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Well cancer real estate radio who your host Jason does. Wanna share your real estate story. Coming home at 5126409610. And now here's Jason studs. We are back central Texas this is we'll save radio I'm Jason Stubbs borders professional. Or consumer advocates throw things real Saint Lucia jazz tune and Richard Wesley on talk thirteen seventy in him. Studio looking out the beautiful Austin, Texas. Podcast listeners appreciate you guys tuning in on on iTunes and sound clout keep doing that. On search force on iTunes just search adjacent stones rules it radio pop up click commerce click subscribe. Will start coming to you should check also three of dot com we've got our TV shows. That this issue and it doubles recruit them on TV. On Sundays and KB DO check it out I'll be via. Or suffered a dot com. Also this shows brought to you by 1836 property management. But you guys are tough maximizing your profit potential or how to you know through maximize your profit potential. Did you discuss the call. Map the team we'll keep you up a property valuation you make should it to in get most of your property also atx web design system for your dock on the new website it's up it's Al check it out Stubbs radio dot com that's to beast. On the issue check that out on integrates over there agents went on to agree to appreciate you guys also eco roof in solar. Got his best through roofing company in Austin. I mean they're doing commercial. A big commercial stuff all the way down a residential they spend time with all you folks out there they don't have it in tons of work here are offering free root inspections so you're going to sell your home. Can market and little must take because that before your inspector does so. How limited heads up their joined by Sean Finnegan senior loan officer in our own mortgage Marcos upon and subject. What we don't start we're just saying take about Sean Finnegan as a hell of a month but. Yeah I mean we didn't even like choking each other I mean it was like I mean you know it up. Handed the ball off duty he took it and you know we did get them and us more than two years. Thank god for our we have great process here yeah Ozzie made saudis are no good processor. Not Armageddon and it was. Relatively smooth for his business and Wear and in underwriter. Did a great job yeah I finally felt like I column oh no maybe could let you know but. Council Ahmad a charge of a label that you're such a getaway with the stuff happened yeah practice we got this yes I try you know this thing you know. Supposed to go well the less hands unfortunate and less people get involved and act you know the quickest way for me to be is we wanted to yourself a joke and what I mean luckily gaming. Most of our files are pretty clean you know this month clean borrowers. Are credit gating come. You know early sessions in aside enough provable easily prove more income so now you know we do you really have to refile later on which makes it easier. That it did. Yeah we do is you know you're right I mean a lot of times you're trying to slam you know for closings and a two day and you know it's. On to a smooth the other one doesn't it also you know. Generally the same processor same underwriter seem closer. That's our thing writes if you if you're trying to close four files in today's. And one gets. Theory right that sucks up their time. From the other files right so if they get they got to spend four times the amount on. A particular file for whatever reason that's Tom they're not spending on the other files and then you know that's where things can try to get backed up it. Which of our country and nobody really cares about that stuff on this problem as more conversation we ever had correct you because nobody cares because only need to do is get as opposed to get things on talk especially at its decision sometime if you close on time is right they don't care Australia has no idea he had some really really did hit a fan. They generally don't now it's only you know for some refused to push it back. Is when they ask but besides that. Well no doubt we're gonna get into. Got a little but talk about Lou wrote or co signing will bits on the mortgage side but before we do that what ticket just quick moments as real state radio if you're just an and we appreciate you. Our tech finds open guys who help navigate you guys who are just gonna find you help you find your way I mean whether it's Erica. You know of a plumbing referral oriented question on financing our rules Stater windowless titlist on the bar all that stuff. Give us a ring 512640. Nine 610. I'll also gonna bring. A back. Robert winner bottom different bars real estate agent with better homes and garden. Home city. In Marion seven. And get them we'll get welcome back if I know I appreciate you let me come back around and that been real busy since the last time I was here so. I'm so busy actually take a vacation and just got busier. And I stewardesses vacation time we had a we had a couple of closings and job it was logistically getting mobile notary south there in the farm those folks ever by a vacation vertigo. I'm I went to Denver for a few days that's right it's that often happens when to blow Rocky Mountains and hung out with some friends and I saw several friends up there's three or four days of course I'm when I'm over it Tebow Hutton will shameless plug giver than their got to go. Pretty awesome little place could could sandwich is on their work in a way Macon you know do not working on a contract so. Notice it was it was a good time out he eats that I don't relax does agrees everybody to move their doctors. Set the the idea got a couple people moved out there and does well in the Rocky Mountains and then talk about real estate or a dancer -- gonna say embers out so this is crazy gossip item it flips out is out there yeah it's Denver Austin Denver Austin I mean we're sharing. Talent pools mean people are moving here back and forth back and forth what's going on yeah I mean it's it's true I mean I I even you know I made a few phone calls an assault on some properties out there just kind of test we just with the markets like that. Other justification of the area over there is definitely on happening as you know what like what happened here in Austin but in a in a greater scale because there's so many areas. So many other pockets of of neighborhoods in downtown Denver that are. Just need to be knocked down and and rebuilt and and but the I mean. I think I'm a Texan like one bedroom out there for releases like you know 18100 dollars or get lower and such centers work. While well it's always been more I mean it's always had a hard and Austin I mean I lived in boulder for. A couple years and have friends in Denver in odd story out there and a member one Hannah main issues and highrise and I'm impacted and it was just insane I mean it was. Just and you can't live anywhere close to the city medium and Parker you've got to live and and Littleton you gotta be done in the summer in the suburbs kind of like Austin but much further away. Yeah much more spread out Denver and the traffic is just as bad call it's horrible it's just not worse for the charities of clean it such a clean city made bombs are picking up trash. A yeah it's it's no doubt an answer I sought a with monetize this was going on here so there's I see you agonize getting back home but you know we do put things in perspective. As you know that people talk about also how we're growing in the thing about our traffic that. You know come to Denver got a new York and Chicago though some of these bigger places and then they come home and then let's. It was I had a friend among those complaining about Los Angeles traffic and was happy to get back into I don't know packed yeah you know he's like hey look man slow slow packed got nothing to do infamy and our ten. Almost on a Saturday now that is true like Allison and I tune in Los Angeles I got passed on the ice cream man pushing a cart. Yeah I mean aren't you know Mike hey you know look at aura about you you passing me what it's all it's all right screen who can catch back up to don't rolls. Look at their reactors used to it right like. I grew up in New Jersey where everything was twenty minutes away credit growth just when he met the post office when he metro is more suburb suburbs have grown up like twenty minute drive is nothing to me. Now that I'm here and and traffic was bad there too don't get me wrong Susie got any highway but you know I'm here out and I stay in my bubble I've got everything within. Two miles I'm like wait. A my birdies or I watched with amusement from four point point it's way too far from like yourself or point me I I've become a little front right I've been scored eleven here now twelve years I've gotten used to you. I every I mean I can go to the grocery store like my two favorite bars restaurants. Lunch spots with having you don't six point. He has crossed I merely personal shortcut to learn write them back. I'm backer has but I I mean. That's how many incidents rather people that that are that are complaining about the traffickers people that are from self. Yet he's only said adding that they get a lot of stuff this is not than generally always figure us it's that it's the Austin folks that are like. What the next one so I mean we've got we're seeing in me folks are still coming. We won 15150 people a day. Which which I heard I guess that was a couple weeks ago maybe a month ago or so. So that's a lot me even her peak I was remember 134135. Full rights and we just talk of us still like every here and Austin's complain about the prices and prices went up but. It's still much you can tough it is some of them insights as we head what is house's foreign thousand dollars a year ago it's still 900000 in California so they'll pay 500000 happens you know community impact came out with the median rental. Rate government that is it yeah I know that is really what it's for all the units or think about this I mean this you're talking and you don't one bedroom. Condo all the way to topple of you know. Helton was when Nicholas Evans and have nothing anyway it's like 11100 some change. At some media. Yeah I mean there are first I mean that's our first apartment without cause weighed 620 by Reese knew in my life for our first nurses was 2007. We had two bed two bath. With an attached garage. We paid eight. And a quarter reaching that same exact department right now is gone for like thirteen hundred. Seymour apartment and they haven't anything but you don't meet changes name five times in. So is it fair to say that. All the folks out there renting don't wanna pay more than 15100 and rent they don't want their help their home payments to be more than 15100 to sit back in the 17100. Sodexo answer it is presents what's happening because I well that would try to keep up with payments with the what they're getting on the rental rates in. It's funny as the square footage is catching up on the rental write this with a Holmes wasn't as if you're trying to figure out try to your belly out by me it's a dollar square foot so apparently torn between owners square foot house. You're paying 282900. Bucks Kurt what's even on the lowing your paint when he 500 bucks a month to rent. You could buy that house. In your payments can be to grant is what's funny though is that what's the number a meat robber a dozen years tune in this real state radio and child with. Log Tom Austin realtor. My question is is what with a 17100 dollar figure. I mean it's that it's those folks who directly can't quite buy it I know it's there I know it's there before even ask me I'll start getting excited for it all star took. I mean I'll like write it down and then now it's just kind of they're my memory a feel like fox they all come across the Caribbean and asked. You gotta be like let me guess you what your payment is 17100 bucks does that when you noticed the other night is county voters like what that is the number like what's going on you know. And laid it in Gaza cite no instance of that in the payment yeah Omnia would Denver's doing right now London with. He opened peopled affordability. Do a fifty year mortgages. Daddy here death it will be year in California recycle John farmer Mariah years. Aaron I first started in Austin a few people were running that forty year option and it was. 04 here you haven't seen as I that's yeah I called like calling us and and its resurgent there has wanted to kind of get a feel for the area. About saturation real citizens. Did that well everybody wizard on everyone's ago work where the right moneys in higher price some things are put. Yeah I called a couple of mortgage companies or these people getting into these homes are they affording it I mean you have that you can't just the 100000 dollars and Denver anymore. That the team that you're more. It's it's well. I mean to sound of food for thought yeah that's crazy if we ever got to that point you know on my gosh that would be an ethics and I remember a few places do forty years. McEnroe right before earning Lula. Refereeing blew out of that I have the right quick as we got a quick break more to come with a shopping and Robert winner bottom I'm Jason substance will save radio we'll be right back. And RL mortgages that equal housing lender and analyst number 18140 itself. Catch up on the latest headlines anytime at talk they're seen seventy dot com. Hey welcome back. This grocery radio I'm Jason Stubbs mortgage. Professionals who consumer advocate for officials say he was arranged you got tough questions we got answers form 126409. Podcast listeners checker south on I ten search Jason Stubbs browser radio pop up click on that. Also Stubbs three dot com we'll get you all of our past media including social media TV radio all that stuff so. Go check out the shows and on their also. We can't you know a child when he got hot or something that we've. I know that you talk about it before I just almost as ran right over this. Talk to your little bit about. Co signing in in what you think we've been running into in that recently I mean I've got to vehicles on here and Waltz society is becoming more more common right with good. This the student loans generally where it seems to be done on the most imply it explain Jackson whose whose side so mom and also time it's mom and dad or grip most I was mom and dad every once involve being you know grandma and grandpa are sometimes an uncle bought. What I always tell people if you're gonna cosigned for someone especially your kids. You know young immature just can't college may be are you spending bills especially nowadays what ails our east and it tells. Either. You have them pay you and you make the payment or. You make sure actually for that think of purses of yours are here or soft. They need to make the payment. Bought. Make sure they make it I don't know how you wanna go about having to make sure they may notifications. Always made him yeah make him your percent of making set it up on auto pay that you can take a look at because. The bank doesn't it he doesn't matter if you if you cosigned for anyone at all doesn't matter who it is if you cosigned for love someone. You're just responsible for the payment. As Marie cosigned for so that person that you're doing a favor for decides not to make their payment. That's screws up your credit and can prevent you from either. Getting a mortgage at all or any temple already to bring you from getting any kind of loan they could. Significantly. Lower your credit score which then would adversely affect your interest rate. And we've got folks now we're trying to help that we may or may not eat they. There are mystery ribbon at a meal to get mortgage. Because for your last twenty. How many of them have been paid good. Of what co signing Andres thanks situations like the last Taiwanese don't win. I'd say our seats in the point where it's almost 5050 okay. A crack I'd say it's priceless a 50% time there's at least some kind maybe I mean you can just be one little late into one later right but. We got a garage open recently well we want to have a works like this is well. My Doris was Hussein and a this site call how would you not know that yeah. And that affects your credit her career I mean it's to prevent a lot of things from happening yet and these folks might not be able in my house where an auto insurance rates can go your beverage of your credit everything your credit just got more expensive I mean if Arthur Kramer and all my credits should be like 700 a pull than it was 66. It was like 630 she's like. I don't understand why it's 630. A Mike loan. See here stood alone you know here's the name here's the account here's the amounts to speak. Oh my dollars was like well. Campaign to me doesn't look like she came to 630 crisscross the bottom fifty per well this for so this when we turn a dual investigating an 80 trying to help won't anytime we can help you. We'll try to help you sometimes information is incorrect so we can. Showed that information is an actor will try to fix it but this became even worse situation because. The person just supposedly. In realize the long existed producer and I didn't want my wife's got a much seal loans and it's tricky right they're all from the same place most the time in. They do by semester on time see you could have fifteen loans of all the similar amount right. And there's one apparently that slipped through the cracks I think you realize and then would have was so than they realize that they started paying it on they realize they made their first payment. Green have mostly. They never caught up. So they thought OK well we sort of make their payments we make that payment every month now. That's great you're even hear exactly what he wants the house technically didn't know. Three while they so tightly they've been three there's still three months behind there's a statements of piracy well. A lot of times the statements only go to wanna dress like I can tell you is really sells when it was from college might have by all I would use for my suit was I use my parents address they're on the same house so. My my parents did cosigned for my once you alone and and the actual Stephen doses that still goes there house but I have no amount of pay rights and its athletes like 110 dollars a month or something. You know told my kids go to college first but who knows. But so give me Tom Emery I mean I'm a grandma says girls my body are ones are the other the other major ones are besides co signing student loans. Or Carnell stretch some of the most common ones seem to be car loans and student loans for children. You need to make sure paying that bill you have to because I guess of the creditors don't care you can call creditor whoever maybe you can give a sob story they don't care. You have by co signing for that individual you have personally guaranteed. You'd that's the thing they're making that they're making that long based on if the person doesn't pay that they know they've got somebody else that's a reliable bar on the the other major one that received. Pressure messing it was on people's stuff for rent to what he's doing. Divorce now that's the other major one right because we sought medical medical medical. Schools. Medical isn't as big on the mortgage side because most times especially FHA VA it's a medical collection. There's ways around that there's ways to work within its not as crippling as. True late payment or non payment on a car around and on divorce is an army joined right EU in your junior acts. Bought a car together you both owner had a mortgage together in the divorce you know she's supposed to be trying to correct once again with the fact that's not gonna word once again. Creditors don't care about your divorce they don't kill the divorce decree says the divorce decree could say. Husband supposed to pay the mortgage why supposed to pay the car. Critter don't care right as far as they're concerned your post responses right which is why a lot of times I recommend if at all possible you refinance a property out as quick as possible. SPE OC don't have to worry about that if you're not into the major ones seller off by correct done because it's sending they don't care the sob story. They don't care any like you said and autos to. Notice doesn't generally go to all parties until you're on the brink of either. Foreclosure or like every possession right so that's when and if it's my theory code are gonna send notice to everybody now but they're just thirty easily every month. So really start come looking for yet right thirty days later remarked they don't really start from the creators can paint and you can just let you know that she knew got 1213 1415. Rolling. Thirty new elites and guess what. Critter parent a lot of times they still can help you the interest to truly was as far as the wonder is concerned it's easy to track so what I can tell he's you need to. Make sure that won't. In mobile do is so we'll get right back to this palisades federal state radio on you're just an and we've just set up Matt less for. With 1836 party may have walked in what's what's up man. It's seed your late today. And stuff like you want on you know that's just that's okay now obviously five minutes is on time but who knows our time is late. Sometimes you gotta take your business we hired. Three people this week goodness so we go tomorrow off routes that spent lots commenced on the problems going on. Oh good deal also joined by liberal state agent Robert what are bottoms back on the show me just jump in here have you ready we'll we'll get you a little bit but you know there are doing getting down to just enjoying enjoying losing the all talked about. Co signing available horrors that divorce yet and we'll also shot to help all the positive you know are the other look. He has delivered a real quick I wanna do this summit I want to say that you were not saying that co signing is a bad idea right now you can even use it to analysts say apologists say it you can be nipped really credit scores you aren't Hal or your kids like let me what's to be able don't you give the kid credit card pretty clear credit they're giving you exactly you don't have to give the card so resorts are about some word agreement here. And it so bad mom you take the Chevron card. If he puts daughter's name on it yes Jim you lose it threat you don't even do more card correct and then you start building credit correct for them now they can have access we put quotes around them and I'm you know I don't you don't have Equifax coming Africa into he's you needed if indeed you cosigned he's. You need to be prepared to make that payment if it's a fan asked the other was so let's let's let's trend in that direction to the positive things. That are you good about co signing is number when you help kids credit right now so so what semi or what else. Mean you can help someone you know there's. Self employed people write to take image of the tax write offs maybe your like my dad when he helped cosigned for hop my very first house as I was a commission. Worker and I didn't had tears commission history so I mean if you look at the money I made. It was enough to qualify for the house. The person that needs a co senator Kay and afford it right and afforded they just for whatever reason I like reasons you know they need because there are good reasons but we're not all like it's an all hiking tell you. If I can give you one word to iced earth to. Make should pay is getting paid and be prepared. You make the pain to make the payment if you have to now to mr. vice you know equality of every party and I wonder how many this is a this is a grandmother grandchild situation. Owner of the grandson feels if Graham talking about that how she wants because. He pays bills I mean I'm sure I feel pretty crappy find that to my grandma you know army. Without a doubt in you know we we see all the time I mean it's you know those folks up on merit in it whether you're buying houses cars all that stuff what especially did its. Sorry cut out of her for credit but he you know especially what we should do worse situations a lot of time at that it's purely out of spite. How many people have you heard that they go my ex ran up my credit card and offer. I'm known all oppose most. I didn't do so yeah it's way more on how to exact yet now it's it's a lot but. Oh I like is that I've seen out of spite they need to make sure missed payments and I mean I had a buddy. Matt happens Sonoma it's mutual points of ours. Ex wife. Voluntary put two cars. On their own just drove them in their leases drove in six months earlier and said here's the keys and never told him. That's nice yeah so how do you you can't I mean that it Ding discredited him you know he did some critter parenting discredit for a while but yeah. Mean she literally did our purpose just because of the you know fitness people were. Spiteful because you know isn't. Sean Finnegan over there and our borders on Jason Stubbs is Rossi radio will be right back. In our mortgage is an equal housing lender and analyst number 181407. Welcome back. Still say radio I'm Jason Stubbs depreciation guys tuning in. Bring you issue right here to talk thirteen 78 film. In now Westlake looking album. Beautiful Austin, Texas. With. Matt less for stand in my way the view with eighteen there's a property management welcome back maps. We'll get to no we don't show you here a little bit but to pummel turn this over to Robert winner bottom. You want your fears that texting while you know get a good I'm good rubble and rock and everybody. I hope we better homes and garden home city welcome back to you last time here on here on the had a stack of books are read wanna loved it what's up goes or golf where you were to another owner. You are absolutely I've got to a couple more that'll be out here shortly on one is going to be focused on selling your vacant homes. Basically you're not there we know how do you do that you know he would you know you're living somewhere else you gotta vacant home it's. It's not it's not set up your furniture you know it's it's not. There's a lot of things that people don't know. About I mean how to do that a meeting with hot in boots on the ground I can see how there's some things that could come up. We recently saw 12 where we had a client of ours move from west cypress hills out of Dallas liked Frisco area. And when he was out there Derosa agent had staged his home he had some work done which she organized. And you have some pages from front beds or something yeah and then she goes back to the house. Truck driver plows right through that right through the fresh mulch man I mean just brought home. Serve goes right through old castle at landscaper doesn't care. Now you know I mean he's not like hey you know he dropped the Domino's Pizza before you left the building we might give you another one but. You know so anyway but yeah what what else is or means yes and it and it's. Morgan on that and then I'm not I'm also working on on what to do or how to sell your home during divorce child is obviously that's an. She just in its enemy and are an item it would solicitous or free service members to hire another cup. I want in his neighborhood exactly. No doubt I mean a lot of people don't think about. What they need to do in those situations on the new vision that you had a couple things on the idea of when you talked about divorce and and and financing and getting on you know putting things right to be able to afford and you know oh we know she's gonna take that mortgage and pay for that while I go try and buy a home over here now doesn't work that way you can use in refi. Mean I hear it to arm and I talked to buyers and they companies that would differ place and you know on their divorce. They gravely mentally otherwise gonna keep the house Simon a move somewhere else. You know you start down that path and then you and I talk they talk to you Sean and it's like whoa whoa wait a minute that. You should pay you for that payment yeah yeah yourself if you can't carry two mortgages what my waist and now you and sell the education process. You know that also I understand that you run into that I think I'm an agent level that's kind of things and I'm trying to explain in this book. On that I'm releasing it should be out probably about another. I say three weeks. On but it's gonna dress a lot of those things so people that are in that situation that don't know what to do. I know that a lot of people kind of bury their head in the sand when it comes divorce and Palin because they don't wanna know. The truth about what needs to happen. On and they try to circumvent the try to make anything to make it easier on themselves by. On a move out an apartment you can have a place you know you take over an element to this but they don't do the hard work yet know if that's gonna come up and bite him in the butt. Later without a doubt we had on who we just have one who is a financial advisor to specialists in the key pal Keith how soon we just talk we're talking to the sketch you felt very inching job it. He specialized in that his whole point was. You know to give you a financial and advice. You know it took to put both parties and in a behind the best possible. Financial position after divorce is probably not what the family attorneys are are the best out right so. He kind of specialize in that beat him but cousy or advising them mean that's a big question. You know maybe here's divorces on divorce decree he got a house she got the house whatever you're both still responsible for a minute and went back the past segment we have. And it's a it's a sticky subject she doesn't news agency can't practice law we can't yet buy soda you know there's only so much we can give them or tell them that we have to advise them to go to real state attorney when it comes to. You know property that and Newton-John might be in distress or not knowing what to do you know after firm back to their attorney. Neither do the same thing they bring me to take the decreasing also tray here that you know she's paying for it and it so why am I haven't suffered Slaton it's not the word right. There's like you said you don't care to creditors in John Kerry they'd just won their payments they went on time and like you said. And you know I was gonna say this before. We knew we were talking about the things that you were trying to guide juror who. Buyers into doing or not doing we also as agents have a buyer thou shalt not I mean we've got everything to don't cosigned don't. And decide to be unemployed mean there's a long list don't go to film shot chuckles I mean yeah it's it's a funny ha ha because you know and I even got a page in my fire consul in I don't go by ya don't. The reply from the credit cards don't cosigned for anybody else so these are things that. As an agent's you know I talked to in my in all my years. People don't think about that and I saw people right there you you can't like. Did you move Yuma paper IG and Lehman paper. You know things at you but it doesn't cover everything so then let my lack I don't resent is my last round that is always if you think he could be a problem ask. I heard before their belt and if you think you could be an issue if it's not listed here do you think it might be a problem. Call me what's this yeah 750 dollar pay he had just call me call me before now. Driving home got a suburban or I guess you just a lion. And I got a job. Yeah I mean and some don't work like we're the only guy now refine it removed due to refinance right now is divorce decree said that he had to either. Refinance a house out of his wife's name her ex wife now or salad. Within six months. Those were hit it was a Christiane that's the advice she need from you know yeah that's advice that she needs a NASA needs to go divorce decrees that OK we can have that also take payment of Gregory. Yeah I mean you storm hook I mean yeah how long I mean what happens after divorce mean a lot of times Chris wears you down I mean that's gonna set that person back its keep in the home. You know from potentially doing something for it longer so you're on the hook that much longer mean. Effect she were your your buying power and you're about something else and you're by new home all on the geek you got to qualify both payments yet so there's got to be some and. And is moving your feet you do when I mention this last segment you can Nam. Even if you're in the know for somebody or you coast I'm Samir and you're now a divorce situations like that twelve months of payment history by the other party. Lot of times can allow us and not count that came against you so for instance you get a divorce. The more reason both dolls names your wife gets that your ex wife gets to house if you can twelve months later show that she's made. Twelve months of payments from her account. Your company if you and she has to pay them or they have been where the other parties they can't pay to you and then you pay that's in one people or. They have to pay the creditor directly but if we get twelve proof. Or twelve consecutive months. Most of the time not all the time but most the time we then don't have to pay you for that payments as I have to talk to your ex wife to matures. Well that's the case. The Catholic order I mean taught you know passing with three your attorney or whatever you do that. Without a doubt visitors to an end as usual state radio joy about Matt last for 1836 property management senior loan officer in our a mortgage a Sean Finnegan Robert what are bottom. With stuff Better Homes and Gardens home city. Our our take this to. Just something NAFTA which we're talking bubble for the show. And we're tomorrow Barak agreements like who knew what do people need to know about those and let's talk good bad ugly. What it is what it is I mean that was sort there. Yeah I mean I know I think it's a good topic to discuss because they think it gets lost in the discussion win win on the buyers are are what continue to hire agents. And what I when I mean. When I say hire agents that's exactly I'm talking about run. We got a lot of buyers out there right now that are just you know two point homes are looking at homes are just calling on the Internet there's only anybody everybody to discussing this home. On end and that's that's fine and well if that works on the I'll add from what I understand doesn't work as well because usually getting hold of somebody that's not necessary listing agent is that's Republican pork. Or they're dirt you know there there have been some open a door forum and don't put the buyers don't understand without a viral agreement in place. On that. Agent represents the seller no matter what home that is right. On and that's hard for some buyers to understand because they think well I'm just gonna use and get him home I don't know I really like this or not or. You know. They they don't they don't understand that there does have the responsibility. Is to the seller and without Byron agreement so. In doing that you know we do you have on you know we have the Arab agreement that we put in place than we asked you know folks to. Com to sign up with an agent because you're gonna get individual attention you've got a good agent. You wanna go see a home they're gonna make themselves available to those who hold on now they're gonna wanna see that home with you more so that they know that. They're representing right on because now you're basically. For hire your hired you can be fired but you're also you're there. On you're there agent says your your responsibility. Is. And then you finisher you've got to go showed in the home you wanna be there now if I'm not a good agent I'm not able to pick up and make a phone call. And appointments do what I need to do to help my playing it in a home course are gonna go find somebody else. So it's iCAD don't normally do being a book show bars homes but if you wanna look on Tuesday morning do not you know. Far tomatoes well I mean you know I mean it learn it still think we're gonna meet them or talk to them and when we talked about the buyer console you know we're gonna go through the process to help them understand what it means to have agency in Texas and and and have an agent work for you. On and so that's where we asked you know and and I advise everybody who if they tell me that they don't want to sign a pirate with me asking putts and it was somebody. I don't does is mean don't don't go talk to another agent and another agent. Sign with somebody your books explain all this on this though the first time home buyer process yes so here's what I'll what I'll say about this is that I feel like the consumer out there. Doesn't trust people that wanna talk to you don't wanna sit down for an hour they just wanna see the house while law if they reach out to you. You can still show on the house you can me angry they can know that your it guy and you could animal Booker they could reach up to before him for one of your books and still get the same data. When they won it because they need that data. And they don't know they need it they just winehouse now. But the truth is they need that resource so if they reach out to you you can at least deliver that to mom. And made an image for five minutes only but the wanna come back. Absolutely and and they do I mean I ask him to come meet me at the usually at a time before we go see a home. Talk about the process what little Disco while this is great because you know might. It's kind of pitches from a sales thing you know personally is educating the client is somebody's it sounds like there's a group expectations there I mean that's when more talk NASA. Other questions right they might especially if they're needed aired on that area right they might see this home that looks great. Maybe schools are crappy maybe. The crime in this area is in great ramming. Those are things you can't NASA always find online and that's you know that the initial console when your agent or your long roster should be. You know what are your goals what are your plans what are your what are your router needs exactly you know. You need good schools do you need certain things in walking distance do you need. Be close to a certain doctor's office or you know whatever may be you know there's there's other things maybe his neighbor it is an idea for you the tax or super high. I'm without a doubt. Got to cut right they're guys is we'll stay ready and Jason's does more come of Robert what are bottom Matt prosper Sean Finnegan I'm Jason subs will be right back. And or a mortgage is an equal housing lender and analyst number 18140 cents. Listen to saucer G-7 meet anywhere with your Amazon and do just relax and play soccer team. Seven now playing on thirteen and indeed the rights. Welcome back to zero cent radio I'm Jason Stubbs. Call us Texas fumble into six or 090s. 610. Appreciate just Syrian talk thirteen 78 film every Sunday at noon also KB DO at noon. We got a new show coming out what would my cell phone Matt lush were also men. It has some folks out call and say that they recognize you on the home edition of the Sunday. We think about that from the police department though not a track and yeah from police department know. They are Amman EPA that it is okay. His studies at the without a doubt we'll yeah that's a robber winner bottom also in the in the background of their with a Better Homes and Gardens. Home city and we're just how many times Imus to show me if I'm Shaun talk a little bit about co Sonnen talked a bar wrapper agreements. And all kinds stood relative stuff that's been coming up to you know coming up on our end and in an industry recently. But some map what's been going on the old property management world. While some debris out and and then back to it we went on vacation last weekend and to my feet on these kids cannot attempt from. Went to a really nice resort ponies and talk about it be more concerned Vice Fund now. Well you may not wanna go to this place so really so gasoline gonorrhea the facility is court interview is in Crennel probably one of the nicest room ever and it's modern so let's start you know not. Plush it's not the Ritz if you will write it exquisite place and couldn't get water breakfast they would come in and so what you remember what you remembered what to rip my helmet. It can you just ready to how. Like criticized for its included out of the wire just so great let. After a weekend as I really started trying to pay attention you can you're from the environment you learn from reading rights and stuff and so it's not just. Being in a forest. And the whole key was the facility was gorgeous we wanted to change hotels to go to the Mary because of the surface. So what you've of the merry they go Barack it's the best hotel. It's not it's not it's great. It's consistency. Of service when you look at the front door. You know Richard again you know if you have a bad experience they're gonna do something insecurity even if it's like to go. These people told us we Tillman went to leave to these early in Eilat talks my manager and he's got tomorrow off well that was Alaska rather. So. Pretty much I got you good lie yeah exact it was it was just a real good experience to take come back to the business ago. Is the customer really getting the service because our facilities you know as I've got a buddy in South Carolina and good grief man his office looks likes he gallery in a gymnasium. It is unbelievable he's a sitting senator he's wealthy businessman he earned all himself now that the against him. But you gotta be jealous this guy's office and write our senior likely get a good location but it is indeed pretty. I always feel bad about that the Michael I want I want to be pretty don't we already pretty. The truth is it don't matter rice back to the service so I'm better off putting that money from the facility and a staff a fine and having people available lines of one of our goals over the next few months. We we hired two people. We had to do yesterday we made an offer today and I've got one more next week or to sign on but the goal being when you call us. Within two business days I can heavy active on the market so if I can deliver that vs the current norm. I could save you 500 dollars before we even in exchange of money because of the time waiting to get on the market right mismanagement. And so that they're bad people. It's to get a photographer to go assess the property and all the details. All managers in the office a salesperson has more freedom to go to that kind of start because they're not dealing operations property managers in operation so who goes to the properties to do that. He sells personal throughout the property did an ounce on new management contract right so it's just dilemma of how do you deliver that quality service and so. We finally just said we're a staff six months in advance with the new position to be cross train and everything they can possibly do and did you know them for six months except. Yet people on the market and service properties in the field so. Kind of a lawless says I was a week but it's it's all service I mean you're in the service industry now they're sitting you know there in your beautiful. You know resort your recent U rumors nice place is terrible we clean. It just it's hard to bear that especially when you're in the service industry yourself. You just know. When you ask for some shouldn't you at least get an answer. And it's like a glass a water OK and then they disappear and they never come back. Three times. This into its not that your asking too much of her homeowner you wanna leash your property at market on the market well. McConnell won a warrant or stretching is. Service should be easiest thing you did that throws like chipping thousand servers you for a long time for a mortgage ran restaurants things like that. You know there's a lot of places. That I really like the food for the services turmoil won't go back so services so terrible too. That should be easiest thing to direct hard finding good chef its article on your menu. It's hard to find somebody work you know a twelve dollar an hour job. That make sure water restful so after watching mystery danger right on the kitchen it was a glass walled it waved super nice people the food was great even waste half was good people. But when I came back she was there was no check list there was no appropriate training they didn't know what to do so that they were just. Do me any thing act like the Mary dot. But hey the and I know Alex and I get a glass of water drain. I checklist for Alan. I don't disagree incidents in charge of the water is our hostess who came over and put something on issues trying to help in the she takes a it was just a hodgepodge of that's pretty happy itself but well and that's what sort of do this is walking around money that's an idea there until soaring as places off. Off if some parents its epicenter for I suppose it's not a chamber what is interesting if you wanna change users that small boutique hotel calls zealotry. There's one Islam when he Kinchen and so we went to dinner this year. And we were like oh maybe it's the island you know because islands are different things are slow which are the golf cart went down we sat down there's three people at the table since we sat down the manager came by three times to check on us. You know that your glass is half full and then it's full again consumers reach number it's all about certain what do what do you think what goes through your mind and a manager comes up to you. At dinner let's say here in Austin just checks on houses food everything okay. I mean to be honest I think it kind of depends because there's a real difference between people that care people that are Chile's because their checklist says and in engaging your employees amount I think it's important. There anyway I mean I do I not I won't I won't argue that feel like you know what I mean at the end of the general if you're laid him in there that shuffles are poking around little bit now the show don't get. I love that we shot right or you don't have been on the I think the best is it that in all Austin who leaked a tortilla. Lou faith I mean you see why we see from Houston it's easy did you yeah this is doesn't have you interceded GM or one of the partners I mean every single time I'm still trying to wrap my head around that nine goes to Chile's. While well yeah. Got a soccer restaurant stocks. Yeah. Why everything about site so. You are talking about servicing to why do you get to Chile's right as you go to chili's and bash up Texas. Are you gonna chilies in Hillsborough manager needs consist it's that you're gonna get that same murder you know the bird here it's about me and thunderbird bird plugin will mean players is the same thing exactly and he's a what did you go to consistent whether that's how falls in north Boston. Words Louisiana I don't know all of them it doesn't they're all listening to the consumer so whoever that consumer bases in hits it and every time on the mark yeah. Now you're actually right it's. It blow like us and I think is project in my back and restaurants but it blows my mind when you get to -- these places they just over all insert terrible all the sinners or worse service industry still mean pulling an actual real status of ours are liberals and aging goes yes service as the easiest thing that we can do in providing mean the number one thing that that people want out of their real estate agent Erin is that right. Find him home yeah find me home so it's given them that service going out there are doing searchers finding what they need it's it's. Very easy to do is go do it without a doubt in his like you're. All these places can have the good intentions of delivering a certain level service but you gotta pay for execution. You don't mean it there's not enough people to open source for you to marry ot I guarantee you those folks are gonna hire a make sure that the league manager lets those GM's ability. But the money invested in training because you'll see training as a consumer right see the person standing there you see and nice carpet and nice facility you'll see. Hours and hours isn't even developed a training programs. That's why I'm too mean that's where the bread and butter is because you develop that the rest happens. If you're not spending time and money and attention of the back again and front and doesn't work. So I mean give back full circle so are you impart some folks to come out superb. You know to just for the sole purpose of you being able to deliver assert a service that you think gives you an edge to. You know your competitors and mean what what's an average. You time that that spokes take it to irrigate homes on the market you know I would say anywhere from a few days from one person shop who has no business. You obviously in the peak season it wouldn't surprise me to take ten days to 22 weeks that's gonna rustic attendees two weeks at that point to me you've got a unit which is wasted a thousand dollars and so you know if we can use excuses all day long answer we'll were busy the consumer didn't care. And Stewart could care on busy sack they don't care if it's a peak. It's my job is to spend the money in higher up and train people so that they are available and obviously there's things to get your way you know like a hole made here. I think as a war simmers not ready honestly they okay they want their house on the market occupying army to get this on the market today and you show up and you go. New holy Wacom only you didn't tell me this place was a disasters. I there's no way I can even photographed as you wouldn't. By the way. Do you have a sense of smell. Yes because you can't let Palin here and I went in and these things come out Lamy the average renter doesn't want cigarettes and catch Aaron I mean and we've also a list. Yeah but but it's up to us today and deliver our job now they're not ready that's not on us but I can't make excuses. If we're not. Under us and our prisons and yes this Robert when you defeat when you're the listing on the listing side than you generally tell your sellers to make sure that house looks pretty nice and in order when the appraiser comes there and absolutely yeah I love ice are we out on this last week in it was a slight it was so clear that the seller gave. Zero apps they did I mean either that or maybe the we got sprung on them at the last minute because this house. Look like a bomb had gone off like he didn't look like they even like the put their toothbrush back of the toothbrush holder when they left that morning I lifted stocks on the floor yet is say yeah I mean with a luckily we got the value but I can they mean you know we're always one of these close situations we're trying to push the push the limits it. Day was I hate to say about that agency of coached and has to do what they needed to go right right that's exactly my estimation that surface again I definitely know you that you have. Nothing I wanna do or get close to closing and we got an appraisal come mountain and it's like it doesn't praise because of looks horrible so. Yes you can also go the other way that come Irish appraiser come over and operation I mean I think he got a pain you got me. You know there's a silly standard yet there's a certain standard that should look at to keep with them but I'm gonna cut it right there real quick Robert so we're about how recounts equities are 5127512084. Or at Robert W at home city dot com we appreciate you Matt less for 1836. Property management dot com we appreciate where this new website will be open they're 20 really dipped remark on only about eight months eight yeah city property management dot com also a special thanks Sean Finnegan. I'm Jason subs is rose radio check us out on iTunes. We'll be back. In our mortgage is an equal housing lender and in the last number 18140 cents.