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Speed City
Sunday, November 12th

Speed City, for November 12.


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John messing get. On the radio. Speeds city. Good evening here heads welcome to speed city this John messing elements studio with the west Keyser yeah outside. And mr. Johnson green is all on the road did too much golf. In the crowd cal gone free to do his twenty. Fifth. Macau Humphrey here in the commentary out there. That is so cool and you know that's one of those you know around here stateside we tested federal effort in to see any of it but I want Charles to make a point that. Go and check those out nice segue mr. Kaiser because we're going to be carrying the Macau Grand Prix on our website speed city broadcast dot com. So you and we'll be carrying it live so obese do be as streaming if there's so check our website in the coming next couple days actually and follow our Twitter FaceBook. SimCity broadcaster come out and will put up all the links to make sure that bull put a banner on the home page course. But it will put up some links on social media to talk about that and of course why you need to listen to watch the macondo well pretty because it. This is the future stars boys and girls it's it's and one of those places where. I mean the names that have come through there over the decades and gone and a Formula One is truly a who's who and it's no different and in fact. There there's going to be some guys there. That are gonna be certain to be informal one in the long haul so it's it's one they. Or those little things if you don't know about then you've got to check it out check it out online first and then of course check it out on a website in the next coming days but. But speaking of Formula One let's talk about fallen log as we were back in action this week less and you know it it staff. Overall the race got a little slowed towards the end but it was really. It was a great amazing start and I guess the big thing of course was Sebastien battle. Yeah I mean well I don't know sale of Mecca to the big thing close watch a number 44 slam and go all during qualifying and not make it back slow Garcia started matters. But. Yeah that'll great runs in just. It just love seeing him do so well. And you. I don't know what I'm sure like that got a lot more nowadays. You know other step back because what you said about Hamels and that was really one of the big stories of the weekend of course for Hamilton in the wall and a little uneasy very and characteristics in and now going out it was the first turn first lap qualifying so. But if they get along pretty good Assad had but I you know what I did is you know I'm the one of the things I liked is that got a little dials though you can see the GeForce four point nine or are slam drought against the maximum out of that dials for what else about says own peace summit is it I was watching his helmet and his helmet moved pretty good at the end of round when he hit that wall. Death and just for a split second thought is it when I first I don't know I didn't look that bad but then on saw his helmet bounced around a bit off on what he's gonna be okay. And if you notice win the day. Radio the end they said you'd are you okay Sebastien and there was a quite a long pause summing it was like. At least fifteen seconds before he said something and in fact the NBC guess winter commentary while in between those two conversations on the radio. And I think they probably knew he was okay they tried all the sensors in the car they probably knew he was fine. But that was a little bit scary but but that of course led to an interest in. Start of the race because like Lewis Hamilton was not. On the front row and death and metal and you know and you know really good to be the big thing ended the beginning of the race is that. Well but Haas had everything to prove and a lot to lose and she did not show himself well you know he. He did he immediately was not as fast as their landing at the gate right and and really never threatened him I mean he didn't he never let that'll get away. But right but he never threatened him at all now know he didn't end it this is something that you know after all of that. Starting the mess of the qualifying. I think the entire field was kind of shook up on what was gonna happen. A lot of people looking over her shoulder words. Bad Lewis. And knowing that he's gonna come through the head of steam which he absolutely did yeah and had some greater racing even called it you know. He was having so much month fund that it reminded him of the cart racing days there. Yeah and it was you know at one point I don't remember where was the price halfway or so I thought could he possibly come back. I I knew it was just thinking he could I can get on the podium that he could that I thought could he win this race. I knew that was a long shot and at winning would be a long shot and I thought he would make it up into the mets' top. Five top seven spots. Because that's where his real competition it was yeah I don't know what else knows that they're gonna step aside letting by and you know I've. Is that you know somebody may argue that point but I think Fernando let him by. Yeah I did kind of look awfully friendly a couple of those passes looked awfully friendly here now but. And welcome we are totally different if you're that much faster than me and are really gonna try to you know get your way I'm just gonna be a jerk but you know in the audience's view so that was I think they handled it. Hopefully the way I would have handled bulletins like your way faster me just this go on and don't mess me up. Yeah yeah you know here we Harvard too racist to the end not that everybody's not ultra competitive that. In championships won the two structures championship his wind and so I think you probably saw a little bit of that as well but. But Ellis just run down the boom degree admiral crooks obviously Sebastien though one of the belt or vote Tuscan and second it was only two and half second two point seven seconds behind him. And Kimi Raikkonen and Lewis Hamilton of course mated in the mid fourth. And match for Stephanie Daniel Carter right after that and then the lead they must an emotional final race in socal for him and then Fernando Alonso opened eight that was good to see Sergio Perez and Michael Bloomberg intent. And of course the Haas boys that was a honestly now yeah yeah I was very very disappointing. Obviously Magnuson. Didn't finish and brush on finish fifteenth. And and and we got some clips who won't play Elena played grows on this well but but yeah that was pretty disappointing. And definitely wanted to see. Because Hoss is so close in the constructive points you know I wanted to see them have a good race and that it did was not to happen. I'm one of my favorite parts of Lewis Hamilton's. Path to the front from starting in the pit road yeah. Which I think somebody pointed out that may be is NBC or somewhere on Twitter is but that was probably the best place for him to start considering the melee that incurred on the old on the first lap but. One of my favorites was watching and was able to come upon for staff and because that's the one that I expected not to be friendly. Yeah you know. Or stop them. He's. He is obviously talented. Mercedes still get that you youthful exuberance and end the lack of restraint at times how's that you had she showed an incredible lack of restrain yourself as an. Youthful exuberance not I actually I really like next step in college in alike. Elected that he's aggressive so. I I think that's the right word is aggressive OK so he's exciting to wash all say that whether it's you know the the turn 161718. Years he has GP cutting through the inside. You know passing in the rain only outside you know a couple races ago things like that I love that he's that boulder track I don't know if you just doesn't know any better. Or he's that confident yeah. Well it's certainly gonna be fun to watch him next year and now we want more race he had two weeks I guess is that race is the Sunday after Thanksgiving senate recount fund and finish up the Thanksgiving weekend with a finalist won re assure you plan your nets accordingly and plan your trip defamed or anything else that that the ingredient in Turkey that makes you sleepy. Tryptophan or whatever but Donna back to the costs of one team. You know it was. It was disappointing like there was sand because we won some points to get Haas up in the construction chip she points boats. 9% of the beginning you may contact with startled and ordered a McLaren. Seven both cars out and then not really not much like a later in turn six that he was. Goes on spun off the track as he. You know he was fighting for a place and and enter got Esteban O'Connor who has had 27. Consecutive finishes. In Formula One. And he was not happy either in fact let's play the first clip I want to play the Esteban so con clip because. I think that that was of a Goodman just but the fact that he did have that long 27 race in history to finish lesser mr. monoclonal. In Austria since then haven't resigned in nine senior receiver depth. And I'm not liking it authority. Especially you know I was not sound. My phone today you know Romano Stinson and done six and then damaged both of my reams like couldn't. Bring the cup back to debates because of that song and I took divinity and I think his stuff today. All right so he said it was good zones fall now wanna play the clip from with the Roman goes on because. It's clear unless it's funny these guys and I thought I have a very very infantry different perspective. It was sliced like it or even at the same race but you know what let's hear remembers him. Dunleavy had a say that god must today he content on an ability that a function. On their real last so long it's 106 and we'll also coming up outing is his punches and it's getting on top of Gaza that is yet. I'm won't make any comment to them knows about these it. The nerds too happy with that. That's a very happy with it and it's that as did when it took that what we're gonna go and take their first break and we're gonna come back to a lot more Formula One discussion and we're gonna do a lot more moto GP discussion. And because that Marquez. What he did today was phenomenal what a great way isn't just a new place to do motorcycle stunt I. Let's listen in the middle over it is really true but what but next up after the break we're it's completely over the top excited because we have Max Crawford. Who if you don't know who he is he is kind of a a legend in motorsports building some of the most amazing race cars. And we are good to get to. USF three cars. That are going to be really this is a going to be a really excited are actually using painless on these are that's how advanced these cars out and that's going to be part of our discussion for sure because there's been a lot of discussion and controversy about the F one halos will these guys are gonna use them first. So stick with us after this break because next carpenter can do this you listen to speed said he lied in Austin Texas Tech F he's. And the post on motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two wheel off on wheels. 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Amateur races and professional drivers I'll professional instructors never judges Judy based on the day off well. From all that driving back. We'll keep you Abdul finally safe on the road pull back that up the racetrack feel calm. Behind the wheel stuff after the situation no matter what you've done the whole way you've done it all how well you've done it will my. Catch up on the latest headlines at any time at top thirteen 780 dot com. Alexis to Gloria driver of this if you look at your own Toyota Camry nitro funny car. Welcome back does beat city. Presented by posing motor cars. Welcome to speak city that's what 5000 horsepower sounds like Mr. President. He had this and you know I'm afraid that that candle is going out for missed the Lexus Harris she's announced that this may be her last season raison and I was. So alternative get a hold of her and see what's gone on what she's got planned for the rest of the year. While we were very excited to have our next guest on the phone because we are going to geek out and talks some technical talk talk about some technology and race cars. Because we have Max Crawford Max welcome to speed city. Thank you very much. All we really are excited to talk to you and I I want to. What does she tell us a little bit about where you can Wear you got to where you are right now as far as the recent history with. With on road and leisure day. Because I know you did you have a bit of a complex transaction there are like a spider webs take lousy all coming together perfectly yes sounds like it. Yeah it is a bit come right at the bit maybe. Yeah I know my composite company and then. The number out a little bit and end up with that during the it's cool program. And that. We Mitt. The people come on right the mechanized. And we put this tailed together way is people see racing divisions from. And as the crow for composites and but here I am don't like being at GM for America site. I'm not a hot story and a great story. Well good I'm glad that I'm glad you settings I knew I was gonna get something wrong and that story but but Maxwell who we're really excited because you have such today a fantastic history in racing. And building cars and and and really were so excited because of the F four in the F three championships here in the United States. But would with the associates with the FIA and with such a fantastic latter. Through the system up to form an 014. Based here in the United States I mean we're just ecstatic about the holes the series and set up and both series. You know Lola but thank you pre conduits that yeah I mean if scores an unmitigated. Six here it's fantastic at ground. It's standout beat great. Great product to Greg Little carrot does everything that everybody were caused all of obviously you probably watched the right thing and we've had lots of multiple winners and and to provide eons but the different people all the times I mean there isn't the cream always rises to talk. But to with the city city podcast fields we've had some really really good right thing and have been some really good vineyards. And I Saddam low will council angles leaders cool and I'm very much involved with it by day. On the angle beat their. Rules and regulations. And what it really involved in the fourth I originally and now. While we coped over the three regional that is a regional series but it is the end. America there have been and we had a Guinea pig really bought it felt like saying. It is going to be an every other country entry gate but they'll still be. All the Korean national and hear from there it's that new product from. Originally it was. And Clinton that it would be a upgraded it or. Like. Mortgage British from the straight. But with the belly Margaret wouldn't everything changed. Greg typically in Nam and a figure. And now we have a new product and you can't see and the federal regulations as like back quite quite say yet an upgrade. Well so I I know I wanna talk with the halo because that's obviously a big part of safety and everything else but. But talk about you talked about Billy's accident and and held it change things so. You know I think when I first think of this step up from an S threes he's meat from an F four to an F three. I'm thinking okay it's more power. That I mean that's the first thing comes in my eyes can be faster and but. But it sounds like that safety is a big part of the step up to Aussie got a car that there will go faster that will generate probably more downforce more G forces in the corners. And so I'm assuming saved is a big part of that change that step up right. Well actually that's. That's the main reason behind it state that Jackie is only. So that the formula three regional and on the tree international will be initiates it. Dimensions and so everybody will have there aren't able. Anti somewhat the rules and regulations that but it this year but it's quite a lot longer in the Checchi. And everything. That we normally have on the front of Italian is the master cylinders and that he has cheering Rick eccentrics interest is all inside the can now so that. Chance is quite a lot longer and so a lot more sites. The we call it very tightly to the woman one rigs now. With the regarding many carpet area. I think they can relocate check citrix acre site. It's just I'm a huge. It from what will coalesce. Lower grades of all single seat and so we have by the impact stretches where there. The taping that avenue the lot of them have. We have. And he intriguing but ultimately have a the whole front of the chances. On the leading edge of the Chet it is allowed entry panel. Oh in the intrigue panel will call us. And or side as you mentioned the highlight of the highlight what is. Quite an undertaking. Obviously if I may have done a lot of he's been with us and we've been involved in that. After a collapse quite a few months now. And then we've but I like cool what we what I have what that is Aaron that the mind. And it's going through a rigorous skipping obviously day. I like critical to the one parent is quite Italian but that's. Really can't have four below formula. And that's where we have building out I'm Molly 41 city and being 88 insight. We are building one now or another hit by the violence which excites yep yep pretty neat pregnant. Well I I don't play that halo is as such each part of this. A discussion just because it's the newest thing and but I'll I'll do a step back for just a second and say that and all you guys that are part of making racing safer. It's just that a phenomenal thing because we just it is so much safer than it was a decade or two ago and especially to thank you guys for all that and but that but going back to the payload the I it looks so similar the one that I've seen on the but the pictures of the F three car has been released looks almost identical. To the one that's concentration of informant one. Is the is the halo is the design this shape the of the way it mounts all those things are all those and those old and standardized by the FIA or how does that work. Not that that's an eroded its go to a you stand inside the one that would go on doubtful mystery regional carriers identical. It before Milan president they're they're identical product. You know I saw that in fact with a wood the quote that I saw says it'll be the first single -- did your three cars and we the first single seater like the F one cars. To incorporate the halo device from 2018. And and that's what they do you think it may be the actual identical piece of S that's ruling interest in it and so. It you guessing it'll be the first single seater or are you how are you will you be the first inning and OF one next year also has the halos well. Well from what I understand that panic here at the apple little on apple mean. Formula three regional will as well as a met mandated Sunday for the highlight I'm not a hundred provincial or on the formula. To recap because I knew cal injuries and I'm really but it released before that new rules and regulation but I do believe that I'm told that they going to be out there that. But yet that we. Sort of a ground breaking a little madame that is quite it's quite an undertaking it's not an easy but he might come. It has a lot of rules and regulations and that at the grocery rigorously than. Four to develop uses that we thought Avian vet. Into the design wise and and all of the tasting. What about say we've just finishing another one now that's kind of level and subject to duke it. We know in seeing when they bring a new car to the sports car arena and they've got to go through you know what's the proper. Roll cage design and they present in the and evaluate that. I don't imagine that you know you can't just old on this payloads. So something. And slowed you know obviously the pick up points in the attachment points are gonna come into play. And you know quite honestly and on Wednesday I think the world of Nikki allowed but I was quite disappointed in his comment that he said. Of the halo I did that we're treating drivers like babies by putting a halo over them now and I'm disliked that is so wrong on so many levels. Yeah oh well I mean we goal we will gone church from this by trying to achieve military at least in the garment so that can be champions and we. Might advance to me out of water bounces and the and the chassis and we have really now what I would go quite like cash out so that the biggest issue is. And and and I want to use any nines but we I isolating. Decadence that we have three produced. And did it is amazing what it does add in my side it's a life played it it is really great. I don't know idiot remember oh record eight autocrat and ending his upside down couldn't get out as well that's. Well we read Richard and he was I would just to get out from underneath that site and has that it has a lot a lot of redeeming pages. I've been he really criticized authoritative bodies as well it's hardly an assessment that other thing in. But I'll be honest with you now it's just like that actually carries over that are dressed timeout we wallet grows on you. But it's and it's not that it's not that idly it actually is quite. It isn't it it's trained he gets real trendy it's a it's a new it's new and it will be everywhere so it'll be a you know we don't accept it very easily from there on. Well I think it'll be normal as you said before long it's just taken for granted like the seat belts like everything else we've seen come through racing but. Well I I can. I love the idea that she does that this simulating you've done because. There's so much technology in simulation now that I've that you guys can really get accurate. On reproducing. All types of crashes including the ones like you said the ones actual crashes. But the added the technology being able to produce. Reproduce and then test all different scenarios. I would imagine that's a huge part of what this is all about. Well let that's actually right out I'm interested you weeping tasting it for quite some time. And we've even gone to the point it firing away elected as 220. 225 kilometers. Two we've flowers being walked up that does now and and and the drivers. Ed it survivable I. It's amazing what it does its performance covenants it's quite a it's quite a lot of we've gone into the design him and the mounting about you actually that the chance yet to be built to me. Tick tick. But once you've been a witness that pretty you believe that believe me. Yeah or my excuse to witness duke real quick break you can be a lot more questions for you. Thank you horrible we're gonna take a quick break listen to speed city we're here in Austin when we come back we'll continue discussions with Max Crawford to talk about these. New formula three United States can't just coming in next year. Back Anthony Smith. Susan cameras video is the largest candy store in Texas within the 101000 square feet and actually all the latest not a factor offerings that. 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Fifteen year old would know driving experience and amateur races after professional drivers follow professional instructors never judges students based on the day off. From all that driving back. We'll keep you out of your finally safe on the road all Baghdad on the racetrack. Feel confident on the whales don't laugh at a situation no matter what you've done the whole way you've done it all how well you've done it will play. And. Yeah I. Still got freestyle might have are drawn over the military sickness and you'll listening just neat city. Welcome back does speeds city presented by mostly motor cars. For the next big city we are on the phone with a Max Crawford and I just wanted to talk about Max is still a bit more Max I was reading about your bio. And these that he had the technology you guys have done with composites and aerodynamics over the years. And I it's just phenomenal and couldn't be more excited to continue this discussion about. About the US three series that what they had just got to ask you is it. One of the did they hold concepts behind BF three yes for a correct me if I'm wrong but is the ability to make this system that is these series. Affordable and last week we had Steve O says Bonnie talked about the F four costing. Only 51600. Dollars. But can you talk a little bit about the costs and what you guys do have to keep the cost down. Absolutely well obviously we followed the guidelines of if I. It formidable we'll wide as a it is as if that I have. Regardless to eat by. Across the door a Miguel all look at this. We had built down by the time rules and regulations regarding the Kabul and also the cost of they're quite good putts. And so the idea was to have an affordable products war I younger. Drivers to country and older and see we have quite a few older people coming. That can afford to do round. Coming out of guy cats and an actual facts and a lot of instances of secular bit cheaper than some of the high end guys Katzenberg. Thank you you're right that the carriers. I think that chance is 46680. Dollars. And then you can you get Kerry engine from Honda 600 US 6600. For the late for the year. They and knee that chassis end. I'm sorry to give a good engine gearbox especially have to do 181000 kilometers. That's spiral otherwise see you have to get back to the manufacturer. The grip. It's a bit prices. That was quite an quite. Aquatic economical. It is. A great a great little edge where. They're very very strict guidelines for me I just that's new isn't that great if you may have gone to the history. It three regional. Another Nick Price of their particular little different now. They're poetry regional kayak comes with an injured. It's a complete. And we ask them with a gallon gas. And it Spanish undermined thing like hundred. And it down. It has all of Lee. Attributes of the former reform. Playing items signed system. All of the pats are priced citrix citrix. I guidelines. Why are gonna ask so does OK let's most come play in and you know let's say that the F thirty. What's gonna go what kind of budget is a team gonna need to compete you know on a decent scale for the season. Each well we've been doing. I can't get Christian. Will will use the phone before as the example would form a full. Much about the team anywhere between. A hundred recorder and hundreds of it and 8000 of that holiday yet Dayton. To do with the prominent preacher we actually built Romeo carriage being get into the last five months. And we have beaten. They intimately and I lucked out cast. And we've not reply to anything and so I knew we now have considerable miles on the scout site. The odd thing about this is that as element to slip definite as apprised of it they opened it from the Foreman for. And we've found at the time we hear it a little more even site. Wrap surprising the I don't believe that the budget is a guy to be that much greater than the pool and then the political. You know that surprises me that's graded at that surprises me that it's only hundred point 5270. From to afford. I'm not I had to guess I was thinking this would be three to 500000 dollars for these but that is that's that's amazingly reasonable considering. That the level of I'm instruction really the level experience in your starting to build through I'm a certified at by a lack or even at that price I'm a little short Khamese Bobby Jones. I robotic appears to do to you together you. So Max you know it tells about the lift three who are you seeing come towards the F three as a potential co sponsor on this. Well obviously a lot of the people what the minds of the print shops that run formula Fords obviously. It's a great business model for them to run formula scornful material to ensure that you want. But little coaching a lot of other coming in. And inquiring about formula three at. It gets quite thought actually in a lot of people for that that would that I met at the run also were very very interest and in this product. Just because that's affordability and and it actually has great forms like a lot of people had been brought her law. I don't wanna go down a bit. It down bacon to a Coleman afford it's it's it's just before what does not they put him. But but the on the street that's certainly a little bit eagle eye out. The cab run. And it is what America is the telegram. But that clip that drive a light on where do we think pasting it actually thank Cameron's been doing a lot of the it's informing and we have actually put them Coleman a war drive through it and and a couple of other drivers from other other. Theory and we've got a really good prefect of the Arab followers it's just a great little product. Max here's here's what I go away you all of this you know John John and we'll talk technology with yelled in all night. But here's the nugget that I think really comes through we now have a place in the US foreign FIA. Trails towards Formula One. That's really defined now it MRI does not. Not your era that's exactly what we do register. Is speaking of that and talk about super license points now believe in the S three. Chip a lot of points for a woman or and or military. For Foreman for a handful loser I was think uses for mystery that is awesome because. One of the things that we always talk about is trying to get Americans involved in a line. And there's only a couple of gatlin who is it Alexander Rossi you may still hold news. And it I don't I don't know Connor Connor ever and I'm the guy has completed and then you've got and Centene efforts in the absence of routine and so EI it's it's great that we can start accumulating super license points. And that an American series like this so. Well we'll talk about the next one thing muscles wanna talk about is the did the things like really tires and Primeau breaks are truly tires aren't the start with the tires of the throwing tires are they going to be. Similar to what we see in other series and against a specific for the F three NF or half a million work. Well we have a specific time that we useful. Political. And it is being that it's a phenomenal absolutely phenomenal. And I obviously Al Al want to walk up import one tyrant years formed a Petraeus well. Well we did all the testing on the form of trade that we can't sit in 97. Degree weather and then cold aware that. And that our school that's basically how we re not going to change. The lead the goal of the ultimate potter Greg where are we. We went down quicker shorter while on the parent spiritual leader like he's greater player attract the stereo and ended without umpire. But that we re entry. It will tank of fuel. And we did a lot of Electronica a lot of chaining and let what that was in an outlaw. The nick that hey we were still running on the white car. And at depth that the love we need a quicker blip but I. Iran and Diana up on once it applies to pretty volatile I mean I I would got a just guys Jerry's that even that even that they're very. I want appetite it was so quick. All right so. One of the things and you touched on a but I really haven't I wanna go a little deeper on this via the engine is. If the Honda K twenty series and it's the turbocharged version the F three and national aspiration in the S four so 270 horsepower this is slightly detained from the news street version of the city publicity to our. Which great having at the engine at the way that this new Honda Civic cars been received by the automotive press has been. You'd think it was they knew the latest McLaren or Ferrari because they are just ranting and raving about this four wheel drive car. And I haven't even I haven't really I haven't seen any hadn't seen anything about racetracks or anything but. But the fact that this engine is the same wind ending its gotta be you have got to be pretty sad about that. Well. That's one of the great things about it is that you as your as the chain. And so we had an eighty. The hold out that we felt that was commensurate with the cows performance. Handled very. The drive. So I can tell you that. It's got announcement. To welcome all of you have to begin to. With that formula for a I was above the one thing we did on because this guy has got a lot of aero on. We didn't want the cat that was round the teacher. Because I'm normally can arrive at the corner of the hero provide try to break NAFTA and the cat band on the trouble. And hockey guy you know that's actually what what we were looking for what we were looking for laws. Something where big guy would have to respect the struggle. And I can tell you that that is good because we have. We have it can't that is Spain's sounds long carousel corners. And you'd have to be gentle and when you come out of the corner and you stand on the it'll jump up on you side it is. It it is almost the right or. But the iron chips. Yeah 270 horsepower and went 11150 pounds that that's a nice par weight ratio so I can imagine that's going to be a pretty fast car I can't wait to see. What these cars lap on circuited the Americas I think the F four cars were. Just I think forever call Christy just over two minute lap times Sunday to the F three you're gonna be significantly faster around Canada. Let well next we're just we're just about a time that I wanna leave the last of little bit sad to let you talk about anything to you wanna talk about with the new series. With the new car itself. Oh with a new enroute from a relationship through what so what is it that we haven't talked about. Well obviously downright relationship is phenomenal to me because we end. We have had that you're cornea great and we also have the race which there's a really really Coca. We algae and are emboldened the Greek cities and eight and PPI to. I'm glad we hear sort of a little bit and it really able we can at we've got every app for everything. We have a new cap coming out to that you sort of the poor racked up audiences is there a code of each coal. So we've got a lot of products that. But it but the for everything around Asia is. It's what we've been in business now I'm and that America now per year and the month. And that believe me as a team a I hate the media but. The growing is fantastic and so we're looking forward. They don't like me. Oh man so are we we are very excited about this so so and Max Crawford thank you so much for coming on to speed city and we hope to talk to you as soon as we can and Exterran. I really appreciate you having me on board and all the Christie thank you very much you believe journal science happy holidays in rules talkies and thank you very much alive. And that sad that this is a fascinating discussion and I had you know that and Max is is always. So friendly with a gentleman here that resistance it's nice guy and there's been such and a genius with composites and aerodynamics and all that citizens are so humble guy as well but he rose with the Jonathan asleep almost a he can do good time to be challenge to Macau but he is but he he's just about get there are no tell what time it is and there's certainly more than about now well I would. Well we're gonna go and take a break when we come back we're gonna talk a little more F one of the world's gonna talk about the incredible. Feet by Marc Marquez in moto GP win wrapping up the championship today so. Stick with a after the break. Speed city live in Austin, Texas. 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This is Michael's life back driver of the number two discount tire horse show welcome to speed city. Joe's beach city presented by both the motor car. Well tonight's big city. I think we're gonna jump into some moto GP the first on a sad all the folks are out of circuit and next is we can for the 24 hour series it was after less you know about their little ads LL cool car I did I get see Shea had him speak to her for awhile and you know it's a really cool series but it. Quite honestly folks don't know a lot about it and include myself falsely that. It's Manchester series there were forty teams out there only four from the United States I mean it is a predominantly UK Germany especially. But. Was personal but there was one gentleman out there I want to have some time with Damon and honestly just never timed it right but the CEO of Aston Martin. Indy Palmer. Was sitting in the seat pill taken his. Let's expand his quite accomplished quite honestly in a Munis are is doing great. But it can you imagine being in our age and being in charge of Aston Martin. That's and so like he didn't mix doesn't choice Aston Martin that there's an outside they would they would all be a lot faster I don't know not a safer our current road or the or anything else but they be taxed here at NASA. He was out there competing in the 24 H event the 24 X series is a neat seriously turn all around the world. I'll say there primarily gentleman racers you know a lot of these things. You may have never heard of if you work around. The sports car racing as you get a mention if you will it's it's. The gentleman racer club's style racer but on a global scale. Yeah there you get it I like that. Well I like any time there's that that kind of fun happening coda we got to get excited you bet you bet I spinning and excited moto GP today it started to look like it was going to be a little burst test processional and strategic. And then with just a handful. Marc Marc can heartbreak ever basically crashes but does the normal Marc Marquez he's basically got to buy glam aside. And all of a sudden he's back up and spend all of takes a little trip to the gravel. And finishes the race which is pretty much only had to do in Teaneck to finish the race and what do stressed out this gets X forty casket back four years when he was the first guy to put the skid plate on his shoulder was gonna put the next one now after today's it's going to be a full bodies. Didn't play its. So yes so mart market is easier 20017. Moto GP champion as probably expected inning it was a bit of a tough call for. I did easy is it to win it dining alone seemed to Connie. With a shot at winning the championship because yes just exciting and as a fact that we were even considering that bad in this placement. Is huge progression you know to cut is now full flares are not red development scale of that they were few years ago. They're surrendered to come back it's really great coming up next the pennant LE four that's going to be something serious and makes us see how that plays in. For Jeremy expecting the aches and pains of a new engine on the grid. But does still does phenomenal. Heartbreak for the Dakota does the last few laughs losing both of the does often in the weeds. Yeah and it was pretty listing with the other thing it wasn't a little ministry is when Lorenzo. Aren't there was ignoring team orders to let dough we threw. Laying down and coming and yes I know them and gave me the look but I know. But but yeah you know they're out there racing and but this is it is a team and I I did it so. But it didn't take long for that not a matter so no titles guys like I get inside one of those team discussions of of asking OK you let me passing power should get paid for letting him pass me hey. And so you know things like that is you know I wonder what happens the guy that gave up a spot to his teammates how he's a rewarded her sister is considered an investment. Yeah that's a given the about it. Well I certainly wraps up one of the most exciting moto GP seasons and a long time for sure with the champ ship going down to the last Zarko one to ask him that's going to be cool yeah it was our go to one. What the last two years in motor to and now. And of course from you know was leading the race today and looks great all season he's looked great all season you're right and to be quite honest. I was very surprised that he came in so strong right at beginning of the season and continued it all the way through the season. I did not expect that level of competition from that. Fantastic yeah I think it's true I think he had no he's championed that in my neighbor to the moon up like that you just. He never know though you be he's obviously gonna be a special talent in my college football players to receive hit the pro and skids. That's turned into that is a very true that's really kind of the what are related to the yup so I bullish Seles shift back to Formula One I know we got a little bit of form and one of the top of the show and you know obviously if the big story of course was Hamilton crashing in qualifying starting on the road and pit road and and then at the beginning of the race when Sebastian battle jumped right out in front of a bounce remote toss. And pretty much cruised to victory ran with it we have a third essays and stories down the grid coming did the big we already did we talked a little bit was Hamilton coming up through the grid and battling his way through and having me. That the weather was the gentlemanly waves through or you know did everything was that you said earlier is that Hamilton is so fast. And some big the passes that he made were truly. Literally pretty special you know it. I think there was there would be weren't gonna see some of the super aggressive battles but some of those passes looked pretty amazing. Yeah there was a lot of great work there and they you know no doubt we're that far back you've got a long. Wrote a host and that's going to be some of those things are coming up our in our question if if I was lib you know lower performing driver. And you know whether it's equipment or my own or he really gonna mess with somebody like that into the can jeopardize your future for an end. Getting to another team you know potentially that team he's on but then you're also urges battling you know the the four time champion. Then are you looking you could very gonna look like a petulant little freshman he has. Well applicable to eclipse because there's some good that there's some discussion after the race some of the drivers so I think on start with the winner of the race a month. Start with Sebastien battle and see what he had to say about the range here's Sebastien. Tracy back on the top step of the fighting you suggest that you thought Mercedes. It was the faster car you would have struggled today it's apiece it went to government comes I think from just. How to be honest. Those those influence us to get costs. Ouster that to be honest it was very close I think we'll have more or less the same pace. And I know suing you know being the lead cup history us clean amp but on the other hand you unknown so good so I really want it to disappear in the first in and get. Him out of my side. I struggled and I got a little bit closer than he went for the undercut some of those again. So it was a very intense rays. Volley these clips are from the F warned YouTube account which is a phenomenal account now the liberty has control that I'll be flat out blatant because. It was it was disgusting these bad before. And that was will Buxton a good NBC. It is I think you know we're gonna have the cold will back after the last race I think so yeah it's new year yeah Alyssa is getting back on Telluride and I think there's a lot of changes and then we can we're listening that I referred few more of these that to talk about liberty media and what we're already seeing and changes. I know yeah and in fact I think when you had the week off we went into an in depth on some of these things but. But obviously that the social media size I don't know her and that yeah I had not over the changes the liberties making. And as speaking of the change is liberties making this event there was an interesting one that was a little bit quiet and it happened. During the US GP weekend as a serious 6 AM. Radio is now carrying the races the play by play of the races. That's right series six them in a nationwide coverage for the United States tackles that you know sprinkles pretty big step. It. It was things Jonathan has talked with us you know author about. There's no who radio network that large overseas. Yeah that's a little different you know scenario in the UK in other places and it really felt it was just a misunderstanding. Of how bigger radio audiences. Four motor sports or something that we generally consider very visual well obviously did the whole scenario with NBC no longer carrying 401 and with the DSP and carrying Formula One. And this the whole and they knew over the top types of networks is that what we're hearing rumors of we don't know all the details in a course but. But obviously that changes things dramatically and so this'll be it'll be interesting to see how does next year. The one thing I do like about for sure that I like about the ESPN coverage and not as nothing do with the guys because they did a great job and NBC. But you know think about when you go to. Sports bar or whatever big ideas they got every single ESPN channel on right. And so you're gonna get some organic. Watching of the races because I'm assuming. That the ones that are on in the middle of the night the probably had an encore presentation of tortillas from one of the ESPN's. Which you'll have in a sports bar so I'm hoping that that is is a little bait. Thrown out he had somebody new. Yeah exactly exactly you know end and so that's. And that's just one small. Slice of that whole conversations on how I don't know what else. Could possibly happen without the that was pretty cool the series is now Noonan and is convinced him to see what happens. If she were the SP none of them I'm really hoping there were gonna have more. Then three races go to free air. As was the plan this year. Yeah that's true that is actually a big deal I hope we get to see mores wells so. Now one thing I wanna talk about for almost at a time we get a couple minutes left was is. And this is still Foreman won discussion in a way because is a Macau Grand Prix because. Does for Jonathan is and it course it starts. I believe it's Thursday is when you start mammal watching bill watch it on our website speeds he broadcast dot com. And if you don't know about steam account from three it is. It is a phenomenal series for. It's really kind of the championship. In a several different levers does it levels its cars and bikes. And there's been some phenomenal names including this year. We talk about the Formula One connections in the count on three Atlanta Norris who is the test and reserve driver from McLaren F one he's going to be down there in fact. He is going to be he's gonna be late to the Macau Grand Prix because. And of his testing with McLaren so. But again that's just having the names that have gone through Macau. Was John's career because his 25 years who have of walking through that. Of the list of the drivers have gone through the Macau Grand Prix is just phenomenal. But but that's a big deal and I think that if you haven't watched him before. Check it out because I need I just I know some of names are. You might have heard a couple of these names aired and sent a Michael Schumacher David Cole to our goal Coulthard. Sir and Felix frozen quiz. I mean this incredible names that have done they've been groomed Macau Grand Prix it's pretty special event to the they taught in a keynote if you know McCouch Canada Las Vegas. Of of that part of a mural yeah and so. It's is it's a phenomenal set up then and am very exciting so. Make sure you check this out on our web sites BC broadcast dot com we'll have that up there were about at a time. And was just around yes re into the into the racing seasons but there's still drivers ready to announce things how things are gonna go Tony eighteen. Christine and also Paul says she's got something coming up she's promised me to join us. And you are buddies that NBC I won over those three guys at the desk and we'll bust and are going. Yep there's a lot of lot of fun stuff and Morgan you know as BC goes year round so we're we always like this. This a GP three Escude at three discussion that we had today there's going to be plenty more like that we have lots against during the offseason so. Lots of stuff to talk about are we get a run second set and a website speeds that you broadcast dot com took a similar sound cloud account we got to sound cloud. And of course FaceBook Twitter all the above and we will talk to you next week. Charlie off.