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Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the all new talk thirteen seventy dot com stay informed with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away had talked thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with top thirteen seventy. It's. Welcome to real estate radio we your host Jason Stubbs. Wanna share your real estate stories call now at five point scenes 6409610. Now here's Jason steps. They're welcome back central Texas as it rolls their radio I'm Jason south to appreciate you guys tune in and then. Hanging out with us on this Easter Sunday. It's been a a very very hectic down month bombing for us in his rules state industry you know up and down from. You appraisers home inspectors realtors how companies and mortgage folks of the people moving in common in and into central Texas by an homes I mean it started its time and and we are we're living cooking so we a lot of stuff coming up today. Come we hear from. Louis brown low short creek home inspections and our guys who you know dirt there's certain things. That that happened during this time and what a lot of you don't machine is is there say it's kind of the second round a potential negotiations. That you'll have when your buying a home. So we'll get into some of that. With with him here coming out and just kind of touch a little bit on awesome the things that that you as the you know buyer or seller should be paying attention to looking out for us but before we do that. We official would not be possible without the wonderful support from pat law firm actually have had no they're not have been doing business with those guys since 2003. And our closes and you need loans we can over there. At patent law firms of guys you're out there if you're in the industry and builders agents does help you grow your business they're they're. And an arm of mine and they have been for for years so appreciate you as a their patent law firm also dean catering to surest roofing. Our realtors free home inspection it's and that's good information to have you guys are loose your home or here's a homeowner out there and you have in central Texas chances are you have some issues such don't know about a subject to hand over their their free on the suffering roof. Inspection he hop up there look around you tell you what ship which you need to have done if any thing. And also we talked up Rihanna. In studio with us with the shared through things so we'll hear from her in just a second. We appreciate you guys out there that are downloaded are out here's what this apps doing the job you can shop homes get interest rates and calculate. Mortgage payments and if you're rate nerd like me there's like a news feed Michael on your FaceBook social media all the things that affect interest rates all the news. Breaking the feds the bonds the stock market all the things affect interest rates all the news is right there blushing shop owned skip rates in calculation payments. Easy to do. Pull didn't get out your phone you're going to text atx to December 031996. So your text ATX to 319 and six you're get a link. Your scroll over click on add to home screen. In you can start shopping around it ensure its counseling payments because our our Tex lines open. And we are going to open that up by now and then it'll actually be open about an hour after the show to use a 512640. Nine 610. And we got a lot of questions coming from you guys some of the most recent ones are. We've got to you know I'm on the veteran how to box home what's the best loan for me a great answers easy that's awfully lonesome best one out there. There's also been used in questions on. You know. When we don't win the best time to sell ordeal had on off out of equities sell or you all that stuff some guys view you've got any questions was no 512640. 96 tend. Our guys we're gonna open up and introduced couple Gaza got in here with me in ladies' tees me but let's argued up Rihanna. Mark with the church briefing how you do this Sunday I'm down while things they think about yourself choose a I'm good well welcome to show here who thinks happened in also sitting next to her gut Louis brown no short creek home inspections everybody gets CNN as a historical I appreciate you guys it's been enough to me a little bit earlier Sunday what does send. Coming in here and in chat with this little bit nimble look we'll get to show on the road and engage you guys off student do your thing but a tsunami I think it's good to have both of you on kind of the same common you you guys obviously kind of run into each each other you know a little bit but before we get that started. Rihanna tell slowed adoption bless your little bit about your trophy. While concerned streak thing has been serving central Texas for about ten years now we have all the credit tekelec and far you know BBB five star yelled. And like you said we do free inspections. We do a lot of river placements and tech fans. Did so bad weather and we worked with a lot of realtors. So that's a little bit about assurance. Yeah yeah so tell me about I mean this season I mean what what's what's going on in. In your industry and obviously I mean this we've we've seen some storms you roll in through here so I mean me as a homeowner and would I need to know what would I need look out for. Yeah I eat at the probably heard of crazy weather alerts everywhere from Dallas the lake way you know hit an egg size tell that sort of thing. But April is notorious for hail and high wind and so every April we gates. Storm activity that pretty much generates business for us year round. So and a homeowner why you're gonna wanna do is if you've had any sort. Hail our highway and are really any severe storm activity in your area. It's better to be safe than sorry college out we do the free inspection will go up on the routes check it out document any damage that we finding recommend. You know what the next step as you need to repair Dini to color insurance company. Insurance will pay for near route if you have excessive teller when damaged. And so that's why you're gonna wanna DO. A lot of people don't realize that after hell storm. That there could be damage and sometimes they don't find out until they got to sell the house and home inspector comes and points out and they had that hand on at that point. Death to label us so let's kind of you have for a lob this over grove do you up Louis but let's do mean to talk about you know from. From you guys on the home inspection side you where you guys come and you end in cede this type of damage just as far as like Briscoe just. Yeah you know we're getting on the roof obviously comes back cut and I we are seeing. Held damage or were seen damage shingles or were CN you know significant annual loss you know a lot of things and not necessarily. Our our from the weather you know they're just where in terror from from age and I can vouch for assurance or fined because I've I've definitely had them out. To several roofs you know and they'll get up there. And and and give you give you get an honest quote end and another thing that's great about him is they'll actually work with you with the insurance down company so. One thing you know the insurance companies they're gonna do is they're gonna send their adjuster out. And average homeowner. Isn't really prepared to talk with these insurance adjusters you know Kyra obviously the insurance adjusters. They they're gonna do everything they can to not pay you cannot pay out right there obviously I mean they're in the business of making money. But it's really good sets actually have an assurance. Represented a smiling Rihanna out there to meet with the adjuster. That way yeah you know we can walk they're kind of looking out for your best interest they can walk you do in. And they might not do adjuster and not to talk about about a gay yours but they might not. Tell her something that they would tell the homeowner or vice Versa or something like that so so to have somebody like that in your corner is is a fantastic. Just like so I mean that's that's from the home inspector perjure perspective yes you know just as far as you a little bit I mean. Tells a little bit about your company shall jacket home inspections yes definitely show Craig come inspections let's start this about six years ago. I'm born and raised in Austin actually grew up office or create a show dinosaurs so yeah me and so. Yeah there's not many of us are both you ought also nice is a unit learned they yeah. People uniforms that. Better sorry that not all have our I mean they're and there are also my answer that better explain your mommy we're breeding little baby also lives Elmo that's his everybody's moved here Evan babies but that's you know yeah its itself its arrears easier if you you know believing enough my family's been in Austin since about 1870 while so I. Yeah the old horse and buggy days how has so it's pretty cold pretty cool to be in in the industry and down. You know going around to a lot of a lot of these houses. Some pretty old houses central Austin and in seem kinda houses that I grew up in this pretty neat to be on the side of it. Yeah no doubt Gaza viewers tune in the Central State radio I'm Jason Stubbs and company about Rihanna what's the church rooting you also lose problem short creek home inspections and mean you you think about like come inspections of meat ours are house is untouched from the 1974. And bad. I mean it was pretty substantial yeah report yeah I don't you know yet in I mean there's a lot of things that that might be new or codes. That that they didn't have back then you know though what all opened the the main thing I'm kind of looking for are safety issues got you now. So we might see things that. Or just not up to today's standards but that that's not necessarily. In might not be as you know a big big issue that obviously the safety things and. Well good deal paso. You're ami owned on your side of it you don't tell us a little bit about so you know I I. How what can folks expect you know when they have let's say were going to be a list our home in Q3 or four months. Or you were just has a homeowner we just kind of won out heavy gust come take a peek a reward those steps for a stadium let's say we reach out and we we beat pick up phone give you called them. Yeah I really is as simple as just you know putting out are putting an calling us and generally we have a pretty quick turnaround time. We'll set up a time to go out and expect there is fan. Early barring any you know red flag like excessive held image or wind damage things and generally require that refer placement we're looking for. Pretty much just me and things I mean if that reflects properly installed in the first place then. It really can't last this last its expected life and as long as he maintain that what does that mean just can I give me idea I mean is it twenty years ten years seven years it depends on their routine material types are out. Yeah there's levels and different I got it in ads and most towns have the asphalt shingle then it's so there's 25. A year and a thirty year there's enormous commenting and so was like summit. Then maintenance of its properly and spawning you have had any serious mother Nancy can expect it to last 25 full 25 or thirty years fantastic on some of the common meat and things that we're looking for we wanna make sure that. You know the earth is water tie that no leaks and the entering the home and causing interior damage or mold grows serve even structural damage down. And some of the things drilling in far edges reselling around the pipes are free fastening the events or any lose flash things are placing any. In missing shingles here and there because those are kind of the calm and it made and things done that we're gaining each of the races. Water tight. Fantastic guy as well if you're out there and you know you haven't had a roof inspector put yourself in her home or not it's a good idea how about a sure dripping come out give you Gaza a high of just a pre S been I mean they come out take a peak you say thumbs up everything looks good you guys have a good day calls down the road. Or they say you know these are recommendations and at that point she does kind of assess that make decision from there how to move our listeners can contact with the. They can reach. Mean at 512. 550. Point 29 era and I'll make sure that they are taking care probably they can also check this out an insurance refer dot com fantastic and also Louis brown a short creek home inspections appreciate you guys also on how brilliant concept would you guys. Yeah so best way would be just to give me call directly 5127857151. Call or text. And we've we're. Pretty good about getting now and do we get not to do an inspection within a few days. I know a lot of times you know. Do with the real estate agents that are put in contracts. Are trying to be as competitive as as they possibly cancer in my putting shorter option periods that are that are a little more appealing to the seller. And we really haven't had to turn any of those down so fans won't make it work. Why and and I know you you've been around long time I mean both you guys are companies can do and held jobs and keep that up when you're you're back in studio every grand. Because we come back cal we were gonna talk a little bit north Austin. Yeah we we spent a lot of time on on certain areas C and I've got two experts coming up that so that you won't gonna wanna hear from and will order to take it even the round rock Tuberville. North Austin. We'll also be talked about affordability hear that all the time stick around. We know Austin traffic can via. Challenge. These continued with time saver drastic. Mornings and afternoons on top thirteen seven lead the right choice. Talking thirteen seven. Welcome back to the show's central Texas this is real state radio I'm Jason stuff we appreciate you got to stick around. And hang out that's a little bit tough on this Sunday. So we're here every Sunday at noon and also about future take a look at our TV show it's also called rules say radio it's OK BVL also at noon. And we're trying to do is bring the Texas hill country in your living room so we're showing you house's talking builders talking rules state. Professionals and all different areas. In we've also. Got sub what we are coming up three guys we got tough some folks that are back. In studio realty taxes is making up there that they're footprints in this wonderful. Place we call central Texas. And now we've got the lethal Ormsby back along with Jack Stapleton rules to Texas how would you best. According draped in Los of this scenario we'll get deal all we appreciate you guys. Gibbs would come in back I mean you know last time we are on was a little bit goes right before. You know those are market truck stardom took to. To give India's turn it action a little bit so on what's been going on what you cast. We've been song like crazy girls Kmart is on fire in central Texas right now. Tackle well I want to talk a little bit about a meat I know that you guys specialize in in in central Texas but you know before. I know we get into some coming soon which I know you guys have a lot of the guys. Do your listeners out there coming soon are. Homes and have nots she had to be an ally so they're not on the market yet so the benefit of you know you've got tune in as you kind of get the first shot at some information on these homes so if you want your information eighties and so we talked about coming out do is reach out just let us know 5126409. Yummy concerns. We've got to experts in here I've known these two on their vetted. On their their of their past clients will tell yet. They know what they're doing police said Jack. So just let's get into a little bit. Of of properties. Do you baskets and common sins I love them they're so my favorite things talk about kind of feel like it's up a little bit of a big advantage you know tune in general sit radio a little bit as tough talking about some of these homes that are not on the market. On booze which he got forced. Why have one I know people are gonna be scrambling over each other to get to then. Is that 15112. You just silliness and Clinton bill it is 1860 square feet. And that's gonna go up on the market for 219 which is a hot. Good nice yes so so to nineteen Emmy who's the army is his first time homebuyers is investor. Who's the bar for this I think it could be there are so about what happens is the first time buyer. I am seeing in my market area usually does when now because investor it's all about the the dollar yes and then and a drop off at a certain point let your first time home buyer that actually has have a place to raise their families. Start their life. It's get a final a gift from mom and dad what ever to get that job done. Stuff like this more emotional. Yes it it is tsunami to nineteen I mean that's obviously at a price point that is. It's super hot because there's just not enough homes at that price range immediate these these young I call into entry level homes and I mean that's. We gotta start somewhere he got to start building some equity somewhere so would benefit that's a little gym and just in the last couple years our entry level home is gone up from the 115 my team where you see this that cell and while. In that something crazy while soaking 20% a year 20%. I mean that is something that really as well so what do we have next. And then we have Lang coming also influence of bill it's in town south complaints he hits 19004. Or folder crest drive. That is a 4597. For a flight home in this this is pre foreclosures so this is also a hot deal for people that are out there might wanna get Intel home that size. It'll be listed at 360 and that's about twenty K I injured market value. We came in here slain activated yet how. A couple listing got those self Vista yet a pre foreclosure in a home under U Tutu warning that's we're we're starting off pretty good here in that neighborhood I mean people love it out they got friends that have been. In that neighborhood for. For years and they absolutely love it it's community it's nice to streets and sidewalks and all that stuff this golf course it is a little else it's golf course applause line that. Do little area we'll get deal so I'll just throw quick how to folks can contact with Jimmy that's on the they wanna talk about you know what what kind of you fundamentally. They can call still free 806601022. Or dissidents are real T Texas dot com realty Texas dot com love it horrible weekend actually so. And then we also have a plan coming up at 20829. Penny broiled that's inflict as well as well I don't know library for the real heavy today Nellie are. Five bed jam and 3150 square feet at 285 so they learn that. Two to 300. In the that is that's attractive home just having five bedrooms is becoming more popular. For folks really want that fifth bedroom and into doctors and Austin we do a lot of entertaining. You know a lot of folks in town. It's almost like the five bedrooms almost like this three car garage I mean it's like it's it's a great little bonus especially for folks who failings that have you in malls in all that stuff so five bedrooms will square footage and I think that's. Am 3150 in both those big homes also have. Master down and another edging down to other thing and seeing as the multi generational yes that that's really important to a lot of buyers right now the. It is an adult things did you know the the the public her immune from south they're really know you how many of these multi generational things or are happen MF talked to a builder body in my west peoples' yards may have heard of him but I mean he's build those houses because there's a huge market for it you those folks you know and they'd they'd be really are becoming more attractive in before it was like the 70s80s we are building like that how soft the house saying yes you have to look to see it is sit in those are still cool we now the group another groovy and the builders finally came back around like Harry. Lets you know we sort deliberate more multi generational stuff so what so what does she got. And then we have land that's in don't. West side of round rockets at 1006. Left drive that's a 32. It has a pool and a. Listen at 350. While fantastic as if you're just tuning in this grocery radio and we are joined by brokers a realty taxes. We've got to release and Jack in death did club then all marshals several times we're talking north Austin. And we did a balloon flew to fill that. But I mean it's it's it's a great area and doesn't sometimes they just happen like that he does a lot of this is going to be there that's gonna feel listings in round rock yeah. Level in coming and eleven woods at mesa drive internist and a it's going to be less that 325000. Dollars just over 3000 square feet right backs up to the golf course. I'm I also have one coming at you visceral right past 78325. Do you back up to the golf course you just throw that in there. It's beautiful ears just perked up out there are promising drive in mound and you got to come in tune from church or every girl inside this Easter Sunday but. I like your best stuff. It's open from 24. You talk about a great neighborhood you'll visit our member you'll lose it for sixteen years ago. On terror this I mean builder's role in there they had sticks flying like crazy in all the sudden nearby so they were out here and were not build any more and morale and you talk about a neighborhood this may come back I mean it's a great neighborhood the golf course how luckily the best from a golf. Our best round of golf other played mod which is not saying very much but I found it was after the terror Vista golf course okay. Enough about me ramble and owner Jack put so what do you next coming up. I have one in the preserve it dire creek that one is at 1033 Derek crossing. It's 3189. Square feet gonna be priced at 325 to four vision of the master down. Three car tandem garage. No big backyard beautiful kitchen with granite hard tile it's a beautiful listing. They're there goes that the the the garage and only three car garage and I think it's you know we just built a five are you serious that you released. Outside my house. I don't know I might need to close a couple more loans over here they are a mortgage. Save a little bit of how to get the (%expletive) harder is that cells in the face you have this over for dinner Allah that. Good bills Jack we'll see got a we at least coming at. Tony seventeen years turn I had an investor purchased a property at 235. Close it and fifteen day cash we had six offers of the consistently picked it up. Turned around there on the market release for 16100 no fine applications the first day while. Amid these clients happy. The static to combat the flu it's good it doesn't always work out like that I'm sure but hey what it does man I mean you its economy should feel good to a makes everybody feel good to express who make and you know walk around and say you know my realtor did XYZ in the and that's just that's that's doing what you should be doing but we got one more force I do have that a special one coming in Sonoma in round rock it's a Trenton thirty other falls he. This is a home that was listed by an absentee investor in California the current analyst about the same or printed by the same guy for seven years. Doesn't have the money to bring in up to market value. So we're gonna delisting in about 30000 market value at 285 comes showed about 330 wow so insensitive listing coming for so that's a potential investor or purchase or just somebody looking to get in the market get that neighborhood. Bind hold lease or flip. Russia while he would come in with a look what tub where some of things that you think could bring that tough tough. It just needs to be signed Ebenezer PR campaign and to serious claims in Kerviel. Nothing major at all. That is that something nominee have somebody for yeah I don't think that's gonna stick around long either and so how we talked acquiescing and again you can call us at 806601022. Or visit us online at realty taxes dot com and we are not done with you guys on there is a little. Special club the piece of a blow on this Vista a lot of time working with buyers that need homes. In that viewed 550000. Dollar range. And I'm here a lot of folks are having trouble finding it and what she does to kind of help us understand you know what can you give it. For you in that 250 range in where these homes that if I'm just talking just talked to that fire out there that had the talent that struggle. Yeah we're working they start looking more committed. I have McLaren now that they are moving here from North Carolina is in the military and their priced right at 18100 dollars a month. Which is putting the 215. Three inventory grounds right now there's a 19100 square foot onyx that they have on the ground force to 54. I'm openly Lucie county we've got. 45 communities right now one and hunt oh one on in round rock in Mattson ranch nuns or for any community also Lennar and 250s. Under is actually quite a bit in your own inventory. In this is going to be for you this. For further as you drive around near cars updated Jack's not renew knows some heat you literally just walked the dog Cowell all the way back up north in that price range. Until we've Cowell. Umps in double time and Kyle last week in on the it's really coming around it's got some nice little place is a mean entertainment kind of overflow in there on just back in March when we have the south by they were getting overflowed their book and you shows like crazy as it sounds like you're kind of fund their own up their colonies in. Absolutely I mean the last two years Kiley is to be the place to go if they didn't have any. Their budget was pretty low now I'm seeing that Kyle again it's gone up 20% easily in the last year. But it's still affordable and also the location is great when you work cannot stand. They feel like going south is a little less pressure as far as traffic and everything else so they they love that area lots of builders. Yeah there are so good when we're talk about Williamson county. You know obviously Louis south also don't Kyle. But the unit to fifty range of mean they've got new communities up there. In new homes are also mean they are you know good to have to get in that new home you might have to get a little farther out than you wanna be so what about resells. You don't just in central Texas and that 250 mark. There's still Latin I have I'm seeing stuff and flu development of Blackhawk area towards the end of Kelly Layne. I'm in the villages of west creek mean we've got some stuff that you fifties you build a north into you I don't. I'm you can find some resells 1516100 square foot home 32 on the ground anywhere from 232 to sixty. You get north round rock. You can also find some stuff so if you're looking for that to fifty range it is a possibility once accounting. Fantastic because we got a quick break coming up up but before we do I've got dubbed a maverick in his yellow line. And Kavanagh there. You don't let mom and brother hey I'm you can you can. I thought I forgot about you even hold a little bit better opportunities that are around. You enjoy the show you pay attention yeah that's very unfair doesn't do it we just Tim Hennessey with Tennessee homes and and Kevin I mean what you've got some listings come on I mean your rules state. Do you ruled serve but she also build some house's tell us a little bit about what you are going on. Yeah man trying to verify a little bit but I've got this. One property bit feature you have to investor and ownership lower or. More people at least. I've got an acre lot and seven note that you cannot build a restricted. And a man that I knew he had used it's it's you know he indicted the cup. By. I had these in the nation but it's lifted from 475. And just. For reference. I'm building a house shut down the street hit a contemporary of 4500 square feet. And how we got this thing in all in at one point six and there are a lot of house in the neighborhood its first sale under 2.3 million. I saw all announce what she sent me on that thing in I think I mean I love it so. I mean I've I've just got. During the break I was telling them we got a couple agents in her house tome about him which you build your style on and I love it I mean after I took a blue or told him number did you build me some here. I'm not sure wins but it's gonna happen already in May and that house is great win I. We're yet on the. We're living here in the end though we're it would double the interior lights panic out there remained in on the interior. Still get a foot in the I would tours but yes they are those last minute lecture them up but. You can go by and take a look at the list is true stop random way there. A lot of one preclude randomly in the house I'm building 330 brand new way. And they're really good looking house so we can take credit that design but it just the builder. It's a good look at how the tiger yet appreciate the compliment. But you know I could could be something very similar about the same price and you know slightly and I'm by you or. 2.4 million you know you can make a lot of money off that. Absolutely a stick around with the students through this break let me step when real quick pay some bills will be right back us. If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas weekdays at five to seven on talk thirteen seven Michael Berry show. The show's central Texas this is real straight radio I'm Jason Stubbs. Appreciate you stick around to that break guys are just too new and welcome we're here every Sunday. At twelve noon and also loss or we're in your living room full of TV world KB DO RR TV shows also called rules state radio. A ring central Texas right into your home. And we're bringing you expert realtors were bring in. Home inspectors are bringing in roofing companies all the things that you need to know the ins and Alice of this wonderful and issue we call real estate we're joined by a lethal orange be in Jack's able to royalty taxes. Guys before you back TO Kevin Hennessy PC homes still on there aren't all our hey man thanks for hanging out Doug Dern that that break out so we're talk a little bit about you got this house you build and and you know what what else you got going on out there. Well I got that always been any anybody that walker bill because small mom more and headed out to him but I also got a listing. Good buddy of mine it's. The village of western oaks. It's Gartman and not slaughter. And among this thing is walking distance KGB. And restaurants. Tricks to want to shell on Klipsch. And it's a really nice house for the neighborhood and got granite countertop or good lord's crown molding. It four bedroom bedroom with two and a half bad. And tweet 760. Square feet. It's just a really nice house for a pro family a young damage because. Fantastic powerless as it comes equity. Renovate it dot com. Our buddy green we will level talk to you soon not enjoy your Sunday sir in double digit in the city as soon. Everybody to get our act our God's will eleventh we are we're we're we're talking before we took a call we're talking about. The the the rules say market you know in that 25300. Range and Lisa I understand that she's you don't homework on this and can't help us understand you know what are some examples like what's available in that Williamson county area. In that price point because there are lots of folks out there that are in the need for homes and our price range. Still I pulled the stats this morning actually in it was 593. Units are on the market balancing can be. In that price and well between 20300. Fantastic. But other that about 260 T you are new built sellout and you've got to realize that fielders don't always put their stuff enamel last and that's what I'm filling most of my information so. They'll have other things on the ground that's not advertise so the good news is that buyers want that instant gratification maybe they don't wanna resell they want some brand new. And they don't wanna wait six statements so. People need to know that it's out there and it's a delta flight. Yeah we were British shows and it's in the year five in our number two years ago you're talking about just the lack of new inventory. And I had developers just some of the guys that did it would work out in late wave bash drop mean I was getting developers and heroes like what do you guys do runner well. Or didn't work and you know I'll remember them sand. And development Knight won't work in our butts off those who take the builders a little bit of time to catch up in the house two years ago so we were the scenes like this inventories finally hit the market. And I think a lot of problem with new inventory people don't know where the neighborhoods or they don't know the communities are how to get there with the benefits are. You know so what so we can help them I think shook his chief said that with a smirk but face here's the as a meter look in it in that range Williamson county. Balmy realty taxes these folks know what they're doing and Jack and Lisa got a just a wonderful company an even if you would join their team even I mean it's. Didn't go exactly what they're doing and I appreciate you guys you shared your your knowledge with us this. You know it's it's it's a special place in my heart folks from the show and reach out to me on Amy what do we do its advice and it distancing might be funny thing. And new construction might be a way to go what can they get I mean what so what are what are some of those options out there. The bill working of the pillars greatly and a great partnership and realtors bring them about 75% of their business qualified buyers last they absolutely love yeah we like working the salmon they like to work with us. How we can help the buyer is still represented by air because you know builders do right to contracts for themselves say to business. And there's a lot of ways we can go in on on behalf of nearby area and we have to listen to what they want that we can ask the builder to help out with closing costs or. Paying that owners tile policy. But remember you also get all those warranties known bird one and two or five an and a ten year YSE for sexual thing she can't get onion resell some. Strides yet their deficit benefits lots of benefits of you know a buying new. And job to throw this out there one you can get it tends you you you ready to Jack looks at me like Randy you're the the pre conversation you always roaming curve balls but here comes one on either real cynics have somebody new house and got a salesperson. Because the on site really referenced in the Miller got a lot of the on sites asking their on site to put their license are inactive status. So they can purely just represent a builder judgment realtors gonna represent them helping him get an inspection negotiating the price of the home. Like Lisa said it's an incentives maybe Saad irrigation system on planes packages. And also that onside is that that community. The realtors Michelin across multiple different yens and chum all the inventory all of the new construction communities that are available to them the price range not not just one yet. Not just that individual builder him obviously and you can't glimmering builders have their company and it's their business in their best interest is that's the way you can do business so. You can't fault them for that that you guys actually show on. You're different neighborhoods and communities that. That are are like you know the the common communities that some folks might not know are out there in one of the big issues and shopping communities is tax rate. Yeah to seek tax rate team earned two point for a live to three point one. So knowing when those communities are when someone is really hypersensitive about their payment means fun in the community of certain tax it's gonna help it as a consumer specially. You would tarmac for some homebuyers are intact street saw something that you just you're supposed to now. You know so I mean the difference in tax free to be hugely nominal Lemaire is the town but you do you know we know I mean there's a huge difference from you know out here and in scenes which is some surprisingly he's very low. Do you know some of the other locations can be you know pretty substantial if you're difference which you know us on the mortgage side we see it too. You know folks have kind of won out. You wanna quote make sure you qualify in the you know a lot of people don't understand that tax free can actually you don't put you outside of that qualification. At a pre qualification from the lender and it's based on. On a specific home we go to the next home of the tax rates often they can afford them home deicing the same thing so it's important to really understand the how much the tax rate affects the property and 200000 dollar home. 50% tax rates or grant 3% tax rate is six grand essentially 2000 dollars and a year that the homeowners gonna have to fork out. Because interest the property taxes 1% higher. It is. And with all the folks moving here I mean it's almost. It's not easy to track down all the information you need to make you know he even to start your process it speaker that you wind let's say some folks wanna buy it. And you know my favorite is owned by two years and in those Kosher just year if you're not saving. You know 1015%. Of your income and your your rumbles go and backers was summoned this appreciation out there. So you know it's a big deal but you would you say that person that's in six months out and how can they mentally prepare themselves for this process or are there things they can do before they start looking toward before they contact you guys knew what can they do obviously they go to your website there's tons of information out there. What can what advice can you give those folks. Well I hadn't come in sit with me go through by boot camp we offer that as a as a free service to all of our clients. To penny given an idea of what's scenario look like purchasing now rather than waiting since my three year out. We have issues with interest rates that are coming rising. Property values are going out. And if there in a rental and they're stuck to lease payments sometimes we can talk to about buying a man's release and trying to help you with that because. The longer they stay is attendance in more money they're throwing out the window. Well done. I mean Jack just dropped the Mikey took off everybody does Jack Stapleton realty taxes hey guys here's who we got to wrap it up here how or how or folks didn't contact. With yet they wanna work with you come. What's a phone number eighty give us a call 8066010228680660. 1022. Or visit us online realty Texas dot com fantastic we appreciate you guys common and we'll get you back in soon you just keep up the good work out their rosy Texas gust of wind out. We come back we've got Sam knocked in a buddy of mine he just got back from Vegas on the credit conference and we're talking to folks that you'd literally are pushing the buttons on fire Kelso. Well you got near you think you are great courage got back credits all the ins and outs. Of credit and I've actually learn something after fifteen years the industry and that was like two days ago talking to Sam three a lot of that coming up you'll miss it stick around. Texas weather can change on and. 90 it's excellent beginning shortly. When the weather turns severe. Turned to us for what you need to know on air and online at top thirteen sending dot com top thirteen seventy the right choice. You've made the right choice tough thirteen seventy. Back to the show's central Texas this rules or radio I'm Jason Stubbs. Hope you're enjoying this wonderful Sunday we're here at noon every Sunday and also on KB DOR Tex lines open 512640. 9610. We wanna hear from you and we wanna know year. There ins and outs of your few your rules state transaction and you got you got questions what's become a mortgage questions. Come on branch manager in our mortgage and I've loved to chat with didn't have got conversation I was trying to accomplish help navigate you through your next. Rules stated denture. Some guys again that number's 5126409. B 610. Without further ado my buddy my friend knew little while but you are back in the studio dancing and knock in Texas desperate parents going to. And ten pounds lighter. We asked it felt like they wouldn't even you had a baby since then that guy you put a little baby weight and take advantage can just nothing there we could and a half now we can have on the you can almost in town lake premiere have us in next summer coming and he's bring your bring attendees and we'll just kind of parlay their show their town lake. I don't like it was girls you. Things are good you know move into a brand new office in them flu will Texas and that's our main office sends ever really excited. And down. Things are great yeah what's up I understand you lost little time in Vegas so we don't. It there were over there for the national pretty convincing them it's called credit time 2017. And one of those beneficial things we talked about there was we had a two day training with fight and and specifically Julian living with fight till she works for fight to NC really broke down how cycle formulas work as a whole and compared them soon. Tons of different types of things out there and people are seen. Really and I mean you've got that mean S top dogs out there pushing the buttons. What changes do we need to work look out for me obviously fight goes scorers you know impact our business during. Flacco is our business over here on the mortgage side absolutely more of things it's coming down the pipe Peter's they're gonna reduce the effective medical collections and how they. Lower our factors as consumers and that's. It's going to be a big thing there tsunami so we explain that little bit I mean do you right now obviously a medical debt affects you me it's just gonna affect your score a little bit less based on bureau of certain criteria are what it's. Well right now don't fight go now he's and they're gonna be released and fight routine in and coming up in town. Those types of algorithms really apply more to the auto business and maybe being cord lending business up to whereas some of their own mortgage formulas are. I've been in place for a long time that what they're doing now is collections. And I are gonna be less of a priority in terms of the score is so up a lot of folks out there that's an unfortunate medical issues come up so got you so look. Talk just a little bit about mean obviously there's a lot of crew repair companies out there. Deal how we what are some of the differences I mean what what makes you near a different from the extra. Yeah I think it's really didn't back terra slogan here which I kind of came up with stern must have been something from got here but it was local service delivering real estate results and that's kind of where it starts that is if you can China. Accompanied its local two years. Then that's going to be an advantage because you can meet him in person. Whereas a lot of the larger river companies in the nation when I called the big box companies are located at north and yeah and I think is as a consumer it's really important bill to visit an office. A record for a company. Yes we'll go in their meat in it shake hands for faced with a name and you're getting down and dirty I mean it's a medium credit score mean that's terror buying power DNA you know so. You're you're getting to you're getting personal and your for your you're like hey what happened here what can we do about it it either stop like a lot of people to meet. Over the years you you just kind of go on through life knowing that you have bad credit and it's like that and pick up the filmmaker that initial phone call is so painful to people because they think guys like me are gonna you know click a beetle stamp alpha says denied what they don't realize we're making money to get chip prefer alone so we're gonna work groups you have some of these hurdles some of these issues when you don't have any credit need to establish or. If the F Chris scores out there they've taken a hit from you lost a job medical bills family member schools whatever it is. And then let's say that we've got some folks have. They don't have a lot of activity. And let's say you know the 2007 downturn hit they haven't done anything over ten years and what can you do to help those guys. Corn the first things we do is who do are free consultation near that a lot than what is a free consultation with Texas this crib repair. It's really like an extreme when you go to the doctor anything to fractured Drew Mormino gonna look at their three bureau credit report we're not gonna. Look at it two bureau's report like credit karma we actually pull Experian trains union Equifax and we're gonna look at all the data. That's on file of the credit bureaus and give them an honest. To goodness answer on how long they'll probably be in our program. Got a gimme your talk about the program and what can people expect it if you folks are out there I mean there's Norton to be I don't know if I need to say bitterest but here it's like you feed your credit score just how little little secret. You know it's almost like you're you know you're your your household income on this is not something that you run around. You share with people but if somebody is wants to take you above a sneak peek. In just gonna have a conversation with yet you know on you what what can they expect from him. No one and have a great core of credit analysts here parakeet Yakima is one of our new guys they came always at twelve years experience in the business that. They'll be about a thirty minute phone call will go through their whole report completely free we wanna. Have people come on that we can actually help you out and the really that's clear we searches are separate ourselves from the competition. Mosier big box ripper companies will promote deletions it's all about deletions. Almost feels like Harry Potter movie or something that is magic want to use to leave everything that's the answer but it's just really not the answer but what's really the answer is. Concept and new positive credit to their profile on what. To add to their profile even example there's a lot of consumers going out there buying furniture for 3000 dollars going finance a call or a double digit interest rates. Speaking at the cost of the furniture the total amount is the solutions improve their credit when mr. whenever they come to us. We we provide a prescription with as little as 550 dollars of their out of pocket money to set up secure chords and specific accounts. Maybe even less I don't have a greater impact in those two other things that I mentioned especially what blows people away is our critic coaching saves them money. Mexicans serves their resources and gives them the biggest impact to their scores. I mean it's a complete analysis I mean it's not a snapshot unity in it there's some case by case. You don't individuals and have certain things that can help certain things it can't they can't and there's just not one formula for everybody exactly and I think that's when you're the local. You know you know. Coming in and and sit down with you it really get into it go and hey you know who do you have any cash from India 500 to bust open up some. Secured Carson gives some positive credit started so you know a lot of people think it's just you know all those olds. Old you know kits on the credit are the most important thing. And it might just be you know pain down one car you can get some points or. You just I mean we caught compensating factors are your credit score yet able to negative one there's you know sent a pay off a bunch of stuff you might just open up a new account and pay perfect for a couple months. You things like that that in some of these bigger companies just don't get too. Exactly they don't have the skill level and the people with the time to spin of the folks over the phone that's why we. Excel or seven people strong and our company were highly skilled Alex tell people hey listen if you get your teeth were gone. Would you wanna go to wal mortar toward getting in the until their erred. The last amendment to the demonstrated they had like five people in the office right now that's a really good example maybe a law office is another example to wanna go to you know online to get through some legal services are words wanna go to an attorney's office with three people working there so we're seven people strong. And not everybody solution is the same. You know one of the things here -- there is on this and your security card that'll be that'll fix it well that's not the case actually a lot of times about to overcompensate. With new accounts on top of us trying to get as many things deleted legally as possible so we can have people is to really pursue the items the look deleted all the way up to 70% of the items deleted that if they all do to critic coaching. Well in half of the points are not going to be gains that we easily average about a hundred point improvement within six months is it known as Psycho says they come at 500 they're going to be at 600. Six and advancement fantastic so that we got to cut it there Sam appreciate you coming here Gaza see him knock in Texas does credit repair. I've used to myself we immediately told us or years ago man and a few other alibi house and here too and I mean she does for years ago I bought Sony five years Yaris were talking about it -- and up and Myanmar stop but anyway we'll get you back in studio man but before we go how or how are folks in contact with you. You know just give us a call at 5123086000. American everybody do is dues roots do some research on school attacks as desperate repair ticker sound you know comes our web site. Our prices are there. And were resilient ST fantastic Sam enjoy the rest your Sunday central Texas will be back next Sunday until then enjoy enjoy will be back. But. Keep up with the latest breaking news in Austin and around the world take a moment to make sure you're following us on Twitter at top thirteen 7811. Evan trading began. I just one more way to stay connected with top thirteen cent indeed the right choice.