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Sunday, July 15th
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Well cancer real estate radio read your host Jason studs. Wanna share your real estate story. Only now at five Valencia 6409610. And now here's Jason studs. Welcome welcome just releases radio I'm Jason Stubbs. Your consumer advocates who were all things real estate mortgage professional appreciate you just tune in and we got a pretty good response last week and what we're getting into. But how we how we got to gauge of come Tia. We got stuff we and that Lester back with 1836 property management and you don't Matt I was gonna bring you on real quick man. It would last last week we're talking about. You'd just the perception of of folks out here in the business of how some these investor properties and in what to do with them how to evaluate him. And you should pass website traffic is I got some folks cents a reach out to mean that one night. To discuss some things with the so if you didn't make contact with them and you know it was a that was a good topic last week the good news is I don't know because we got a business development person and she works 24 sevenths to those leads come in she's beat them on the weekends and afternoons when she's in back to everybody you know. Good deal will more with the Mac coming up shortly does someone say that our Tex lines open we appreciate your feedback you know we wanna go to questions out there you have to work on them. In some type of rural state dealer you got to argue some type of service out there you know whether it's you know. Pain plumbing HVAC all that stuff. You you are questions on the so we can get in contact with people that are highly qualified personally vetted by being so reach out to his farm 12640. 9610. Let us help navigate you through war next real estate transaction we sure take a peek. Out our podcast to release you do click on iTunes you're gonna search Jason Stubbs in rural state radio Jason subs will pop up. You're going to click on the subscribe and you do get all of our. Podcasts it right there you get notification you can turn that on or off in depth checked out I'll also still pretty good dot com. Or Pashos and there are social media is there. This show was also actually limit her or your right your thirteen. 7 AM talk 37 AM noon. But two can usual bit we take the show we put on TV and also arcade videos so. Checked that out we're we're. On every Sunday in town. What else man we got to Africa which are coming up we will do it with. With Matt. And I you know how to get your your your property evaluated over there eighteen there's property management and you liberals listen I mean you've you've you've got yeah this is the Indus summary of fall coming up. If there's a lot of of a new U things going on you know in this world so if you haven't had your property you reevaluate or few states and Albert chat with the Manhattan. His crew of their age enters property management you can reach out to us or him. The show brought to you by H enters property management also Ajax web design eco roof in solar guys let me tell you is the best roofing and solar company. I'm in Austin believe me I've seen tons of their work over the years their offering free roof inspections. For all you folks out there that mention glossy radio. And also there are offering these inspections for folks that are potentially the connect to assume their homes are about to list. So you can get a heads up you got home Spector come in and get out from that stuff so. Again that's an eco roof in solar. Being tutor going over their. Are in morale and molest numbers when it won't four Z rule seven. It I want to introduce some folks we got with this right here. Obviously yeah yeah now whispers an are. I expert contribute for months months months now but to recap time and welcome back Lisa Kelly broker associate with realty Austin Hayden. I am and test to tell you I'm dude we so Cohen not you guys got to AKA royalty off awesome over there and Henry that. Because of that placed into this treated outside what so what's new equity. Realists say yes and it's all about the real estate are our app market is crazy out there. It is and we we talk about that often and it's you know where we think we've gotten to. You know we've we've sort talk about the same page of it there's always seem to be something new out there so what's in the what's trending with you guys what's what's new minerals. That's a great question there's many things that are trending been alleging that I was actually gonna talk a dealer about and we can regroup let's do mariners into fantastic. I've got a couple listings that are in higher tax bracket neighborhoods I'm seeing that they're staying on the market a little bit longer. Which is really fascinating Philly media buyer is not able to qualify because of the tax rate being higher. And they're more monthly mortgage payment actually not being you know where they wanted to be in May be interest rates are a little higher. So I'm seeing this stay on the market a little bit longer it. It's it's insisting. The general public generally thinks in central Texas that you're tax rates go with the expensive neighborhoods. And that's not the case. What were some of these areas these tax return of our. There typically in a mud on whether at the outskirts of Boston so you've got reunion ranch which is off of 1826. And on the weights you drift would there and public whenever I was healthier yesterday yes replaced but one in its beautifully and it's just got still the mud associated. You've also got anywhere and I had to go and you know to didian outskirts of town near you see a higher tax actually Lugar bill. Yet they have some if not it's not as there's deathly hot her like the three slow I don't is three point here. In this group. I thought three point one on earth earth the street once and ordered all that's what makes sense I haven't looked as a claiming that that would make sense so worsen these areas with a lower tax records. Honestly the middle of Boston and not as on outside of Boston Philly in Allen belts here is another one that's at a little higher when they got another two point 9% explain what a modest man municipal utility districts so it's where bond was was proposed and the bond is being paid off over the course of time so at a certain point those tax rates are gonna start going down but they've got to be paid off there apparently going to be. And you know lowered. Duchess of wood to you what's the difference to me you know you've got these hard tax brackets and he can't explain to people like let's get into it you're so homes in what saved the day lower tax bracket I mean what can you expect there so. In well trekking is a great example they've got a one point 9% tax bracket in certain sections and so that's the lowest SE the averages about 2.3 4%. So anywhere and that ranger your money literally. So if you mr. Howe also mean what can you be looking anatomy day's market or Harlow were mean well another great question and there's quick offers and pulled Wofford I think it all depends an number one your your price point. Obviously it's a bit of a seller's market still so people are wanting to you know have the price as high as they can possibly habit. And but then when you've Roland affected your tax bracket is going to be two point 9% it just changes the dynamics up a little bit so. But you're still seeing a good our lives that they found market for like green ranger also struggling with can new construction so if you're trying to resell and have a tire tax bracket. Your your kind of hitting you know a little bit of a mall because if at home a brand new home cost. Just safe 500000 in your trying to list your home for 530 in its two years old. Who's gonna go for the resale they're gonna go for the new construction right. Yeah that's definitely those those folks I mean we've been kind of competing on that front I would only bring this up it sounds like the years there's a little bit. Of a correlation here between you we should say you're walking distance downtown Austin biking distance. You know short cab ride in India as you get farther out. Rules they searched it cheaper and it seems like the tax rates are kind of you know following that she's an inner the inner Austin you're seeing lower tax rate as you go out you're seeing a little bit of higher tax rate and lower home prices affair. Yes but at the end of the day they're kind of equaling themselves out and even Kyle indeed have a high tax rates and he may buy a home for 250 Colin get a bigger paying two point 93%. Where you can get the same value in the 2.3 4% you know. And in saint without a doubt if yours tune in the central city radio were joined by broker associate a Lisa Kelly with realty Austin and we shall I mean we've known each of for years and I've always respect you kept around your business but before you know I aborted only get back on that but before we do talk about a couple listen to. That is an awesome intro for listings I got super cute little house in. Ever tell cyclists Austin. It's off of man shot in slaughter is been completely remodeled by the next guy Allergan had talked to on the radio. Hate is a adorable my house is opened 99 it has twelve Sony wants her feet. We've been on the market out of fifteen days you've had a ton of showings and the illicit 249. And it's a great investment property it it bases like is tiny so I don't know if someone is gonna wanna buy it for their first home but. You can't find a house in this part of town for 215 under that's in good condition. I think this is a steal I can't believe it hasn't it explain the area. Though Mans the south as Austin so it's on slaughter and man Shaq southwest Austin for under 250 yeah Iraq. I mean that's what I'm unlike my mind is just on the marker and yeah fifteen days as a wood studs gives just do the addressed to Tom Andrews and 11008. Canterbury tales for under 250 south Austin this work. I can't believe it's not so. Now says he won't take long now as article and I broke when you get one you'll have two or three phone I would love that without well. What's next on listens on I have. Another great property it is actually reunion ranch have been struggling with us and on Friday is a markets and a lot of interest I talked about and it's a fantastic and is huge it's 3698 square feet. We've had on the market a 119 days. However we had a few price reductions its belt and 2015 were down a 569999. Months that's at 123 Jane coat in reunion let's talk clubhouse and explain to us with so it's great well since I was going on is that it's humongous any locking in fantastic Sarah on the right office on your right formal dining on the left great big open kitchen and twenty foot ceilings in the main living room. A beautiful backyard it would it's a beautiful house Catholic artist master down. Us gives that address overtime essar 123 Jane coat. There you go guys Cuba that thing reach out to Lisa Kelly a we got about two minutes left with yet. But I want to you wanna ask you don't want you to advise folks out there let's say that you've got to come out there. In your and one of these higher tax brackets in your list your home it you've should they plan on either of being on the market a little bit longer. No flip side when she talked to the folks in you know 04 university hills you enter inside Austin in dealing with those multiple offers until both of those folks what to prepare. Sir I think that. It's all up price or one and then tax pay tax rules take a huge difference in the second part of it so be aggressive with your market know your your price points and if you're also competing with new construction they are definitely your competitor. No those as well so I think those three things pay big difference in the house that I got out meaning rich now you mentioned university hills and I had a house over there I had eight. Offers on eight. In this hunt. And better ever realtor that knows what to do on sand and a transactions this year you have eight offers all of a sudden flip through you better get ready it was there that suffer an especially. Good way at least we need listed at 365 we ended at four with another offer for fortune we ticket a different one because of other circumstances but. Eight offers three packet contract through and never in my career seeing that. So yeah university hills that's a bomb that's his day early until he you know but their tax rate is pretty low it's abouts. Arie American at a nights typically for percent of its typical as the downtown. We'll tell us are in contact with you drop my get out of your and your work today. While web site is a Lisa sells often dot com it's a LI CIA. SE LLS Austin dot com and gets much better neck or we appreciate spend time with some will be two back on soon. This will stay radio I'm Jason stub stick around more come. In RL mortgage is an equal housing lender and in the last number 1814 and zero cents. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere on the radio dot com now. Welcome back into the show this will save radio I'm Jason Stubbs secure our borders professional consumer advocates. For all things rule states with Richard stickler for number one be sure check out our podcast search Jason Stubbs on iTunes and we'll state radio. Which is the social pop up quick formed. Subscribe you'll get all of our podcasts right to your show is brought you by 1836 property management. 86 web designed eco roof in solar. And we appreciate those guys we've also. Got a couple folks that are back in the studio for second time yet another with Lisa Kelly broker associate with realty Austin Matt less for 1836 property management. And you can bury it with greater Austin residential service company storming during a noon good could have. What settles on a few in Tulsa little bit about what you guys do. So where make pretty specialists we do retaining fence and their landscaping I'm basically anything you need done into your home ready to sell or lease we can in those four. So that's a lot and use kind of ran through all that stuff like no problem. Yes Chicago Pedro except I mean you know may crede is. Something that you a lot of folks have sold a house the wall to relieve you know it it's hard for them to really picture. What they need so what's up process like Manama someone else. In I think I need some stuff. I don't know when he. So basically what I like to tell clients is and they culminates have this list of things they think they need done become sober house I we'll go out there walking with them. Will have a list of do's and don'ts in what we do recommend. What they decide they wanna do and what they decide to do not wanna do but pass the time. How well they have a list of five things returning it twenty things sing to the best value for the house and do so it. So what's what's the approximate UC go out there you can do full valuation. And we are you teach you in the estimates for all this stuff and they kind of they won't what does it look likes a me get to the bottom line are OK you know and aren't we recommend all this stuff and are they kind of picking out what they think is. You know the most necessary or they're working you pay into it with the rules say agents trying to maximize value or when you think. Yes so well we'll go line item Freetown that we do see and then the work with the real decisions and law also recommend things usually a us in the real students are an online with the same things as we recommend and we'll do more price and they can go from there as. Our has taken what they wanna go within. Will ought to sell let him know hey I'm paying the big thing if you are gonna do something I would recommend this tour of back destiny's beast in just little things that can help really. Of the house pop CU you can help with that decision of does the deck need to be replaced or can we put that kind of have to coatings and your stuff you can get a couple years out of you know here with so what's going on the decking moral. I would say right now the biggest thing is. Popular opens fresco stand on it Dixon last at least ten years for you this not fall apart. I would say always professed to have staying on and and I go from there. So I mean falling apart I mean it's loose boards. Nails in me can you kind of come in their tightness up down sometimes yeah definitely so if if the president but it isn't falling apart and you step on -- phone like your phone there at you more likely repair it. I'm sure actually usually it sound and he repaired loose boards running handrail suffered that consider a lot more money than ten bolting out and it's been in six and a new deck. Men no kidding so what's other than paint I mean what are some of the other top. Things that you think pool will help people or people need to you know for the southern town campaigning flooring. And pinning character. Cabinets and new carrot tops are two big things. Landscaping care repeal. I would say is huge the first thing you see you in both houses outskirts here landscaping and exterior of the house and I always feel like. You get the first case the series and house of has cracked your landscaping then you have a bad taste in mouth or even. Can doughnuts. From what I found. It it seems a lot of you know decent amount of folks out there. You know landscape and teller windows just sees a windows there was like 121000 dollars and here you landscape here I damaged a lot of money. You are what's you're safe for just an average home in you know 18100 square foot you know got a decent front yard. You to be able to come out their glanced at him what would they need to do and you knew what type of of money will be talking about here. I mean to come and get her ready to itself look nice there is going clean up the flower beds and mowed yards from the trees on. You spent 500 bucks and get it looking though. I mean hundred time better than his right it's not a classified and go and actually cleanup immaculate credit or some other services you guys offer so as far as we do detaining fencing decking landscape being weakened. Reese Gil Tubbs. Basically anything you need besides appliances. And. Pools are wash our Austin Xperia X we've talked about this matter on the show before it. Power washing to me is like the most gratifying. Things and it you know I can do as a as a man like outside you know concede it's like instant gratification and our a from a tunes on and on it yet all of us if I mean you know it's like your automatic weapon out its. A menacing other army you know we're well over I'm just kidding Austin right level fiber church on this joke and this is like it did five years ago. And I don't power loss in New York. So long ago Apatow so what putter I mean I mamet turns do you man is not desperate to enter six apartment. You have investors out there absolutely and there are they've got a you know they've got a house of bad readers in their for four years. And you know you you call Baird over here like a bear you know I want you to do ax but. What do you would you what would you advise and these folks you know to do say that the house been there for years nothing's been done at a bunch of kids. You what your valuation in and you know as far as like being able to maximize your program like in any case of the investment. It's maxed position around but it's also maintaining the property because if those people have been in place for years there's things that need to be down weather sealing the deck whether it's getting the blogs off decide that oust those tenants are gonna go out there in power wash underneath the eaves or whatever maybe. So you've got to maintain it while you're doing this make rating so that it last year in another four years I would say on the curb. Start with the yard get it trimmed a cut all the shrubs that cut the trees upset when you take photos of how she could actually seat house. The tenants are gonna do that kind of stuff they may maintain at a basic level. But they're not spend their Sundays out there with your rose bushes and securing those things like mr. me argue. Rush is not gonna happen and clip and get the grass no way ahead this move on I treat your friend and our guys are gonna Minnesota so. You gotta get some way to go in there it least it tenant turnover and just get him back and we've seen some properties that are. Extremely. High on foliage. And it takes a money but the soccer rent for higher levels you know they just they sell for at their report that the foliage is worth maintaining. But don't be shy about spending a couple blocks to go in there and clean it out because you do not want Andrew to get overgrown. And let it take over on. So on the outside that to the power washing is kind of a no brainer. Half the time you par washing exterior really amazed not only that your windows for that dirty but also that you didn't need to paint the outside it was his filthy. So that'll city couple bucks but he needs to be done to get the dirt and grime off the bugs off the mud robbers when you go to the inside. Paint is kind of a 101 big thing about pain is nobody realizes it's a few different. Paintings to get it painted yet we edited the walls which means a tape off the track and we've got to tip off the walls to the tram right. Then are we doing the ceiling oh by the way you have popcorn communities so what do you do with the popcorn. ORD closets included in that is the pantry included in that aren't the chills and everything in the kitchen is that'll include as we got a tape that so it can take you easily ten days. Top to bottom to paint an entire house and nobody realizes that they're like what public and you go to deeply by some gallons of paint is so I don't know hardest hit. It takes a crew of three. I'm not. How many days bears 710 days if you did all four parts of that house on the interior alone yeah it's seven uses the communion which Simpson original labor you don't go and they're for NASA med for pain you know like I you know you we can do your house list. Eric about it I didn't you wanted. Did pantry in a closet here and you have such a knack for and what he touched upon a list of do's and don'ts is so important because. Everyone hears different thing and so what inevitably happens with the contract terror accompany this nature as you go and and the other has one conversation contractor has another and they both Leo look I think is perfect information and their both angry at the end of the journey and that's that's just not complaining. List everything. These are the items we agree to these are the items we don't agree to do and these are the items that we found because we didn't know you hid these underneath the rug. And then we can talk about them and that is are we just had one of those we did a final walk through on house on just couple days ago. And after the furniture and area rugs were gone and you can you can see the country to carpet so if you could mix her husband's now and and a you know one acknowledged that it returns have been there for years come on if you got carpet that's. And then do you wanna put carpet backing I'll put something there it's industrial strength that we saw. Carpet it's like you're superstitious. Like what's the deal it burns out to put in there or something like what are you guys put in comes spirit that his support. Always pale shadow or use final point on the floor it's a lot of rental homes I mean. Carpet if it can range from 101000 dollars to your house at 2000 I wish he'd like I don't upstairs of thirteen under square feet. And is that like 2200 dollars and prior onto that relate to grant. Nike pads analysts stain resistance yeah I mean what. Are is anybody doing he'd like gilts pin pads apartment grade stuff from me by doing that more and being just as. The house is an Austin equality so good nobody wants to see something where agencies concrete to carbon and wants anymore competition's tougher out isn't it used to be you can't just put a real house on the market and say. Welcome you've got to make it compete with all these luxury rentals that are downtown and popping up in the neighborhood written. Without doubt yours tune in this rules say radium Jason styles were joined by. Bear were thug greater Austin residential service company would talk about the areas to me who you gonna serving right now I mean. You are showbiz out of Waco you know so let's be sure that we're we're told folks where where he just cover. Yes so serve larger jobs paints Fremont also fight that we go to Waco is on San Antonio Coca economic engine down Houston. Fervor we do handyman stuff as well. So we can do stuff it's generally within an hour downtown we're based in downtown. A south congress so about an hour but for the larger jobs logo. As far as Houston in Waco fantastic full how to be in touch with you and also what so what is rough side. Our website is www. GA RSC. Dot com you give us a call 512. 3600480. Free S Mancini as he reached out to us keep up the good work and we appreciate you commotion and he's. Our guys Jason subs roast a radio got more to come Seagram. Welcome everybody chasing stubs his rule save radio. I'm your mortars professional in your consumer advocate for all things real state. Keep the calls coming your techs come and and that number's 5126409. 610. In feature check yourself every Sunday right here on talk thirteen 78 AM. It also would take his radio show we put it on your TV screens and check it outs on KB view it's also twelve. So look pass check that out also sells radio dot com for our Pashos social media. Com or our podcast is out there just search on teams searched Jason Stubbs most Radiant Systems and pop up click subscribe. In all of our podcast will be sent directly. Two years I've got no one Matt less for 1836 property management and Alicia can he broker associate realty Austin how does a part of I'm doing great tough act to follow today. I know I mean plus some great people I did bring some great people and hair and I know let's just talk about it and you two guys or or or newly engaged in congratulations there. I'm happy about it on usher elation as well I don't know soccer and to I'm tired I mean without first segment mail all of us want to run out. I mean I'm Obama came in here and just dropped the knowledge and and more impressed every day I thought I knew I was convinced do and then she gets in a MySpace is kind of calm. I'm just trying to find my. And I think that's right. We'll yes no doubt we should do its long time we all have but you know just to bring that lol Sporkin here maybe we should just Susan Collins litigious kind of get this far up big fan of this year you weekly call in and she got to get make sure were words assay in the event. Hey I get that headed out no doubt about it guys gives the car Tex lines open you got a question as property management Matt is due and I mean just wonderful stuff out there so if you're you know you've got a couple custom properties we're chat when you want to. You know somebody may enter property you're just that you have a conversation on you how to take care of that property and also kind of evaluating Richard your your maximize and that. Mora can get. Captain rose to questions so for Lee should give us a call. Texas 1264096. In Matt Snooki did. I'd say the newest thing we've got the last month is about a month ago we hired somebody specifically. For sales. I'll only say sales I don't mean selling real estate and I mean when somebody calls and says don't get my property managed they'll speak to a manager that'll be to the under the actually talked to somebody. That has a process to find out if it's the right thing for them across assassinate any of converting right it's all about what your expectations for your time lives here wants what your needs what your goals and you know what an analysis looks like of your property you know what the return this investment has. Let me help you figure out if this is the right thing to do. It's it's been scary because your finally put now one person at the front of your business instead of being nude. And it's been really amazing in the last month to see. How fast and how well people again respond to because we gave her that process to follow to really meet their need to make sure they're great fit. We don't owe anybody come on if they're not going to be good for long term it's a really long term game for us so. It's it's Paramount that we find out who they are what they want where they're going. And really do that on the front side. I mean that evaluation process can end up saving and everybody time and money. It's just the right thing to do what a concept you know instead of trying to close a deal and get paid let's find out if you're actually going to stick with the deal 100 years ago people sign a contract they felt like an additive and god is watching him or something now now they sign a contract and they just say well I didn't read it. I'm not doing it you know as if you make sure that your good fit for somebody that you're really serving their needs and do right by him. Billy. And that's sad but. It's the truth and so we've got to do a lot of work on the front side to make sure that we're taking care people were gracious what's new in the rental market right now. I'm seeing right now it's an interesting time not just because its peak season because you always have. Early birds out there at ago. How many properties on the market early I'm gonna call you in January even though I'm not ready still may well can we do how to lead these lines and those early birds and so you give us your favorite clients. Torre last. Slow down a little bit we're not quite there yet or really actually I like planning but that's just me personally I'm a planner so I like getting things done and advance it on the books those are good folks to work with us and you've generally gonna get timeline that you can cinema for success. But in the middle of the summer we transition into this. And those are the people who were gonna do it themselves. They're living in another state they put it on zillow they got more fraud and actual applicants and now all of a sudden now they're looking at the time why are going. Allergies you know I getting this thing Lisa I'm getting nervous about it because I've been on the market for awhile and I know what happens if I don't somebody call you tailor the market to market you have got a predator. Yeah and oh by the way had never had a maker and so it's still expect major bowl it well. Oh condolence he'll let you know that the whole thing is is is that's that's who we are in the season and we're here to help on. But again we got to get to know figure out what's going on in and figure out hey it if they did exactly what we did which the pro Clinton. Why didn't work you know so what are the problems let's analyze something incident just trying to it's my side. Met last reaching 36 property management our expert contributor. And match here every week but Matt let's talk about folks I mean. You know I mean you're talking about applicants to have so this year I mean I don't movie are you calendar year or reduce seasonal but talk talk about acute human in numbers just asking. Yeah you're kind of in the number sheik is ness and so we keep details on everything. Lol that much but I think that's healthy because well he's just a question for. It's not a forecast and staff are probably doubt you know what a concept don't get caught behind that they've all now but you're a day when you're talking about. An owner in California who screening tenants that found among Craig's list because in wanna spend five bucks even putter Gonzalo. How do you notice screen these people like what are you using their use in a third party which you can't even get a full credit report on because you have to have somebody. Physically come to your office inspect the premises. Check your locked file cabinets monitor where you put all this personal debt or you can't get the full reports are so so don't tell me got a green light from transient and make you feel good you know I didn't make you feel did you just to know what to look for beyond that he ignored it. This year so far I think in the first six months. We processed over 300. Applications. In just the first half of the year while it's a lot but. What's even more surprising is about a third of those. Go through laundry list of yes I qualify yes I can do CSI make this much money. And they down. So even though they're spending a lot of money a lot of time delivering all these documents reading all these disclosures. The still line on some level or they're just not do the math I'm not a lesson they're bad people. But I don't want them to waste their money and if you're an owner in your doing once he too easy every five years. Boy that's role in the tax. Well to talk to the talks so these folks about their that are I mean they're soft man I mean a lot of people do you like you said on previous shows you there's a you know the most. You folks out there that have investment properties have what you wonder if the runner Hillary absolutely all day long don't get into this thinking that you're competing with the institutional investors like hedge funds out of Salt Lake you're knocked. Those guys comment about 500 years later they're out 500 and they don't care about it it's numbers right. The biggest percentile don't call me on this but something like 83% of investors are in the one to three categories they have 123 rental homes. That's a rotten butter on it so. It's it's mom and pop it's mom and dad who had an extra home it's in a sister who moved out of upon can she got married doesn't really the people that are renting homes and America's market. It it you know it's it's it's a trend here to at least have the discussion of you know I don't want some primary unit in a lot of people who own that. And then you know we've we've talked to folks on the show that would say you if your primary isn't necessarily going to convert the way you want it to you. While wouldn't you sell that by your by another company Dubai and invest in property makes sense you know and you I think you gotta look at the picture. The whole picture you can't just say don't sell gonna wanna sell words I'm gonna go in the future is it. Is he gonna make you get rental like you are seeing it there are times only talk to people billion Pete you really need to sell this house and I know you're referred by an agent and you need to go back to them until we sent you. Because it's the right thing to do but then if you're asking me. Should I sell a home which is a starter on 32 cookie cutter neighborhood which I bought for are really down really low down payment. You're gonna have a hard time convincing me to sell that home run because. It's going to be happily paid off for three quarter you're gonna breakeven on the rental income and if you need twenty grand to buy a mansion. Your pride just don't need them without a doubt you know if you had a low for ever. You know on the year which you know your your payments and believe it I love it when people come to us and they bought a home with very little down because when irony analysis on it it's through the roof. I'm an average declines make between twenty and 30% but a lot of those came in with very little doubt investors are not making that because the banks require them to put more money now so if you're. In your principal residence on the numbers into a bus in rent it on us and sell. I'm just in look at the numbers and if you could afford a hundred bucks a month you may be Macon sixth. Go to 1836 property manager right now click on contact us and have a conversation Matt Matt to two minutes left. I mean what what can you offer. You know somebody that has Hewlett's say two or three investment properties out themselves me me me what what what you bring them. What would you what you mean these mind it is that's that's the biggest part of this. I've done this for a living for over ten years twelve years I didn't know what I've traveled the country I've got. A players that I can calling consult with them physically go C because I admire their operations I take the best of all that I bring it back to implement. I won't manage a property out of central Texas area even if it's in town I don't much further expanding air and then managed property for myself yes so. If I'm telling you it's my it's in the industry why would you do to force states away or. From Europe or from so I mean. Jeff heck they're gonna try emails and if those national folks in in a note and just blown away their twelve hour time to charity. How how you communicate with a ten or twelve hours if I'm not talking to somebody three. That reminds me is that it you know it three and that's that's when their top talent is working. You know is is our 3 AM because. You have not yet they're running 24 hours a big Q what was the county it's over there learn working throughout the middle of the night David Axelrod saying that. I just say you know peace of mind is the biggest thing in if you don't have boots on the ground in the city it's a matter when something's gonna happen not enough so don't wait until the house is flooded you've got no good resources the tennis stops paying rent. The neighbor calls you say that someone drove a car into the front of the house. The door was left up and I could just go down the laundry list someone passes away in your property that was an occupying we had that lasts. Two weeks ago. They were a resident the house was vacant and passed away in the house who's gonna do without your out of state. There wasn't a decision myself like a lot of moving parts. It's just not something you run a do you know Hazmat cleanup from California local officials for sure you might need somebody on the ground here so just how the peace of mind because you're gonna get a calls 6 AM on Christmas Day when they can't maker silence. And they're going to be here. So it in mind you the hatred and opens out into big trouble and their Colin knew as soon as that Turkey is rotten and their Q and on you while you're spend the day with your family. Because that's just what happened so. How the peace of mind is so he's got systems procedures personnel. 24/7 call lines that can record conversations. Take at all. Instead it was somebody local don't don't if you are a national company great if you wanna buy an automobile. Find someone that lives here and grow up here that knows what's going on here don't find some items mentioned a property from a cubicle out of state. 1836 party management dot com go there now I'm Jason subs is rules say radio will be right back. You know mortgages and housing lender. PT fourth. Listen to talk thirteen seventy anytime anywhere. You all know pretty old dot com how. Check your phone's App Store or visit told thirteen seventy dot com slash Al. Welcome to the show this is really save radio I'm Jason Stubbs mortgage professional on your consumer. Advocate for all things real estate which adjust to it and talked thirteen seventy a M every Sunday right here. Commune also podcast listeners be sure to keep subscribing search Jason Stubbs rules at radio will pop up click on that in subscriber podcast. Be sure to check out Stubbs radio dot com for all Pashos social media and we possibly can shoot UK BBO which is on your TV. Wrecked in your living room Beecher check it out joined by a map less per owner of 1836 property management Lisa Kelly broker associate realty. Austin AKA boo T awesome we got one more gets reduced. It it. So yeah ambassador giggle and artists only times the realty awesome reduce our. So much time with those guests it's a funny you always think about a smiled and hold you don't know when they say it they started giggling you know like it's it's funny to say it did they say it with pride in my start to picture their videos now is after being brought to awesome entered through the New England Patriots amended or the goat I mean it's it's it's just it is what it is it is down from its all about the rest my folks out their level you for source the latest final tale again and I mean. It's just a different. You know okay have to me first and then all. There we Haas so yeah I'm ready to screening Abbas are getting text message. Half an hour for other roles that companies that pay you know I wrote just keep doing what don't you guys kick. But I'm so screwed up but weren't back all the way studio where we're talking Iraq's I tagged you on FaceBook. And there's this guy we amass eighteen Jersey's property management I mean obviously you know he understands property management and he he's he strives to. Hell hole Euro liberals say investors and owners you what he can take off your plate. And so I attacked in this deal. Math score has got burnt. He's he's he owns a house his folks repair burns that that's what happens now people will pay ray you gotta go back and get camera. So this guy out of Leander. It's funny to say they say he's accused rightly I think you keep building a surveillance for the disease in the cleanup. And gasoline on his hands with. Well you don't get maybe thought fourth of July. You know maybe he can just say that you know and a bottle rocket lands on the root for something and say guys here's what happened yachts are up today on the story. This to John year old Geary dual use it Tiki torch on the fourth of July to set fire to wicker basket you Ozal dried out. Wicker basket man if I autos are way funny huddled. But. So yes so wicker basket goes up into scorching flames and died in in you know and it reduces spread to the portion you know the structure. And then next thing you know while people were inside the structure is a book yeah allegedly. You're regional so far as house all told there is a very alerts camera footage. Cooking and does several witness accounts. That tell you the police noted in their arrest affidavit so. Now what tells the skeptic. Hey he's not thinking that's odd I mean look around for camp I think what you're gonna go anywhere nowadays and got economy camera that just do you not watch it. And demand it if it is true I mean that's why teams yet she has like legitimate. I mean there is legitimate footage and they're breaking real news now because of all the TV cameras they got all of them. Let's. But as a landlord and Nolan understands this is that the consumer thinks it's all about the tenets that tenants are bad attendance decreased attendance at its. And I don't mean our clients are bad. There's as much drama on all sides of the table with all groups of people and so you've got some landlords doctor that are not good people now for Tenet. Pay your rent for a company at least you got somebody that. Can answer to license but Gary is still totally get away from what he tells police he set far the house because our two thirds work paying their rent the landlord. But so before you as a way in order charged with arson. In your being held the world's Wilson county jail on a 100000 dollar bond combat AG Thursday for remains is essentially judge ordered 32 commercial river I think this is due to a lack of trust me judicial system maybe if he really thought the system to take I'm just in fun. The house though could. Hasn't I think for from a lot of landmarks perspectives they have their mortgage today yes so this man might have been caught in the financial hard to. Your claim you are no we are going and he lost his nodding because he needs to make his mortgage payment. Not only did he set the house on fire now unfortunately he's not ever gonna get any more money in the house price going to be foreclosed on any necessary part of it but. In his mind I need my money I need to pay my what do you. And insurance. Well who. And I mean what answers come he's not gonna pay in that he thought he was gonna get away allegedly but what's gonna happen because there's still have to repair the house he's got to make then any a payment to you cover the co pay your order in the insurance. None of that makes. And Bahamian dislike had a mental breakdown because he knew his mortgages. Being you know late and maybe they RD started foreclosure proceedings on him and he didn't wanna have a. This is why it was a sells houses yes and we work with policies and procedure had to check me if that is a counselor. For people who are going through tough times after separating from this home that they raise their babies and benefit. And they want to talk about the death of my got all the big stuff she's taking care of those people and making it happen. I'm just looking at god we talk numbers you know because for us it's a business here darkness how you're not gonna help grainy deep clutter a look grainy leg. It's a business so. I think it's interesting that two different takes on the same thing yes Alicia your. I mean obviously you're room in a realtor but tell you mean your Rossi investor and and you've got the best of property Carol some gonna grow. Yeah you know in five properties in and never had any problems with any my tenants I hate when I heard one that yeah yeah we're here we're in hey don't go Intel iMac healthy I've got a guy his notoriously late and he's still pay the rent and I have had to send a notice it. Occupants termination occupancy termination new form for me at this as a real those agents now. Yeah I don't lost you it happens but it's you know I X they might make my mortgage payment and the hardship for me so why should he get to stay if I am not you know. And get to pay my porch and another candle light a basket on fire. But noted Tiki torch held him this article just from the Mellon. Even though I really like him and I hate in the mean person but you know that's that's gonna do when your turn hubby and me. In all fairness if he doesn't cover his rent this is a business and he's. Then gonna come you somebody has to pay that to the bank and showed no different than if you bought a car. Didn't make the payment they're gonna come get the car this is the exact same thing it's a business so he's got to know what's going on it's just a matter on campus is lot. Hide from your whatever it may be for the occasion. Until the walls crash again. What's that process look like me if you got to get somebody out of me can they can fighting can extend it can it stop paying regularly in three months to give us a T get three months free rent and just say you know what I'm going to you just bail on this earth so big the biggest thing out he's be pro active. OK so when we go to court it's less than half of a percent annually about when we go to court. We are the only ones there that are only ten or twelve days behind on rent the entire rest of the jockey. Is companies. Apartments and landlords that are 306090. Days behind. Which is now evicting people. Don't look if they can't make the mortgage upper make 50% the payment by midway through the mud they're not catching me you're start now they're after doubled down and they don't make the revenue and so it's not it's not a judgment there's nothing wrong with them it's no one's fault. But you can't catch up on a month's rent if you're a month behind it unless you're gonna have a lot Noah and I'm not the normal right. So first thing you send the notice is required by state law state law dictates exactly what to do so if you don't know it. Brush up monitor are some of the guys don't just a change locks are there and win error. Commercial commercial may address how many stories and Marcus you years ago now and you know there are some provisions that enable you do that you don't want to they're also parts of our leases are you gonna take their TV. Let's not a million shot television enterprise rent or. Let's just not let's Hamlet to the judicial judicial process to deal with the professionally so you'll get the notice to vacate and you've got to with the appropriate number days ago file the only record date. If they show up which half the time they will have the time that while the and you get to bust till the JP you're side of the story and I got Italian. I have had a visiting judge who just really well let's it is true it is. That ten minutes wife worked for a company his wife used to work for and they bonded in the courtroom and so since he was visiting judge you get an extra thirty days. But that's a real anomaly. So most of the time the JP's with the like and dislike him. Are really good about dealing with people directly to elected officials and their talking to you as a as a public. As individual they're not talking to you like an attorney all the little bit nerve racking to write an average of percent. And don't just listen your story and I don't wanna hear it's like Judge Judy I don't have time for that so they wanna hear the facts you hear what you know what you haven't done this where you man. And you've got to declare what you want do you want the money do you want him out of you and I got a site in 99% of the time he's one possession. Get a now we had one young lady. Real odd case and she was behind in Iran several times we went to court. I showed up because it was a little of an odd thing I just who was going on. But. She said she could make the payment that day in cash and I didn't ask questions. But we simply said if you catch it when everything today great because we're behind are ready for the owner right so we're at least getting the clock reset to zero. And I think she's been on time this month's I don't know what she does doesn't it for money. Black. But no evidence on you just want I was just there. Ask you give me a scenario two where somebody's like okay. This is my scenario this is what's going on you what should I knew and you just you Pam you know that we don't have. That's about lesser under 1836 property management appreciate you meant we'll see you will begin next week also guys take a look they. Or are we got a new TV show coming out so KV EO Matt are some other folks where it's coming out nasty today so will be run in the saying. You know all throughout the week checking out 9:30 AM Katie via also twelve. Noon right now include governor in Turkey and other relevant it was Kelly also thank you broker Sosa realty Austin Harry in concert with the warmer time. Time that any daddy got a patient's cells Austin dot com fantastic I'm Jason stubs its rules say radio we appreciate you guys are making this the best real state radio show in Texas and season. RL mortgages and people housing lender. Analysts number 1814 and zero cents.