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Weld guns are realistic radio who you're host Jason does when you see your your real estate story. Coming out at 526409610. And now here's Jason doves. And welcome to the show's central Texas this liberals say radio I'm Jason Stubbs appreciate you guys to mean in a work every you're tuning in now right here on no thirteen 78 illness talk radio. Talk thirteen Ximian every Sunday record twelve noon. Also I choose guys please keep that up in you folks that are going to. The podcast keep doing that and also Spotify is common man I was just so our shows suggested the other day some magical screen shots shots and over so. Making moves outside of this wonderful central Texas area so keep that up. Those you don't hurry to podcast on the got an iPhone just put it a little purple button. And the says podcasts he never you mind I have ever seen before its owners clear podcasts you'll search real estate radio. With Jason stones bam there it is click subscribe to come all right there bunches and bunches of them so or pass just check that out of also KB VL. The Iraqi you keep us out to locally here in central Texas we got to we take them. Radio showed us to TV. In Dow that's up they're gonna new show coming out to us here shortly so again that's real say radio KB you know you can do bullets or check your local listings for act. Join Obama apart tomorrow image Sean Finnegan was wounded. Hello hello what is sure criminalist number sir and a molest 212380. I get done away and how you do if I'm there aren't. What's up a happy new years if he's human he could. Right before restarting the show we talk a little bit about tough you know you have any off time or enjoy the holidays but to tell you you're zero your quote put to work what would you have gone had the family in town that's only sure restful. My wife's you know eight and a half months pregnant cranky from the time she wakes up to a parish is a bad. Yes to work a full time. You know. Is she released yet still working full time couple weeks away yeah. And you can get to call any time I'm no longer allowed to be more than I think it's an hour from off the hospital she talked so she had like dropped the Mike right now you can become a life 35 minutes yet. Okay yeah. All right so what I'm on call officially so yeah I didn't have you know got all the baby stuff as attic this image and got that all set up now for the last kid yeah. It's getting real my I'm sober in the meantime just try to be as much sleep as possible between now and yeah you know that goes yeah without a downtown Seattle based shuttle's welcome from. Pat law firm are closing awesome for Texas American title that got us three locations Dem for those Westlake. Arboretum. And now up in in various sub par or lane. They're you know they're great title company. Greek league Ole hole you know attorneys have gotten there are legal terms a stupid I mean real estate attorneys Jessica. Yes are you talk a little yeah I think they're living greater real say attorneys they're fleeting thing you know early mornings late evenings they'll come do you. I guess if he's about their mother my favorite guys in town and we've been using for long time. They're great. Absolutely and also loves dean and killing of their of assurance roofing a guy's getting colds I mean you got a house about to put on the market don't let that on the Specter come and take a look and is see what's going on there what's wrong with your roof. Dinners crew come out free. Asked if they hop on top of that house. And got to take a look good caution if they don't bring the drawn out to the neighboring Jordan and and also bring on she's she's a stud and she's. Option Koppel Letterman Koppel that reforms she skipped around taking those who shall let you exactly where you know you got anything all Weathers is pastor a year any type of weather. Hail and storms. Gorgeous he spots where you know the Bruins try to get right now especially those weather we've had so is your take a look them do their church received. Also 1836 property man's been dot com that is your home if you're our landlord out there this is a way you can make rules say investing easy that's 1836. Property management dot com also 86 web's web designs. Daniel Griggs of their Gaza professional athlete he boxes locally here central Texas. He's fantastic this is your marketing guy HEX web design he also does dobbs radio dot com which is our website. So we rely assassins take a look at that. And gust Exxon's Opel wanna hear from you got mortgage questions rules say questions you need somebody to do some type of work flooring towel. Bathrooms counter tops plumber is. I mean Sean between just you and I think we got just about all that covered engines and everything without a doubt tech's last 5126. Or zero. 96. Tim. And also are out guys we've got Tony we got a thousand people use in this thing Dailey and it's doing is doing. Big things out there are so if you're in the market and you know by home here in the next you know six months year two years whatever does or through the process now. Our app you can look at interest rates you can calculate your own payments. And lots more so which one do you wanna text the letters atx to 31996. That is text atx 231996. If you're gonna click on the link or scroll over. And a home screen you can start to get interest rates and calculate mortgage payments on or any type of move love love. You loans held for a couple of times a loans that you calculates out. Rates and insert house is an all that stuff also stars real dot com and does Mae and we gotta we gotta help shall come and when we a couple of times. We've got Sam lesser owner broker dog via realty lawsuit government lecturer in studio as usual. 1836 property management or talk about. You know kind of some trends you know you're in 2016 year and when he seventeen trans what happened the last twelve months and also kind of what to look forward to our goal 4318. You know on the mortgage side of the real stays out of the property management side some changes that are gonna come up. That are gonna affect. You know how we might borrow money how you might buy property on some changes in pricing how you know how prices might major oil go down. And all kinds of rob trends are going forward. So what so I mean just as forest 2018 on the mortgage all more or sideshow on you what tell what's and in. Such a good to be so easily for taxes. On the home equity loss that took effect as of January 1 so after January 1. Folks that have a property that's her prior residence over ten acres. Or have an exemption yeah that previously couldn't tap into the equity get either all Hugh Locke or a bomb. One time cash out Texas a six loan. Canal for in the most Casey is not 100% ready case but it's I say it's price from every I read about 90s90%. Plus. A folks that or primer Reza is over takers I have an exemption. Now can apply. And try to he worked for a no matter how critical fire a bright they were to be able to qualify baloney just actually was not legal listen to Texas to do so. I think desk and if you don't. And that she's a lot he's ready to be folks that maybe wanted to get into real estate investing their how to much equity in their house and they couldn't access their cash to use a down payment on another piece of property. Or maybe just use the cash to do some improvements in the property they had reinvest exactly -- it's gonna open up you know cheap money for those folks. To do other things maybe Alex also paid a credit cards right those are folks that maybe there Hanna. Some high credit card high interest debt more able to attack that happened that cheap equity. And cheap interest. In their property so it's gonna open up a lot especially Texas for this debate between Texas got a lot of people's persuasion or do on the outskirts. Of a downtown Austin Georgetown. Flew her real Maynor areas like our people have bigger pieces of properties in a while and how to tap that equity and borrow money against their house without a doubt in you. Mean how many other options are there to be able to have to have kids or access you know cash like that and that's lows in the Fisher's shot. There's just a mile and leverage your own you know I mean yeah harmony can actually you know something like I mean best hysteria yet either so unsecured loans out there for folks but I mean. The most qualified you with the best credit. I haven't really stating better about 88%. Really on those deals and that's for the cream the creme de creme. For most people if you wanna mustard on your look at thirteen 1415%. You are now these people intact and yet we specimen. It's a big piece of property taxes they owned it for a long time. They've got a lot of equity Reich is they haven't fully agree up before and have been able to right and B we all know what you land prices in Texas. Have done in the last 1012 years mean I've got some news and I'm I'm I'm sure crusher. Your desk to bust I mean Texas grew more added more people than any other state in the country I believe it I mean does that surprise you. Now it doesn't surprise me nobody's friend here I'd if you think about for the most part mean without a crowded and Austin ten years I'd say. Less than 5% of people I meet are from here. Oh man I mean from everywhere and we're gonna include Switzerland because it had to move here and so to vote to make it like the place they Lhasa I mean I've been here eleven years nest. That's about as long as most people are born into Pasadena and they're coming from everywhere there's no I mean you have for Wallace California about. I mean we're gonna want you from Michigan Iowa yet New Jersey should Florida the F bomb all over Kansas yeah. Yeah I mean it's. Also is deathly melting pot we got people coming from all grameen a lot of us are coming with companies write somebody companies are and are coming here they're bringing their employees with them I mean even easier and even that all of our big cities and essentially is growing Dallas Houston. I mean it is just you know it is it is Texas yet to Walter we could read that sexy song went with Sam we're gonna talk while later. You know there was a Forbes report out he came out last week and this week. Yet they redid San Antonio and Austin is the two most overpriced housing markets in the country. While I mean there's a lot of reasons why we'll talk about that coming up on the show but I mean a lot has to do with how many people are coming here just the demand without a doubt what so what are interest in its. You also interest rates you know it's kind of funny so. December and it and we hate to use him as an example what if you look at when you know from the time trump was. Elected you know which was about November of 2015. To that end of the year. You know rates rates went up about three eighths you know so we're looking at pride in the high three easy and it's 116. You know we're still below four is now. All the predictions I've seen. I think you know so that average rate at the end of December this year was four point 07 and now as the nation the national average overnight overnight average you know for nationally. The brakes on C now as they think this time nature be about four point seven you're talking about you know. Three quarters or 2% and you know that's gonna make a big difference her on going on the road along with you know you talk about interest rates up point 75%. That I've seen you know anywhere they think the national average of appreciation is going to be. You know 4% nationally on a world event in Texas and number prodding a little higher maybe 78% in Texas. You know that's good that's gonna affect what people can afford to buy. You know speaking you would breaks go up you know the guy that's got softened a little bit because obviously these folks who make more money on their money so. You we may see some of that but you know it it's it's healthy increases will be colleague means that you little threes and that is just dangerous. Yeah I mean it's still it's artificial. Yeah. I mean it's it's still good rates in any other thing we got to wait and see what's happened as well only taxed afraid because the people are supposedly the most affected. But I've seen you know bomber self employed folks. So once again and user is her adjusted gross income or go up I mean there wasn't less Reynolds we ought to be taken off or disagree succumbed to go down. That's your play big factored into what people can afford without a doubt we will see got sent a quick break got Tex lines open when I hear from you your get involved this conversation let us know. A do is call she just text file 126409. 610. We come up we got to we would. More from the stick around. And our own mortgage is an equal housing lender and in the last number 18140. Stuff. Sound off on the news today for example online ads on 1670 dot com on thirteen seventy go right choice. Welcome back to the show central Texas is mostly radio I'm Jason Stubbs we appreciate you guys. Sticking around into an end our tech funds open to hear from him 51264096. Tend. And also. As always special thanks to pat off from under the save has brought you botched also got our app is available for you read we've got into overnight averages on interest rates. You can calculate mortgage payments of as he's plug in your new show your principal interest taxes and insurance all that stuff can be found. On this Abbott goes before things that you need so if you're. In the marquee you'll play around suit that's a dream home would would cost ya used plug in the numbers in and they're pretty easy to find. Our famous for what's to be homer's insurance that you can calculate to all these different emotionally zones you can file this homes on our app to get the app release the text atx to 31996. And you'll look click on the link that's text he described scroll over it says and home screen you can do that you know sort looking interest rates interest rates calculating mortgage payments and shop and homes right now army of joined now back for no wish obscene or loss or in our borders Sean Finnegan. A math lesson for 1836. Property management assortment Krejci guys after the break I know mayor welcome back two the brand new year how are you a good manners is good to be back this is fun. Average coming together for me it's not really works so I. I think I'm this little break from your kids yellen and if yes everybody's family in town on those who come back and parenting coach you guys no doubt I'll listen to the station pulled up and it was guys you know the Gaza listened to before shows like a good job. Is bill wildly and I had been on August I just I just hope and pray that somebody's sick and they called me here I am so yes I guess some eyes on vacation but he is talking about it he's like man you bought sold companies have done lots of stuff from one thing just drives me back. He just give radio years ago on back now. And I'll love it so he's a super excited and you know we we ran a couple of reruns of and you know we did we do. But I else how excited you you're too so there affiliate without a doubt I citing an elegant people paid off for shall take them. Chung a comment that got back. They've also got a drug by. A sale of listener with would go funeral she knows what bring you in here we got to liberals say coming up and and producer and him right now that I'm really happy happy new year and happy new young mom signed to get to you on the guts we got a whole lot new year 2018 to talk about so will get to that up here coming up so consultant who could ramble welcome back to show. Is dubbed him man we'll start with you man I mean. You know what to do what's what's going on for you 2018 it too doesn't he. We've got some great stuff coming out but mostly it's customer relationship management and and customer service. 'cause centric programs so we can talk about how much for spending on marketing and are doing there and and that's all great but it comes back to that experience. Yeah if the customers are having a good time from start to finish if they're not productive if they're not they're making money or they don't like Q. But why you business and nobody wants to be that guy what's called mortgage business because it's at the end of the day it's it's. You know it's hard it's not pleasant process. On the board decide a lot of times it's just unfortunate because it's such an emotional. It's an emotional. Process I hear you on that it there's so many moving parts that's been made in the wrong business I mean is looking you know you're young and well. But now we are higher and I. You know it to be honest and girls take abuse every day in the office and they're out there just flat out amazing I mean people wanna fight about toilet paper holders they notified about how they. We canceled a service order because their lights started working but they re initiated it directly and I don't wanna pay the bill and that's a battle every day she just got a different. It's just got a little stuff but still the clients have to I mean obviously the tents out of a great place lifting a reasonable rate and we have to be responsive to him OK simple enough you know we're always gonna have disputes about. Did you not to toilet paper holder own it but but that's who get paid to deal with about. A dozen years to an end now that is about left or right there is the owner of 1836 property management so for you landlords out there you've just got a call I mean. What he's doing and we talk about this even last year as you know what my elders is he's got one or two properties what is conditions to complete full analysis on it which is. It's just awesome I mean whether you know you hire a hit and miss firmer not any leash you know you're in the best position you can be in which I think is. Is huge and feed offer that just out there like down I think is. Is. You know speaks volume for for union company. But some you what you see you know economy what's what's that one thing that that you wanted to 2000 tuna. One thing 2000 this kind of hard for all of us this from the limit when. I would say more than anything we've got some stuff or internally excited our spent our money our doing fun things. But it's it's back to the customer experience because I mean it it can be as simple as you get a new client you signed the deal now what yeah what happens at that house doesn't at least they understand the cash flows only one part of the equation they've got to be happy and educated in and crest and and led to the process just as you signed the paper doesn't mean that they're going to be really satisfied customer and be that leader bring you other customers so. I'd say if there's one thing I'm happy about this and we're finally to the point we've got processes we've got funding we've had everything we need. Now we get to really have some fun and deliver an experience that nobody else is even paying attention to write other managers go well I've got the deal I'll take it from here it's been nice no onions. And it was nice getting to know you but now what you know you've got to delivered above and beyond. Quality service at this point so. I see that the blue ocean nobody's even. Got their eyes on that they're so worried about her than making a profit or they survive being are we know where they put the two Nickels they've got to try to make three Nickels and when you need to the point and you have the reputation where you're leading that customer experience in the marketplace. It just feel special yeah. Without a doubt I think you're guys key thing is in its big it would mean we've talked about this who's almost repeated at a horse show. You know spend a little extra money up front and now to make more money long term yeah you know also get a better property manager that's gonna be more involved yet they might be slightly more expensive but. They're gonna save you time and headaches and over the long term you're terrier restaurants can be a lot more I think a lot more I dirty gonna prevent future problems scenarios come in every single day at this point we're didn't so many leads and so much traffic it's coming in every day we hear the stories and so. The first you know first day of the year is you refer simmers on Hollywood Italy and so my rights and goes. I'm firing XYZ company according to them notice and I'm care comparing you to other companies we call it the holiday we colonies are occasionally for something called me exactly. But then let's talk and what happens is he he got a deal he's only paying you know XYZ percent. And he knew it was a deal. But these disappointing because this company has archaic software they're missing billing him for things that are not his expenses. And he's got a nice portfolio six properties. And the whole thing is by you know but bringing you guys in for help is C you don't really have to burden. We already pay somebody a whole thing too I'm not even got to convince him that he needs to service he knows what he's got most people yes absolutely you know your time is the only thing more valuable than your your money Antarctica mean time zip right. So you're buying top down you're gonna give us a little bit and we're really give you time I did this you know the stats from the end of the year and were doing. One point rescue me point 62 task request per month per Tenet our our per unit so what that means is basically. Out of three units were reading to task. Requests per month month so while you're going to be dealing with those tenants don't think just because someone helped to lease at another place they're gonna go away for. That is consistent and we do a boat load of preventative maintenance we're walking the properties soared decreasing the number of requests from the tenants. I'm overtime per unit but. We're out there. Leading the charge to get things fixed and we're still getting that may request so. You're gonna deal with these people injury you're gonna do with it on your time on New Year's Eve when you don't wanna be diligent when the governor doesn't work because mom's coming over the next day in Iowa Popeye and or you're gonna have us deal with that because we've got those people literally at midnight on New Year's Eve they can troubleshoot this form. Yeah man knows otherwise CIC a lot of passing a lot of requests on on the FaceBook the go to phase four hours. Or Internet these. Need plumber now nightlife hey we need plumber immediately because their pipes were frozen and whatever else in a you don't wanna be away you know you ought to be a property owners in assists say Washington State and having your Tenet call you from. There at midnight on new regime norm comment or format wasn't called wanna support. Here's the here's more interesting title so. It's completely fair that there's so many plumbers and Austin or so many see guys in the summer and they get all book that's not a problem the problem is what happens when that 11 going. You as an owner domain India you pay for a hotel you're gonna give me rent concessions you're gonna what is your legal backup what do you know what he not know. He's just giving away money orchard out ancient phone you're trying to call people for help I mean you're not only on your own time you can get concessions are you required to get the concession would act you're gonna paint it either way you're gonna pay just don't. Actually paid to do is to put these had a yeah and so we have the answers we've been through this. So Matt talk and I mean we've talked about sure you're our life evaluation tool and we tell our listeners a little bit but haven't heard your past shows me explain that to listen to his four. Well it's for any investor but the big thing is if you own a property in your trying to decide to hold property or sell the property. I don't wanna tell you what to do I want to evaluate the numbers and let the numbers speak for themselves so we shouldn't be running a business based off of I feel like or it's a pretty day outside. This is a business and even if you already on the asset we've got one client with this right now and we've just had. I'm in all fairness and due out all the time rental property we've got showings of the laws enforce it won't rent with the teachers why. No dishwasher. Now. Emerging neighborhood and know covered garage to park the vehicle and a bats and they overpaid for it with today I'll just say in a discount Internet. A buyer's agent and survival service agent that really would have walked him through this is not necessarily the perfect decision or is it up and what do you need to look at it is why are we doing it not just. Yes close the deal right so it. Anyway the investment tool I'm trying to get these folks the table and we really like and I think they really like us. But the real villain and what you just bought the Sami spent all dismayed by now you're spend all this minus. Let's just that the numbers just pull back foot and if the math since a so so yes nobody can argue with that and it's not about just retaining their for the sake of not losing call you gotta do the right thing by people so in other words and we put this analysis on we're gonna find out the numbers say and let that dictate our path forward and I don't know we can go wrong with. Without a doubt we come back won't you talk to that first round investor when she talked up personnel there. You can there's a trend you're an awesome every everybody understands that you put a properties are appreciating in Helsinki by can argue that here. But I will say that. You a lot of folks we run into you'd just has a more professional they don't want to listen I've told everybody wants to rent their primary. After her agents tellem you know will fuel a real problem so your primary indulge. Bottom of the primary will borrow you know an investment property it's actually. You know a better investment in new holding on to that primary so we come back what you talk to that first time investor give them a little bit of advice will be right back. Our own mortgages and equal housing lender. And in the last number 181407. Welcome back central Texas is real say radio I'm Jason stops we appreciate you guys tuning in to. Every Sunday right here on talk thirteen seventy. 8 AM of course our iTunes just search Jason Stubbs rules say radio boom it pops up. You're click on subscribe and he got all of our episodes right there also we take a peek at a Sauna local locally here central Texas. KB DO run at twelve noon and we can take his radio show to via Brighton sticker right in the middle of your living room. We we'll take a look we got an an expert to a builder. That's doing great thanks Steve like custom builder out there is building in I mean this is one of the most incredible builders in central Texas Steve Klein himself. Is a upshot how he describes Steve Kline personally. The character caricature. He said hey I mean I'm pretty good things good and integrating the way he shares a good way sounds entry shows. I would wanna days daughter rubbed a similar to bill morrow I mean I like this I'd like to go hang out. Like to go hunting injury appears with a but I am yeah I don't I'd be scared today's daughter well they're both married Eleanor recently basic gradually stir her gaffe if they're listening but yes it's like custom builder and he's the guy he won your team pushing those subcontractor that without a doubt that is not yet yeah phew what a towel turn after it's been set it's gonna happy yeah I mean they might just take a full house -- if you Toobin you don't get what you want us god man so go check it out guys just do Google right now do it. It's a steep climb custom builder and I you'll love you'll see some of these house is some reason tears for the puck behind you I don't I don't think there's a better product. For the price out there I don't I don't either I mean I don't know other places where your getting where you can buy a you know. 900000. Our house has all the same finish outs immaterial. That you find in a million dollar house is true you is don't find it. Well what I love is he spends personal time with with every client. So every and he's built will they say like a fouls and we homes are as soon what is the million houses. He's met every single person 100%. Of of all clients he's met. It just on the Hollywood like his own neighbor Alia Ali yeah he does and don't have class like invite him over it to check out the holes that he built he's like it's really cool consult. Is he likes to go and they're kind of see like where everybody kind of you know hangs out neat he loves to be able to see you know that the furniture and indeed all the different stuff that they did so he what you guys gotta give the shots he'd like custom builder Ghulam. Other do good stuff out there also. Was expressed thanks pat law firm assures roofing. And back for another segment we got to match Leicester owner of 1836 property management. You guys. I mean if you're in this real estate industry it you've got investors out there or if your investor or she won't be an investor. Dubious 1836 property management dot com. And go check it out lots of cool stuff on there. I'll also join us for another man's. We simply police Fleischer increased man I mean you think I get that right after about a year nor anybody to nor'easter get an all time owner broker of Soviet realty. Welcome backs are. Matt let's just get back to it may know before the break her talk a little bit about you know what you have. In your arsenal services in one of those being you know just the knowledge that you can share in just a what did you do kind of speak to that. Person out there this not necessarily. You don't. The investor yet you know were were about to sell our house and we will release it or were just living our house and we would buy an investment property we what do you say to that. First time investor. Educate yourself on the process educational foe what to look for and it's not that complex but it's not about cash flow cash flows one piece of the equation. So what we'd like to make cash you have the more we make today don't give in government today right I would rather not get my money to the government their take enough of that already in his you're looking for appreciation tax benefits in all of this no different than your 401K you don't put money in and take it. Right back out the same year right you're open it and waiting it's accumulating and eventually you get the pot of gold in the ring up right same thing so. You may Kessel that you may not I really hope. Honestly you don't because then you're gonna give it away so let's get some tax advantages out of it and make sure we're leveraging the bank's money to maximize your return. We can analyze this for you that's what we do that's what we're. Paid entrusted to do what a concept you know so so don't come to me and say hey dismiss our property and be quiet. Because we're not going to be we're here to dig into the numbers and make sure you're making the right decision and I hope that that really benefits people beyond just. Just buying their own time we really want to make good decisions that the customers that we have that are really successful comeback to us and by more property. Yeah and what I want you would get confused him. Packages I'm skins didn't guests here but he seems to me if if somebody's out and are looking you know their shopping with a realtor right now tranda to find that right best of robbery and explain how you work with the current agents because you obviously your licensed right. But right even if if you're up if somebody has a real to me how you work in conjunction with their current agent. So what we really enjoy is when the realtors helped them on the five process right on the location and on the details of the negotiations. And leave the analysis of the numbers and the leasing to us that we are really had. He's I don't wanna get in Tampa. You know oh my gosh this was my son's bedroom and I campaign on an out this is a business we're here to make money so we wanna leave that. Off the table for their buyer's agent to consult with them on a fact. As consultant wanna say counsel them on us. We wanna leave that for them to do. But we have a large number of agents Austin that reach out to us and go and that. I've got this far and take our look at three properties what do you think and the semi the properties and we'll just give him some advice and hey look for this did you know this. This neighborhood's changing this way or this one's looking positive lessons to have a price point. This one's a two and a half story house what a mouse in a look for the the simple house a smaller house better neighborhood. They'll single story 32 with a good car garage it is interesting because I think people get so fixated on finding a home for a buyer to honor occupying. They're not get a removing themselves are going to get this is an investment but I need to talk to my client completely different right then it would be if it was their their home to raise their children. Exactly I mean you say am I mean you know your view of and as oral say broker I mean you you worked with you know first on Omar's investors I mean. You know what's. You during that process I mean do you see you don't work what Matt being benefits where I mean it seems to me. Like you as a realtor you've Matt I mean they bring you an I mean you're kind of helping them. With you your arming them with more knowledge to be better advisors I mean did you see that could help all of it. Absolutely and we just kind of working through the initial bar process we were able to cinema for the go for the long term. In income investment counselors are set exactly and we should have coffee with everybody agents commit leaving with eight. When we just a couple cost future Clinton knows your client is okay our management agreements with customer agreements which. I won't even give you the but the agreement actually has a place in there too right in the referring agent broker. Because we do and protect those relationships there's no point us forgetting about it because the software glitch eight years from now we can simply writing in the paper so. Let's all collaborate there's more for all of us work together always try to go at each other there's no point that we're not gonna build a lifetime business or proud of by trying to compete with each other yes. No doubt about it so I mean you just from the you know from from the start I mean you know first thing that Tug you know I I think that you folks should do is check up that website willing to funnel there. They're gonna find a please contact us is the biggest point any other thing is is that we've got something called a learning so Enron there in the woods had ever refreshing the next thirty days but. If you can tolerate the current format of the learning center there are 65. Questions and answers now we don't want you going there and go. Do I want pets and moderates. Okay why do you or do you not want pets in your rental car let's talk about it and let's explain all these and then each one of those has YouTube videos that backs it up. We've got about fifty more. Owners educational. Videos and blog articles are to come out this year there already cued up ready to go so their kick out about one so we can as will be a better format but they're all available later on YouTube channel are in the learning center fantastic career contact with certain. 1836 property management dot com is the best place good deal. Our guys so we're gonna take a quick break up will we come back what have more. Members with which have a good time and we got to more salmon Belgium a real T and done more with. With flu shot Finnegan over here general Moore is just a graph your back. And our own mortgages to people housing lender and MLS number 181407. The right choice for breaking news first talk thirteen seventy so right so. Welcome back to the show. It's real stay ready on Jason's house appreciate you guys to an end up as always our tax flies open and that is easy. To hear from you through drills take questions mortgage questions. I am your host and your mortgage professionals in your consumer advocate froth Israel Stacy reach up to skew the techs like open 5126 or zero. 96 tend also you wanna get some interest rates. Interest rates calculate mortgage payments in search house's you can do it really easy get our app. Your text atx. To 31996. U digital links it to you here click on the link. You're a scroll over the years and click on add to home screen and you can start to interest rates Catholic mortgage payments in certain homes right now it's also stones radio dot com check it out. We are past shows on there. We got Q&A U contact us you contact me we want to hear from you got assets of radio dot com is special thanks to Ajax web designs for for couldn't get our web site up and don't launch to be a lot more coming 2018. Is going to be fantastic for our website and actually work on element or two day after the show so be sure to take a look at that we would hear from me what you feedback. Again tax on 512640. 96. Tend. Sean I want to get to do you hear shortly. And once you start think about this but 2018. Man here's the question do you know I'm more hop over here is samba. You as far as buyers go you'll what do they need to know 2018. So if you're buying this year. And I want you to miss work on this but I don't think about that a little bit in animal Arnold turns ties a beer itself to mr. dolby a realty seemed less terrible suddenly infamous and hell they had a I've got to Robyn wait to get you back on. Because you've you've you've got to what you bring to the tables will be different than that a lot of others I mean you your attention to details insane. So a militia hit with some stats because I know that's kind of run up your Alley. But you what to do is if I was just what you talk a little bit about the difference in 201617. In and after that. I mean top ten things you need to know before buying so. Organ deathly gonna get to that top ten things you need to do before buying if your not 1003 years you miles will just pretend your first time home buyer because the regulations have changed that we we've got a lot of things that changes industry Alicia paying cash not a mass borders people but you're not. UST trump pay attention so let's get to what's different San 201617. Well right now we're looking at about 61 days on market for resale did you answer central Texas who sort of cut costs and if there. And medium priced homes gone up five point 38%. So rather a medium priced home 2965. Meg very isn't. Everybody else think of me outlets to 96. That's our medium price. And would you say the first time home buyer can either. Borrow money. What I enjoy the community yeah. I felt I try to use I see you guys consider our podcast that he doesn't need it driving in from out of you know out of me falling really though if you look at what rents are. Bar that 300000 dollar house with the crazy rents anywhere near downtown right now is in you know that much and was correct the Al came assistance programs and stuff out there I mean. It's still would be better played a violent than rent yeah me without a doubt long term but the wanna and so real last year that was pretty good yeah video yeah I mean we did what they think they were right on that 250 marker or defense or guarantee fifty and you know they moved into a tutor 50000 dollar house for I think about 600 bucks in their pocket and it asked for down payment system while I mean you know they're they got a grant. You know bonds is they're tears of payback. And they moved into your house you know for about. I think it was I think it was a six or box you have hearts Oscar and that up. There are different no matter what you do that. Home you're gonna have a really hard time that's not a yes it is you because you've got almost zero money out of pocket correct even if you have to pay to spend that he didn't put anything Netflix and now you have nothing on the to a restaurant I mean. I've Ahmanson for us I mean. A decent one bedroom anywhere near downtown is start to become like 1819100 bucks and save these wanna be a by the dummy. You know honestly pay like 19100 dollars for 900 square feet up I don't mean. I mean he's that's insane that's my house and we who knows we think we may see what's up with that things were here shortly about a man it's it's crazy I mean he's just for example what draw well Mike this just doesn't look like these home should be this much money. And then a couple McCracken and the domains right there I mean I can see decrease from a backyard. And it's just it's insane his final stop. Most circuits anywhere everywhere you directing. Your for me let's say I wouldn't see us here for some Marshal where you direct to your folks. That don't have 350000 dollars let's say you know they're qualified for. Up to 300000 mean we're we're redirect them outside of a time of the Austin city you know taken to round rock. Clear bill. And T at nor Cedar Park they wanna go up that we Leander we got a couple that so we're working with right now the top should be closed shortly and I mean they are they. Meaning they moved from Galveston and they love del Valle that I mean guys intact and and that tech office moved down there south south won 83 and they got an acre. It's it's on an acre to preach to me now how's is awesome. It's it's between you and you know it is if you know it's coming that way you don't bows next say they come here and me or Dell now did you say del Valle and and you know if you know it will. We used to joke on the show and talk about you know if you when homeowners 300 grand you're gonna be backed up to delve out of jail that's under 200 under a 10200 we've been doing this show for awhile but tough you know it's moving that direction so you know just inside this this Austin area I mean 300 is just weird is that I mean it's a one bedroom Condo where they now. I mean. You where you get when it. Yeah that's their thing no doubt if you're just two and it was a real state radio I'm Jason styles we're here every Sunday write or talk 37 AM at noon. And also on your TV locally OK BDO we kind of say to show enough for some cameras and hearing them we cruise around town and look at all kinds of courthouses and in builders and insist to be sure to take a look at that our Tex wants opened when I hear from you file 1264096. And bskyb to access ramps. Tops and things that you need to do. Before bonanno. Army turn haven't trusted reels her co ya ya gonna show that they are on your side you're in a lot of people walk into that. Open house runner in the and they got they think that that person's actually represent them and that's not the case right right so like that in the person that's there and hold an open house is representing seller. How do you know if you have a good realtor I mean you use like your personality your I mean what. Yeah I'm asking that because. You know certain things I can do I was second pull their numbers and tell you how many buys and sells you pass those mere necessary. Could very well true true they're productive and productive productive and as a real owners I would consider did that. Do a lot of volume with well without a doubt it I think that's fair in any industry that's I mean your San just choose to get realtor I mean what are some things you can run into without having somebody has to do. You know and you wanna check online maybe ask around couple people. You know most times people in Austin they've got connections here. They got a way to kind of do little background and most of all and gut feeling I'll tell you here of course this is what you if you win if you wanna check on your realtor I was put up there. To me Jason so just do you recall Intel I can now I've got all. Researching needle the other provides you with did a lot of good ones stuff that I you know you can't necessarily get out there but you know when you an example and meet you got your your your cousins Brothers and neighbor's husband whatever it is. That you know it little sisters Brothers mother whoever it is you know it did you just gotta rustic school or has it'll last forever just hasn't done a whole lot of of business on you need to know that. I'll be able to tell you exactly how much business they have done. We take that back not exactly I get. Real real close and I don't let you know how spiritually are what areas are doing business and to where if your areas not where they specialize in America to go there and learn all that. When is your thing you know especially differs from Omar's tyrants and I've seen Sam how it works. You know samples Sam we'll tell you the pitfalls right of that property you're about to buy potential out in Los Angeles you know hey you know. This properties give property because ABC now here's the potential. Problems that might come down the road you know 45 years now when you think you're gonna sell it these are things that will deaf leader placed between now when he saw it because the last thing I've seen it happen I had a lot of you know people are coming to us either refi their first house or get ready about a second house. And we had a because six always things we spent you know 151000 dollars stuffed our last house and our realtors you know. Didn't tell us any this was gonna happen you know they just don't know you need somebody educated. Thank you you know it's the for most people the house is their biggest expense that's right it's can be your biggest shrinks on foreign especially. You're for some home barn you're spending most of your cash reserves. You know on that house and then you find out you know six months later in the water heater he's beer place well good reorder a lot of inspector with you know should be allude to let you know that hey you know that water. Your policy that is indeed be a mile your play has made Matt jump in there I mean and I mean with you have you property manager a mile from your perspective you know you've got folks are first time investors and their like hey I want to buy this house. It's a great neighborhood it was built in 1969. Feel I mean I mean there's a lot more involved the door outside town a little bit get that house that was built by you know who Lennar KB your whoever it is three years ago in 1969 I mean what are some of the variables and a Papa wasn't there. Movie called money pit. I wanted to renovate this beautiful old are. Oh is gorgeous and it really is what it is I don't know what's behind the walls of the time you find it you've got to go through and redo the entire system of the house I don't. Is it functionally obsolete is two all these things just come up later and the customer money which reduces your return so let's not do if we can find something that's. Less than fifteen years old. Let's just go that route make assemble without a doubt our look back to a Sam on top ten things you need to do before buying a house number one was get eight. Expert eating good realtor was number two make sure that they know contracts in trying to negotiate to going to be able to take your gun inspection. Negotiate on the outside as well you'll people don't understand is you know which clients were who right now and it's it's. You know it's well we've we've got we got under contract. Are so I mean that's step one right to where you've agreed on a price. What people don't understand is there's a second round and sometimes a third round negotiating a so what happens with that 1969 house and home inspection comes back. And they're like well. Your age faxed to nine years old were true well your order ears set your whole truth nothing wrong with that room you know so I mean that those are some things at that play department. Those are mostly right that roll into the price for their house and the price. That way if its price right because it's got me earlier commissioner because it receive need to look through these are things that. Must be fixed before you move in and we're not going to budge because this is a problem for girls whether house's bill 96 tonight are. Yeah it's normal Wear and tear somebody soon after presented to the house also prices went because the brain your house. Off the street is. 15% more acceptable. Yeah without is also a named Sam backed report don't understand contracts I mean you go back to you choose to Google search and if you you have an agent it has only done you know twelve deals. You know what in the world they can do if you know you've got if you're up against multiple offers or I mean you're being able to evaluate. You know and an offer in a way that is competitive you know because of you got to win I mean that your job as a realtor you've got to win. Yucca submitted. The deal led them there and a wolf this may work for me you won't submit some that you feel confident about it you got when you wanna win that house foreign. Console you gotta be you know Savion and clever about the way that you're gonna have worked a deal. And a lot of times people that have been. Through a dozen deals no DH and on the other hint yet and the report connect can make or break the deal a lot of times and make it work most cases without without handout so top ten things you do before bonnet house was number three. Do great mortgage kind of guy that ranked I don't know one we've got to get this out back on our well I mean. You know it's it's the same thing to be said so do we you've got you dude get a good rule for getting good Morse company and here's a deal balls also get a kid real that are any good mortgage company that can work well together forceful and it was literally order in your mortgage person need to be in sync without need to be working together because the second they're not working together and it's not helping anybody hears on the deal there's our team crises we're a team big national. You know rules state companies that you can list your house with the you're gonna save a couple dollars but let me just tell you you if you're working with someone like that you think you're gonna maximized. You know your your money on your cell I mean I must tell you this man the data speaks loudly in the other direction it also with the mortgage people mean you don't think about this your realtor. Can hold Sharpton into our mortgage. Directly accountable to them. I mean you're using compulsion I don't know on Saturday shot and answer glad try to call your block all blogs dot com Linder on a Saturday when you need them I mean it's it's like calling your dentist on the Saturday CPA answers your. Like to ask for both you guys on I mean we don't do. Hardly any sales buyers of me we we really collaborate with the community on that and obviously we're not handle inning and all but. If you think you're gonna save money and either one of those I'll tell you from the sidelines you're gonna lose not only the money do you think you're save them but you're gonna pull in here out that you have left in your head. The this letter that comes after C tech accompanying it is not going to be answering your calls and they're gonna have some. Individual in another planet answering your colony cubicle that knows nothing about you in doesn't really care because they're making ten bucks an hour if they're lucky. And and same thing with the the on line agents if you go to those guys. All they do all day. Is drive from appointment to appointment yet. That's all they do they don't do when he didn't care about people they should put appointments just like anybody else would there's a guide the car wash our go to Wesley. He is awesome because all he does is talk to people who drive and that's what these people who gap. But they're not actually washing your car they had no knowledge of what goes on beyond that he's assigning you often pushing you down Leon. Pallidotomy you do your hard professional for a reason I mean I don't hear anybody else they're going to need to find a discount lawyer real quick thing that just doesn't happen out. Why aren't those exist hey guys we got to wrap it up but they'll fake a special thanks to out 86 web designed for dye designer and our website look more more flat to come 2018 South Korea dot com also 1836 property management. We appreciate those guys assured Rudy Gay securely give those Gaza shots declined custom build a pap law firm and thank you guys especially for making us number one rule station Texas be back next week. And RL mortgage is an equal housing lender an ambulance number 181407.