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Sunday, May 20th
Retirement & Income Radio, for May 20.

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Welcome to retirement and income radio with your host John Berlet. John is a safe money specialist primarily serving Austin and all of central Texas. But he's sought after nationally for his expertise in helping people secure their retirements. And eighty plus member of the Better Business Bureau. Mr. Burton led is a licensed life insurance professional in the state of Texas Colorado Ohio and Hawaii and and specializes in working with people who are your retirement or those who have already retired with a wealth management. Income planning and asset protection strategies. And now here to talk with you about retirement income to your host John Bird led. Welcome to retirement and income radio punch number less president of boomers advisory. An asset their retirement protection company right engine protection. Ask your question would you take your retirement money into Las Vegas and invested in the game of chance. In February 2009 Bloomberg article house education and labor committee chairman George Miller shed 401K retirement plans do not provide. Sufficient retirement security for many Americans. He also said and I quote. For too many Americans 401K plans have become little more than a high stakes crapshoot. If your 401K F 403 BH TSA for 57. Or any other type of retirement account that she no longer controlled by your employer. Then we need to talk. Even if you're still working in your age 59. We may be able to help you protect the retirement money at your current workplace. If you have an irate that you're concerned about losing to the high stakes game of market losses and volatility. And I have some important. My free retirement and income book and retirement income kit. Gives you all the information you need to take advantage of these offers please call 844324. Say. And I'll be more than happy to graduate our 115 page book is sure you have to divorce your broker temperature retirement money on on about it. Once again and number 8443247233. The multibillion dollar A rating companies I work with guarantees virtue returned to about 8% or more. You can also get up to 7% compounded annual growth guarantee from the lifetime income McCouch. You worked hard your whole lot to build up this money taken advantage of the employer matching challenge and that's kind of make sure you don't lose. You know jumped on failures like an elevator. We have all that time when everything seems to be going good for our retirement. Maybe you feel that way right now. The site run an elevator headed straight up depend how much. Every day you wake up on a higher floor and factor retirement money doing so well you don't pay attention to what Troy your arm. The dim hallway shouted you feel that sinking feeling. You know what I mean we have all felt when that elevator started to drop our stomach go after a stroke. When your elevator started going down wind is supposed to be going up it's not a given anybody likes. Channel like the unexpected turn hinged on your airplane flight. Before you know it here generator dropping so fast that joy can do to hold on your broker's telling you don't word to market will hit bottom. It might also hear there's a great buying opportunity. Well guess what this the same thing that other times every time the market dropped. The good news is that the elevator rarely dropped without stopping on a few floors along the way the problem is hardly anybody gets off the elevator. Maybe they're hoping that would start to go back up. It's kind of like the gambler does waiting for the next big hand he she is lecturing and but things are back in just hit direct charge everything will be okay. I'll tell you why you're receiving all this double talk. Brokerages sell risk money or what we call in the industry variable annuities make their money even when your elevator cars in a freefall. The fees they charge you reduce your camp where there's going up or down this money is made every single year and here you know no matter what. Let me ask you knew I think you should have to pay someone to lose your money. I think you know they capture. I never charge my charge fees my compensation is paid directly from the highly rated companies I worked. I like the accounts broker may provide with our new market risk strategy 100% of your phones start working for you day one. I'll show you how this works with our free retirement income book and the retirement ending a kid just go away for four preachers for safe. That's a 44324723. Victory. You have a choice he get off the elevator right now before goes into a freefall. I have an elevator car waiting for you hold the door open they're great thing about this drug is it only goes up. Your growth may pocono on them in a market dropped but it never goes down and never goes back porch. Your principal is guarantee your danger or locked in and you can even get up to 8% bonus on your money just for opening an account. Your money will only participate in market gains never losses. Some bland even have guaranteed that the year after year in fact for many as twenty years your lifetime income account will grow by 7% or more. And you'll have an income you can never live. That's a guarantee that your account would at least double every ten years for the lifetime income. Don't you wish you had a lifetime income account there has doubled in the last ten years when I can't. I want you know there's hope for your hard earned retirement dollars that we're together make your money safer market risk taxes fees and inflation. All you need to do is call 8443. Jews for safety jumpin on elevated only goes up. Met today you decide to protect your retirement. Call me get your free retirement and then come book and retirement income hit. Our 115 paid retirement and income book is a comprehensive guide to putting your investments on auto pilot reducing or eliminating fees. And taking advantage of market games without a downside risk to market losses. Once again my number's 844324. Safe that's a 443247. Shoot threes jury. This is John Burnett you're close to retirement and become radio and I'll be right back after this informative message. Things in times such. You can get them to their pets and beating. Are you go to legal let me read. What do you do in the morning. Do you spend time with your first couple copies looking at the newspaper watching financial news on television. How would you like to get that part of your life back. Our clients never have to watch financial news on TV or read about it in the paper because their results are guaranteed. If the market goes up they can participate. If the market goes down they never participate. Now that's peace of mind. Wouldn't you rather enjoy your mornings instead of killing them with the stress of the market's call us now. And we can show you how to sleep at night without the worry of market risk and now living your retirement money. Our phone number is 1844324. Or shape. That's 8443247233. I think we've been kidding ourselves. He weighed down by between three and four and a half percent generally across seas markets let's talk about the speed with which we are watching this market deteriorate. Down one point 7% your loss of 37 points and we haven't seen anything like this probably since the Great Depression I think it's fair to say. Gore listening to retire. This could be the the most serious recession in decades. The message is simple yet profound today instead of settling for ordinary planning an ordinary results. You can have advanced planning its superior results. Business owners. Some of your horse twenty and even thirty years to build your business you're ready to sell this asset and go into retirement but you don't wanna risk or lose any of your hard earned money. How about 41 K owners have you recently changed jobs and now you have a retirement account you don't wanna see disappear due to market losses to. If you have money you're counting on for retirement we can make sure you sleep at night with contract guarantees you will not participate in market losses and a minimum return that will double your money in ten years. For a lifetime of income you can not have lived. So don't stay on an elevator that may be heading for the basement. Stop the bleeding now and revive your retirement. That's advanced planning. And now you can have it you don't have to settle for the ordinary or call 1844324. Sheets. That's 8443247233. You're listening to retirement and income radio yeah. We've your host John Berlet. Welcome back I'm John Burnett you're both from retirement and then come radio. A new market risk retirement specialists working with our direction protects you from Austin to Wakefield. An all points in between them. Then and vision question I'd like to ask you. And how much of your money is currently in the market all of it 50%. 80%. Did you make a conscious decision to have that particular percentage point exposed to market risk or did it just sort of happen. Why am I asked him. As it should before the market grew up in the market's going down how much of your life savings that's exposed to market risk it is very important consideration. That's why strongly encourage everyone to think about their money in terms of red mining and green monkey. These terms may sound funny but I've read they'll help us understand a very important concept that may explain. Red money is money that you're willing to expose to market risk and hope to much higher return. Which shut the possibility of losses even significant losses and hopes of a greater games. Redmond is exposed to upside and downside market risk. Green money is about safety and security. With the reminding we're not willing to accept the risk of losses so we are willing to accept a lower return in exchange. Green minded enough have downside market risk. Short written manage exposure to upside and downside market risk angry money had only upside market potential which one is better. What is probably the wrong question for me to be asked because neither one is inherently good or bad. It really all depends. The very important question we should ask yourself are these. What percentage of my money should be in Redmond. What version of my money should be in agreement. If you're at or near retirement you should ask yourself if any money should be in red money. Can you afford to lose any of your retirement funds. Would you rather take two steps forward and three steps back or just take one step at a time and never take a step back. If you'd like to learn how to step forward and never backward. Call for our retirement and income book and retirement and income kit that could change your financial life for the better. Again our numbers 844324. Safe. Let's say 443247233. There's no cost or obligation. Let me tell you what red money is good for script for the young and the rich. The young have time on their side and can afford to lose money and hope that they can make it back in the future. The rich can afford at least to lose some of their money and still live comfortably. By rich I mean those people who have adequate green money to guarantee they'll always had the income they need and never out live it and still have money left over. For Redmond. If you're at or near retirement you should definitely be in the green which is the money that cannot belong due to market declines. Many people really that all their money should be in green money. Virtually nothing that makes a lot of sense. Many people work we're regardless of their age weren't a 100% green money. Because they noted to have upload market participation. Without accepting any downside market reached. Isn't it time for you to go green which your retirement. Give me a call an 844 victory to forsake. We will show you how that is done. Not only can you have some upside growth linked to the market was down in downside market risk. But you can get a purge your bonus of up to 8% on all your money just for open an account. He can also lock and guarantee growth of up to 7% on the income account. How about that no downside market risk a bonus and guaranteed grows on the lifetime income account of up to 7%. College for four entry to forsake. That take 4432472. Victory three will arrange to show you how it works. Over the years what we've learned is that having green money provides an enormous benefit that tremendous sense of comfort and relief for the person making that decision. Think about it. The word goes away just let if you had read money losses and get upset probably the money should not have been redmen. So this makes it easy to decide you ask yourself this question if you were to lose some most or all of your money would you be upset. Dentures jest in your money should be in green money account. You may be asking yourself what remind me options are there other than cash checking savings account at bank CDs. That threat get to help you. Call me an April 4 street Q4 safe and that's specifically. For free retirement income kit and would show you some exciting options. You're about a green money optioned it has up to that market potential is not exposed to market risk. That comes with the approach bonuses of up to 8%. And has a minimum guaranteed income account growth of up to 7%. For up to twenty years should. Call it 443247233. Right now. And also left for your free retirement and income book with all this information. I strongly believe that we face and very difficult market tangent of future. War politics national debt tremendous volatility corruption. Global economies and many more things for us to worry about. The mortality benefit plans focused and hungry and many options the more my class get to sleep at night without worry and stress. I shut these 220. Looking ahead and making wise choices to protect our retirement savings requires an understanding that waiting is an invitation to all and regret. If you're able to convert some current retirement savings in the green money where would never lose value due to market declines. And would be able to realize gains from the market. Would that make sense. Turning red Monique and degree in Miami there's like magic the danger fall away replaced by peace and contentment. Posted it for forestry to force safe that's it for 4324723. Victory. We're available to end your call now or any day of the week. Since I have to take a break Howard be a great time to call me for your free retirement income book and retirement and income get. Numbers 844324. States yeah that's it for four streak to 47233. Isn't it time to stop the exploding near retirement you marker rich. You're listening to retirement and then cover you with John burlesque. Somehow these trials plus 800 million goes over the. Retired and then you come review. Overrun. Do you think the market is going up or going down or is that even the right question asking them. Here's a better question. When the market goes up you get to locking your name's. What do you never had to worry about the market going up or down and here's another question do you have a guaranteed plan to never outlive your retirement money. What if the market crashes are the same time you need to start using your money for retirement. Taking withdrawals from your retirement account can have devastating consequences. Are free retirement and income book then retirement and income kids. Can show you how to avoid market risk. And guarantee a lifetime of income pick up the phone and call us now at 1844324. Seat. That's 8443247233. Plumes of. In my own grandmother loves every doubt waiting to see I love could download though there. I don't okay. Really you're seeing just broad based declines across all of the major technology sectors. Getting the stock trading in. We see where this went on fire so we just. Heightened financial turmoil that we have experienced of late. Okay well lengthen the period of weak economic performance and further increase the risk to growth. You're listening to retire. And now back to more retirement and income radio. With your host John Bird led. Thank you for tuning into retirement and then from radio and Charles Burnett and mark your wrist retirement and asset protection. Lol you're like our 315. Pays retirement income we'll. And the custom tailored retirement income kids close nowadays for four stricken Porsche. The kit will be customized to your situation and contain the DOJ about or no market risk strategy should. How you can learn market like returns without market risk reduce or eliminate the fees. And drove with the worry knowing your retirement money is safe and growing call 8443247233. We've talked about how real risk of exposure to the market has not discussed in the media or by brokerage house which. We usually and no market really strategy. Based of specialized plants that can provide for your return to look at 7% or more including contractual guarantees that you never show furlough. Because the stock market declines while locking in your yearly gains and also no fees or approach taken from your deposit. This message is different from what you normally hear on financial plan shows largely because our concept are different. Most brokers based their financial planning based on something called modern portfolio theory. This theory basically divides up your money and put it in the different investment category each another word for this is diversification. The process of diversification. Is supposed to minimize your losses that the market dropped. One thing that we rarely talked about is an awful amateur games when the market goes up. We have a better idea what if you could participate in some of the market gains without participating in any of the market losses. Our emphasis is on preservation and your principal participation in market gains and lifetime income that you cannot outlive. We help you show up for retirement you can be sure of markets always retention who knows but when the market goes into the next dive it won't matter to you once you've escaped the volatility of the markets. He'll be smiling knowing that your hard earned money at 100% safe from any and all market losses. How to reduce debt. We stay away from stocks and mutual funds and variable annuities all of those are exposed to market losses. My number big 404 entry to enforce safe. Calling anytime to receive a free retirement and income book and customized retirement and income kit that can really impact your life. That's it for forestry Q4 7233. After about our lectern income maximize your strategy though I do to build up an income account to compound at 8%. This account can be used to guarantee you'll never outlive your retirement money she when you suffer a loss in the market even a small loss you have free drop the law. Value is just one girl. The second problem is that the time it takes to make that that loss. But the third from this it's almost impossible for you regain your losses let me explain why. If you have a market exposure to account of 400000 and market dropped by 30% your candidate dropped 7000 right. Very painful. But that's just to begin imagine that the market going back up to next year about 30% are you bet your original 100000. No. Definitely not wanna. After dropping 30% the cameras of 7000 troops 30% gain is on the 70000. Started shammond should have done is coming 10011000. Attitude seven newsman you want. They would take it 43%. Gain to get back to where we start him which was 200 stuff. That is why people rarely recover losses my favorite question definitely as measures. When does a negative thirty push 43 equals zero. That venture. When you're luge 30% in the market that takes 43% gain just to get back to zero. Here's another question when does negative thirty equal as you were injured when your mark talked. That's because my plans have no possibility of market losses ever dream never have to worry about trend regain those losses. Also from bonuses of up to show membership when you begin your account. Any guarantees lifetime income can't bitch contractually guaranteed to be grown I think percent premiere for income Berkshire should. If any of this is confusion I'll be happy to explain it to you when you call 844. 324723. Victory to get your customized. Retirement any kind of hit enter for your retirement income book. No I've. Have these guarantee games and no market risk. Our information make your retirement simple and easy to understand. Our new market risk for any remove distressed from your golden years should. Here are two very important point which he may wanna write these down and look at them every day. Avoiding losses is much more important than achieving our change. Number two. Making steady average games is much better than hitting home runs. I'll say that one more time. Number one avoiding losses is much more important than achieving our exchange. Numbers you're making steady average gained as much better than it you know merge. Warren Buffett says it this way their true rules that every investor should know about number one never lose money. Number two never forget the first rule so people can afford to lose money came here. It's easy for broker to lose your money after ought not his money. Those who wait for their cash to regain losses before moving to safety and security are playing hoosiers game. Trying to turn the market which is impossible for even the smartest him back. There too many unpredictable factors should. No one rings a bell when the market reaches a tough no one's stand on the podium and make some announcement today the market closed at its highest level. The markets are now headed into a cycle downward movement. When the market reaches a tough start to plug just to let you know she heard cooling U haul trailer for the same reason. When it's over it's over. It's true life and also in the markets. When you call 844324. Sharif will arrange to get you a custom out of retirement ending can't get. Contain our retirement and income book which also shows you how to avoid all the marketing officers and still have gains even an illusion market. You'll also learn about establishing any guarantees lifetime income account. Income that's guaranteed to live as long as you do college for 43247. Due to injury think about it this way. The worst possible scenario for retirement income is having the money run out before your life is over. There's no way to recover from that and yet the media in the brokerage encourage everyone to continue taking on large amount of risk. Are you tired of that. Are you ready to escape the risk I moved to safe ground are you ready to give up the worry in the jedi and the dream of hitting a home run. Give it up for safety and security. Call 84432. Forsake right now someone's available day Andrew Calder any day of the week. Out of town and I would like to thank you for listening to retirement income radio. If leadership is about your financial future to give me a call together we'll get your retirement savings on the fashion director of group without market risk. Thanks for listening and until next time it's the same time. I'm John Berlet reminding you just say shape you can ship and truly secure future. You've been listening to retirement and income radio we your host John Berlet. Find out how to guarantee that your hard earned money is safe so it's always growing and never losing in order to have the future that you deserved. Call John Berlet now for your free retirement and income kids at 1844324. It's safe. That's 844324722330. Yeah. The preceding information does not represent tax legal or investment advice surrender charges apply to these contracts optional lifetime income benefit writers are used to calculate like her payments only. We are not available for cash surrender or in the death benefit unless specified in the annual contract. These may apply guarantees are based on the financial strength and claims paying ability of the insurance company. No information presented they should be acted upon without meeting with qualified and licensed professionals. Obviously my calling us now you're just taking the first steps towards protecting your retirement. It's important that you recall insurance contract disclosures carefully before making a purchase decision reaching returns mentioned on this program may vary based on state availability and are subject to change without notice.