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Sunday, May 20th
Real Estate Radio with Jason Stubbs, for May 20.

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Well cancer real estate radio who you're host Jason doesn't wanna share your real estate story. Coming home at 5126409610. And now here's Jason Stubbs. We're back central Texas. It's real state radio I'm Jason Stubbs. Your mortgage professional in your consumer advocate for all things real estate. Welcome iTunes that listeners all you podcast folks out there it was on iTunes we appreciate you subscribe to keep that up also moron some clout so that you folks up there that into its own. A stellar view of the sound club out beacon search we'll see you radio Teresa Stubbs click on that little button. And you'll have all of our podcast sent directly to you as we get the zapper so keep your questions coming guys we got to tech's front open to for you folks up a local and afar how that number 51264096. Tenths so cool to hear from you would help you navigate tonight through your next real state adventure. Will be dune is long tough onto Obama or female partner Sean Finnegan. Stimulus for our mortgage summit. And on and you. Pain there. Yeah busy season because she started not only in officially. Last week and this week inserted kicked off the phone ring ring ring ring in. The inbox is full of lot faster and you know and it's because it's may provide schools schools finish now he's got to do is here with your golf season. I just don't squeeze squeeze in time and for that we're just talking about it now one I Omar on all that's happened well I'll get the invites what's. I ask that's not sure that mark is actually on a play at your bag now I'm told wolf I got left the club soccer they play a right but nobody denies all never gonna work live out their mania come idea may throughout the lake way. Some kind of an album hole due to that I remember you that we itself could have been here whose of their doing a politically and memberships. By Alex Alex Alex she finally got me actually gotten so no one will good get yeah get me get back in here. Yeah we'll deathly with the time I sincere bunch a couple of descended in a joint in his spot for the multi and so. That's why if he can catch you sometimes from between seven a Yemeni thirty year is 35 again I may or may not be. I've made I now know enough forcing help and the guys who did it does got a good show coming up we've well we've got to a lot to cover some kind of kind of dive right into it shop but amid real quick to me just on the the due the week I mean this is talk about past week past two weeks because in this in this time of the season numbing things change rapidly so you what's new what's going on mortgage side. Well. Like I said minutes the 5% here I mean it's here for most borrowers on the super cream of the crop separate paper. Folks you know there's still some stuff on the thirty years under 5% but you know anything I'd really say even if you blow about a 721 me. Six he arranged you know 5% here. Yeah and it's yours today I think I don't I don't think you'll like we are talking up this Samir rates tended to trend up a little bit anyway. It when they were super low down in the threes and kind of just supply and demand right the other banks know they can tweet does rates up a little bit because people have to move people asked by houses. You know just the push to supply demand simple as that so. Mean what they trickle back down by any third quarter coming into the summer I don't know I doubt it I'm I mean I doubt it. So rich open up its open a new stuff don't ask that an 801010 and 80155. I come back. Bombs those people even for people are thinking about media and FHA is only had three and a half percent down. You know we got some new products that allow 3% down there don't appear in my. Because with firstly rates going up second hearings second lien rates really haven't so. Third inning closer you know so it might make sense out to do that secondly you know slightly higher interest and not pay any PMI. On Sunday to see a lot more that come back and Agassi always intense and 8015 fives I think it FHA. You know my take a little bit of a dip you know. SAT rates also shot up a little faster than conventional rates. I had my. All before getting that but so what what kind of reaction you get from folks that are the other 5% it would how they're reacting. I mean for the older folks. And I mean I don't be careful how I say this I see for people that are. That bought houses in the early ninety's that's a safe by late eighty's if you were buying houses you know 5% is still really did do what you saw back and so those folks are overreacting as much prefer the more deals are theater group of people that we talk much consolation that that kind of rolled ended buying houses when rates were under 4% they think it's you know. Is seen as and so then that's an Internet shoppers come back and know they certainly do glean these teaser rates are not read the fine print so it. I got a call from a guy that I've known for a long time and he's kind of tough he's always turned on to you know. It took to originate loans at the place it's got the cut raider that you had the absolute lowest rate and a lot of times is not about race for us in this market and you you know you get where you change clothes and they queued up couldn't put enough money in your operations. It yourself in trouble yeah the more I thought was a lot of stuff that's happening he knew how do we just you know our our shot you scenario would try and offered him and he was looking Kassim do you what happened. He pulled up his rate to press alone and you saw that his client was a 5% Internet forever though. Lob promised a lot of people that let's say got pre approved pre qualified. Yet thirty days the galleries were still hover around uniform point 6254 points and five. Bully and find a house they lost out on how small to offer situation right now also and they do you call today three weeks later and say hey we found a place. You going to price alone up forum. And also and it is 5% nice. Yeah on many of the problems that they're the ones I have the toughest time with when this happens as. Generally first time homebuyers. Because you know mortgage folks like us have and I'm washingtonians mortgage or his trees and you know kind of a negative connotation for awhile you know people think people are strategic management surveys for some home buyers they talked to me was the bank's fault if you know. But you know you get kind of used car salesman to ensure the snake oil salesman right words. When he needs to reach new Towles was four points and finally this line wasn't announced 5% in China got to explain how really works mean. Forgeries can literally change by the hour I have I literally had adjusting twice daily the worst I ever had was a my own house and this was what was my first house. And I was get I was gone through refinancing on a Mosul when I was locked my costs are straights and right I don't upload I don't float. If you're happy with the rate that's if you're happy with the rate take it because the chase are going up front that some people are more likely than going down so if you're cool just ray don't risk it. Literally. The rate went up. Point 375 army Wallace at launch and asked her to get you listen before you don't ask blocking and rightly so you phenom in the email alerts like I'm sprinting out of the restaurant competent like everything you disclose ZX seven days Lockett is now I mean I think loose ends when a freeze on the launch and it never went back down. You know us that's on top you were renowned you know I this is not the time to flow you're eight. You know 5% like to say historically stood good now we got -- we have some agents and here double from dolby realty we'll talk to. Here's a little bit and you know we can talk or. The rates that will affect prices. It's gonna it's gonna force prices and and we'll talk about it later you know she looks good there was between you know barring 300000 dollars or 4% vs foreign 300000 dollars. A 5% it's significant. And when you already have a lot of people that work I'm matching outlook they qualify for its guns are bringing that ceiling. You know what they can buy and it will start you know to level off price especially in. You know I'd say that 250. To 500000 dollar range we're not seeing. You know cash offers the big stuff you know 800000 and up million dollars now priests are seeing you know 8090% of the transaction or cash. That those won't change a ton but that 258 at five under edition now you're searching I think I think we're gonna sourcing is priced circle allowable. DC do you think Serbia scenario where discount points would make sense. I mean let's let's say that I'm still never gonna be for a discount builds outside of town. It's that you yourself Nelson balconies and herself 650 years ago bill G-8 fifty gonna put. You're 34000 dollars down at live there for every year during a thirty year Ter thirty alone are. What do you get a sense of by your point if you're like hey I'm holders and vote for Obama Lockett thirty years I'll pay over. I think it just depends on what else you can do them money so I think that that's our site thank you got some. You know if it's gonna cost you 3000 dollars a bothering definitely got 3000 dollars in credit card debt pay credit card off right. If you've got to buy furniture for that how's your mind. I mean so that's an individual thing I've never been a big proponent of binary down that's just me person I think Alexis and I think that's a individual choice for for everyone and each situations unique but. You will start seeing it more I think I deathly was not a proponent for coming on its back when discussion on race runner foreign like OK I by government. The hour or two before what is he doing that money right to take their money would be that this is an LC now mobile market stall. You know making money so I do you think you'll surge seen more discount points coming back in play element especially those folks that you know. Their credit might be a little thing that prairies of the rates are even higher on in some cases semites are making sensible deceive but. You know bulls' Joseph plays out but I do you think legacy that we talk about last week. By August. It's 5% I think even the cream of the crop will be a 5% oh yeah I think we Chelsea Piers tune in this reel save radio I'm Jason Stubbs and a drummer Sean thank you see him on a certain her mortgage and were some insurance or we got three things change in Richmond coming up would be talking just about that. And but tell you shot of the rates mean. He knows there's there's things that happened when interest rates go up you touched on an earlier you things are happening in 888 kind of vote although a blow borrowers sides you know so there's more options there's different loan terms there's more investors to get in the game he tells a doll you know what's this woman from a lump that you'd be so we've. We've got a home premiere loan words kind of a one time close to where you buy it. And then you can improve it but it's with two loans so you'd have firstly 3% and the secondly allows a 225%. I'm a policy can get an additional 25% what your pain. For the house to do improvements now. They don't just hit and you checked in yet again your contract he had a budget for the draw schedule they're gonna draw the money out there not any duty all wants. But it is an. Alternative that hasn't been out there recently. Arm for folks that maybe they are by that little bit of an older home you know east Austin. Lake way. You know anywhere where you know you've been around awhile where do the house which is fields he didn't. You know and it is also an alternative you know from the opera is much are people were pretty much down to put more cash into wheel now. You know you can buy borrow it might make a little more. Sensed that I doubt Dusty Brown got more accomplish your check stubs radio dot com check on all our past shows and our social media is they're also butts up podcast listeners appreciate you guys stick around keep Delano podcaster got more calm. You're back. Next gen Ben 1000 dollars will go big cash for. Thirteen seven. They're welcome to the show this is mostly radio Jason Stubbs. Mortgage professional in New York consumer advocates for official state appreciate you guys to an end. Our text fonts over so give us a ring gives it taxed when I hear from you 5126409. 610. Bulls last question again. It was a Leander. So my Al Leander was wonder will I get it what should I do whip or whip. When you times someone's home and what should do immediately before Acela. So we'll we'll get on the apparent to slow a bit but they're young guys keep that up that number's up 1264 Missouri 96 tend wolf we'll keep an open for a little bit attempts but tough we don't give him some more so more real stable before duke shot to real world. We got Al MacArthur owner of a macarthur's leak weigh on the phone Alan's got a charity golf outing. Coming up this Wednesday the 23. At Flint rock falls out there in lake way great courses for great causes for the Lake Travis education foundation and others trying to fill the last couple spots. For ovaries and had to determine op in the past it's a lot of fun. On the and then there's a kind of a post party and we will announce yet macarthur's in lake way. In the oaks after value their body. I'm here what's gonna commander. Who offer nothing and I miss his morneau and for breakfast out the pretty outside Yemen maybe we can didn't get out there after this but. By the way out folks if you all have not McCarthyism late winter early to say it's up in six on six when he in other oaks across from. I guess they're continuation anymore but they do breakfast seven days a week. I'll launched in her first area are. The hour breakfast is great I was or this morning on the wings are all some. The drinks are Albrecht. Yeah we're trying to be our useless hopefully backed Iraqi foreign same day. Guys who voted thanks for that from YouTube listening on the mile banality. We wanna tell sabathia on the golf outing this week. All of this for the wars we've been the repeated what a first Europa and her I think you're now your second year and a sister. It's all right around my birthday so I'm going to celebrate and they don't warrant and found it to victory it. Great turn accord because he benefited. From a lot of people you know in. Able to go to McCarthy and hang out played in the tournament. Sound this feel like you know if I'm ever like your deported afterwards in the retirement and leave that McCargo looked like 1 AM at the the Olympic good thing or bad thing but it was a great time in a DJ. More civil war the way I'm a sellout that you away driver's alleged. Round of golf at 4 o'clock in the hills the guilt on why vote. Felt it had. A meeting so went out. I regret that Clinton there gift certificate went out for the LS thinking that area and ordered it when a little bit. You gotta value a lefty German they're from Yasser are casualty last week we played last week at Colorado I don't know if you just put the right in Bethlehem now. Alfred anyone my age or I do I mean I knew I was even match now I took a swing and hit the ball the tee and it kind of popped up in my club sometimes funny look in the the head in my drivers gonna dangle and Seattle. Are no it was a terrible drive doesn't restore about it. Saudis won't he was hitting the ball I'm over behind him toward fighting in my driver with somebody else like and I let him at a reputable wrecker driver and. Between for an encore. Yeah who puts up with it I'm broke I broke about a part creek on the the driving range and just surrounded by people and all all white and fancy bills and that's not really must I'll let. I mean my first swing at it came completely often unless you know Bard crucial driver induced couple little hill and went right over the hill I was puma. Put myself back in the bag you just walked right now seven I liked like I never happened. Most of my friends you know they solace in the picture that it was new cabinet be angry on the course occasionally on blood known wasn't just. Friendlier correct you have this kind of crazy it happens when anyway Nazi Alan how cannot people suffer tournament. I didn't even macarthur's we have but I'd keep their repay right there on the flip but it's the Freddie debt and Susan don't know while MacArthur is almost on your hours and open. Now we're open AM every game we opened eleven under its third day in and quite quite a cool 12 o'clock. Aren't meant great site thanks for our company in great spot to did some wings responded on Christmas you south Sudan knocking. Submit new deputy new and in the nick can guided this utility man argument you often it will alternate. Knew that you know every day whatever matters aren't the like we are so I would get an assembled faces if. Army and wolf the latest and folks are got you got macarthur's at their lake way you've got her program you'll find right. Yes and you'll find me out there occasionally as well also rock who's out there now we'll see next Wednesday down. Our bodies are predict they spoke of both frank act. Our beloved band he's that's this guy yeah means a lot going on Dudley Webb and Allen does so much for the community that. I think doesn't recognize he mean. Donates every seeing. Sponsors everything I mean out there in Lake Travis ministers some then it you know that Alan IC even tells me hides sometimes from the restaurant because here's our time saying no. So people that you don't come into and he's a wolf I'm not here they can't ask me itself a hideout sometimes react I introduce a tally terms education foundation. I'm golf outing Wednesday. Next Wednesday that would be the 23. Ads. Flat rock falls and Utley struck a sort of needing so I'll come check it out opportunity or 600 dollars a team or theology golfer. Offer great cause it's a donation folks bring your clients you know. Expense it would every have you got there. On the show is brought you by Dan can hurling with eagle Bruce and solar. Guys if you are about to sell your home or if you just had your your or home for a couple of years and you haven't hundreds inspected you wanna do that. Did chilling and those folks over eagle roof in solar previously assured through some have been not been a part of our chauffeur for years and doubting come out to give you free home inspection. So basically what you look reduce your looking for them to say everything's okay or it is a couple things we need to fix up appeared you'd just get to root buttoned up amid summertime you have to drill the bugs are coming in eastern and you elect goes to take a look at their day in Chile eco roof in solar also. 1836 property management. Along with atx web design and police have to we're gonna get that on the line. And actually got that was so we're gonna affect what Sean tells little bit about eighteenth or sick property management will discuss him. And 1838. A series of property management is your one stop shop they can manager property. They have a full service bomb what was where have they got me any prime we have for you think they can rent it for yielding background checks they'll help you find a property that you want rants. Odds they'll do rental comps for you you know they're not desist. You know take your keys collect your rent they will sit down with you guys and also trying to create a financial plan for your. Rental properties a sit down and Angie Nelson receiver makes sense. Bob you know hobbies while the arrest maybe it's not the best underwriter property you know if you think just one of those hey your you know think about turning your primary into renal vs Elena. You know I think it's a banner on the numbers and he's a makes sense. In other not just I guess they're not just one of these you know look cheap low rate. Management companies there of their beds do everything for you you know you can but Cindy did hander Pena bravura them in just died in your mailbox when every month I'll take care everything. Without a doubt let's go to Matt less super owner of 1836. Property management right now Matt Scott Dohmann. Yeah hot up there I'm telling ya I knew when you could make in the studio you you were and you had something going on in is definitely hot out there what's was gonna do you. I think every age such system and a whole city's. 48 hours I've never had so many irate people you would think that human didn't exist before we use. Ninety degrees. I ran yeah I can I can imagine that we had ninety degrees in you and your sons are for him. You are excited about the homeowner I'd be agree we've had a couple of got involved by accident and it's been inching ever heard everything from the word molds from Argentina medication to elderly to children. All threats to get the HVAC company out there and in five minutes notice. I have granny holding my newborn sitting in the heat we need you out AS AB. I had to get impressive you know for a while you're like okay well I'm not sure does the child trump an elderly. Or does medications meaning you give priority it's I think the girl that cried once today because there's a predator and maybe a long night this. I'll tell you that it sounds like it it does a deathly does and I mean you know it's eat you commit clear or attempt to mentally prepare for this every year but I I'm sure your you're used to this man so what would people nobody I mean what do folks need nobody's accident. You know it's such. Well when we need to know. I think first thing you do and checked when you get a check if your system at 22 years old which one of our was. We leaked into the envoys to get it repaired you're you're gonna repair your years you're like simple thing you're not gonna think about it for a couple days. We've got some folks have postponed repairs. Because they wanna pay form they scheduled on and men unit broke and that's what the tipster is going to be 98. So the near future Maine and proactively and so you can't wait till the last minute to find out. Wild okay well it it's sad I didn't wanna pay for that's that's. Day late dollar short you got to care business for a. Especially with what we're Sony's main problems are going wrong with he's paychecks. I don't know how. Yeah most of them are just seasonal you know they don't last forever to get a leak they have low refrigerated something of that nature but I gotta tell you a lot of them we do our best to prevent us. Some of the folks term on the confrontation line backed up and you'll get supplies to tired house's so now get insurance involved we've got it baby's cry and then they must be sick from the mold this poisoning our families in the wall goes mediation coming out with fans in the humidifier and air shrimpers. So if you see a landlords. Yeah. If somebody to manage my own problem and not happy Caremark and I'm just another company to manage mine so I notifications. Man that is something you have with I've just had mine actually checked out some ten how many would it blow cold sub local would sure what to do. I came out through six pounds or refrigerate overweight so of a week and then come back and test the pressure to see if if it's holding your desire holding them yes probably close by 18102 and mean you know draw. I absolutely begin to proactively taking care business you know waiting and you know you're gonna spend money cells. It's just one of those things how water heaters AC groups they go out of a lot you got to plant. Yeah you gotta play four in less as supple pontiff should supplement to put paid or. I'm really resembles. The malls and those on the lower priority was gut tells us one tennis view on this is never name names but as a reality TV's aren't reliving a lot of Reynolds we've got its high end rentals. And that you know you increase today that the school is not cleaning properly like get that's probably going to be a lower price no staples losing the having all the other challenges today. Without a doubt we'll so how do we get in contact with you anatomy 1836 property management on the social reach out to you whether it's for you to mayors are property or just kind of you know advice on what they should do with their current portfolio of investment properties how are we content to. I'm 1299443. Q3 you can always find a somewhat 1836 property management dot com new website should be done surely can't have been in the works for a six month so. Lou one data's. Well like you guys we'll get things done but you can shout we're happy to help you when you get tired deal with the tent troubled us will be paid to do. It's fantastic what I mean are we outlook for getting you back in the studio next week enjoy the rest your Sunday were talking sooner you gotta see it cement. Guys got a good break come back we got more common to get we've got some special guest in here from that would be real T so stick around. We'll drive back. About eighteen port for. And welcome the welcome welcome Israel's radio on Jason's does your hosts were more professional. In consumer advocate for all things real estate tax lines opened 5126409. 610. And I was had to wait on you. Texas call us troops were sitting here from the beautiful studios to talk thirteen 78 AM here in Wesley took out the window and all the cranes. In the air from our wonderful city being. Overbuilt is that fair overbuilt. A real strong you can. It areas. He's something everybody clo sure. Arrow mortgage company among those who have just caught napping I don't know she's usually so there's CA DD your on the final hole because it's not easy go baby naps in your life your head was. I'm trying to throughout this moral Yani Tseng nineteen if you're not getting. And it's I don't understand why fold thing. Later sorry that's I was that's what I was doing I don't know what would you find I still don't get it looked so if I want to call him and tell me what this things about. I can I I really don't want to. I I don't seem to eat sonet faced opposed. They're talked about on the news on the radio I don't I just don't understand itself well somebody out there wants attacked senator calling her help me out there again that's an hour. Me yeah 5126 were 096. Tenths. Whether it's just tells argue with the times or just move on yes on something so you know we just don't need to know so you guys this has brought you out budget caroling with the eco roof in solar also on eighth atx web designer who created subs radio dot com to check out that website. And also we just had that less for the owner of 1836 property management a on the line that the previous so segments on. A malice throughout their appreciate you and 1836 property management keep up the good work if you're an investor out there want to invest for the first time Matt will be good places starts he's numbers and all numbers you can still keep your own real trees are compete with them you can even have your realtor called in both seem to sit down and talk to him he you know we just put some numbers to got to make sure you are making a good choice candidate. Excellent depth chart moves right along we've got some friends of bars here on folks we work with the we've known for a long time stamp of flustered are all she could ultra ultra Rendell on the end our judges destroyed. Your name but I Anderson welcome here bella zero C a young. And good dude sorry about that that introduction. Yes sometimes just got to come out just to just I don't know if you're some some bison to do order or something Sean it happens not often have little more me the most and that's our. Sam's document mismanagement and I'm good welcome back to you thanks ms. Kennedy's back is a little while never a marine singing yeah yeah they're talking to you you know working with you and it's just haven't hedging here and it's earth are you there and living large you know yeah Merkin. We'll do it won't want to see Obama turned Pedro get back to you but we got we got to got to get dodger over here what to show I mean we've well we've been what did you junior for a long time and just let's just start off with with you I mean let's talk about you fill that tells a bit about your background and how you fit into this world of liberal state. Yeah well thanks for having and and yes that Anthony's last night and here and third generation loss tonight. You don't hear that very proud league honorary elf that's easy units we call the U cores I think yeah we'll and we were were were racing a now but when you have third generation something. And a half minutes and and my whole life into into a little bit just got back at the year ago. That's that's for everybody does that leaves. Would you leave for a little bit and use kind of fight to get back pain. And and it went on to in Austin and welcome back I can tell us but I admit some two dozen corporate partners to just was like a rock looking out the window all the cranes I see you shaking your head like yes sir you deathly see this play script I've watched this place island. Back when. I must thank the spell before trusting them. And I just seen before and after pictures are absolutely. Need to remember when there's when they're building that it was so just shorten stompie. What what are you doing to our skyline. If I mean I think was so big and Biggio applause and hundreds stories like I think they stopped well short but I remember their building that was a big deal for us and that was like the first big. You know we're here you know building and is still about the third of the size of most of downtown Houston her or Atlanta but you know hadn't paid for baby also now's a big day. Yes I mean add him a suspect etiquette mean you know you wanna watch the city grant and it's beautiful on the level of people coming by. Still have my friends and teachers and staff did not and yeah when's enough enough I saw Nikolai Myers and now you can look outside right here and you can see from that you'd eSATA down south and in meet all the way from running north to south here. But it's like campuses kind of blending and now. I love to to have capital I mean we she concede that from. From most angles so they're they're they're cheap and rap song on that piece let's is getting dwarfed that that is for sure if so why real safe for you on the third generation loss tonight that's. That is that is unicorn and just have to be. You know to be. I mean this is well known but so we're when were you fit in when you didn't to listen to what did you make a decision. Hello and I've been in the business card and present time has written with you know my parents my step dad was an OC airman was analysts say here than this delay and then and just recently ms. Backus that. The market was rang continuously drank a great time to jump and makes them as much as they don't want anyone amid DOS and minds and makes money with them now. Now some people out we have relocation. Feeling a lot with the key location and and really watching. The ad the east side Graham that's been made it. It is some things there was man come from years ago is that. About five years ago I did a property tours come on airs 359 for folks that don't know that is based I'm 35 from. Help me Riverside all the way up to 183. And then Springdale road that big box of of of fast and it is a big area what I love most about it was it all the homes are so different it's so funky new beetle was back then but now I mean if you're an investor I mean you've already been staff around all the east side we would be seen up or down is just full of investors or others saw opportunities. Are people buying these for real they're they're primary residence or what's going on questions. A lot of and of all of that a lot of investors coming in and you could you teased a lot of people buying and holding. When they're flipping and then turning around and and getting rental prices mean I see that that the market still going up. So investors getting in right now it's huge I don't know AT too long by. We add. Its. Beside I mean it's you know it it cinema mean even on young residential peace. You this commercial stuff have you been over there recently gallery I mean it's the commercial properties or what's going and going crazy. You know I'll. Funky they asked him dive that anyone's looking for a keep Austin weird if you wanna see that that's going to be on the east side at great restaurants I just went down to which won a Cesar Chavez had now's the biggest. Lol will restaurant horrible. East side cafes on par with two counselors on tee shot down childhood as a solid one and a million now over this close but anyway I would in the air and idea that 43 I'm not a lot of schools I used to be so I walked in there and you know there's been some times where I'm not you know the the service is kind of based on your. Or your scholar age. Scioscia when you sabotage America's I'm there. We really did we get is do or skewed end. We saw a so they're called metal achieved. They say it's it's a mariachi band that all the d.s play medal. It was fantastic. I mean it's it was all week army the Metallica. The guys were over yeah it was it's a good job so ha a move that puts up yet essentially there's folks moving out there that. You know obviously it's been investor kind of happy rental market what about primary residence and to people moving out there and I mean they were huddling and we what what. To its opportunities other aborigines and because of investors turning and flipping houses and tons of new built that you're gonna get. A lot of renovation and then he said he buying holding people are holding him as their primary residence fixing that themselves here talking earlier about the home improvement and yeah. And people are taking advantage meaning in making their primary residence as well. It's just crazy I mean is disarming I feel like as he stared in Tehran's offer 380000. Means. Keep me think about that. 89 years ago it's gonna happen because I mean grannies target her door knocked on a you can even go up and down on the east side you can see with a paint wearing down you know all these knuckle heads that are best we've grainy because they wanna pair cash or else. If I was like damn how young's tell you just take it yeah and I appreciate the yelled just give out your dementia are well out past appeal and all the files grants or cast it may bring me a suitcase a cast we have it yet you want greens and obviously he's already got a lot of restaurants going over there you got a lot of arsenal are there bomb. From Riverside to Mueller it's impressive what's been going on. On and like there's new movie house come on her side which to deal with you all down on Riverside met that guy at Waterloo lifestyles just the other day it's his fifth one. And yeah that Gaza. These aren't again and he should you do what and shrimp we you can just tell ya that he drive safe let's have profound way. Four F 250 is probably 19801998. Model being paid off clean as elsewhere doesn't mind wants a wants a happy armed Israel wants an Australia we're there and do breakfast and Abe he brought paper in there he just. He turned to these are asking questions and and what I did we had a conversation and wonderful gosh the best for him yeah I guess that that that places open up pretty quick now and then or call. New and whenever there's really changing demographics. You know medium price on the Austin's on 3161000. In that crazy Houston getting prices and any aside for 300 you know when we were doing the downtown property tour we do as we did that for five years to end. It was you remember I changed a funny kind of downtown for under 300. Yeah do you remember yeah. I mean how I'd cite you care about freedom house in Austin for Canada. It's in Paris for under 300 finishers of their condos downtown I mean I remember from ground level caves with you got a window on your front door and you underground and it was like 295. It was a steal a meat was awesome little place. And you know that wasn't that long ago but to have that mutual contempt conduct you know in in to have that. Some media industry sixteen there. Wow I know it's crazy now I mean it's. It's becoming almost none affordable city and I saw the bells are cool thing at 101220 years or an awesome was the cool place does affordable live. And now it's you know it's it is his become an LA it's becoming sentences like see Diego that's that's the best that's the best comparison I think because. Even down there are enough. Mean the guy we started radio years ago. There's a couple of other called girls at radio network and senior do we go there twice a year we meet real people of the country. And none of those folks had and I mean they're making and he knows a lot of familiar being around these big companies and they they have course. They have all these didn't I mean I him and her automobile and you know let people spend your fifteen under sixteen under for two car payments insurance on that they didn't do that. So they would put that into their homes and now they all set of owning. Yesterday and said he 5000 homes or into our homes they were O'Neal they're they're a Condo that's half a million but they didn't have that audit expense at all right and they walk everywhere and then you're in the bar. And granular case where do you live to Gaza live and you know and Riverside regular hour and a half for me personally somewhere 45 minutes away fifteen minutes away and they take the training every day. So you may have changed may well be nifty well I mean it would be you know the tracks sorority here and you know that that they were coming you know I don't think we need you know. Two his sustainability. Yeah I'm. Well along and it's not really I don't wanna get into that that's an awesome but if that's I mean those guys that's our peace and that's what our biggest problems we have we have of all the season he's lived and the worst public transportation I mean our public transportation is atrocious throughout Texas it is and while at Dallas is in terrible I don't think Houston's. Yes regular listener. Glover in the door. I got abused and in the Central State radio and we are we're truly appreciate yes and then if you wanna download our podcast you can do that. A majority I change you just upload your phone if your own if you are an iPhone plug your phone your look for purple but it's on your home screens has podcast click on that type in rural state radio with Jason stunts click on subscribe you get that you can also search that seemed anymore and sound clout to stick around we got more calm will grow back. I don't know mortgage is an equal housing lender MLS number 18140 cents. Welcome welcome welcome this Russian radio I'm Jason Stubbs precision got to stick around. Through that break our text line is open we will hear from you. Yes her question you'll be a part of our show he got small business out there and you want to let people know who you lord give us a call we don't love to have comes as with U 5126409. 610. Come into you from the talk thirteen 78 insidious here in Westlake. As always take a peek SO three dot com and also check out on iTunes. And sound clout. A special thanks Dave caroling with eco roof in solar and also HEX web design along with 1836 property management met last round there for all you were. Property management needs are back for another one we've got to Audrey and Sam would they'll be a realty. What else am I mean what you got going on here always doing something I mean you've you've you've traveling I guess is done you gotta think come and copy. Where you don't know exercised in Miami and in Houston. I am you know real estate steroids don't senior world golf world to work well on his ability he would in like this entreaties of the Waste Management. The masters and where else the all all a couple weeks than the Dell film that was Korea let me as did a great job and you grilling this kind of roughly sixty members. We get that but all. I thought I am so not a member of the guys they have one more year in the rate of boots on the it is if you're remembered ACC I think getting to be okay. Yeah no doubt it and I mean didn't Asia's three sign another contract. Irons that they were done for the year when I got there I think they reveal 122 when he wants us I think they stuck around for another for some who. Let's circle back fast back how to continue the great is as they have a right in the middle of our biggest conference. We have. Ever in Texas I think south block. If it sounds the same week. I think only this of this year a lash on the it was nothing their movement and Ian actually assuming they need to do you know they -- it's like rodeo. SXSW. In del match play PGA to come to town assembling the big into this and now the obvious that the UT spring games during south by next year which. I don't condone that they he would difference you know one day thing. I do know odd to see that you simply staggered a little bit but. Can't necessarily do they see all right didn't AC Elena and I UT home football game had done before and it worked out just on no doubt Sam tells the. Just listening to my wife and just have a house c'mon Ford three at three bath. Force only five fits in between 916 square feet. And in the proper you know. Guitars blocked I think it's around. Forty point three. So that's me never to put in pools when not solid home. And two car garage with golf cart crunch in the back. And maybe just get time to have treatment to them. Could you just you passes over there just call schedule and it's they went 401 to four but have you guys are what area of liquid. Backed by the world of tennis spoke and social back. Other world titular come check out this listing saying how do foes can contact with you if they wanna come to compete so that's all the numbers 5127313733. You to the caller tax speaker. Cool art Malone does if you if you will get in touch with with Sam or are all dressed we've worked so it's for for quite some time and you know set I know that you guys are looking that you have got a lot of commercial clients right now but tells them a little bit about you know what you are looking forward in in an agent I mean you're looking to attack another agent Doug Tucker is potentially this commercial. Yes we need we go both twice Nike's answer we'll take on the residential agent that you know wants to get their feet wet get in there and get some deals done. It's a shorter turn and able to make money that way in the world to take on the commercial you know they've got the timing and money to sit around and make a deal happen that's a great way to go. And in a resume office industrial and multifamily. Ten reps investment sales. And ultimately the residential here and also does really well so. No doubt and done what so. I mean just as far as that that agent it's on the U residential side and what kind of advice can you have to them that they wanna start dabbling in a little bit commercial stuff. And just make sure your network to all of you gotta make sure and get out there and pound the pavement and there's noon there's no substitution for going door to door. Making those relationships in person. We senator on the other day in the field and she crushed it. She did a wonderful job just you know heard mournful charm and smile she just hey how you date on what's happened and extinction and she's got two points whose work in your front and. And I hear you play golf. I do you think and I bet well loved we need to get that shot to make that happen I mean I will ever get the invite to a Seville I mean I said he identified. I until you're out there and Brooke I handle rewrote their last week player she did great as a guerrilla. A center right. Did you also I mean it's Sean we've got so we got performance left me. As far as liquid goes I mean we've got the new mayor in place yes rounds are back on here in the next couple weeks and yup sold her didn't plans are yet is she said and OK she's. Video work and I think November is when they actually start a third term I believe Marcia sure of that but preachers November she actually started her term. Sandy Cox who had an Isuzu is numerically Quinn let's get her in Brack right before she starts in like three weeks after everything yeah I'll be inching dream. You know Sam was up that way too it is inching you know lately we've talked many times its sponsors and changes. It's not a small little lake no glee community anymore. A lot of commercials for your commercial there's a mean commercial development on out everywhere out there and yes when did we do martialed under don't want a bus to San about. Dungeons and and sort of to be prepared eyes just the amount of you know there's just so much eighteen. There teenagers are drinking commercial stuff and some hasn't taken for. Extended period of times you know some big big spots and I just wonder you know but not drop in the rants you know I can't imagine you know Landler reminds us. You know I'm your anchors you know and he's had a lot to to do you generally Laura Linney make it easier rate for boots does make it easier for businesses actually get their doors open. A look at what's the communications like like with her and and you know mayor Adler I mean you'd today eerie. It is that prime little or none of the guys I think he's company Aussie it's yeah gathered all of this guy's running big Hollywood that I guess running liquid is a little bit different yeah but a member walking in his office right when right when he stepped in there and you know how much questions this research talk to couples aids in marriage is whatever comic really just asking me to ask for anything. The first thing asked what do you do for fun thinking dummy. The mayor and you see my office of expectancy and so stuff so I don't want a walked in Paris like in order he's that bonds upgrade on the UD street gangs are like those three things were sitting on that trichet has hated. It's something really stupid like ten bucks a meeting or she do this for a course thankful. Well we can that we can ask her ratio sizable Oscar yet I mean so this you are not true and how the money's a good idea yes some people wanna you know help the community out. We'll see who likes there's a log on lake way. On zoning changes you know we've got the big you know me in the big project out there that a certain developers trying to. You know shown through the zoning committee that's that's been contentious that I think that's price of your first and just deal with obviously. This is doing that development project that a lot of people don't want you know some people want a lot of people don't and then knock. You know their major thing that she would she walk to work with. You know at least not taxed on stuff is is a traffic issues that obviously there's no answer there's no answer. A Missouri answer I don't know I saw that something and Hoover Hoover you have flying. Electronics nurses who you're gonna have to be finding your own here you have to go here I mean Woolsey put you know or have her back on a couple weeks hopefully and you know I so there's like Riley quit folks if you're all on one of look at how your team I'm moving up that way great schools caught her call Sam call us on we know they're pretty well on the wanna deal especially young. You can file a great estate deals only glad you know let the population you know was an older population for a long time and Tom Daschle's really good deals he's in good value a lot of square footage arm if you want to do the work bomb grade school so. It was a shouting. Had it that is late great art sub essential some good contact with you guys were quick. And tell them number 5127313733. In 5127313733. There you have it our guys who they are dress and we appreciate just coming in below obviously keep it an island on you folks and as as you kind of a live your day today if other city thing do you need to share that we need to know a keeps up today almost going up their daughter expressing unity side and I love it. It's fun it's enjoyable. Just watching just stood the if this just nothingness that's. You know standard you know it just so non basic and and I love that about about the east side inside or yeah without a doubt so will look we'll keep in touch you thank you for coming on. It's such great speech on your nose and voted to back on hard as we should check Celso tritium dot com iTunes keep it up subscribe Jason's will say radio Jason subs also searched that on on south clout social media roasted red Jason Serbs also shot that he appreciates you manned and will will be scanned shortly. Textron we'll keep that open 5126409. 610 that is universal pre q.s -- NN senior staff. And are Elmore is is an equal housing lender in the last 18140 stuff.