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Speed City
Sunday, October 8th

Speed City, for October 8.


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It will go. Donovan breathe. It felt fast this hour on the radio. Good evening gear heads welcome to speed city. That's Jun of the green this John massive bill let's cut are still on vacation and we are two weeks away from Formula One in Austin, Texas. A little you know easy today but a Seattle leak and pick. You and everybody else in Austin yeah pretty much water an event and what a great showing on me not to water has happened in this country in the last few days to go becomes a lot that you see the support all the calls it a great tribute by spoon to Tom Petty fantastic atmosphere as Alston as always brings it helps me and Austin do we have a door on her wallet right now I don't balcony hum hum rocket along 10 is that today and an end few weeks we didn't hear that Formula One cars during February and they'll also be some international superstars in the form on the Justin Timberlake. And the ever present and ever a great signal won the occasionally with don't have. I'm pretty that's. I know can you believe this is the Suez what a crazy event I mean I know last year with Taylor Swift a daughter loved it but this year are you loved it. And how I did I didn't know until. You are rocking add my daughter my at eleven year old at the time was on my shoulders for a really long time watching Taylor Swift it was pretty awesome no doubt article. I also go look at doing that concert if you come into 360 am but the NF while loving guy and he'd end the week because. Olson console Wii along desperate in that people ask can say that the 360 at the leaders not that big are we and they they don't do the big concert you know inside the amphitheater not lets guys it was like nick definitely use these weather using talent Karen including Allison into. That last year what they say 85000 people were in the audience watching Taylor Swift so. They got it in a special place not out on the straightaway back on the back straight it's asserted America's. And so I'm assuming don't have similar numbers for Justin Timberlake Stevie Wonder this year and the other 85000 we're watching Hamilton shift. Yeah I think. That's what we get on the show number what we mr. will Buxton now. Royal commentator gonna join us here in just a couple of minutes and we're gonna get all the scoop from the Japanese gone three. And of course Jonathan we're gonna talk a little bit about ripple he had yes. He's always with the red bull run across gospels and Ali's next weekend how will be an. Santa leaves the City of Angels ask for what should be cracking final total will about as Welker is on NBC. Yes sir and speaking of well the one thing you'll sort of squeeze in besides. The US DP coming to Austin and will Boston gonna talk about. The Japanese grumpy but he's also gonna tell us all about the Buxton bash. If you haven't been to this it is one of the it's a shoe is a really intimate awesome event. It's there will Buxton puts on a pretty unique influence since and it's say it's to benefit the Susan B komen foundation of Austin. But talk about why is she needs out of his. Oh what we say hey this will at least you know I mean he's such a popular guy in Formula One terms he does everybody in it out from the from the dryness of the press offices to the teams and stuff so people you know did just wanna tell them where they can because he's a good boy. And therefore he brings tribe is down and he brings a massacre in any tells the story of that. Obviously NBC boys come out of only do three match. My majorities come on me if you get a king. Yeah the Kia motor racing to come then that that's pretty much where you are on the on the on the on the latter totem pole of formula Formula One a motor racing worldwide. But it's cut but the fact it is an intimates collect the fans for a yes it is but I think it feels well a dismal little more intimate it's closer defense former senate with delicate stage well if you remember I how's that one what we did it. I thought I was seated for SE discreet yeah history get out of had four drivers and that was a great atmosphere because all the teams came down on thruway merchandise and everybody got to Los Sunday and Ozzie Peres to marry yeah pitches right so I can put Perez on the spot he didn't include a what a way to not die but I'm a great event I'm I'm sadly they don't do that may be maybe will recognize them forceps for going home I'm because I think having actual drivers onstage. I'm with the crowd interaction with a bright and there will be that opportunity. We memorabilia and some much as well. I think anyway before Pavano. Then hey I will last week unless we show he said they're gonna give aways and stuff again right. And and I don't know who all drivers I think he's free holiday would Jason soils and Jones the film and I'll read a fun yeah yeah. There's Jason delisting a well that team is gonna be like that because you never know what's gonna happen missile that's kind of the beauty evidence is a little just impromptu in nature yeah. So it was a bit of the Japanese grown pre. Well I mean you know there's only one story there's only one story that really matters and of course that is Ferrari's down slide out which we started with wealth he he described it as you heard on Twitter as the team in polluting and a as a as a complete disaster if I'd be interesting Getty's tight this weekend because it's a just don't it's another chapter subtly in the crimson faced TE that is from our now. Well well you're not because mr. will Buxton is on the line and we are very excited to welcome will Boston back to speed city welcome will very good. Guys 38 Mona and I'm bumping be quiet on there. Quantity that will at that I don't want to say that's fine money goes but that it did this in six of the last five minutes I'll find a way and I am not for money. And what time is now in Japan. But it and I. I love yeah can't look at the united. Now I dad's as a does that get tickets got its outsized posts we used to karaoke last night in no way. You had to actually wasn't a wasn't on the voice and early nights. I'm no I ice Austin looks a teammate so I have a guy's Tokyo it was oath was still sounded the track but all the described on the log cabins apps is Duca. Are fighting us. For current singing all I am out on a day not. They knocked and there. Just aren't so I'm Mika Hakkinen saying please mr. postman would moment caught in a coma at a outings. I think that's why they know my. Iraq and yeah maybe I might this new Mac is singing it well Hingis strike I had. I have that I have the Malaysia a couple of feet could this mean it must be gearing up for eight years now. From both going to log cabin at the circuit hotel. On the Sunday night's officer race patents to people that did to are notes look at it as you say it was a there is sort of the traditional clothes and everybody ended up acts also Japanese Grand Prix because it was the circuit hotel armed patents essentially that was for rules for light vehicle wooden hearts. In which there was a television set and speeches I instead went to karaoke and it was I'm and it's not just bomb. And and the larger hot next to which was a ball and it always ends adults being being dry it is parents send these armed. They need creates a senate shall we say and the last time I once needs. Eddie Jordan is using to televisions at the woods chemicals at a karaoke as a blonde guy you can count on you need to Roosevelt was sitting listening on the track. Loud and and man on a and someone jumped out of windows how. The head of the second floor and I end up it. No the food and general Russell does some but not late to date he's gold they note that out I think late -- yet. And they've never return we should really sat all right that's a big salute a long tradition. Other jobs and let's let bill long let's bells and law cannons at the end of turn eleven suddenly the Americans. I'm restock tradition across Boston we know lol yeah and treats patients he has become tradition now pizza is the place where I am an agnostic you know go on the Sunday night yet but that they go on the Sunday denials the rice saying it's some gas has become the new low cab I have my day yet but I dot I tied to a dad do it. And that's yes that's right not a marriage after. Cool we'll release that are Howard I want to start. The Tar Heels not just about Japanese Grand Prix because yep I mean the lots of cool stories but give us your take overall. All me. Age man Japanese grown trees usually so great but we had that expectation of this wonderful battle between death and Hamels and on the shrub growth to grace united than the Mercedes have been dominant when the blitz when the temperatures were cooler. They were getting warmer it was played instead instead vessels hands and then. In and the car sales of him we go roll to the really great rest last couple laps are really excite saint -- solution needs you know the Alonso Massa battled rosters of both made the last lap dice this recalcitrant and the stop and section it was just committed to incite mud at him. Wasn't quite and so it was majesty is disappointing I think Sarah so trip Serbs reject these countries usually surrogate. That's a good point your right I mean a (%expletive) I mean I love that circuit and a lot of comparisons being an idea. Asked him what is the best circuit or nothing Japan gets about a a bum deal in terms of just the timing of it obviously it's like night he had it's tough you know it's just it's it's it's an all time. So for a worldwide always to really get the intricacies also is a great yeah we've had so many championships. Damon hill's championship I'm going to the wind that. You know it it's it's always seen and consent on cross I mean Olson events. But the track itself. I know it's changed over the years but they still pretty impressive in the. Has changed that much has a wonderful thing about that it maintains that old school slow the spa or you know I should say. It's a great to great tracks and tournaments and until the critical the race started he was talking about his Kallis C of that and how how much a massive challenge it isn't near as you said he won his title he adds I think probably argue these. Grace is grace and shall Milan their 1990 shorten that race it was splits yes in state. And I still think is is is final strides and some it it remains the same challenge to date that it's always been the corners it changed very very let's go on an as you saw this weekend it's a track quit if you make your mistakes it polite she in your acts and that's what you want from a racetrack is you know make you make your mistake you're written the wall and then it maintains that element all's. This callous the real challenge irons in there and Richard the publisher like it was thank. A citizen I doubt I guess that's a very American thing do you decipher a bunch in the bomb that's that's the will bust and I noticed that the this post I'm still laugh and about Pablo Oklahoma along I got another one for us tonight. You're gonna last week with the Asia what DMZ starchy integrity is on the total is a lot of yes yes yes yes well I still find it amazing that tape we can say because. I mean who as as as an English woman there assessment was we she gives you cult released sex and and yet. David has always been able society. Lines on that went suit and drive his us criminals into distance he sort Kazuo look at these symbolic king along. I was who have put. A police are amazing kids I'm always amazed why beginning into the American politics I restless and as always I don't they just yeah I think. Let's think will power sergeant at yeah Mexican yeah locally really understanding what it meant exactly which includes a. Our light will replace some of the year he's that you did today on NBC Ellis start with our race winner Lewis Hamilton so let's hear from Lewis Hamilton. Let me team that knows the squeaky bum is like finchem and chief try to present day Israel. No it wasn't it was love at plus definitely close. Max deadly quick in the second set stint I think use solace finding the first one. Well look tough down and then in the second one. I thought we did it to sorrow laugh and then. This stuff and I've felt like I had the time. So it came from three seconds to one and half and Minnesota back count to three and then it was just generally bouncing around 2.5. And then known than is a traffic and in the BSE was a great job than I had no grip my front tires. Complete dead. He said fund posted a come back he was right on my tells us about that traffic so. I wasn't gonna clear that and Osgood and that's why is a bit close. As it is not see them. In I was off the NBC broadcast so. Are you trying to get every englishmen you know decide bomb or yeah jug for a yeah it's it's an old Alex Ferguson saying the activists united manager and and it is a currency is getting into the final. Matches that the season or choose a final minutes of the match these things you described as we two bombs on you this annual ES SO singing to see in your opinion moving around you bonds screeching around the seats. And so bullish days. And that's so it'll cost areas does what you do about one's area. Don't remember what Cullen Edward Kelly I don't think I'll say it straight and the other is the Specter simpler in my life that. I'm not quite as knowledge to use yet I was listening to shuffle off the they got this bill. So there's not. Watching it hoping Max for staff and would I think look we all know that on those last laps. Catching him as one thing at passing is another but still I wanted for Stefan to get within a second get inside India are innocent and give Hamilton a hard time but obviously with the traffic and everything incident happened. But I know you obviously you guys are watching the same thing will they would do were you hoping or thinking that in my kitchen. Global message was and we was standing in the pan and spun into view Carlos like to finally turned out to talk about his first exit from rice. Hands on its. So is injured Carlos above bubbled up that much Carlos and color sleeves and a turnaround and this sort of second gap is certainly one point one seconds and you'll like hell did that comes from now I'm so this wisdom you'll surprise could be amazing and and all of a sudden you got Max. Almost pushing too hard and get it to every behind it was getting you know come on Tara Kirk Tara but we can get something if this could be a really really excite and the rights until yeah of course we thought we eat divot it was it was just the thrill. Tell us about the relationship that Max is fully weigh dreadful I love that radio communication by and said hey I might effectively on my unscented here can I jump for now. And unload and the British boys are very Milton dean said yes within lives. When Jackson got that clip this is certain acts for Staten. And that's our producer can find out when he out of its Macs are separate radio radio clip not interview radio clip was here. I'm. Alicia sensible candidate I kind of did say that yes. I'm gonna you know you have Allen yeah so that's that's married no easy easy isn't it if businesses that is absolutely against it it it is he. Teacher to student now yes now let's not say produce things. Genocide results yeah I'm. I think I think. There was always a spouse Malaysia that wind and the manner in which Max. Did win in Malaysia is out of the citizens strain to his burnout maturity. And and and him getting that confidence with a team of close to being a carry. The white all of that competitive names so huge it's. That a gradual you know once again didn't in the episodes of what I love it's not just the way he's developed in the red gold but the relationship that he's developed it with Daniel as well as its sights you know when Daniel does stuffs on the podium in his and she faces on Bruce's instant reference to other yeah yeah. Max's standing on the other side just you know is his actions on the floor he's got his big don't lie is looking at an invite like a big crowds that he I think he just absolutely worships him and and that's you have such a lovely relationship together. And his coach is really lovely to see it evolved into they teach at U. And get on the operating the most out of each other that both states that competitive obviously fast. But they eat a thing. They genuinely like each other and it's not a to see it does this sort of brotherly relationship grow. Yeah it's it's been exciting to watch and I agree that they it looks like they get along great but hey guys let's take a quick break and we are come back with will Buxton now and now we're gonna talk about. And he's on about F one and of course the Buxton backs coming back to Austin listen this beat city line in Austin, Texas back after these messages. If you ridden motorcycles in this part of the coverage for all kudos you know those motorcycle show. But look this world Wahlberg. But as legendary Harley service runs on. The water is frozen downtown Austin that is now over those heavy duty and they Bhutto both global war on track you'll see old familiar faces are bringing him here. Used and abused but there's no sign of shutter assuring crisis. Subjected. Those bills every duty don't come. Susan cameras video is the largest tennis school in Texas and the 101000 square feet and actually all the latest math facts or offerings. Founded in 1976 and still under the brightest lights on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound pig products and on hand experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable on the culminating sell stuff the quality service comes sepia south precision camera videos to full 38 west found some length. Talk thirteen seventy. I am a. Like Davis it's. Kotsay Casey and he's on the tanks but I can see why is bad nine to enact a I say she's just on the believes we'll know what I was gonna let Davis she's from the Red Bull. Rally cross yeah go racing this year but she's up by even half and she's also I. Thank civil rights in drama she does get another shot out as she's at a young age she thought when he won and that she's fox awesome hey you know unless you're not going to run out. Giveaways and Foreman yeah. It's why not but I got a better idea let's give light from Egypt and let's put roadblocks into jam and Lewis is what is fluent in Japanese. You can does does does does this mean I'm going to have stood arm Pacer International players that any candidate it's going to be and yet it's that this could be it okay. No will why don't you ask. Us you murder Austin is still learning his death when asked softball question no. We're pleased to meet Justin Timberlake welcome well bought two yeah let me be want. Let's let will Buxton choose the question I and if you can answer the question call 512643. Lives. I'm 26435483. Given way to get some will boxed in what is the question that you want to ask to give away. Tickets to form a one. How hard to all the gold EG insult me get more hard I think you know when you get a soccer bowl and it's just the right you know you can kind of push it a little bit but it's just. You know you've had it well that voting. All okay is cool yeah. Bulls. To join a dollar and mingle and easy do it and try roadrunner runs rice we can get NBC I'm better than that he'd like. Humbled. I can tell you in living color. Today you get a good test it's not so much longer. I can't really. It's not gonna petition so I don't know what you're talking about anybody you know it's what you have heard around. A case it was the last Japanese drive to reach from one party a great question. Olympic quest thanks and Betty. It's done in which you figure the bolts so there are yes yes and on shall he was that the race today actually. He wasn't eat again it seems apps that will achieve that podium of his foreign tour so yeah. Good look good lap bloom is one of the best schools is a good luck is crazy the Engler concepts the engine this concludes its. A wild man nickel and Cole in the wild an enemy we got a name like that. That's that's tomorrow and everything we can possibly get numbers five wood to six or three lap I'm 26435483. Sag as this tour and let us put another interview that you did today will. I want to play a Ricardo. In fact we got a couple former cart little it is exit it will be with a so so yeah that's a SEC in the Steelers thanks to you we found that. Loyal but that's Dorian and you don't illness. This still doesn't say violence here as well Daniel Ricardo. He Willis actually made Maine my race a little bit more exciting austere lives whose. We'll be lonely for me calm just close out the initial start to get away then we sat there with a bit of wheel spin so. They'll stats. Max and and Esteban as well so. That will be out of the fly I guess you know it was Lewis and Max Patel left to see what would've could've done that off. In this first animators often that in the death once I got somebody's problems and Monica once they asked about houses. Try to do our pace and and wasn't really too much to do so. I Dennis Sylvester coming Heinz. I welcome that because Jeff. One of some company so wherever the nearly hold hands to the finish. But yeah I wasn't gonna let him. Good skier in front of me. Begin has some NBC today boot scoot minutes didn't lose Texas expressions that. It's ten that's absolutely and that what is it Texas expression is sure but he's got he's got a book I know he has the because these kids let's call from the book was the cover of the book which is will bottom out but you don't have this kind he's a he's I guess he likes Texas it's good. So will look up to specs are out one what did you what about the start of the race any surprise there I mean obviously. In Hamilton did do not step in front anything else at the beginning of the racer. Why can't a conscious flying through June Koran. As usual we'll show you this I think is magnificent as always and people often forget that she beat Max are stuck in the form of streets are so. You know a veteran opponent. He's on the man he's super trust get a minute competitions fights for wins and I think you will act and he spot. Mac every human race and such as the and a great stuff. Obviously it was a second race in a row web. Ferrari engine cut offs with few seconds to go and they think the six problem in the spark plug announcement that. How times change installed it out between you respond to what she thought they had tonne change it turns out sponsored race admit they have mixed and I was taught and so he lost a cylinder engines had to retire the car and so you know the missile down by two are all. Our conversations about there yes for Rory talks and has good hands at the London tonight thank couldn't Indiana contest. Yeah fat content of yet I just I don't want to thank I'm lost you this though what is I mean is this just a catalog of sap mistakes that have just come multiplied. You know Singapore now Edna lazy and I Japan all is this something rotten in the state of Denmark so to speak I eat is that something wrong the man Allah. I retired I. It's really typical White House can either yes or after the race and he said that things are much better now than they weren't easy is that he was what in the world championship to he has total sites in concert and he was actually really cancel once he actually conduct must really excuses. Saint. At the and he's got sort of that you got members of the team you sort of you know your read it and his people like that. Saying we have to understand we are very young team and you know when that was still trying to not what you like to trust all agree on every concrete at a book will see you talking about and unit yes that it didn't sort of mean that we're a young team and at least we change those things. The same change a lot of people but it's. I don't I don't see how you just usual is that knowledge rule is that not how all of those processes that created bulletproof cars in the policy and how you. How do you use that's our eight. That to be completely honest review on I know it's convinced will read that and his management style I don't think anybody. But it's many people. It's divisive. It's ruled by fear and I don't think that that is conducive to creating an eight a pretty harmonious positives so it cheats acts at the same it's how he's always been. And there are some sort some questions are as to whether or not he will be yet the team next year in the position he holds. Yes it is certainly. Looking at it from the inside EC's. It's not the way so that I sink. And you've the other teams are run and it doesn't look like a happy place to beat and it is in is reflected in the and we see in Europe last year racist people squawking about the aggression of the pit crew and and it's a very so it's physical and it's it has become a nasty. Carriage to be around and that's. So what you wanna hear about Ferrari to sadly it's is becoming the truth it's it's it's not nice place to a man. That's really sad to hit because as you say over the years and when I was in that import our members thing didn't. You know Ferrari was always. Very elite teams and always a very talent of our Italian friendly come in and out of class there in yellow trying to image to view if we get and I think. And not the case anymore. Now it's it's it's it's closed itself falch very much armed it's it's almost impossible to do anything with him for immediate perspective. And states. It's it's it's it's really sad but that's on the basis of politics that goes Hoya didn't and where we rats you know sort of took some big guys at the top and you know then try to make a point with the new. Sort of caricature as of eighteen whether it's arrogance where do riffs. Whether or something else withers that they just don't just feel they need to engage oh. I'll be anything other than them to more doping because they're so focused on winning that title and they taunt you think about anything else matters and has to have that singular goal and singular vision which I can understand two point. You know I'm not sure which which one it is but it's certainly. In Asia from my earliest days of 1516 years ago. You know when Michael was still racing and they were steals you know I should hope that gang. You know even then it was more open more accessible. And it is now and that's sent us a real shame throats for everyone because they don't get to see the ball under in the majesty to discuss various Robert. Yeah I couldn't agree more you see it and in some level you know they're so proud of the traditions and of the road cousin you know on the rice Gaza they put that. I we have ritzy every C noticeable here in Houston yes fantastic at fit very successful. You know when you think about what they doing in GTs and want to be down there in the and the rest of the McDonald Ramon superb and eat right it's taking. Is taking the shine off the off all forty's. You know toll motor racing fan they eat. The kings a love the sport let's get paid implement Tim everybody wants you even if you hate furry. He's is still seems bad if they're not winning it's not doing let's let's Green Bay Packers is that really well yeah I guess the fact ya don't say how do you ever had to get by said that it on the south cal was for years and tonight. If there are one of the finest teams hate yeah. Yeah I know a lot of random furries yet the I want to do well. The irony is well and as you said as you say what you just said. The rest of the competition and I'm thinking ran out and I'm thinking force India and of course Red Bull are catching up the walls this year is supposed to be Ferrari's real challenge all of the dominance of Mercedes. It's not come to fruition. Clearly Hamilton really now just has to show up in Austin. I don't mean that's been out bodies kind of Obama. And I'm also that the that the level and now with the switches and rhino and sounds going in all the sort of stuff but a lot of things next year it'll make it even harder for Ferrari to even get to the top number in mind. Just beat Mercedes. Yeah this is the year. You know this was a year Tenet's attempt to put the fights on and we sort of from Australia. You know we knew in Australia that their Ferrari had to cop had to challenged we didn't know at the time quite a good to Ferrari was that it would be a console all circuits and Mercedes the struggle so much to get itself dialed in. So I don't get to it that's what this does that that the child's parents irons. Companies may be gone if you look at what's happened to vessels championship of the last six weeks having just beaten six weeks he's gone from lead in the championship. So housing. What is it now 59 points deficit and it's a. To nine point nine gas to please don't know I am currently we do with Alston and he beat him when he got she'd take the challenge he only did here in Austin attract. Yeah actually it's and that's the amazing thing is that's emissions and well look I'm as an American wanna talk about Hoss a fourteen to dual point double points today I'm very important. Yeah exact. Say perhaps you mean you so both guys off to the race there was lap eight. To come get you know Romans is price he hadn't crashed in -- he's -- -- -- would have saying that he does you know he can have released who are higher in the points that day they were looking at its entire genuinely looking at being on the call with the force in use in the race and they take Kurdish ordinance. I mean they they can't they weren't sure of the words and I think they could have taught us that the pace that showed the race was phenomenal such step ups and don't pace with the red -- and Clarence Williams the toros is at the world and they getting up to the point where they could be fighting force India site. As it is they want to solidify this up replacement championships. But if they had the current knees than in Japan. The rest of the season there's no reason why they would have been sort of sit place in the championship it's really start to come good for them and their house remain acute news story the student a sophomore year and that just you know that this solidified their place in the sport that it's a great job. You know it's a full form I nine points the difference between house and Toro also tour also pools and I was some movements. Given that tell us knowing I'm could be could you possibly see that gap 31 point ahead of ran out but nine point soft or also who obviously offensive transition now. Yes I mean site. For those that though obviously John and Thomas leaving Rennes a color science is moving in that from Austin which Nader also with heads right. Done the trio will come back into one seat and he's not exactly holly on on confidence that might not. The big questions he feels seconds to eat because. There is some debate as to what appeared as people stay in Japan to finish up circle in the season but. But we she's just tough points of the championship lead or whether it sustained some of the ones that duty US concrete which are also logic eats it would say stance will want but there is no you logic currently ends up because it's well. Here in Japan to finish the set of policies and for Honda. In the case. Who does ripple put in the second tour associate because they don't have many other tribes is is is not any of the drivers that simple criteria have to seek license points and could easily slide in my money would be on. Sebastien going overseas racing to each either wow and yeah where that's as I understand it going has been contacted sports or sorts being a stand on. So news or use it to so are you. Unhappiness I think yeah now that's pretty go fast or who else would you have put in that. From trying you know if fat doesn't come debate which is a great story but little else. And all of the red bullet the red food drive does have to points a paltry Mark Webber that doesn't have to I had to sit lessons points scored slow. It's not quite as easy as just saying what's frequent blood you used and will slice him and obviously you've got shelled cleric is just one. This from the two championships and he's not gonna sit close and points he's tied in with Ferrari. If you miss the Renner reserve tried to make even Jillian com. He taught that the and the other ones but they are suddenly next to you and so our team as to be icing you know not really was considered. By Jillian though you obviously do you spend week in week out within he's a lovely Fella I talked to all I'm I feel for him I mean there's not a lot of room for a for us helping us in Formula One it's and it's a cutthroat business but do you feel a little for the for what's happened to him. Really just wasn't good enough. None of those sounds harsh but you know he's hats BS is at the bomb and all of the all the time that he stakes this year pulls our market is another bomb I applied seeks. So he's not he's cut sorry he had to rule rendered details. Oh man I this year in terms of reliability. But. Oh so do when this come to. You know re performing. He just hasn't he hasn't performed the level that he needed to say and so it was really an image of time and I think you know rent a want to get Carlos signs in the ASAP because they know it's a whole complex metal was dawson's dropped a convert needs. A strong comparisons are long site and some ruled the most out of himself as we sort of force India. With Perez. That's what she needs now that car this weekend was easily capable of top ten qualifying. And how convention and that easy thing he wasn't being pushed to dieters wasn't. I don't think achieving what you should be achieving in that car. Which could on the part of the race he had a great drive Clijsters is DRS broke him out of the out of concrete steps you should have been in the top ten all day he could have been with the force India's in those early laps. You know racing top three what's what's so far and couldn't Carlos licensed seat next and will opens I hope couldn't Berg's level to where it should be and the performance is that we should be seen from him is at the moment. I think Brennan knows the whole conventional forming where he needs to because he doesn't have that personal site in pushing him still yet to have a bloody amazing no. I guess we got to take a break will I wanna read this tweet humor to get the answer we come back it says that. Well I'm jealous he says says I read today in his exit I'd be surprised if a reason he isn't and he needed energy at the end of the snap. And also we have today we have a cola we have a caller we're into debt after the break listen to speed city line and often steer act with will Buxton more with a box and after these messages. The racetrack it's what legends of all that only the finest machines and their reputation for innovation and dominance. Such a the next place you'll find Aston Martin Boston both as a Boston Bentley Alston thunder Rolls Royce motor. Austin exotic iconic automobiles. Racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring Jenny Israel that a just along. I like 183 knock them. Susan cameras video is the largest camera store in Texas within the 101000 square feet and act with a all the latest math facts or offerings. Founded in 1976 and still under the brightest lights on his Gerry wrote we Salomon's precision camera is committed to the finest customer experience. The pound pig products and on hand experts he won't find a more helpful and knowledgeable and accommodating sell stuff. The quality service comes sepia south precision camera video too full create west and a sidelined. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two we'll op on wheels. It got me off that offers only NB of those deaths and a caddie back who authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. The brutality sport naked the most extreme essential naked bike and up. All the charisma but launching an 800 the first revolutionary Tora to be built by Ambien does stuff. Or if you want to credit freeze begin racing that look no further than the world's it was bought winning triple and 3675. And eight under Red Bull got all act for the ultimate legend great and apple and the good stuff. Italian style with Texas sole try in the Simon welcome I'm financing available. To caddie outfit out. I'm an MV Agusta and make life great Elaine just east of I 35. Thirteen seventy. Hi there my name's Derek bell the speeds that the. And I love that song I gave me goose bumps so I sat. Tom Petty things or did he was our man there's Astaro he's only about SATA now live oh yeah will bus analogy solve this Saturn highlighted opened with you know Jason nobody knew was on. On stage in his Las Vegas shooting. He they opens at an allied with just days only singing and Tom Haiti's. Let's he won't back down yeah I won't back down in no it was really. Awesome I mean it was it was really. I think it did the emotion is really incredible. Lost on NAL I always thought the first song by spoon which is a great Austin band. Live in now in front of their fans they did. That free falling and three Red Bull guys came out of the blind and deaf free fall into the concert pretty cool. Why oh why remains and I'm always we get new things we want to we wanted it to sell you a tech had Derrick out yes you see now irons I NC Derrick currency starts saw my first book which is coming up. Notre plus my friend got let's hear it yeah ha. Well wells sensible lending to publish. Not Israel not how the world until the end actually the night so I'm I'm currently in this in the series Ulster. Urgently into decent book and it's scans typical and does well. That working title is my greatest treats. And it's news stories from 25 to greatest races. Currently living. About the moment they hit rock boats. You know how they came out the other side's Aaron what do towards them about themselves Aaron it's yet how to make him a stronger person relief try so I wanted to 'cause. Yeah I have one of mr. Bell's three nice prime ribbons on your list because he is a good storyteller I can tell you. Isn't he just isn't just it's so yeah it's gonna cut us a little one in the mall. Indy NASCAR and rally so to our library Grayson who offensive release dates will serve so early next year. It was great hands on the way way come on and I'm glad snow who gets on Kanye will be able to some looks like we did that with a web yeah and by the way the web of book fantastic but the view not credit and I was so I think the will is involved in. Given his knowledge of this pool will be a fascinating rates outlook after that folks. Are more gonna get the answer to be tweeting and susceptible we are color on the line Steve welcome to speed city hasn't already youth. Had the answer to the question from mr. Buxton a. Yeah I think I got a dads let their eyes and think about it groove and run. Yeah it. Her daughter. So all we can't stop. And little. You got it ignited do you think about and it's it's it's it's. It's in her. OK. It is. It eases you. Oh my gosh. Darn it we'll get so low and so it into we have. We'll Steve thank you for calling any given it a shot at. Our life Bible advocates an extra color on that Matt Hayes will Buxton and they tweet came from somebody might nose in his mark caller. And he has had a month Iowa and he's Dolan wants to know if I read today is a redundancy is introducing which is exactly after this yeah I sing us a thing I think you might think I. I mean it's eight it is it looks now. As a Ferrari can lose the teams and the drivers championships. Ice I think he's gone. And who would you put in the I mean would you isn't somebody. EC is an obvious potential. Not does not and I think it is gonna come from I was it's gonna come from from march uranium arm yes he was a pretty net you know they tried putting in. Somebody from the business sides with net yet she. That didn't work out they try putting in somebody from the markets and backgrounds batteries there is Bennett and that's absent. So do you know I Sunnis to get back since. 222 of the guys that understand sport the guys understand racing you know somebody like he's shown talked it was very cute that's. Picking the right people delegates and responsibility creates and you know autonomous departments that had their own responsibilities and ultimately all loves to him. And giving them enough run giving them enough. Assumes abilities to do what dates at bats as well as John was was really get to melancholy which really get messages and now that we see how could two men Khalid really was and how. I think actually he was treated in the ends by the sink because everything they've done since the since the medical clearance you know announced told last. But none of this works and they they need to get back to racing and and on to Staten. The bracing and just letting people get on with the jokes. Highest pressure job and motor sports may be one of in Somalia jobs in the world and how hard she should I wouldn't take that job now of the expectations are so high and the two foes see. Us you know I mean I like Taylor fans and you know they gap they do quite literally expect. Well and you did you get up you get a ton of money you Kiet. In every driver once you get the best driver error driver wants or is for Ferrari you get the best of everything you'd better do good and some well a lot of the budget deficit roughly between Ferrari Mercedes is it. Upon at least Azores Mercedes still spend. It. It's it's on a pop it when you look at the fact that Ferrari have. Historic payments and then the TV money bubble of the bombs ferraris and actually and you know they get money from from that Morris as well try to rescue need to turn any form of proxy at school because they've got this season paced will be fours even begun so you each in metro area or in a unique position in this sport. You know because at that just think I guess to the Hastert is that position I think it's something which in the new agreements being bashed out where Liberty Media they've won and how it's quite so well so rosy. Thumb but so but yet at this and the budget is just the cities to find the money and Ferrari has its has that shouldn't. Well will blossom I want to ask you about the Buxton bash coming back to Austin we. Test shows the top of the show but you gonna do let's talk about it some more. Well it's it's it's great I mean with the religion puts them we shouldn't have done it this year without you guys wells beat city it's it's you know it's it's old MCU and the help that that you've given and that that lets his credit I think he's out now and holiday at the moment got he's got to work to get exhausted from organized or exactly exactly that's a spectacle of a sudden I'm I'm I'm I'm hugely appreciative that. Adds up you know it might be lost when ever so while I'm. So I'm Elliott won you know. Organized plan that the man we just don't know I so would get a look at it as this might be the last one I thought well look. Anybody in posthumously low exactly does that does that you know we did the first one. Five years ago so who you know in in seamless and sort of situations in the circumstances. So would do maybe the last one this year and it's going to be grace on its excuse basically just to get everyone to our. And have some fun and pass and B is Aaron. See the weekend in the right. And an asset to Solis at the been really ends in the goodness the Cecil we did was a karaoke night so we can't get worse not ands it's it's just a sudden the venue it is amazing tip what atx run the hometown only six patents on. Yeah just can't wait to see everybody down there and really just stop the Austin we candles in the right way. Yup it's going to be a blast and I'd like I said at the top of the show will I think this thing gets the most interesting thing about it is that it's discounted intimate setting and little chance for people to get a little bit. The close to the people that they follow in the sport. Absolutely and you know do one. Rule we've always had and everyone's been so good to respecting it ambiguity in this Venus social media. World is we are. People lots of settlement. Take as many such as you want but talking. Click that little button on your camera that says that he. And because that means that that. The drives into you comes down can be completely. Free and say whatever they want and it's been one that I've never seen one videos from a bash when drivers comes out everyone's been really good answer and so that you know it. Stupid questions can get thrown out and the drive is can I answer you know with once in the patent and Aaron you know and and and sweaters they want to incite the wrong thing to their press officers standing in the corner of the room with ahead in the hands there are no and it adds that. That's what it's about it's that's fun and and just having that respects that states it's fooled folks that it's called them. Accidents that's fun and it's neat you know it's not be shed his son bill is on the line I love that I'm peaceful charity yeah that's right. Yes it is it is it's all for charity it always has been X. We've raised goodness almost a hundred thousands dollars it's full arches will be held so far so yeah apples or Spencer local charities in the sense that Susan determined. Austin on the show as a charity which we will be benefiting in the whole Austin we spent his pain that will be. Is paying is pink slips a breast cancer awareness months. Do you WW highest office you know I'm ready to get home will lobby expecting it. Well I mean you guys are you aware relations practice I'm so happy for the wind is. The global drive well over. A bit just to try to get always I'm Jason how can happen. And that there are a. And we got a little page of owner was cited speeds he podcast dot com slash Buxton dash bash just to get if you forget the information it's Thursday nine all that stuff but it's it's up on our website as well so. I got a couple more questions for mr. Buxton. 18 case we'll festival there is a very fine show on NBC. Called the global rally cross I will be that for the finale in. I'd probably would you good makah mr. defeat. And it's a great series I am but he's a question for you could you ask you'll might. Fernandez who likes to do the old rice especially for under any noticeable if he wants to join the championship lead is Scott Speed antenna fast. For Iraq one of them one of the rice is next year. Who. I think the more chance of seeing in this tense and ball and sometimes I think that's a really physical contrasts been rumored and Honda are very much involved in the championship. How about yeah then. Well I listen I think so and under right now what is that his Suggs on the Triple Crown and maybe that's the quadruple crown crafts on the TSE. He's either quick to what is on the Jason Day is Linehan on sports cars sedan match. Right absent and that's got to cure it doesn't out. I do I get is back hello what is done I think that's a use for can't really do people forget how Honda how successful on Iran in multiple worldwide figure out his full of one thing is a blip I can assure you. I guess all we yeah we got to wrap it up and hey before we go will we can we got a winner on Twitter it's the same German mark color he says I think we have a winner you don't knock. Only Kobayashi is what he says. Cup last she is your aunts and he had a aegs gallery color just won some tickets you'll tweak past few mr. caller yeah. It happens. Kabul will busted thank you so much for coming on the show and we will see you in about 1010 or so days in Austin we are so excited. And we will talk to you then of course had the bash. Cult like tall white guys and thank you help and thank you saw a man on us early morning appreciate it Baghdad travel site. I expect sees it. Our guys what's going to take a break when we come back we're gonna have a little more discussion about Formula One there's a few clips we didn't get to play and we will be back after these messages. If you've heard motorcycles in this part of the culture for won't know you know those motorcycle show. But look this world Wahlberg. But there's a legendary Harley service roads along the water is frozen downtown Austin it is no we're both heavy duty and they've moved up both global warming threat. You'll see all familiar faces are bringing him here. Used and abused but there's no sign of shot assuring crisis. So check it out there were bills heavy duty don't come. Susan cameras video is the largest cameras go in Texas without a 101000 square feet and packed with all the latest not a factor offerings. Founded in 1976 and still under the brightest lights on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. Was handpicked products and on hand experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable and a culminating sell stuff the quality service. Comes sepia south precision camera videos too full create west and a some length. On top thirty in the city. This Alex Perry does this beats it. DC I like when he says that famous names and America right there's a famous senator I know how we can kind of spoiled little little bump. As we've got and it's pretty cool it's very cool I'm I'm gonna start running some trivia. Leading up to the race on American ground Torre's I think it's a great story great test you know we've got a storks as well as with the beauty of this weekend in two week's episode America's. Is we've got not only Formula One on the chance to crown Lewis Hamilton again. Annan for his fourth title. Which will equal battle and will also I'd be getting ever closer to the correct. Fascia. Five so and we sit doing that but we've also got BS for the youngsters the future back. Bring up Brenda late show at who I'm gonna get an interview with from New Zealand he's coming back as one of many youngsters making their way through the single seat directs. And Brennan's also sign up for Toyota racing series again which I'm delighted colossal arrogance and that love Americans have come through that including some Tina for a cheap. Have run to veto proof. Willow when I'm soul good guys who are on the way up and you're gonna see those guys in the half full crowd and the law of you know Loomis and laughs at Kirkland and all those other guys coming up from Foreman for so we see them in action but also would star ex. So I Johns for us to see some beautiful historic cause I'm like I said relate to the American history and heritage of Formula One Racing which sometimes because of its rocky cost if till thankfully the second of the Americas exploded onto our. Onslaught little lull now Roy. Has often been forgotten some always glad to build them to bring that up so begins in trivia. What else we want we want and what do you wanna put another and to do what you got. Yeah I just and I wanted to we just get we've run out of time really unfunny shall we talked all the different things we're going to be at the weekend and you just did a bunch of that because he's. Obviously we get the concerts the Stevie Wonder and Sunday night as Stevie Wonder and of course Saturday night. It is qualifying just in case you didn't know has been brought back to light afternoon so the you can literally once or find here 4 o'clock in the afternoon so you couldn't watch qualifying and things on C Justin Timberlake and CIA don's been so. That's great I'd I'd forgotten there we're gonna do that that's actually really cool and another reason to. Now qualifying is 4 o'clock to 5 PM so yeah I got an intimate links at seven right. I yeah roughly so that's did you buy you time to dance team is old fused glass of water and head out to them. Mr. Timberlake. Mr. Timberlake so what else mr. green and oh we didn't getting on the show today by the YE Elian blasting this I go full market report at meet Melissa sees himself here. So we just had the current pit reporters. For NBC on you who used to be that there reporter for ESPN Asia 966. Is seven yes I would remind you know it today I don't this is all that accident did you start this I'm ready I'm ready. I'd would you still fit in the suit no you didn't fit in it back this and I think Boston's young. Still still looking pretty good notes and sprightly and willing to do all the travel so could you could still get into the city I would give it a go. He has been if you're listening model often if you were the last there were blocking an idea how would you want to do well. And the Atlanta right now is driven dead and then there's pioneering with ESPN no artistic embodied in Ghana are German German false when was it important that you have for a when push it to order form. I wanna say he. Israeli air she yes she did German radio and she's done TV as well she actually did American radio he had. Back in the day. Oh yeah yeah slow. With thank you Craig correct yes and it's so yes she's so we we are blessed with a corresponding sound delighted to have will. For the last couple weeks at a McConnell atrocity that dying as well as much as we can but some gap and so you listen Reich are thugs have we got only in sidelined him will be keeping you up to date with that Formula One coming up the speed city crew will be sent to the Americas will we do in the play by play we've bulk Austin tourists and down. Looking full no I didn't saw. Oh yeah let's get ready to race yes that. Just this email under the tables for a minute then yes yes he visited rookie. It's a race to race pay out one last thing before we run out of time. I just saw. Somebody sign up to win on a website a mark also just signed up to win demand and you can go to our website and and check us out suits Beasley broadcast that come we're out of time to talk to you next week also face tough on everybody let's see that's just a do you.