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Speed City
Sunday, December 10th

Speed City, for December 10.


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John messing yeah. And that's why I think three. On the radio. Speed city. Good evening gear heads welcome to speed city. When love and Austin, Texas. It's a little chilly here in Austin, Texas we have some snow this week. We did we do live you know we get the engine driving academy here this week. And I'll say all those got snowbound a little bit Thursday night it is pretty wicked. Well we are very excited this is done messing gala that was less Kaiser and mr. Jonathan green is not going to be on the show tonight he is traveling and not gonna be win this. But we are very excited because we have a couple of guests tonight and in fact we're gonna jump right in the our first guess is that he's a fantastic race driver we've been following his career Johnson isn't really fallen closely. And we've been followed and and watching what he's been doing and he's. He's dabbled in several literary series and very successful. And very excited to welcome the Jack Harvey to speed seemed. Jack welcome to show. Good evening guys Harry easier. I hum. Are you gonna go pretty pretty happy right now good luck closet of really why is corrupt our children so. I don't know one thing to complain about Christmas team. Leah and did it. Delivered by Michael shank it sounds like kept cool is that. Our home I mean how absolutely no marker circle in her prepared compressed it even become an elderly. I would take it. You know Michael's I have a great guy we've been working on this. Mommy don't miss race. Because we have 500 at the weekend after we signed the Troy he said he could be interest that. I can't call and let our brother go to this stage. Let's excellent excellent you know I we still reserve our common about him being such a great guy and that's because. He will not let us drive his anchor NS expert the other that we liking us. Maybe you. You thought yeah I couldn't. It's less than Michael we ought to we want a driver. Oh offered him the special speeds city ballet service and that's a promise to mid stress but if I bet. We'll Jack what does she give us the details because obviously it is so exciting to you be able to do this this level racing in this. And like you said you've been in the Indy 500 before. But being able to do multiple races and IndyCar give us the details. Yes film on Friday we actually announced that we were bigger than a year are considered. An Indy can't insult every creed and little two year agreement is. Let her uncle generation of the political partnership with repeat captain Markus will serve with a minimum of it traces we've looked to CAA expand it to his will to pull out the gulf. All of those of us are here. I'm pretty lucky guy you know and I'm pretty sure it was a great school that is great sponsors senator what it all finisher in series except they've really. But it happened because and now they're back and I wouldn't have been able to Kurt to what they would get anywhere honestly imagine. Some other situation got even back. They're great experience that any. With our cool we we definitely did and how the main that we work how routine leave my house low cut an album that I control I think honestly look at back. I think the way we've heard how. Cool you know typical bump pretty rapists. The route that we wanted to take pictures so I believe in my school I brutish race theatre a block away. Our ethical violation. Darren. Michaels had guys who have been with him. They're for trying to negotiate with other speak volumes about the had a kind of guy he is yeah. I don't I will Whalen on a second show you know genuinely. Very lucky extremely grateful I'm gonna get a character who were you terrible CNET and become our contractor that would that would Michael. Well I know that's got to be so exciting and and look QUD solid keep. Haven't earned the right to do this because obviously you've got you've had a fantastic career young as three chanted British F three champion and and I Ginn racing in the father what it even better on the integration of power what 23 times right. He had this year but we're accommodated accelerate their lights and treatable or are they weren't enough the great all the B five portrait. But I actually will meant nothing cover the second person efforts are auto verticals. And the removal in the same month. You know I don't that we were we are excited for the 500 this year. We had a great race program I think at a top eight day on the count learn that the people are unclear whether the Ireland. Extracted hero edition of your political arms. I don't Wear a purse although it was kind of odd to be able to get a deal done the article to be able trip back to the 500 a giant share a couple of the you do I think we can truly achieve aren't good leader Dave wouldn't think. They would OP compact. Little people that factor can't even to this stage in her from Gary got been rumored to have her moral racing. One of the nice things about it elevated actually Sam Schmidt who pulled me to build America the first quite a surrogate at all. I need steel moving forward botanical product similar. It really was like combined to replace that fill my stuff over North America are paired with a cult series in the world vision and because. That is just Olson I honestly. I did tell the excitement yup it's funny too less would we've been talking to a bunch of American drivers that have been. It over the years even that is tried to go from America over to Europe and maybe to Formula One. And here we've got jacking dude doing almost the opposite and removing independent copper. But I mean is this as Indy car bend. A goal of yours for awhile. When are you keeping products that have been recently and are snuggled that actually better on today because I check that thing we've made it their reps and really have. The goal is to try professional right got to drive that the highest level. And certainly not where we see IndyCar circuit returner a really big old Q according to come to. North America are trying to race. Even radio radar would launch for outlook full along. Unfortunately I want to ask you know even when islanders either thought even actually Psycho constant I would look shoulders. Doctor gruden and monetary to compete in any of them would be amazing in and I was down thump from the UK so I compete across Europe burdens and nerve I have to implement street was very much on the path to all parents do. Home along. I got a call from someone and they said hey would pick would would you wanna may become an everyday life. Well level huddle and wanted to go to America I've I don't know I don't know why I just felt like David actually suffice telling principally. Other reasons to believe that often it might go I just kind of shall I would like it here. Burger at the best decision. I think we're earlier burglary at Harvard and some are little political people are there I look at the car races I love living at Indianapolis. I'm very happy here and. Either to be able to battle here. Agreement in place that allows me to stay here and are we keep building the future. Certainly makers say why that decision about big risk that we took it in the 2013. It's paying off so who. You know no one else can I say having I don't look you got it everywhere caught. I think we deserve what we get. I still recognize anybody were. You know governor race cup for the Libyan is pretty looking. Well yeah couple. Well stay hopeful will keep keep working economy cabin on a great anyway we can make it feel that there is lieutenant so we'll see them. Well you know let some of the best career advice anybody can never hear anybody is follow your gut follow your instincts and you did that and look where you are and and who knows what this'll lead on the what are you 24 years old he got a long career have you. Yeah but I did Jesse question on this even in India lies and and youth but you're wasting your wrist in the Indy 500 last year. There was some guy name Alonso up there is a new was not a kid I was ordered did you help him god did you give me some tips are young candidate Chris don't tell our I need so needs help all right. Well literacy he looks up late August oh about the god help them out but that's good it's obvious noticeable period gave up and other gorillas. I've been. Is privatized writer Carla speculating was pretty informal and he was the guy I want it could be. In Arizona they would you're on broad jump and I was like. But the guy I'm aspiring could be and then certainly a nice thing about this team may sound engineer everybody literally next to him I'm lie. I don't know much out of their earnings spotlight by. It was and made an amazing experience I have a scientist won't let me start out locally within their little book we've basically regain chain had any real likelihood that the army. I actually Eli. Hit on him in the changing room that are out there I apologize but I realized it was and I'm and it's unbelievable. Let me there premier Jerusalem it was totally. Everybody quarter divided. There's probably very limited handful of drivers have done that with the listen illogical and that the thief I think I've that the injury he's very popular by watching out. As they didn't think it was already. A pop up and it is good because sort of. Well you know Jonathan green is not a series what are what we're opposed Syria and do you use what they did. Spotted the news when you first announced in what is he be on the show recently we gotta get him on the show he's a good kid from Yorkshire. And and I don't know if that's your eye he may have got the senator hunger that. But then what are you color are. I won't county or state Powell says the old period played totally appreciate it looked sir. That's true colors it is or how did you help us start early this. Well that's where we're rule landamerica 88 counts okay. All right practice well you know you we were joking earlier about drive in the in the accurate and a sex for Michael shank but. Yup you got have a pretty good gig going over there in sports cars. You know a lot of these guys is that they've raised forgive these teams get to spend little time do others would you ever entertain doing a little. Racing for them in the sports car team. Also there's nothing we every chart from Michael left. My from the get go it was gonna advocate that oh by the way it give it a driver available. I think the goal. Cannot always be for my career I think the goal. I'm excited to try and so I think graduate into an upright all right maybe just for the long distance races but at least there's not that I think he's currently the coalition is the focus primary. On IndyCar we'll. Sure he's compact and everything he wrote the whenever there are bad or. These are more or less everything I think he's a good thing had a how to as a receiver reassures them an open wheel. It's not related and I'll opera probably that. Appearance for the guys so much like and they are really took over there the whole team. Certain. Kind of one of those consequently be some god look to do is keep convince him to John lemon. Well Jacqui get a couple minutes as we sort of take a quick break but we want you hang on his own a chuckle a bit more about this on a I'm just read some quotes from some verdict or gray gray in I wanna talk some more about the somewhat in the sponsor series six nomination and it's amazing so. We'll stick with a sand will stick does have the break you listen to speed city and. We'll be back with Jack just after these messages. And the post on motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two we'll op on wheels. To caddie often offers only NB of those deaths and a caddie factory authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. The brutality sport make it the most extreme essential naked bike and up. Hold the charisma below 800 the first revolutionary Torah to be built by India goes down. Fourth you wanna putted very steep Ginn racing then look no further than the world's it was bought winning triple and 3675. And 800. 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And the whales don't laugh at a situation no matter what you've done this whole way you've done it all how well you've done it will make a team that's up. The right choice for breaking news first time talking thirteen seventy. So right so why. My name is Christina Mohsen and this is beat city. Welcome back Joe's beach city presented by Mozy motor cars. I flew into the break we were talking with Jack carver used to got him on the line very excited about his new 2018 season with Michael shank racing. In net in IndyCar 66 race deal to start with the but Jack governor I want to read this this quote from Jim Meier this CEOs serious accident because at. And you guys have AutoNation Sirius XM and Honda and and more I mean these are great huge names but he says. This is Jim Myers is Jack Kearney not to say grazing our great team pleases support them as they expand their IndyCar race schedule we we were proud to sponsor last year. And Lou for having serious except represented on the car for several races. And that's got to just a big series six and is now and carrying all the Formula One races. And there obviously the big these carry on IndyCar races so. That's got to feel good from from the support from brands like them there's one more thing though. There's the the slight connection between serious radio and Liberty Media have to leave well the others and then there's that you have. But the jackets got a feel good right. I don't affinity of good sponsors we have issues outstanding you know I got about I'd I'd be a good look he unlocked and iBook. You know I really have time I met Jim. Kinder. Randomly I think that's kind of that is to say and we just aren't they Richard Chang and then the wasn't China summit are at their regular allied victory or. Where you really are they saying now are we were approach the next day. He said okay are we are pretty count it it is sort of behind. Do you there who are out as soon as somebody from the field immediately at a critic that everything else. Unable whole theater was seriously survey log out with into the shop channel but it I'll go to Camellia I'm in the C have. Sounds look a ha. Okay so about I've. Well prepared book Serb air artillery great guy irritated. Here's our instruments put put all of this. Together we took into the 500 and I was looking up that he would. The public support and serious. Let's suppose that this won't debate and a vote than because they would they would be met by cool. You know they had a great relationship there. I don't think without without him they wouldn't. A goal that put about a viral Syria Michael what it on Friday. After the announcement. I think he was as happy as. And brought in I think their relationship that also ability waves altercation. You know I actually care who nearly everything so you are somewhat counter it. They're evil corporation makers. Malaysia 500 that has been building since 2000 depicting that I think the combination of been able to get the car. Especially people order a long way people who have supported fail it having tried to pull it you know several years now has been. It may take quite proud honestly information you come into a lecture you know we've got a funny any opportunity to show everybody else. It's also greater for people just they're trying to on the track now they are out. Well that's awesome because. Let me I had like John the cities' Sig is good cattle but also before you move off this discussion. Did I see you driving a minivan in a car commercial for automation was a hypocrite and soak it. They were they wanted to ask you radio that if he's still. Got. Or that I traveled throughout. I've got a little air out of a bunker auditory I think Merck also Sun City. Went camping committee on political faction and do about it but I already had a much repeat this thing about. Did you IV. Our drummer who was saying they're driving an element now only limit so dead meat in your guitar a workable edit that out after the show for the podcasters that's why you're minivans will edit that out certain. There you go jets say accurate in SX wants full synthetic. Like that in a global Jack Q. So I you know this this adventure that's gonna take place is gonna be six races but. Mingled let's talk about that obviously the longer the possibility isn't is that there is a long term goals or do more races and and it had been muted talk about the possibility that. Well I think tried to you know it realistic targets the content of any tennis center at a billion. You know in my post it's you kayak whatever it might be or multiple race at the the the first street with that we confirmed over USA. Respect Petersburg. They got along pretty Californian then. Indianapolis 500 Senator Obama in her three pretty also embraces you cannot treat them the way it opened their world. And Xperia. Confident as yet. Book another goal as the city expands I would. Animal cruelty got to talking that I would look to say look at where Europe. Another way but I think they're great if we could get today that would be a the speaker of turning now give the good compliment to keep build and I'll let it out there and I think because. The goal is some pointers to try to get a full season a couple of Lily here and I are currently expect it the whole year and I think we you know we have opportunity their potential there weren't surprised if people I think even issued a comment about why we're that's Robert Taylor is certainly not. Try to make of the numbers we wanna go work. Achieve some good riddles are again though the expectation that you know being kept in check. Well it will be economical and that a potential first computer it could happen at five. Yeah out when you get an organization like Michael shank racing that is this organized and professional. And experience really at united and I know yours you guys are stepping into. The highest level racing lets face it India and you know we talk Formula One are there IndyCar is you know it's it is. No slow yeah I was just I mean it's just is its highest one of the highest level racing series there isn't there's going to be a lot of other professional competitors they have all those same characteristics. But you know we've seen what Michael Shane can do it and I've you know I think that says. If you guys come in and surprise some people than. There's nothing did that you can make that a reality made in a meter or more races this season or or you know a full season and not too distant future. Certainly not so we're hoping for Lou. But when I have to wonder what the deal came together to even meet Michael. Record occurred under came over and 500 and when the team called mentality of it in the 500 mark I wasn't nervous I wasn't scared. I looked apprehensive because I've followed everything that he doesn't need to win out. I have no doubt. Met little or will we were there right specs you have no idea but it Marco was that a full time IndyCar. I believe that he would be winning races. Think honestly that's why we put server she. They're faced in his servers desire to want to do with him because others see. Any reason why he copped to at this level experience. It bill great organization. I've I'd you know I'd be treated believing him operate and everybody he had been they should open there even though we got a client that we can't air vehicle is going according. Anybody doesn't believe in I believe in it and everything that anybody else that. I decided to Iran to instigate area. I think that the real over the competition into account that is extremely high this is the best thing in the world and I make no mistake. About their way to go and try to compete against the are we electing Hillary Rodham I'm bombers are cautiously optimistic about what can achieve without incident are that way we know we. Everything looked great expectation. Just thought that the sharp guy next here. Yup well I am I think that C in I think we we are excited to watch this and really. I mean you're still like a fantastic great guy and a humble. And good man's firm Michael's team we had we get a lot of time around Michael here in in Austin when it comes well one thing I get I saw an article about about you. EU are helping us in the some softball for autism kids get here a year under your. You're excited about I'd be in India and you know this is of being a part of the community to joining in things like that. That sounded like something that was you sounded pretty excited to be doing that. I like to try and help out people. Whereby callously Richards. I've received so much a poll from a lot of people it not been able to give back. When the opportunity invited to actually give back and I got to him therein I think everybody. Whether it. Directly or indirectly you know who's people who are suffering from something and he'll be able to go and just bring us. They even if that if you violated the little bit bigger so. They're paying a month away from I'm always happy to go back cigar guy trip to. I can profit soldiers before Christmas we're gonna go in and politically that serve. Packets through work to all of Michael's I assume it admirer could not say about what if any device that comes so that. We gotta gotta do it we escalate but they're Waco. They're burning billions giving back where you can I think is key because certainly our receipt of all. You know and to be able to Garrett just trying to make somebody's day even at this late ideally that there. They still work. You know I would never turn down anything like that and on the side is still alive. If you can help then he should help. Excellent eleven low it. Well Jack one that you tell us how to follow you on social media and web sites what are you want so weakened our fans in keep keep track of these. Until they are usable amounts which are on and he has to grab a jacket of coal probably. Full feature unlike FaceBook account is is growing and it has Jack probably racing. I'm kind of goofy I use my air country it is uncertain night. Character and mind your own track activity salute. It's that they got everything. You're they've really got another thing and advocates. They're just trying I assure you guys got a little bit older it was fun and sometimes it sure he won't let it held up. Today when like that part Jack Harvey thank you so much because BC selling to hell kicked a nice guy we really can be rooting for you. And that's what is best like this season we'll talk to you again happy holidays but I trigger. Yes thank you for a male population as well. I don't decision. Prior. Yeah he's a good match for Michael shanks team yeah I would I think we've had just about the entire team on it won't hurt other the past few years I know I'm not sponsored by. And box guys its store onsite and have been Michael we're not opposed. Yeah. And that is a good story and I now know why Jonathan wanted to have him on his nice guy humble guy and and he has made his way through the ranks you know. I learned that excellently but you know what I wanna take away when we hear from these guys that aren't it in a dyed in the wool. Now Britain born Americans. It tell him made me you know rethink. Indy 500. You know a few years ago. You didn't have a huge population of folks from out of the country that word. We'll paying attention at least we didn't know they work we'd see you know some folks come in honestly. It's got a lot more prominence overseas than I expected. Yes good point and I think guarantee that's part of what they're thinking his. Yeah out you know when we were younger and first or watching Indy 500 it was all Americans or me you know 90% probably but. I think that the big this series will carry more gravitas now on who is got them you know I'm a better reputation. Worldwide but you know eat and you want that you'd just like purses have discussion tonight about. You know then what is the the the top series in racing you know. Everybody immediately says Foreman won but Indy cars Odyssey in that discussion and whack and some of the others so. Absolutely and but IndyCar probably got that way for what you were saying in so. Well speakerphone norm we're gonna toss and fallen while we're gonna take a break or there's ample stories have happened in Formula One and also in the coming up in a few minutes we got Korea under another race card every young guy from Houston. Run down the ruse so we're gonna have him on as well but. Stick listen and we'll be back after these short messages. Susan cameras video is the largest tennis school in Texas and the 101000 square feet and act with a all the latest math facts or offerings. Founded in 1976 and still under the brightest lights on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound pig products and on hand experts he won't find a more helpful and knowledgeable and it. It culminating sell stuff the quality service comes CB itself precision camera videos too full create west Anacin Lang. The racetrack it's what legends of the I only the finest machines and their reputation for innovation and dominance. Such a the name plates you'll find at Aston Martin Boston's bodice of Austin Bentley Alston and Rolls Royce motor car. Austin exotic iconic automobiles. Racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring Jenny is you'll adjust along. I like 183 not a big deal route. Dead fish rallies school is the nation's most prestigious driving school offering seven days a week. Yeah around driver education for. A fifteen year old with no driving experience. Amateur races after professional drivers are professional instructors from. Never judges Judy based on new day off well. From all that driving back. We'll keep you and you'll finally safe on the road all Baghdad on the racetrack feel calm. Behind the whales don't laugh at a situation no matter what you've done the whole way you've done it all how well you've done it. Will my game that's out. Fight for and partly it's that it. Welcome back just beat city. Presented by mostly motor car. Thank you for and knowledge for bringing this back and isn't going to be a some announcements this season as well that's right. He's gonna he's taken a permanent seat that toros of and a will be. Plug in it like he always does homage to see him actually get settled in. Get acclimated to that car but you know after the first brick were heard Christine and also bringing us back in. I was texting with search she has signed up with all right motor sports is back in a Porsche for GTD. And say she's done really well through there that's and in fact that's where we met her she was runner portions way back so. Great announcements for the new year. Yeah well when we would break we said we talking Formula One in his hand just dreadful stories not IBC not a whole lot going on and after season here but. I like this one it was up. It was battle he he was it was so tell your one stop moaning about F one's lack of overtaking and I'm like if you a I don't know because everybody wants more overtaking battle aren't running I know. His his argument is like. You know if you want to if you want overtaking to be an achievement he says not handed you know Rosie wants it to be something special but you know let. I had I disagree mr. battle a lot more overtaking so. It's been through it okay can we can we split a little bit between insulin informed. Yeah we gotta talk a little bit about Jenson Button and Jonathan brought him up does barely then we run out of time with him last week but. I think it's gonna be awesome to see Jenson Button taking a swing in the and so sports car championship. There are anxious to see this Penske team. Open all the gets firmed up and coming through. There's definitely interest growing he is. Strong candidate just waiting on some have sleep details come out of that. But a full time Penske C that would be cool for the captain sure. You know another story that I aren't we treated out earlier this morning it was talking about the the attendance in for new ones in twin seventeen. And obviously nobody media taking over. You know they're they're gonna be hypersensitive to any increases or decreases in attendance and but overall. Did looks like it was up and and obviously there's a handful races down the the one that caught my eye of course the circuit of the Americas. And I don't know if you saw the numbers less but it was. You know in 2016. We had Taylor Swift undersea well in it was our our only North American stop and it added a huge amount to a but. Odyssey in twin seventeen. We had Justin Timberlake and I'm not Justin Bieber I almost say it again Justin Timberlake. And so it was here in Austin we never saw the numbers and until this was announced a Formula One but. There were 258000. People here so that makes it the second. And these are just numbers off the top my head but I think that makes it the second largest tour last year because. We started off the very first year in 2012. Around 250. Or and then it was. In the 240s the couple years after that and then we had the rain debacle and 2015 where I think the number the official number was like 2101000. And of course everybody's in disguise falling but anyway I just like to see that at 258000. It is very healthy numbers here in the United States but. But overall almost all races were up there to him for them there was a Russian raced down about 5%. And Great Britain was that was all down one point 6% almost no no change but. Japan down the largest. But it was you know it was a 137000 verses 145000. Or sixteen so wasn't huge but I bottomed but really what I'm trying to say is is it it was a Goodyear for for an informant one attendance last. It definitely definitely was and in a throwback to Mario Andretti the first year here we will pay their trees between in the panic. And he said well this is one thing we need a permanent facility now we've got coda. And they said. You know we need an American team will be the next thing I always got Haas he said. Then it wants all American drivers and here we come everybody is built not. Yeah also united I think that's that we want a connection to it is not. Just a British sport or those people from other countries. Two we're getting there. You know Zach brown is really open out a lot of things around those are turning that way certainly with Liberty Media. Putting an American approach on that. It's funny I've heard. Folks talking about the opening. That went on here for the United States Grand Prix an excellent. Errant. Alan gross put it together pets phenomenal. Very American as. And were part of just absolutely loved it. Well I know that was a huge spectacle. And I know some people around the world board really excited about it but anyway I. I think it was a positive move I don't know followed every aspect of it but. I think as a positive news and I think it's it goes to what I was just talking about his site. They're trying to build the sport and grow this grow the sport anyway they can and does add uncertain they're gonna make some missteps but you know what. I I don't think guys can think of a huge misstep by Liberty Media. To date. You know they overall are saying 8% up in attendance right so there is anything jump to mind I can't think of a giant mistake by liberty up to this point. I don't I think. The chase period and the team have been cautiously. Making their adjustments. But I think they certainly get the American perspective that's gonna put in an end. I don't think come wind any thing that I don't think there's any been anything that really is swayed. The euros away from under has any other. Countries for that matter howling in on the big shows they had remember the show they had in before Silverstone in London downtown London London line I mean that was a big deal. Now there's been some discussion about liberty in the money they're spending because apparently they haven't been making as much money but. They've you know they're saying as part of the plan as of we're gonna spend some money in places and in advance just like they did in London live. And you know what zeal saint guest and may make money and I don't know if those are gonna be. If those types of lives of those big expenditures are gonna be part of the plan but I think that. I'm excited that there are X experiment emitting come out and say we're gonna have 20/20 cities we have that same kind of an in all not every team it before every single race. And spend a zillion dollars they try to go on and added to meet. It was pretty successful and in the room the one the thing that I know it was a very tangible that a reason essay that was successful. It's because there was a ton of people watching online social right is you can see the last numbers and there was a lot of people watch in that. Lives so I'd you know ad and an uncertain that's. One of the ways they gave you two because there's tech then that's so that's another big initiative them as the digital. Yes they did a it if you're not from earth they've been we're talking about the London live event was is there in London obviously. The done leading up to the race and it was really a way to engage the local audiences and the folks there were in the area and get him hooked. On form one if they weren't already. Again some access they don't have reforming those those are. Those are things that were very. Very often occurring. Here in Austin the first year we had fan fest it was a great huge thing that like down a good part of downtown in June engaged a lot of local. Folks got used to it it was huge just to get people asking me about fan test site is a trickle down over the couple years. And I think that it is just a little too early to do with that date because it was. It was being what happened was it was pretty successful in 2012 the first year right but didn't when he thirteen. And fourteen subsequent years the U there was wasn't as much in attendance in those. Those off track events downtown and stuff. But I think that a shoot first year everybody was so excited like I didn't know what path to people didn't know what they were coming your experience. But it was a it was a huge event and I think that's something they could build back up here in Austin and I don't know. You know. Who knows what plans that oath why liberty has a different cities here in the United States is I think you know engage in the drivers and getting and to have come out and NB recognizable. You know. In the armistice. That's new to the sport to actually have an opportunity did see them there and the waif track. Yeah yeah in the end they're in the wild in their native environment that was your I don't know if that's the path of insight without a home anonymously you don't adapt. All right well we're excited that we you have another guess so we're gonna going to take a break when we come back we're gonna be joined by Corey Enders or whatever. I feel like we've washing croak before I know we have watching grub he's based in Houston just down the road apiece so we're gonna have Korean news with a seven break listen to speed say loud and Austin, Texas be right back. This isn't camera and video is the largest chemist dole and Texas and the 101000 square feet and actually all the latest math facts are also brings. Founded in 1976 and still under the brightest lights on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound pig products and offhand experts he won't find a more helpful and knowledgeable and. 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Lowe's motor cars is central Texas this source for classic performance cars British German Italian Japanese and American ready for that special car you've always dreamed of opposing. Hey you've covered looking to sell a classic. Let nosing handle all the details and get this special deal. Is it the right buyer visit to show rheumatoid port twenty west regulation or call 5128219491. Or browse a garage online. I'm the most of my. Our cars dot com most motor cars drive yourself. Top thirteen seven to the right choice. The game. And the mean. Hi this is Brian deals. This is being city. Cox. All right where any continue our discussion we you know young bad ass race drivers are gonna say somebody's getting in new reds lived most of motor cars and I. It's been for 27 variety of the Cooper they were talking about I'll move one of what we'll see a performance one. Those guys of the Texas or of the Austin dealer for signals that we're the largest in Texas there there warlords in this part of the country so if she's for he's something like a very authentic version limits you know they politicians. She can keep the fluids swarm and circulated in those at a price swing ride an exercise sons Jeff and make sure got an exercise that's that's that's what they need to do those. Harlow were gonna continue our discussion with young bass registrars like I said and we are very excited to welcome back to the show Corey Enders Corey welcome back to speed city. Hey Daryn good how are you. I do an absolutely great just in during the offseason. Go welcome back you have been busy and you know like said forward to break Phillip we've watched you grow up in these cars and you keep Nelnet buddy can grass. Well thank you very much you know I've been trying my best and try to work my way up with a lot of Basra Indian out. Try to get to IndyCar and only Jack arbiter. Yep well obviously you don't road to Indy is Kevin got a great ladder system set up to do that so when you're on it and oh yeah talk also about your you know your history in the in the road to Indy so far. No I think we lost up or lusting for what else saw the scream well we're getting Korey right back but. But I know Corey is can you react. Hillary got. Scores and try to Ortiz went into Indy cars do the IndyCar latter and and won't get more about that story but. A but he has torn zones on speed city several times he's I think he's just now turned twenty Delaware you're looking for his part right while ago but the idea he's just turn one he's been noted a few years and you know he's one of the the guys that horse was speed group which are professional behind the scenes. Yeah group that helped up and coming erasers well they would get Corey back or you're gonna tell us about your word I you're indeed your broad to India and they IndyCar latter so far. Right yes sorry lost you guys their arms armories in the US that's seventy feet and the second time this year. First punt back in 2016. Again with deep forest racing. Are we color brown stopped to formula or we get a couple former look or rates is that circuit in America and you are. But it really were just mainly focusing on USS 17 am feeling very competitive this year. Yeah let's try we saw you circuit Americas for formula for how was that tablets that was pretty amazing to have that. At the Formula One weekend and wait we can't Seawright did you do both. I did people that it is really blessed you with a ton of fun to be there especially during the quick weekend because you know we're able to get into the attack accept their unlike Formula One and there's very. Secluded and closed off. Now I'm yet again there are reckoned to see all that and the other guys aren't in the to get the team's work for recruits it's really incredible inspiring. I wanna. I would love to do wecht great some day I'm ever present the opportunity. Ali apple like or talking with Korea we're what is. What is considered the highest level of motor sports well it that's always a little blurry because it did tie depending on what type of car everything else but wake is way up there. But I got to ask you touched on just now that. How was it deem their wit those guys I mean there's some of the greatest race drivers in the world some guys that have been in Formula One. And did you get to build any new relationships are anything like that immediately idols stuff like that. You know I I didn't give me any of the drivers unfortunately but they are all pretty busy at the time I rolled over into the pit lane but I got to watch the pit crews practice one of the pit stops a few times then I I have to say. The guys are equally impressive of the driver that is incredible how to do what they do. There really is and folks you wanna be there like on Friday night Saturday night after you know and pretty much everything is really seem to shut down come down to the front straight certainly grandstands and wash those things in some cases you can come down on to the the track itself near that area that you're right. The choreography that goes and that's just amazing. Already so I gotta get caught up a little bit. You've been you know with the Mazda as a road to Indy we've talked about that we have mr. Anderson on talking about it. Explain a little bit about to the these ladder system and how you get into this and your next steps. So initially. I didn't get in this way I just joined the US sep seventeen program directly which is what a lot of people do. But like all across Cuba actor championship winner and USF 2000. Eat. Join the MRT ice sculpture program and braced his whip through the ranks to be marked as scholarship program and political fund consult. And to Europe sept seventeen and basically that's what mark Doug Cooper tires wanted to do was create a latter system which I don't think we've seen anywhere else in the world beyond. As constructive resident here in the United States. That brings you all the way up 20 or your talking earlier on the there was the top well the briefing which is IndyCar during it state. Yeah I agreed that Mossad is done I think that the Mazda and concerns within he has M kind of set the model for somebody else and a and yet no Formula One we've been talking to the guys from the F three NF Ford championship the you know decision of the new F three an F four. And they're trying to do something similar and that's an FIA thinks it's across the globe. But there's publish some lessons they can learn from the in the way that IndyCar has done this it's good it's it's great because. You know EU because he disorganized. It makes me as a race I end up not you know not being. A motor sports commentator or anything else just as a fan when I see USF 2000. And the other ladder series I'm going okayed that these guys are gonna be really good and I'm gonna go watch that because those are the guys are gonna be an IndyCar not too in the long distant future. And that's right and that's exactly how to advertise that you know you're progressing our way out to the development system precinct. And I think. All the guys in Europe that seventeen last year have the potential to make IndyCar ever won it's extremely talented it was such a but the prize and we got there and how competitive field has no reports of frightened we are urged sprite actually. We thought we were going to be a little bit more competitive than we were last year by. We are hum order and were really excited to come back this here a lot stronger so I've been actually on the simulator preparing. For a first preachy contest and homestead. Been on there like six hour today for the past two months. Just preparing for all these different tracks are going to be going to. Tell us about that I wanna know that so that's probably a little more sophisticated than the little. GTX 107 the sister my son there and I get to play a little bit it's probably something incredible piece of hardware. Well it's actually pretty often you know it's it's not too complicated but it is very very realistic I your arteries in which a lot out of do. I'm sure you've heard via a searcher it's an innovator they're doing and maybe drop the car in the development latest Amtrak's it's extremely realistic. Did I can get on output present the first time my views are racing haven't learned our promoters or spark an Alabama. And are that track is an extremely up uphill track and there's all sorts of curves and lines in. He can't really see you on the simulator but you'd get a feel for the track and you get there and you feel like you or drip in the track. As a Curtis Strange feeling is you know I heard in your place in new car. But you feel vaguely familiar there. Yeah that's too it's funny up on phone about that a bunch because. Until every race driver talks about how much time they spent on the simulators but. And I and I know speaking of the decent laser scan everything I know that I heard one of the guys that from how I think it may have been. It was one of the software developers he talked about the data that they get and sometimes they'll gets. They'll get data from big. GPS downs than Tino centimeter level so. It's not just close it is exactly. Apparently dead they're just dead on a 100%. And I'm sir you can feel that. You really can it really does make the difference because I used to you know before it was really injuries to get actually raise my first. Series ever end deteriorating series are jumping agreement commentator. Not section right met and so to be able to. Have such precise tool. But especially when you don't have. Beyond that you go to all these different tracks all time in and train and practice and do chats with the car and all the different things I'm pitcher really really great. We have to have something to learn and practice all the tracks you know we have we go to all the IndyCar track and we race IndyCar. Which is another benefit of the moderate NB. You know we get to have all the fans and all the publicity IndyCar has which is great for a well. Well and also you get to see how it works. You know I think I can imagine that. Moving up and you need to moving to a new series. It a big big part of this is the learning curve will you guys are are getting the learning curve because you're already there at the same tracks and and in you know it's all part of the same system. Exactly and you know it's it's great because this series already getter with a a few exceptions like in Indy Lights will go to a couple different O orphaned USF 2000 well but you know you get to learn the tracks and keep them in your memory bank all the way up until IndyCar them western IndyCar already been racing mayor Kirk probably five or six years by them. Well speaking of training and practicing all the stuff I can't ask you your twenty year old kid and you were innocent lives and the dream of being a race car driver. But I know that from Eric every race driver I've ever seen it looks like they can compete. In any athletic sport because it. There's you know either so many of the now the G forces are so high the price even Hotmail amazingly high even as he stepped down latter's with slicks and wings and but what do you do for a for a physical risen and and and dietary what do you do all that it can you really strict on all out. You know that it's actually great question I report star rating are important point oh Lula hundred. I had an older kind of unique obstacle ought to be able to get into the car you know my first joined before it's been made it very clear to me. And a nice way that I needed to lose some weight and after looking at these drivers and seeing how they looked under that's how I needed to look as well so yet and they're very strict regiment. I don't actually looked at something called intermittent fasting which is or fact for about eight hours a day. Trumps. I'm sorry were found for about sixteen hours a day from 8 PM to 12 PM and I eat from 12 PM to 8 PM. Or the calorie count but about 2500 calories. I'm not trying to lose anymore weight you know my 145 pounds I'm trying to do is built we muscle. And what better than a lot of I reps and will be an agenda so I do I make good Carty a worker at around 8 o'clock in the morning. And then about an hour to an hour and a half wait and aerobic exercises and the arrival began but my fasting regiment. Yeah I knew you're gonna say something along these lines because I I know you can't be competitive if you don't I remember. Few years ago and alleys and Rossi was on the show he eSATA in the studio with us and he I think he was racing with cater room begins right reserve driver is editor and and he. And he was talking about. Them weighing out all this food and all the crazy. Exercises you know there oracle is neck. And then all of the they they're doing some of these. Mental exercises to where he was having to do multiple things at once. And you know every race car driver has to do that as well and so yeah I I'm not surprised at all with the resident you have to have. Yeah you know. That's a whole new level the concept of those IndyCar drivers do and that's something that's really exciting to irrigate its bureaucratic and kind of get a little bit and into what they're doing because. IndyCar does such a great job with their culture media and YouTube channel they actually featured me that Watkins Glen with a visor cam I would speak first. Mazda road to Indy I. They get rid of my first wanted to hurt and it driver to have a IndyCar riser cap on herself her. It's cool to me. They know isn't that the one that you got food like the past the race or something of that effect on. Oh yeah actually I got beat I think it was great to be. Royal purple path of the year when you're the thing down now battling me. Via. He probably Corey probably doesn't know that I know this but that's seven lots of friends over in Houston. Will pull something known quarry saying you get a pretty sizable check for this for the pass of the year for the past the year. Corey didn't pass it he. Turned it in to the harder you victim foundries you know while I was just candidate Ryan oversight Corey good on your buddy. That is so cool I know your budget's not huge and that could've made a difference for a. Definitely you know would be bigger great job with these sponsorships and all the stuff they give out for the when polls and all that it surprises there. But you know that happened I haven't granted that we can cut a last second thing I didn't even know about the competition. But I knew about this path that I had and Barbara and I just threw down inside these two guys are not Barbara at road America its predominant attitude guys. We submitted at the last second I ended up winning the next week it was a real surprise then that was right around the time that argued destructive. Actually my mom's friend lost. Her entire hour that you just you can do so we know a lot of people it's catastrophic. Things happen to them and Arby's so that was a great thing or are born Bernard about. Foundation and also my sponsored bill doubled it. Mercedes spend a certain land and McLaren Houston. Also committed 5000 dollars of their own to be hurricane RP foundation. While that's Corey that's amazing we'll core we are at a time. Thank you for doing that and thanks for coming on the show best of luck this season I'm sure we'll see some more and and now I don't don't Dawson becomes ES. Absolutely thank you so much for having me can't wait to be on again. All right I'm so they could each have relatives I will we got to wrap it up thanks for tuning in this week's tech settlement website speed city broadcast outcome will talk to next Sunday night 7 o'clock right here where you find us telly off. Hi this is Jeff Gordon and you listen to speed city.