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Real Estate Radio with Jason Stubbs, for November 12.


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Well cancer real estate radio I'm your host Jason does. Wanna share your real estate story coming out at 526409610. And now here's Jason Stubbs. And welcome back this Sunday central Texas is we'll save radio I'm your host Jason Stubbs branch manager of in our mortgage or your consumer advocate for all things will seek. Man do you hear that tough good analogies and or something and we shall stop the show real quick sound fundamentals we think yeah miners that are missing from last regardless of how. Vows to. Man yeah afternoon I feel the pain box out its via a solo funny thus I think on the right combination it's like to Neeson next. May's record aspirin to have class a red wine and you sleepless. 3000. Feet. Tragic death movies should just throw that out you know on the way he's a well learned well and yeah US government live that's your summit I think it's we can ride out the box man sound alike. Yeah let's anyway guys what I wanna welcome news reel stay radio I'm Jason Stubbs that's shots and you know their co host and mom upon are demanding Euro mortgage also joined by Mike pricing your loan officer expert Richard Derosa radio. Some gusts. How much are you and how you did you know there we back out is better data yeah that's just reduce the little kids and Sean you can give you. Publicly out there oh yeah one more on the way in January and January argue in my just got about a the other four months for Marcus Williams ran our production going drop here and so. I'm trying to tell little America. But they were side if you made progress senior fairly and and we'll keep up to pollen that but some guys yet to your podcast out. Welcome our justice is easy to do go to iTunes. Actually just look at ourselves and you're gonna have to look on your own screens are either it's a little purple pleasant it's just podcast you're click on editor typing Jason Simpson gambrel C radio pops up. You click on that click subscribe and then you can get all of our shows right there or your film. And you play when your own time however we will thank you all for tuning in on thirteen. Talk thirteen seven AM. We've been doing this for for years enough for now so appreciate you guys we've got a lot of good feedback lately so. Keep that feedback coming and keep your questions coming and we want how we won't hear from me. Who would help you navigate through your next real signature file 12640. To 9610. Stand up. Got a good show coming up we really do come. We've got to we got Stephen Scott coming up this guy is a master of of new construction. He really thinks outside the box I mean he's. He's he's that guy if you're the one that sink in about you know on new construction or you know something that's just a little outside the box and we work we'll see even for a couple years and guy really knows who's doing fund fund got also a shot who lost we are coming on the show. We've got any clean and century 21 coming on kind of the queen of patchy shores cardinal hills. Com also my readers sold our house for us this area yes she did some she's coming on and then we loss got the amount less respect for me teacher just. Property management talking about some my current trends another of the rental market right now I'm. Yeah match up man mask and a great pictures just so recently I mean. You're really cute and bringing some knowledge just as far as you know folks out there that they either want you to purchase. An investment property to own an investor property how to manage propping improperly managed investment property. The risks and factors the breakdowns all that stuff coming up so we'll be talking America. Here shortly and he doesn't promise your you know with with your house with wood deciding on. When to list when to sell you how to you know start that process until further reach out to us 51264096. And also got us. Special thanks Sudan fiddling with a church referring I'm just don't list room without you'd get a call they come out there and they do a free inspection. They'll come out expressed his tummy year. I mean these groups are. Our but we presume durable but I'm telling you there's stuff they can get in there's little repairs that you can do to make sure that the heat. Stays intact and the mice and rats they also understand clearly know there after an assurance roofing and shuttles will develop and offer. And law firm are closing offices of text American title and got three great locations. Debris rain inched Davenport village Westlake and upon arboretum. Com these guys are awesome they won't go your clients they will. It's a comedy your clients if you need to do an early closing nearly closing maybe even Saturday combinations for some reason. Com these guys are great they're they're the best in town to work with. Like you said I mean they can't do more comedy our customers love workhorse than we love working with some high few guys need any you know real estate attorney services titles. Closing refinance you name it you need a title company I give those guys a call her patent law firm. You don't also we've got a sponsor of our show who has side. Bill makes huge part of what I've been doing lately I've been working side by side with them on the industry agrees with they shares web design I think we got to mobilize. I Dana you know there was doling out ignore it's good sir good good good good will what so what you are going off. Sol man. She knocked it out of course always knock on alert cause got got got a lot of people don't actually right now working on sport and he is so where's. Those are yeah. I know we got ten guys if you to you last week we launched so it's radio dot com and we've got all of our our shows on there responses on the are trying to. Two to put together kind of a one stop shop so tell us little bit tell would've put so what are you working on us. On you guys. So so so so with the so birdie on main you know as you age you know. Well what are you know thirty minute politicians. You're just not about their goals or not this sort of made things that comes to marketing. A lot of people youngest I guess trying to target audience and give putting doughnut ultimate goals to shorter reached city gets create a plan of attack. To be able to go out and actually yes you know remain so you know give to get more subscribers. Can edit people's additional things like that. Secret hole marketing planning you know L marketing plan short and deleted Jack was. All of that then you you know you do we got me on the phone we pulled up a document that we can both gonna edit. We made a priceless I mean you know I remember yes in the U what what's your goals we try to accomplish. You when people get to your website deal what would what are they expecting you know what so what and what information do they need. And and how can they easily navigate how's it easy on that you know all on that on that person to. To carry it through the pages and how our level we are going so far as you and check out we're still working progress but still pretty dot com this is up and and it's going to and you check our shows and we're trying to two there you know. On air or go to temple out of subscribe. There you go agenda that is said. So about how we concert with Jimmy folks if you're as small business owner out there. If you're not do as social media if you're web site looks a little old it definitely is. If it's not as mobile friendly as it should be you need to give Daniel. What the breeze a shot it to Ajax web design but South Korean contact with you sir endo what can you give bug of some of your refusal to believe. Sierra deathly so. You get in contact wouldn't originating IQ where did our comp. So it can heal the marketing or anything like that sort of put a week who actually be kind of branch out books you know our position that we had. If you have any more interest in going to New Year's if you every planet in regards to rather BA web site or any more they always put down your goals. Indeed inform the marking playing you being you know you view Alicia no are you going. Seems you can't really do anything else succeed him. So right getting don't know exactly when you were you wanna go to target audience when it reached. And get creative marketing plan falls she Generation X. eighteen square designed to dot com are you can email me directly Daniel. And AJ where the guns back. Love it man and you're like about the best this year we got cartoons and sound cloud in tax Lawrence and and you know our moral and error for your radio TV all those things so it's just what kind of all out there all over the place and for us to kind of have one. Goal a little bringing all those platforms together it is where some of the benefit in youth. Beyond got a lot of ideas but I've been able to kind of you know could use you as as guidance and India can kind of show me the way as it's been a huge help me a solid Ford tough to have to keep. Grow in the saying Intel will keep share with folks what we are going on. No doubt command are we'll talk to soon buddy I keep it up a noble ovals we'll talk next week. Our I don't know what are. Our guys are coming up but here just a little bit so we got so my price there and I mean mortgage they're mortgage business you know we we this is kind of Tom a year that. That value of the purchases make kind of slowed down a little bit although we are seeing a trickle and but I mean these this refinancing to I mean would see at this time a year. How is you know did the false. A fact you know refinancing my house this coming year affects someone must reach. Digging question. And late late fall we have property taxes are gaining dispersed through the counties through your loans searchers say if you currently houses taxes and insurance as crude into your mortgage payments. Your escrow accounts for a freeze freeze are right now and did dispersants for privatizing be paid. I'm in December. From our refinance standpoint that significantly lower your closing cost only in need in loaning you loaned. Purchase or refine its usefulness of taxes that are collected on and if your refinancing your home your basically monitoring yourself. In your responsible for all told most of those taxes so. Cluster paid December. They're good for the year which is Khin. You know knock off anywhere from ten to 20000 dollars off your closing cost depending on you know what part of the policy sure you live and right now so. I'm not can be significant. You know reduction in dubbed bonus you know to try refund statute so you've got a couple reaching its clients right now on The Who were they and what do they trinity. They are actually. Refinancing investment properties. These horror or cash outs to purchase more and more around -- properties and one of pharmacists just a street intern assume you mean. He talks those investors are Thurmond I know a lot of people you gotta investment property whose beautiful cash held through DC folks kind of renovate a little bit along with you know pull out I think I burned down payment on another yeah hour or one of our closet actually currencies and you've been in the process of three -- did you FTSE purchase to increase the regularly so you want to bump up dress went and spent some money to do the improvements and is now. Take cash out to go by another property but he's done really good job and the maximizing the rent on the property now so you know. So and it's funny because you know a lot of people kind of house beat the misconceptions I mean I think what's and all that means on the top misconceptions or refinance and you know a lot of on the back in the day and I'm actually do you still hear it mound you know the misconception abortion not lowering your registry don't want to say is poison our that I knew what he sued a guy. Well Heidi it was last time he had to show you know you got your new rate was when you purchase was an injury fund our six years ago column how much equity eighty currently have. You know you're your payment on that on that alone is based on whatever it was the balance was at the time the lows down was so if he's knocked out considerable amount equity in your your. Payment is going to be based junior payment based on really what would she go now not what you would then so regardless of whether or not you're dropping a point. You could still save a significant amount of money for Monty to stand incinerators drizzle the car. Desolate in I mean as far as misconceptions Domi Sean you did you you know. We are misconceptions Osama I mean I follow maariv I want to say it's not worth it I mean what about the other closing costs are RT I did six hours of interest rates are common. Third they're gonna they're gonna creep up I mean there's it's already had a great schools gonna slumped twelve we've they always say you know all it takes somebody Wall Street's estimates some Smart person say some stupid. You know for us to get some changes but you know they said it's gonna creep up and an it has a moose CNET. But you know there might also hold on the threes is driving me crazy trying to but I do honestly I ignored a guy wants to keep rates saudis are he said he wants free yeah so he's a publicity when I was kind of thrown out there and then kind of pulled back on us a little bit but. You know as far as you know breakeven point I mean he knows sparse refinancing goes and and what do you guys if you if you want to if you receive right briefly as is right for you didn't just text refinanced a 51264096. Tend. Just text refinance. Intel won't get so much shot of the British each about five questions for you can answer. And just answer real quick it's like do a couple things what's your read what your. You're in a couple of things you're about your house some others so different. Do you can just kind of gives you guidelines I was a little snap photos scenario yet just some quick little snapshot and I mean granted you know. It's it's not the end all be all but at least Oprah gives you a little bit of a bit of advice on you know what you would take that. That step and have a conversation about it but ups you guys so definitely. We talked to us if you like. Also is as far as the the you know cash shall Washington on CNN and ABC in people taking cash out just on primary residence for a yeah oh yeah and I mean what's what's the number one thing they're doing I mean you know if you replace your penalty shot overconfidence. I mean I see is the majority ones and I've seen are paying off credit cards did a lot of this is SI read or the ruled the one for several fun to play it can come and play you know you might end up. Four point eight some five interest rate on your mortgage your four points of Irish a mortgage for your pain 1516. 20% of your credit cards so okay yeah we're a refinancing down to four. For an eighth. But if you can eliminate 40000 dollars or 50000 dollars of you don't 17%. Credit card interest rate debt is a lot harder to pay down the side emerges eyes like. Feel like a mortgage you know you can you doc we've had people that are knocking you know 7800 dollars just there minimum same as there's an hour ordeal. Good yeah and there's not going to be cars a month worth of credit card payments is to leave that's a lifestyle teach tennis it's a lifestyle change I mean to Castro plot problem I mean any chance I'll let you got these higher interest rates up there. Let's say you knock altos. Those minimum payments to credit card debt and you're able save somebody you would there's 350 about 750 but we've seen 12100 dollars a month and outgoing money plus minimums and not even really Sean can all act like especially softer and those ornaments and zero out so in that instance what if you increase your interest rate by half a point. It in yourself only yourself possibly hundreds or thousands of dollars a month and outgoing payment you talk about waking up in the morning going damn. I'm debt free except for you know what I don't know how else I'm all right fourteen those four checksum right and a credit card companies are stay in the netbook. Itself has to pay the right to trust our Christmas dot com and there I'm not there now does not been there I remember those credit card payments going out and do. 4232. Went on the high card companies make an easy harming our value I'll get to see in the elderly do credit limit was just increased excellence and ask for dads do you got to ask. I don't really like me paying us to have the upper I wanna you have to be there is no doubt. Man I must I got so high I got mad there's other AB stole stuff that we should glass so that's a quick break Jason those guys we come back. We got more than that less worth 1836 property management we've got to in a clean coming up Stephen Scott expert realtor stick around your back. I'm not on the news today with the topple online ads on thirteen seventy dot com. I'll sock thirteen seventy go right choice. Welcome back central Texas is also a radio I'm Jason Stubbs. Appreciate you guys shouldn't thank you up podcast listeners out there on iTunes and of course searching seventy. 8 am talking thirteen seventy right here. Beautiful hills Westlake. Austin, Texas and AKA big Hollywood. Got a full crew packed studio on the original run around a room broke quick Shawn Finney and she lost her mortgage Matt less per. The owner of thirteen to 1836. Property management group. Mike Price clos are mortgage. And it a couple of other folks baca observing hanging out so you don't feel free it took to chime in anybody but just before the break we're talk a little bit about. Refinances and if it's right Soria. But pay if you wanna make sure that you know recent incidents on the benefits you. Or if you can't we're station near you furniture in the exact perfect position in each you do anything to improve its. Reach out to this 5126409. Soon Matt what's up man housing go and in the world of property management. The world is going to think I told her it was a little quiet it was a little bit strange well I don't hear that from everybody's from the agents is from you guys sliders it was just October and so what it's gonna change is gonna bounce back I think mainly that's spoiled last few years you put a sign out front and people were knocking on the door it's amazing we have to work real well console now so he's listing agents especially. I think actually have to do stuff. Well and I don't know what those guys do and specifically that they weren't on the floor I don't I'm not to have an open house you don't just I don't mean it is assigning yard and put on a nostalgic I'll walk away we're Spinner a fortune trying to market these things out and punctured on what you're not marketing in my legs. I'm doing things it onto a luxury houses for sale right building I don't have as a Ferrari instant answers out front which is happening. Amid didn't finish it should have a look at it is ally in Oklahoma so I've learned is a man. That there's a guy didn't really want to do combined and I'm sure you're summoning up daily is out there now would have out thought and Bard answered but they're doing enough. Yeah they got actors they're coming out there and how it's set Carville and their yeah so good look at all that I guess if the monies into sole house greatly amused that works the clients who works for the agents everybody's happy do a deal hot right off anyway I think it's funny I told not to run offs. He gets his write it off get to drink and take pictures of cars that most of us never be able to afford I guess it's kind of depressing just made your eight. Give me a photo of Billy don't ever be able to afford you know they're just not my problem do you think they should label those advertisements so you know who leased a car who actually owns it. What you Joyce probably would come that you look for the bar codes like a one of the windows to that means it's around there usually it's a renal follow thinking yeah. Nice guys good good picture perfect and your blood tests are announcing California and the in the enough. 625 rarely gives had skipped window rolled down they concede are. Maybe the idea was around he just roller RS plus the boat around yes your rental fee I get back the airport to see my sign. And the Seahawks. Jumped in there somewhere doing everything in California Reynolds that's who they say it's easier to rally and a little president and all the house's it's already happened I was out at Sean kind of took a panel of the parking lot is actually totally sweet NASCAR's. What these people do these are awaited. The rise lease and all this stuff yeah he's. Anyway hey Californians are welcome the show think your mind person's lives and that's an Oscar to have please look at buyers and UN area. Solo home that's a delicacy and I would say there are a lot of cash or cash from California no doubt about it so dirty ones right now everybody's kind of search and they call Ian eagle. I need my five house is in thirty days can you just just give me five do you have any girl and a winning guy I just say go to somebody can cellular company you know I'm actually ask around several times several different people and I haven't found anyone that. Felt the need for a standout nor has a standout come about guys like you just hired just find somebody who's who's immoral process thing I really need anything. I sort of see more pop up no what I got to does seem all closed tells you placed your flew on the news yes I was asked him to enter your shades experts give us a call right now we will shoot commercial free charters out. I'm writing Julia. You're getting area. Five foot 36409610. We will hear from you to interview exchange people must do it come don't show those figures out because there's a lot of would go on no doubt about it. But you know back to. You know property manager I mean you know I know your busy out there McNamee got a ton of properties achieve that she management you know what so what some of the new stuff found that you were don't run out. The biggest things are working on a really kind of. Field in the the unknowns so everybody knows we collect rent and all that that's great that's all we think we do get a check of surround Almonte to just spend the money that they pay us let. The truth is how we deliver services to these people we don't wanna just be that the check collectors anybody can do you got and so were beta testing this week a return on investment analysis and it's not something that your financial advisor couldn't do which is that typically your financial advisor wants to sell you something else for a so we're using in Atlanta. A couple columns one being a sample of what we would expect as the river turned to be on your property any other your actual numbers because I managed properties we can pull their PNL. From the last twelve months custom day whatever may be pulling it back in down payment when did you buy the house which are down and what we're finding is the worst. Performers the people they're going loud I just a maybe I should sell unknown and Newt. They're about twelve and a half percent rapper turned cuts and the best performers are in excess of 35. So my mid 52 and the reason people are performing poorly that all are is because. The house is paid all for the unit does actually specifically condom use him talking about I certainly paid off. So they put all this money down and they're making cash flow they're paying taxes on that cash over penalized in net and on the spreadsheet for the taxes. And well they're only making twelve and a half percent life as horrible semester ministry anniversary of you say don't you don't allow about it it's real numbers. I mean you're working with actual numbers you're working with the performance of folks that you've been managing our property. That you can look back and say this is where we're twelve months ago because this is where we rats. Absolutely Obama so in my favor sore now I'll keep it short because I know times we have tolerated still. I do have one client as a house paid off and it's my part one of my favorite clients of all time they don't server ten years when they came to us they couldn't decide do we sell do we rent we sell we wrap. And the matriarch of the family was going into arrest Tom and the kids are trying to figure out what to do and we got to look at. Try it for year to you if you don't like it we can only sell its been over ten years that house has been producing the income for that played a live on in the rest tone for her tenure radio it's gone to the value almost 50%. Rise in the same amount of time and it's still cash producing while she's still alive and healthy kids have come to us multiple times said you know we don't know what we've been done because we've gone through all the money up front yeah so it. That really gives you a good feeling when you can produce things like that for a family and take care people. Man I mean that takes me to why don't more people do this. I think it's fear of the unknown guy yeah you read the horror stories you know everything scary out there these people who need it in there are couple bad stories but statistically. It's that one or 23% there's also 12 or 3% on the other side of the equation that. Never having anything go wrong. But the average is it works and the math is there are people make a lot of money in real estate it's not accidents because they got the guts to get into it. You're gonna spend 8910%. Of being a what you have to give to get out of an essay you already own down. Wanna because of Jews and money. Absolutely and solicit your house is sort of 50000 dollars it's 25 grand you're gonna pay in to get rid. Of the asset. So who won I just try for a couple years honestly people to stay with us three or four years past the hump. Even if it's a new house and they don't now have options on that equity it's gone up in value I see that it works at got tax deductions. What I find another one. Soon I regret it Obama among a lot of greens are sold my house glory years ago and house compound that's a decent defense to ourselves where rant and you know I decided the time I wanted to cash you know one and a little more cash to put down in the new place but you know. Looking back you know I'm so between Travis I wish I really wish I would Jessica's. A lot of people I think there's that there's an option out there a lot of people don't think I'll finesse. You because they're there's aid there's a certain price point house to where it's just not that sweet spot for rental absolutely in European let's say that you live senator Carlisle everybody wants to keep the house or Libyan as a rental. But he got an equity units not necessarily that sweet spot would you ever by somebody look. If you Rhode property let's go get your property if you wanna go buy your house somebody else we'll sell this war in go bust to absolutely mean because if you're gonna get into an investment property degenerating either breakeven or some mailbox money you have enough money to go put down color primary to keep that within your budget I mean Sony seems fully. Not necessarily price points you're right he can be suites our school district and I saw her I a three bedroom two and a half bath. In LCI as the try him again is that I'll never I would I would you ever had a front running that place ever us down an accurate it is for price 1415100 bucks month. Maybe a little more and never had a problem yeah ever and it probably never gonna side is this talk about what the arousal was pretty what's the lowest price point in one of the best school districts. Is it like a sub district to get it to myself now and I said I'm kicking myself. But higher poised price Reynolds honest leader are not good rental or people come to generate less sure there in tours. Well that's completely correct you get a handle a deal over a million dollar house Tamara you get a heck even steal compared to the cost of buying property downtown Austin is a great example that but anything. I didn't even make 150 anymore reading to you to fifty Taylor five. It's funny you just get Maynor hit a it's already midnight at all Chris the numbers on those homes and Taylor we manage a couple that are a hundred years old I just a couple. And even with the repairs in those homes because they paid so little form. They came to me this year this have wanna sell or scared that you know the expenses are random numbers are good you can't you just making too much money in the house those scary but. Let's look at this and in totality and it was pretty impressive. And I told the dot dot I loved before before the break I got another 0:4 AME as far as like price per square foot goes you what are people looking for right now. On the plus side a military agency two guards on the rent I mean I mean to be a lot of times your question or do you know all your questions for my buddies they're trying to prayer. There's also more Spencer then we're Rama no look look I get a two bedroom foreigners in here watch the areas down. Now yeah but it's very she usually mean you get something downtown anywhere between two when he 404000. For a two to let me just vary so greatly. So you got to the birds you get a 32 for. Twelve or fifteen under seventeen or month ever really nice house but it yeah you get in the city center and it's just it's hodgepodge with well and once they inventories of sold. It's time behind is definitely I. Everything came on we have so many starts in the last couple years it's gone up but it's still considered a renters are excuse me out a landlords market which was surprising definitely it is. Without doubt maps less for right there 1836 former mayors that Matt how we contact with him before you about that information does if you're out there. And you're in a house or not sure if you should listed originated or one ever give Matt a call he can help you out come the way he can break down numbers. If if you like me on the numbers guy is right in front of you there it's real data is super impressive given a shot smattering concept we'd like 1836 property management dot com 5129944323. Gosh I cutter right bearer of this Rossi radio I'm Jason cells will be right back don't go anywhere. And welcome back central Texas this is real say radio I'm your host Jason stops here every Sunday on talk thirteen seventy. Eight element of course. Your podcast listeners thank you guys for a subscribing to do that she got the iPhone just put your own screeners a little purple buddy says podcast. Click that button you're gonna just search for Jason subdural say radios and pop up you click subscribe and you get all of our shows right there on your iPhone you can listen on your own time unless you're listening in you car right now thirteen to the end. Hard to offer their do around got you back with us for another. Segment we got Matt lesser owner of 1836 property management Sean Finnegan co host and senior officer in RL mortgage. In the blow upon it's been two day long man we got Steve Scott. Expert contributor real estate agent Reilly wrote to Osama in the house means when a breeze and simply to show baby boy OK okay. It's good. Have you had a good anyway yeah yeah yeah allow you feel keep real way to Mozart remembering him. Police are going to be your day out Dallas and let's get right to a man actually get a good deal would match kept looking at them. You stared at me and you know that's okay I'll lose you again it was a great like being this Matt yeah ice they're not afraid to show our I pre show. Low key as his own team around so I actually work with his team but I was it was the easiest listed never. Gum and when you. When when nom you can go to property management. I mean he makes sure these houses are pristine. Nice Sarmiento is the easiest 3% are made. Now come mark client didn't have to even come to the house. From source mountain melody are going to we didn't really nice to hear yeah we're really go to. Some links to make sure these things are checked I'm actually licenses and inspectors Wellington I don't practice practice so our checklists are really down to those inspectors checklist on some things that people aren't looking for Iraq and I'm glad she had that experience she never she never went out to the house soon and so I was scared Panama we've seen and in our have a nightmare listing now. I'm without whether they didn't do property management. So anyway I just takes less sad I love from now appreciating how popular means a lot it is I like their small world praying and especially when a small world saying kind of comes together here. You know Holiday Inn in the studio so we're cool we're glad you got general business get a master us that he knows there's your under the command little Brian appreciate that's so. Cars no doubt just having that people are happy man you know takes a long time in business before you start here in any positive news and when people say that they had good experiences would do you it. It really means a lot as we all put our blood sweat and tears into the Sierra gap in no doubt we'll see it's a real estate man I mean what's up Steve which remarkable. You know what no matter. How much I wanna try to expand out. Man my passion in my love is always been working with first time home buyer attitude I'm. So that's still going to be my knee it's just that's always going to be home for us. My. My business model is is basically structured around helping people. Get into their first home. And do it in a process and in a way to where it's doesn't have bad car salesman. Experience in the field to. It is C education peace summit if you lose the you doing it you know I we've had who army countless hours of conversations. We strategize together we talked about the process and the first some home are for me like it's it's the goal of mine to make sure that that question that they have once that had its eye pillow but that's what I want to make sure. That that we were caught you right but it's it's. I mean it's the questions that I want them to feel comfortable that they're able to ask like first page Jason stones how do you get paid. Or are you what are some of these questions are you scared to ask that you used how much money do I need to bring down with Smart creative score. You know. You know how long glad to be on my job. His victory keeps yet you know I dinner I was like OK what are what are they scared of I think rejection OK I think rejection well that big goal stamp that slight denied all rejection you know allow him. You know where everybody is confident in his skin yeah you know but but when you're buying a home you guys have followed them. And done so many transaction is gonna be their first yeah so so nobody wants to get rejected. Or if I if I step I don't know ma'am and and I and I'm trusting you. Too soon give me that information are you don't even Karl back because maybe I'm not bright 820 credit score with 20000 and an ankle. What if somebody finds out that I'm fine I can't like my girlfriend or mile wide for my husband or more for a whatever it is I mean. It's is definitely not rejection that you to meet up kind of adopted something to words like it doesn't matter I mean whether it's in three months. Q3 days three months or three years for whom did you qualify and and that's what especially in Hamburg. Together. And so. I won't work with a lender who won't give income documents and run and can do a whole complete half. What beer or qualify ardor are unqualified. You know we we still have to have those questions answered okay easy credit. All let's put it together and affection for your credit gas sleazy got the job history right he got a little income right. If its credit let's talk credit let's talk you know let's put a plan of action together to please don't just don't give you a list. Because because that person. It to have credit issues they don't know what to do yeah in the a lot of time that's education to without a doubt you know a lot of south you'll think well it's its credit now Democrats don't think my credits there. Well is your income there no matter if you intro strikes you just write you a little bit and job history you it to me it's awful it's a plan and that's why I say don't stop. Exists that a lot of lenders. And that's why I love what welcomes you guys they'll pull that created and say that god doesn't qualifier. And then they're they're they're pretty much done with them. And I look at their credit report and say aged Nina. You know this or that include Indian they're dead they're. You know so lomb fit into lax again if they have two car notes and you know how they that that goes yeah we also have the income peace something extra and how is your mind power because I mean face it in central Texas. You know. You're gonna need like you need at least 200000. He noted gives you a decent home. There's there's there's there's some there's some pockets. We gonna see pockets. You know what's in your pocket it no attention don't you know back. What maybe they can do a decent where it's not necessary even just their credit score -- dating jump right on the Steve Austin and Jason we've all seen this right off I've seen some of that makes. 40000 dollars a year and I pulled their credit and they got a thousand dollar month BMW payment right and it's like that's a real clients and it is I mean. You've also got more than right idea well maybe we it's we really need to get job Honda accords you know our if you wanna buy a house yeah meant when he gets on a court right now because if you're only make forty grand year. And yours are not a thousand dollars a month on that BMW tries not really much to play with a by house you could still I was 800 credit score right but your your did take a just not gonna work. And in so and so we were we we were with willow worked in those files because. It's essential to what we do not only to have dad Joey have seen somebody get their first home. But I mean I literally close church's yes it just sprays like while far beyond and so you know I'm close and a pastor the First Lady did you usually so what how. I got tired I gusties I thought guys they don't. Yeah. Yeah house argued that house many days does Martin Altoona Delano I'm. I got to figure ST you know who the people that did our regional what's your health region. Can understand if you're out there as a person that's it's owned by house and two years flights for meat dress like you why why you in my house into the most ridiculous thing and because you don't have a plan threat because you scared your credit score you scared your income you're scared you know you're scared the big -- stamp that says denied which I don't do we basically just you got us in this room working as a team what we're willing dukes to pre work. Mean we'll get paid to you get keys. Crowd you know and we feel as if he just like your body else does what we're willing to put that work upfront. To assure that you know if you don't get to the finish line pro life and what not only today. Our borrowers don't even know race change what every four I was mayor I mean sometimes source today shows you possibly is death if possible if you. You know obesity and waiting two years would tell me what do rates are gonna look like into uses what it costs associated with a right amiga is actually cost of waiting is what I mean what's a professional level so if you're not saving against increasing interest rates against. Appreciation value let you know you're going backwards I know first time homebuyers there it then literally got priced out of neighborhoods ya call that they they couldn't afford that area anymore. Because they wanted to wait till 2018 and New Year's resolution. And and it's it's it's just down the tubes form so. If anybody's listening. You know call the show. I give with the lender. Hopefully. You know this team here in. And we'll get you can check our squared away if I return some love to the best thing that I've heard you say is that you actually wanna talk to people know talks in India we all want a plug in numbers on the Internet guest down and find out exactly if you're approved or denied because apparently there's actually communicate with people crack and he what you're saying is you actually wanna sit down with these people come here and help them learn what to expect help educate them in care for them as humans right concept we know that. They've got to reach out to you would be open to building a relationship with another human incidences plugging in numbers and expecting the Internet to produce a happy life forms right up. And end and we go back into that thing guys where he know everybody thinks it. Everything on the Internet is is to truth and it's not a there's a lot of third party companies that aren't even licensed or associated. What do real estate professionals that put information out there just degenerating ditch your information capsules are you need to Carla professional and just get her role map and he just aren't a snow yeah. And I got British Open their real quick Gump Steve on the judicial podcast we what did you not do a full force you to a full hour of the first on the Omar doesn't leverage on their beautiful powerful put out there we put a radio would put on podcasts and put it on FaceBook do all that stuff let's get you back in her purse or how to get contact. You you can you can direct shoot me an email and ask parent and new homes in Texas back to their. Two and also leading junior Carl. Are you co 2819145967512. 8148494. If you're not our senior she's got more comes around sincerest. The right choice for breaking news first to talk thirteen seventy. Oh right so. Welcome back to the show this is (%expletive) radio I'm Jason stub your host appreciate just tune in and we're here every Sunday talk surging seven feet. AL and thank you podcast listeners keeping up. Keep subscribe and in your feedback is fantastic we appreciate you. I'm sitting in here with stuff Sean Finnegan Matt lecturer and and how Leno back expert contributor to our realtor. For how mayor Bob lake Apache shores. Girl are you doing welcome back to show good Perry and I'm goose would tell what's going on your world. OK until Wilson. Gun where the cubs who brought before we vote won't turn the breaker kind of talk about a little bit you're doing right now but there's also a little slow let's talk expectations if you look here's your house trying to. Expectations. The fire crews are certain lane to connect through this you'll picker these days total realignment decisions so. If you're expecting to set up your house on the market and sell like tomorrow or Afghanistan. A national. I don't think so I would look let's talk about you know you list your house you're like all right I want you know you got to homeowners Psycho well mine so my counselor cited this. You have it DL is just not the time to think your goal list and in sell it for over. You know overrun me how. How do you gauge that and how do you put them and could you give them some perspective. It's just stunning price accordingly your. It's. That inventory was a little bit higher now we're sorry this is just come off right before the holidays to voice can. And until Thanksgiving. And Christmas and people coming through within the house so. In its first try to get a little bit tighter about this time mere. That it has taken longer Celek in the entire lake south area which is from Mansfield dam all the apps by sweet briar cliff part of dripping springs entirely Travis area. I just pulled the comps on all of the houses. That are. That have sold last thirty days and those taking 73 days. And the house visitor under contract for an hundred channel. Mandates I mean it was just check the longer it just seems like if you're if you're looking to buy now's the time. I mean would you agree that app over the last five years poke holes in this. The last five times this seems like it is a position to work your buyer you can find a deal the station to the odds are well. Are you here you're kinda did not know. Also the flip side of that is you know you've got clients out there trying to sell their homes he doesn't wanna make sure that hey you know we're doing the right thing we're sell our house really get market value and that's what it's about. Let's get our house is worse. Right so it's like setting those expectations so how'd she do that with the current clients that you haven't also tells about a couple listens and you have now. So I've got a couple of right now that are of great properties of you know we're we're getting showings on them it's just it's not going to be night the end January through Maine yeah. Of out of me so my house in nine days for basically four. Yeah yeah. I mean really it's like the last crazy the last feet airs it's. July 22 tiny it's such a slow down until I was like I've been slow all summer and then. November December and January contest to pick you know October or September October slow and. Now it is so I mean expectations I mean you know we it's it's your you know I think you can still Lister home right now you can still get market value. It's just all the hype out there the folks are not in the industry you know it. They just can't they might expect Zora was a little bit quicker we tell those people. Does just can take a little bit longer I look at. It's shouldn't personalize their death that is data Matt Matt's data driven we have many army its its numbers don't lie so what do you. Speaking of it's taken a little bit longer what what do you have to figure out so try to sell right now what I have I don't want proper. Green and two and today we've got open house is on the both the mom I'm going to be at one house that at 23 a four wide dump pass which is a brand new home brand spanking new three. Tons of builder upgrades I mean he did a really good job on it. It's Tony threw for a white a pass 1817 square feet three bedroom two bath. Only know one car morons that it's great property and there's an extra flex from that could be a force fed trimmed off the study whose counsel should through Sony five. Single story home great price point single story if you want I thought I was saying let them do is live MR Landis and other properties listed at 385. 2505. Inching creek roads same neighborhoods that year to heavily tax rate you've got fully cost and access Lake Travis school district. The property at Indian Indian creek is 1849. Square feet three bedroom two and a half hour. After it's on almost a. I have to make her until you lots everything's built out around it so and it's kind of push back from the road so it's heavily to read the lower you still have some views they get out upstairs and got panoramic views that the coal property and then they just upgraded the end. The kitchen and some of the Kapanen throughout the house and. There is only appreciate yes they Demi it's like trying to school district it's super low tax rate compared everywhere else around. You got lake access my wife moved me out of their kicking and screaming hey you have got. Tom I would've stayed there forever but I definitely look to proceed and you know good you know they're worried about prices being too high in Austin and appreciation loose. That neighbor is gonna continue to appreciate because there's a lot of stuff you know it's turning over there it's they're knocking things down build a brand new. Obama still wants a lot sooner. You know location by both lake seat mile terms like awesome really easily. Come close to new straits by the new construction marriage is closing at 209 square foot them 09 while there. I mean that's you know Obama did you give him three or does our house without. 2500 dollar tax bill. You know I mean he wordy get that even give them any places a minute that that's that's huge. Lake Travis school districts like China schools are geeks for itself and it's it's one of the top schools and in Texas it's highly sought after and you know his days at which you can buy a single family residence of lightweight for under 400000. Freer limited yes I think Yahoo!. I mean you do for I mean if you what. Brand new yes I mean if you're if you're looking at lake when you're gonna buy a house built in the 1980s that has a funky floor plan and needs a much work yeah so you're gonna get old pictures look like they're kind of not. Hi I'm still trying to hear it all the glass it's everywhere in my house one by one. And I think niceness and announced a real quick shot what was it like we're gonna do more who has great winners she came to my house and you know I like to think I know low Ross talked about she threw price out there and us and I thought I was crazy and she does I promise you really get pretty darn close it pretty fasteners and public trust you ensure enough ninety's. Later we had almost a full price offer. Could have been happier. We did really well my house he's had better and Ira managed imagine she see breezy work with Tom I recommend her to anybody out you know in that area for sure. If your song especially pat sure she saw them confer another different warehouse. A couple months after harsh for like twenty days and it was a kind of a funky house is trying to sell. And she saw that for full price and in three weeks so men on this you're depressed shores I definitely would not even consider using anybody else took listens on your house up there there you go test shots against Korea. Of time I think exactly three she does she goes every piece square inch of dirt out there. There's no doubt it's cool we got to kind of right there in this article sure we'll get you back here and found soon but if folks will be in contact with him if you're looking in that lake wave our shores area I mean Hanna is your your real sir I mean she sold every house twice almost according to Johnson you know we hear but to in. How we can't equity. He can give me call or text at 5122669022. Or stop by today albeit the whites of house for Gonzales will be at the end increase property rules for open from two to four. Fantastic guys got a cutter right thereof will be back next week thank you for making this the best in number one rules they radio show in Texas. CO.