Safe Money Retirement Planning Show, 2/24

Safe Money Retirement Planning Show
Saturday, February 24th

Safe Money Retirement Planning Show, for February 24.


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Welcome to the retirement planning standards Teamsters fast feet. Call Steve now 180457. Point 298. And now here's Steve's just asking. You know little warm welcome to the series money and retirement poncho. This is speedster send us your post and thanks for tuning in this weekend. They're located right here in the Austin area or in round rock have been for over thirty plus years. Grown thirteen assuming the dome every Saturday at noon and Sunday mornings and media room. So grab a piece of paper and a and you're gonna need this number. That's 180457129. DA. That's 18045712982. And don't forget our web site rid of old MG. Dot com arm. And it's www. Read. All. Of chief doc. You know you for them far and they would do what sort of interest and as well. Or give us a call. They wanted to 104 pars or 1129. Days he had a question needs some answers. Let's discuss your concerns. My team reception are you standing by 24/7. He can call any time. Leave the appropriate information I will call you back personally. And answered those questions for you. Gimme a call 180447129. Days to. You know mark core philosophy is as I do believe that all wealth comes from god. Our responsibility. To be a good Stewart award garden trusted me. The good Stewart should first tipped his wealth from moss and second make it work as hard as possible. This philosophy is sort of based on more clients recommendations on. Call us at 1804. Us one to do an opportunity to. And on. License by the student Alexis Herman independent. Financial planner and a world further specific company. Or any large corporation are big box firm that those who were preserved as walked off for what not to offer. Here at red oak financial what we do is very simply blown to little world of finance. To find the best Kearney management products and solutions. To meet your specific financial goals. As an independent firm were not restricted and of products and services we can offer you. And of course we feel that our professional independence is critical. And to our ability to serve your best interest. A variety of options that we can offer. As a result of foreign dependence. Is one of the main reasons avoid many of our clients were for us. We're not limited. And do it then it's too good to completely all the doors rule when. For all the different types of investments and options are available helter. We can carry all of you who are appropriate lessons in solution. How we feel that the financial options available to you. Should only be limited to what is available within the world of Harmon's. Give us call at 1804. As far as our room one to nominate. That's 1804. Farms. One. Who. Dying. City. You know as our east war we're going to be discussing the issues that face our review those parents. And it do for those of you are coming up to retirement. And for those who you who are retired. You know what we do gruesome clues we whose squad to the world of finance and look at all the different who are attempting investments that are available Alter. And it you know for those who view her first time listeners. Are cover a wide range of retirement investment topics. Including. With our advanced planning how defined. Save money places. The difference. Between. Index accounts that guarantees the safety of your principal. Verses variable annuities and brokerage accounts which involves substantial risk. The advantages. Of equity protected accounts have over banks. CDs. Money market accounts. And of course the troop the benefits of triple compound and and the steps you can take today to simplify your finances. And this is on complicated ways. To handle the rule for your 401K. The U 433. B. And IRA or 457 deferred comp plans and even through sentence. Especially if he changed jobs Jerusalem or maybe a few years ago and you just left rule 401 case a terror. He attributed in communal and reviewed. And at least. Look at the options that are available to them. We can assist you embattled financial. Give us a call at 1804. Pars aren't 1298. Let's discuss your concerns on me answer your questions. Give us a call at 180457. 1298. You if you prefer you didn't a system that protects your harder and principal. Or your money grows at a much higher rate. Or you can take full advantage of the magic troop compound and and have better liquidity. And be shielded from today's market declines. Or all the ups and downs in the market. And pick up the phone and give us a call at 1804571298. That's 180457129. DA. You know there's. A number of different options and of course one thing that and we get a lot of calls about is in compliance. And it's one of the things that we do discussion in our book home run financial planning. We published a book on par about six months ago roughly. And the two news authors of course shoes Easter recess in Adams recessed can. And what we do in this book than those who book it's our 170 pages. And then what we do is cover all of your key financial bases. Align your finances with your goals. And your values. I'm sure you shall find the book more than interest and whose cover a wide range of of two topics in the book as well. There's an example you can learn how to develop financial vision. One area of finance he should start within. A true and easy and fast way. To measure your ability of financial independence. And of course the difference between investing in speculating. And the largest financial risk to consider. And how to organize and structure financial products and a way that helps clear the decision making process. No this is it million exceptional read and I know that shall enjoy it. And will do. Excuse me and we'll go to Q. Free cost. Give me a call 1804. Morris I would want to do not honored my team receptions for standing bar. Just stand tone that you'd like to prove book offering home run financial parlance. And make sure that you receive a do you follow call Internet questions you might have. I know you thoroughly enjoy. So give us a call 1804571298. As could've revoke or take advantage of her free consultation for radio listeners. It's you the way at 180457129. Me. It's this team's success he. This brings me to save money and power plant control. And dollars. See Dick run. He's running from his financial products seem to express because he doesn't have a plan for his retirement seen Jane we love. So because James retirement is in great shape thanks to red oak financial. Now James on the beach without a care in the world and do you like Jane and contact the professionals and read all financial their jobs to help keep you comfortable in retirement. Read over its chief doctor. Retire with dignity. Jesus please use us he's listening to. The save money in the town of talent show. And thanks to tune in this weekend. Are located right here in the Austin area weren't around Barack have them for over thirty plus years. Even on thirteen seven and powerful overeat or over ten years or coming up in ten years. And we're on every Saturday and noon and Sunday mornings at 8 AM. So ground newspaper and then you're gonna need this number it's 1804. Point 7129. DA to. Don't forget our web site which is www. Resident. Oh FAG. Dot com to read the old FG. Dot com. You know the market. All depends upon who you talk to me is really still an all time aren't. It probably will make a correction I mean that's what the market does the market goes up. Markets and ghost flaps and the market goes down. And that's just all part of it. It was so if you're coming up to retirement or if you are retired. You obviously have to take this into considered take that into consideration. With your financial planner. And that's something that we can assist you with to give you some some great alternatives. Is whom we give you some super diversification. Right here riddled. Give us a call at 1804. Pars 712. 98. So if you're ready due to move from reduced to certainty. Now's the time. He Nomar radio program has streaming goals. One is to help you ought to Malloy to wooden growth on your way to retirement. Can do to help you all for those who are already in retirement. And to maintain. And grow your mastered. Who shall never Olympus students. And three. To teach and help you. To keep. Your money your money safe from lawsuits. From Texans. And from legal archer. No one producers money equity protected account you can earn market like returns. Without him in a market risk. You can start to feel secure. Knowing your retirement money is 100%. Safe and grown. Who on this save money home room should we used in these index accounts that. Provide high historical. Who returns and the include also contractual guarantees that you on the upper soft for a loss because of market declined. And you can receive. As far as tempers some moments. In this program my messages really different fortune normally hear on financial planning Charles. Our emphasis. Here and Reynolds. Is on the preservation. Of your principal. We hope you to prepare for retirement. To allow you to live in retirement to. That is what we can assist you wasted. To ensure. That your hard earned money is 100%. Stated. From any at all market losses. Who stay away from stocks bonds mutual funds variable annuities. See if you suffer even a small loss in the market. You have two problems. First the investment lawsuits tomorrow. And that loss of course is just one problem. The second problem is is it time and actually takes to make lost banner. We you have left arm. You have enough time before you have to start drawing from your retirement. To get it back to we're watched. And if you drawing on your account. While you're losing. Hulu and there's no certainty at all. Now home with the market again. You never an all time high. Now is it time to easily to take a look. That's tomorrow options. Give me a call at 1804. Ourselves and one to nominate. That's 180457129. DA to. Because when you look at losing money in the market it's more than just added value of that hole and it's also that element of time which no one can place a value on. Because you'll only a week you have to more valuable than retirements. Because we simply just don't know how much time we have lost two. And of course. Our clients here who would threat hope they don't have to worry about losing any of the provincial. The receiving news is fresh fruit and it can't cool down because of market declined. North RC if Maloney plans you gain when the market in which you don't lose when the market goes down. It's as simple as that. And let's look at an alternative forum. Let's look at some options. Give me a call at 1804. Cars one to nominate. My team in receptions for standing by as you've been called to plunk GeForce seven. Lou the appropriate information I'll give back to you personally. Or to take advantage of every book author. Home run financial planning. It's covers all your chief financial basis. Aligns your finances with your goals and you were valid values. Home wrong financial planning. And those who thoroughly enjoy it. It's hypocrisy are great read it is a book. 270 pages but it rude breaks down your financial planning Oreo. Makes it clear. Simple and the stars. Give me a call at 1804. Point 71298. Take advantage of the free book offer home run financial planning or to the convention of free consultation. Make sure. That you're doing everything right to make sure you're setting yourself up to win. Not to lose. Give me a call 1804. Point 712. And this is the mistress asking for your listening to this city money and retirement plan kill. Don't make the mistake of leaving your financial well being to chance. I'm speedster so asking for the past eight years have posted series' monthly review every weekend but now you need something more personal. Let's own retirement advice you eliminate uncertainty to lock in financial gains the with a team that avoided losses from market declines in 2002008. Contacted the professionals. And Reynolds financial home before your free consultation today. The Y 122551677. Retire with dignity. Bill would welcome back. The speeds this fast speed and you're listening to receive money and retirement planning Charl. And thanks to tune in this weekend. Are located right here in the Austin area in round rock have been for. My goodness over thirty years. We're been on thirteen 70 AM now every Saturday at noon and Sunday mornings at. AD. And we've been on thirteen ceremony for coming up on ten years. Grab a piece of paper and you're gonna need this number that's 1800. 4571298. That's 1804571. To do 98. Like to take advantage who are free consultation. Will offer radio listeners who some noon or no obligation. Asia. No cost you when the first hour for free consultation. We invited to a radio listeners. You on they will make it into our office because of held for more time restraints. Just let us know when will work something out to come and visit future. Residents are close of business and Trevor warrants. Soon. Take advantage of that free consultation news new international pressure and no. Obligation whatsoever relief pitcher poke at home. Gives you an opportunity to. To look. And see the result of the ways of diversifying. And being insecure. And your financial planner. So give us a call 1804571298. And take advantage of that pre consultation. And in addition. He if you like to just do some reading. And some research. We have a group Korea call home run financial planning. It is a book it's a burden and seventy pages it's a great read. It's published by Stephen hamsters asking. This book is an you know give you a lot of insight. And then. Not just to news good ruled that aspect of it is cars. Financial planners who matches no news on news. Product. Growing your town to where we're accused of the of the disclose who all the steps. All of secure financial plan which would cover all the bases. Those who segment that we were in a live of the dugout. Green to come natural light that you want to. And do you can issue a lot of great information about creating new vision and balance sheet and making decisions and make him a plan. And then of course you have to batter's box which is take action explain many different parts and elements of that to you. And of course first base his major risk management when we. They explain that indeed TLW. Second base as minor risk management courses. Referring to emergency funds from immune greater explanation of that to you. And of course third base whose whose schools capital management. Hold true breakdown and number of different segments reporting and and of course home base is passive income. And explains that to be in great. So and of course in the conclusion. It's it's been great read on though you thoroughly enjoy it if you want alone both financial line and how to do it properly. And how to do it's who it is a reflection your goals and your values. And give me a call 1804571298. Whom ensure that you receive. Home. One financial planning. And free of charge is no cost to you. Just give us a call and make sure you receive it. And again at 1804471298. Or just pick events who were free consultation whichever you prefer. And we also have cruises. It is of great tool for use. Giving you news it or complete understanding about Social Security as well so if you come on up to. Taking Social Security warning with the Asia particularly irritated Luther. When two. Give us a call we can assist you with that at 1804. Pars 71298. Can you view a clear understanding of the social security and Medicare and how warm toward its gonna do for you. One different options to take. Social Security. It's do some great information for you. He would he plays an important part tenure. Or planning for your retirement income so news anyone do it right to. So we can assist and help you with give us a call at 1804571298. You know there's one area that I specialize in is his retirement income planning. When we look at the who think it's probably one of the most important parts that a financial bars or tennis is true with. Just because you're so money different far factors that you have to take into consideration and now ours. And of course the margin of error is extremely small she can't. He got to do right what morals doctor. In addition of that how much income you do have to have. Other sources such as from other sources such as pensions we'll security ex federal. And you know what percent of your portfolio should you withdrawal or how much should you be taken on your portfolio. Guam where should you be urine can be taken from first he's taken on your arteries you taken an equal by the counselor. Do you take money for starting your non qualified accounts which is better which is more tax efficient for you. What you're option loans. Most polls more options. You have to look is it easy you know you are you gonna be losing any funds from upon your death that his boss going to be. Taking less and come in because you death. How much from do you plan on spending on travel when remote. Charitable London. Charity's use and promised you want to contribute to her. All what's the past we've investor mark. How much inflation adjustment should you build it and as soon. Income do you need before or after taxes have recount collision of that now. What tax brackets will you be yeah. Especially now at 2018 you know it was changed. Now's the time to come in let's review your plan let's make sure that you know are gonna go Boston. Later years and life. Give me a call at 1804. Pars 71298. That's 1804. As far as 71298. Let's make sure that your. Structure and there was an appropriately. Let's make sure that you use to their home run. And then and so you do you don't have to worry about him retirement. So that you you know touch all the bases. And make sure that everything is probably importance. You may call 1804. Point 71 to remind me to that's 180447129. Minutes. We'll take advantage of the free consultation there's no obligation. To mention league pitcher welcome home. And or to eventually move. Affordable coffer. Home run financial planner and so him or call 1804. Point 71298. Whom ensure you receive home run financial parliament or to sort of prove consultation. So whichever you for a this is these strips trust me you lose in this case money. The term financial. Soon all be back. You've been listening to the retirement plans have to Steve's just asking. Call Steve at 1804571298. Tune in next week for another edition of the retirement planning staff.