your ready to retire. The beast numbers work out for the first three years you kind of go wow you know I'm not really make a lot of cash that you don't want to make cash you want that they detail for you at the end of the road. And if you just routed out the biggest. Shocking we have for our client is those that are reluctant landlord they go oh my gosh I can't tell this home. It's been on the market I guess I'm going to be force Iran to pitch and go here's the deal. That your two you're gonna go. I want a bit focused on here if you'll hold here the war years ago we're not find another one because now I see what the money is an outcome and then. Without a doubt it I mean it's it's it's just that kitten over that you gotta be able to picture you know a lot of folks just cannot picture. Where to start. Image used to mean marketed you guys got to meet his YouTube got a lot of common enemy. You're Jennifer's been job I've I've kind of got called her one of the most intriguing agents in town because I mean she can she can swing a sledge into. She's yes slowing Cameron and she knows what she's doing on the tummies as far as you go on the just Ian investors sighed and how to how to really get it going until a little bit about. Bob just how you can kind of do an analysis and let them know whether property makes sense. But before. Blue Lisa. None of my pleasure and to be honest with you did a lot of people who do this kind of buy com article just that single looks good. I actually had somebody there was a financial guru created spreadsheet for us we use internally we're going to turn it into a public web site. That people can use but it can't send me everything from the purchase price to the mortgage rates all the details on how the contention by email I can plug it into the calculator and it will grab everything for you to show your. Potential income and the property it's not just didn't make sense today because your mortgage stayed the same taxes may go up a little bit but personal percentage. That really it's a lot over time money is worth less overtime for inflation and things like that it takes everything into account so posted by me taking 36 property management dot com and then if they just email us let me know he won an analysis will plug it and it just send it to you. The fantastic how we get in touch with you. 1836 property management dot com is probably the best way Andy easiest way so it doesn't reach out who's there or at 512. 994432. Persons. That jury week looked Ford doesn't get you back in hopefully next week. And may have TPW doing good things out there and percent to. Let it actually spent time with the. I testament. Gothic I mean the guy's got down his he's he's a calculator sounds and it is is it's a neat deal it's a neat concept and he goes far I mean you guys to be great teen idol if you're you're looking for that house of Marti Lou will be love you that's when you come and then when you're ready unit managed I mean paint right over Manhattan and you're not waking up before him anymore trying to manage your property so. Good good good stuff there Jennifer. What's we've got another open house tells about. We do I'm hoping to see everybody this afternoon I've got one out as in north round rock it actually has a Georgetown addressed as impart side it may feel drains. I'm part of LI ST school district up there the address is 201 Seminole canyon drive this house is. Beautiful it's actually only a few years old it's four bedroom four bathroom as three living rooms it's actually got a game room and media Ramon a large. I'm living room downstairs. Got to maintain in the garage so come by and check this one out it's really worth CN deal guys you would check that house out so. It's I mean it's it's so it's it's a nice day care out there and do it. Gives a call how are we in concert with who come to your house. 5124615781. Or stop by and visit with me albeit to a one seminal canyon drive. Fantastic doesn't tell you about Dave and his team had assurance roofing. Before you're just talk a little bit about us you Harvey down the coast and in Storm Chasers and all that and in if your rear roof has been effective urine and her injuries that affected you you're gonna have some folks knocking on the door and in their have plates from all over their business cards are gonna have addresses. I've had four come in my house already I'm telling you whether you've. He had singles in the front yard which is you're. You're that's that's when it's time to two relief. You take a look but you just don't know which you don't know so assured proving their available they can be freed. Inspections for you they come out. On their local San Antonio here in central Texas also so give us a call through to get into contact with them 5126409610. Visceral save radio more to her while some amazing realty we get back. Michelle this is we'll stay radio I'm Jason stubs of murder every week. We wanna hear from you. Got any questions about builders realtors mortgage. You need of pain or you need marketing you need we got all that stuff here of guys what we do is return of that everybody comes on the show these are folks I've personally meet our shake their hand I know them have been doing this in Austin, Texas since 2003. To reach out to us. 512640. 96 tend. And even after the show about an hour we'll leave that attacks on open but for now give us a call would love to hear from you again at numbers 51264096. Tend. It also be sure to download our podcast on iTunes is go to iTunes and if certain rules say radio with Jason Stubbs in you click subscribe you get notifications whenever we put something out. Appears this is just a little bit we're gonna get so back a little bit more Jennifer Walsh amazing realty installment of the flip remark I mean is it dried up is still there is error. Is there room for you to hop in there and find something. How to do that coming up before that though I've got to my friend my body was Steve Klein custom builders Chris Dodd. On the line crystal's got romance. Taliban. Brown and hit than a quarter. I'm no rocket here Cherie you're on the road which means if you're an Austin you're in traffic. Boy are you headed. Or did our neighbor girl start and George. Will pull tells look. About four houses that cheered just now finishing. Ranging in square footage from seventeen uttered. Any course where they chew up about 2120. Seven's ct being. We don't have formed a kitchens do their cargo Rogers also articles critical her left foot ceilings. Me and getting gated community. You know holes finish in the neighborhood. At dog park and it's got. Everything you want neighbor urgent need out there already gotten. I so what. Would it be important to our own shot from 333. It's a changing goal worked about three to six just. The man on her. For what you get them. Without a doubt in what I love about these things is they've got that so I mean they've got a custom field so good I mean they've got you get the amenities to kitchens I mean I'm out on the weekend warrior. You know on the stove in the grooming and Cali those things are. And at McCormick Reggie Campbell popular. Why bridge apartment house sanction bill Auburn's. 36 since the all of molded in to cut the gap. Payable equal good deal. Cool hey Chris I wanna get some folks out there I mean if you're headed out there right now Morningstar on the north side it's in Georgetown Steve Kline custom builder guys if you have not heard them. I mean this is your builder I mean these these folks are from Texas they've been doing for how long Chris. What are your ears 48 years concept with her. They did it but I want ju ate or horse say one story. All right do you do that or you can catch Chris Dodd steep climb is steep climb custom builders on rules say radio KB DO RTV also our podcast so. Who will get in contact with you can't keep up the good work served. Enjoy the rest of your afternoon and we'll see you soon. Thanks like. Oh man so yeah one of Mahmoud favorability we had a we'd we throw one of those TV shows of their new and in Steve Kerr said he was run around the house and these are called sudden. If I'm sick people over there. And it was just a wonderful experience and he sat down if he's got all the premium Beers and wines in the free agent he says he just enjoy it and they designs grow larger they just sat back relaxed and it had a conversation encountered their sale style so awesome you walk and I tells the Golan. Don't look around and go down the street will be here you know so I really enjoy those guys so we'll get them back on ballot to always turn the page a little bit and and tell us a little bit about this flipping market and as what you specialize in and you know. Is it then dried up I mean can people still find something you look in our area that if they can makes money. Yeah absolutely there's always that opportunity and one of the things that we like to tell folks are too you're trying to start within our earth they're concerned about the market China is to find kinda depressed neighborhood an area the sub. Trying to start to recover and be rebuilt sometimes older communities. I'm more folks of either not been able to maintain their homes as well as they could have or may be aged out a little bit but are awesome places to find flip. Properties because the neighbors appreciate you helping bring their property values back up and there's plenty of homes that need a little bit love yeah. Well in either we see all the TV shows and all the earnings and all that stuff I thought you know in in its I think there's a lot of folks out there and count our car like me you're watching that Eric you know this is that this might not be as realistic as it is in the real world and I think some of that kind of plays against folks making that first move yeah we'll see what they need to do and what they need look out for an. And yeah I always tell people is not as easy is it looks on TV yes you got to remember that's been staged a consent. And it's really important in an and I know the summer's sounds like a fund that you gotta have the right team of folks behind you so an amazing realty that's one of the things that we focus on his flipping most all of us are investors ourselves. And so having somebody who's limited every day and their own money at stake and it and that's really critical because then with us you've got consultants to help you not only find the property. But help you maybe find those contractors that you need and what to do if he gets stuck along the way. And then of course it's all about marketing at the back end and in Helena house's totally remodeled is very different than just sell on a typical what I call resale. Here's why you wanna call Jennifer. My amazing realty it's if if you are by and you know it's it's a father son dealership junior you're. Your wife you're whoever you're out there and I look on the take that Nextel com to get investment property I wanna renal. Everybody does press on to going up we all know that. Once you start kind of do that remodel and you run into plumbing. A mile to your plumbing issues it scary electrical. He's scared. If foundation is scary. You Jennifer and you've been through that stuff and there at all you know site in a foundation used to terrify me now it doesn't that we actually look for houses but foundation issues because nobody else wants people will pass on one play will you come in you put in 28 pierce fifty pierce whatever it is. In his you know you kind of calculate that risk is with foundation level and you also have some other issues that potentially come up like life. All the drywall can Crowell can wind as the break endorsed the don't fit anymore long. But yet cloning we've had that happen but the great news is in and buying one in actually having an opportunity to rehab once. Is that most of your reputable foundation guys are gonna give you a lifetime warranty so when you're selling not on at the back end. That's peace of mind for somebody there I have to deal with move on to most of those Ortiz trick or they transferable most of whom most of them belong to the property so it doesn't matter who the owner isn't all about the property so that's definitely something to key and then and make sure you're looking still free drop I'm referring level. Less bread baker but he does a great job and I know there's does I was just curious enough yeah alternate yup he actually did one forestry selling. What what are the biggest mistakes that tell you think first time investor fronted. Usually what they do is they under budget. They don't plan for all the what it's because aside electrical needs to be replaced that plumbing goes you need an extra five to 101000 dollars so. And under budgeting and then being under prepared and a lot of times we'll consult with folks in and help them with that process that's all about planning before you even close. So a lot of times we start construction on the day of closing because we Marty ordered all our materials we've got opera guys lined up. Everything's ready to go so those mistakes that people make in the beginning is not knowing how to do that not being prepared upfront. Use some of the things that I ran into that figure halfway through but just. Being able to know win in a way here known materials absolutely I mean if you've got folks where are you better have your materials right you better have it measured right. You'll end up on you. 10% more. You're told us so good that I called you 5% more you know bit the little things like death that you just you don't know because if you run out of Thailand I haven't gotten more at the store and can you name your own travel your big trouble down and you Al's my column discounts are only got three or did you square feet and you're that was not so you moms get in there and learning and I can be risky dean good lucky you know I'll take either one. And probably a little bit of both I think Oslo bit lucky that I you know are about those kind of has some footnotes but. He found out with you earlier it would have been a lot we can I messy euphoria about you one thing I struggle with. Is just the ability to hold your contractors fear. Yeah all the sudden oh we got to go back didn't go our broken drill or I gotta go get this in your base its its they're leaving. In its always questionable. Q what are you guys leaving three times and one day we're gonna go out in their run off do. The job and on other jobs other things going that is critical to know how to manage those crazies that are signed flipper. Need some guidance on that needs to understand how much time is expected much those crews are gonna actually do form. And in what timeframe so sometimes they may be a little lax on the first couple days they're gonna pull out Iranians have. Knowing what your time frames aren't having those guys canceled is really key otherwise they'll take as much times they can't. Without a doubt. You're listening to reel save radio I'm Jason stubs if you just to an end and out this Jennifer while she's broker owner of amazing realty. What do you touch with us we want to hear from you want your questions 5126409. 610. And we actually that's Mr. Bush is coming up you're just a little bit but you're Jennifer is far as you know your your service is right if you if there's folks out there in the current. Yes whenever conversation. You're about potentially get in the air flip and a home for investment property rather it's a long term or short term hold. It into what type of human and we just talk about like how are you you being that mentor like what does that bring to the table. Absolutely give us a colony timely answer any questions sometimes colonies and toe in the water dairy jumpin and so we can help find the properties we can help consult with where to find cruise how to manage those crews we can kind of walkie. Through that process and and do a lot of hand holding and the great news is iffy if you're an investor client with us or two extra charge for those -- assistance is kind of all built sand. I'm because we're gonna help you with the buy side -- market helped you with the sale sign everything in between us for you really need that's the most important the most consulting that's all just part of the service I mean that you really savior I can't even make all the difference in the world reduced our clients all the time. And you know people who decide they want something that needs a little little love that there are a little bit afraid to jump and those are the folks who call us and those of the people that were able to help them find a dream home. And I will love that is it's the ability to know how to build like you what to spin on materials. You yeah you can't overspend you wanna do that and you'll find that sweet spot to be able to maximize your return based on the comparable homes that are area. And I think that's that's where your knowledge and specialty. You know kind of comes and so tell our listeners are in contact with you can. Easiest way is amazing realty dot com. Who did you guys who we gonna take a quick break we got more to come we've got Daniel Craig's with HS web designs out this guy. I've had ma ma I'll inferred. Quite a while now and got a lot of good things work and we're teaming up with a hump you should to stick around. Catch up on the latest headlines at any time and it's not there's scene seventy. Indeed dot com. They're welcome back. This is a little state radio I'm Jason spells appreciation got to stick around. For this episode of our show. We do this weekly end though we want to tune in our Tex lines open you can ask any questions real state. Mortgage. Marketing in either trade you need to flip a house invest property management solar roofing companies painters plumbers electricians all those folks. I reach out to us we help you find those upper sleeve that everybody folks to come in the studio I vetted before I shake their hands have been doing this since 2003 here central Texas. In die right here. In Butte falls Texas. 5126409610. We wanna hear from him one more kid for Welsh owner brokered meeting realty. How we've heard so far. Awesome Sunday organist. Can we got some good big news common for free you amok we'll do it now but. We waste on the exciting and I'm I'm not call spilled beans girl but. But she got to keep our on this one she's she's always up to something and and she's she got something in the works so we'll keep it down now but for now. We're talk a little bit about you're investing we you know we we had. You know man on with with 1836 probably mr. talking about you folks seem to get off the fence and invest in you know in a home and you know your your side of it you start bull for that so for folks wanna get in flip a house with the done and are not you know how long does this process take. So I like to tell people for your first slip it's realistically gonna take sixty days to find something. If we work together we'll do some of the prep work once we identify that house obviously typical closed time on how hard money purchase and foreign investment property if you're not financing it. Is anywhere between ten and twenty days. And then that actual flip process if you do great yes should be in and out about thirty to 45 days if you wanna be hold enough property along costs money to hold it felt so we help our folks understand how to get inning get out. Game get out and I mean some even Islam when you look at some of those folks wanna do long term whole thing but you wouldn't SO wanna comment and it in maximize that market if you're now. Long term notes a long term hold we let. Spokesman there's wasted economically kind of update huh also is a guy healing for attendance and you know if gets you know torn at my dog for a Tenet and yet it's not gonna break the bank. And so that's a little bit different process are you gonna flip it to sell but if you're gonna do a long term hold we are they're Fareed see through that whole process just takes a little bit different perspective. Every contact with the 5124615781. And check it sounded amazing real T dot com. Wolf tells budget to open houses folks if you're in central Texas in your drive around and go check out some of Jennifer's home sub. Where were they had and how we get there comes steamy this afternoon I'm gonna be at 201 seminal canyon drive this is a Georgetown addresses Leander schools but it is just off 1431 so it's right in that neck of the woods where round rock and Cedar Park and everything kind of comes together. This house is a four bedroom three bath as the media room game room and Damien cave. Got an ICF. This house has so many upgrades it's just too much to talk about but it does have a gourmet kitchen and surround sound a three and a half car garage the list almost one goes on and on so it was really worth coming by and seen me in an if you've got questions about buying a house or anything real estate related will be therefore yeah. Phone number warts I'm 5124615781. Fantastic. Our girls stick around but I won't introduce a danger Briggs with HS web designs welcome back to show real strong. On a much to love and it takes is whether right now yeah about fifteen degrees for the love and I know I'm a bad guys and gathered this gal on the on the microphone. A man I mean you are impressive but you're you go help me. Connect marred business. Mark efforts so with the world tell and mail out the first round match on super impressed me. You've lot the last time we had you on the show and we're talking about you know what would professional football do for your. And I mean it's just it's a discipline and back and say you got that discipline and the EU just relentless. On on your ability you to present your services and whether super professional look forward to seeing you know what you know I can do together but it definitely give the folks out there a little bit about what to do. Oh yeah I definitely a month CEO founder of a case where designs. Of course clear that we do web sites would do all. Digital online marketing. But Angolan and approach that's a quick it is breaking people's business down. Some people don't differ forms of marketing and wash trying to figure out exactly what to do now how are really how to make more money you have to make more money you have to do assert former marketing and see them do what makes it. It we're talking about you even do little bit for the show yes man. You know the folks that listen especially here you know in central Texas thirteen suddenly you're paying them off from Syria's record mostly kids' site. I know he's listened to our show I know you're out there drive around her car I mean. Offering and you guys are spending thousands like thirty grand a month yeah even when there's five grand a month is thousand mark on like yellow pages. Yeah yeah I know for many people that don't assign me from all types of from direct marketing and things like Derek new mail anymore and easily branded stuff like that yet. You know what I know is the maintain like to very first thing it's like a relationship with the finish. Is like they can't let go with they endured for so long it's part of the budget yeah it's part of the process and tell our guys down massive yeah it's not a new software it's not a new portal exactly and it's easier for them wolf for the dome they feel it's easy just put my money here put my money there and is what we've been door for his 2030 years but. Not only of customized baton and bring about a speech yes so it's in it's tough because you have to. You have to really breaking down to my fax Parsons our present facts and here's the main thing when he comes to light yellow page is up like this. You can't track are lying you can't try to target only. If poplar listing out in yellow pages or whatever and whatnot you know safer is is still do go really great yeah well when sales decreased do you know if it's really like. Hey my audience is paying attention she's from marketing anymore or not. You know what what it comes down to a digital he came with FaceBook you can bring down target audience from gender age range olives sheep's stomach people who view and it. He's from Israel perspective when you. You know ranks first on Google. You know exactly how many people come into the website are how many people search for the keyword you on a monthly basis our daily basis so you have to do things it makes it is is breaking it down understand we really spending your money from Spain X amount marketing. Yeah I'm no longer receive XML. Right so when you can really just just audit. Which people need to do like who regularly there off the. Don't doubt your there's so much information out there with your FaceBook ads into Dallas and CEOs stuff and users just so much common apps folks say it's hard for them to wrap their mind around it yeah it's like Souza gets money on the phone knock aren't William. Get through this screaming care about a conversation was yeah price how much yeah you know it what you did with me on your fancy try Reese learn. It was fancy strawberries horrendous thing I mean he's up there heard it I mean I'll sit Arum yeah hawks are. Now ensemble loves clothes dryer I would love and I can give back with yeah I mean right after this we got to figure to Tom I need to get with you because if I need to get going but. Come you didn't is obviously marketing works but you're what can you advise that person that's out there and they're like hey I made it through here. You don't want her to death and you know you've got. Examples the main thing is just like I go back to auditing whatever you deed right so with business because a very rated business development and marketing. So let me is more like OK in year one if I had success or whatever point I have the most success what did I do during that time period alive. And how can I duplicate what I do it's it's to make it happen again you know and so a lot of people you talk about so many different forms of marketing their Augusta Tom's stuff. All types of social media he can be doing is sealing everything else I mean even just to old traditional ways right who do Cole calls in the right right everything is money vs top there's solid at all is seeing a first year maybe don't have as much. Is refunds or what not and if so you have to find a way to make money so you know maybe call calls the shooting. But from additional perspective always lead them back to west of the web site is always the main thing was is a reason why I created a web design company. The website is always maintain no matter what more can you do. That's where knees the lead back to even after sale before sale or during you know I was only back tee what side you know so when you. When you break it down your company in in trying to get more sales and what not you have to audit. All of the more continued doing what has worked. What hasn't worked in recent reusable pay in case he is indeed duplication issue can't figure out you know safest you've been doing. Yellow pages for the past thirty years. But even they're out of their man doesn't mean I'm moving companies and there are under a moving company out there was still doing 30001000. Example gave away economic yeah yeah thirty grand for all mommy's on line you know and I have a dog yellow pages I mean there's place for everything and yet and there's a demographic going there are no there is you know there is but British women central Texas US UV you better pay attention you have to I mean if you're honest and are a really small tyranny and I don't even got to city yeah likes it takes is also has something like that you know as a complete different out here you you had better be digital right justify this story though aren't you they're really. Be able to reach people and if you do and those ads like that like SA to maintain gays. You cannot track. The the value on your money like he can't track how much she really Jeanne back right even if you don't really didn't sales because at some point no matter what for more akin to one. Sales are gonna decrease you have to figure out what's your audience is doing and where they're from what they've moved there's something they're doing you know he's just the -- things out. Just like if it's it's you know it is a lot of people just get to where. It's overwhelming and and all that you know it's easy you gotta start with a web site yet and then I mean obviously don't social media such a beast it is you know it it is an interest Colombians and also not. This is tough but gives a quick example of a clarion about a minute left in your example one class chief health Priscilla. Ali yes he so I'll go with. Always talk about mind. My lawn care landscape company we actually helping the commissioners are you referring commissioner for. Although we've Joni round rock. And so the competition day he has they're both corner completely different angles catcher concise and meet with him a couple of days ago. And we broke down just like. The marketing efforts and a target audience he's going to have to and what makes more seats press he tells us he shakes things he does all these things like this is like eight. This audience right here you haven't been able to reach so deceleration from a digital perspective right so we build up this FaceBook. We do buildup likes because it's more than just of course millions in donations and everything the same thing released the business right no you have to do a campaign and whatnot. But the lights which is the popularity contest shows a lot of legitimacy right but with this situation goes back to make. We audited what was taking place and is like hey. This is what you need to do because this was gonna help you all the most. Yes it's skip needs its Jiten in front of the folks that is the largest non traditional gap USEC group of people that that really rely you know on that digital world manager not get you know you better be for strategic and get in there. And do that so. Man. Fantastic digital mobile keep in contact with you I mean I'll look forward working with yet. Tell our audience very consequent densely you can visit our company website HT to a designs dot com. Are you call me directly 1299401. And one. Fantastic guess we are cut right there we appreciate just tune a special thanks to a Jennifer Welsh owner broker Mason wrote to general Dana Griggs. Eight checks web designs a dink here laying Rihanna with assurance rooting Crist honesty part custom calls pat law firm producers in the Booth. Matt Matty I love you man shopping Marcos be back next year thank you guys who make in this though the number 1 rule states showed central Texas City.