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Well cancer real estate radio read your post Jason does. Wanna share your real estate story coming out at 526409610. And now here's Jason status. Welcome back central Texas is Rosie radio I'm Jason stops mortgage professional. In your consumer advocate for all things real estate appreciate you guys to men we got a great show coming up I'm excited about a dollar brought into it could be doniger due to pull up your your podcast and iTunes of your search real state radio Jason stodgy and click subscribe and then you get notified whenever we we post a new show and we we postmarked. So what take a peek their home if you're you're an android person. You can check us out on some clout. Are not website shall stay radio Tex lines 5126409610. We will hear from you guys keep your questions cumin and we've we've helped several of you recently. And death that's taken out so. You got issues out there with you know make your decision or how to choose a realtor or a long process or any thing that's involved in this rules they environment gives a ring with tradition right spot 5126 were 096. Tend joined by in my apartment right hand man co host Sean Finnegan senior loan officer general mortgage and newly back from Michigan subject what's your comment I how you doing. Good yeah there'll vacation and indicted he'd for a few days what was up with the outfit that I saw a weakness you look like John Candy I mean this guy he's a big dude already. And your view grass or golfing I get this picture of this hideous outfit this this this mustache. I mean can you. How we call the police source did I did a beautiful for a mustache and a rod for a trade through your mustache and I got so I got myself out from loud mouth John dailies company sues pizza pizza shorts and martini flasher to deal with the farm mustaches kind Martinique I also want this out we we are at this resort up in the middle of nowhere Michigan I was us on our own fruition of that hotel was sold. I you actually saw a -- actual keys senior no Wi-Fi would Jessica sweet position were low and sexy poses to take a little bit embraced and now there's thirty finalists up there we plow from all read gas from California Colorado which a lot of guys from Chicago Texas New Jersey. Just a group of friends from college high school on an initial barrier for ten years and another 35 of us who played a hundred holes of golf roughly about three days on cable is give trivia you know but by the senate is pretty. Play that much golf you got back and I want to get out there with your dad and everybody your source community to shorts for two days that's when you guys because that was shaved his stash after the second day so they did in picabo mustache but it is that you guys were in the PG shorts and so so minister John dailies company yet loud mouth I'll always affect yeah. Yeah until his own thing easy had he does he changed did Arnold Palmer drink forever. Cap packages at a little Montebello lot and your son John Daly I love it. Bill does is -- stay ready if you're just to an -- -- we're here every Sunday on talk thirteen 78 -- of beautiful studios Entercom radio here Westlake and a little cool little view out their got -- less for over 1836 property management with us and that was looked like the -- independent is cruising aren't in the -- -- and by and it's going to be what fifteen forced him out of -- -- still can't figure out the spire on the news -- with what Pittsburgh says that a radio antenna and I think -- I don't know I don't know for planes to see maybe I mean so they don't -- no not at all I mean it's crazy being on the top of the I don't know I was at least you're looking gorgeous downtown -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I am confident there hell they did a great job of the invite only -- -- is that for us plucked out there there's far out there just -- the -- quarter thing is that that food now OK I don't know another of -- you know fancy food court and downtown summer by -- a campaign now -- can't be -- -- it's not on the -- -- I don't live there there's your Austin, Texas downtown update we don't know a whole lot of we get back into. The minister Elena and a plus the bats it has blossomed from there maybe you'll get we get a downtown expert and actually feel we make little holes we're gonna get. Well we'll we'll get somebody in here I got a buddy who lives down by the river yeah they could come up he's been advanced on XP well did have a fantasies down there every day more than any else who has his name's John. F Aaliyah a cat a favorite color and all and we should you park yesterday wanted to out of Hillary and we'll get John in here now. Trying to pass health check but. Is a good guy. I used to listen. Starlet trail through Austria there yeah we will stay clean here Mary Elle Woods when I'll Willard tomorrow Wilcox. Were old gold lost serve. I'm Merrill downtown so we'll we'll much it costs are there young guys you're downtown measure rose due to from Monroe city radio reach out to this gives coal and our marketing 51264096. Tend. Matt let's get you man I mean it's hot -- new it's I can only imagine that you're your your phones have to be ringing a lot more now than they did two months ago what's going on your world I would say he -- are kind of behind us got most of the value on his time but now you know we've got still lack a labor I don't know if you guys saw the news this past week but they said for the first time in years have actually I'm more job openings then labor and the US and it's really represented construction community is supposed to have a like 30% of the jobs are open unfilled and sound that trickling and everything else in there with you until the moment he was renovated home when you return home there there's no labor I've got some legs and then there's -- I was and I Assad shouted here here is skip shot wasn't okay show him my need to reconsider the wall idea. Yeah you know let's just put it make it easier this is Texas man I'm a believer though there's a firearm by reassured that construction but. Why can't disagree with you on now I just want prosper and do well and treat people right and I think most of us sir and that. So the people in those fields though like god Tyler Edward we've come up here will be later mile you know there were able charge premiums right now because he's such as shortages of of labored so much well the consumer someone paying for all the act correctly so I need to fight us we always say the tax buyer pay around make him pay more in the long run exactly like this and those in the political cautious OK now I'm sure that we had its -- after our show -- luckily guys and I don't think my out views fall in line with this stay in the station's general -- decisions over generally yeah I don't think Monday's fall in line with any party have a path that although we just had our own views and we can all agree to disagree. There and make sense party grandson. At least just like amicable enough without a doubt so. And so with that being said though I was you're getting calls by Lester right right you've we manage all those properties right there's obviously some gone wrong at one of whom you know at all times sums don't rock every day so besides obviously you know a seat this time rewrites -- I was a big one once was for the next most common this time here and are you having a hard time getting people author quickly I guess to solve the problems. Turnovers is a stymie such Teradata tenant -- everybody wants to live in the summer no different in the cells market and we got to get the house prepped ready. Photograph whatever may be in the next ten newsstand and everybody leaves the last day of the month and everybody wants to me and the first day of the month and there's only so many people to go around so I would say the biggest challenge is really consumers who think they're going to manage a process that remote process remotely from California because getting to my shows that's reliable to does the work that they say they're gonna do that doesn't just connector found after the and a deposit from you is it's kind of scary now you need to know people locally to have good reputations and earnest and business but when you get a job. I would say for the consumer book everything you need because labor is booking three weeks house if you come in and I give you a laundry list of things to do whether it's make ready to sell whether it's tentative be and you don't you know I'm sure you have to or get -- I don't spend the money and we don't know probably vocals five days they come in on money daily on Friday put a bow on it and then you go always you know now really pinned to walls the tremor really stinks can you paint a tram you know we should have done this that the other because not really stand down in three weeks down the road there is no one left in the market to come out your house tomorrow to just clean up five more days of work it certainly as exists. When years someone when you're in that situation he generally known posadas and assuming most attendance gave what sixty days notice is pretty standard you have property managers have 34 or 560 to so so when you once you get your noticed do you then generally don't win prior to when they actually knew about or do you wait till they move out and then trying to go assess the situation and figure out what needs to be done depends because a lot of self will be hidden. You'll know about yet and so we can market early but every job you touch orders renovations -- you're going to find things so we ask our vendors have made to list they don't last NA we found so we can -- before you started these -- what we're going to do we agree upon that we agree what we're not going to do that we both are aware and then we've got a list that neither of -- were aware -- what we found in the process oh yeah that toilet it's been -- for years let's because the floor underneath the toilet is rod yeah -- you didn't have you mentioned now we're painting and putting flooring and but now we've got to get a plumber rearrange all that so there's always stuff that you find and I just don't think people buffer for that and that would be the best advice to -- usually give yourself some leeway for all things that you are not aware you know is that Donald Rumsfeld the gosh he's our expert so we have Matt we appreciate you taking Tommy of your day it's been a little bit so with us and there's girls cement or you know from you next week but things are I'm Jason subs is roast a radio got a quick break more to come stick around. Thirteen seventy anytime anywhere you all already know dot com. Check your phone's App Store or visit to. Thirteen seventy dot com slash. We'll stay ready don't chase themselves orders for. National. Your consumer advocate for all things real estate guys keep those calls come never Tex lines open file 126409. 610 we just had Matt last. 1836 property management in the studio. We lose our our expert contributor. Who is is not -- Gaza busy do fun guy real Smart the got -- questions what I think he benefits. I -- the benefit that he brings I think is kind of not spoken out this -- shots of folks that are potentially looking at buying investment properties that don't really know how to properly analyze the performance of that property and I think with with the data and he can provide he can help you guys can figure out you know if you're looking for investment property and a whole thing is you know you want that house to produce -- obviously appreciation there there's a lot of different you know maintenance factor budgeting for that you know what what can go wrong all that stuff is you know some American populace of what what's the rush almost forgot holder come up. We got teller Edwards who's to bills builders guy we've worked with before. China new Dawson the dog into building. And not new construction whatsoever so he's that's probably she's working on no out towards our spies would area and look at because most affront here Serena get to meet him find out what he's all about and what he's up to end. -- -- what else -- from what some more as far as you know -- kind of to back a little bit this week they're you know they're -- they're still trying to hang around the -- -- you know they they just went over five -- you know couple days there in the -- -- everybody in that -- and raining and it everybody's in the panic button column you know I you I just said they're -- they're -- -- goes down significantly they'll -- -- for the -- hang around here and trickle -- trickle down but appealing to remember -- you know you can't -- four -- -- some five -- five or 51 confluence of is that in the monthly difference right yeah he's a mental thing about the number and your head when you realize like you know 300000 are -- -- talk about 22 box you know it's really not a -- demonstrates -- -- oh my -- I don't want -- five but you know the difference before when he some -- and -- -- -- -- -- 22 dollars -- you know it's not -- -- -- deal. Wallach hit into your little bit about so I mean we were seeing a lot of -- folks are want to put a ton of money down I mean it's that it isn't almost you know we're we're we're seeing 2030% Dallek we used to but before we get into that. We're bring on Tyler Evers was Tbilisi builders and talk welcome to show me and I don't I'm pretty good job in November again yeah we're good we appreciate you take a little time and it's been with us so. Tell us a little bit about just about your company and then we'll kind of dive into some things just work around couple. Moscow few half a year ago we started your calls to bills builders are I've been in a commercial large commercial backgrounds are fifteen plus years. I so we created the company you know we we kind of wanted to go on our own we had a couple projects are doing on the side that you know basic just kind started being more like work so we turned into that every exactly. So well so tells me as far as the new construction piece goes I mean you know your your your -- been doing this a long time but so would sure what's your take on on Austin in just the environment to build the building environment here Austin's as a growing I think that you know under the one of the main reasons that you're saying like real estate prices continue to rise just because of that you know this the shores of homes and things like that we have here so it's it's got to just a good economy you know you look we're looking at you know downtown area right now I remember ten years ago. It didn't look like that at all at all if in you you can go along didn't you go on Google and you can type in you know downtown Austin 2000 downtown Austin 2010 dollar house in 2015. It blow your army would have been doing after her room frost bank was Zack and that was it I mean it looked like a foam I mean it looked I thought it was gonna touch you know I thought to be a mile and a half tall is is is fake is that thing is but I mean that was it that was the scarlet and I guess if we're America if I'm tackles are about the real quick there's that the guy that of the architect to design that's from Bryce RE EB blitzer rice if you look at that thing coming in from 29 B it's and now you're supposed to men and I had no idea and and I don't think it out I did was that Al they heard he just kind of pull one over on on. I think people involved in the project Nooyi I don't see everybody else that I don't play your best to Andre did disclose that to the city yeah I hate that I would put it shy at rice south building here from just one Angola yeah so it's right they're coming in from from 29 he had in south and thirty it's pretty funny but also speaking of big projects tolerate what so what are some of these would you work dogs what are we currently have gone just talk to us about just in the past of knew what some bullets Samir so. I've been parts of teams have done that we've done a lot of work for university Texas. Actually dinner or worked our project on their first few years than Norman Ackerman building sometimes buildings such or an iron and a research facility down there and that has come clean rooms and stuff like that. Did crate and barrel of north of Austin one on my wife three and they just a Texas you need to do job I have had a lot of high end finishes out on the inside so we're dumb parts is a domain things along those and so we've we've done quite a bit around in the Austin area. As the domain is I mean I remember Lincoln property zone that way back when. And than I have no idea that Dell's going to be what it is today I don't think anybody did. I can remember when you know they're doing Fay's wind mayor said there you know we knew about it you know many good year before probably is really counted on the streets and the same thing as in no way there's no is gonna have they said that about me when you know and they're built the frost building over think and 65000. People are gonna move downtown no way yeah no way that's not happening. You know -- and we we used to do -- downtown property -- to bring that thing for years and you know we'd look at all the condos down there and you -- remember their condos like there were under 300000 and now I mean I know it's over for -- no there's nothing under four but let me talk about photography so definitely lots lots going on but so let's turn it to the commercial -- -- commercial side before do that this rules state radio I'm Jason styles -- Tyler Edwards and we're talking about construction we're talking about building houses so let's go to commercial sites are quick and tell us a little bit of golf collective difference in -- what can folks expect from the US -- home -- -- -- I still think a lot of people can visualize -- custom building it -- it intimidates them because they're not -- -- the process they don't know -- don't they don't know how to build -- -- they don't know -- -- the process -- that -- little bit about that in the and the difference in -- custom -- back. And I think that most people they probably some people would prefer to have some -- spent time out directors usually you know I was pretty easily to move Friday and that and probably a lot of people are real sure about their own decisions right right you know a lot of times and a lot of the the people that we work for a they you know they they wanna bounce or ideas -- -- -- -- really we kind of we kind of set back a little bit because we wanted to be their home in our own and we don't have too much of our footprint in there right so that's kind of it kind of the main thing that we kind of save it -- you're gonna do you know if if you're gonna look at Newt doing sometime for new construction. I -- go customer whether if it's it turns a near your property but don't go to extreme don't don't do anything that you can't. All right around on the road right like this sort of pull the front yard fifth. I and I I don't know I've got to play with sonar are I guess somebody out of builder Childress back with you know and a million dollar neighborhood with a pool on the front ardent. Every salad I'm like well yeah million dollar houses are on you people wanna be swimming pool. Urban job down the street I've got a bus that you know season I don't buy you know that hasn't pulled from his his house's in the shape of a year so it's the polls right now nobody is different are you park after you open people. Music where it will only to see happens when he needs a salary guys those things you can't make it to custom that. Yeah yeah exactly but you know I think that you know that lets us turn those cycles little bit and it probably has something to do with the shortage well just I mean could call plumber right now trying to eat a jet went out here house quake and find one for less a hundred bucks Arkansas makes you wonder that guy that does -- was a hundred bucks an hour makes you wonder they needed I just replace the pool pump and they gave and gave gave me like eleven day they turned the entire time eleven days I mean it's crazy it's just OS SS that we're seeing a lot like if you've really got to be on talk you're schedules right now I'm in the EU plan and also mean you have one little hiccup and also I mean everything you know everything just falls park yeah yeah I mean that happened even Reno we talk on my kitchen job last year you know we get shut down hunt permit issue and started three we slain by that Tom you're the guys that wanted to John had to go other jobs aren't they can't you know those guys considerably for you to be ready for that right they gonna end and one of the next job. I don't aren't gonna happen right there are guys or take a quick break we'll have Tyler USA ground formal Wear those are listed that's so tower Ebbers custom builder will be talking more of him and also. Or talk about this mortgage industry we got rates going up we got little down payments would talk about all that mortar comes rules say ready I'm Jason styles will be right back. We'll save radio I'm Jason Stubbs a mortgage professionals both consumer advocate for all things we'll stay. You're just tuning in right here on talk thirteen 78. You know among all the way from Westlake Texas. I asked. Is your take a peek at our podcast on viewed it on iTunes released to get search were mostly radio Jason stubs that is on iTunes and you can also searched sound cloud forty inch Droid users and owners web sites dobbs radio dot com you should take a peek there we got past shows contact us and ask questions on that stuff Tex lines open keep your questions coming and we appreciate you as Colin men and and you know feedback is is wonderful and I appreciate you guys for for help enough suck you give better aircraft so far 1264096. Tend. Is that number we heard from Matt lesson for 1836 property management. Can also come on what you know that there is it their there's a storm that came through the other day and I was just thinking about this. I had my neighbor shingle in my yard so if that is you you called. Appreciate Abbott had Dan's been with the sun and he's been to show for three years or so inductees with eco roof in solar and they come out that he free inspections so you guys got he roof damage of this past week it's hard storm hits you musical get in touch with them are 1264096. Tenths are got Tyler Edwards was the bill as builders back for another. Tyler van I mean. It's you know Austin, Texas is kind of you know as it's known throughout and do we get lots of attention and when you got your started building here I mean as far as the residential side. And it is do people want a different house here in Austin and they do in other places are you how also acts or what's that look like through that is consumers are well I think Austin got its own style Derrek Lee what are we calling it used to be a leader did they change it like every other years and you know I'm not parents are sure on that another we do a lot of farms style hats are installing it it modern Israel a country that are there and cockpit hill country don't harsh reminder I'll have to look at morehouse school oust a good job I got a formal sink in 2013. There are a nozzle that had a -- on my little autos and I'm not that you did. Yeah so yeah you feel if you walked into my house you'd probably be able to you know exactly what you're are remodeled told via 24 inch tiles and yeah foreign policy can yeah asset but immaterial or change an in house is change in. So tell us talk to me dolls you do if if you guys are out there in your your meats like it's it's crazy did you know shall we found the general public face in building custom homes more expensive why is that and in it's it's just you if you can sexual budget you set your budget tomorrow night repeat that will affect so I'm just asking you know it's as far as folks out there there's a general consensus that building custom home is gonna be more expensive than you know building like a spec home you know that just builders are European are are thrown up put the cell science. In there I mean how how can you speak on budget cost is always a custom socket I think with a 'cause army gonna get a lot more he wants and got you. I eighty Innospec comes are really kind of maybe you won't more along needs you're gonna get your bathtub going to sink and interest kitchen you know it custom homes you know your wife gets command and she gets that kitchen as she always wanted. Yeah it in in it so yes if she takes it out there doesn't like it two years it's her own fault yeah. Yeah its I see that difference in in you know as far as it caught what's the process look like I mean as far as somebody. You'd give you call it Qatar I'm thinking about you know build how soon we think we wanna be in you know in this instance you know Breyer clues for driftwood or wherever it is or what I was process star in what can expect during the process. I must have time room by the time they reach just says they've kind of done little battery charge itself so usually they have a general idea of a budget that they now as any to follow within. They probably some you know and have got kind of got like a specific area maybe that they know they wanna go to if they're not new to area you know a 100% but they say they've got some ideas from there we just try to take it just kind of you know molded into a little bit more what they want and try to help them can download location on the property he and we just kind of built from there. In chart I mean what can you jump in and insert mean as far as you're the financing peace because. Obviously you think custom homes you think oh you got an atomic cash is that is that the case. I mean certainly if your building you're gonna need a little more I'd like zero down and 3% down and 5% down you're not really gonna prize fund those on. True cost some home Reno or buy new construction from a builder toys were serve right because they're financing the costs of the construction lawless and you're so your text. We'll take if you don't downtown sometimes you do and you know complete terror down correct result in death toll do you have the costs of the property but it got the cost of the Mona Al and home run off no doubt this will stay radio I'm Jason Stasi you guys are just to an end we've got Tyler Edwards. With Tbilisi builders are Sean Finnegan. He's sub cohost and I expert contributors and loan officer for a mortgaged our tax funds open give us a shout give us a text file 126409. B six can we do to show. Every Sunday right here talk thirteen seventy a M a new funds on iTunes will stay radio Jason Stubbs you can also take a peek Stanford U doc comes we've got tough they showed it to broadcast on TV KB you know who have which is our local ABC affiliate were easy to find that we will hear from you keep your questions covenant. Are Tyler back tees are let's tough let's let's take this a little bit to the byproduct of pre construction side so you know custom homes obviously custom home but you folks if you've never built a custom home before in Europe you're like I was due back when is is I think okay you have to come up with this myself I need to figure out the style I need to. In all these questions that I have let's talk about the engineering piece behind you know the that the plans of the house and in how that can help a potential marks on just like maybe like from a cost stand for right yet just to from a cost standpoint it in in you know kind of how. How does that process work injured the engineer and peace are kind of not following me so just like on throwing out the house I mean what what type of plans of how word do we start with what style what's cost what we of one story to story mean all of those things don't did you guys gonna have ideas already you can already a plan. A lot of a lot of times you know clearly we can help with those ideas are suffering that and then you know that sometimes you know you you come to us you can give us an idea of what you want then you know we do need a healthy sign an architect I love that or or you know maybe party got on selective in the from there you know we you know basic gives an idea what you aren't even -- so they have to have all finishes picked out you know the moves are figured out the engineering side of it to the structural components of everything and then well you know don't back around and figure out decisions on the inside a love that so far. Meet with you and you we can we just flip over and napkin and I think college if you sketched and you we can literally start from there we should just take it from all of that it just sounds so intimidating just to most Seles just out there know that you know I mean a custom build is it's not that hard to do you what are some things it can go wrong in in what can what are these folks need to expect from their builder I think the biggest hurdle if you're gonna find from just like did your plans in the city and stuff is that you know you're gonna have a lot more upfront costs there's going to be a lot of engineering cost you know depending on where your had your water tap fees are revealed that more in the beginning it's gonna kind of be a little bit overwhelming you're honest you're gonna you know the very beginning you're suspended a good portion. Some money there any you know as can be a little bit taken back let you know -- that's gonna get better Bryant had as you go along if you get -- get those basics opt out of the way and then you can start focusing on you know on the fun stuff that's on Pennsylvania and you make sure you know who you're builders are you tournament really make sure that that somebody that you trust and do you use value their opinion on things -- are some mistakes that you think builders make that folks need to look for I think the biggest deal that we make you know builders as we kind of live by they you know Sanger and don't expect that you don't inspect got you right and if you you know do we access a lot you've got to be there to see it go on and and and you've got to make sure that there's there's there's something that you know somebody's made mistakes cameras you can get up early because that that's a price that's another domino Diller went without a doubt. Of Tyler we've got to go man I appreciate you coming in spent some time with us that's Tyler Edwards. Stability builders Tyler how we contact with you surf and probably an Australian tennis is very is 5124844068. Or C as in Charles Edwards as the bills builders dot com perfect just a quick break Israel's radio I'm Jason Stiles who got more come talk low down payments interest rates all less stuff so authentic and I'll be back. Stick around. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere. On the radio dot com. Show central taxes. We'll save radio I'm Jason Stubbs mortgage professional. Your consumer advocate for all things real estate. We should just CNN talk thirteen 78 film right here come radio studios in Westlake visual check of our podcast on iTunes search -- they radio Jason Stubbs also website is stubs that radio dot com as we want to thank you for your feedback in your questions and folks let's move on if you're looking for a -- there he need help with -- -- mortgage -- fund a plumber electrician or a -- are poor guy or whatever it is we can catch in right direction we work these folks all the time give us a -- she is attacks are 126 were zero I. -- a good place to start we also heard from that last for 1836 property management -- our expert contributor. He's our go to guy for all things party management you landlords out there after mansion your own properties fine if you're not looking back catcher properties and see how they're performing and if there's a lot of information that I just don't think the general consumer the general investors really pay attention to Matt agent or six party means we can help you guys kind of figure out what would be to step and we do need to remodel what terrorists do and horns of data discussed that this guy has so yeah we just smacked. John what so what's going on mortgage for a man. Man that you know it's it's that kind of busy time of the year you know we a lot of folks deal multiple offer situation in Syria. You know people were about interest rates. We we've got people that are in the multiple offer situations you can't make a decision on how fast enough exactly like our own thing about this I'm looking into all girls gone. Well what I want this will quit it's awful special lower price point because there's so much competition until you know when I click. And now -- -- -- -- lower price point we're talking even you know 350 get to 5300. You know calm the competition just there in under -- should -- -- media on anything's halfway decent -- 250000 dollars is on the market for like six hours try to -- half the -- not even the other you know now they resume in the coming soon to MLS a lot of those are written you know are -- pending before -- were actually -- in the last three excellent looking at a property. On north loop in at the -- for me on it but how many offers the its first I don't know what was wrong with it -- -- not -- well I don't know if she wasn't real big on I mean the property being completely remodeled inside so it looked really nice so making that 585. Square foot Condo he looks a little bit nicer but east you can't make it bigger yeah you know and that's hard drugs almost 200000 dollars yeah well horror -- where FEMA. It's nice restarts amid the build out is nice I think my bedrooms for ours my housing Memphis I have been better I I put on this and I can't imagine the my first apartment and also was 900 square and I think felt small high army's general this is this a loft Condo I mean yeah flat this and say look you're single and you know. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Here's how you got a program which you do entire program supplier -- got a noble we've got the programs that we need you know we know all the programs and you know by all the all the programs we have I don't know how he's 3% down now you know if you -- to -- find you and your dumbfounded -- -- let me know what that program is because maybe some that we don't know about we go out and find out so that we can help you know customers on the road but that would actually happen -- to be serious phone call you right into 3% that's well that's because it and asked a simple question are you for some home -- right which they work they weren't first and umpire which is the first question I always ask me that -- the other. The lender I mean obviously they know that you know the folks are working with somebody so they're trying to give it you know they're trying they're determined to in the business yeah I mean I did and I mean I somehow I thought they are well and I'll I'll play LA but I don't matter all of it again and that's just -- people right then I think the most important thing you're having with your mortgage person whoever may be you need to be honest with them right and they need to be honest view and that's why I was and the very first conversation I have with is or anything else you think I need to know right that would propel you familiar prefer alone so yes. You technically are still married this year and see each other ten years exactly things you have to you know because there's the basic questions we ask my child support all chocolate correct or well lower or about my school loans that are in the fall in a really just anything. And mean anything you know well I'm technically still on the mortgage per house I have lived in for twelve years allied arts my girlfriend yet things that I mean these are not SO show opener currently sit things that are outside the general box right there that way. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I've recently heard this from rule or from who realtors. So they've and and they were they were concerned with accepting the see offer and that's what phone call yeah. And they're like hey I'm just gonna offer enlisting analyst I don't want to go bad got to make a decision I gotta yeah. Doesn't dud toward the client of 1000 guys got 32%. Denting Cummins M fifty credit right right he's just you know I'm pretty mind because you server countries and there he doesn't want and why if you can get alone at four point 75% with zero down and zero PMR. Right vs exactly 20% down on a -- to retreat tomorrow. Or else why not seem fined 2000 dollars doesn't register and that person put 20% which you know could have offered 49 point 9% DT on Friday I'm 660 credit score and he could be see you know could have you know and squirrelly and come up you know that that that's and that's one Fossett the only thing now if you wanna Tommy OK they're gonna take a cash. Where almost financed our. Oh yeah fine take that may sat right here you take if you change it mortgage guys like us out okay yeah amid then everybody's gonna like skipping to the title company yeah her raise her re you know me sing a little song and dance and you know we get in there to the window millennial right they're they're not for the most part great sabres right they travel on their doing things are behind the fancy car Carol Chu for her and her entrepreneurs are just so. That's one myth tonight and I wish agents would take them more you know more seriously ask other questions of the of the pre approval you know every in the pre pru asked other personal loss or units dies down payment because you can be you know I've had many people do down payment systems that are super qualified bar right there just taken advantage of it is and why spend the money if you don't have to doubt. In dole a lot of times you know you'll you'll have folks that are listening to know Graham Paul grapple and in a hole in dad and everybody that is he back you know forty even forty years ago people put on more money down I mean they're put towards her pursuit down. And that's what people think community get a come up 12% down I mean we. We too we dogs we've done some studies. We are bred some studies that I'm not weak as Sean and I have done. If you are you showing that the general public kind of believes that it's it's a bare minimum of 10% down which is just details. There's one degree programs and out of folks if you if you're this throughout their get a key to getting gray kid nephew whatever and you're looking. You know from that Tony Gibson callers Los different options like you said you know I wish listing agent was stopped you know using the size the down payment as the quality of of the markets we had super super qualified borrowers lose out because they don't wanna put 5% out you know what yeah it's it's just the case is not necessarily the case. And so army should you know it is fours the online lenders go and all that stuff I mean. New York you're talking about folks out there that are you come in and you know last minute sometimes trying to. You know per share trying to swayed people. You know to kind of come their direction for what I mean lower fees or rates he would at least in there be any problem prodigy Hillary should be air rain Fiji's main thing but you know on boo boos certainly you know tough commercial rate isn't shouldn't be the only 100% factor when when decide what you wanna do it in you know we may do on future shows what kind of teach folks what to pay attention to how to shop how what questions to ask. But we got no TARP that we got we got to go to C universe show. I'm Jason stubs or shots and a governor this roast a radio check results of radio dot com and also iTunes several state radio Jason Stubbs thank you for making this the best rule Syria show. In Texas we'll be back.