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Saturday, August 12th

Real Estate Today with Jason Randall, for August 12.


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Taste talk with you anywhere. On your computer or Smartphone logon to talk thirteen seventy dot com. So I stay connected with top thirteen seven lead the right choice. Romo. Okay. Owns them and welcome to real estate today with Jason Randolph Jason is a top fifty realtor in the Austin area he is the broker owner of a rematch elite and has been inducted into the re Max hall of fame now with solid Entrust or any real estate advice here's your host Jason Randall's book. And that's another episode of the real estate today show our heroes Jason and and we have a very special guest in the studio and I have to say not to steal anymore I apologize we're live here or re Max he leaked. Yes we are our own studio this pretty exciting this is slowly continuing Chad fox is our special guest. Excellent hello hello and won't get that but litany there's so much and left that's a so you know that's. Fun fact of the day today is gonna come from our special gas some put him on the spot so here we go along those funds are you ready. Give us they give a fun fact map. I'm signing Chad and knowing that gonna give it to us I don't have a front and a chat has funds are barely catch our own man. Let's see. I know that did you know that you can buy real estate with no money easier room now that is a good fun fact that is a fact I didn't know that then yeah that leaves you at least if you write in two. Chad we talked last week in if you missed this episode last week in this is early cool. All about me investing into properties in Austin, Texas. Tom the thing about investing in properties there's a right way and there's a wrong way. And literally no grey areas I mean you either do a delay needs be done or you do a delay that either gets done and lose money lose. All his money. This money and the funny thing is is as I've been doing this and some former fashion since about 1976. Here in Austin, Texas that's on many air. But I mean in real estate itself probably since 1996. Speech. I'm in some form or fashion. Tom Chad. Has been no. Investing. And flipping properties since 2009. Is that correct yeah of course I've got twenty years experience and can. Construction in neighborhoods and development. Commercial or residential so let's talk about that so that kind of held to a little bit so and that's where I think listeners it's a listen our radio show and you know I know people watch all the different HDTVs. And everything that's out there. Eighteen and be easy. Yeah if you have somebody there to help you guide you through the process well I played good mentor helps hallway across the board of good coaching good mentors someone that has a life coach and Dominique and truly. Hand you life experiences. They've concert you know take their success and spin them around and and help others went at. What that really charging me that's that's a big deal and that's in any industry that's in any job that's asked for if you have a mentor coach or something and a leader summit that did is there to guide in dvd. He knows which in the right direction is going to help you become successful yeah so kind of anomaly only to say who but I know he had a little coach at the beginning to help you kind of get your car. Courier your your viewership you're. You or job you're investing I know this one guy. Jason Jason Randall he had was his name into a classroom that's a familiar definitely yeah it is coming this guy that day and age is found to be run up out of nowhere and said hey man you need to be a real estate agent come on. Head they say you know get real estate license and Gavin chat and hold out. So how did this is forced them into FL FL I did. Like 2 o'clock in the morning New York real say quite a bit. No it's just because you know I Neely Chad has a lot to offer but things are going back you didn't hear our last episode was. Just starting 2009. No money to his name's corrects I mean you're pretty much starting out from zero Tom coming in and out of industries and just said you know our own and do this so casual sit licenses and you traditional real estate and stumbled upon you notify you know took an investment property and flips. It's so let's let's let's change that let's so really the way it goes out to you is. Yeah I. I did not want to follow standard protocol I didn't want a desk job in Jason's gone no chance you have to show that all these listings. You have to do them on Saturday you had to show the after the open houses on the grass I don't want. That's a real sick and not that I know does not allow why there's got to be another way. And so I did assert look at another way and my life on now man it's. You have to be a tradition of realtors is no other way it was I want heaven I'm like no but I mean why something different. And I saw that I saw something different and along the way it is you know it's gotta open the doors. And the funny thing about this China's is that the truth I mean if you look at look back on everything he just the door was open yeah. They presented itself and Chad's like I'm try this. Yeah and the knows he was addicted you are addicted to golf fans you're addicted to buying property there addicted to you getting in faster so involved for the money for all the fun things he did. And now looking back on it. 267. Properties. You can fathom that I mean an end need to first understand meet back in the battle tonight FFS and outs Adenauer trailer hadn't thought. I mean it it was just night and day not today that you keep in mind when I started that all all of this I was I was. My wife and I are bringing an 800 dollars a month that's it. We are you know paying unemployment right. Is technically an opponent yeah she had gotten laid off I had gotten laid off both of us couldn't find another job anywhere so the engine of course to job that I had been laid off from there are found everywhere not to pay people doesn't save their bottom lines that I am deny deny deny certain night giving you unemployment or not. How go in and out and I'll Wear lose and our house or lose and everything we had this is strike one. We move in the 200 square foot and his closeness 200 bucks a mountain. And you know the rest I was gone towards the car payment and gas and while Newton. We get every flu get into crucial state engineers to win after and so here's the moral of the story is is that Chad. Nye a low orgy with people yeah. And we like to find a way to home. Could everybody back and forth you know in a situation to where you guys understand how to invest and properties right I mean that's kind of what the name of the game as. Teaching everybody how to you find a property. That they can purchase today through whatever means we help them guide to get him some advice on and then show them how it's actually. Make this a little bit 3-D either career which yeah you've proven works. Now or number two loses we show them how to do you know his job a deal here and there. I guess that I have a gym right now that we're going to be meeting with next week yeah that is saying hey you know. Charger radio show it's great I wanna sit down talk TI's FiOS so that's kind of what our goal is is and and teach the public that this is a viable option for people if they do the right things but there's ways that if you do it the wrong way Chad talents. How much half you know I mean you're gonna you're gonna sink yourself from me get into and you can look at every film and think you're making money and not. I mean there are deals you know even you looked at some dose entirely ours look and I'm going hey man with a sport does this work and we just wore to the process. And after walking through that process is like it's 111000 dollar loser yeah. That doesn't work when I looked elsewhere that it looked at numbers in Iraq. All when you look at hard money lending you is all the different scenarios you're looking now and he's like now and check the savior he's hard money lending hanging good leisure cash hey since Sammy sensors known problems. I mean there's some other things or to teach people to loses we're also gonna go over some in the next. Episode of this we're gonna go into actual the buy and hold so when I talk about the end result end result dip we're gonna talk about end result we're also not talk about you know. Buying properties for too long term Reynolds that's because there are situations to that I personally see it being a property manager manager of a few of them here. And my office. There's ways to get stung and and their simple ways is just. Basic go back to the basics of real estate you know had he done a thorough credit check have you done a thorough criminal background right we checked. Although the. There's things you need to be checked to make sure your tenants are qualified. To make sure that are able and willing and able to make the payments that's right basic things and then before you buy their property do a thorough inspector and an inspection inspection. Some of these investments that Chad and I have sort of look at doing together is as I've also said heck this on doesn't work chat page eating brocade may be keeping this is a rental property. Jazz vocalist is a numbers on and then we look at that if it makes sense that's all you don't get stopped and I told us a lot of money. And ushers who wanna buy these properties I've told them I've basically said hey number one is is if the property is makes sense and we do it. And it doesn't sell and a timely manner. What do we need to do next day the next step is going to be hey let's make sure we put an end yeah as. Great exit strategy is very important you know you gotta have vision which is the end result the goal that you wanna tank you know what does that look like. Once you've got that goal of ten you've got to look at your exit strategies along the way when I attain that goal. How I want it to me do I want to exit worth. Three cell number one hole for a long time drone wanna shift into a family trust. So there are some things you wanna look at from that avenue when need to identify and I want to get into real estate. See you need to know what's at what deposition is you have to have vision. After you take that vision on then this thing obstacles along the way now do I wanted to fix afloat don't wanna do a buy and hold to I wanna do a new construction. You don't do I wanted to do commercial don't want new residential. See here's the other problem is is a lot of these investors that I hear and are no easy this all the time they come you know OK so where I find the deal forces deals in Africa and us. That's you know you have if you go to anybody that's successful cooking. They have a few things that they do differently right. MR right playa everybody's got their own kitchen rightness that ethnic or that differently that little recipe inside investment properties you've got to make sure you have that piece of property. And also besides talking about the actual. Buy and hold and the rental properties. When we come right back I what deficit wanna go into. How leaking shill. Everybody where we can bring these properties should choose these investors. To help them and then some newer investors we ghastly can guide them through the actual process sounds good so. Match uniting us before we go to break Don is listening to you guys. I'm trying to figure I can navy's. Dabbled in assay. Yeah I notice I don't I'm always jumping into. Yeah that's coming. Well or. We really enjoy our sponsors and they're they're alias for the commercial real quick but so we'll be right back yeah. We know Austin traffic can via. Challenged. These continue with time saver traffic. Mornings and afternoons on top thirteen seven lead the right choice yeah. Welcome back to the rules say today show I in my hosts is Jason and here's and we also have our executive producer Matt young fellow. And a very very special guest investor here in Austin, Texas. Chad fox blew Hulu. So one and dabbled deeper into easy investing into Austin, Texas real states. And a lot of people use that word pretty freely hey you and invest an awesome by home. Well word totally different episode today and a half that's not just purchasing a home. And we love to help people buy homes they do it all the time. I was a top fifty world are here in Austin, Texas there's over thirteen thousand of us. And those in the top fifty sets that since it says deputy district and a Dutch settlement that everybody's hard work are ya. Palin listen we always look to help people at that what I wanted to bring up does a little bit of our activity over the weekend. We are going to be hosting an open house. I Percy will be doing it at little towns on the amend announcement yet you have not talked about the challenge and so the challenges for me. The broken unit here agreements that you hold an open house every single. Weekend. Through the end of the year gets both 22. Don't analysis when I heard that our FaceBook and personal Tawny now has its 21 is 20/20 121. Time county and down he can't tell Christmas I'm counting down. FF SL Christmas on a Sunday this year anon you know it's it's likely you work I do work I checked our house Simon and you and those extra days and you know my sense to a days in football served a search high school so it's like that you know it's two days from now among. I'm putting into this week I'm due in two on Saturday and one on Sunday some doing three this weekend. The other cool thing that we're doing that you're doing it is to challenge for another giveaway excuse me not to challenge the challenge for you look the giveaway. For people who come into. An open. Yes so everybody likes to. Cool Ers so channel can't coolers the most popular cooler and in that in and around Austin to say yeah Eddie where they made. I think there may be here I think somebody needs to reach out to yet easy thing get in the sponsor IPOs are not really that they're not a sponsor for the record I honestly I yeah. We needed disclosure now and a but dad basically not say a little bit about that silly saddened that sitting and our Contra must likewise completed just kind of an eighty Knoll yeah thank people for coming out are open houses and you know giving us an opportunity to help them buy and sell real state. Town map. So we're gonna do is we're actually gonna give me any cooler. And then work image given away including so it's not gonna be like a little I think matchbox car any crap that. Yeah both is not a real small not a lot of honey it's going to be a good cooler. So we're gonna get one of those and what you have to do is just to come in the open house. By any of our agents so any of our agents that have an open house during from now until the end of the year dip so. You have from now until new years so this can be like you knew New Year's resolution as to when he Eddie cooler dream actually solicited drawing that you're doing basically what we're gonna do is we're gonna have like a hash tag which are gonna put on the on FaceBook or Seagram however you do it down and you gotta had to use that hash tag. And then you have to take a picture with the agent in the house. So you can't just take a picture viewing your house randomly and then attacking kids WTA it's got to be the DA and and so what they're gonna do is and they're gonna. Who weren't at the end of the year. We're gonna have like like a live drawing on the radio show yeah where we're going to. Announced the winner. And then hopefully maybe. If they want to maybe even invite them on to the show and haven't sit down for a segment to Tesco. So we had a little bit more layer to this so Tony eighteen found anybody that shows up for the 2017 Europe so going to be entered into a drawing for our 2018 and now were hoping that we can make a big announcement at the end of 2017. That origami rafts and not for Mercedes Dan is saying it's our goal and when he team I'd like to rattle off how often. Lol yeah. Yeah you could do that enough that's possible how else you want to ask him while. Hostage and that's that's coming soon for sure. I'm innocent and does not farfetched as I mean HE and you can live Mercedes you can get a house. And we can do house wanna just do. Your it is there is still out there. But the Eddie cooler is a first year. I absolutely do and yet he cooler we're doing we won that upgrade this it's when he eighteen so. On my goal is is says it's a grow rematch solely to grow and will were turned to do here is a company. To get back to the communities that's kind of basing that. Has been a focal point serving the communities. We want to have a serving day where we actually go out there and help communities. And serve people in the communities that. Can be disabled can't paint or how else do yards and things. We're also talking about doing maybe a little walk like one of the walks nor do and that law alzheimer's walk teams now are either do dad either in Georgetown and Austin there's two days out there so I told them we're going to be doing that sort of weird. We're trying to get more involved in the community. Please and and listeners please if you guys think of anything that you know that you needed the need help lists or things or we can do Hillary actually pleaser reach out to matter myself. Matthew my address Matt at Austin. We love giving back so as there's need in the community in Austin Cedar Park ground or torch charming and urges us cellular south and south. Hey guys that was kind of my little quick announcement. Morgan dive deeper now back in two and now investing in the. Austin, Texas and Chad fox. Cells six what we're talking and ours is the buy and hold so give a little description on buying and holding why I was amigo buying cold and you know I know flips a really simple one goal but. Buy and hold YEC a lot of your investors and your partners do you partner apple is why they do final. The mailbox money he has the biggest weapons and obviously uses. It's now plus money. You know you buy after you buy a house to buy car in the past the simple simple strategy here and you turn around and he didn't. Cash flow 500 dollars mom it's not a hundred dollars a month he's been on the car and down you know so you eat typically don't wanna throw your money away. In buying a car them just from my house. Service is is simple I mean it's not that difficult today as you guys here Chad Jimmie Chad stand 267. Properties and he is actually. Closed on these homes these aren't you know talks these are these properties you still currently have threatened EZ ZZ six. I make that clear for everybody yeah very we've turned these properties. You know do and that two and a half years simply. He's easier chats eighty sings a mean needy sure this could hear a lot of people that they've got these infomercials that are like hey come locals in the Israel stays organized cellular. Had a sincere apology note that the bottom line is is that you're gonna hear. Quite different chat on how it's done how he has done an. And how you can needless chat denying any he ever won a media sound you can call me director at 512 you. 73641593. Or you can reach me to office 5129300000. And we've Oreo one point is so we would love to. Talk to you guys in his new one on one if he needs some help guidance and now we can glitch in the right direction with or without us true I mean if you want some just one on one time with Chad and I we need god to give it to you Def. And he needs some direction so. The bar in the holds mailbox money mean. You currently have a few properties turn Austin that are rental properties. Would you agree with you know screen people look and those turn to tennis that is less than your liabilities. Absolutely. Absolutely I mean the eve. Not now life happens you know understand that life does happen and so you have you might screen somebody thorough and the end and they need all your criteria is worth. It's three times their brands you know the three times in a so there income is good to have backgrounds good deftly the amount money they've got for the deposits is god everything everything looks bright. They can turn around and move then and still I think she yeah you know life happens so. You do want to scream them thoroughly you just don't wanna put somebody in there going oh well let's just see what happens that's hard Soria. Well I'll say this on another note Chad I mean I think there relationships I mean I think this is in Dini dizziness or any aspects in life if you build a good relationship with somebody I mean example our relationship we've known each other for. Probably over thirty plus years the relationship that you cultivate wheat people they're genuine. Class a lifetime as I mean everybody can agree that. So let's go to that her relationship with save property management. I mean efforts from horse shores are property managers to where it's a disaster. The way did they treat the actual tenant. And the poor guy who owns this property that's got his neck on the line. Two. Contained a note every month if he doesn't know and on and he or she pays taxes it's as liability. And it's an asset. People that are managing it can be a liability instead of an asset they chewed it can be major about that issue do you want to make sure that whoever's management. It is doing an excellent job this is layman's terms this is the simplest basic way to be an investor. In Austin, Texas and do it correctly. And make any genuine amount of money and wouldn't you agree I. Yeah oh yeah. Nine holes are definitely did a good source. On the other end of that thing. It's gonna go to an idea smelly after you got a hold onto the property he did that cheap enough Marin you know Mullen you can actually get into it and let it go up and in value of the turnaround and turn it. Turn later on and go buy two more different you know that's that I asked us to principle behind any one thing we do its investors to uses when the property does go up let's say the values go up and carry and the appreciation goes up you know it's gonna come down again now Ilia yeah you're gonna have another 089101112. When things just start to sort of get ready so and we just tell people were like hey you know like when you buy this property. Five this property put 25% Hampshire have to feel mortgage Kanye got a 400 dollar cash flow. When the market slows down that's 400 allergy bring down your rant to compensate after the time when the economy comes down. You're not just buying and selling these investment property shoe by hand. Hold fast track you are buying and selling because that's where I think you you lose equity we need do that cell. Come again armed Chad's going to be on the the show quite a bit lately it hasn't gotten a lot of feedback journal some taxes from each ads though. Want mom and your experience. Your expertise. Your friendship with me it's it's genuine man and it is it is rather an I've been through it unpunished in the market. I understand you know it's kind of cool I enjoy. Do in this and I'm looking forward to. Continued. Rico you know and it's continued. Radiation is so here's organ and do so only give you more time my direct number 5127361593. Or you can reach media office at 5129300000. And we thank you for listening to our show and supporting us and you know have a great we can't nurses this weekend and we'll talk can actually. Doesn't every week night. Get the latest business news from CNBC. Weekday mornings at 630 in May thirtieth weekday afternoons at 12343530. We. Make you smarter home. Hopefully it'll also make use some money yeah. Stay connected we talk thirteen seventy the right choice.