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Speed City
Sunday, December 3rd

Speed City, for December 3.


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John messing yeah. It's no. On the radio. Speeds city. Good evening here and welcome to speed things. We're here in Austin, Texas ready to have some fun tonight is John Masson deals and with all the boys let's has turned out of overeating you know why this is beat city right. Foster's freeway. That that's just one reason that's that is one reason you can't talk about that but 85 miles an hour of the fastest speed limit in the country has right now road. We also the second of the Americas oh yeah I am more resilient little arrow next to the fastest. Yes right next daughter and a fifth. Our and I must realize have been around the track in and the net on the roads is you know well yeah that's that's all in itself makes it. Scary I mean fast. Are you totally get on the show this week had some very cool guests on the show we have a couple of guys who got. The boy got a race driver on the show and he is kicking in he's the champion of the inaugural season which would have been sixteen of the F. Four US championship. Cameron DOS and he's gonna join us here in just a couple of minutes. And we also have Geoff Barrow. With Honda performance development Andy that's cool yeah I EU would you die hard to propose an element this is the guys that develop the IndyCar engines of the we won the Indy 500 gas just in the last two years samaritan they've they've got a little bit of credibility so I mean all the way down from. You know the new and a six GT three that the of the new DP guys are coming around. And of course they've also built the engines for the F three the F four which are based on. The new civic type. You would think this is like the you know the new million dollar boo got either way the press is going crazy over this car. I can't wait to drive on because it must be pretty good. Plus you off I I don't I've been watching you very closely because the new civic type. In the IT are less serious attempt to us off OT office series both internationally and I only agency would die day. And yak it's a DD and it's a crack an engine and yet the Honda Civic remains. In my mind anyway probably the most sought after. Boy racer can't go it there is that the GTI the FB DOW. Yep yep a bat and the the sear ruse and all those in the class exactly but Condit this is this a very exciting because we got to not only we have Cameron docile we have just pharaoh like Hussein and and Jeff is we're gonna go we're gonna dig deep on some of this stuff on the giggled geeky on the engines and the fast life and I just a little bit we don't blow can show grind in we're gonna talk a little. Foot pounds of horsepower so we're excited talked to him but. On the phone right now we are ready to talk to you we are joined by mr. Cameron DOS Cameron welcome to speed city. And as you can tell we're we're pretty excited happy how does that tell you on the show. Okay now and now here's what I like about Cameron in I feel like I'm pretty get over there like K one speed we've got to K once being here it's a lecture day kids concrete is a ground films Jesus. Somehow cameras taken it from there to the real racetrack in very short order. They get Cameron that's a good lead in tell us about your your past them carting two bad asterisk. Yes so I did mention that electric cart actually started at a chain called Audubon endorse people are. See that that happened about three years ago almost a look exactly. And I went everything with a trend just yeah we were both in the cars we wanted to prove to each other which one of the fastest. And it turned out that I was the fastest then and that's an employee to notice and one and made it to keep coming man come to me they're there adult league. Ended up winning an adult league in shortly after I was in the girl restraints in school. And then maybe it's not eight and ninety a year later I was in the export championship. And the rest is history. How yacht before he got to you thought about Canada I'm also I mean I was a commodity and how much you weigh could not happen. Is not demos electric drives and I would've thought Deanna Lee Yang you would wipe out the plot well that's another takeaway from what we usually by the minute which is your full correct guy head. That was the excuse of my competitors. But I would bad at a disadvantage because I have less grip. They're all not at all Goodyear had a lot. Line that's good see did I did see what I heard I miss is coming from a a bitter old man who used to rice nine year old sofa on kotsay hits and say exactly that and get my oss kicked. By them but let's get to the seriousness of you do have a unique create Cameron I would I'm excited to talk to you because you the real deal we're looking for the next Alexander Rossi will looking for the next Centene a fruit cheap. And you may well be it because you're going home not classic route. And like you said you hadn't been counting since you'll five. Like a lot of these kids have you came in this way which I think is fascinating. But since you've gone into what I would cool serious motor racing you've got serious tells about Iran for Correia. And how that was going to be a meteoric rise flee. Yeah I was I was really get experience or me I mean they have such a good platform. They have a Condo which is really get. I'm backing an alum Brooke it proudly. At India keep CA and even yet I get credit so. It's such a good platform to get started on and it's exactly what. You let needed to get drivers are American drivers in particular over into Europe. What about the rob was it I mean like I said you're a common inspiration to anybody listening who wants to become a follow this or whose father is listening. And thinks hey you know maybe I can't say mom my academic K one. I mean how hard Rosemont speedway tomorrow. I'm Rosemary yeah. And Dag tag to it as a whole bunch of them on that but don't tell us how hard was it to my veterans should attract the transition to slicks and wings. It what it was definitely difficult. I had several coaches in my career one of which being dead it's much you move. Has been running the girl at school for quite a long time. Into each other transition into slicks and wings starting with a 16100 for the the UIUS of course he has started. And Barbara really it's it's an X and it if you study at an auction then it's not back up pitted to understand it just becomes. Mourn the more you practice it and so let let me put forward yet for Karr was available in nearly twice sixteen. I did and I think in other educate croak classes such as. At sixteen under and and and only Atlantic. I'm but I think that really prepared me well true at the start of this forcing. I do you talk about taking classes and understanding is yes just physics yeah I think give. I think of the old pomeroys guys at these to learn to drive and it was all those either pay as little experience but. I think nowadays it's not gonna get you there I think you you just mentioned it where you. You actually understand you you learn how the car how wild about weight transfer and everything else. And and how much of that does play into you becoming better at what you do. I think that that's exactly the reason why people could jump in the car so quickly is because. I had a fundamental understanding of civics before I start a great thing. And I would they be able able to basically just fill in the gaps with basically math and science. Rabbit and then using critics think his experience over you know years of carting. I mean certainly there are things that are hard to be. Not so urgent financially and let you just Arabic script so that's something I'm working on addition and it comes to race craft that. They can be driving it's it's kind of a lot of calculations that you're doing it. It's interesting Ito did them the one thing Cameron that really made me sit up look eat your career crimped off. Is what he did this year because trying to college is a good friend of mine. And I know that anybody who drives for him and I'm told and got out battled. You name it this that in the next year it's going to be Norris it's going to be sent a camera who I was would both in the tower a couple of weeks he does so I don't Trevor Colin doesn't mess about with with full so to speak. You have how did you meet with him and how did that come together. I actually got introduced to Carlin through Bryan herta IndyCar team owner because. He heard that I had an interest in going over to Europe and his son Colton heard as well as doing exactly what I planned to do with Carlin. Three he introduced me and I went over there. It's amid midway through the season and that's sports it is a bit of testing that they can evaluate me. It went really well and and they're a really good operation very professional enough there's no doubt about it they have some of the quickest cars on the planet. But also if you are serious of back and we alarming and I'm not not been fun and I want to overemphasize this but the whole reason for speed city is that we are looking for the next American to make it to Formula One. Because we think the that we've got a track here and I'll -- god we done got past team what keeping a watchful lie we office guest on the show as Alexander Rossi my point being. You are taking Mac classic route. A believing in America are as a teenager to go am mix it with the vet the very best in the very elite. A motor racing I mean is the plan Formula One fear it. Yes the plan right from the beginning has been a foreign. I love IndyCar and that would certainly be a gold mine as well that's the primary goal at the moment it's Formula One and in. I'm getting really good experience on the track that they raced over in Europe. About the get a chance to maybe even potentially in the directory three Dakota next year both. Yeah I took the path and I'm pursuing a moment. I like the way he quickly neo quit Exxon SM let's jump right he's right is number doubt yeah. We got into keeping in touch with Cameron Dax. Not telling the world of his it is now this year seventeen run out Cameron. Eric yeah yeah so. So old would talk about the past now and you know you've won the F four championship humor and an F three. And it what's the dream future right now. So and 2018. I'm gonna do a full season in Europe although I have three. Working at a deal within the team member. I'll be very happy to race or if it's in August 5 and I'll announce that about that shortly hope. Wait and you'll be making an announcement on specific of course yeah. I hope so yes it's tough holes everywhere you look think we have the but then after a 48 careful opponents I do well that successful which I'm working very fortunate to be able to do that. I wanna go to new internationalist spirit. Between nineteen would see the new car which has been going to have that halo it's well. That should be a very competitive championship in the first year of the new car and a lot of drivers are gonna wanna get a piece of that so are you I'm really excited to each. The only bad and easy going to be easy to be meet me at an account on Fareed. I tell us about Brazil Brazil just. I act Eckert so many good things about an hour and I are watching this year and it just it was pretty dull isn't it. I was scared like hearing. They camera did did you hold lose we'll take a quick break. 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I know we left the break we were talking to Cameron DOS is on the line Melissa and Karen you. Are telling us about what your next step the church and like next year in the European GT series. About the long term you're industry says our European stress there's what about the long term goals. Well they Angola's obviously want. In between hopefully this this new rescue program that. Liberty had some influence and will be. On that latter it's you have Oren. No fear that there's a lot of different options and I really depends on on have helped competitive each championship in the Libyan the most competitive place clocks forward each step along the latter press. Yeah that that's that's why we don't read so it took so magician yeah. Awesome I think you it's so woods hiding for a street talking to an American that has those aspirations are like you said this. You know you know somebody walks up to you like generosity and says hey you've. He hears a contractor racing IndyCar I think that's at least somewhere in there in your plans like he said I think with the level of critic kielty that the these guys go through in the formula classes. IndyCar is a natural fit as well but you know it's to me the formula series seems like a a more critical impose a highly criticized highly evaluated in dated intents. Track and so makes a really easy for these guys to jump and indeed. Well Karen speaking of the drivers and other others and in series and everything is there anybody that's an idol that you are want to emulate our favorite driver. I'm tired Satan that there's a lot of drivers you have have made headway in this sport and on. You know I only actually started watching racing. And when he fourteen aren't started based think. Oh us so it's basically guys that are marching leaking at the moment that in most inspirational kind of accent or collapse them. I've really enjoyed Daniel Ricardo. After his personality in and as per Syrians in the sport. Made it quite an impressive drivers all our news track record entering he's not and could carnage here I think there's there's quite an article. Tunisia this just visas they worry is a got a Ferrari didn't. I think let my strategy is going to go at the quickest car that's available to you but you never know Red Bull. With what command like Adrian myriad. Behind me engineering a comedic look at car next year Crowley though it is merely relying on parry the diplomas. And I you know I was are you on the spot that but you're right that is exactly right if I love the way thinking McKay is. You know that it's. Getting truthful with three is a minefield anyway which usually planned for the next two years. But also that next step in to have to. Indy Lights possibly India itself. I. And GP three which will be. And three of course it's a bit of a mind till I'm just looking at the Abu Dhabi times narrow. Mina -- -- for Richie in top six sergeant mighty who's also I have set. You know and test drive up would you go that route as well would you try to get is self connected with a team. In Formula One even if it was just by name in terms of other restaurants like if you know official test drive like Norris is. Not in mine in that Centene referred to I was asked. Oh yeah of course and in Formula One as much about two are getting a formula does much better connection to admit that it is about skills so. I can get associated with the team early on that the trade I think that only helps well myself. In terms of branding they might also helped. With more connections as well through there maybe simulators are our engineers but it has a little bit different tidbit yet that would certainly be beneficial. What is to sort of not bugging me that I amazing me if you Williams balls in Baltimore right originate. Yeah so I mean what you say evil he started watching motor racing. Well three years ago. I mean is your fault what is your father what is your mother what does what does what does the finally say about a young kids from the states is supposed to be at high school. You talk about aspirations of racing in Barcelona next year for example. Yeah and I think it's its own particular Stanley but it surprised. And it. I mean we're out we're all very much racing and we now we know what trait thing we all look great thing work for console at a at a track one way or the other but. Yeah it's. It's not a normal actually share and it's it's happened much faster than I think most people are used to so. It's certainly Billy Rinker register my output should and that's why all but we certainly can't complain it's actually had a dream country. I got a question for it is kind of related to this that is you know Liberty Media now owns Formula One and the making all these changes. And and change bring you some things that are little American into the sport and bring social media. Obviously the holy Grail of trying to grows bored it's a start with the younger audiences. And he shoe fit the demographic perfectly. So what what are we need to be doing yet what are some you know what is Liberty Media were listening right now what are suggestions from a seventeen year old American. To help grow the sport grew racing informative one specifically United States. I think what you say about social media is exactly what we need give because. I can go from experience. Kids major undertone may be 400 candidates since though. And if you if you target marketing towards people my age they're going to find age thing but they have that she at first. And I know a lot of my friends even though. They're familiar sort of with Rachel because I'm a part of it. They just don't know enough about it you've been. And into (%expletive) about it and I think if they they had more exposure to its true they're advertisements especially their social media. Ever had a chance actually. Learn expenditure virtually batted in. And maybe they even get hooked on it and Monterey. But I am OK so there is some taking notes here Liberty Media social media advertising raised the budget get Daniel Ricardo because he's funny and great driver I thought I. I'm also. How salty my friend you website excellent I mean the way you open bang you self responses. Very very impressive I'd take much note. Guys port as well because it is a huge pot what happened this to a guy isn't you know I don't need to examine this. This who'd do a 3000 guys who have very very cost. But the guys in May get light down you're gonna have something special have something different and also can sell themselves this is a big part of the package. I'm Cameron is seen by already yeah you've got some good advice here and then you've got so EE you know you're well aware of of what it takes. Apparently there's that a lot more to it than just being quick so. The more he can show that these social media be I think he did it could differentiate yourself from from all the rest. I'm so excited boy am I can't tell you what my eight novel aborting kind of seeing seeing into the future and hope in the U. You're the guy that shows up a ton and we'll go oh I remember four there was absolutely and Alston back in nuts you know back in December of that whatever and you're the guy. Cameron when will we see here. In often but. Well I hope to maybe do one or two or eight maybe even more American actor ray says yeah it's a sponsorship allows for that. Put echoed it would definitely be top priority of mine it's better track in my bucket list ever since they started racing. And I got a chance to actually go to the F four range on the F one weekend this year. And it was just it was so exciting to watch and I really hope that at war or escalated the chance there there is next year and I really liked this part of that. We'll tell you what I was talking with a guy last night who's in charge of the F four series. And we will we have our own fleet of F fours here echoed at now so my window at least into damp for the weekend it's barbecue how's that yeah I think I have a play. I almost serious question what about. I mean LB CUU law you know that the blue the blue eyed boy a day the F full series having absolutely dominated. Talk that we did the same but what about the American F three what's the buzz amongst you pay isn't among those the you know that you met rub shoulders with. Buyouts the future for at three Americas. Here in the states. A lot of and it beating all the other bachelor they championships. To you know they knew that UF IA expects ya after 2019. They're gonna include a halo which you know controversial it's it's the way. The divorce going so as if that's the re doing it then their head of the bears there there for American experience doing it but it has declared. So yeah it's really just it's going to prepare. Anyone who is thinking about the international up three when the new car comes to prepare them that much or grandma than any other national championship. Well Cameron we really appreciate you coming on speed city very excited to be following your career American with a platter you're on in the past you're choosing where we want to thank you for coming on the show. Before he goes let's tell the world of listeners what do find him so let Cameron do that and his own words. What are we find you own social media and at handles things Cameron. Sure you can find me on insecure and Twitter and FaceBook. It's gonna Twitter it acts Cameron DOS. On FaceBook it's Cameron that straight thing and then have a website at Cameron dobbs dot com. Awesome Cameron thank you so much appreciate it and we will talk to you soon I'm sure. Thank you guessed thanks gentlemen happy presses on Fran. It. All right well muzzle that's the real pale dudes yup we've been waiting for it on out young Americans you know it feels like you know that said five years ago were sitting there talking to Rossi. What's your inspiration that is yep that pretty much the same conversation. But it is that difference that that ability it's all of that realization that you've got to get on a plane and go to Europe if asked Juan is what you wanna do you can't. You know you can't sit here in the states and expect to be noticed it's still very much you know a European FO centric and the and the and the real Crandall a triumph but you know like Colin. And force tech in all these companies their old placed in Europe's. You know our war can take a break but blue we come back we're gonna continue the F three F four conversation because we have Geoff Barrow. From Honda performance of Roland very very excited to have him on and very sad and pick his brain. To put this it was its been sitting here in Austin. 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Dead fish Riley's school is the nation's most prestigious driving school is offering seven days a week. Yeah around driver education from. A fifteen year old would know driving experience. Amateur races and professional drivers are professional instructors never judges Judy based on the day off well from all that driving back. We'll keep you Abdul finally safe on the road all Baghdad on the racetrack. Feel confident behind the whales don't laugh at a situation no matter what you've done this whole way you've done it all how well you've done it will my. Hey Patrick frenzy driven partly as motorsports Porsche has been this is beat city. Welcome back just beat city and presented by movie motor cars. All right you would. I'm students in this always lecture. There's rumors and who comes up. Yeah see some of that. You're absolutely right. I think if anybody can do all like you're right how would be one. But he does think they have the Pan American hybrid now and that's gotten pretty pretty good reviews stuff but I have somebody breaks my heart and send me a story on an electric 9/11. I'm talking air cooled now electorate what they do they pulled the drive change from the Tesla. Bring my heart is what they do listen live that I can't that's the big guys have you heard about this year layoffs Jay leno's atom on SF because it takes. Cars and does whatever you can imagine with them to others then I come bronco here in town Yahoo! though that's where you guys starting he's doing though I don't I. John. Across the border that's. Do that to a drunk little I personally I tell a guy has said he's gonna decent Tesla driven. Carson so you know I cannot read I can think that would be a cool market for Tesla has to offer. Chassis. Oh yeah as. Yeah when I go I don't know if it makes any business sense at all but is it correctly I listen that I mean you know it if they just offered a chassis did in Germany we see after market says he's getting put under all different kinds of cool cars and a lot of ex about it let's let's see that. Now you know getting out run by a in a 56 also bill's gonna be a bit embarrassing but it'll look to me honestly a 56 also will will look a lot cooler in the senate Tesla well and what we have is a guy does it this I kind of guy he takes like it's like she said a 56 Oldsmobile. He leads the outside it. Who basically intact he finds a really good clean carbon not not restored though. Like result pain Stefan but did clean body and he completely. In underneath it makes everything completely modern. Like he uses I can do that child if they acted as of like he'll put a full what's our what's Jesse's in the oh yeah our personnel are mores and chassis is and then he puts in complete mud mostly. GM drive trains like Alice sixes and Ellis what Evers. And and makes them completely modern an amazing underneath. And then on the outside they look the same but. But he does this down to the nut and bolt like just crazy has taken out look him up on you to be it is a six figure. Vehicle well I think I think more Michael's 300 years staff and and it starts about 300 asbestos. Also vehicles near its chance see those guys what I want to you what you got Johnson. I just before you move and Obama well does total photo of wealth or wait on a Honda to call but I what sort of mentioned you know we've been told about young drivers we got camera that's on just a moment ago I wanted to mention that the two. If you like contract he passed youngsters IE Centene afraid she. And onto money the Indian both of which. I've been on the show. They'll both in the letter racing series which from what do and a couple of weeks time but calm. Both when the top five all of the GP two tests in Abu Dhabi. And so too in GP three Ron DaVita up there as well you had a stroke you know that we got three Americans and back cameras fallen. You know like I said my 2018. I'm really gonna concentrate. On watching these guys come through because I'm excited formed they've you know that they're starting to make their way. And the more of them but it is there's plenty more I mean you know disarmament as this is already become a world champion. Does this there's plenty more to talk about we will be toting a patent and that would descent three series and net force series. Here in the Americas I think we're really enforce an exciting few years of young young drivers coming through. Awesome yeah. Which you know what before what weight on just plays and call in any moment now but I want to just talk about a couple stories out of the big informal one this week logo. And that has put us into my golf again. I will Donald I didn't know you take that follow a path that. I've got to producer on the outside the hour talk about Al for a male commended the Ferrari they don't logo they. They've got to gets really fine logos they're not gonna change as well guys snake on they're some that I ask is it. And me and speak in a road cars hasn't the the Julia taken yeah road car by design or take it out like gosh there's things that are error I. How for a mile on definitely pack. Packet as they both of them out backtrack and yet you write that pitcher is that the collar some of the car itself but I mean don't you think that the read this success I was thinking about this yesterday this is the nerdy stuff that I think about was like. Blue room offer an alpha male car the new Julia with a five iron 4505 horsepower two point nine meters 3700 pound four door or yeah. IE the mega man is is this the discourse done so well as a solo received right in the market. That I wonder if they said we've got to we've got lightning in the bottle now this car's obviously that this is. It's handling may be the best Ford were sitting in handling car ever but do you think this is what's prompted to push into formula one's. May be I. And I don't I actually being scolded Julianne today in the AM in the ask you right it's a fantastic job and I think he'd put out for a man back on the map and I do you think yes I do you think the Fiat company all that the whole sort of conglomerate that is. I do you think they're trying to widen that base because Ferrari is you know kind of here and and now for a man has always been that the sort of but the affordable luxury cal that's the best way I can describe and I think that that still glad that punching. But I think going to racing. That change is it that changes it just as it does Alter I suppose. You know always does for any in. But offer a matter of course in a one on the first guys in motor racing so let's go I get older union in their back in the Al for Amanda is the back in the glory days out for a man was being. Come on behalf. I'm one of the things that you know here stateside. They were cool absolutely but honestly I mean cinnamon the late sixties early seventies. People couldn't keep from running when I probably reliability problems I mean did you have the same situation that sounds like it over seas. Because here nobody can get parts and they cobbled together what do they could to. Be honest it was a joke back when I was growing up in England yet you didn't hat if you want yeah. Look at that is the beautiful over a mile parked on the side of the right at the thought you know I mean that was the joke because you're right they weren't they were had reliability problems. But not know the birdies guys didn't need death lately in work that went too impressive. At Lucas pots eccentric centrum but sound yet know how for a man and they have to fight com to get away from Matt reputation. And I think you know full cycle I think they are getting to that point man when that adds very reliable and you know the home the hot like you said because of the sort of com eat consummation homes. Come on a factory is in the wall where their under umbrellas of. Several I don't imagine he's gotten this nomination is a post up almost any new cars anymore does not mean be out of to some degree but nothing like the old days and it worries although we saw the foresee when you're narrowed yes in us they have. And I took one hour we got home and it's a fun little car are really kind of lead to one I would have won in the guarantee a day. He gets caught in those people just doesn't know people there and so I think you miss Angela yeah. So Angela calls me up and says if we got one can get in and let's go and so Lou we take it out I don't know he'll try to I want them on pass not a girl brown had another go for their vote careful with. How I think his wife is boomers born enthusiast I see carry on fifth us. It's a little Linda Lauren fix sun or moon and a it's anyway great run little card did kind of feel like some of the older Ferrari's. I look a little smaller in spin size and everything. Sorted kind of see a similarity of that nature but. You riots a beautiful guy actually joking aside that full C 888 dance really low to the ground it's kind of like it if it's I easy it's you know you Lotus Elise so whenever threats come out L box format. But it but it drives probably yeah. More like Indiana filtered out guy feels like a really good but he's not topless and won't point six right. Right but the the difference I'll say compared to the Miata compared to the Lotus Elise the least. Is little more right get a little more pure lust refining. The alpha definitely feels. More refined to who got yeah and so. The united it's something my wife would ride in it. Bit you know if material lilies and hear about it the next day yeah yeah yeah I so what about two. Listen let's blend this into two stories here overall because I think it's their combined only get your take mr. green on. Ferrari threatening again there's more for threatening to leave began then and you know obviously with the alpha run and a Ferrari are planning. What do you think about all this how this could play together. You know it's funny I have been big and Matt has got a lot of actually. Because like it amuse me because if you we didn't always PB involving history of formalize the is Ferrari threatened to believe every every every concorde agreement. And in fact they have made some serious. Play ease if you will soon leave Formula One I am back in the days when they weren't getting I wanted and of course they see themselves I. As the perennial all eight of the Formula One is not forming a woman that Ferrari. I must show limiting the media but a we know will put up that to be quite honest I'm what I mean by that is. You know the electric formula is is coming Fossum and pray the night proved himself look at the map factors that from Mercedes to Porsche from whatever. You know. I'll throw my note which are owned of course by Ferrari are coming back Aston Martin a Porsche coming in Paul possibly into a 20/20 one. If Ferrari did pull I. Would the world stopped again I don't think so. So what I'm getting at ease. That the sort of old rules. The old logo but had to leave the whole system that you know is EE you know. One of the things liberty of command says look you know yeah there's no free lunch is a classic American statement but that's exactly. It. And I think Ferrari. It may just get the right guys this is how it is right now we love you we won't you be taught but. You know I don't think anything I don't think the days of the swashbuckling Ferrari or nothing. I don't know that's going to be the future I really don't it would be absolute. All full thing is Ferrari left full with a one. And I also think it would be killer brand and regardless of the of the sort of the fear umbrella. I do think it would be a terrible thing for them because. You know frankly you think you'll Ferrari and you think of Formula One using the performance and that's exactly what it's all been based on. I saw something okay so we. What is formula one's biggest goal right now right I think it's pretty obvious they wanna grow the market the United States. That's one of them I think that's one if not their biggest as one of their biggest hotel you can see that they're right back. And surviving in a neat new multi cultural sport environment where everybody from the NFL to saw orca to the Olympics is trying to get Exxon. Right and airtime and we don't even know what that means these days right about you know what Exxon won a leading up to is if OK so Ferrari is threatening to leave that. What do they sell more I don't know this for sure if for one quick Google Wave would they sell more Ferrari's in the world what country. More than likely holds all the that is the United States gases. So that's why top Warner to you so much point in China. Yeah so yeah that's yeah that's fun to announce it is now in so if they are you hate it if they're trying to goes toward the United States they are talking about Miami now which we'll talk about probably tonight as well. So if they're trying to go the sport also and if they get successful informant one case distraction here in the United States and then Ferrari believes it's like wait the timing is really bad you're trying to growth. Your number you're you re sell more cars in any country in the United States. And now you're you're in your absence will be very obvious in Formula One so let's just just another. Aside part of that whole story has a lot it's very complicated answer and the answer them everybody's thinking about that. Yes and you know that. Let's get down to the nitty gritty the truth of the matter is the biggest and from formal want is for Horry always has been and potentially even with liberty and how could remain so. Bots like I said I really all bets are off I think there is a new model coming in stand. It'll be based on what and a limited he decide and that it's their business like and decide what one did they can jags allowed out they didn't you know make it does a lot of things they can do and the Lotus is already doing which a massively popular. I'm massively positive. Including social media we'd been benefit being from Matt from from all the stuff we're getting the video is look at the website Matt writes it's immaculate you look for the 2019 scheduled while an impressive set up that is. So yeah I would bet that riding Ohio into the future and let's just be clear John Malone and Liberty Media these kinds own mess and about how we got new school we've got ESPN the we've gone jumble we've got guys who've been successful. But sports and events all of that Korea's. And I worked for companies like new school unlike ESP and am so yes this no mistaking they know exactly what they doing Matt. Bernie Ecclestone is era and the and the the white Formula One came to fruition absolutely those with the right guys and by the way. This goes back to the whole history all. The mic Mac had a piece does and Britain taking on the mighty Ferrari. Just ask Ford said Papa will come and beat you to the 1966. And Lamar you know so this battle between not a factor is especially Ferrari. Especially you know that sort of in Europe. The mid the middle Europe. Apple but no I don't for years so. You know don't don't don't be fooled by by the politics and don't think that for many. Liberty Media aren't aware of. All of the above so don't make many call the bluff well you know we're talking couple shows ago about what American brands would wind up. As an engine provider. And you just missed it before but I know imagine Ford come on back if you got an out and the fork in the focus ST. To wicked little one and a half liter you know which is just a gas can aboard change. For 16%. To. And so. You know to me it's right there forger an eco boost all those things are coming around we got guys get their littlest tees hitting 300 horsepower pretty darn easily. While and as I mentioned Lou these new engine rules for 221. Porsche have been mentioned Aston Martin could do their own. Development my forty been making strides towards that with Red Bull which leaves that open. But also Cosworth. We just had a huge association over the is. You know effectively lightly AMG relationship with the Mercedes. So Cosworth. That and I'm bill more in fact. Have also have been mentioned as possibilities. So you might find that some company like Ford black's another move by Cosworth. To step it up to the Formula One again and and I wouldn't be much of a strategy that. Dealt with have got so much. Experience and not roll and you know luck is so they've been informally on the fourth I'm there in all its forms of motor sport and many many if Weis out. Yes that's not a stretch for me you know. To me that I think that's a good on both to paper we gotta talk the calendar for a team it definitely did change. Linda we got we're gonna talk about. Who dropped and he picked up up our analysts do that let's let's take a quick break we come back and world talk about the 2018 calendars a couple lower. Formula One stories we're gonna we're gonna don't dig in just a little bit on the Miami story as well just apparently there was some activity down in Florida. From the Liberty Media folks listen to speeds anywhere near Austin back after these messages. Susan cameras video is the largest chemist dole and Texas would have a 101000 square feet and actually all the latest math facts or offerings. Founded in 1976 and still under the Brady is flat on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound pig products and offhand experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable and it. 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Performance cars British German Italian Japanese and American ready for that special car you've always dreamed of Mosley has you covered look. Looking to sell a classic black closing handle all the details and get this special these. Ends of the right buyer visit to show rheumatoid port twenty west regulation or call 5128219491. Or browse a garage online. I'm the most of my. Our cars dot com most motor cars drive yourself happy and. Sox thirteen seventy is everywhere with the new toss out to get it now at times thirteen seventy dot com it's. Look at that as may do damage to the Kabul we'll keep informed that the weather out now. You have one. This is Brian DL and this is beat city. Welcome back Joe's beach city presented by closing motor cars do. That little clip you heard beginning at very close this Jonathan at the Macau Grand Prix. What you don't realize is now got three point eight million hits that little bit and yeah oh yeah I'm not done you know another I've done what what's his name. There's an insurance commercial bell may oh you don't go out let's get ready at the I don't Patton and so have we Thomas plays that's funny people and in fact that's dead I do yeah. Have. Yeah I. You. Yeah. People apparently started taking that and clipping it and hey I don't even use if I Sorrell lawful sold and the other day and yes it was beyond. Yeah. I have to that. I thought Dag validity or it well we talked about liberty bell and a dynasty that limiting opponents say the same comes as we have or off the air at the same because we do we don't really stop talking we talked to say that's a unless I I looked into law is his kids to now bring. I like your thinking on four dislike. At their whole lineup mr. were charged right so it is it is now they're saying they're gonna take the EST ball eagles' roster that played into the net on carb group that would be a problem but when they're there but when their F 150 you know their iconic but. V8 powered pickup truck is now the most popular engine and the pride the most personal and powerful. In a database senses the terminal six. That that makes sense but you'll also as you were saying now is thinking about General Motors or they have a whole new line. A turbocharged engines and all their cadillacs. And then at that and then they they put a ton of technology research into the volt. And and and they and the next Jindal so there's plenty of a high technology in both of those coming GM and Ford both of got the ball actually this is interesting is my buddy that has the new. Turbo eco boost Ford F 150 also has the CT SV sunny I have to organized I was eight SEC and ATS the year Turbo is FDA TSE with the you know they're. That's good cause I mean I think. You know Americans. The American company needs is some. There's some from knots and Formula One I would like to see that there will air another. I don't care they do best and mark ended and they just pour some money into instead logo on the front of the car bit coliseum there after a heated. Our let's talk a little bit about this Miami story it's not a huge steel in us is just a quick little reminder here Lola as was the group that broken and they just said death. Just I'm just real it from a just says that they Foreman won his scalp actively scouting downtown Miami is a potential sites for new Formula One girl pre. They said executives and engineers for the global raising brand were in town this month meeting with Miami's new mayor in the cities had a film and culture to go over potential racing circuits and logistics around the city so. A piano we've heard these rumors before her what was it up in in New York earned a tennis and yeah. The New York was or meters on the Jersey that's right Jesse I mean that to be honest they they need to construct yes they build the track well okay now now I did walk the track and I did walk the construction site really what they did the parking garage because they parking garage that they were building the first 40 that was designed so that the first for all the support structure. Was of the dimensions for a former one cross in panic here a cat and the second floor was dimensions that they kid. Divided up into suites. And all the rest the year. It's a parking garage directly at the ferry that comes across the Hudson which is still small Smart ass so now what the loss of money and everything to me when we went in there and spoke Tom. They're very much trying to move forward with that I'm disappointed didn't happen EU but having walked all around that track and just looked all over it was. A neat facility. To see on TV. By all means but you know and and I don't know what marketers like you've you've been there John and Jonathan's. How much do you actually see as a spectator if you're standing trackside bat Cordoba second that's that's yeah looking not a. Not aid to pick it depends where you say at ATC LER 86 and one left out but I'm I mean it does mean no seriously I mean for the grandstands yes the get a good view ample pull except drug. But I've been man I've been in the pits working in younger all of the you know you don't see much of the track easy to big screens yeah does a fantastic skill up in Monaco above the Rask pass which is the famous cafe. You know but that lets you know generally speaking. That is the challenge. But he street circuit is stick is to get a good view of it. Long Beach do a fantastic job for Indy I was actually I went to my first Long Beach last year. I love the fact that easily engrossed in it because the pits is in the middle of the track you walking over the track to get. Outside. You know to get the place is meets 88 lead just encompasses the whole city. And I do think you know like is that a few years ago we will come I'm. The room was like you say where we're roundabout more races in F one and the debate laws. Do we need more than one half one rice in the United States. And I think the concept absolutely is yes he you've been saying and I give you credit you cannot agree on and I'm I'm I don't mean that. Would anything against what is literally just. Down on my doorstep because. The circuit of the Americas. Is so far ahead and he's a state of the art track no one else no one's gonna build of that kind of circuit. I mean I mean they may in years to come but they certainly not in the next two or three years right so street circuits. Places like Miami Vegas. New York's the whole ball on the floor but ultimately even learn an Indy races yeah I'm and need to remember that the balls in the TrailBlazer and then the work would cost for this has actually. Been formula eighty. Miami had formally race in 2015. So every and they just have one in Hong Kong this weekend so the point is now. It's almost but if they trail blazed the ability to go to a city Santa. That accent up run an event televise it and get out. Now okay formally is very different it's quiet they're obviously the ones so it doesn't have the sort of noise pollution. But at the same time Austin gonna have. But you know every dynamic city in America. And around the world you know I could have could have. A formal of one rice and I think that's where liberty and going here if that's the old V is quick. Turn around to festival is she say eat eat you mentioned the publisher liberty want to grow the sport in the states that's that's the way to do. Yep I agree on yes and and you know obviously they're. They're traveling around licking its cities are scouting them was that doesn't mean anything but that's for sure but I love Chase Carey probably just went. Pulls off the interstate and pulls into some plays a Ehrlich and had. Yeah yeah anywhere and it will anyway. He spotted there they're thinking of putting a track there about Oklahoma City and then why not let it. I I think now you know you talk about. The scenic places are cool cities. I like Denver. Oh I tend to be also moved you have a lot of race yeah I mean you know here we're talking about a altitude for Mexican city. There's a whole technology twist there there's lots of gas due around there. I would that's a term that's finishing thought I had never Villa the country. You know something that we don't know. I'm sorry I'm not as soon as I can say. He's. Yeah he's pretty good. About how about Denver you know weather's pretty stable it's a nugget. Yeah if it you. So what not you you're actually running adultery over yep absolutely the fifth and I had nothing to yeah I know it's a good with the I gentility and thankfully I'll refuses to give me use the cash damages gagged is are we at a jazz were and where does just well it's Cameron Diaz remember a Cameron Diaz and that's not a live camera that's that's the guy Brian de I'm gonna say thanks can we ran I was time to talk about the logo as Yahoo! and maybe you'll get behind a guy on one of these days hopefully spoke of both but if we don't they wanna do that. I check is that on the web sites busy but I guess that come FaceBook Twitter all that we lots of content all weeklong thanks for listening hockey next week. Tally off. Yeah now.