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Well cancer real estate radio we've your host Jason does. Wanna share your real estate story. Coming home at five volunteers 6409610. And now here's Jason studs. And we're back central Texas this poster radio I'm your host. Jason Stubbs mortgage professional. In your consumer advocate for all things real state presents you guys tune into our TV show okay Vizio and of course right here across her radio waves on talk thirteen seventy. Eight in on the precedes you guys keep it up keep your questions come in and we appreciate all your feedback fob 126409. 610. That's our tax line won't hear from you and help you navigate through through next. Real estate transaction if you do anything in central Texas. We won't help you win because it's not easy. And we got another season coming up on here in Austin and and you know who we is same thing you know we go we got the magazines and Forbes and everybody talked about Austin, Texas. And you don't get ready get ready and now we're here to help you do that in arrow and analysts is white 1407. Also if you have download our outcome we appreciate you would give good feedback. And defeat backs base who I think your by likes on this deal. Is you can download our outfits it's free to sign out and how you get that is you tax atx to 31996. And you get links into you've click on that link or scroll over at home screen you can start to a certain homes didn't interest rates in calculate mortgage payments but. What people like in in from the feedback I've heard. And are you a beta testing now for testing this this output which is actually out of Seattle. It's we found that it's just a mortgage counselors to people like so. You go on there. You get your home on where refund your house is did you address future price. An eagle on their new plug and in a down payment you can look up for your interest rate on the out. Which got to watch out for you gotta know you know how we get an idea property tax and in homeowner's insurance has a two variables but if you're sitting there going you know what would it take for us to. You botnet next house. You get on her far around so pull up your punch in the numbers you click that in turn boom there you go that's a payment. So it looks I just give give you can help you paint a pictures so. You know when you wanna make that move enough that asked for their four yeah. Again to get that mortgage after his son text atx to 31996. And you can sort certain homes in the trees tackling payments are guys FaceBook keep it up were on the air rules stay radio would Jason Stubbs our FaceBook page. And our web site. Ajax web design says son Daniel gray zones and a company. We knew more what Camelot he runs or social media and houses on this website for a so Jason are right it's actually stones radio dot com check that out. Also I choose our podcast is available yet and I found pick it up there's a little purple button on their rebound on scene if you're not big into. The podcast we get ready because blogs are gone podcaster here. And I you click a little button says podcasts you're gonna search. Jason Stubbs radio it's gonna pop up rosary Jason stops click subscribe. And you get tough you get over shall strike there aren't coming up we've got to be got a good show. Armed if you are out there and we know you've you've got some folks that are argent little bit older. And you know you that that tell you should we said old you are due to the prepares to leave him with us. You know what do we do move in my folks from you know 4000 square foot home 5000 square foot home down 20 you know either. You know and a smaller house a smaller community. Or retirement community. You know assisted living memory care all that stuff we've got an expert. Realtor coming up on the guys wanna miss out. Stick around for that and also. Join with me today is not my partner in crime scene and lost her. Mike Price some of not much they don't get served. How you did. Yeah yeah at the sun don't just have to someday no doubt about it also in shooting we've got the Rihanna with the church and. Referring welcome back Earl came and cut how you doing in pink and I've seen it is yeah I know your busy and I I'm singing along it has an Allah did you just back in his. Create you know we've got a little bit talk about don't you absolutely do we on the today in a bit also in the studio laugh again. Chad mace and Chad man you've got to you don't like going around OSHA as do ideas thanks for having me act. You give us somebody who would wish you have going on with. I mean you know you've you've you've been an agent for a long time we've hagee on several times but. Mae and new venture let's hear what do you think. Yeah big time thanks for asking and I am. Yeah so we are. Then Austin. About seventeen years now I've been working in real estate the past 56 years and recently was asked to help start a mangle your routine office Ford temple Belton Ayers now appear in central Texas well we all know magnolia now. Yeah magnolia let's wait who's that. Meg oh come on. Coming out. Yeah I'm a much of a giant against an HDTV picture revolution exactly yeah everybody knows very popular. Huge brand huge brand name great company to work for. They presented us with this idea of starting off is for temple mount tune and now we wait out you know. Take us 34 months really to think through everything went out that the benefits wait out. Would it look like to move kind of leave the Austin area and started new business together under that under that brand name in this just common sense. I know they're lucky to have via I don't know that they know that yet but I'll look forward to watching you in your journey and I mean I spend time out there I've got a couple of buddies had to do a lot of development up their soul look for distribution needed down also my buddy's got to put confidently or not to eight miles east of temples on their awful either. When my little boy and the four wheelers and Cal's taking some I mean that's that's kind of my my times for me. Sum up their part of this so level will have got to con spring or. Yeah hey man I love to and I'm so happy to be here to talk a little bit about it because. And I think projected growth lines and I think there's a lot going on that area and for what we see enamel and no compliment more about it here all of them but. After it for me the return man without comment below so we got to be a couple callers coming up. We're gonna we're gonna check on when we got little brownie we've got. There's nobody got we got some we have an agent Santonio we do we have. Have in Cilic Albanians out. San Antonia go she's in me. Cool so we'll talk to her just a little bit and we're what we're news's kind of get the pulse of Santonio. Amid Santonio is I mean it's Austin's antennas and become more and I mean it really is. You'd be even that the proof lies on 35 south outs you know we sit here now if you call yourself Paulson was close enough and and I give Butte college blown up singer Marcus is is out of control and what tough I mean in all the way in between yeah. Global global check with her check in on that but tub before we do. We've got to one of our favorite agents in the world earnings per indicate. She is with the number Warren. Real estate company in the world killings. And Brady case her name she does coastal bend and she is our go to you for the Texas coast and I think we got our line Brady there. Yes frank here and happy it all here. Thanks for inviting me. All of our first apologist to start a let's say thank you for your time because I know your time is limited girl. Yeah I think right it is booming out Garrett is Eric Idle. Cool tell us I mean so you we've got up got another agent Chad mazes and here in. In done Chad not come down and and you know you you've helped to sponsor places out there in the coast and like I said you're our go to buy it. On China alone. They're of the coastal bend and so it's it's good to have him here but having you on. As our Marcos will be an expert app I appreciate taken Tom tells what's going on army was so market do and what you what are you working on coastal bend. I'm mark can't it literally getting ready word tearing up we're going here. Let alone out here but right now that I'm a day in a while but I think are still low. We have I think had a wonderful things going on in our area we have an 85 million dollar bridge expansion project. Where the ending our railroads are really argue quadruple act that Andy I can't or wouldn't he conceded about any twenty wine. And they'll work act hit you eat it premiere export port for America not just tax. So well that's incredible so I mean just talk about that I mean so you're talking Emmy win when you bring infrastructure like that. You don't into a smaller community. You know you kind of talk to the folks to me what what happens I mean answer infrastructure comes in I mean what what can we expect. You know from from you guys and in the rules say market coming up. And again Anthony. So people are eating right now. It is gonna be phenomenal or bad he actually need to get a beat arrogant thinking that explode and it just out or any. Now army and length were running everything you gonna Allah. The work of we're excited about it. Bull so we always in in Austin and you know I mean I spent a lot of time Monica some in Amman Hamas among metro redneck out by choice. And I loved Hahn blog fish from down there doing all that stuff and you have been out of of different rentals here in the air and you in in what I've learned is a lot of those second homes a lot of those rentals are not you know primary residence these are not local people I mean this. But you know the the most common question I get is. Happily my house on the customer and an outcome subsidize our. You know our expenses explained our folks how that works. Well issued here they get which would be cool rainy day I will in. Then and an important I don't think he didn't mind when your urgency in vacation ranked girl and how do you really need a yeah. Where can you can't leave your vacation rental property manager. We create a list and home or ear and then we actually. Sure though you are RB Asia and manager. And Dave Ryan. The evaluation Arnie and a potential read any law on. On a vacation rental well he knows exactly which line in her big wind rate increase any. I'm ready you that they're looking for an awful and I. Depending on the home they add an additional very then that actually can I and mortar kind of an Hillary incumbent. Like how cool I am I writing and just. I'm here aren't your thing generally speaking guy. I'm excited I thought about I'll extra. Accent that you charged with it I'll be on the home. India are on else. Cool I stick around I got a couple more questions for you that's a quick break guys would come back we got more. We've Randi Kaye coastal bin agent was Carol Williams stick around your back. And our own mortgages and equal housing lender panelist number 181407. You've made the right choice top thirteen seventy. We're back central Texas girls say radio bureaus Jason stops mortgage professional in your consumer advocate for all things gross state. Welcome you guys on. Talk thirteen 7 AM every Sunday twelve noon right here of course. ITunes I teams are to subscribe subscribe subscribe really easy to do. Grab your iPhone click on the purple button that says podcast you're gonna click on that search. Jason's of radio and you click on rules or radio Teresa Stubbs click subscribe and you get notifications. You get all of our shows you can listen to this on our own time are for the break we're talking to the coastal bend. Agent she's she's our go to our expert contributor for all the Texas coast brainy K Killinger girl welcome back. Well so before the break we're talking a little bit about. You just about what's going on down there at the coast and in how to actually get into you know that second home that you can kind of subsidized with a little bit Roland come in guys listen listen. It there's lots of yeah I mean you know Mike how many folks do we know and he shoot 30 before this in the studio right now wanna own a song ghost coast I mean no doubt about Chad's over here green and brandy so quickly and Chad are you right Chad I can make him enough money yet to where we we pull that trigger which hopefully is not a knock on be too long rhetoric. Now I'm not draw the cuts this year yeah we don't call you a com are our goals 2019. Right anyway Chad dominated Maine is not what we're gonna were me doing something so. If you're out there and you're looking to buy you know that second home out their new wanna learn how to subsidize your income start with the numbers start brand integrity or call. Brady so tell us about got you got a house of the week force tells about that. I have actually and we're talking 88 era and all I hit a home you know my it will go at the same scene. Felt what counts for you real quickly ended you flat. Did you lack on north Padre island and and basically I mean it is many different ways we already have a hand in one I eight. And you can't. I mean I get it alone with somebody who did have the right around where they considered one I'd their homes and rented out the other by their second home. I'm well are you can do a strange you know it hasn't as a fact and I vacation home vacation rental. And again. That I got our med yeah he Rangel bluntly. I'm a bit of line into a killer deal because you getting book I can reduce plaque that read I hear in you about grand. One car garage and they did meet him across the street. Yeah well. It phenomenal and you know all the way to do it on Irene and meet our each unit. Her little thing you're working at 248. Plus it's 13 that you're on this particular do you like it rang faults I ain't. We're 295. Out and the news and killed her that if they read it he'll be good Leon and I sold in particular. Allard I pulled do you act right next door same thing valor I was able to negotiate. All the clothing cocktail biking it hidden in the Kerney caught and basically eating you practically. One cited implant and you're getting wolf I mean it hit a phenomenal DOR and a great money made. Without a doubt it definitely sounds like it or we're gonna keep in touch with you on you keep it up girl I mean you're you're in your knowledge of what you burning gummy you work your butt off I'll talk to you weekly almost daily at this point but let's keep it up I mean I'll look for to watch what you do this year and in folks out there I mean you look at me thing on the coast. I mean you immediate very K call Brandi had a we contact with your. You can't quarter reached they don't pay out on rainy hey real error. And you get all the court like another area code read it warrant it I have 838. June 3. Perfect we appreciate you will get you back on soon. Enjoy your Sunday Garth. All I act. Goodness so. Yeah brandy is I mean she word underdog here Richard and there's nobody did I mean it is either she dropped her Facebook page that Brady K. Just assert brandy K actor she's putting -- K the real state corporate something like that I mean she is like a machine chronicles like almost every other stuff in on Tony. I should do that the response that she gets down there and she's she's she's also a man and she knows her market. You know when she doesn't have a buyer or she's not you know do some of the listing and she's got a preview and house's. She's done in house is she watching what goes on the contract and then she goes. You're talking to agents thought hey let's go to house next door long I'm mirrors all live on without a doubt a man like that dial I'm on the I don't go down there and I call her. Yeah we got so we got some clothes and other shortly so will will be reduced venture into our. Chad you want to. And I think that's his. Please tell me who embody the head there. To cellular and that's Chatman has been no heroes who you tear a little bit but Rihanna I mean you with with your company in the assured through if you were to get to use you here shortly but. You knew you. We got somebody that that you've worked west Anjelica tell a little bit about her how do you know this girl. Yes iMac angelic. We did a lot of work you have an office in San Antonio on the upper ping company Accenture thing and so I met her and that. Mean ear and a half ago we did her first on home and she had hail damage and so we ended up. Getting your insurance company to pay for the roof replacement as well like I. And Jack prepaying the wind is screens. Quite a bit of new stuff and I had been damaged by hail on some we did all worked for. There refer clients are way am we've kept in touch and she's been awesome tase agree earlier. And that's the deal when you know you're getting a referral from an agent that you did this is for you you do your referrals that probably says a whole lot and sell your first saw how they asked us. And happy that says match as well did you go wall act. Emmy we got her own comfortably map we are they just both vocal in its agility there. How how are you a happy Sunday to you freeze issue you call and how they go out there Santonio. It's the science and math grade and we can't great year so far have we got an illegal it has a Chilean they had arm that's. This is that a little later. It's been a cold winter. It has mean uncle went there but that happens out buyers and sellers. There hasn't market going out there and impose. No Dodgers to an end this is real stay radios. And we're talking with us angelic outlays and yet Spiro T out of San Antonio and angelic is our. Expert insure your furthest did that part of the world and enjoy coming it seems like you know we talked about a little bit the first segment abuse. You don't Austin San Antonia are kind of emerging you know we've got to you we got beauty coliseum Marcus. And and you guys got the other side of that and if it's just a lot going on lots of people move and you know two taxes. You know so cool what what are people buying out their serotonin. We Mary. And Barry big military community here and Antonio where call military city. And being content there his PS down here and Danielle and they come here and they'd buy homes and they also by aimed at home their eye on investment arm of the what they're enjoying is that they I. They're long they even met and when they are apt. And somewhere out there were rented house until they come back and then they come back and name a backhand so. We have an area. Different why air I would have a lot of corporation adult so here is Antonia. That they are moving their executives here that we have big companies moving in the. Definitely got you guys have the infrastructure. Of your roads are better than us are seen. It in Austin and gathers a study came out recently and and now Alston is. Is moving in the right direction our our traffic problem got 9% better. Which still puts us in the top four for the worst traffic in the country. So that's good news but they backed Santonio amoeba Sears angelic I mean. You Santonio is is to me it's got to be that next investor market you know Austin has you know we got the tech industry. Nearly a stance on an apple and she men and easy and blah and he's on and on but you a lot of these folks yours are running out of that the price point to and fast especially for first and investors. Is is going away and new with our median home price. What what's her new home prices we've 300 Vieira announced hang out for the entire irritating and I around threesome in the threesome and that's insane. So for investors it's just hard so we got close look at outside of the area you know it in their get so rural that that invests a mean that ran the risk factors go a little bit so. Can't tell us a little bit about you know what what price point. In where should your central Texas investors look in San Antonio. Yeah he turmoil kinda like one foot there one part of the hot ones that you will move fast and brands parent. Are normally under 200000. Don't worry there are lining. He Aaron see lots of multiple offers so you have to be there are here earlier age than her they were active. And be out there and finally in the aisle even off the market. Because once they hit the market you have my. 10152030. Buyers offering to get this same house while and I just said this on your offer is they want to and I get a. Spell at orient experience when normally they command we work with a lot of investors. We know Miami command to buy homes in there you know 100 sent me 100. Nesting too expensive especially if there carrying. You have to try to see as the manager Randolph the cells are. We're investing in back on a home we don't want them to go and buy a pretty 400000 home because. Those things that they didn't work out and they wanna get rid of them those are gonna pick a little bit longer. That makes perfect sense is Alex for some hallmark. Yet for some Omar and it beyond about 500 fish doesn't I don't mind it doesn't make sense you know something that. You don't lower your risk factor a little bit like you we had folks out here that that were investing and you Honda though it. And in view call it I mean those homes are gone so folks here are moving now to. You know and Taylor and what's fast Taylor on 79. In April. For all yeah yeah give me a break really hot I mean that brought massive layoff look like if I welcome the may thirteenth save this show gets out of the are all but let's get buffeted the three of you have been drawn sorry but the truth is look I mean people need. Places to invest money we all know the rules say central taxes a good place to do it so they want to and if you want to look at potential investor properties. Or if there's news San Antonio it's angelic how to be in contact with you. Yeah sleep absolutely you can call me are 1038. There. Born and then sort of the route back myself on their regular line you're gonna get me there. I'm not a method and not another aid and I think finance semi. It myself when you can take me as well I'm a big experience. And play that was bad better for you reference it worked better for me it was so at best myself under its line you will find me there every single time. Perfect that's too that's 210. 3834740. In just a thing to be on the showgirl we will keep. In touch with you get you back on the show soon enjoy rushers and a girl. Same here you gotta you know have fun. Fantastic guys let's take a quick break when we come back will be talking more. With Rihanna with a search routing and Chad mains with magnolia real T can go. Welcome back to show central Texas assume roles they're ready I'm Jason Stubbs. I've joined by greed gone out with a shirt crew chief Chad mains of magnolia real cheap in the bottom right hand man and a senior loan officer expert insure your. In our mortgage market price or mag as before the outbreak we're talk a little bit about lots of stuff actually we come to coastal bend. In army coastal bend three folks are just moved here on Californians. It is corpus is north Padre it is port A is rock or is everything that makes Texas fantastic except for. You know all of us so appreciate Jessica around you know well Tex lines over and we will hear from you guys would help us. You navigate through your next federal state took it entered 5126409. 610 we got calls from you guys we got to questions and we appreciate all that stuff. We'll get some of those here later. But Chad do you speak in which you were Tom coastal abandoned. So I guess you novel would have put on next year let's are we had a some property down there man yeah. When we got we will work to do you know what I need a couple mortgages when he took more room all of property are now are you. Will be well our elderly and those we that tried changing do you have your person is your homeless at. If my helmet is under contract is it ruined my home is then yeah that particular week it went faster now and I think that we insinuate did. Now they're so you know we just did all what what I would normally do for any home but yeah I just happen to be. Right area great area you know we have. A lot of cool things about the home personally I love that I hate Acela but it is one of those things where I'm moving on you know there's different plane set up. How big we had a flurry of activity I would. Attractive we had a little over fifty showings in the first weekend how well he had ten offers so those opportunities are still out there and how people still say the Austin market. Is cooler off in this than that but. If you're a seller in your ear consider in your home. We needed to not because I can I can give you a lot of tips to really maximize not a mess. Then people are dropped from their car and I came just you've got an office on his own home. It's an. I the end you're happy you are spot on my man had a good. And market not a W dug yourself a big goal right there that's right I challenge all you guys out there listen right now culture that may seem geared to these you'll get an offer Cordero and again as I've got a they really get prize loaded that's. They're here. But surgeon this man mullah gas tax lines open you wanna talk to Chad about you minds sound was your home is gay guy we know him well give us a ring 5126. Or zero. 96 tenths and dad talking about the coasting get down their charitable stalked new bodies a day and her yeah you went down the coast go to dale McDowell with my buddy Chad. Much how you do doesn't he did a lot better than me because I didn't wanna hang on a bull shark how way then I mean does so channel household you 66 for some like six feet I thought she had to you that he would yell hi to me now so yeah he's he's got four aces on me and and done Chad's enlighten me you're near Applebee's and I'm only he's casts and I mean but it's the only place with that much water so our gear into you do army your life shoe and all bull charged with our ankles and I mean. Granted I just had a little hernia surgery sought him under water mile mile waiters thank god that's unusual. That this doesn't really excuse me so yeah I just and how I also got a pool the anchor every time I -- well as our eight and march I don't have to go get the borrowed unethical anchor like I was I got got her itinerary and a we ground eyes just came to that we get them back guys can do to get to your. I think Hoss is hanging out and finally get his value for you reviewed in this job. I finished on the thing as far as absolutely. Why are we got turned a page out brittle welcome back to show on the assures routing all think you guys meet us on year to support us and and I just love you can't be just do held a job on me Dan out there you guys are in San Antonio Austin. In you're you're roofing company that is making waves I mean you guys are known in the rules say community. We gonna help you be more known just with the with the general public so you folks out there whether they're selling their home or not we what advice can you give them on their on their roof. Yeah and so firm friend Andy that's out there that don't know who we are have Iran intends that we are where as full service rating company. And a large part of our business final is catered to realtors and property managers. And so for young those people that are buying or selling a home. Just haven't come and take a look at that we will all go onto the property loans act and we are as transparent as possible so we give them my report has photo. It is showing where the damage is what's gone on. That's laws in an asked met for an. And yeah I mean at one of the things that we do this will be just trying to streamline communication Trevor mesa will tighten up under the cellar entity you know role there at the inspector reverend we need to keep informed school. Keep everybody on the same page. Did you know what's I mean folks here's the deal a great roofing company like you don't know anything about your roof I mean how many times you want your room really. Are hanging Christmas lights you know of the anatomy you'd out of their name if you're an increase in size in doing to momma told junior out looking for stuff that he be looking for but. You what I what I see you what what I think folks need to understand is. You know there could have been some top weather event there could have been some top and damage there could have been something that folks don't know about. And what's the importance of knowing about that bull for you you lose your house. Yeah absolutely I. Well there is benefit to knowing about them before hand so peeking get you know I found there. Before you pick your house on the market then you kind of have to bawling your core. Repairs here contractors going to be. You know you get to make the decisions you get to repair the rift but for the inspector inning comes out now where you're not caught up in a place where a battery just holding a Purcell our hasn't contracts falter at. If you aren't the ire. Definitely what you wanna do is check the roof and Texas to get a lot of piling inhale and so hale is the big thing and I always hate to see someone buy a house. And find out later that the reef has hailed him breast. And then they don't really have any leverage as to getting replaced because it was sent it initiated for a beach and actually through. You know that would being covered under the sellers insurance alrighty so just because we. Iron to have three inspected and made sure that you know if there is any and might that hail damage especially that they want you know. Back to that end before the transaction is actually cross yes. And without data means and in chattering from your just your spares me jump in here any time but for me it seems like Yost is as a as a seller. You know it if if you if you haven't had a root inspected yet seems like you know if you do that your per cent. You know obviously she's coming up but I. I mean let's think about time I mean with in the mortgage process there's there's a lot of things involved in one is a mean Chad explain the fact of like the domino effect I mean yeah we got a bar that needs Abbas of the sellers can get paid so they go about their house I mean it would it would have you seen out there and industry just our risk of. Well in terms of roofing yes I mean Bree in it you're you're spot on so when it it as a seller the more you know about your home yeah. Especially the imperfections. Of your home before you put her on the market it gives you. Opportunities to make those repairs. You don't have to make repairs but at least you know about the repairs. And you can get them he had bids are so you know what. Come the amount that someone would charge you to pay and gas and when you look at. I am you know so part of what we do as a realtors not all realtors but what I do you as a realtor. It is un you know we're giving you staging advice we breezed dangerous world that's the inside your home. We talked about operated analysis on how where where can you make small little. Incremental investments into your property to actually. Gain value when you maximize them maximize it as a slowly I always recommend pre inspection on the home. Because that's at the biggest piece is gonna be that those items that we never pay attention to say you're you're slimy may pay attention to more you'll feel it or you'll see in sub on the roof you don't parents should threaten to either help or does not legion. Right not raining absolutely and a lot of times. But a buyer AG they for my buyer's perspective buyer is super concerned about her because they know that's a big expense and that's a big ticket item that one day they're gonna have to. Essentially pay for right so I definitely recommend it in you need to you know get definitely bring out album come out we get you did give me an estimate. Yet so we'll have to pay for a gal but at least you know not in a less talk about so Rihanna talk about you know you gotta solar and our hey come how did you guys go out there and inspect the roof. And you're like OK there has been some damage to me I don't know how you guys research CeBIT I mean how would you once you decide okay your home's been damaged by you know hale let's just take that for example. You know what how do you guys work or how do you guys benefit that best seller that's homeowner while working and I mean you guys know the channels of interest how does that work. It actually telling Tampa saint if you do that early needed to pre inspection. That is in the sellers best interest because then they have the time if they have held demonstrates the chances. Are high that their insurance company is going to Peter police. And so instantly that relieves a huge financial burden for them they're gonna go and you root for a fraction of the cost him just just their deductible or. And so they're not to have any problem once again and you were if that's gonna go through that process you know who they're buyer does not have any issues but the rates mean brand new quarantined. They got we worked with the insurance company as long as they give themselves time to let that process it through because. With the insurance company it sometimes can take you know a couple weeks or so. If they do that then they eat and they're on ink and never get advantage so. I mean what here's what I think I mean just there's that human in me says it from a bar and come into a house instead of me going. Who the inspector says that you gotta dare drew she needs to be replaced me automatically that house is damaged. You know the other side of that you Russa fixate Cumming luckily I don't. We got a brand new room it's only 81 less thing to worry about its way I mean it's it's beyond one thing it's beyond that it's him. Yeah it's it's you're not buying it damaged property. You're buying a property with a brand new rainbow will go to presents to yeah oh yeah you know no doubt about it so that it especially as the ruler without it cells that are concerned and so guys protect yourself as a as a seller protect yourself as an agent if you don't have. If your role Charlton you don't have a rooting partner amid Rihanna knows everybody's she's out there and the networking events girls professionals all get out she'd been with us for two years out of -- or radio on Rihanna how we in concert with the girl. Yang felt pretty calm me or text me my personal number it's 512. I I'm 01290. Fantastic guys we have to cut it right there take a quick break along we come back we've got tough Linda bits hello. And does she is an expert. Real estate agent. And here's what we're talking about we're talking about right sizing we're talking about you folks out there the that the kids of parents say it's time that the folks don't want that for 5000 square foot home that 38 hours curve and home it's time to right size astound and put that house on the market. In what are those next that's what do you do find out next. And are Elmore it is an equal housing when. When you're an analyst number 1814 and zero cents. Making top radio upgrade again somebody has to come out. Top thirteen seventy. And welcome back to the show central Texas is we'll say radio appreciate you guys spend their limited time with us on your Sunday. We're coming to you live from. The wonderful city is right here in Westlake talk thirteen 78. M appreciate you guys reaching out to us thanks for support our show. Tex lines open we will hear from if we wanna help you navigate yourself through your natural straight. Transaction 512640. 9610. Be sure to check us out. Online stones radio dot com iTunes. Search rules they radioed Jason Stubbs and you can subscribe to our podcast also rules are rated Jason subs on FaceBook. Keep up with us there we'll got some pictures and all kinds of fun stuff. Or is how little fun out there on the social media soaked a researcher to suck their and doesn't with without a further do. There's say a little piece of this rule states environment that jobs got some experience with and I'm happy to bring you Linda Pattillo Berkshire Hathaway Texas realty welcome to the show how you. Thank you on to drain well I am I'm excited to have you. And the introduction that we got was was brief and then you know I had a quick conversation we found out we got lots in common. We have lots thought talk about so before we get into carry your specialty you got a little bit of news coming out there there's little bit global HD. GTV show coming on. And tells little bit about what we're looking for. Just a little show called house hunters you have heard of very early on rather spend hottest days yes definitely witnesses house hunters family things. And they're doing a casting pollen central Texas. So they're looking for families with children ideally aged some under fifteen years of age. Old enough to have an opinion in my walk and how they got that wanna purchase between march and may and this year there. And would like to share their buying experience with America so just put sure. We just get old Jim Nestle semester long enemy though there is and everybody on TV and in need you to go through the the process and all of you know. That the steps in in the milestones. In the the challenges of a buying property in central Texas sounds excited and it'll be fun to be great exposure for our city as well. So it in our can CME. Definitely kids I mean because it did they don't want the mean they don't want to just read a drama fueled the kids because this is real life stuff. Mean people moving you know with children out there I mean you do your changed schools and children were injured I mean there's lots of moving parts. And I yeah there's somebody's who do. That you folks that are moving you know whether it's it's across town across state across the country if you wanna get them kind of involved early with you social media in the schools. You cal let them know hey there's some certain interest that your kids. How they in China helped them kind of inner great their kids to new environment and that's as she got her get gonna show. So we'll good deal so I mean you know if there's folks out there I mean if you if you're you're tune in you're looking to buy you know here coming up shortly. You know it you want to be on TV I mean this is your your opportunity I knew what what can you tell mom who can expect. Let's just like house hunters they're going to be showing the three houses that they a look at. And a filming their reaction when the family doesn't of the house and then hopefully due to sit down where the family she's one of the three houses. And then the check back with them a month or two afterwards and sale they've decorated the house and other BK other getting acclimated and if the kids have met the neighbor kids CN yeah. Yeah exactly and how they unit school in just the transition its template which is I mean that they're they're putting a scenario that. Is very common. In this industry and kind of exposing it in a way that teen looking kind of hopefully prepare people you have to their own kids that are on the roof. So it is seems to me that it'll be stinks I'm excited to kind of keep on this but. You guys want information on that if you wanna be on the show. And you can't you can do it gives a call 5126 or 09610. And that's if you guys wanna beyond. House owners HGTV and coming Austin is your opportunity. I mean your hair and now and you know Linda I mean how all of four CN you know what what to what you can do what you bring Michelle and how exciting. And is on the deadlines favorites well. February 2. Drone could run around and live out a doubt and you guys have. I mean with Vivian you know both the weekend already I mean you know you've got to till tomorrow. So you've got to set 24 hours of figure this out but images you want information I mean. You know. I know how these shows were coming do some argued that the central Texas version as she TV but are are no ratios broadcast on TV and you know it's. If they're saying march and got deadlines and if you want a sneak in here. In the Tomlin didn't quite work out there you have it all it is a conversation so if you want information. Give us call right now 5126409. 610 that's for you and your family to appear on house hunters. And that's that pastoral stuff so for me so cool keep in all that. And you know left Linda keeps keeps updating us on how it goes. But tough solid turn based tells little bit about youth and just as a realtor as an agent. And what have you specialize in sums come near and dear to my heart. Well I do. I am a specialized in working a senior season. It's kind near and dear to my heart. About five years ago my mom laced Austin she relocated here and I didn't know how much she needed me at the time Bryant. And so I take a step back and ended little soul searching and looked at my career and where it was headed decided that this is the push from my am. My power power of the powers that be under pushing me mister Wright and the nights there working with seniors. Always been a fan of the geriatric population I just didn't ever know how I could fit in with the business right model as well there. So I am have really become quite saturated I belong to three different senior networking groups like and facilitate one of them. I'm in and out of the independent living assisted living memory care communities. On a weekly basis. And and their lack passion. A lot of our I spent some time in that space. You know god forbid we have another mortgage crash but when we do on the job so few years ago are a consultant for company. That you know it was it was and the retirement and you're seniors face and I was and you know different types of of communities. If what I found is the lack of information. And a lack of information for seniors and the lack of information for the kids. And in a lot of times what you would see is you have these families would stay in these situations until the kids had to become parents. You know it in it's it's it's it's grueling I've seen it firsthand Sony just ride off the bat I mean you'd. What advice can you give folks everywhere they go for information I mean whether it's. You know wet weather year you're a senior and and years you know your loved one is is getting older you you know the drill group we're getting older is it's hard to stand up a mean. You worst thing you can do is you know you can fall break hips and you safety becomes the number one goal but we wouldn't working you advise people like how can they get information on what to do. Calming. And fabulous resource and that's my passion earliest connecting people went on another. I have over 75 people that belong to my networking groups so if you hear yourself. Saying gosh if we only had blank for mom right what dad really needs is blank pick up the phone yet only. Because of party got that resource for you don't have to research that there are a lot of services and nonprofits in and around central Texas as well. That can offer a plethora of services. And they're just they're they're waiting for you to don't happen of their resources. Without a doubt in your a lot of people I think expression also mean a retirement community yours growing it's growing fast it is not growing publicly. But we've got you know retirement Khamese popping up all over the place and folks these folks I mean these places are for profit they are in you have to do how to navigate in navigate out you have you need assistance and if he you have nobody is walking in by herself her pull up you know. You know but if that doesn't mean the worldwide web should get control you can you need some guidance. But is as far as you know we used to call him. You know you should have just different terms for for lots of things now but. You talk to us adults you know people are looking to right size and explain that term. And what what that means the folks up there. Well I prefer to use the term right size and Saddam downsize will L has gone has a little negative connotation. Shouldn't we age we isn't all we called old folks homes steal your good anymore and no you don't thankfully we have now it's a different environment I mean it it really gives me a lot of these retirement communities I will be described as a cruise ship. It is true. I'm he got moving ninety Carter G got mark Reid and that you got your whole human. I mean to me that sounds like sell a lot of work towards. I don't wanna be sit there wait a dime a rocking chair I'd rather be you in an environment that is social. That is healthy and down a lot of folks have no idea. Start well it depends on the individual as well an and you are a very good point for for my mom explained her how would you like to be liberated from replacing the roof. The water heater and air conditioning and not have to deal with the pay delayed in the yard service how would you like to just enjoy this part of your life right. So is that is appealing to you when you wanna liberate your cells from. The birds of homeownership because there's always something going wrong with Onassis are all across them. It is you know consider 55 plus living where there is happy hour and your meals are picked for you but if you wanna pick you can still could can your kitchen right. They do outings you can be is acting as or as much of Herman as you would lie to right and I have climbed and clients that are both you know me. But I always recommend. That you start looking at these options before were black all. An event happening because when an event happens you're forced to make a decision in 24 to 48 hours and it may not be the best as it happened to my neighbor. In it was a step in Asia can be. So difficult for the family that people don't understand I mean you feel as somebody fall race in a bombing your life has changed from that point forward. So it's about you know what it can can you prevent that. You what happens if that does happen do you have the right help around you. All of those sayings are are just stuck just huge they really are you know one thing I want a touch home we we got about a minute left here but. You there's this there's a situation where you a lot of folks have trouble whiff. Being able to Ireland called. 4000 square feet five Times Square and home. Powell on earth do you have the conversation with folks going a week do you outsource other I mean people specialize in that stuff. How how do you get mom and dad to get Christmas stuff. All of those answers pat. There's others out there often times began having a conversation either with a senior or sometimes it's with their baby boomer children. Yes and I have a little downsizing guy that I can either email them or I can bring to them in person or snail mail it. But I'm not a downsized her and I do you have several companies that I highly recommend that worked very well with seniors at their pace. And and understand how it is that they learn that they all learned differently all of us and. Without a doubt it's a huge thing out there under our senior population in central Texas is growing like crazy if you're out there and you have parents. And here's the thing I I'll say this to you now don't wait until it's confident you'll know when it's time do it now Egypt went on your folks are getting ready they're they're there there in that happened in that age where you're like hey I don't know. You know where they need to go or win they need to go you need to start with Linda to tell Berkshire Hathaway Texas real teeth. Linda we got to cut it will get you back in I want all of you for cold shoulder the whole show with yet let's get some specialists in here that do different things open June charged. You coming Errol do full show wanted to tell our listen Doug out of ignorance equity. Sounds like apple and we get in contact with you my numbers 5126267459. Or you can email me at Linda cells as the yellow last Austin at Gmail fantastic Gaza should shows brought to you by 1836 property management assurance roofing. We wanna thank you take Mike Price Chad Maine's. Rihanna everybody that is been a part of real state radio thank you guys express to you folks throughout their listen in made common in in just give us your feedback thanks for helping us make sure this is the best rules they showed in central Texas until next obsolete. In our mortgage is an equal housing lender. In the last eighteen for.