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Sunday, May 13th

Retirement & Income Radio, for May 13.


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Welcome to retirement and income radio with your host John Bird left. John is a safe money specialist primarily serving Austin and all of central Texas. But he's sought after nationally for his expertise in helping people secure their retirements. And eighty plus member of the Better Business Bureau. Mr. Burton led is a licensed life insurance professional in the state of Texas and Colorado Ohio and Hawaii. And specializes in working with people who are your retirement for those who have already retired with wealth management. Income planning and asset protection strategies. And now here to talk with a view about retirement and income from your host John Bird led. Yeah thank you for joining me this week I'm charmer that close to retirement and income radio I specialize an asset and retirement protection. I'm president of boomers advisory group. Hey no marker rich retirement planning company serving all central Texas. Could it be nice to just once in your life to know about something bad that was going to happen before it actually happened. Just think how different our lives would be. Market corruption shared detection. All the films of the world but never being problem because we can always stay one step ahead. Unfortunately. The world we live in is very different than the ideal and when we wake up in the morning we never know what to date has in store for us. Fortunately the unexpected can be playing for financially. With no more your strategies that locked in market gains and never and I mean never experienced market losses. I want you to dwell on this point. No matter what you CNN news or any day of your life no matter how bad Wall Street response to the news here cap will never go backwards due to market declines. As to market perform you have the opportunity for games if the market crashes in your money does not participate in those losses. You can even get a bonus of up to 8% for opening this late money account today. Give me a call us anytime 844 victory Q4. Say. That's 8443247233. Someone available last year called an hour any day of the week make sure I mention that you'd like your free copy of our 115 paid retirement and come book. An insider's guide to new market risk retirement strategies that will show you how to protect your money from the fees and market downturn. I'm sure just like me that you honor our soldiers and their service to our country. Is their sacrifice that gives us the privilege even to talk about option to retirement safety and security. What does say country it would be impossible to find safe haven for money. That being said the Mattel has story of a noble soldier. The children had the mindset of fighting with a gun lacked honor and chose only to fight with his knife. He was honorable brave and highly skilled and all like to fighting and all Cutler weapons yet he persisted and only use and his night in battle. Unfortunately his enemies did not participate in his ideals and even though the soldiers fought bella he died in the bath. The moral of the story is that good intentions don't win battles and if you bring in director of gun fight your defeated well before the fight even begins. Good intentions must be matched by the red equipment to complete the mission. Let me ask you this is your retirement suffering from bad equipment choices. You're investment advisor might have very good intentions. But it appears she is usually wrong tools to keep your money safe than your retirement may very well be destined to die in the bath. Rich investment should be retirement tools mostly used for the young or extremely wealthy. There's too often they're used for those that are in or approaching retirement that cannot afford to lose their money. Also just because your broker challengers say it doesn't make it true. Unfortunately. Many investments such as bonds gold and bare bone duties are often advertised as safe even though they're far from being free from market risk. Don't let your retirement died due to poor equipment choice which he need to consider using no market risk strategies for the very dangerous times we live him. No market really planning can provide protection from volatile markets and can even provide guaranteed growth about the 7% in income account that would provide your lifetime income. You can simply never out there. He brought the right equipment of your retirement call me now they've 44324. Say. That's 8443247233. For free copy of my 115 page retirement and income book. And also my customized retirement and income kit. How would you like it guaranteed first your return of up to 7% bonus or more. 100% guarantee safety from market declines and no taxes while your money compounds. For bright future. I can assure you waited in the minute fees and charges normally associated with retirement accounts. Once again my number's 844. Three to 4%. That's 844324723. Victory. Welcome back to us as we went time what is the difference between you and the stock broker. Which some humor but also from Syria says well one difference is that I won't jump out of a window at the stock market corrections. That may be a joke but with every joke there's often a sheet of true. I can only Joker are elected from McLaren because of the millions and millions of dollars of retirement money that I protected. That a single peony has ever been lost due to market declines. Also in all honesty I can't figure out why variable products that this product where you can lose your money or call security should. What is secure about the I can assure you there returned a market crashes nobody feels secure. Speaking of securities let me tell you know the story wintertime one time that would be very reluctant to talk. It was the same usual reading The Herald that he would sell had someone who takes care amount money. This happens over and over again for a couple of years until one day said we need to talk. I want you to exact figures here we will welcome Joseph to protect his information. But his considerable amount of money. Lost half of that and then gained back about half of those losses. When we were done moving your retirement money to know market strategies to market dropped almost 1000 points and one day. Now note today we should be in here about 56700. Point movements. Pretty often. When I had them simple question Joseph how do you feel to wake up in the morning with watching the market is that it was predictable he said it feels great to. Stress come from many sources and the thought about living or losing your money is probably at the top of the list for many of you at or near retirement. I'm here to tell you did a very good chance we can read you that stretch. If you like to learn more call for our retirement and income book and retirement income kids. These items can change your financial life for the better again our numbers 8443. Q4 shape. That's a 443247233. There's no cost or obligation. So many of you were in the same situation Joseph was you do it already retired and his financial advisor had a deduction been minding your approach where you can lose money. The losses incurred so fast he can do anything to stop them from when he called advisory was told don't word Georgia resident out. A what some of these advisors would explain to their clients how they're not supposed to worry when have to money's gone. Also electing a white voters to get paid fees diminish people's money when the illusion. Of all the legislation that try to protect consumers from bad investments one simple law that would protect everybody as variation. How about a no financial amount to get paid a dime of permissions when his client loses money or better yet if the Clinton loses money. The financial advisor. Have to pay back is commissions to the club. Toy fair right. I'm here to tell you that there's a better way. Not a penny of my compensation comes from out of your deposit and not one penny of your money will ever experience losses for market declines. When you call me measured but our lifetime income options with upfront bonuses to about 8% or more. That would never assured him losses no matter how far the market falch. And a minimum guaranteed lifetime income growth of up to 7% for up to seven years. It was a call they spoke for three Q4. Safe. Also make sure enough for our 313. Paid retirement and income books that's 115 pages of everything your broker does not want you to know. Call 8443247233. We'll have to take a short break this is John Burnett and you're listening to retirement and income radio. Let's pause for some exciting announcement. Have you ever heard promoters of the risk based investment savings. I hate annuities. They don't hate annuities they just don't want you to bond one. What's the truth behind their marketing if you invest more money with a deep based financial advisor nor money becomes a bear annuity. An annuity isn't insurance contract we're in exchange for your premium you get guaranteed growth and a lifetime of income. If you invest your money where you have to pay amendments beef you become the annuity for the advisor. You give them your money and fees they charge become very lifetime income payments. Don't you already own annuities for social security and pension payments are into the show the real question is. You want more guaranteed income for yourself or do you want your retirement to be guaranteed income to your financial advisor. Don't listen to the heaters when they say they hate annuities they're actually saying that they hate you not paying them fees for a lifetime. To see if an annuity that pays you not your advisor is right for you. Call us now at 1844324. Save. That's 844. 3247233. You're listening to retirement income radio we've your host John Burton left. Welcome back to retirement income radio. I'm John Burnett this state money retirement specialists. How nice would it be to never worry about losing any of your retirement money. Many of you might be thinking yeah we're about my retirement. But deepens you know those are famous networks. 92% of America is one market graduated from the retirement plans being permanently changed. Don't let your retirement their victim of randomness of market time. My plan your work 3040 and sometimes even fifty years to get where they are and their money is now guaranteed to never whose opinion due to market risk. Unfortunately I mean people every week to waited too long to call me. They talked a market would just keep on going up and up here's another guarantee the market never and I mean never keeps going up. It goes up and go down and be assured that his death and taxes. Call me now from our retirement and income kids these premature to assure you had to take advantage of stock market gains. But locking in that upset the market will never participating in the market downturn. While supplies last I will also be given when my retirement and income booked my 115. Page book shows you how to put your retirement on auto pilot. While avoiding high feasts. My phone numbers 844324. Safe. Some of our lifetime income accounts are now paying up to 7% or more shine bonus. Up to 8% or more compounded interest and have guaranteed income for life. In other words you can never outlive your retirement money gone now and 8443247233. Speaking of incoming need to share a huge huge misconception about how people think of their retirement. Many people have been taught by educators and financial planner to think of their income as a pile of money. For example you might have a 100000 dollars in retirement account right now and be thinking that in order to retire he needs 500000. Have to tell you that this type that they can ruin more people retirement plans to volatile stock market and all the scam artists combined. Retirement is not about how big your camp is it's about how much income you have. I know people that have almost nothing and retirement accounts aren't very comfortably in your golden years and they do that. It's called passive residual income. Passive residual income is Monday compute every single month regardless of how much money you have your bank account or your ability to work. They come from not thinking of your money as an account value but rather as an income that. Some of you have commercially. Released property that Peja positive cash flow month after month. So the Bible also pay monthly royalties. They're undergo interviews have become backlash over the years I've shown my time until the particular raid their 401 k.s. Or other retirement accounts and turned him into internment camps. Income accounts that would grow until they're ready to retire and convert the money into passive residual income so they can enjoy the rest of their life. Knowing they'll never outlive their mind. Mac customized retirement income kit will help you change do we think about your retirement money. This information is just one quick call waiting on numbers 844324. Safe. Your broker or maybe tell you right now that the market risk is good and he can help you manage that risk. In my retirement ending a book I debunked all the investment world double talk and show you know. Taking charge or your retirement is the best way to being freed from fees and market risks. Call now for your free no obligation copy of my retirement and income book. Call 8443247233. Did you know another way to get residual income is to manage people's money and charge them high speech that threat. Your broker get paid month after month after month even if you lose money. Is that fair. Must save money book and retirement income kit should you have and is it your retirement on auto pilot and keep IP from eating away your hard earned money. Once again my number's 8443247. Choose to read three. You should know that I do not get any of your mind. The highly rated companies I work with pay me directly 100% of your money goes to work for you they want. We'll go backwards wouldn't you can always go forward. As it just did you ever play would dominoes you remember stacking them so much sometimes spend hours to get them lined up perfectly. I remember having my entire family are living room for covered with those little black blocks. Waiting for the moment when all my hard work persistence and dedication would pay off. I remember having a metric enacted only result and a pleasure human accomplishment pay off that tip my final domino over. How great it would be just feel them all in perfect order just as I had planned. Now back to reality. Halfway through built in my work or work my younger sister or my family pet would prematurely destroyed my elaborate plans for kicking no in my abdominal which. Is that just like retirement exposed to market risk. Many brokers and financial manager you can elaborate and expensive so we're programs. To show you how your money invested with them we'll build a retirement you can camera. Many companies tell you put your money into 401 k.s and by the time you're 65. Everything will work out. All your dominoes are in a row right all you can do is tracking your stocks bonds and mutual fund and someday you'll be of the trip over your last job. Many retirees thinking just that in 1980 to 19861992002. Documentary or 2008. These are all years not too long ago when the stock market decided to kick over the retirement plans. How'd you like to have dominos that don't fall back. Aren't you tired of starting your retirement plan over. Are you tired of taking one step forward and to step back. And attendant discovered no market rich retirement strategies. Call me now and actually had to keep your retirement safe. I'll give you free of charge a copy of my retirement and income book and it retirement income kit. Call 844324. Safe. That's 8443247233. This is John Burnett your roof to retirement and income radio. I'll be right back after this informative message. Have you ever heard promoters of a risk based investment say I hate annuities. They don't hate annuities they just don't want you to buy one. What's the truth behind their marketing if you invest more money with a theme based financial advisor your money becomes a bear annuity. An annuity isn't insurance contract we're in exchange for your premium you get guaranteed growth and a lifetime of income. If you invest your money where you have to pay a management fee. You become the annuity for the advisor. You give them your money and the fees they charge become their lifetime income payments. Don't you already own annuities social security and pension payments are new to the show the real question is. You want more guaranteed income for yourself or do you want your retirement to pay guaranteed income to your financial advisor. Don't listen to the haters when they say they hate annuities they're actually saying that they hate you not paying them fees for a lifetime. To see if an annuity that pays you not your advisor is right for you. Call us now at 1844324. Straight. That's 844. 3247233. Now back to more retirement and income radio. When you're host John Berlet. Thank you for tune into retirement and income radio. I'm John Burnett and no market risk retirement and asset protection specialist. Did you ever watch the television game show Deal or No Deal was Howard Mandell. This should be very popular contestant on the show would choose briefcases one by one in the process of elimination. It brief case would reveal a dollar value with the top prize being one million dollars. The contestants were trying to eliminate the smaller value president hopes that to briefcases filled in his or her hands. What the higher value priced. Or maybe even the million dollar prize cash after a few brief cases were chosen this shows banker would offer to contestants and amount of money to put together. The offer was based on average of the dollar match still left to be revealed and contestants could either take the offer and quit the game or say. No deal. And continue on selecting briefcases. Thinking about it this is kinda how I work from my clients I give them the options and they say Deal or No Deal. They can take the option of risk and losing their money or the option of geared to grow in my lifetime of income they can't outlive. Here's the deal I can offer. I but I guarantee of a bonus for your money of up to 8%. But I guarantee on your income account they've grown adept at 7% or more for the purpose of receiving guarantees lifetime income. Probably guarantee that your principal in return we'll never decreased due to market losses. If you'd like to learn more call for our free retirement and income book and retirement and income kit call 844324. Safe. Again our numbers 844324. Safe that's 8443247233. If you don't like what I'm all for you can say no deal there's no obligation. Whenever I would Lester showed Deal or No Deal there were always be a contestant who has offered a pretty good amount of money by the banker to quit the game. I remember thinking to myself but probably more money than their version has ever received at one time. Why wouldn't he take Fisher thing rational thinking would tell you to take golfer would be a wide shortage. Sure they can possibly win more if you played on but he could also end up with far less or virtually nothing. I enjoyed watching the contestants conflict or choice many times as well or family member would be standing near them. And they would be pleading take the offer but sure enough human nature and greed usually won the day is to contestants shouted no deal. And you do have watched the show and all too well other issues and it turned out with the contestants looking pretty foolish at the end. The Golan homes jumped onto at a fraction of what to could've had if they've taken your original offer sometimes they go home with almost nothing. Maybe we can take the risk of losing everything in the game show what can you take there is with your retirement. As you know in the me right now the American looking at your retirement money and turned aside Deal or No Deal. You would target entire not to build up in this state that just what you don't need your retirement just suffer from overall deal. I'm here to tell you that there's a better way and if you'd like a lifetime income account that isn't wasted away by fees. That come would upfront bonuses of update percent or more. That would never show you any market losses no matter how far the market fall and allow you to plan Berlin and as long as possible. Think it was a holiday for forestry Q4 safe. Make sure to ask for a free 115 page retirement and income book that's 115 pages of everything your broker did not want you to know. Call 8443247233. Someone's available live your golden hour any day of the week. Did you notice someone is trying to take your money away your brokerage charging your heart be shielding it residual income while you take the risk of loss. Did you hear me your take it there as well someone else who benefiting from if you lose they still win. Wikipedia and Internet research website says that a multi year Deal or No Deal was on TV. Only two people in the United States ever won the top prize. My friends nothing far too many similarities over the years for far too many people between that game show Deal or No Deal and a real life retirement game. The only problem is when it comes to your retirement this is no game. You work. And saved your whole life sacrificing income for years to put money away and yet IRA are forward today. And it could be gone overnight when something totally beyond your control. Have you worked way too hard to leave this to change. Playing games is for the young and Richard can afford losses because they're the luxury of time because then the money that can afford to lose. If you're like most Americans those with less than five million their retirement assets. Losing the game is devastating because when you're at or near retirement usually don't have time to play the game again. I say usually don't have time because anybody can get lucky. Some of you may have lost a lot of money over the last decade and maybe got a chance to play the game again and got lucky enough to get back what you lost. He might do an incredible sense of relief maybe you even feel proud of yourself let me ask you why would you be happy to lose something and get it back again. Wouldn't it have been better to never lost an effort flesh wouldn't it have been better for your participation in the market growth without any risk of market loss. Wouldn't you rather Cameron guarantees that the assumptions. Given the chance star fewer new deal they retirement plan based on up to 7% wrote in my lifetime income account. That could be used to guarantee you a lifetime of income that you can never outlive. Calling now for a free retirement income booked their retirement and income kit. A 44324. Safe that they 443247233. Our planning is based on guarantees not assumptions once again our. Number date for a 43247233. At a time and I would like to thank you for listening to retirement income radio. Leadership is about your financial future to give me a car together we'll get your retirement savings on the fashion director growth without marker rich. Thanks for listening until next time. The same attack on John Berlet reminding you to stay shape you can chip and truly secure future. You've been listening to retirement and income radio we you're host John Bird led. Find out how to guarantee that your hard earned money is safe so it's always growing and never losing in order to have the future that you deserve. Called John Berlet now for your free retirement and income kids at 1844324. Safe. That's 8443247233. The preceding information does not represent task legal or investment advice surrender charges apply to these contracts. Optional lifetime income benefit writers are used to calculate what I came home and unavailable for cash surrender or in a death benefit unless specified in the annual contract. These may apply guarantees are based on the financial strength and claims paying ability of the insurance company. No information presented they should be acted upon without meeting with a qualified and licensed professionals obviously by calling us now you're just taking the first steps towards protecting your retirement. It's important that you read all insurance contract disclosures carefully before making a purchase decision free to return mentioned on this program may vary based on state availability and are subject to change without notice how.