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Keep up with the latest headlines from Austin and beyond on the on the top thirteen seventy dot com stay informed with the latest news weather contests and more it's all just a click away at talk thirteen seventy dot com just one more way to stay connected with talk thirteen seventy. Welcome to real estate radio and your host Jason stands wanna share your real estate story. Call now at 5126409610. And now here's Jason stands. And it's Sunday welcome back central Texas this rose ready on Jason Stubbs branch manager of era mortgage for your consumer advocate for all things real estate. Welcome viewers several state radio K Vizio and of course across sure radio. Dial right here on talk thirteen 70 AM we're broadcasting to you guys are right here in the beautiful studios of us talk thirteen seventy in Westlake cast who look out the window we can see downtown Austin and yes there's tons of trains in the sky so. We're here. Is happen in this markets cotton removed and ride along so we got lots of cool stuff coming up guys. I'm joined Bamako as my partner senior officer Sean Finnegan some Lulu. Well here we are again so it's another Sunday. And you know we we tend to do this on Sundays but so sweet girl demons. Busy man and since that time of the year can you wanna you wanna buy a house is when I'm when I'm by house is fast and it is sad times it is man we've been moving in in a direction that so we were we've been fairly used to. Over the last five years and over here and it's it's going on. Sean gives here an awesome broke 212380. In in our rails is 11407. And so log I get that to a compliance piece out the way it is her so Sean and may have we've got a hell we showed coming up and and as a drill say the we try to bring our folks that are kind of you know we we like we'll be entertaining you know we we heard from from Tito's so we've heard from his do you have in the mayor's been all we've heard from you different folks but. Tells will be about to what we echo announced what is barbecue yeah. Yes later on the show we have like David Sheehan Sheehan farmers office out there in the early we became very who's also a barbecue expert yeah Mike had the privilege of do a little barbecue Tor with him before. And I can become on talk and insurance but also our talk about his blog he's got a barbecue blog and he we're gonna talk what is top twenty. Barbecue joints. In towns will do little bit insurance over the barbecue. A mom and easy lesson thrown a networking temper to somebody we might take us a lot of that is far he's a he's insurance. Insurance networking extraordinary. And down barbecue expert expert I'm I mean I can tell he's got to show. Well diners drive ins and dives he can be you know insurance networking and and barbecue I don't know. Only we've got TV show my go to you get something. Go and Merrill all have to to talk Iran are our producer and see if we did get a bus and then go hit the hill country cannot be fine. No doubt it was a frontal Gaza got to hop in there was this show would be possible that a patent law firm and pat law firm is they did close and our loans for years of work of these guys since 2003 they've supported our our radio show about five years and TV shows approaching two. And does a pat offerman and guys there after hours closings for you you builders and you're you're realtors out there give the shot I mean they are fantastic do what they do in and we appreciate down also. But the weather that's been going on we've had a bunch of women are about to rain we see some hail we got damn cute early which assurance rooting out there. And free root inspections. I recently had a tree. Twice try to hit my house and it's fell from both giant tips of Marquette was an elm tree fell perfectly in in my pool those times. So did not hit the house but we did have come out take a look on far but I could have been different stories so being killing sheriff referring give those Gaza call. It also are -- thank you guys trees are apt. It's been it's been neat it's been a fun road I mean I help these guys beta now for tests as saying out of Seattle. And down days go we're trying to do mean our goal was to provide you got something that you can shop homes get interest rates and calculate payments and and that's what you're doing on their so keep it up. Release of the duke. You're going to text atx to 31996. And that is it so text atx the letters 231996. And you can saarc shopping Holmes didn't interest rates and calculating your payments. Right now we've also got Juan Pablo. With Intel homes coming up he's a new home counselor. Talk about one of the just pro mere communities. In Austin, Texas will go to the east side analysts say that you a lot of ears perk up out there like do I mean he's not obviously is the most most groovy most Austin. You know side of far off our towns and I think that's that's not very debatable so we'll have Mora with him coming up here shortly on also guys if you're in them on the north side. And you're looking in that 300000. Dollar range which we all know is just nuts. Multiple offers all over the place its called Morningstar. And this is Steve park custom builder. And I'm telling you they got a brand new models 2100 square feet. In its four veterans to pass an eleven foot ceilings when you walk in the door EC OEC Iraq being as wide open kitchens. Gorman a huge double double of ends it's just all some reforms seemed to giant master bedrooms. All that stuff you'll be thrills of you're looking in that that Georgetown did you enter your part that area seat block steep climb custom homes. Is you wanna call if you want to get in touch those guys or. And unique questions for us. Our number is 5126409610. That's 512640. 96. Tenths all right also shot you'd it would have been running into. I've been running in some folks that have been talking about. You know we're we're trying to we wanna buy a house in two years or we would move into years. And there was the pay access got a text message earlier today and I'm here out of some median or average so don't quote me guys I'm sure I'll wash off whenever we are making mistake it's like that's when we get the most attention on the Texas tech's line but. I'm here in median or average home price in Austin hit 400000 dollars so for you guys out there and or prove me wrong please do it let let me hear about it text me let me know what you find Bob 1264096. To and that's our Tex lines and also if you're that guy that gal out there in you are the I wanna buy a home in two years you better not wait that long and tell you watch appreciation wells are going up in some places. Double digits took you're not saving double digits do the math it's real easy to do let's say that you look at and that 25300 range those price points are coming up like crazy so let's say it's 10% a year that's 20% are you saving 20% of your income. And if you're not there's options for your shop hop in there I mean folks don't have down payments were dealing with them all the time gives cut losses were quick. Yeah I mean there's all all different kinds I mean honestly did to just be plain simple there's programs. In Austin satellite did you zero down. If it was income up to about a 108000 dollars so if your household income. Is a 108000 dollars or lesson there's a program out there for you. So don't you know lose than not having the down payments not really an excuse right now and I mean. They compared to what rat race army you need take a look at it we have credit is you know it if you think it's a credit issue cause it if you just think I had no I don't enough money here. Beside his four affordable as you think. You'd be surprised I mean. This way that the the PI TI amateur or 50000 dollar house is gonna be the same. Or maybe a little bit less than what most people are paying for rent in a two bedroom apartment right now downtown and I mean what's your we've seen a little bit of both of trust south therefore that helmets under that 300000 dollar point of price point yeah I mean it's a fight it's a struggle out there. And I'm speaking of which so we gotta we gotta color line yeah food we cannot Cody George. Magnolia really should be on line I think he wants to talk he's got a a listing under 250 how really under two or 50000 dollars good timing Lake Travis I ST who co leader. I am what some at least not yet grammar good house and houses and they treat you. It's great it's wonderful to have a good job. I can deal meant well let's get to hear from me again and decorated and I've magnolia wrote you were just in and studio paparazzi don't weeks ago and but now we're looking for to get good at dinner. And no doubt add. Cola tells. With this talk even equated. It was still the property damage under Q when did he alcoholic charter school district. In that actually idiots like that's all you should need t.'s own name if you can remain so yes are about I don't know I'm interrupting you but I LA Travis school district under 250 what else. Yeah so it didn't just plumber after makers point 41 a a large lot this year. Overlooked until country get a nice nice big extremely fortunate backyards take advantage that you can decided to do it's course I would wars. Oh great great interest in the kitchen and bathroom sting also appliances. And I knew about over the last July's job beautiful great look at how's the actress is 10116. On the plane. It's Egypt and springs address that what a mention that it's like charter schools there in the deer creek. Subdivision in between the number of people root and branch or twelfth. That neighborhood it's amazing it's got some great neighborhood lakes they can take advantage I'm not a resident there. And I there's there's nothing nothing negative about this question did it's it's great. Great starter on the young family wannabe and whichever school district. Take your kid to be Kate on the street just wanted to property are you want to take a look at the personal towards 10116. Top of slain. And fantastic all loved how aura listeners can contact which he served. Dirt we've just so pretty generic callers should get checked it 5127714176. For union army security George at magnolia grove she got out. Fantastic man why are we appreciate you take we'll summarize your your Sunday and I keep goodwill will be in contact with who he's backing him shortly. I'd like to think you have youngsters and had a need. You bet. And fret that that that's how the homes are on last too long Johns. Now now it should be I mean I mean this is a partly eased into this house under its greenhouse. Three bedroom two bath got a great. I'm actually a large yard. Involved in a cool little neighborhood without with that does a lot of restrictions so if you're looking for somewhere you cannot have a house and Parker Boehner Parker RV here. You know Parker your toys. You know there's no rules against that. Super low tax rate Tomlin said great schools here. Five minutes or less from treaty of distillery just for king Burry birdies. Restaurant sounds like you're familiar result mostly and once or twice somebody that knows you know your your ten minutes. From downtown trip to spring gas is actually started kind of blew Monica it has introduced it as a school play Islam so it's a great little fear if you're looking and then you have signing that price point. You know give coded call let us know we can that we can Nokia up enough. And take a look out there's here zero down available on the announcement I know we're available while. Fantastic rather Tex lines open now if you wanna talk to got questions for us who are here from new rules take questions your your mortgage questions are you and get to a contact of anybody our show Tex lines open 512. 460 road nine 610 got to take quick break we'll come back we got Juan Pablo Intel homes your new home counselor does her old east side some of the coolest house is on the market stick around. Get the latest business news from CNBC. Weekday mornings at 63830. AM weekday afternoons at 12343530. We. Make you smarter. Hopefully it'll also make use some money yeah. Stay connected with talk thirteen seventy the right choice can talk. The right choice it's. Welcome welcome back central Texas this real state radio I'm Jason Stahl draw mama. Partner co hosting your loss or Sean Finnegan. And guys appreciate you all. Two and then take a little time on Sunday and hope you enjoy our shows. On just to confusion little bit to be sure check out our we have television show run simultaneously OK Biggio. And so take a look at that we're trying to bring central Texas cut into your living room so we kind of we re ran around we talk what rules they would bring some folks in here on the builders and agents and stuff and and we go on film some really cool palaces and it try to put that right there in front of you and also you kind of see what we're doing enough have to show on the TV side is film right here and and talk on thirteen seven DA in studio so. Guys Tex lines open like we mentioned just little bit ago it's 51264096. Tend to hear from yeah. No strings attached will be Taylor planned for your whether it's your ability your credit help me find a realtor help you find a builder. He's got questions one shot love talk shop 5126409. 610. All right so. Without further ado we've got Juan Pablo in studio Bob new home counselor for Intel homes. Don't want follow what's son Jason has gone may have good good dialogue was called you. How much known cloudy to be here and excited or get dill a bin excited to get you on. Gotti a call from me shot almost you know sort. Good friend of mine and he's in the hotels throughout Houston and good for tomorrow Frankie Sosa. I actually childhood friend who where have I mean we go back I think we met like 82 hot and that was elementary school because when I was maligned wanna I wanna do the math yet neither one is appreciated but yeah we were out we were chuckled at his remaining Demi just guys he's just fantastic he's got a great product and he's amazing dude and anyway I gave the call in here you are so. Welcome to the show a lot of tells little bit about shown little bit about about your company Intel announced. Yeah so. Thanks Sammy can you got I'm so on homes in east contact in east Austin yeah and now it's actually I would say it's. By one of the coolest neighborhoods in Austin and yeah I it's got that anti cookie cutter feel good too I love that that's anti cookie cutter is some truth in Austin, Texas we've heard a million Thompson folks just aren't wanton that. That cookie cutter feel you unless it's you know low low low price point for some home are trying to get that first house under their belt but. Manso tells little bit about and you know it's what's nice about it is that. It has a great feel so I'm in a god and that's the community that we're in a move we're building a very clean line. Lots of light being windows high ceiling products. They're very very modern feel to it. It's just a community itself has like eight. Eclectic feel when you Sunnis you judgment and I can see duffel wanted to three if you look down. If you're going south and until last do you concede that the colors on the hill gets us right there. And so yeah so we've been there since it 2014 new and no requirement we have quite a big going on right now we have. Considered the team. Will be an inventory yeah. Yeah we wolf Sean are out there yesterday and yeah we we're we're stomp around checking out some stuff and a decent clean lines are open windows. I mean it's like they it's not it's like ninety degree angles and 45 degree angles everywhere fast so you know folks out their drive around me to picture these homes. It's it's it's what it's what also looking for I mean it's not a lot of what you see on the east side just got. You know none of that price point yeah I mean it's out image you've got the obviously the architecture rule deal investment is is fantastic I mean just the Roos the balconies you know it's just not that. I'm very modern art here there's a very modern it is sudden. It's fantastic school these are not could each house and when these prime when about six of Romans and different floor plans different I mean some of the biggest closets have ever seen in my entire life and yeah absolutely yeah and it's a cool little neighborhood nice and we yards. I mean he views these decisions I mean it it it's I mean I hadn't been over that went a long time are obvious shocked. And what I found when I got their present pleasantly surprising its nose out on me I'll only get into some of these you individual homes and a target descriptions on the before that let me tell us a little bit about in some homes. Yes we've been building homes since eighty starting Houston and on and we've been an awesome for quite awhile now a lot of different neighborhoods. We're building. Right next to Franklin's Barbeque we have a community right there. We're gonna be opening up a community in round rock. Probably Iran. By early next year because. We've been in the Ghana for about two years now and I shot the Springdale in east Austin we have a community. I've heard about that I'd mentioned. Spells out a gigante to an agent Friday. And she's okay and and they told you about the one office Springdale. If she's excited about it of Simon and creams Christina have Rihanna get in contact with you but she's thrilled excited about that he thinks there's a huge need for. You know something out there CME you guys are sounds like you're right place right time on that absolutely that's going to be Tonka urban farm house feel substance. Still got that that. New modern feel but that he is still still a little bit of those. Characteristics from the farmhouse yes it's a nice it's a good little communities can be very. Niche it is it's it's niche in its help I'm yeah guys are helping you know. If you're looking for that that that took cottage gee you know what from what would they build out here the other day who kept country modern it was kind of with the the pillars in the tower roofs and all I mean it's just that that's how it toppled Tuscan that's on the dollar tough we're so done with Tuscan you got to me itself of the dark brass handles and in all that stuff and I think we've got to turn the page on that then looks like you guys might be leading the charge on this side this neutral country. Modern feel I think we are I think really aren't so specifically. You know help us understand you we're a golfer is. On the east side just so we're located right off of 183 between MOK. And Leila. Gotcha and we're about six miles from downtown. Maybe like five minutes from Miller airport yeah you can you can see the old so. What would they called the tower or tower he had the old tower from from just about every doctor union back in in your in your neighborhood so I mean it's supposed to come out there what can they expect to me when they they drive they don't meet ya mean kind of help can help me help them understand what what they can expect gonna get there. Why did what most people do when they get to the neighborhood is drive around yeah it's is it's it's a spectacle to see their homes yes drive down the streets. And it's it's cool aid that's exactly what India it is. It's cool it's funky groovy and it's also make exactly it's you know it's kind of hard to find something like around here so once they've kind of taken a look at the neighborhood to stop by the models say hi. And now what I like today's you know the people that are attracted to that to find out why. What do likewise it got to looking at this neighborhood and that's important meaning you know. A lot of people come insane a four bedroom two bath right you know but that's not really what it is right now we. That's some pumpkins and can you cover for life with a really looking forward to feel the home's gonna you know. People thought things like high ceilings that. What does that mean exactly what he lies he is really now what's going on right now on an Irish story on help you. Build your story and I doubt it with me. Yes and you alone about a guy Bates you know it's kind of like you don't I mean if you did you feel some folks who show Miller this is not for me and that's -- fantastic because. The folks who do fall in love with a guy away are also UConn in Mario ma ma will house a little bit I mean I like the like I just like different I like different I mean like Apache shores which. You'd be you'd also want to take just to ensure you that area it's it's just it's just a really groovy neat little. Area mean Sean you loser for us every year Seattle it's the same thing it's not for everybody I mean they're they're you know I've had real owners call and you know people that are not from Austin might look online and see you have pals and a price and and aside from you know Alec freedom mean you've got its you've got to have the right Margaret person but I mean I got a fur you know especially as you know I say younger. You know folks is addressing a bit my travel quite a bit the need to get to the airport is a great job they were ten minutes ten minutes metaphors I mean you spend like empty Nester Nokia yes nobody. He does that it's opens for pins and it's it's that space is just fantastic good. Won't follow me. You what tell you tell us about you some of the homes that you guys have. You know right now whether they're used to be builds or you forgot he spec homes or was terrible what you guys work on right now yeah so we can't hum a few specs going right now and just a cool a cool couple ones. I have this one home cholesterol as a so on cul-de-sac. With a big lie. Nice backyard huge terrorist on top of the two car garage has a nice view. And prompt what's what's really nice about disclose sect is the people that live there. So it's just. Nice and easy drag and it's got this field people there's like to have. Happy r.s get the neighborhood together a nice it's super interactive the people there are great and that's what's made it's community it totally is in its its. Like minded people being hit all looking for the same things a little bit of a difference of like eclectic miss. Actually. Hillary got these things are key was a little bit spread out in now you guys are bringing in just a just really amazing. Product and in your homes are fantastic. In UAE UU level notch or walk of your house and open up your dog watch every day whether it's for your not its cool I mean no doubt about it with stuff you just kind of describe him we we walked in. I don't know how meego mobile 456 yesterday. And you know them what I thought immediately swooped we walk in. It is totally open space there's not a whole lot hallways and on and always there are just how I mean they'll only we can use that space is walking through but right you guys hanging in his only open and in really spacious. In what I noticed the most this is something that I just. I guess it's you know it it's cost with some folks but duel windows yeah guys got windows everywhere sunglasses inside I'm Tony. It's it is something new walked in and in just one of the corners of the house was. Was all windows and I mean is just it's beautiful meets modern and and I love that I love that look. But count walk us through you know what let's let's say that down we gotta be that we are pay some bills and a real quick we'll take quick break co come back we got a more with the Juan Pablo and in town homes and Intel also later on the show we got to. We got a good front friend of ours mr. she hand in the we're going to be talking with him on his dissertation. One more agree won't farmers but we're we talk about the top. Point barbecue joints in central Texas a jas well stick around will be back. And breaking news exclusive contests and more delivered right tier rim not I like doing things doing the right choice club that talk thirteen seventy dot com and you'll be in the just go to talk thirteen seventy dot com and click on the right choice club from top thirteen seventy the right choice. Hey Austin wake up and fly right on talk. Thirteen seventy. In the show's central Texas is Rolston radio I'm Jason Stubbs who appreciate you guys. Stick around that break him to an end we're here live it's studios and talk thirteen seventy a down. And of course not to confuse you we've got our TV show running simultaneously. On KB VOK just we can't be into play as a onetime. Marshals run in told one on KB DL or bring in the Texas hill country into your living room we go around we talked industry experts. Like killing a recount all kinds of folks who got builders and realtors and agents and I insurance agents and real estate agents mortgage people and Welsh only now we all kind of folks everybody foreign people entertainer yes coal company home staters those drivers you name it we got them and give us a call he needs contacts with any of those folks the people we bring on our our strategy and down that'd recommended and we just try to bring you guys the best folks in the industry. Endesa if you need help let choose an ever did contact with anybody in this wonderful. Industry of grossly mortgage all the other trades we talked about more future questions from us who hear from him we wanna help you. With your your natural stated venture. Our text on 5126409610. And also if you want to download our app like couple thousand of you have our our app has easy to kid you can shop poems get interest rates. Or calculate your payments text atx to 31996. So Poulter found over a text message you're gonna text atx to 31996. And you can start shopping homes can interest rates calculate payments. Right now also rose they're ready on FaceBook we a lot going on over there we got pictures what we're doing today. Those will be on ons you've got to kind of take a look up at us and you don't say how reach us and you know we were here for me. Our guys well we're gonna have a little bit more to go mail while Pablo. New home counselor in town homes I mean give these guys. This this this company is building one of the need is products when news homes. In Austin I mean the architecture. That I'm talking about is it it'll do nothing but put wow on your face so you walk in and we we. Sean are just there yesterday his arm these are million dollar plus homes and any other part of town. Yeah army says it is just slightly far enough you know out of yelled where everything's going crazy we got him -- let me ask it's dad's gone that way you know and a couple years in state it'll be like that but you constructions all going we're talking away 30350. To 500000 dollar houses that. Would clearly be a million dollars just about anywhere else in town yeah no doubt so. What Pablo he tells about me what you guys have that's either available or will be available soon as somebody is looking for you know fairly immediate move them. We'll just have this one home that's can be done in about. Trust me two months ago and it is gorgeous it is beautiful was got a great flow you walking into the living room it's got tunnel like coming in. It's three bedroom two and a half bath has a beautiful balcony that's. Enclosed with though a mosquito net seed don't be so out there and in the summertime in the words come whenever you want to know bugs. In right out they have a beautiful view of downtown to downtown you see UT tower cedar hills. Gorgeous home. Closet size I gotta tell about the clause in the past and immediate here in this sluggish shot yeah. Shop on site I don't get it yes you can be wildlife and be hired Haley yeah. It's a good idea that's awesome and it it has natural like Eminem's got windows and they're so there's nothing liking dressed with natural light you know over before you walk outside it makes managed. So absolutely abuse beautiful home two car garage has got rear entry. Some really cool looking home I love. The the outdoor living space of mean. Yeah you got that view downtown I mean you know coming out there we need to do you know something maybe like corals a real Sharaud Curry out there and Gerard. And we have some little party and a barbecue like a little little sundown of ten all barbecue wing gets we get mr. Sheehan of beer Canon immediately so we got coming on expand the Barbeque man slash I guess he does insurance second to barbecue let's. Yeah I mean I know Apollo we gotta get out there and indirect induced some for the general public the industry. But the homes or are just gorgeous so you're saying the same old. It's make an appointment to you do neighborhood give you a little. His tour of how. How to get around everything that's about that's that's interesting about us and let's make it happen. It is span India we even touch on you know the standard features on these homes but I'll. I mean they're there's cam lights everywhere there's convection ovens there's. I mean Bosch appliances and of course carrot tops wood floors all coming in the homes they had a fantastic Terry means topple line you know with not you know like to say without the million dollar price exactly yet known to authorities and moon yeah no doubt I've been in houses not as nice. Closer town that were million dollars and you know what hurt furniture five minutes in my Hoover. I'll save half the price on my house you know no doubt I mean you can you can see Mueller from the U from the -- and he got these downtown views of the tower so they real quick in town halls while public how to get concert review against Dick do you call it 5126409985. Or you can email me at Juan Pablo H act in town dash homes dot com fantastic mammals we appreciate come on the show will get so we'll keep in touch with yet NW tackled since passed only things are handling them. Who called. Can also tell you were to finding good hockey talk to go. Listen some music so off a lot of it Yahoo! wanna we you have hey David how you deal mail themselves. I'll have some morning trichet doesn't faze him and John being here with you guys and I'm really. Sign and a lot of man I'm earlier chuckling giggle you're my favorite people thought that recently. It's funny man it's like our aunt and as you say I think humanity you know a few people days well yeah yeah I hear that but. A member for some match your logic used barbecue guy you just talk about barbecue places. Yes are talking here about you know Michael loved to cook in Augusta smoker and I feel like the the the suburban or at the suburban bureau redneck in me what a balk electric smoker is you know Bob I just feel like I've allowed my people down there probably cricket. Does go around let everybody could can I go around taste doesn't ma'am do you not feel a bit smarter than me too so. Didn't play bad so tell us about are you in it tell us about your company and and I'm excited about to begin and then figuring this out. Well actually there appreciate the opportunity to. My 28 year old sauce tonight we have a Farmers Insurance agency that had a five years. We've worked hard attic where proud to say where one on the top farmers agencies in Texas. We focus exclusively on Texas you know it's funny Jason some people go lol can you help people and other states said that Texas is big enough yeah definitely making our slice of Texas will be just happy. Well I know you're doing it and I mean right when I showed up to the studio in Fargo say hello you're you're taking calls send and you know Russia reader and it just do in business just like you do and injure just so approachable so comfortable that farmers and then you've been ages seems like a perfect fit for him. Well instead of funds it's a second career for me my first. And career was signed 23 years in consumer products with those small food company called Leisle Elian to his left us my yeah family and I we got to live in. You know work around the world with nicely and had to slow but about sales and marketing but it's been uninteresting challenge. You know starting a family business death toll so we've done and we've been doing it for five years out we did our research we were really. You know pleased and proud that we chose to represent farmers exclusively farmers is a great brand definitely been around since 1928. And trust me when it comes to. You know showing up at the moment of truth yes when somebody really needs Jim Otto home you know farmers is top notch and five years and we've helped a lot of people at that time and you know we're really proud to represent farmers and you know we just try to give them a great experience. Fantastic and you know it's it it really a lot of folks you know don't really understand. You a lot of difference in any insurance companies. And out kind of give us a little bit about like what's you know to help the south helps understandably what what's the difference in in in all these different folks out there. Well they're different companies and their big you know in different companies have different policies not all home insurance policies are created equal right. And so it's not only the coverages and limitations and you know some of that insurance type of stuff but it's really. Who system the company behind that right thing until you look at farmers back and you know 2011. Bass drop and Steiner fires. Who was the first company on the scene it was farmers farmers we you know we pulled up with two mobile catastrophe buses and we were helping people. At that time of need helping them file claims. We you know arrived too far in advance of a lot of other companies we were helping other companies Fowler claims so. To me first and foremost insurance is about trust and you know you place your trust in a company and agents. And I think the biggest thing my son awesome I do is we are there for one when people need us and and that's a. Big deal it's a bit he's vastly right about the I've known David in and his son for awhile and you know doing what you will united Jason we deal with. All different insurance companies all the time because every one of our clients has an insurance and there's some good wasn't there some bad ones but to me the most and forcing his availability your agent you know we work usually I've on this week yeah I had no comment. Did we haven't had Zach is actually well other total but. Yeah I mean it's available early age and be able get a hold your age in your agent able to answer questions and you know David dees is somebody can always get a hold lovers he gave Paula David you get home loss and you get a hold one of them and you know you can call them with a with your with your problem and they'll they'll run with that they'll fix it for you didn't you know I think people get caught up in. Is is the the rates in the premiums it's like that's all everybody cares about until you get all your problems here for most UK this is sad that's. Did I know I think people for are forgetting that across the board these days intense in every industry yeah. People become so price conscious they forget what you're actually paying for what are you paying it at some point. Excellent quality service is worth a little bit of the premium there's a little bit more than what's your lender requirements are yeah I mean did you wanna wait on hold with an 800 number for 45 answer that you are called Dave Ross on their cellphones and a brown also. Tell you that farmers has great grades and and we we have the largest auto home discount in the industry it's a drillers and discount and us and I think about it you know and sharing your castle your home I mean when me. Help somebody and they you know they do a mortgage with you guys who then you guys are pros at that hour when they bite Pena annually through mortgage escrow they got a 15% discount on their home policy. Now saving 3400 bucks. A year right there often. So we have excellent rates but to me the first thing is really starts with trust in the company in the agency and it's also educating people. Because if you're talking auto insurance most people don't realize there are some auto coverages that are vital and you have to get those right like high liability limits and having high uninsured and underinsured motorist limits. And you talk about home policy you not you know you want a policy that is full replacement cost. You wanna make sure has reasonable deductibles and so we take the time educate our clients they appreciate that women. I think more than anything else other than being responsive and being local experts. I'll were big believers in what we call our farmers friendly reviews of their annual reviews we conduct those with over 90% of our clients. And Nelson and it's a chance once a year to say hi to have a cup of coffee. To review all the details of their policies and just make sure everything is just right so if they do have an auto or home playing with farmers there's no surprises and then farmers does what it does fast. And that's just be fast and fair at that you know moment of. Truth fantastic I'm jumping her real quick guys let's take a break we come back we have Maura David Sheehan. And number we talk a little barbecue little bit more insurance I want hobbled with us in town homes will stick around now with us and also does it our tech finds opened a Leslie what do you contact with any of us who are here from U 5126409610. Your back. If every talk radio program for the same. What would be the point the Michael very shows a little bit different. We're gonna talk about politics we'll also talk about how great it is to live in Texas weekdays at five to seven on talk thirteen seven Michael Berry show. The right choice for breaking news first talk thirteen seventy. So right slice. Back central Texas is we'll stay radio I'm Jason stubborn here every Sunday. Right here talk thirteen semi AM appreciation tour and answer a little bit your time with us we talk rules say we talk more as we talk industry. We talk new construction we talked resales. What else to Sean we talk about console don't. Yeah anything and everything that I might somewhat even remotely relate to real estate death. Like. To have been Tito's folks in here and I they own a building yeah southern executives Wednesday nice nice. And they need insurance I guarantee Tito says insurance under fair test that the guys who Sean are joined by a while Juan Pablo with Intel held sit in for another segment and on mr. David Sheehan. With the farmers insurance and we've we brought before the break we're talking a little bit about. You know just about. About you and like let's hear a little bit about. What do you tell me if what do what do folks know about you guys. Lar let's say first and foremost people who know me you know me well they can and only as is barbecue love me. Honky tong king people connect that's why just stumbled right there I was like you know and it takes a look in the intro and itself well it could last little while but you like the barbecue insurance man. While barbecue army aren't throughout the used to the most in my life but by Israel this out before that charge from Houston's. But you know I also have lived in the Carolinas are living in the midwest and you know I mean Barbara allow barbecue lot of places and I'm home buyers Texas. You know slow smoked. You know moist brisket and knowing better. Oh and that's the best so are you it's it's you know right easier motto life's too short. If that's an issue I know life's a structure he had brisket we are as funny as a friend of mine said yesterday and opposed and they said and you know like on FaceBook and they said well it's like barbecue season dislike. Here around as part each season and was certainly in Texas and south especially central Texas. Yeah no doubt so before you to barbecue I mean. Let's sell us your little bit about the insurance and government to barbecue. Now that's what I am going to have a few. I'm things just to remind people about is you know we're not the kind of agency just take people's money you know you can do that to you don't even have to have an agent you can you can call slower. Or someone else of you just want an insurance card but with my son Austen would she get as she get too highly responsive. Caring agents. And we educate people we give them a great experience we imply every possible discount and while where their insurance agents you know most of them Larry and they really become good friends. If we didn't start out as friends and we also love. Playing the role frisk manager I mean you know you think about people they have a lot of risk exposures they have to look at first off life insurance we help people a life insurance as well as. Auto and home and all their toys RVs and boats and eight TVs and all that stuff but then also you know he got a lot of entrepreneurs. And business owners here so we need to help people of business insurance and so we look at their entire insurance portfolio and we give them the expert advice we give them high level of service and support can and you know for that reason we have happy clients they enjoy working with us and they know we really care about them and we we just always. You know aspired to do our very best for every family we work with currently there's about 750 families that we work with. Colleen that's awesome India during the break Alice just got a comment nick in house account just. He just seemed like you just give off that vibe of of the it'd be hard to not want to work with Shia me and eureka of genuine so I said that to break in and I had to put that out there and that's not just kind of so when your pitching everything I just I get that from your from the first some matches so wherever that comes from a hole some of that rubs off for me. Well I appreciate that day. I talk a lot about my five summing now here's Sunday morning username I think it's. I'd I'd talk about faith and you know. Family and friends and you know fitness we got to take care of ourselves Indian farmers because I got to take care my family very well. You know I think. You know I think all starts with faith and you know caring about other people and always be on the insurance aspect always finding a way to add value. To other people. A lot of it you're you're you're kind of a connector. You know as far as I know you a lot of networking stuff as we all do in this room but. Bond kind of connecting the dots and you know my. Floss these kind of connect the dots without looking for for handouts and Doug the other good things have come to yourself I think you got a lot going on too so I definitely believe you know mindset of givers game you know. You know when you open your hands to give you know your opinion hands to receive I mean I think that's where we are proud that might be traded. He lives in Austin how much your fees listening but he better do better and that area a certain person you know I don't know but I will say from just a pure. You know people standpoint you know. Awesome isn't it and Texas is just amazing place to be new meet some of the most amazing people from all the world. And you can meet people from all over the world the Franklin's barbecue line or the styles which Barbeque my right the uninteresting cool people but. I will say my philosophy about people is just let's seek out and find out what we have in common. Because a lot of people they talk about. You know how different people are put in now to talk about faith and love those you know food and football and family you know it's easy to connect the most common points and I guess I mean I'm David and I did a little barbecue tour on army's 33 Fridays ago. And he he's right he talks and anyone and everyone in the it's really not it's yeah yeah I mean it yeah he says yeah that sounds like how you know him as I did I don't Piaf in America. Don't yeah he'd ever went on our friends is that you know Christie's sending our young men earn her husband Michael woman lived here a few years ago from South Carolina meta man juice plan. Yeah saint suite we got so if homer and eleven dollars and then yes we want I and it gave a talk about the same but he does he has a barbecue blog and David and I. Hey one of the spots I believe made the top ten Valentino is why able. In Italy on Cuban real quick guys is a real save radio and now we appreciate you tune in on Jason Stubbs and a always every Sunday it's it must self John Finnegan. I try to bring a little bit as real state mortgage world to yet. A we wanna help you or would we wanna guides you to your next role stated ventures so whether it be in touch with you would David about insurance or Juan Pablo about some some new homes up on the east side super modern or if you need you do need a pain or any trades men who won here from me. Give us cult Tex lines open file 1264096. Tend. He liked asked him a voice you know there's got those allergies kick in and I got a mock mock mock classes which offer a put on five euros a year in those contacts all that stuff so it went Yahoo! thought. Let's get back to it I'm hungry now. So come and I'm sure after this next conversation helping you know help me out but let's hear about your Texas barbecue trail. Well we'd we keep in Texas barbecue blog at the top Tony bless you now own the there's other lists like Texas Molly's top fifty yeah. You know my goal is just to seek out and find the top Tawny most consistent barbecue joints in Texas. And so that's what we've done our opinion is you know we have a great too highly researched soft money list hello Lou he's been all these places this is not just have thrown their last David's been all of whom probably. Three plus times most of them. That's a lot of barbecue and I when it comes to barbecue I love all ties but I really judge here in Texas brisket number one and sausage number two you know Texas has a great history of and nobody asks us what brisket came from the Texas. I mean that true well yeah and the best you know old school slow smoked post oak you know wouldn't. Brisk is here in central Texas these days and you can find a barbecue in north Texas and south Texas and other places. But we are very blessed here in central Texas with a number of amazing places. So while wanna tell us what you're once you run any quick top five well absolutely I love style switch on north Lamar. Those guys are doing great I went there college with them. But I guess they don't a lot of music out there and you know it's I think there it's it's good stuff. Yeah my buddy my buddy Lance Fitzpatrick can build a must to the pit masters over there a part of change styles team there are some. Mean that you got to give credit to you and Aaron Franklin I mean you know yes I do on my list and and he made Austin number one barbecue city in the US yeah yeah that and credit out of some copycats yeah he's just cool I mean the guy is. Yeah you know number three is tonight I hate to say it but Texas monthly doesn't and overseeing get a ride because they ate. My number three is it's all good and inspire us with Texas and didn't. All goods and that's always it is a barbecue joint that lizard its name and I'm telling you they're more he's brisket. It's why so unbelievable what took on my little son in there you know after a met to I met you for the first time out they're like where we're doomed dual some out there I guess it was. Infamous yeah infamous brewery session I think. If it had drink as an adult a frothy beverages which it is relevant job but tell you out a book brand out there and we Franklin spies would such as stroke right passer house took a little boy out there we walked in there. And disarm cutting my blue that's what they cut. And I mean it is like you can meet with a spoon so could see decorating their consistently generate its guidelines on how the root out the door the owners' right there in the right out of my duties Raymond as prize winner knows trees it's it's about a quarter mile from duty and the red masters Frankie how he he's an amazing Texas to master number of former analyst is you know. And number one on the Texas monthly list and that's snows in Lexington and that's Lexington Texas are never even heard of snows it's it's Saturday morning only you got tootsie tootsie is the lady of Texas Barbeque she is amazing. And now also carried the other pit masters so you go out there on the Saturday morning in its school it's small. Town in the below it barbecue is just perfect. I'm doing here a couple weeks are you what day job was the wife and and the daughter gonna be out of town for a weekend then. They told David made necessary mourning him and are gonna run he can take you out there is. I keep your I mean he's I don't wanna type this place up suffered you know we're right we're Lexington exactly I don't know it's my team and inside north of Giddings. Oh. A bad thing you get some coffee and doughnuts and he coffee endowments out there on your witty barbecue I mean it's you know it's not does this sound man has not necessarily a completely different morning. Yeah number five mile list is my good buddy. You know Roy Paris right Paris has been the pit mastered rights and Lockhart. And you know you gotta give Lockhart as a city an absolute they have four good barbecue joints Christ is my favorite means prices the only on the main you know Texas monthly top fifty recently. But they do and they it's it's hot fresh all of the all of we're walking in the air you walking your dog saying. You know before even tasted it's like you these these folks know what they're doing you to look around there and you can you can see they've been they've been slang in some some beef and pork for quite some time yet they're very proud of their brisket tune them well deserved but you know you won't find sausage Christ is deserved brisket so good it doesn't need saw a lot in that in you you can tell when you asked for and they can give you that look. It's like killing the women doing it this way for a hundred years you know it's such as how we can do in Basel walk across the street. Well no doubt or does every Adam got to wrap up the show we appreciate sub you guys appreciate you tune in and we appreciate tell Juan Pablo it's on Holmes Sean Finnegan a cell Jason subs. I did see how we get contact with you sir. Well first off your blood to help you if any insurance means we'll we'll take really good care of you 51 tomb. 751. 3080. And just remember him you know when it comes to insurance she and cam would love to help you fantastic guy special thanks to map the Booth and us air Jane with water salon patent law firm Dane Caroline assured roofing. Tell us think you guys from helping us make rules say radio the best show in central Texas will be back next Sunday. Taste talk with you anywhere. On your computer or Smartphone log on to talk thirteen seventy dot com. So I stay connected with top thirteen seventy the right choice.