Safe Money Retirement Planning Show, 8/12

Safe Money Retirement Planning Show
Saturday, August 12th

Safe Money Retirement Planning Show, for August 12.


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Get the latest business news from CNBC. Weekday mornings at 63830. In weekday afternoons at 12343530. We. We make you smarter. Hopefully it'll also make you some money stay connected with top thirteen seven lead the right choice. Welcome to the retirement planning standards Teamsters ASCII. Call Steve now 1804571298. And now here's teamsters' dusty. That is so wound welcome to this state money in retirement plan and show business news resources Q you're hosed. And thanks for tuning in on this glorious weekend. We're located right here in the Austin area we're in round rock who have been for over thirty years. We've been on thirteen 70 AM now for overeat yours. And we're of course on Saturday at noon whom were on Sunday mornings at dated him. So grab a piece of maternal and you're gonna need this number. That's 1804571298. That's 1804571290. Days to. So. And give us a call let's discuss your concerns and let me answer your questions. Are too Smart team receptionists are standing by two point GeForce seven. He and assiduously view appropriate of promotion will do there to you personally and answered those questions for you. And you can also to find this read old. LEG. That's red old effort she'd dot com is our web site. Do you can check this out there as well I'm sure you'll find some great information for your. And of course you in contact to sort of what should as well so that's red old enough she'd dot com who checked himself there as well. In the game give us a call at 1804. 71298. No we offer our radio listeners our free our world consultation. But no obligation and leave you chuck welcome home. And just come in and and either come to our office for will come to use your residence for pose a business. You know and didn't discuss your concerns. Murderous country your questions. And in units who have pre medianews no obligation what's way over. Soon take advantage of that as well. It's give us a call 1804. By 712. In the opportunity to. You know I'm licensed by the state of Texas. I'm an independent nation. That'll work release specific company here and large corporation that to those who repairs are those who want to offer what not to offer. Always do through simply your red oak whose call into the world of finance. Find the best comedy niche products and solutions. To meet your specific financial goals. As an independent firm we're not restricted in products and services that we could offer deal. We feel about professional. Independence is critical tour ability. To serve your best interest of a variety of option. Is that we can offer as result of our independence. Is one of the main reasons more cards were those. And we feel that the financial. Options available to you should only be limited. To what is available in the world finance. You give us a call at 1804571298. That's 1800. 4571209. Deity to. You know there will be discussion as usual. And talked into it who listeners who are approaching retirement and for those of you were already in retirement to. He nor emphasis today in every day is really on a very simple concept. And that is our life works better Warner mornings and if we don't have to beaten concerned about. Or if our phones are going to be either if we need them and when we need him. Would have to be concerned about. How we're gonna pay those bills. And we gonna concern about run out of money and leaders who lives. And that's who we can assist you with pure red oak. Would give us a call 1804471. To do in nine days to. You know and you know as we come off to retirement. And we look at retirement is you know it's an entirely. Different games sort of say that one worker. There's many things we have to take in the consideration. There will be a lot of changes as we mute into her retirement year. You reserve troops. And do also. In. And what we need to do to prepare ourselves for the retirement years so called golden years. And this is one thing that we can help you will have in your red oak financial. Who's to help you and assist you and a transaction from transition assurances from retirement from working in unity and into retirement. You know the things one thing that we can help you with this diminish her. That the investments that you have provide you'd love looks a few that you need and the guarantees that you need. You'll and you look at. Variable annuities and you look at your brokerage accounts. They don't really provide you. You can give all your phones in that area. The the level of safety. That you do need in the union retirement years. Because you didn't new society if you're in retirement have been retirement for. Cards pictures or music ten years united and you happen to lose 203040%. Of your account. Two counts you're not going to go and find another job to replace those accounts. And so yeah it. Changes everything. Substantially when you're in the retirement. You have to be more aware. Of the word your phones are how they're performing in news and could you still have to have growth. Put your national also have to have protection. On those and those assets as well to make sure. That the of their when you do medium. And that again is what we can help you would. Give us a call at 1804571. To nominate. That's 1804571298. You know when we talked about the he's one of the advantages of the equity protected accounts. The we advantages that they hand out or over banks. CDs. Money market accounts. And of course the benefit of triple compound but missed steps you can take Tuesday. To simplify your finances. Tennessee's. The rules review for a long carry you for all three be our priorities or 57 deferred compliments. No this is just a brief list that illustrates. That we have the resources in the experience necessary. To help you secure. Your retirement benefits. Give me a call at 180457129. DA to. Let's discuss your concerns. Me answer your questions. Should give us a call 1804571. To do not enemies to. You know my core philosophy news. It is and I do believe that all wealth comes from god. And it's my responsibility. To be good Steward would go out and trust in me. And a good stewards should Burris to the taxes wealth from loss. In second to make it work as hard as possible. This philosophy. Is what I base all of my clients recommendations on. Give us a call. At 1804. For a 71298. If you would prefer a system. That protection artery in principle. Where your money grows at a much higher rate. Where you can take full advantage of the magic of triple compound in. And have better liquidity. And be shielded from today's market declines. In all the uncertainty in the market. You don't have to lose anymore sleep. You can make sure. That you're gonna have income for the rescue line. She's feeling better liquidity. To have the protection have to guarantees. And pick up the phone and give me a call. Take advantage over free consultation. At 18045712298. That's 180457. Well. This is these assessments. And you listen to. Save money in return employment show. She didn't runner he's running from this financial problem. Seen an extra rest because he doesn't have a plan for his retirement seeing Jane we. Because James retirement is in great shape thanks to red oak financial. Now James on the beach without a care in the world and a be like Jane and contact the professionals and red oak financial. There are jobs to help keep you comfortable in retirement Red Bull gift she doctor. Retire with dignity. We know Austin trafficking via. Challenge. These continue with time saver drastic. Mornings and afternoons on top thirteen seven lead the right choice. He's just he's listening to do this they want in return. Show. And thanks for tune in this weekend. You know we're located right here in the Austin area were round rock have been for over thirty years. Helping people to prepare for retirement. To live in retirement. We've been on thirteen 70 AM now for overeat here. Were on that Saturday at noon and Sunday mornings at AD. Grab a piece Fishburne and you're gonna need this number that's 1800. 457129. That's 1800. 457129. Days to. And don't forget our web site. Which is read old. G dot com that's red old. Have cheese dot com. You can contact us through the web site. Or just give us a call. At 1804. Cars seven. 129 B a as our team receptions for standing by to won before seven. So you can call any time. Give us a call. Let me answer your questions let's discuss your concerns. Then do we view appropriate information I'll call you back personal and an answer those questions Soria. And he loved to taken. Then nature of our free consultation. As we offer radio listeners. On our free consultation. Either on our office or your place of business were residents. Whichever warrants. And we're happy to provide them. Before you by calling 18045712. And they too. Then units no obligation we do triple and home. Come and visit with us have a meeting in. You wouldn't be of service to your. Worsened canal and as you great cup of coffee in the American who ran. So give us a call at 1804571239. And a well 14 final and finished our book. We. Published her book to do just gruesome and we were. Going to allow some pre orders it is time. And will get a Montes who's who wish to do. The books into our office. In the book cues. Home run. And financial planning. This. I think is an exceptional book. Of course some little prejudice it is and you offer over the you know the book home run financial planning what are those review. It is good overall view he's financial basis. General line your finances with your goals and your values. You know you should choose to. An exceptional tool. Adam and Cairo tumbled to and its it is just. A great read. You know. The Newton. You know when you've played baseball you need of course to touch all the bases before scorn a home run. And really it's no different. Room when your achieving your own home run in finance. That's necessary. To touch all the financial business. Or. Communal or you can you are taken of course on to risk if you don't. In the home run financial planners all balled these. See important pieces of your personal financial planner. That's sort of name home run comes into play. You know knowing that and implementing the age these key areas. That you have a better groused. When your financial decisions. It clearly defines your personal. Investment objectives. Who aligns him with your values. You control over your financial behavior. Am of course the realization. Of Europe. Investment. Temperament. And an ability. To easily track your financial progress in real time. No this book you'll learn. How to develop both financial. Vision. Obvious that your goals. What area of finance. You should start of what affect. And a mean of course a true easy and fast way to measure your ability of financial independence. The difference between investing. And speculating. And of course the largest financial rooster consumer. How to organize ends in structuring your financial parts from the way that hopes to clearer. Have to clearly make the decision. And and they're making and showing you're making your prior process. And you just clears everything up our. And of course who you mean when you have clear. And you get clear yet on us and achieve what you warrant. You can. Be intentional with your finances world considering the chief financial basis. Sues you who have less stressful financial life. The rule alternately lead to a meaningful joining me. And last week plus yards. These you don't have to worry about money. Give us a call at 180457. If you'd like to take advantage of our pre order we'll get your name on the listing unit out here just as quick as we Kim. This I think is a great reader I think you'll thoroughly enjoy that. Taken a little bit different approach with his book comparable to other financial planning books. And again if it provides the key basis for him. She's choose you can there's no warrior going nowhere you balance. And know where you need to go. Some give us a call at 1800. 4571298. And you know the author on this when you've been lists and to whom in the past. You know that's Adam and I both had some pictures of us can seized recessed and the authors of a home run financial planner. If you'd like you're free copying. And thank you distribute pre order. Please give us a call at 1804. Mar 7110. And they. And we we used to acted to Susan but no other great tool to work hand in hand with the radio show. For the people who tune in and enjoy reading and wanna have a reference that you can go to notches to. In all one time read you can go back to this from. In the future and he uses an entirely tune in to make sure that you are gonna hit a home run with your financial planner. Give us a call 1804571298. That's 1804571298. To take advantage of their pre order. A home run financial planner. This is Steve's success can you listen to save money in town punch at all. I'll hold you back. It's pretty easy to avoid a lot of mistakes in life you wouldn't follow what great work out with a triple cheeseburger so he wouldn't leave your doors unlocked after buying a security system. Sometimes in life it's not so easy to avoid those mistakes like when it comes to your retirement don't make the mistake of leaving your financial well being of contact to the professionals. And rattled financial here here to keep you comfortable in retirement. Red Bull FT dot com. Retire with dignity. Take a talk with you anywhere we'd be on the news talk thirteen seventy app lets you. Keep up with the latest breaking news and our search for top thirteen seventy in the App Store or find the links at top thirteen semi dot com it's anywhere need sock thirteen seventy right choice. Welcome back this just seems there's a ski as you're listening to you. Save money which sounds fun show. And thanks again for tune in this weekend. You know we're located. Right here in the Austin area from student who are in round rock have been. For over thirty years. We've been on thirteen 78 on the powerful over years or every Saturday and noon. And some do mormons who dated him so grab a piece of paper and then you're gonna need this number. That's 1800. 4571298. And don't forget our web site read. Old. Enough. G dot com. It's renal. F cheat dot com. I'm sure you'll enjoy the web site as well and he can also contact us. Through the website as well. And improve on some great information. There as well swim and I choose who shows on there as well to do so. Take a peek at that at red okay if she. Dot com. And give my team receptions or call 18045712. United. I'm sure you have some questions intrigue goes some concerns about finance. Just give us a call to get back to you personally and answer those questions for you. Or take advantage for our free consultation who has no obligation. Free to our radio listeners. By calling 1804. Fires 71298. Most of the time it's convenient for you if you cannot make community office for. I'm so whatever reason in my view we time restraints true whatever. Or held. We're happy to make arrangements to visit you at your residence or place of business. So give us a call 1804571. To know any. And get yourself on the past the safety. He and you can get a second opinion. Home run financial planning and offered. Him right here red oak. By Adam and Steve's Christmas Day. So give us a call 1804 forest 71298. On the true that you receive your free preview on copy. Movement of them Alan good to have. We're just an addition to learn something. But give us a call 1804. Pars and 1298. Home ensure that you received book home loans financial planning. So that cost 1804. Pars I would call on the idea of the team receptions are standing by. It's 10 there you want to talk a little bit about was who. Retirement income as well. In. And of course. And to keep questions of course is you wanna retire now within the foreseeable future. You wanna build a safer income that you could rely upon. Are you wanting to explore different ways you can produce income from your investments. When can you retire. How much income do you need to retirement. No most people wanna solid unreasonable game plan when it comes to retirement income. A retirement income you can actually provide the income was seized two inconsistency. The Jews to Newton don't know where to start worrying we're the developed is probably did implement it the teacher retirement plan in compliant up and run and and make sure you don't lose any sleep over it. So you can have a retirement income and income plan that is safe and reliable but haven't applied you can count on. You will make investments solutions what you hear. Not only will financial decision to come user who probably become more effective senseless emotionally tied to them. Know your retirement will become a matter of working the plan rather than important things and a the question becomes how to do where do you store the most important elements in the building and having received reliable income. Retirement are knowing what you need for retirement income. That's of course the first important financial statement. Everybody. Should pay attention to issue income statement. So another way if you income statement as your budget. They don't want your expenses in your income. In order do you know what you need you have to ask yourself to hard questions about what you've been secure retirement to look like. You wanna travel. A bond an RV. Often we trouble. You know these questions should are extremely important and among others hope to answer the questions of how much you knew in retirement income. Know your current financial situation. The second most important financial statement in Europe balance sheet. Good balance sheet is a snapshot of your assets and liabilities. From these two items you know your financial net worth. This will hopefully determine if you have enough marine to retire. Will your assets provide the amount of income you want to. You need to save more. Senior retired today. Can return three years from now. To balance sheet we'll hope and she'd been necessary items in your financial plan. Know the difference in investment options. This is extremely important. Most people only one thing and that's to market. The views of the strategies. Not owned investment strategies investments are created equal. Some of guarantees. Somewhere safer some are truly spark. It's important to know the polls and a constant different choices since the Internet tools to be used. Predict future income. That you want for retirement. After understanding the different options available. You can start the process of limiting the choices you'll have shall not considered regardless of potential. Have a forum implement upon. Ask you know what you want to know what you have. Know all the vehicles that can help you along the journey you can start to build upon row on your income adjustments in current situation. You want to take in the consideration to different resorts is inflation principal rose healthcare cars. Once you have deployment to the would be an important to monitor. And make adjustments as in the. Give us a call 1800 forefront someone community. That's 180457. One. Two. These schools and who has been through decision when we return plunge show you would probably better. You've been listening to the retirement plan show trustees just asking. Paul steed that 1804571298. Tune in next week for another edition of the retirement planning show. Hi this is Gordon Deal join me weekdays 4 this morning America's first news to hear the stories you'll be talking about in searching for all days as we go beyond the headlines and above the chatter weekdays at five on talk thirteen seventy.