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Well cancer real estate radio read your host Jason does. Wanna share your real estate story. Coleman now at five Valencia 6409610. And now here's Jason Stubbs. And welcome to the show's central Texas will stay radio I'm Jason Stubbs mortgage. Professional and consumer. Advocate for a fragile state got Tex on open Gaza we want to when I hear from you got tough rules state that we won't hear your story phony here you got issues are. What ever it is shared with us Bob 126409. V6 ten. Shows coming to you today right from the beautiful studios of thirteen seventy talk thirteen 70 AM writer Westlake. That is thirteen 7 AM on your dial also check us out iTunes were the state radio Jason stub you can subscribe and get tough if you are so right there on the phone. Guys we got me a a good show coming up. We've got Matt last for 1836 property management who's our. Or expert property manager for all you investors out there I mean this guys and just managed properties he's he's putting you in front of data. On the can help you make the right or how you're right decisions so we chat with him a little bit tender sharpening your man what time will -- him around him. Mann senior loan officer general mortgage supposed moral you know. On to survive my first three day stand the wife had a don't thank you for works on both kids. For semi charged by myself in Denver and a house down. Did not didn't wanna kill either one either point and but survived an exhausted I don't know I just say when you. How my wife puts in a fifty hour work week in and does all things she does and I'm a new. And if I respect for because by 830 last night the last of the third night of of dealing in a couple of kids on the bed like I was just hours to him on talk came by the look at anybody. And so we're a port of the old glass suburban tonight. Sat down and I caught in the Red Sox yankees game and that's I was done I was glad that I was glad that she's in Maryland home. I'm over here chuckling because oncology in the heat of the battle back and I mean it's like 10 AM they come exhaust yeah on the first AM 10 am tolerant yes little boy got a before I don't know how she does it yeah he's hungry machine yeah Osama. I'm really not sure how she does fundamental well saint good welcome welcome back conducting a little shut up that's a sure thing you know there. For a you know doing what she does so how many guys anyway does a sudden the show brought to by Dane can hurling an update include killings he owns a company called church roofing and they've recently merged to bring their new commercial folks. You know what they wanted to do Chavez. I do a lot of residential stuff induce a commercial things but by merging with eco. Roof in solar. They were able to offer their commercial folks at a much better service so I mean they're they're able to come out there they've got you there quickly it's grown their their crews of ground there they're well versed in experience with commercial stuff. So that those guys expanding has been something that's been in the works in and now it's out there and their up and running so Dane catering other guys if you if you're out there and you Unita. You Bruce looked up even before you you listed her fear of yet wind damage here this is Tommy here that rooster you have an issue so it through roof in solar check out of also HX web design and who's a designed our on our website stones radio dot com go check that out and for all you folks out there here's a you know if you need a new website pull up your phone into your world web address. In your stuff doesn't all move properly. You probably you web site quit doing it your first introduction is like showing up to a you want him to give me now. You we're gonna have a mobile friendly to write a whole deal mostly so many people are just look on their phones their tablets are never mean. If you are a little more it is it actually blows my mind ninety does seventeen SA are trying to order some food from a place Saturday. And I gave up an eye color place because. We're trying to refer large group writes an arena they wanna they want us to pull the menus everybody to order region ready down. And we ended reporter from somewhere else because it means is you can even navigate to me and life you know you I mean. Hey they lost our pride about a 300 dollar order one eight that's a big one just getting your website folks girls ages web zones are endless slips trips let's talk a little mortgage males croissants. Man. We've got a new. Tell us it lease our program out there for doctors and physicians and get this one out there to UT also three Ellison and on it's actually. Off veterinarians are are eligible for the program to which. In eleven years I've been doing this I've never had you know we've had different position programs doctor programs. I'm never had one that physicians also qualify there's going to be like and DDO. See dentists and there's this sort near a dentist or Sadat for him I hate to say because we used at this moment. Pretty much any doctor that's not a chiropractor our car fractures I don't know why they. They always leave you out on this when I'm not sure why but there they always leave you a lot of these programs but anyway. It's a great program if you've been out of here fellowship or residency. Ten years or less they can light you do as little as 5% down. Up two million dollars. On it lets you do is almost 10% now we know PMI. On it also lets you if you've got at least twelve months moving forward of deferment or forbearance on year student loans it won't count those towards your net income. Got to prove one year did you can differ and that is correct through those correct and we can take is that your GTI for qualification purposes like I said it's a two million dollar loan. It's gotten very competitive rates. It does now does do you minimum of similar credit score that's only. The one thing I would say I wish it would drop down about a six AB new lease the 700 credit score but it is a great program out there especially with all you hospitals don't know about spicy. In Westlake lake way the new senator downtown the del medical center doctors and suffer moves in a town like crazy from all over. On the it is a great program especially you know for near doctor regularly doctors that they they load up these student loans they're they're walking at a school with you now. Quarter million dollar for the dead but also and they go for making a 35000. Dollars 40000 dollars is a Reza I'm one guy. Last year her mental more year another you know he went from making 40000 dollars a resonant to 600000 dollars. Anyone on the job at a boy. Yeah I mean I was a brain surgeon around him that much right so but knock any bank. You know so you a lot these folks they've got a really good income to have mail to save money right because they've been making little for along time they've been racked up the student loan. But you know they wanna buy a nice house right there wanted to live in the neighborhood where their work and you know they wanna when they've got a lot of Marty F family's right you know the they do you have some of these folks you know they're in their mid thirties Unita residency. Our early thirties you know as kids and they wanna be a live a nice neighbor and by nice house and a lot of times the student loans or prevent armor they just don't have the cash for the down payment for those. Larger towns especially now you know was an awesome becomes so. So Cali like you know it you're not find in a whole lot of stuff under 400000 anymore in final loss of her 500000. On the stretcher trying to be downtown near hospitals you know so it's a different those folks that maybe don't wanna rent they wanna buy. It's it's a great program and says wills 5% down. If you do ten point 01% down it's gonna have new PMI. Are they got great rates so give us a call throughout there your news position town you've been out of isn't even out your residency or fellowship ten years or less. I give us a call we we just who you know gets a great program I I you know we had a all we had a program like this and previous place you are Jason and is just a great product so I'm happy that we haven't again now. I'm excited we've only had it I guess Amy Yahoo! and kind of leaking it out for the last six or so how are gonna ask if tiger and finally we got. So we've got that one and I think Bozo when I want to hit just. Topping their does viewers tune in this admirals say radio show on thing and see your loan officer Indra mortgage give us a call reach out to us 5126409. 610. We will hear from you Hamid got questions on on you know what to occur transaction that you got going on or. You whether you need to buy or sell whatever it is give us a call it's 51264096. And you can also text as. Let's take you to investors we got a couple minutes left Sean but yeah I mean there's there's there's investor products out there that are for folks that are either not. I don't quite fit in that box on alchemy of investors. So we got to another program out there if you got multiple multiple rental properties in May be in your self employed so your. Your gross incomes up that high and maybe. You recently changed jobs or maybe your newly retired Greg you're working forever you'd union you've collected this a massive rental properties while you're working and and I semi retired Reagan may deflect attention the laughter retirement and who lost the cash flow of your rental properties they've accumulated. So it's Harvey refinance we've got a great program that really what matters is your credit score. Sending anywhere as low as a 660 the rates rose are taken but it about 700. But it really base is the qualification on the debt service on the property itself so that property itself is actually cash flowing in the ring you're collecting. On this and get you Lisa won no one Sears leased breaking even rhyme or even better. We got a program that can refile those properties for you. Like you pull some cash and those robbers in wanted to go buy more properties or improved or improved them. And also. Can what you Osce a blanket Alonso he won out if you're tired and nine different loans. And you've got nine different properties you know it's easy option potentially as if the numbers work. A looping them all into just one loan at one greater rate and only have one Temi you're having to make every month. So obvious throughout our youth you know call and try to refi Sony's investment properties or purchase a new one end. Innocent your dancing comes not work in our we have a great product very competitive rates. It's not hard money folks have you heard hard money you're thinking it's not in of these in this is not a 1011% type loan this is very competitive. Slightly above your typical conforming rates you know we're talking you're gonna beans sixes probably costly high fives but. You know it's still gray fur on Reynolds. On give us a call like this and it it's a great prop it's a great product and really it's credits were based and debt service based on the proper recent you've got properties are cash phoning your tried to happen that equity has yet been able to. Or you wanna go buy another one. Gives call. This call for sure without a doubt we'll talk to the tune Matt tell less super about this is bring that up next segment so a guy stick around we got a good show coming up like assembly got that less for 1836 property management ringer from Daniel Green eggs. Who's atx web design we've also got weepy Newton with he sees until Williams he's got his own team's got a super intriguing he's come out there and it spies would briar cliff area but I god knows what he's doing he'll be here shortly. Tex lines open Bobble on 26409. 610 stick around we'll be right back. Do you. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere you all already told us how. Check your phone's App Store or visit to a thirteen seventy dot com slash. Welcome welcome. Teresa Stubbs your your consumer advocates. Floral things from a state or professional its rules they've radio we're here weekly we're here. Point 47 on my team check us out real save radio Jason stuff on iTunes to be sure to subscribe to that. On iTunes and also Melrose Place those radio dot com battles YouTube channel out there in search that we've got to we take this to TV. Often and we are in reproduction for another show coming up shortly so. I'm that'll be happen and later this month so keep an eye out for that several Syria will be coming to you you know obviously be YouTube and also network channel K Vizio here central Texas from he local folks tune in so check that out so I'm joined by senior officer among my writing a memo partner Sean Finnegan. I'm also met Lester for 1836. Property management or go to for are all things property management also. For you investors out there that. Half a portfolio homes have a one house have tune whatever it is Matt has the ability he has the data that you need to make decisions or. Lisa do checkup Matt welcome also do this he actually damage is seems likely we hit summer finally we did yeah last week then 95. I mean then how. Erica coming probably in your car and I think we had 991 so Jimmy your clothes its common interests to string this year it's been nice so it really has. I mean you we I got everybody out of the house this morning early everybody's gone early which is a moral only days later by Helen there. And in Alice how it was nice and doors open laptop up. Della word Don hello work out on global warming it's been great for us I'm telling you I love it and so happy. It's been great we've I mean you know we've we've been through for seasons mean Texas is always kind of crazy good time it's been nice I'm loving it I'm excited I am I get excited spurning. If I do and we're emulate some kind of skipped spring it is I'm on right so I'm about where we're grow enough. Only after this summer go get my first serve session on of the guys so I got you ready mentally you should because they've got tough -- place is incredible well I mean not talking just behind the votes but we all got water rescue the new one in Waco is open up right now under the name of it and then we got the course kids in London in my dazzle on -- is it's really incredible I had and then you have a need for what it's a 130 day or some it's not well you're only gonna tolerate an hour it was out of hearing Kasagic you know 130 our yeah I mean you know it's not that much or me on me one hour you're good but the beauty of it is is that. You're not fighting the place just keep your head above water and I need to listen to music while you're out there Chile and that's what we're Smart and salvage skill you know Reston in the Papa can just rest easy oh it's it's really nice guy and maybe. Some good food out there really. Okay let's go out there and let me know and actually get on our list and let's get to work Matt I mean you've got a lot going on me there's a lot of moving parts and in this role safe thing and and then I mean you you've you've worked with a lot of far our clients recently. But you were referred to feedback is from Rolston agents they're real happy about Ito be able to use UConn as a a resource for them when they've got you know they've they've got an investor on the line that mostly investment properties I mean I think it's a huge dynamic to be able to bring you into the conversation. You as obviously license ruled her but I mean doing the profit mansion p.'s eyes opened realtors stink about. You know why would not reach out to somebody does this all talk all day long. Well there's a big fear factor behind it. If we don't build that integrity and they don't know us and they're scared to reach out to us as in your professional they think we're gonna steal their client yet and he has accompanied on the exact opposite traction we're here to support you. To help you grow your client database under clients grow their wealth and together we can do more but it just you gotta look at life and say you know what I'm gonna take a risk I'm gonna trust people. And I'm gonna live that way I'm not gonna live based upon failure. So that the guys that work with us the girls or investment we we love that we just we have great relationship to each other we've produced better for our clients mutually. And it sounds pretty good is it fair to say that your most management companies just one manager property yeah and that's the key so we've we've been taken back in our systems you know every year you revamp everything you do your right okay laster is Grey's is still on top of the market or not and so. We don't work on the sales consultant recently and there's kind of two parts this one is. Will what is what I was selling like what's up presentation look like when that's me with a caller we just saying. We're gonna major property let's get hello lane there's about 330 of us in Austin that's that's just a laser really. Yeah there should be about 150 there's about 330 got way too many people upon the that's different story so. Bringing them back my fiance leashes admission that they hurt her more sure winner in our clothes washer dryer. So she calls this guy who has recommended he starts asking question she's like well I just wanted to do this is all want his habit so does that pedestal all. What have you thought about this all go do that brand doesn't open to the left him suit in he started going through this whole procedure she was amazed. About a guy over the phone selling a washer. And the truth is. Anybody and close a door a wash your right Emilia washer you gotta get your gonna go buy it because that's why don't people as it doesn't matter if you're gonna leave was something because you're closer Kerry right. But the guys hit the extra time so no different then than you guys with a mortgage are different than us when it comes to management anybody can just go manager property and then what. But Rangel what do you have three lately. So are you maintaining the property are you helping me reach my goals. Like when you call the consumers call us they go what are you charge. Oh what he won't you know so this conversation starts off because they don't know what to say instead hey. How did you get here talk to me about you. Who are you where you from what are your goals as you get into this property be looking for more is it is Kaelin yeah. You know let's just get to know each other and kind of double report so we can actually help you reach those goals I mean at another call this morning with a guy who has been traveling out of the country's got. Investment properties in were able to predict. His performance within about 5%. Over the course of 56 years he's been with the south in that seems like it's got to be against the norm right I just I don't know why a I don't of people are are not taking initiative or what but the consumer expects more. From an a player than just to show up in a world where your major property so what's client retention might just as far as the industry goes I mean you said there's a 300 property managers plus here in central Texas. You don't but just in general stores looking at you know and what you guys do across the board I mean talk about client retention and how long would you would you save your client stick with me here quote in a profit mystic it's a big pond they keep in mind there's a lot of PMs out there that are managing to you 51020 properties throughout degree and don't talk to anybody else got you so you kick in numbers on their business. From those of us that benchmark our data and about 47 months is the average client. And are averaged I seem that Paul I know there's a lot of turnover you know in different cities are average climbed 203 months with us the average yeah. Only ten years yeah her nine years. I'm aftermath of the twelve learn ya. Yeah I mean that's just based upon the the retention rate we have annually kind of back into that number but. It's people are happy with this and what a concept we just care about them care about their goals we're here to meet him together and by the way yeah we manage the property to but let's talk about you are you here that's the big point. Yeah without a doubt you guys if you're just tune in this liberals say radio and every week we've got a segment would not last for 1836 property management and on the use him as a resource to me we do even fewer data business Sharia we run across realtors that you even clients that are not hey you know we were looking for invest in property. Or you know what I think would be something that we we probably need it much do right now as. We've got a client right now is looking to purchase a home for their kid. That's going to college right so it's like that making that do we tackle he gets in touch with them but right now we've got to. Tournament or father. It's looking to purchase a home which I mean folks have been doing this for years Abu look at institutions otherwise do it correct OK so here's what I found. By dealing with these let's say UT specific this is what it is yeah. So when you look at those for investments are all people be really careful to weigh the numbers because honestly right now that if you're looking at as an investment. For your future or real estate investment write that it is their way inflated the prices preaching housing or just. Nowhere near what they should be based upon rental incomes. So. If you're looking at because you get a secondary benefit that's worth thousands of dollars in Okinawa makes cents let's but the whole mass together. Don't go down there and expect to pay market price and have it perform right like a property would in the suburbs yeah so we skip announcement mailbox collecting your 350 dollars a mummy I think their 1520%. Over the market value they should be when it comes to the investor attention. Now if you wanna live in a home Clusty two different story but. And they're just expensive everybody's doing the same things it no doubt allegiance and related to me it's like it's simple numbers and in the math is simple. All you need is a little bit of data in and I think what you look at his. You know what's William at what point are not losing money right so if the end of this deal are playing on came from our son for years a light meals like 78 aloft and Marcus. But you don't at the end of that for years where do we stand in what type of calculation can you guess so here's my recommendation for those folks and and yeah we can run the numbers for you tell you what that looks like in the future all day. But what I would recommend is we had a client come in instead of buying some hack you teed actually got their kid a Condo on south congress senate 704. Indicate to take the bus slot if they wanted to ride a bicycle who cares but that Condo performs well in its gonna appreciate better too. Now you're two birds one stone so they're in the instate tuition. But they're not stuck into an area that's getting demolished by new students every year now we have to force turnovers on the Reynolds that we manage their because I'll. You've got to haven't released a year in advance if you miss the window you're stuck yet it's just too it's too much risk when there's other options that are safer better better production. All around without a doubt we'll get more to. That's Matt here's a little bit the right now let's take a quick call Daniel Craig's Mahay gracious tournament. Don't forget about shell had hit mayor we're doing good member or worry we're joined the show and maybe we wanted to check in here but. And it's been a little bit it's been a little bit does have fears tunis this is rules say radio we got Daniel rigs. On the line he's with atx. Web design sin does data mean I want to hear from you but tough combat we got a quick break broke quick make you sick ruffled some minutes. Porsche K okay bubble be right back got to stick around more what with federal state radio and Dana Priest you're back. And RL mortgages that equal housing lender MLS number 1814 to zero so. Welcome back to show this real save radio I'm Jason Stubbs who appreciate you guys this unity and right cheer hard talk 37 AM and of course iTunes Hamachi had to subscribe to that Central State radio when Jason Stubbs. Be sure to click subscribe and you don't less stuff right there all on your phone. Doesn't bring on a friend of body mind and also the that the mastermind behind stones radio dot com Daniel grades of eight TS web design what's up man. Ignored may appreciate to be impatient with this man. You are out there wanna get Qian I know you've been busy busy busy so the the phone award today Mattel which got forces week. Yet differently you know what kind of I would think now that they about you know we're going over some marketing especially court number out. It's something that always works for our knowledge work are as well is this EO search engine optimization and I noted bounce or indeed they accredit. Everyone using social media giant FaceBook by at least six that are but that they get it there when your own at first page. Cool always a win is what MRP brilliant start for that fact. Don't wait that FaceBook is being able to capture people that you try our target is the critic capturing them. When they're searching for certain things on global sites so imagine if your it is someone or searching for young you know you're a particular service or within your industry. Own Google into any sort of a social media ads they see demonic yet they think you are first page EO. You know and plus an illegal or fact it. An audience. Whatever it searching for when you're accompanied on the first page we know for sure that person exactly for the Serbs it's you have. It is neat whatever product of servers it is that you. Without a job and it you know it's it's something that everybody knows they need to be doing. In most people are not doing and you know not immediately you know the first thing that they can they came to mama I'm miles discussing this with. Would mark mar referral partners and it just business folks in general was. You know they they just if there's so many folks out there doing it in the cost is is the first thing on people's mind you know not be able to stick in there and given enough time to work so I mean is foray as you know giving going to get started how long do people need to you to work with you before things are seeing Summers also makes cents. Realistically it it depends on industry. Where most all every you do need to expect about three or four months. Do see significant change you know what I mean by that is you gotta be ranked organ each ranked on of our space for Q keywords in the first quarter too mark. But you know for you know 2030 plus key words. Expect to be right our first I grew and within 34 months and abetted the pin on industry so let's say realistic recite. Realistic is one of the most competitive industry can't if you want it right on our space so you can expect. 34 or reforming how much to be right on the first page force significant macular. What will without a doubt I mean it you know it's like you know it's like the more the more dominion where were you know Quicken Loans some new you know doing the Jason sons were shopping and have Quicken Loans money for domain. But you know as far as it trades go on in the small businesses folks that are out there that are buying. You know. Franchises and I mean you're you can plumbers your electricians sure you know the betrays him and yeah those folks and there's just not a lot of competition out there are so. If you're one of those folk journalists are right now I mean resulted Dino. And he he can get you don't come through our two. Who cover gives us an immense. This place so HEX web design dot com. You can visit our website have a lot more formation there Horry contact me directly travel 1299401. On. And we appreciate you we appreciate you she your pardon what you've brought to the show and also appreciate you for so for your dot com go check out Al Virginia grease on the air also Ajax web design dot com is our rights. Did aren't that account but it did it that it antibody okay men they won't get you here soon come enjoy the rest of love your day Brandon noble talk Hewlett. So good but a lot yet. All right man Milan got doubled its Hamas thought I'll introduce you different mind and that's I've known for a while and we haven't had more we talked about give him on the toe with a new and with other new group of Keller Williams real strong wouldn't you don't. I'm doing also made important to have finally be here you had a down below trichet should take enough there's the short notice in incumbent on and then. Members sons that was just don't mean tells little bit about talk about you know globe and also. The new group. Heaven and Austin since January 2012 in aligned with. Keller Williams pretty shortly after I got here. Absolutely. Love everything about Keller Williams says have family oriented company. A lovely it was established here in Austin a lot of people unaccounted people don't know that I mean it's almost you know it's pretty close to here actually got the drug are an item of pac definitely up out. So had a great experience with downward rather late Travis office. Got a small team in. Never never been happier I'm telling you are remember when you brought he got here I mean I think we've probably met in 2000 torture Tony's and on the you had a vision and animal do it amen do it in Amadou it now harming us or senior science and amid in just prison by never the other day on the golf is again you know so faceoff time I moved here in new zero people remember that yeah yeah so I had started at ground zero. And signing the first year too was going to be you know a little bit of a grind Kennedy and things gone but it's. But what a great town ya had to do real state and without a doubt I mean let's get started with something enough you know we can't get into the bull you're nuts and bolts of rules say stuff like that but let's have some fun at a recent should be doing this summit talk about like some some transaction stories like anything you've run across its entertaining funny here and I know that she got something out there that you like either you stepped in something your sense of you are supposed to or something happened or you got he does. Oh yeah yeah I'm sure any agent he's been at it long enough got a couple story what have we all walked in and have the the shirtless guy with the ball in the lane and all the crew you know lay error that I remember. These how how property for those that was on a property so we are co author I know everybody. This. It wasn't even higher I heard it was a story with an agent on showing got there in their is a few people doing some things together that I was kind of like well good thing there weren't any kids around fantastic during the day did you metal and some go give Imus and his parents I. These I don't know he's he's he's. He easily could. I've got my photographer fell in the pool once she was taken photos with the equipment with the equipment. And she managed to holding the camera also Barbara had and ends salvage that she learned that in college and probably some there. Minnesota down. But and the seller is they're so that that was a lot of fun we don't get a good lesson that it's nice nice young ones job. Crap I mean there's the guy with the bond in the shirtless was was in saying we're not all I actually I do. I think decree I don't know how crazy it was jobs the empire call me they're closing at like 3 o'clock on Friday. At 130 I got a call. They are gonna are you walk through on the ways and company in the real cost he has. She hasn't packed one thing might mean like to moving trucks Europe where like. The movers around like no. She hasn't packed. One thing. Like she had not packed the single item is the resort some mental illness or hotter every there's a little back story to it Avaya. Music that closing did get pushed back to Monday and we held them scrambled and found a moving slash packing company along with the boom buyer's agent. Golf and do that but that was that was actually one Oscar yet no doubt add out. 1006. I'm Bob got one quick one and it was a home. Awful but did borrow this is years and years and years ago and viewer about clothes and walk through. You know. Agent calls hate me if something really sneaks in there and he's real bad and the the other sellers and actually moved also homes vacant. And so we don't sit somebody out there and they're searching can't find it don't know what's going on animators like death like you're looking for like something's dead somewhere in a an apostle had crawled into the fire the does the Trier tube in died in a saw me like he had our -- and -- like hold that bill big pile of nasty out there are so. Yeah everybody's kind of sit around giggle about it I was England no doubt in my house Democrats he got tired eyes on Sylvia but it's that's so there's always that suffer if if you tell your story we wanna hear from you give us a ring right now our Texas 5126409. 610. Are when he I mean let's let's kind of dive into it I mean we've we've we've had our fun. And so ballots get down to business summit. We we had not less per who's our expert contributor for he's with the AT are actually owns 1836 property management group and part of what he does is he works with agents about you know working with you guys accounts. Help you with the with some data that that may help out as far as is purchasing. Investment properties for short term long term difference sinners different situations. And what the situation we're talking about hosting around like the UT area young mom dad on the house floor of the you for the kid in you within inflated sales price you are you really can even break even can you make you money all that stuff but. You let's talk you know investment. Properties. And you know it is your you know just as far as people they're looking to to build some rural state into their financial. You portfolios and you'll have a financial goals so for the folks who want that rules state peace. You don't talk to me about. You can peoples who invest in Austin. You tag in question I'd say one thing is I look back at us for sky your tweets while 2013 and and in hindsight wish I'd picked up a couple things then but having said that there's still great opportunities you just have to be a little bit more discerning about where your shopping. And the numbers sometimes can be tighter siege have Democrats say once interest in really is that we're seeing some outlying areas literally start to blow up in terms of investment opportunities. Georgetown via one of them at Georgetown for the size and it is one of the fastest growing little towns in the country and as ST I don't tell you all about that. We have nourishment. We have we've got a builder out there so it's been a dialogues on same same down south you know some of these some of these Leisle sort less populated areas you know outside of Austin or are a little bit easier for some investors to game two but. And there's still some awesome opportunities. In around Austin I'm on the buy and hold guys don't personally don't a lot of flipping the on I think the flipping numbers are. You know you've really got to be careful in the Austin area because they prices you gotta go on and it's lost keys because the acquisitions are it is because they require glasses out of five years ago as a whole different ball chaos yeah oh right now it's it's really really difficult. There's a lot of opportunities that are buy and hold and you know just makes some good money along the way pick up a few bucks and and get out on the back and looking pretty good. So mean to you talk about it and used the yes folks out there that are looking to. You know expand I mean how it just seems like it's it's not a fad it's just been forever I mean folks it's kind of you know general doomed even general public understands and only rules state can be. You profitable and I think he'd be very difficult to. So to argue you know against sat here especially central Texas but you talk about owning like a hard asset first just you know owning a paper asset whether you know it's a soccer potter or whatever. Yeah I you know I think some people get nervous about buying real state as an investment if they've never done it their their you know they have. Concerns maybe about maintenance issues or or maybe property taxes you know hour or some people you know. That their stories are just kind of go on about how do you really want to be a landlord and sometimes it can be pain it is such a negative and and pain kind of a deal that is 06. Stories up well this isn't. It's a decent about the landlord think rampant it's how you know Matt always talks about music like to use a typical asset write. Quiet. Hire someone like mad to run it fresh and stay out of the loop right knows all and you're not did you get your deposit every month the idea dividends from stock for sure I mean obviously there's a major problem that your property management companies gonna call you out but let the new working and leave it they're just like you leave the stock to think he'd leave. You know an IRA or 41 Cain don't mess with that you know there are no don't worry about as much out you know. What's awesome about incorporating some of the Micah. A rental property B and house or a duplex or whatever the case may be as incorporating that into your overall portfolio. There's that there's as. The billionaire investor Rae DiLeo new guys are familiar with him he ET es. Got this. Basically an investment plan called and all seasons portfolio. OK so. You've got in a got a little bit of money in stocks got a little bit of money in bonds got a little bit of money in private equity. And and and if you get yourself into some real estate you know you just you're really rounding out right. What you're in and so if the market if if one part of the market you know international's. Tanker something like that. You know that little bucket might take a little bit of it but you know the rest your portfolio to look good. And and we'll see especially in Austin area as poorly. Hard to go Ronald comeback if you're not war like him not trying to flip. They're not gonna do short term you know it'll be you know it ebbs and flows newcomer I mean. My dad was in my hardest hit areas in Florida they still live there but well hardy series they bought a Ford blew up right then it. It shot up at luckily for him is he's a he's a well maybe I'll sell I mean all this money after being cheered p.s like. Akamai gonna buy them right and then he just. So he was okay right he can afford is mortgage every month he wrote it back down and now slowly you know since 2009 it's you know it's taken back up the rear where he's almost back. Tubes being you know even a little higher than what you pay for. You don't have yet to look at rules state you know in these five in seven years you know. Runs in the market just like he would in the stock market without a doubt the stock market over a hundred years and you know Simpson with real state. They're they're gonna grow breath a budding and have some big dips up and down along the way for sure. And and if you're may be a lucky enough to have to buy and it at a high point and a drop she and you got to ride it out for want to play right on especially. I mean if you're just looking like this if you're looking long term as long as you're not covered every month if you can run up and down I went up front you buy that Facebook's stock. You know if you're in your planeload for twenty years okay it's gonna go up one day it's your downswing Garcia one down I just right on cost you any more money in the meantime Marty purchased. That share in real sit right you've already bought it. And if somebody's covering your monthly bill or month where you're not having a come out of actual pocket correct to pay more. You know did you write it up well then you know and the beauty you know the obvious be about real status is people are always gonna need some more live. So even went even when the markets are such a little bit maybe the job market society and as great. People still need somewhere to live somewhere to rent you know so if you're if you're in an affordable rental area in and you know you can attract some tenants you're always gonna have those people. Without an up here's tune in this liberals say radio I'm Jason Stubbs and appreciate you just are never sure about Whitney Newton with the new partners a killer Williams also senior officer Carol border Sean Finnegan. I'm guys wanna hear from you any questions or. If feedback we're always looking for Tom you can choose a quick taxer give us a call 51264096. Tenths and be sure check us out on iTunes rules state radio with Jason Stubbs. A click subscribe you can all our our podcasts or write to get so with the hours cut. Turn the page two folks sat. Our our it's it's it's a trend. And that really really surprised me. And it's renters. And in with ripped on a rise and what's what can make a rancher decide to purchase a home. It's interesting you know at the idea should get your feedback from from you guys. Also much of its around mindset now you know might it might be IQ would you say that and without a doubt we mindset is huge I mean the folks that I have pulled it you know they don't own a home right now. Because we don't hole shall miss the top eight reasons don't hold that your counsel podcast but it's like they don't they think the mindset they can't visualize that they can't picture it. On the body in two years. Are we making more money into yours awful habit a bigger savings aren't but the racing against the clock in the you're talking about you know save and you know 10% of your earnings are 15% and you're trying to battle you do your first time home bar price point. And its appreciation is going up through the Russo RU really save enough or you really saving anything mean or just breaking even by output will be cast where everybody every year so the group got you question the state government or from your perspective I mean what what can we do for these folks it just. It's perspective it's is that mindset I mean what what can we do. Well you know. Watching watching a lot of the current reigning population just reading different articles about it much bigger than the scope that I just get to define my microcosm but. It seems like we're we're out we're watching the culture on the country. Be just a little bit more transient in nature and you can look at things like. You know you know our parents or my grandparents might worked for a company for 3040 years. Right now people might work at a company for eighteen months and 24 months and there's actually more contractor work. You know ten nanny nine work right now than Debbie to work Delphi as there was especially in little LA like we're truly living here in Austin, Texas yeah. So so that concept I think is carrying over in housing where people. You know maybe maybe they just don't wanna commit anywhere for too long maybe maybe they're somewhat transient in nature but but a lot of times the mindset is. I need to buy you know they and they don't necessarily see the value. In in the ownership part they they just look at and a place to Italy that had done night. And they don't really make that connection that. And maybe it might make sense to attempt makes Mac does Josh have this conversation with a good friend of mine who's been running for a couple of years here in the area. Came over from Houston I think for five years ago. Thank you Tom might. And then you know the prices are only going up. And the the rental rates by the way that our dollar paint our bargaining continues after a lot from him and so it's it's not gonna get much better. It beat but if you can get find a place to buy and lock in while rates are good. Can do that. With I mean it it makes sense in a lot of cases I mean you know I've heard a couple arguments to where. You I can see folks are moving into rental situation for temporary. Amount of time with a plan in place enforce certain reason. On that most can't come up what I did that when I got here and when I moved here. From out of town I Brandon Steiner for a sign two year lease and it was guys. I didn't know exactly eye on the list is good argument I don't know the cartel an argument so you lived here for years she kind of figured out in fact a lot of lot of out of town Klein succumb and you know and they're kind of stressing out about where they wanna be immediate school districts and different things are they're kicking around I'll I'll be sometimes the first one to say don't hate. You guys should consider may be leasing for a year get a feel for the area make sure you like. We're where eat you're gonna end up and if you don't you can start shopping around and and get something more permanent. I agree I had we had folks a couple of years ago and they they were coming in they're coming from Orange County like everybody else in Austin right. California etc. And I'll drive more and they were all over the map like we looked in that Steiner ranch we live in Rahal are we lose in the near Wheeler Jane Westlake we looked all the way out in round rock because they don't know yeah right we just fine. And they ended that we're in for dollar for a house round rock might. So I don't only. Where you are like you might like you know there's other a lot of banks or Buckley shows a preset. Orange County used to mean red violators be able to be in out here in fifteen minutes or between it's like you're gonna in his before round rock really became round rock right. You're gonna be isolated kind of from Lotta stuff you're used to ensure off six months later on the next page where you'll be I don't know let me edit it you know it's it's get tough. Round rock baca. On the on the other side of them and it's not like that anymore I mean brown dolls exploded at a meeting five years ago round rock Iran was nothing like Orange County California without a doubt it was it was not that that's what the act and then that you know and it's insane and that's I think you're right. You know sometimes I don't her she'll rant even as rent for six months rent you know make some friends to figure out you know where you like to go what you're commutes can be like that's their thing. And and then really fair or anyone else. The dump guys we got such a quick break bread their stick around a more tunnels with a new with a new group Keller Williams Sean Finnegan I'm Jason subs rules say radio we'll be right back. There are a mortgage is an equal housing lender and in the last 1814. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere on the radio dot com. Welcome back to show this real say radio I'm Jason spells we appreciate you guys tune in and check itself on. I teams brutal state radio Jason Stubbs clicks a submit Sean you have got to not subscribe subscribe to our team. Monica I commend you all my my mom's diet like out in SF I I clearly. I'm not unlike Amman today made you I guys just keep doing that so also keep the calls coming in the feedback we've got for you just recently there we really appreciate that and or app out there is doing fantastic you guys communicating with us you got. I truly is you do on your text the letters atx to 31996. I'm telling you about a giants' muscular. Mortgage calculator on the air that action as a portability calculators all the different products and need to tighten budget numbers idiotic questions she issued attacks and a little robot AKA unless Carl the other line that no we can we can ask you questions but takes atx a 31996 you get a links at you click on that you're gonna scroll over click add to home screen and you can start to use all kinds of stuff I mean relief there's all kinds any supplements also tell he's an everyday do you go. Don Tex lines open I want to. 6409. 610 so load reach out to us who are here three dozen questions heed our call us up got another one we've got. When he knew with the Newton group. Asked doctor Williams. And the enemy we've been motoring through this induct you guys miss lax last segment he checked out to them on a podcast that a viewer talk about your rants on the rise Whitney and you know getting a rancher to decide to buy me we you and I both agree united you know you're go their -- mindset now are releasing. No that's true but I mean how can we explain enemies forest just you know coast to coast and in the US in the home ownership is dropping I mean why is that happening. Yes it's it's inching him as I do think it's endemic of just some some bigger things in our culture with just more of a transient. Concept honestly. But it's crazy when you really look at some of the numbers I wrote an article the other day. And maybe this shouldn't surprise me but LA is is all the residents of LA only half of them are owners. And I believe that has seek out portability plus Alex Amare like like like New York City and it's about the same numbers but I expect that it in New York. You know. And end and you would think even in Austin okay conversely. To somewhere like Orange County. Or even New York City that the numbers would be tremendously higher but I I think it's it's doesn't even top 60%. Here in the Austin area I'm still still pretty high number of renters. Is that right yeah sixty yeah it I mean you know we won't we all know were young you know what do we have Sharif 200000 students in in Austin I mean with there's a lot with amid all the schools without a doubt there's only got a 100002. Austin community college we've got when he sees it I'm well CNN's saner heads and you know -- all of -- until then yeah I mean their schools are so I mean that's got to be you know decent portion of it found but you know it just seems to me that. Caramel and over some numbers is a we've got colonials and seniors want the same piece of property and it's like low maintenance no maintenance. In that car has little wrenching bring to a do you licking their easy thing to be said about the Afghan are absolutely. I think that to a lot of millennial potentially or people who never owned before. You know they think that it's kind of out of their grasp they did they don't really understand maybe all the all that's well. All that's required to buy a home and so they don't get educated they don't really understand they think they have to put down perhaps in some cases a lot more than they really do which is with out of out I mean that we found here now your players are now an option without a doubt yeah guy and so it's bill well a lot of it comes on the education once they get past the mindset and it's about educating. And understanding you know that it's it's doable it's a very feasible. It has their would you get a credit right there may we appreciate you coming in and take a little bit of Tom's been with us a rose radio how we had contact with these are. So that's way to reach me is my cell number which is 5125165730. In you can also find me at the Newton group. ATX dot com also God's will be back with ya on Tex lines opened 51264096. Tend to show is brought you by eco roof in solar 1836 property management. HEX web design where thank you for making this the best rules say radio show in Texas till next time I'm Jason subsistence we'll save radio. CF. And are a more different people housing lender. MLS number 1814 yourself.