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Speed City
Sunday, October 15th

Speed City, for October 15.


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John messing yeah. On the radio. Speed city. Good evening Gary. It's. I'm pretty. We are electric in the studio tonight one week to go. All sorts of cool news going on just on massive deal that was Jonathan green years screeching and that's let's Kaiser with a detection. And from our San. And you leave. Jonathan just landed what. 45 minutes ago gotten studio about a minute ago I wanna do shout acts in my body and good friend Iraqi who took me. From the apple in less than fourteen seconds that the he's the Andre what we've Swiss space city the Iraqi TI he should be hang around the Formula One circuit is that yellow cab man. Can drive and I think I think back to be an extra entry. Contractually the sale. A around the track before mice and lap or how was the Red Bull global Riley crossed the season finale right that you introduce this is by his dad was yes the next I. And yeah fantastic and I went all the like down to the final heat of the final race of the final of the year. Brilliant stuff Scott Speed against how fast they deny each others TT makes a man Freddie oldest bowl Michael Andretti was that witnessing it. Very cold. And yet they went right dance of the very last feet. It pretty much I mean Scott SP one and that with a thirty point lead. You get fifty points for the for the and so as possible was it was possible but I mean eight it was unlikely speed just packed a relief. Shell company did. But he would more than did because they don't want to in the final which you Michael Michael and readies gun yeah that's how I want my teams to finish. We know our place couple these clips we got. Tons of Formula One to talk about obviously with death when hitting Austin. In fact Jonathan you're in the airport just that I know you saw the Williams and and I saw both Ferrari and Williams I knew it was Ferrari just too but time has pushed me at the white elephant advice that's like I. That's Coleman on mechanics they were just address and I was I was looking Natalie. And down easy now looking looking like a Ferrari man David it was also about Woody Williams on it at Williams Athlon now like I today. That's so cool they are in front of that coming in early now. Oh yeah and a solemn message. From Mark Sutton that he is actually on the Formula One jets now what is that. How nasty embodied that I have a cool name like F 11 as tough as they go well. Oh yeah I have one son had one. Yes it didn't cost I don't know well I'll tell you what it should be. I know that for a fact that in the back in the day when Benny was running in. Added I. And the total wanton Formula One itself and all its stuff for the for the digital formula but do just the other du film and is by seven billion hill which is an apple that Bernie owns. I connect. And so yeah very cool indeed. Yeah I mean yet that let me tick tick that calls are ya gotta take this goal I don't let confines of the red phones or even got the red so yes so I went out there yesterday morning out coda. And you know just kind of browsing checking out things miniatures. What's happening is that what I'm expecting to happen is happening that is just check to make sure ally and I'm gonna make a decision I don't know enough there are a let's. Now I'd it is so cool seeing all the cargo equipment coming Teresa in the big sweets it stood up. Everything is coming in folks you know the the big pieces RD. Definitely on the grounds minutes locals sealed coming in folks are certain and start to get things that they were there were what are we doing there are now going door thinks about it. I think it's safe and SO. A lot of things going on you know the kicking off the race week it start now appears see all the folks coming in all the different accent so be unfair and vote Seattle obviously everything kicks off on Friday officially no but how does true. Yes I'm gonna argue that point of cable than you Joseph my friend. Are any. Team you have heard us talking about this and it's the Buxton bash 27 team like it's never been done before folks. And I'm talking big this is really big. Was tied together. Speed city's gonna open it. And I guess were the warm up band don't tell John and he's gonna sing and dance but in doing so we're gonna kick it off we're gonna. All of the benefits and proceeds of this are going to the Susan G. Komen Austin. Community during peer and that is a big part of it. All kinds of things are coming in let me tell you there are two different things going on that night. You can join the Susan G. Komen raffle that's going on go to the Susan G. Komen Austin it's komen Austin dot org. And on the website you'll see a pop up for the raffle. They have added to put on some things in the past two days to a that are not listed there. But what you'll see on the web site right now or a pair of VIP tickets to the concert so you're not going to be standing out there and with refresh like me left. You've got back to both concerts a pair to. Justin Timberlake a pair Stevie Wonder. There's also a pair of panic passes move that's cool that folks are that I had lots of people asking there's a lot of us English for that yeah. And that is cool and so. The two additional items that were just asked adage in the past. Two days. You've heard of energetics here in part of the speed city family. They have donated a two day driving experience on the search of the Americas. In this world you bring out your sports car. They'll put professional instructor. On. The car in the car with you on track they'll teach you that over the course of two days he'll also have the garage. And so you get treated like royalty. On this and so it's going to be amazing. The other thing they're given away is say you've heard the Shannon fan and our work we've talked about before and has been around some of our. Even then it's. Giant beautiful realistic paintings. Well. Cut weirdos are awesome yeah your candidate she has donated a sofa sized print of one of those paintings this is. Thousand plus dollar print it's gorgeous it's already framed the framing was about I think it was 500 dollars almost 500 dollars. So that's going to be in the raffle for Susan G. Komen Austin sign up for that you don't have to be present when that we'll take care of that. That is going to be FaceBook live streamed. When those names are announced will Buxton and some speed city guys will announce that somewhere around 9 o'clock on Thursday night. Politics thing. The backs in the Buxton bash. That is what you wanna be here for everybody comes in February that travels and goes to wills places around the world knows that this is the cool kickoff event. Bucks and bash is here in Austin on sixth street and what's the location in the airport to airport Yasser cornyn US. About two blocks towards congress avenue from I 35 so it's easy to find. Funny you bring did in there they're gonna be expecting you end. Given away all types of Formula One. Goodies that will has collected from the panicked. And you know when he does that people come to wills party because they know it's a fun place to be. So there's always drivers that come in and get up onstage and have fun. And have fun with that so again the doors open at 7 o'clock Thursday evening. Come join us have a good time. We are ready to do our I will Jonathan you hate each took a phone call while we were on the air and and it was a buddy of yours. It is a buddy of mine and I'm not spend the hallway and within a broadcasting alongside him trying to impress him I. And he's just landing in new York and on that and daddy is of course NBC's very own league defeat the man the myth the legend and he's forming along here and I. Yeah that's the thing. Still I did not say boy I Playboy's. Boy yes in this visit this says plural not counting just says. Did have very dangerous statement displays your friend of jobs. Yeah all I'm going out on limb. A good man good man but fully knows bail Bondsman so I think it. Yeah actually defeat the king all total rising whatever it is I think it's cold turtle racing your way candidate me up in lion air mass so that was a goal. Line green circle racing yes I stupidly wanted to thank on the maestro that is leaders did you have a good weekend I was just telling the boys. Scott Speed Andretti auto sport killed in the ninth. Well listen I think gum. This cannot undertake trying very tell us. When Scott stay within Formula One a lot of the fans and when he went to mask a little sense. And spelled out goats and knock him through global oil across. Here they're really Smart. Right so yeah AS and down I have become a Scott Speed plan. And yeah he has he has not only good. He's very close. And yeah Arianna more when we did have a date the thrilling championship knowledge that we want to but he that really really clever race. Social. Yeah I'm I'm I'm almost today he's not the most personable guy and I don't mind saying that intends if he's not easy with the media he doesn't do a loaf you know he doesn't hang at -- like a lowly and the other guys did the boy on the track and he pull it off he's amazing. He's methodical is what we saw here who when they were here and that I find just amazing immunities. He's a very. In a planned out person and an even in the racing you see it play out as well. He does that aid directly what you said he has sort of methodical. He planned it. EE maps about and which is not good for our our permanent. Entertainment standpoint. But he you know the car racing standpoint and a well I did make it this this this this. And I think if you rom you have to admire that because. Hayes. Yeah I ending to heated difficult and mark via a little bit difficult you know of the incident interview subject. My goodness he is is that a normal write offs and well Michael Andretti don't just told to the other side Markel has just the debt and so it got no long cold via its Olympic strike soon. So around the end Zach brown who is the victim director aren't technology group. Have invested with raw and walk ensure all who is the stock tumble control out there now at this this try points. Simply cannot seem you know Australia. And unemployed to remark under any of in front they're it he said. Well we're not gonna send any stops down you know book we're learned all IE and engineering. What. And they said yes there has been in the but he has so there it is just knocking down my door to be involved in the project. It's interesting I think you'll be a fantastic. Drive in not because. In ice the same kind of discipline if you will all of the rally cross because it takes you know you know from bath us and so on and so forth it's you know those torn Gaza pretty will be built a powerful to the DX I illicitly and you go on between apple it's one question for you you'll be hosting NBC is always the Formula One we're excited about the weekend ahead of course BA in Austin. What's your take will Lewis Hamilton. Take the championship all of will Ferrari finally bounced back after war has been a rotten month. That's a really dangerous question and answer really dimes and how. About. But. Up up up up. IBM. And we get great we have much so that all state match it will buck and we get. Much break from bush metered out. Or out personal both sort opinion well to beat total professional yeah. I don't think the way that the championship has swung. Since the end of the some of rights. I do I and the ascendancy. Of Lewis and lists. This side of the circuit the American. I right side guard just think it's some. Serendipity. Just think blows it got what do I think Lugo went right in the bottle just for a about it. But I. I I think it's hard and it gets Lewis. He loves America he you know not so it could be certain that in America. You know America timeouts. And you know like such certitude in general out or. Or so yet Perez spent a lot of vomit on the telephone and in addition to exists city. So I Sebastien not so much middle won't watch them I just think. Eat if you know. And you know blows up Lego blocks you know that young children and apathy Lego slot if you eat just for the Leo all together. I think I think it's probably got below it slows the Louis when horizon that was once she took this event with three ago. Yeah I agree I listen they were gonna take a break below wall -- question how about this trial is that that into the stratosphere Jenson Button to com Monday rallying cross that's full Honda next year what are you thank. Let's let's talk about not the right. I believe did he day geez so much for coming on the show but we're gonna take a break and we will talk to you soon. So yeah second okay thank you are I will be back after these short messages is obesity loud and Austin, Texas. Yeah. Yeah you. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two we'll op on wheels. To caddie often I'll only MV Agusta funny caddie back they authorized technicians in Austin servicing all European brands. The brutality sport make is the most extreme essential naked bike and up. All the charisma but OJ 800 the first revolutionary Torah to be built by Ambien does stuff. Fourth you want to credit freeze begin racing then look no further than the world's it was bought winning triple and 3675. And 800. All got all act for the ultimate legend ray at bowl MV Agusta. Johnny in style with Texas all tried in the Simon's welcome I'm financing available. To caddie outfit out. I'm an MV Agusta and make light bright Elaine just east of I 35. Susan cameras video is the largest chemist dole and Texas would have a 101000 square feet and actually all the latest math facts or offerings. Founded in 1976 and still owned and operated flights on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound pig products and on hand experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable and it. It culminating sell stop the quality service comes sepia self precision camera videos to full 38 west found some length. Eight. Mario Andretti in business it's. Welcome back. Does beat Denny. Presented by both big motor car. I told you he'd be dancing around studios and honest to me. He's just glad I. Our case I don't see Stevie why I have already put my name in the hat and introducing your villain JT I wanted to introduce and I. It's 11 on the become the come true Booth I'd be awesome and I'd prefer us the I cannot be far more interesting. Because he's blind the fact that he would feel smell he councilman all good and did his tie Dona. He's the comic about being blind and I know he's Larry as he if he does the Jose and neither is he and but the show go oh are horrible horrible and I Stevie likes to but he likes to joke around. Does he does less tells about losing our our sponsor right now OK so you've heard Mosley motor cars on here for years but it. So I'm really proud of these guys what they've done they have stepped up big time. And if if you've heard me talk about playing in sports car specifically cobra cars. They have become the premier dealer for Texas for the super performance. Marks three cobras. They have those little ones with the authentic Carroll Shelby licensing out thank you gonna get a code code were rental car that. Is the one this is killer and you know that the other day they had. You Dimon different stages you can buy them as a roller and OK you wanna finish up or your engine transmission and you want to do this or you bomb. Turkey you're ready to take cheered. Weekend showed ninth sin trek days the next day. This is killer so definitely wind if you're can enter for formal one stop I'm losing motor cars to check out all of that. Flew all men Zach. In series history material we went the first time we went I was like being a candy store oh yeah yeah Italy everything from SD forty sends. I'm dad and Brothers Qaeda is everything he had this. You're the oldest LT 50 in the corner that I lusted over DI think he's if true very well you should bought it and I know that car was tempting when that. We we have somebody else has different topic though. All right guys holes speaking of Formula One weekend next weekend of course but that would obviously get the Formula One cars there's all sorts of entertainment Stevie and Justin Timberlake. But you've also got a couple races go on besides F one and one of them is the F for a US championship. And as our next guest is gonna be racing and anti he just raced here in Austin during the the quick weekend. This is like the equivalent of opening for Steve your idea on just how. I didn't like when you starting and you Couric because these are the kids this is the future of American my motor racing yelled we want to welcome to the showed Jordan Syria and Jordan walk up to speed city. Very encouraged further don't assert we you're quite welcome we're very excited to you had you back in Austin. And so Lou you'd tell us a little about your story Yuxi racy new formula Ford championship here in the United States but tell us about your career a little bit. Lost a little and got caught today just Dixon and basically worked malaria. And then posted this Mohammed should go look. There's colorful and about an electric great opportunity. Yeah I needed to be a great year and scope. Call eight currency rates occurred again you learn more elastic in better generate there was. Great spectacular achievement collector to extract it and and and so that's what it's going to be. Quad something. Well we got to ask you about that but I have to stop pause here because of when I Google your name. The first thing I saw was Jordan shared passes 23 cars in his season debut. Earlier this year 23 cars that it was so nice thought. Of parts. Though Scotland being. You know it is so hot I had a great call that he did because you could call us. You know I'd make a distant yeah osu squad bumping out much restaurant I mean all the author a book dislikes may go back that the Israeli. And a backpack and other kid in. This is Sharon and I'm very familiar with motor racing in Santa ever spent a lot of time in Woolsey the bikes at that and dad area and dad yeah I'm got a lot of good friends and not -- old at a few on the Falwell will the pilot eject a release. Right south African racing drivers you don't have that much opportunity out there on those car bombing in the is a few others. As such it wise but some tell it like growing up and and how you got into moderation. Well. But my dad. My dad grandparents I cure rate goes up call that there under the circle that your body and you crashed the it's. My dad used to be there like giving out all of my. Grabbed her and expanded and stuff for me and my dad under the there's some. Cause also took a car racing in the BMW. But nothing too crazy and then one day in my bed. And scored court of criminal court costs and reality quote innocent. I haven't spoke to us. It's awesome a plus and a a funny kind mentioning that you did move away from the oval even though it's the lineage there and we kind of have this ongoing joke your own speed C that. The oval racing doesn't get exciting until somebody turns right. I'm slow for me I'm glad you cleared out and manipulator I turned. So who. Is so tells so he went through some carding and you came out into the formula for. Ed is the United States series the first one you've been in with former before. Yeah I mean it's based in Los sister dropping caught them in. Yes. While crest pretty impressive Williams is competitive then yeah. Let me ask you this because I had to accompany your colleagues on how Brenda leech on the other week and we got him. On the actor guy and obviously coming from New Zealand so it's great that we've golf thugs from all over the world including you and Dallas Texas all rest a bit. But let me ask your question because costing and slicks and wings off couldn't be more different in terms. All on car you'll muscling around you let in the back and slide that app and it's all about full power full power full power and trying not to break. Where's Jerry this is all about as four and you tell me because I'm not racist but it seems to me that the you've got to have a very gentle touch U call muscle these cars or you'll get in trouble. Yeah you know exactly I mean it's it's Jean-Claude big learning experience just being brought. Yeah I mean. There has flipped like scary like Lloyd first then we'll quotes Gary elect. Great cure the fault courted and you have periods reflects slotting a little loop through those auto we have inflation can't use it. But on a thing. Not being a good pretty lax but yeah I'd be in Australia. And. Well Jordan I mean you're the highest rank group key in this field and your third and me this sounds like a fictional story jumping right into this and that kicking everybody's butt Rafa back. Up about this here. Elevated Dina took and such a challenge to actually it is the car and try actually like her grip and in countries all that well in the season but what kind of did but not really. And yeah it has been a slippage here drinkers than almost you're racing against conflict current each and only well made dramas around the world. And to actually do well against the in this clutter and like I mean there that's quite an amazing achievement I think yet in a critical seat and so far. Tell us why you lost experience and coda because it's a tough track is technical track a Formula One drivers even struggle specially announce a section. What did you learn the you can bring into this weekend do you think. Larry it's just like trying to get an example the colder than just try to be very muted open that's the trick it detract unchartered rather it's. That's the list them in Ireland Paula Blix. And you know I mean it's an amazing track it's supposed crazy you know I mean it's for the best are in merger and a. Jordan I ask you one question and tell me to tackle the workweek in and of what's coming Formula One. Did first of all the way did you get to it to meet some of this. That may be some of the guys you finalized in racing and and what you expect to be able to. You know I can't imagine if you're running delight you know one of the superstars in front of one of the debts I don't like the Tamil that are some of those guys what. How how is that for you gotta be a dream come true. All social was shown in its. Caught it like it's automated and this collection could this be in the texture is we'll. Such and such slick or the biggest racing period in the whole world. Yeah I mean. To meet what do you follow the bottom like it is probably a goal elect federal audit welfare to job I love to do that kind of a. Hey I'm right there with did Daniel who is one of the nicest guys in the panic and he loves Austin. You've just got to do is come talk barbecue with him you're gonna know it's funny you are listening to your voice to Jarret and that Jordan sees me and and watching everybody when everybody when you mentioned Daniel Carter's name everybody instantly smile like a hearing your voice. He's just so much fun I mean he's obviously one of the very best drivers in form a line and and now but he's such a great guy too I told you last year here's here's what it's like four and he actually came. And you know Austin is a big food truck town. It and putting to work in one death blow up ahead are you trying to work one. I. Hey listen Jordan I'm not want to give advice but I have to say I need no Daniel regatta before he was anybody because I met him I was doing the formula BMW in Asia and he came with Obama. And Samar baited to rice in Asia and that he had back at that smile I'm not fun thing about him which you've got clearly I can hear you voice. You're a lot of fun so don't lose it just look at Daniel regatta a look at what he's doing for his Korea because the bottom line is he is not only false because all of you a false but he's got a great personality and Liberty Media are certainly noticing that because he's literally. Leading the support of the mama in terms of the sounds and. You know millions something else like you are up next on London and every single thing that he doesn't like. On the cups and so of course. Why Jordan I want you to stick with the see the break as we get a dad did some quick commercials here but I wanna hear more about what you Tom your fund kid Alan does keep you on the show a little longer so stick with us through the break. Listen to speed city loud and Austin, Texas back after these quick messages. If you burden motorcycles in this part of the culture for won't know don't you know those motorcycle show. But look this world a world where it. But as legendary Harley service runs on the orders loads in downtown Austin it is no we're bills heavy duty and they moved up by the former award for. You'll see old familiar faces are bringing in your new used and abused. But there's no sign of shutter assuring crisis. Subjected the rebels heavy duty don't come. Susan cameras video is the largest chemist dole and Texas would have a 101000 square feet and packed with all the latest not a factor offerings founded in 1976 and still under the brightest lights on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound pig products and on hand experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable and accommodating sales topped the quality service. Comes sepia south precision camera videos too full create westbound some length. The racetrack it's what legends of all that only the finest machines and a reputation for innovation and dominance. Such in the ninth place you'll find at Aston Martin Boston's notice of Austin Bentley Alston and Rolls Royce motor car. Austin exotic iconic automobiles it's racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring Jenny its fuel and adjust along. I would wanna keep three not a big deal route. Get this thing. Jones' legs. Nissan. Applied for and Hartley has been city. Welcome back does speak city presented by imposing a motor cars. And I think get near announces more enthusiastic than you are I didn't want to look at I. Listen bring buffer on I'm ready I'm. I'm all right guys that Jackie yeah Michael Buffer zone the green in the same. Vicinity. And a half let's get ready. It's a race. Yeah I young enough that I'm assuming the guy that does let's get ready dude that all that gap guy he's gonna be calling announcing the race at Indy style. Yeah it's sort of the Americas event ought to be really Boise actually gonna say you know I am curious as you know we can't say what he says violate you around his yeah yeah I don't Seattle. Because that's a little yeah you don't wanna go bass. But my friend in Hollywood talk about that woman's total to a guy off a very interesting guest is Brandon Holley told about living Ahram that I'm sure you've got to an opinion on this Jordan. What a great story isn't kid who came up through from New Zealand. And you know what's Toyota racing series. Raced here in the states and inside. The sheet while we'll talk about him in a minute Jordan what do you think of that story about Brent and getting the youth but that doesn't on a tour are also. They're into that squad and invaded neglects or you know obviously coming from the grocery compute unit would have all that much. And they he had to like honesty boggle the squad of playing against public and all other Lech. And he's just an amazing girl that knows me all the angles from the flu like a perfect example of the. Yeah oh we saw him for the first time I saw him at coda. But this was way back may be twelve or thirteen price thirteen 2030 Arizona and he was driving a cup car. Yeah and he was it was written up through the field and pass and everybody got to me almost one and they gaffe and he crashed down with a what a couple of elastic guy after you have. Bob he's since gone on to win three in a row the last three run Yi is. A coming to whack so I'll tell you why some but genius decision can be kid knows the track no question he's won his number and not won a 919. Three times a safe Jordan if you get just told good drive and make it Brendan Kazaa think that might be the guy that can tell you about this track. Yeah I mean. The wick weekend. British art to you Britain and each and are pretty good friends that we actually went to degraded. Britain all the speaking to. And bought these no election pretty cool experience I'll let her out there with them but black key and then I mean jokes you know the ball in. Well Jordan I've got a question for speaking of this kind of moving up to latter what are your dreams and goals mingle you know what what's what exactly trying to do. I think my ultimate goal is to get to in because I think if foreigners habitable political and very lack copy connected. They're not. Per did they did the jury acquitted or dream but it literally a realistic goal something in because well and got it up. Well as the other is a few South Africa is a golf not why and a few and a few debt Texans so tell us what's life like like in Dallas but says in terms of Racine I mean. Dallas like Paulson is known for its pricing nominal CD the Texas Motor Speedway and we got from the on track but it's as the culture it's not you know Islam is on North Carolina are off. You know Cali our Indio California so what's it got there consensus around on an early date training practicing woody woody did. Well a third political mean it's an amazing place coming from Africa earlier. I mean it's the Australia I. Mean they're racing seems pretty big I'd go to the caulking track record kind of chronicle the current clergy a couple of laps in the Brokaw. Truckee decorate it often does up there and yeah just strained a little bit yeah and they're all Bosco. And yeah. You know it's pretty cool place I absolutely love it. Was Jordan I noted so this upcoming weekend and I just was thinking retire while ago about the sharing the stage out there with a full little one guys. But Charles going to be sharing the stage with two of the biggest music at. Ax on the planet with Justin Timberlake and Stevie Wonder and you really don't you're part of this whole thing this is just got to blow your mind. Absent here incredibly not slow and let's even give auditor. And how to get this opportunity I mean it's absurdity. I mean. Lot of delayed to beyond those crazy. Yeah I wanted to get jumped on the spot as well we thank you Daniel got a we took brat you we we mentioned Brendan hall a boy what a bat the F one title. What she tagged a long walk. It has been a ridiculous seasons of battle who really has blown it I mean. Are you happy that is Hamilton he's salve for Ferrari wait what are your thoughts on on the Formula One saint. Yeah you're looking quite great year. Yeah I can't Fareed had the issue is that I'm not married or not. Traveled in good cause you know he's he's very consistent at the Capitol Hill CN their. A bit pulled a bit or the other optic used. Well and human I think maybe we come back promote you showed just a bit older. The Ferrari. Ann Pollard started with the two former blogging stuff but how. Maybe got a could come back but I think pebble component in the bank to be announced. We'll Jordan share we wanna thank you for coming on speed city and what do you tell it cost about when you get here. Getting. I'm not a 100 no great morning. Thursday on turf today. Yeah well don't make plans Thursday night is when you give your plans. Thursday night has deny you come until after the Buxton bass is your all together the books but I see is we gotta we gotta sharply marker open and it's always handy if needed. The Buxton fashion is where drivers come and that if one notables. And it's a great celebration kickoff for the race week is on sixth street at the airport atx. Doors open at seven all you drivers you'll need to be there about 9 o'clock we're going to be given way all kinds stuff. But yeah we'll introduce you will bust of himself Democrat because well it's O of the yeah yeah yeah casinos in three more a few more years to be like. Yeah yeah yeah so it was George shared there's a coming on speed city buddy and we will see you on Thursday nobody. Called already appreciated I say but I problem. Our guys so I wanna talk about obviously we've got Stevie Wonder and Justin Timberlake Madonna does. Thirty other bands that are going to be there and I'm I'm I'm I'm really try to go to analysts are nearing but if allowed I'll tell you my ass okay so yeah I'm the data does all the live music. Here's the one yell need to see flat out. Their Brothers. Once Tony won his eighteen they're known as the Peterson Brothers. If you like good ol' Austin's tee rave on style of blues music I'll really are blues you need seething now as I hadn't it why do you look me up when that biffle. You linked you just barely get your green card a. This is true if you get ahead all I had no way you so I'm not really truly a Texan yes you're right endorsing Roland I'll tell you that kind of wanting to cross the border get your card get him between laying all the guys were now. Yeah because they're right yes Carla. Obviously that's going to be a huge part of it is weekend and items are all kinds of music and I tell you what did what they are both times country and western. And that's one happy I have a hard. And you stop it as good that's right. Thirty plus bands all over playing throughout the weekend. Especially Saturday and Sunday gets around check out the stages the there's there's a great page. Within a certain America's website has a listing of the bands. You cannot play a simpler music so you wanna see it and I tell you I cannot brag enough on the Peterson Brothers. They are gonna be bigger than they are now and you'll wish you'd seen and here are was allowed to talk a little serious form and one yeah I think you asked this question that everybody on the show so far. But I want to ask you that and I you know what what do you think Odyssey and did he was right about Lewis Hamilton he's you know he's he's got the the and so everybody is he's right and now he's he's just dominated here and he he loves America wants to win here. But yeah we all know how quickly these things can turn and there's a little woman that I know this is insane even talk about in the seven day forecast. There's little forecast of possible rain you. Obviously that's just to look anything like that a little bit of rank and through the whole thing upside down. And so can an engine change yeah exactly. Exactly my is the only thing about being and will bucks the mention Mac and aren't at ease in the last few weeks that's the only Achilles heel. Because and I'm not big I guess your question is what old what do I think of both Ferrari end and the saudis. Or at least or destroy it should could they possibly come back and they could they get their act together but I don't mean I have to say having listened to well and if you haven't listened to all signed cloud. Into these and we've got one wouldn't play for you a minute but. You know. Ferrari or a mess and I agree with will hear that interview we will but I think I think Ferrari job basically. Sixes and sevens as we say in the UK. I cannot aren't what they used to date the car is good enough. Yeah the car is good enough that you can't have also exports or box plugs yes 400 million dollars. I mean come on guys you'll spot opens a look at your car right on the nicest it's just it's ridiculous and you know they've had too many of these simple problems. I will say one thing about Lewis Hamilton I am amazed about. Is just how he hasn't lost. Touch all absolute sheer and at dissent alike. Michael Schumer a lot as she Mac a like determination. Because Krewell titles he's a bit of a pop star in his own right. You know he Bebop surround from Yahoo! didn't beat it swimming in the islands to New York City does McConnell says he's friends with a rappers. You know you could illusion taught you good to lose your edge he has not. And you know and that's what I think is really amazing about those Hamilton. Is that when it comes to put my helmet on he's a different guy. Yeah his funny send up because right after he won here in Austin. And that's when you go prospered and really one of the final two races this season there was a little bit of that going on and you know little bit of that in a super stardom and is he gonna lose. Edge you know I site that is because I don't think this championship was won and lost. In the last few races in Singapore or Malaysia I think he was lost in Azerbaijan one battle lost it and crashed into. Hamilton yeah nab. Assault and that's what I mean by you know those the mistakes but the champion does not Mike and I know he's a four time champion but we've heard on the radio I'm in battle has almost become a champion Pete he's very fiery out very quick to react. I think he's let him dad and I mean I don't don't get me wrong I mean he's a fantastic. Racing dropped I think this season. A little look back and you have a long deep thought and think I blew it. Yes. Well as we know things can turn Somalia will own caddie Matt yeah ten he had met. Obviously that's going to be the story of the weekend watch not his would be big other big stories on them British hardly course racing for Toro also. I'd I'd also come content on just fill in the of the blanks a little bit is a few people probably think in. What's the sports car guy doing in formula water and is this is a win to story I mean we all know he's good but let me tell you about friend and colleague Bret Holley was the first ever went out all the Toyota racing series race. Ask him. And this X sixteen and seventeen supply back so he was a one indicated straight off the I out of the box and immediately was picked up by the Red Bull junior team. I was only have program. And I let him go which I was a big mistake and I'm not I think yes Mercedes picked him up. And for those next couple years he was actually the simulated drive up four F long. Mercedes and in fact basically set up a column on simulate a for the likes of Strasburg and Hamilton especially in new tracks what they never been take so he's a big role. He was then picked up by incest that did the inside you know and I'm Porsche. And as as you say the rest is history he's a world champion and he's going to be a world champion. He was one here with Ferrari with scheming with the Porsche. It was well below wind Bamba with the you know he's just I mean look one long. I mean unbelievable Korea he's just 27. Unbelievable yeah and he's the right guy for the job sucks but just fill in the blanks of people who never really heard. A he's single cedar process. Yeah that's that's a really good point I'm ready resident because I Odyssey factor Porsche driver all of this the winds at LaMont everything else is success. Just phenomenal but that is a good point and fill in the blanks what else is also he's another one of those letters as friendly as can be. In the panic and around the the course as it passes. And and looks like escape mortar. Yet he doesn't. The Delaware I first met him he had his bushy blown and sticking at it always worried now. How many did I said I remember saying to these management time on woody does it looks as though he sees we looks like. He looks like Iran and he's just woken up. The Willie and he does it kind of like. All Harley hair hotly. Great guys I guess a little wind going take a quick break we come back or get it gotta talk I know it's a fun week in a week. But the moto GP race today when he best not I'll find Robin and I was I was I know you're working Red Bulls today that rally cross I was working and watching the stock. And it started as just go and take a quick break listen to speed C we will be back after these messages. Susan cameras video is the largest chemist dole and Texas would have a 101000 square feet and actually all the latest math facts are also brings its. 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And eight pound Red Bull got all act for the ultimate legend rate and and bowl MV Agusta. Italian style with Texas soul trying to Simon's welcome and financing available. To caddie outfit and I'm an MV Agusta and make light bright Elaine just east of I 35. On air online and on your Smart and nice top thirteen seven the kids. Right choice. Fight at my name's Derek bell. This is beat city. Welcome back to those speeds city presented by Mozy motor cars. Hope my speed city yeah. We got Formula One and one week and we're still going down some of the foam to one stories pay in day if you haven't seen I can manage you know our social media got to speed Costa cause we're doing a special we have been doing a special kind of down for the last two weeks. Well we've got to literally the Spokane duties exclusively geez. With the likes of Buxton anger and of course the F four guys so. Yeah I am and it's a great way to kind of get itself revved up for the F one because. That's cool what Tolkien Mac and these entities in the panda. Alan factors play clips we've got a clip their bull bucks has been on the show a couple times in the last three weeks. And he's talking about it our root originally but everybody every good day exactly thank you for. And so let's hear from will Buxton. I'm close to you this though what is I mean is this just a catalog of sadness dikes that have just come multiplied you know Singapore at night at the lazy and I Japan all is that something rotten in the state of Denmark so to speak I eat is that something wrong man Allah. I. This reads it's a courthouse can either is or after the race. And he said that things are much better now than they weren't easy is what he was what in the world championships he has total sites in concert and he was actually breach at someone's actually no news really effusive about saint unrepentant and he's got sort of that you got members of the senior sort of you know your reads and his people like that. Saying we have to understand we are very young team and you know when they're still finding out what you like for all agree on every concrete and book. We'll see you talking about and I guess the decision sort of mean that we are young team in the least he's changed those things. The same change a lot of people. But it's. I don't I don't see how you just usual acknowledge rule is that not all of those processes that created bulletproof cars in the policy and how you. You lose that's our eight. And to be completely honest review on I'm not convinced we're reasons and his management style I don't think anybody. Lot of too many people. It's divisive. It's rule I feel and I don't think that that is can you see is to create sing and at eight A pretty harmonious positives so it cheats acts at the same is how he's always been. And there are some sort some questions are as to whether or not you will be yet to see next year in the position he holds. Yes it is certainly looking at us from the inside EC's. It's not the way that I sync and you the other teams are round and it doesn't like how it plays to beat and it is in. Dad John that's going to be initially started a whole hatch. Yeah I will Buxton all the CD inside when it comes to F one he's at he's been so all rice is philosophy is quite literally. And it will say seventeen actually you have probably been. The thing that I find different and didn't watch him work and the reason we get information like this from him that we don't get it from anybody else. Is that he's got a respectful relations with the driver is different teams he's not just taken on to get something punchy to say or whatever. You know they they know that we'll start to throw my under the bus he's gonna talk business and he's gonna that he will ask a hard question of intent and I go to your answer and either yeah John de moves learning that lesson. I'm by the YE a you know he is not afraid he's a nice guy but he's not afraid to go to the jugular and as we head and we had a lead on the show earlier you know it's not easy when you're in a position on network television. I'm to give your own opinions because that's not what you paid to do you'll tied to present to show you played to tell a story. I'm and that's what's so I think it's insightful and inciting full for us to get at the veggies their actual views at a and you know that his opinion that arena banning is out but I'll tell you while that's good authority as far as I'm concerned because. It will says a game right and it's not looking in the model even. Peso. You know if we didn't ask will the questions you wanna ask. The bucks and best place for you ask the question is like men you know we say that there's one rule we ask you. To abide by and that's please don't stream please don't record because you're gonna get honest answers. Right into the town somebody see you videotaping. Yeah depended point nine it's a you know he doesn't have to play the network card he didn't have to play any of this and in Alitalia will gets other people show up and get on stage and have those discussions and answer those questions and they do take. Questions from the audience primarily I'll tell you it's not. Listening to what the three of us guys are gonna asking it's it's your question. I'm let's talk some moto GP because the race today in Japan it was wet all race and all my gosh it was phenomenal. With Marquez. And and dredging these years so who won the race battling on that last lap it was. It was classic mark on the it was reminding me of the Marquez and and brought us out also man it was it was phenomenal. They united all over. Excuse me and I'll tell you. Fantastic from the beginning to that end of the race I mean you know column would be proud it was a string after racing today. This thing is worse so its high as good as they were so laughs. Well Larry it's. OK. Now I know let's get away ravens I'm me over the holidays Sally rating well. All right that's it yeah. I don't think so I. Reining in Japan heads for Lou it's okay Brett has. Right from Japan it was a jets sideline as a playwright. The book I'm at a loss I. It was big. It was an incredible race at the end at the hits and senselessness of good things apply and oh my gosh there's a woman from HR here I have to. Well where we end this season now we get a lot as the leading I. I have not seen the rise and another result cannot tell you walk I am just a much used to what Adobe's doing on my bike. Because this is the real duopoly here we see is Lorenzo I was failing not failing but. Should be the guy you're leading them to caddie jobs he's the number one driver he's the if you will the battle. All the whole thing. But. You know. The big story is he's not getting the wins. And the truth is the guy get in the winds is leading the championship and to Kasi should get their first world championship and a long time since Casey stomach. With this kid did vote due this does so and he is an Italian. Why what a story and now it's what the points hour to 44 for Marquez to 33 Purdue Vizio so. I mean John Howell how long is it Vince is even this late in the season with a new universally that the changes completely up in the air. It is and it's going all like to be funny season is about as close as one Payton and down. Rossi one don't lie down so why. So yes it's saints 20067. We haven't had this close a year for awhile you know when Marquez has been leading with Palmer. He's been dominant when Yamaha are dominant they didn't. You know streets ahead of everybody else so. I did caddie I'm not dominated. The way that those of the C manufacturers have but boy. What a season we've got on the small Greg rice is to come. What's today's race from act to Connie is right their third two years sitting down on you Bowman watch it. OK that's it we're not gonna pass any more since I Jonathan you're earlier today you were in Los Angeles for the race yesterday for the chamber I was for the red bull run across. Scott Speed weeks we touched on this before early did he came on the show but Scott Speed won the championship this week. Yeah and down I mean it's been express he won his third championship in a row here in LA I. And did in style suits. He has pinned while the Andretti auto sport team have been dominant philosophy is no and I Hulk Hamilton. I'm home they're getting closer Subaru getting closer and for ever present Forte the only year that. And Steve bumping almost bildt's. A championship challenge. I'm but in the end it was tap fast and his teammate Scott Speed all like to the finish and really the only non compete speed to the championship was terrifies. How fast did the job he was supposed to do which is lead every race he could and more and you know get to the final and win the final but it wasn't an Austin Scott Speed to the championship our policy in this clip from mother to interview was cast. Well guys great that he bats on the day of what the champion. All two thousand seventies don't stayed and did in style does not question about you came in with a big points lead. But it was Marlins that lad that was going so well what you John Cook distort you self what does that it and because it was not a guy you still at the Phillies the final. He had not know. I mean I said no point analyzed two weekends and we concern of any other Carla Chavez than our own. And it's been like that the last three years we really do a good job of focusing on our equipment when you're on track I am become all business and there's no move it's done drug is not calculated and I think that's a lot of success he's had over the long period of time where. With the lead we had it was ours to get away and we didn't give me we gave away very little from what we could have been we did make any mistakes of the car worked flawlessly. And and the guys the guys at their racy super fares so is. Get the job is relatively easy. Jonathan. That was. And got incredible season with those guys I know you had a blast ended and in fact how about this for a story we just had I knew Bob and as the next year IE racing's. And we all got have an eye racing. Gain wouldn't we do those cost and with the properly during south get registered I racing not golf my registration bright idea. A world going on pricing actions. I dazzle we get a senator down but of course tune in next weekend for the race itself 2 o'clock right here on the AM thirteen seven. We didn't get shut down by almost a program directors at its head. Guys thanks for Jimmy scandalous and mass is clearly better. Tonight what Vista sucks. Yours.