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Well cancer real estate radio read your post Jason's just wanna share your realistic story. Call now to finally see you six point 09610. And now here's Jason Stubbs. And welcome to the show we are back I'm happy is I can be on how Lola we'll be caffeine for a show. Appreciate you guys to an end we'll get right to it cost of radio dot com check us out there are we appreciate all you guys right here on talk thirteen 7 AM also tune in radio. More on iTunes FaceBook is real state radio with Jason Stubbs. And Sean thank you mobile mark price over your mortgage professionals were consumer advocates for all things real state. We'll stay radio is doing just Perdue a fantastic guy as we appreciate all you folks out there that have had gotten our apps apps pretty cool deal. The couple on there it's less you thought reform we're home body and upper body be checking out here's what you do. You can hop on there you can you can search homes you get interest rates calculate payments got affordability calculator. All that stuff in there are so if you don't win them. If you would take that next about a bigger house or check out an investor prof you've always wanted you to hop on your phone and just text those three letters atx to this number. 31996. You'll get a text back it's a little link you click on the link you scroll over safe to home screen and you can start checking out over and members on interest rates. Ponders a news feed of all the of all the news that affects interest rates are a lot going on right now changed as CF PB. We got a little bit of this now gone on so our marquee guys know that so check it out that's are our app is doing a fantastic job we have towels news on the right now Lott just kind of Tiki tacking on it right now so. Check that out just something to the subject off. Just another week. Another great job I'm I'm a pass on your Wii I know you're not allowed talk about shortly messed up prices don't you ask. Unless fan yeah you know you feel better I'll feel better we're on the mend good mainly some preempt. Prepare via lives for your brother for a couple of days you know Lola your YouTube to plug into. Mark guys have thought or were more it professionals and we meet a lot of folks who do a lot of speeches and we you know we get out we networking all the stuff tonight anyway about Erica we'll determine in the and talk to your network drew the man what's for dinner cal Lee would. Agree group of people is off for us it's Tuesday morning meeting at it it is and you know it's on FaceBook you just wanna check on the FaceBook page is good Jason Stubbs on on FaceBook but. It's it is I did not show the restaurant I could told people thousand history can. You you can be done away with somewhere in the Mediterranean a problem absolutely don't know doubted that pretty we got to whether it's a favor some year I mean it's it will besides getting dark so quick which is it annoys me but I just I love leather a lot of the time. So you hope you got sucker stick around him to show coming up on Sean tussle but about the couple from. Patent law firm your closing offices protects American title cost three great locations. Arboretum Wesley cadaver dogs and eight free range. The year go to guys for all your realistic closing or you know real estate. Legal needs you know early morning late evening Mo notary they'll come to you. There is greater our kids and of good things about. No doubt and also to show brought you body and tooling with the church roofing on Tuesday you've got to be got how south there was you bar and you sell whatever it is it's a free inspection. Here's what Tony the storms came they're gone but it's getting cold in the rats and mice wanna get in so you have ad Dan and in his folks over their church roofing. Have them come out hop on your roof you gob Rihanna she's also she's she's just title they should jump on their latter shall sunroof. Is she checks Al Shura is your roof and and make sure that it's a tip top shape. If there needs to be my repairs and talk about that or if you have damaged how it was last and you don't roof exactly so if you're up their lip around and ensure a Christmas lights in the mean take a little peek or you have to answer dripping. Come check it out up in the give you inspection and a gift to us from the storm. They'll work with your interest company in and help you get that a transaction and in all that stuff covered also we got who get commercial. We've got DM Morris from. Enhance outdoor lighting is very young in its California. How I met him but my brother and all does a lot of the sub out outdoor lighting out of Montgomery County there yup Tom mall area if Conroe area US talk to him about it means I may get somebody bleed on the show and you are just careening into actually an ad didn't had a contract called and we just hit it also come roof cool guy and -- doesn't really neat stuff so guys who stick around for that. I'm also we've got to Matt less spurt with a 1836 property management. And here's deal if you are fury and investor and you got a couple thus in brook resort there. And you just you need to do an analysis basically one make sure that your maximizing your investment. After it's an investment property right so you gonna make sure your your maximize your investments what Mac can do is he just take your real numbers. And then he does a market analysis and they'll let you know hey look you might be a little bit more here by doing XY or Z so I'm not the expert he's coming up you wanna check that out. We also. A home we got to guiding agrees alana. Rarely go somewhere else sitting here just ramble and als like me need a lot welcome aboard colony and guys appears to an end this is grossly radio. We got to debris ZoneAlarm without paychecks web design. Who has done Stubbs radio dot com he's got kits but takes names. And Dhabi and we would prefer people to youth they're called me back they love you dudes. Did believe this will allow I love these basic resources is in here for me personally like. What an idiot says to a three month. I'm going to like you've got to maintain. It's actually a lot more home even though it's it's is any. To be compromised when things get to most projects is not so I'd like a lot of Reading a lot of podcast with me you did tree strategy going into that into the new year. Right and so I mean let's talk about it I mean this is the station and you got business owners small business owners owning their rubber other cars listening to you right now what he would you tell those folks sitting here. You know I mean just at the beginning of December he got a little bit of time on the what should they be doing at the end of the year to plan for next. Really should Beagle and mark government confrontation and of course like you know jogged articles no you didn't go I mean and talk about write down amount. You know what you do and you wanna make you wanna go to withdraw an expansion like internal growth whatever it may be. It did take those golden EU trade strategy is going to be like complement those goals analyst and took option why do we need to web site. It would need to redesign what do we need to social media do more social media. That you agent will be done that we do do apps and so we have lighter note to clients already debt. Starting with we're going to be developed an author so these data you really wanna put a lot of thought into. Obviously bureau missed also that when you go into the new year even it is not donor completed a moment you already rolling Lorena you goalie Daria strategy in place. It did say that you're going to doing great index. Yeah I've referred a body over Tia. I mean how shall decide about we've actually cloud our soup Caleb we their own sub syntex Jackson. Yeah he's one of those guys and he's he's hot he's my heart fishing buddy love and death of known for years. A home we still have some dinner he's just one of those doozy he he he wakes up the more and he buses but he's got a bunch of volume projects going on and you I don't think about about looked at a site a mutton and you're one of the top guys in town. And your your sights on your mobile friendly ME basically it was like a picture of film a millisecond lumberjack anyway but if it's a pity it's and it appears does a bill do. But he you looks like a lumberjack is like a bio on my grand. You and you're doing 35 to sixty fun yes sixty. 5000 dollar job I've probably of would have grown to save on lake Austin he bronze probably feel enough they probably looks at them all the thing inning cut but he's dumb of that project but feel folks go right to your website in you know it's and if it's unfortunate but a nice sharp mobile friendly website makes you legitimate MI wrong. Not on you yeah you're right on his spot on but that they did you know we have a lot of our flight deck. What happened it. Honestly when business is doing great would be this is going great you lose all of those things that you still need a lot of internal things are growing the company. And so being you don't really get around to it until you know you your body of Caleb being liked it WS I looked better he does with its so he's aware of any so like. Do more with it it's actually put in web site to the direction that you go now there's a couple of car accomplishment that he hasn't. I mean I've done I've been a part of over 2000 landing pages in website design I've got home than the one that was it you know our own house suffered a dot com. On this is my fourth or so. In like it you know a lot of folks if you if you're after he had done your damn I don't go to that again it cost a million dollars blah blah blah I mean here's the deal I enjoy it and it's yours is like it's like give those new periods in these when you were young you know he I mean. Or did that new car and apartment shortly I'll walk backwards for like three weeks and go to new York and blocking duties are walking backwards I can believe this month you know that kind of deal so. It's it's a good thing to do unhappy is a sock and be with you in not only that but it's just a social media stuff the targeting and in the direction you gave me. I'm excited to get go and and and I actually owe you some stuff I gotta get a ball do have been work out this evening and I got a couple things over to you about how do you contact with yet. In Dunn's. Yeah. At least so I mean of course go to a chick web designs dot com object on our site you can contact mr. Baier if you actually want more information. We're talking about in regard to marketing strategies you've got a chicken of the dot dot com. Last two down to making more. Sure torment you got you got him boxing match is coming up. I've got will live anywhere you are actually trying to get ready for right now. Okay what they always come check that out and for all of you you can check out Dana Griggs at Ajax web design dot com he's also got a podcast what's up. Our daily variety that our radio. Search for the inspired any grass did you find it what kind of options wells. Without a doubt I would do a break out so podcast with yet. Let's only do and and I team exclusive so let's put that on our list and you know I'll get that going to and we got to figure it will go double below will have a announcement on the look that's going to be in. It will make sure that we showed up all you Gaza a great seller men appreciate you love enjoy the rest your Sunday buddy you know keep the good work talkies and Garcia. Man. That guy so impressive and you know it's it's it's crazy when you're you don't business owner. In monthly premium on you know in the fourth in my forties and you hire dude it's like half your rage you know it's like what I mean. It's kind of comfortable first second. Well especially on that line. Our practice and he grew up with doing that suffering he's broken it not been doing it. I mean he's been doing that has dozens middle school I know I need help Woodland Hills I mean as mortgage people we I mean I don't wanna be the old guy scared millennial away you know they're like hey man with our tech guy says we can get their eight magistrate charms that are about to pass out. Yeah and go to Florida get into that it does listen is this a two year old girl and we're mortgage people in and we were aware early Chad that we here's what we here's what world if we're gonna bring on dealers enhanced outdoor lighting next were talked about just knew ye awesome stuff that you can do to help bring the value of your home keep your home safe we got map quest for coming up we're talking you debate about what that's going on over there to 1836 property management. And then or don't get too were up all the boxing gloves we're glad you realtors know out there what pisses us off for you clients to control over that going on so we don't bring it were worked for put it glows all we're sort also pledges. And we are about to give it. Down or put out their laid out there and and would hold back to stick around we'll be right back. Top thirteen seventy is everywhere with a new talk apps get it now at times thirteen seventy dot com. It's. They're welcome back. This generals say radio I'm Jason Stubbs who appreciate you guys. Tune in wherever you're treated and whether that's tune in radio talk thirteen 78 PM or come into your writer for the patent law firms studios. Guys brought his FaceBook are got to do it's really easy. Real state radio with Jason Stubbs. It also check our new website designed by HS web designs this Dana graced my buddy he's an athlete ex professional football player the dude is a bad bad man so. If you're one of those folks out there that's looking to. In enhance your your website and taking in how you know if he knew website. Support your phone typing your web address and if it looks crappy it probably is called Daniel's with 86 web designs and to help you out so trio dot com check us out we will hear from you guys. So we thought. You gotta questions about you mortgages are real estate agents I mean. What we're trying to do here is we bring folks on that our our our vetted by me I've been in town for doing this for fourteen years. And down knock austere wrong so if you guys want my counter tops custom home builders. You know just all of the services that can encompass several state. Industry. Blows no because I'd love to Philadelphia. Induction doing your job to she could do really easy. Put your phone you're gonna text atx a 31996. And download or Abbott's got all of our our information they're gonna questions. Into QB to reach out to me directly but we got Dan waters and I he is the owner of enhanced. Outdoor lighting and designed Dan welcome show it to him down how you doing some good good good man we we've had fun so far me through the commercial break we we're chat a little bit not hobble to get right into that meant. It's kind of funny over via the Thanksgiving holiday my brother in law's sister. And India exteriors made of much stuff out there Conroe and us talking to present meaning you get in Egypt a lot and our secure as crazy I just rain in the lungs are talking about it and his ears perk up he loves what he does. Amid sounds like you do to tell us a little bit about your company. Well we do is we M beam light up our potential elimination for both. Residential and commercial. And it is it's a fantastic job it's it's it's it's the finishing up work on some of these beautiful homes out here and when she lied amount and they really get to see either. The wow factor of what they've built in dream job and spend their money on and it's just say it's it's been it's been fun it's been a fun deal. It changes everything so it really does it specially as as as dark catch some hunting fishing come outdoors and I just. The dark at 530 wears me out but you get to enjoy that lighting and you pull up to your house at two you know 6 o'clock and it's all lit up looking just gorgeous sunny. What are what are you what was going on I mean there's some you know some people some people are afraid of lightning beat me they don't realize that if it truly is. A soft lighting it is not it's not airport runway lighting you're you're not polluting the air it's not at all I mean you're talking about low voltage yes LED lights. That really just enhance the property enhance very softly and what you can do these oak trees and these homes around years is. It's unbelievable and in truly people we we educate. Our clients about one out of life is because what we may come out on a property that's. You know 45 acres are not even that have an acre they may have twenty trees out there and you know well I think your house he's about forty lights on Neal ha. Sadly lacks what does that mean ME I don't want you just describe up I got so collect three. Two of the biggest ash trees in the whole neighborhood and they're barrel drop leaves Michael Leavitt thumb I use just dropped about twenty. Yeah priests in their pretty close together but I mean we should line of those guarantees with begins very elegant very soft I mean honestly people's Christmas lights yeah. Bullying him more than let's outdoor lighting does to people's houses hello. Lee I mean don't talk to us about this. I know win when I was growing up I mean you just drop their new you don't touch it because it's it's a two flood lights coming out of the ground and they get real hot you know I mean what's a little bit about technology and what's going on with your job your your defenders Richard you're you're using and also the technology of the lighting itself. A slim and yet two years ago everything was incandescent light meaning you. You he puts as well lights in in here in the Austin area every and to build them pollen and it is called acting like. My lights the lights out and I got a ten pound bag answered topics and we became pest control people at the same time has paralyze but your right its NC. Blue would burn yank it is attracted bugs you know on the whole nine yards and in over the years it's all gone to too low voltage or or is still low voltage bit LED lighting which. You know it doesn't it doesn't burn hot the sixers are made some vegetables don't get hot easily track the bugs so. He'll like that big spotlight that you got your patio that's blowing without the June John mosquitoes scenarios machine alerted about 070% less on Saturday LED lighting. We'll see 87%. Electricity. Here's can't flights yes burn more energy off Scott and I've put 25 lights and hows about I mean we did this study ever of a house we put a 125 lights are on. And his energy bill Winamp but I can dollar and 72. Dollar 75 in my. Well that means apple really does still Don 365 days are here and so it's it's it's amazing and I'm doing commercial. Work right now we're. They're taking their high voltage and lights out and the return their investors back and saying here because it's cheaper. And there AG's sauces is much slower and certainly it's it's it's fantastic product and again I I he's a brand that it's it's kitchen are lagging. You know they started out there in the indoor lighting business job in all your fans in your Scott slights and everything in the house. In about down about ten years ago they realize that I know that that landscape lighting. Was was the way to do it and so they've they've dived into it. And they now as they dive into it they became the leader in all the manufacturing here because. Now now the lights have little computer just give them a little low of hardship and that really regulates all your lights throughout ERC to put 5060 putted lights out there eating and make sure that you have the same consistency and and you don't have the drop. In the color or in the power and light while there's a lot of manufactures are after trying to get that but again it's packed nice and so they can't. But to give you an idea of what kiss ended gets through there there biggest thing for years and years was indoor lighting. Now outdoor lighting for that company's number one their businesses don't more than anything in that than their indoor. So while the Gregg got some don't Houston and in this real save radio I'm Jason styles and we're joined with. Dan waters he's the owner of enhanced outdoor lighting and we're just talk about that they do different I mean it's changed so much a mean. You know obviously we've seen the colors change it's it's gotten the lights have gotten little softer and in I mean you know we all know that it's just a lead he thinks not stop opening we saw the first only to the lights were huge in now. You know they're they're they're tiny and you by loading flash paper dollar you donate it's gonna last a day in half but you know it's the technology is amazing. You one thing I thought about was. We have our neighborhood is real dark it's very dark in the city just didn't put a lot of street so we got. That's also in general it is a big complaint yeah you can see it is a bit to street light is terrible right so that the burglars lol my neighbor. That they do and down so we thought you we will smash and grab. Ozal blocks from F 150 foot kid in their might and it seems like it's what happens on on a map open the door public in the backseat did you realize it's on blocks a look back and box. The wheels are personal and if that's not good right size okay but what if what they did is they came up to grab a little safety light. And they grab Mott broom handle that's thrown away on trashed and they just turned it up. So we did the motion so it didn't catch the motion. Until that that compass and also after that I mean now I'm just I light up my three house's of across street from me I mean he'll I guess I'm not sure there are huge for enemy mine but. Some are starting to selling. You know I tell people all the time because those motion detectors emotional accident on the corner of your houses they've they. That the people know that they're gonna come on she has some yes like deer coming on and in what you're here in the background sound asleep. You really don't know that light came on an act and out of all the times don't pay a small cap on you're done what I mean we all love cameras or else I mean. Seniors and we had cameras on their house unless you're alternate your house right you don't have to streeters six houses lit up and or houses aren't in Iraq before houses Carter's pride and they're gonna go for night so I I tell my clients listen. In enough. Underlining just enhances your property but it offers a lot of security doesn't mean if you if you're walking around some of these house. And you lights first up Republican under the front door and take impacted just adore wind out of your house hasn't been an out there and everybody can see here it's in the backyard unity in her backyard it's lights on the nose to sit out there have a glass of wine and when visiting with the same or whatever especially Texas because there's a semi 5% chance there on the back Kara less one of the gunned. Hello may actually backed down back up here on the I got to hear noise. You know I'm I'm I'm open ma. A birthday Sunni mosque a mosque in I got a lot to like I tell my guys from Rhea when we finish the job but I'll go back out there enough data due later just. You know spot check you can move things around again it's an art ego play with a little bit until this. Please don't shoot nomination and I'm the guy out there like you knew that there during the summertime and I conducted to neglect and nights of the eleventh variation you have to learn and room understands that this is largely adjust and we'll open up the safety piece of its huge I mean if if you're drawn barge you know your your quarter a lot of you talked into Cole sack either way if you've got that outdoor lighting folks can just walk around with lights all over on me it's it's a huge safety thing and you mentioned earlier and it was due value your property. Increases tremendously coming in the I bought a house in my life iron but got a house couple weeks ago and and pulled up to the precedent in the during the das sought a beautiful home and I wouldn't take her to where can pull up to it and and it's dark and it's 5 o'clock in your. You're backing their opinions are bright Sunday neighbor and and then these elections is kind of bright lights to my house they don't realize is the buyer bouncing here honey this announcement on I am. Issued as a good then and implement the car around to drive wearing you can see these guys cornerback Jerry and so does it it totally enhances the value of the home it it gives it that warm glow that you know act until feels like it's I don't have foresees chances he uses that elegant elegant look it is any need to eat every Wednesday it did it is not. Further and further for the rich and famous right after the houses that are 506 and down everybody Q4 underlying immunity and a three and a tuna thousand dollar home. You know filter and lights on trying to analyze is not allowed its its you know couple treason trying to pass like. And down someone on the house but you know again we do a lot of up lighting them up lagging as is so important because it really does. Makes a house beautifully blow vs a lot in a lot of these builders are put those. Lights have been eaves and he's like see in in what happens as you drive up to that house in your I automatically goes to that. That's spotlight to tap into its outlook and the warm glow of house right and so. Up lagging as his so so important and you know this thing too is is you know talking about safety and security and you you beat Atlanta house even caught your insurance company and in and give you discount because you have. You have outdoor lighting them on your when your homes without a doubt they're gonna cut it right there how do we get contact with you at -- enhanced outdoor lighting design chairs percent of my website WW dot enhanced underlying dot com and will be gland c'mon do for quotation I want property with he and give you design and Elijah. Damn water we appreciate you several get you back in CO keep keep it solid you'll also oppose some stuff on our FaceBook page so you guys check that out which is a real state radio Jason social FaceBook and pressure racist up standstill and got take a break we come back up we got Matt less for 1836 property management. In doubt we got this remorse doesn't hear more about frozen blows that that's a folksy just to grow wanna sit. And welcome back. This will stay radio Jason's house appreciate you guys. Tune in and keep it up we wanna hear from me wanna hear your feedback. We got a text line open it's 512640. 9610. What they call you guys tune in on tune in radio and also if you're live right here central Texas. Talk thirteen 70 AM and also guys on iTunes podcast goes subscribe real state radio. Woods Jason Stubbs. Also FaceBook real serious injuries subs and joined by Sean Finnegan. A Mike Price were more professionals general mortgage and we can do little more you segment here coming up we've got we just got. We we've got a lot on her chest we don't know we're just don't put it out there. But so did. Before we do that we got one more harm I mean he expert contributor he's in a permanent part of our show met Lester bird owner of 1836 property management summit. Could be with you guys every week yeah. Wells and ask you how you been but I already know. So too little food place kicker line. Yeah there's an explosion again. Everything out November between the flu and another virus so that the rest of the year. Clean slate of your trichet did not know you know you can help and have a lot Sally knows so it's when you go down like that and it's just it's not fun man yeah I don't get I'm glad amend my co pay so I can just go. I got here at this point reversing the year ago period last year ya a couple weeks left Mac. Nice work there but what's going all through here. You know I'd say the the newest thing this week is we finally acquiesced. There's been a product on the industry and some must cells agents hated some of the people scared of and our sales kind of scare for awhile it's it's been out to three or four years few different companies are particularly on and it's. It's rafter on self showing them lock boxes. So in other words used to have to either to combo which we knew was only calling you or didn't call you log that you didn't these two after you go to. A service and get a key somewhere you know knock on the door of the office who are you. Or in the MLS boxes which everybody's been using for years right well those were pretty good I mean you can't get the key on our widget winning just kicked the door and so you've got to have any do you got to pay for that will remind us how that works except that there's an agent attached. Millennial don't want to talk to agents they don't be sold anything in there and we won't see another person they just wanna be left alone. They want and when they won in how they want him. And they'll make a decision on their now sometimes the decisions inform sometimes it's not some times any more of a but there are these the just the argued to the university grants. I can't speak to that I could just say that I you know the older I get these older that generation gets as well we used to talk about him because they had no money they'll talk about it because we got a meter need to strike because they do have money and they're out their bond is not easy. Well it's different is just different. And I think they look at a lot of us in this industry is commodities yes they don't think that we really bring anything to the table because they can get rocket mortgage online wanna journey June oh. Oh I'm about to tee off and do they want and close the mortgage or not you know that's a whole other story do they want out by the just gives them a piece of paper ensues take this solely through the process and you really can't close in the house does and oh by the way we didn't know that you were in a state we didn't service. You go through all that and so there's all these online providers telling them whatever they wanna here's they believe all of us are commodities. So the question us regardless as I've got properties are gonna manage our Middle East what I gonna do make that happen it's a few years ago these boxes came around people or. While I mean I'm frankly I was scared of them you know I don't want people randomly going into a house had a headline know what's going on earth was gonna break in sight letting go for a few years now and finally I've seen such. Buying in on other parts of the market and industry leaders that I began to call some friends and okay. And other candidates at some point what's been your experience with the talks about it some of the good the bad the ugly don't just tell me you know he didn't have to beat more because you're doing temp Tony what you're getting out of this because I've seen a couple fraud cases come out of it as well it is. And overall. The owner of the property has been almost harmless across the nation. Obviously people going to your house you're gonna and a clean the carpets or whatever eventually but. Do you really care if you got a hundred more people in your house ONEOK is the least fast strike so all that's worked out fine. There was a few tenants to acquire the information. By instructions they found through Craig's list from another party and that party scam them isn't even gonna use Craigslist thing they did. And San Francisco California works in Austin yeah she's yeah I must say if you facilitate borders and cardboard boxes not yes. But you don't do real estate through Craig's arrest there's 5050 your money's going to another continent for. So in people's army knew there so yes signing tree inside of the house that's one way to protect ourselves because of lieutenant walks in there's a sign this is don't give your money anyone else even to sign is removed from the yard. That's good let's start. The other thing is is it protects the owners by getting copies of ID easing credit cards from these people nobody's gonna your copy their ID and credit card answer a list of questions going your house when you have their phone number lose then damaged a house. Right Marty but it. So. We we've got the first shipment of those boxes in it was the camera really challenging these outlying areas where agents aren't compensated appropriately Simon. To show home nobody wants to go to Egypt show home gates stood up twice right tenants when she happens half the time because he's people don't have body and right. Just to find out that all they weren't qualified anyway are they had five Rottweiler in tackler. Can you take payment plans for the deposit the you know things like that and so if these tenants can get access themselves it unfortunately. Could cut out the agents but it also. But in all fairness agents are showing these homes are on the lower in their short tyrant hum there's just enough money so right we got a first Eminem were moving that direction Lawrence arms grouping of ten we finally got available twenty listings at this time it's slower season. Voted to give the shots this isn't news it's really interest seeing the tactics in the shifts and we've got to move we got to change or are doing as much as are stubborn we can't stay that way. Knowing knowing you I'm guessing you're gonna take like past history is there a way that you can kind of calculate this stuff Torre can say all right. You know before homes in this area had an average showing of you know three. Challenge so you two answers yes and yes the only challenges days on market in Austin is deceptive some people don't put it on the market until as they can already correct some people put her on 3060 days prior the days on market will have so really it's not a good apples to apples. The other thing is it's inching his there's another software provider that combines efforts with this company. And Dell actually aggregate all the data so we're gonna send every single lead through the so there's software which has a 24 hour phone center and everything else tomorrow things. They Arie if they share the data. And you'll actually be able have the owner get real time updates from it. Well so instead of having to send a weekly reporter compiling which right now we're paying some big people India compiled data on the back in so we can even share that with the owners and it's not cheap even though it's a failure for your realtor just typing it into an email. Yeah that's not given us army they they we a big deal understood emails but you gotta get the staff exactly it's a news updates and it's not cheap and it's extra people don't do that traditionally it's you know cost they don't spend money so. I don't it's gonna greatest can be aggregated in one place owners will get updates automatic and it's going to be really interesting to see the volume change in showings but I can tell you that we get questions all the time I mean come in for of the property cannot go in now. And they're actually being serious about. Riot so him what was that process look like your like take a screen shot and about how about glass how my first house and a fine which we at least first driving on the road. There's a look forward Heidi I hadn't seen airlines are Safina for rent or buy side so. 'cause I walked up the door we can take a peek there's no offense the are we walker on the values debate is clearly making house's Britney of answered a FiOS. I mean prime was illegal tied into the back door just unlocked so we just kind of happens we walk. I heard Waugh I think called I literally walked in and told the owner S and well this is a kind of creepy but dobbs standing in the kitchen and this is exactly I'm looking for community here and all right you checked. You closed on the deal yeah you didn't damage the house. And you were actually able to get a hold somebody that was on this continent yeah exactly I mean it works so this is what autumn I mean besides you could you know. For possibly be prosecuted for. For injury what we might we might have been invited said the door was actually a daughter gas and you're cousins of attorney anyway see you bye guys you might be okay nurse on distress signals from inside the house to me do it was might have been opened in as you do guys viewers tune in this is rules say radium. Or by loan officer and expert Richard your Mike Price Inchon Fagan a muscle Jason Stubbs and Matt less for owner of 1836 property management. And if you're out there and you've got an investor property or you want one on this is your guy I mean he's his systems are just amazing and I think you should check it out to drive around her car. Web sites awesome it's very mobile friendly. Check it out 1836 property management dot com and that sell 1836. Not told also 1836 properties. Management dot com so mad I mean along with you have that additional. Do you showings I mean you know it it's it's just. It's gonna help out those clients that it's so entry level investors those folks that don't wanna have to Bodiford. 500000. Dollar home with 375000. Dollar investment properties of folks who wanna say hey you know what a adventure a little bit. What can I get for under 200 mean you know it in those are the folks are going to be able to see. That beat the amount of time that their homes are and operated amid the goal is to shorten that time. Absolutely and if you wanna talk our allies and you've got time for me to stick around that we can do than the next segment we've got a great so little model that we can use our within about two percentage points and curators would almost say let it rip you got two minutes. Two minutes of say okay here's the deal let's go we've got a a new spreadsheet we have multiple models we effort together to actually predict the performance your property so as soon come an eye single looking gimme you give me the numbers on the property which are down payment is interest rate of everything tax rate. And we have done this long enough that within a couple percentage points if it's 120 some of our our allies are in the hundreds believe it or not because people for so little on the table concert. But even below 20% so or are below 40% we need to tell one or two points predicting the outcome on an annual basis that lowers risk like the mean that makes a decision a lot easier when you're right Tony for your money it's when your cell and Marmol on this bill that stuff helps it's an easy decision when you can see historically. Proven through all these years that we can predict this. And we're going back over with our current database T perfected. But the owners that were bring an end the low end ones honestly Toney 40% are wise ones are focused on is one of 400% don't care they're just laugh I exaggerated yeah. No doubt that he 2000 dollars on table to buy a house with 0% down and you lived in it originally it was a USDA alone and you're releasing it it's five years later news the return is incredible because there are no money on the table in front. So without a doubt I mean you clos huge I mean it's there's a lot of folks out there. That are in those loans on that side you know you either or give in to town you want the bigger house she wanna use a different school district and you know it's it's it's not even sure he's been around for a long time there's lot of people out there that. Should we so early she reseller released it in years the documentary that decision will be easier having contact with you sir I would say 1836 property management dot com is the best way because for calling the number out right now it's going to be hard to remember why you're driving on the road that I. 1836 property management it's the your independence at Texas I love it curious about that that's what that is a lot of thank you sir did you check to see you next week man have a great rest your Sunday out. Visceral stay ready I'm Jason stub stick around next segment. We will be talking a little talking trash to ground your back. It happens here topped thirteen doesn't seem downright silly. And welcome to the show this real say radio I'm Jason start sinking just for two to an end. Appreciate you guys download that app keep it up we got a thousand people strong on it right now on the if you want to app hero and here's what does Fareed you're in central Texas here or not. In the Austin area and you've got access all the homes for sale it's it's updated about every ten minutes so you shop owned it interest rates. Calculate mortgage payments and if your rate nerd like me you can now hop on their national news feed with all the news that affects. Interest rates so. To get that grab you found. You're gonna tax these letters atx to this number 319960. Text atx a 319 and six. You'll gift a links and you click on that link you have to scroll over click on the button says saved home screen and you can starch and looking at homes calculate payments. Checking out of an average on interest rates you can look at him over last six months a year two years. All that stuff out. Is so pretty cool so. Take a look at that up also stuff radio dot com we just a launch a web sites still look a little work to do on their but don't check it out and contact us through there Stubbs radio dot com that's ST UB BS radio dot com. Also will say radio Jason Stubbs on iTunes appreciate you guys too and on the podcast. I'll keep shoot a sell your feedback because it's where we're growing our subscription to grow and so for those of you did don't borrow their listen lob on on not talk thirteen seven here in Austin. You can. Grab your iPhone in just scroll over there's a purple but he says podcasts. Click on that button type then Jason stops by him gross at ridge east of click on subscribe and then you get notification when we drop me shows. And we've we bring this into you weekly we're live here in Westlake up right across was like high school the beautiful thirteen seventy. A you know amount padlock from studios and if if you want to you can now reach out to assume. Anyway with the question you got more resources rose question you know could all that stuff and out now we are gonna kind of turn the page a little bit. Officials say number one do for a long time. Sean thank you over here kind of inspired me to do this this week so we're gonna talk about what really grinds us so I guess shot on the star reveals how. Opel on what we're talking about is off in the industry your hole what about a talking about is basically. A daily conversation at the office. We're about a talk by the radio as we talk about. Every day and guys and I think of the biggest thing that grinds my gears is. Yes I think I stole that from failures and you're gonna ask him on his butt out yeah but Jersey guy. You know work. Were your partners right now to try to tell people right we are we are kind of like your therapist we are your partner. Is our job. To get you from start to close. As easily as possible it's easy easy as it should and as he can be as it can be however if you. Bite us or withhold information or give what's wrong information. Horror sort of all liars first well I mean I don't wanna say flyers but only on us or does it feel like people think they're gonna get away with stuff down and I can find that like and make acts. And then also your pay stubs or any commending you make why. Here's or talk about how much you. You you you out there that wanna buy a home you try to refinance were in the process you got your realtor we got a contract. Now to mortgage time here's the deal knuckle heads or try to loan you hundreds of thousands of dollars hundreds of thousands of dollars if he says some of bank statements in you've got half of one page cut off. Yeah what's that sing in tune out yeah I what are you trying to hide. I think your China as an up or they're gonna dig more knucklehead dig deeper or. Yet you know all of you know there's a new. Let's talk about a I'll tell us your married Coca you got out on this week her daughter are all out on this girl the vessel that we knew of this we do about there's been times were. Mean there's one time we got the closing table. And and it turned out the Dow still married and he'd tell anybody he'd PP checked divorced yeah on his. On his application we checked the worst. It had been you know he said he didn't separated for you know twenty years or some like that you know. And not get all of the closing table on titles have an immune assign a Merrill affidavit. You know besides he's married I get a cough without you know what I paid you know bills his name really wasn't on the same bill I'd say you don't still married. He told me is divorced teacher does that case news divorce. Do what that is that's your fault. Yes that's your fall shocked. Because you got it is important my fault you got explained everybody while relate while we know there's there's there's one we had recently and you know it's it's. Will just say there's a couple we had recently as well around this conversation that. You know there's some things can happen in your life that are you it is life changing dissent rights of gay divorce they look to make sure that they have thinks final you know if it is or not yeah you know city especially Texas emergency meeting frontal state it's big it's a bigger difference acute Jaffray states and non and yet without Texas means Texas it is a B deal. Right are legally still married you need to let your loan officer. And real answer no. You're still legal and it here's the thing you don't burn your divorce decree did yes. And hang out okay we're hang on there that well you know you you it's it's it's yes for doctors a dog can't get it will you can't get a key don't want to see what's on admissions of blacks look at. I like this look like you've committed some crime and you need to do you need an attorney of Ito doing attorney. You get your attorney that you Uga Uga have it's it's a bond I mean this is a conversation you can tell us what's going on because we wanna get paid. You know I mean we wanna engage in that house won't get money happy but we do this to make money we're trying to make money if you don't close and making money so we put all this time and effort upfront. Yeah they beat us down they beat us down it's always our fault and you guys know me I take blame for south it's not it's not our fault every day I did it yesterday and I'll do it today. But it's it's the it's not been appreciated and here's why a lot. Iraqi mortgage. May have to alert take your 27 verification rocket mortgage to see when they donate your phone call follow want. Do it or if you go call your realtors say they don't go to rocket or suit they say go to doctor I go do go to go see if you gonna put an offer on a house has got. The multiple offers on it comes in with even the red and blue company go ahead I tumble table only a call from big bank they won't take offers from big banks and let me tell you got these guys out there that are treated or did you say hello there green or slow. Bound until they know or did you just a little over two nights made use your real true here's what I tried to do great word if we're never gonna ask you. For something that we don't need we're not where I mean it and it's a pain don't. For him to get it correct no it's what he said before it's a shakedown right we are just before its shake down that's it that's a fogel song as a guest is a real good job well he called a shakedown but here's the thing. The more we get up front that we don't have to go back later and that's from a I liken it to we have when your mom or used to tell your cleaner and yes and he kind of did it half. Half but it but guess you didn't do it in the your mom come out at eight dollar signed okay I'm go back there and do it again yeah. It's a similar border sat right so we ask you for a bank Stephen A semi three of seven pages Susan I'll have to come back Jesse began and then you're going to be frustrated while my asking. Our boys say is a the first page shows my balance that's right that's not a problem they need to every team needs to be cross every idea is we don't know them every nickel that's due to go to that transaction. Has to be counted for in that's why you are you like you know present your docs. Like you deserve the half million dollars that your ask exactly what are your clients that do it upfront. Yeah we go back I mean I had a file. Last month I think we had to go back and after airing for one thing and it was then ultimately it was there is that they had received between the time rapidly move. And and closing speed as they did it or that's the thing if you give it to us and act again was yeah. Want upfront it let me tell you this you wimpy realtors out there could be in wimpy we need some help sometimes because here's the deal if your client changes jobs stopped our fault but it is our fault. And in here's the deal. If you've got somebody did so I mean they're hardly qualify we got good credit we got money in the bank leave and make my forever rob Obama bought a house for years ago it's been so damn easy should don't dot section gone BankAmerica all that crap about their drives me nuts. Because all you gotta do is they just say listen. These guys know exactly what they're doing because we didn't look at so that great reputation in our mortgage there's a drop. But here's here's why you need somebody knows what they're doing door realtor can hold us directly responsible for what we do. And we're not gonna ask you for something because we're trying to make your life difficult. In and you've got to get that out a way you gotta look at us as your team where your coach we're your attorney not really that you don't talk about you come to us and say look. This is what's going on let us know everything you can possibly think of up front. And there's something you're not sure of hey look we're the best at trying to get other things that can help you compensating factors look if you can't make this mark let's talk about it give it up front. Because you these kids these these guys. Get out in front of it yeah right because of the problem is a lot of times we try to sneak something by us. We're gonna find out and then the problem is that's gonna open up a bunch of other holes. That we didn't previously know about I mean one of the questions I always ask after ID initial application. What else do I need to know about that could potentially cause you did not immediately get. Is there is or something else that's not of the world application question it that we pour I say hey. Have you recently applied for loans and it turned down by someone and if so why. Because we need to left because if we don't front what the issue can be. I must say we can skate work around it but we can talk with a planned yes and like you said you want anything that could potentially be an issue or gray area you wanna be old goat here underwriter upfront and say hey. This is what we've got you know it's ten times. Easier so understand that we're doing the best that we can we're good at it. We're good at it it we're continue this I got about two seconds left so I must thank god everybody for coming on thank you pat law firm jailed the church roofing. Un expert contributors and my team our partners my boys right here Mike pricing las are also Sean Finnegan he does he's a helpful realtors in mortgages all that check itself stuck three dot com RT neutral state radio Jason Stubbs right here at the talked urgent 78 MB church because I don't KB DO Sundays and use our TV show. I'm out.