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Sunday, January 7th

Speed City, for January 7.


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John messing yeah. Yeah speed city. Years gear heads welcome to 20181. Show. Here this job massive bill similar less because they're absolutely happy new year everybody with my expensive yes and that's been. Interesting to have some time away from the studio when your luck has run out I'm back and we'll. This is back in the studio. It Jonathan green is gonna join hazard a few minutes and of course he's gonna do where's Waldo yeah where's all the will he's headed out to the Toyota racing series over a New Zealand is literally halfway there are. Not even half ways out NC in neck California we're gonna grab him on the phone here and a few minutes. In SP committed Toyota racing series we've got a young gentleman who's gonna join us here in just about a minute in other words we're starting off. We left off yeah starting up when we left off with the winner. Cameron does yeah. It all started with the let her go Kart Seattle we're gonna have him on in just a minute but we're also gonna talk a little Formula One today because obviously that within a few weeks off a few things happened. We're gonna talk about some of the hot topics that are going to be going on Formula One. And of course we're gonna have Jeremy Shaw the golf course we're gonna cover than the Rorer which happened this week in getting rid of them for the I was when I was there and yeah the twin first Daytona in three weeks and Jeremy Shaw's out there and he's gonna call in in just a few minutes we're gonna get an update live from him. Unless the but you said we're gonna start with Cameron DOS pay rent or we left off back with Cameron and you know folks were called Cameron talked about starting off in electric carts. You know here here and Larry we've got K one speed. Cameron's neighborhoods. The Audubon indoor speedway. Happy new year Cameron welcome back. And OK so your your pact than in probably rated ahead to New Zealand are set up. Actually and then anything until the last today as saying yeah. He's already they are minis are in New Zealand sound. Yes it tell us what's going all of there's so far running this is your first time into the new need to auto racing series a and this got a B. The super exciting Soria. Yes it's really exciting. Good and the chance to explore much of the country does not again acclimate into this time around. It's just aren't particularly nice country and everyone's so unlike saw and I'm gonna hit the track actually owe them a little bit. Do you see people getting street car for the first time meet some of the team members wanted and he drivers' world was a lot of power. Well just so everybody knows who you are is an American Cameron DOS and he has already had tremendous history seventeen years old he's 31 the the inaugural season of the new formula for United States championship. And a Cameron at at seventeen this is just got to be blowing your mind of their New Zealand because. Some of the biggest names in racing you've come through the Toyota racing series and has got to be just exciting for you. Yeah it is I mean certainly the election and become clear the air and a lot of drivers who would have been a breakthrough after giving it serious harmful content type instrument. Mean yeah there you go unit. Well there's just nothing but an entire country going to be watching you down there because when we hit when we get Americans down in the Tony racing series we try to pay attention and of course. You're gonna have mr. Jonathan green mr. Toyota racing series himself he's bit I think I don't have any he's been to Cameron but. He's going to be he's on his way there right now and he's going to be down their say you cannot lean on him for. India deal local cuisine or any other tips about the track down there as well. A will the camera let's talk about your aspirations obviously. And how they toward racing series plays into that. Obviously you've got a high goals you know are bracing in open wheel cars like this and so how do you expected to a racing series to play into those in the those plans. Well I think that it did the purpose of this trip to New Zealanders really it is an experience and winning a championship in late breaking apart the getting addicts and that's great really it's it's an opportunity where you don't have to stress about. What the end result of the championship as a just about getting as much heat aren't that many great so it's (%expletive) around a lot of other towns drivers who don't have any pressure either. And usually bet that you'll have passed a learning experience. Yeah because that Toyota racing series is one of those unique things and where you can get so much track time. And I don't know that's why that's a big reason why every year we talked to young drivers are going there is that she gets so much track time. In such a short period of time. And gets so much experience and and I know noted. So these cars are not though there's the the fastest around the track is these compared to some of the higher horsepower cars but the concerts are also the saying me and and all the I don't experience you get is obviously very relevant. Gets in and you are connecting almost an entire humans well the great thing in five weeks and to my benefit it's running on and Michelob I thought they're outing in you're only on scared so. Yeah it can be really really well welcome back he would. That is good and and bow and that is a good point that you squeeze an entire season. I think really that's that's kind of the whole thing with the tour racing seriously she squeezed essentially entire series entire season. Into that five week span that that's going well as those same tire as the as their three program. Yeah it it will be I certainly a lot of I heard something which normally because there's that I've been banned in Europe over there are people here. I'd really helpful to come down here and apple that created some Irish record. Actually go back and preachy and got him in March. Well. And you know just looking at the most recent winners. Deter recent series 72000 Thomas Randall. And 2016 Glenda Norris who's the it's a Daytona right now in Daytona down to the Rorer. Alongside some guy named Fernando I don't know I think that's who was also want to let them look at Yahoo! because okay. Yeah. Yeah I think and I don't mean exactly. Cameron that's the kind of as a kind of thing you expect you know these guys when they get through this than. I think it's a fantastic thing to have on your resume too because I do they have the success of their predecessors do this series. Well certainly I mean. The united screen adventure and got some serious really close and do that here. But. From what I heard it's not just extreme but also look at some gear but it's it's experience that helps them their entire career so I'm looking cords or so what I increment. Well talk about the talk about the rest of the year for U 2018 what your expectations are. And an actor that I'll ask even longer term the nab a talk about 2018. Yes so I'm I'm really attitude. Announced that I mentioned beach in Europe all the Ireland 2018. So you know I I've had a scrimmage and Carlin black hearing within British and so there and drinking people. And really committed to my development which has its what do tracker they want certain it's in. Campbell and of course their cross currency bloc to belly only can be. He you know I wanna go to the championship and I pulled them in the right place do that and I have been putting in net curtains certainly. It's it's clearly considers it going to help you look back. Term and long term you know I'm. I'm looking towards a no one and if I do well in Europe however I'm looking at her. Only be the FIA clutter to a player agreement perhaps. I called her to let that. But third when it. Just jump back to the British F three Trevor Carlin has a big history of finding. Drivers. Such is Cameron here and really propelling him into a serious career way beyond where they are today. And so no Jonathan and our speaking to him that Indy. Appears goat and some of the names that he threw out you know before long we knew who the names word ending in a totally expect that he's gonna build the same thing for you. Why I mean he it clicked on the right when I started. Driving race cars and back and I'm I would probably four by a sudden collapse and they've been used to be back then in Turkey. Two and then there's letting him. And they voted it's time an instance instead engineers aren't there openly in the I think to come a long way and I'm. Our country will be detained the next few years. Yeah it's. It's been you know those guys it Carlin obviously are one of the best racing organizations in the world. And you got to be excited about being a part of that and and learning with those guys and only because. Is it did this top to bottom organization like that is gonna be super professional. And then and the best of the best all the positions so it's got to be exciting for yet. But I tell you what Cameron is really fantastic to hear an American. A young seventeen year old American driver aspiring to Formula One because you know aids do you we'd love having that track here in Austin. And now the Liberty Media behind Formula One. And Hoss have won in in the and for no one is just great to hear that. And and how much of what I just said Austin Haas. All that has as that played into your desire to move just to Formula One. Absolutely. Yeah I mean I think well. The formula hasn't been so big in America that. Galactic leader so but it's really starting to become popular and I'm starting to hear you know people are either actually. In just everything start to talk about Formula One because they're hearing it would fit. The. Opens. Spreading around them it's been coming certainly bigger in the country and I think that move it's it's the perfect time for an American to commence court saw it really couldn't come at a better time but it. I didn't do that. Or camera DOS we are as excited to have you back on the show Guillen and love the pitcher down the until later and in this New Zealand for the sort of racist here's a thing they've only yankees play yeah it's dry waving the American flag in best of luck to you and of course we're going to be following you all season and your whole career so we'll talk to you see anybody. You can't diet doctor he's in. I'd love that leather in the you know excited. Over the years we've seen a lot of the Europeans go down for that racing series because their offseason it's you know it's a summer in. New Zealand and it's great that the Americans are really gravitating in that direction Conor Daly went down and checked it out and and now we've got camera down there so low. We got Jonathan their coach you've also reports and we're getting his Johnson on here a minute but he's beginning of Conor Daly dean Alexander Rossi were doing. I've not dances with stars not enough there was the Amazing Race so you're still alive well I I was so until I was kind of afraid to tool shed because. Yeah Conor Daly didn't really do all that well in the American still warrior no 02 warriors ahead. The chill these are little struggle on the Amazing Race is a bigger guy you know those are those ninja warrior has all the collective body fat Getty yeah exactly. Anyway but apparently Alex Rossi and am I haven't I've got to DVR and washing they did all right that is our right there there some jousting between those two guys. Alexander teasing him about. Teasing Connor about sleep and on Alexander's couch now that this you know truth be told I think it was actually the other way around for a while before Indy cars. I lowered it could take a break we come back we're gonna go we're gonna got to Jerry Shaw he's out at Daytona for the war and we're gonna get his take. Jersey great guy his background in motorsports goes way back as a commentator. As as a facilitator so we're gonna get here comes in this door yet right after this short break it isn't as speed city Lau is in 2018. From Austin, Texas back after these messages. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted by the action but to we'll -- on wheels. 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Amateur races after professional drivers and I'll professional instructors never judges Judy based on the day off well from the for the driving back. We'll keep you I'm you'll finally safe on the road all Baghdad at the racetrack feel calm. And the whales don't laugh at a situation no matter what you've done this whole way you've done it all how well you've done it will make a team that's out. The right choice for breaking news first talk thirteen seventy. So RegToy. I'm Wayne Rainey and you list this beats it. Welcome back Joe's beach city presented by mostly motor Cox and he'd. When ready bring this back to begin when ready we're going to be we're not gonna forget about it too will audience here are gonna employ any coverage of of course moto GP ran as. And and you know motor America and so worlds in mikes all around. So as there's an assist for motor GP this year. Yet you know the Perrigo is coming out there for it. I'm just I'm justice and does get things fired yup. Well were right now we're gonna talk about to Daytona Beach had the roar down at Daytona as they prep for the 24 hours coming up pretty quick. And we're gonna have Jeremy Shawn here about one under two minutes but before we have bring Jeremy on column on a Brinks of play some clips from from Fernando Alonso who's down there. And judicious story you have the big story of course with Fernando Alonso what if from the one amazing driver who's done a Daytona with McLaren. And now we get these are these clips are from out from yesterday. Friday and Saturday Friday and Saturday yeah. It's really inching ever disease you know these kind of doing the same thing again. That he did for the 500 last year and it's all new to him it's a different view he you know the it's a great. Think that he's learned he's talking about the view. Is different in these cars everything he's driven and it's it's a little daunting tone. I was go ahead and play Ellis played his part one clip of the out of Fernando Alonso down and tell at the roaring in Daytona. Yeah. Yates is the same thing balloons you know it is because we'll try to do. If they're very big news traders who. Canada from the goodness this is old news straight season. Through. Via visits aren't. It's gross. That's the issue. Does this eighty. That's actually interviewed miss grace just kind of brought about our best time yeah I. This time very deep team and also conveniently that we can't. Stay nice there so it does sound that's spending tons. Great. To enjoy this little. That's it out of any doubt as you know you feel we're believing in me being invaded you. Yeah you go through these movies oh baby. Persons inside don't all of us here drivers and teen's school bus and as you. He's really good blah you go through the checks. NNS first time he said a couple those first times first I'm driving at night first time drug and we GT cars all around bright pretty cool the and to do this nine you know certainly they do the race overseas for a Wanda but it's a very different because you're going for so long I mean seriously what reason. Is one stint there is. And if one or explicitly you know what let's we get Jeremy Shaw on the line right now what's going to bring Jamie on right now we got that of the clip from Alonso will ball keep it in the bank there in playback here in a few minutes but. But let's get Jeremy live from Daytona mr. Shaw Harry you sir. Wonderful wonderful thank you Russia could be pitted. If for me very firmed up yet to an interest indebted to Marty told that really interest in. I know like you know about everything year age it turns out because that is floored everybody expect kids if you bought term budget gap. Also what's so what's the big story I mean NL Alonso is one of the big story what's going on down there. Darn it it's been it's been a really great to us three days this like there's been redo the trees freezing. Pretty much all know try to be as well but gradually today was up in the 63. I'm much more workers and I think are perceived faux wood and yet it's already staked. But he was it was fascinating is that dude is huge. It's just step toward quality drivers to a profitable loans. And you'll see the big story. Empathy to Alter ingesting it does he share with two kids. Who are combined reach. I'm sort of a different. State. Two here immensely low one in particular immensely talented young man and not ours who's going to be maybe opened a formal and actually have people cheer along. Yeah we were just talking about. A we were just talking to camera Doss he's Downey and New Zealand for the Toyota racing series we just had a Monroe before you and we're talking about how land doe came through there and and and you're right I mean exciting talented guy don't watch is going to be great so. It's going to be fun to watch him in three weeks candidates on a much less the rest of his career but it's. Well what are the other stores down there and antenna at the roars. Well I think to reducing it to counselor turned up this twenty prototypes and Seton and they at a coal production is fantastic boost lunching together and dawson's. Whatever it is. Tribunal marching in order to reduce cheeky Daytona 2000 your I'm occupation and to present. It sends a prototype ranks. There're. The Cadillac spot to get to go public and everybody. If it did it would appear. They go to new engine this season. Also a sort of revised engine missed out from six point shooting is a thought or taller it truly. Agree very effective tool to the full cadillacs with a form of human terms of the the F. The times with that eventually they had a problem qualifying session today. Which you can do bewitched is going to be cheap used to determine where. Each of teams are all located on the pit lane and also the gallery is behind so it that was kind of interesting to have an avid new element to the test session. And I think it means. It it'll secure at all in scrub which usually gather data from from Gaza is it into the sandbagging. Yeah typical is the balance of performance. Series these days in the Gaza at a very different color engine combinations and trying to equate the performed so Nolan just run to win it's like the cadillacs did last year. Seven. One year ago but Alex didn't show that full handle the rule before the tort reform test session. And a moment ago about stories we can also negate to not seconds left Austin. Make it real true pretty silly well this summer around. Catalyst so yup that was the progression in the forehand and they have they have a very much a second on the field office like him on Israel's new missile missile went. I am so they're probably gonna get pegged back a bit before the race and spot what is really interesting is eager about some spirit position. Recession dating Cameron when that's impaired speak accurate news. The next fourteen to most troubled by a second. While the wow yeah you that is can I don't know that's yeah that's amazing. I well I know that critical. Yeah and you know Cadillac it was it was exciting for us in mussina big nice American brand like that do so well. But then they were dominant at the head of last year and throughout the season and is going to be dishing out like to know more about that engine reduction of the 6255 and he looked. They could have turned off even more of that dingle was obviously. That would please spare with horsepower and torque and everything else but. I'd like to know more about that but. What about cellular I could Corvette you know coming up they tell the bin a little off this year on the last few years and how they looked this weekend. Corvette CN GQ LM and another won the championship. Loss here again a year ago that they had it was a hard this season due to the mall Ali you're right yeah exactly what all of Porsche V. Ferrari and BMW. And and I'm. Portions of course and again what we want to general pretty closely matched this weekend. The into the qualifying session. The order was what should be forced. Porsche so retreated from other cars and so forth and echoed by two tenths of a second select for the qualify as such it was interesting because. You pretty much. Yeah authority if insert picture invited him to show us what you got. We're gonna look at all the data they got some pretty sophisticated. The technology and people looking off to the did he called it a top house. And it's if seem to have found to be not pulling their weight sort of speak our you're sandbagging to use its they get pulled in unsure and the weekend here. Three different seemed to pulled in the pits storing a session because they can monitor the states are real time the total salary tracked. And say hey you've taken McCain in York you're coming up too late to the speech up top and not. It's split the speed trap is lifting off the stroll and then get back on again. Amnesty torturing people like I don't preteens and the kids sure and join this tour and as we can't just ensure that serious about trying to. And make sure people don't try and sort of memorable mystery interest in. I would so love to be a final offer that old German what are what are they doing about it on this weekend for instance what we know what they can do once the season starts but. This week and what do they need they just we only get known. They make it better and that's exactly right lesson in here that they make the point they complete components of this show on the data. State attorneys will saddle bouts. I'd I'd I'd I'd I'd I'd been pleased but achieved little which. Let's meals the Clinton legacy. Arctic could just determine which articulate with a tougher restrictions but. Aren't so they're meant a great song that seems to the rest of those sessions. Yeah. Laughter. Your salute to your word got around him and an our I was not patented Tutu and a double technical people literally day and very sort of a while I was told him. Two other manufacturer people can look them in the district of students and sent to you know it basically cuts off. You know we're we're we're impressed who will watch try to do it now there's always going to be some will try and yet. People from the poorest people by that it would certainly take it seriously. And and that particular goodbyes and tried to tumor. Achieve what they go so. You know this is that I always felt like that. That was a heck of it's a horrible job to be in charge of balance of let's try a mistake everybody all right everybody hates you and but the I was thought they did a pretty good job but you know why not use as much technology. Alone adding this qualifying session but what I used to it real time data now is it's and it's getting easier and easier with technology so. One I use all of this and and and be serious about it and that way. You know people are gonna go okay I know this is the way it's gonna be five if I mess up I'm gonna get caught with. Yeah and I think that's exactly what can we lost here you're Cadillac disqualified them on the on the front Greta good to catalyst on the front 100. Pull cut missile programs from two roads are grid lawsuit. If remember Utley and an a in the final writes that to you tomorrow because they pegged the cows back. With various meetings ever Grammy gear selections revs. Always good year we've got to do more of the the end of the season. The direction expressed surgical or don't look for on the front road they turned a little background of the prototype grew at a group that go to Atlanta. And and I don't think well. I believe. And so on hold at least for the Cadillac guy so that the computer bit embarrassing. Which we need look at DP I would have friends you categorical lawsuit did the black community service for him to do that. So are talking about some of your cost Austria. Cadillac can insert the world. Clearly didn't show that and the rule before the technical sense. New settlement I was mutually bland news. Adds that the sentence so they don't know testing whatsoever and consequently actually just being completely when they don't go to the racetrack. And in the masses that shattered and ultimately run shot he just wasn't all the talks with the other with the other chances Austria so he was kind of so who hold picture for Cadillac and then yeah I had to take them back because commuted during a loss Fossum denied that deadly plane ticket to. It certainly gives a little bit embarrassing almost a whole group retreat to concerts aren't sold that the Cadillac. Big problems was told that the teams in the and the attention. It doesn't terms injuries you see our. But you know or to this just do this play by the rules. That slogans. Yeah it. Do acidic due on a match rivers reforms and then made the bet went man wind wrong. And try to achieve that Witten talks. This Hernandez was true what isn't. But I do you believe you. That they will they will take back the travelers will be to the frustrations students and I hope it's going to be you're just provides some great competition. For all of us who of that watching. That's a good point because. Every manufacturer out there can make all these cars weigh more powerful if they want to so let's let's make sure that we're doing it right that he journey getting a couple of minutes. Statistically this too quick break. All sorts of her high high high and I will. Well luxuries don't they tell us a real need some more information from him after this quick break and listen to speed city we're here in Austin, Texas. Back for 2018 and will be back at these messages. Susan cameras video is the largest chemist dole and Texas another 101000 square feet and actually all the latest math facts or offerings that. Founded in 1976 and still under the brightest lights on his Gerry wrote we Sullivan's precision camera is committed to the finest customers experienced. The pound pig products and offhand experts you find a more helpful and knowledgeable and culminating sell stuff the quality service comes CB itself precision camera videos too full create westbound some length. The racetrack it's what legends are born. I only the finest machines and a reputation for innovation and dominance. Such a the next place you'll find Aston Martin Boston both as a Boston Bentley Alston thunder Rolls Royce motor. Austin exotic iconic automobiles and it's racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring Jenny is you'll never just alone. I like 183 knock them. Dead fish rally school is the nation's most prestigious driving school offering seven days a week. Yeah around. Driver education from. The fifteen year old would know driving experience and amateur races after professional drivers and I'll professional instructors never judges students based on who they all went wrong or that driving back. We'll keep you happy your finally safe on the road pulled back out on the racetrack feel calm. On the whales don't laugh at a situation no matter what you've done full way you've done it all how well you've done it will play. Hi this Jeff Gordon in the news new speed city. Those speeds city. Brees did advise most single. Owner Cox. And some of things to watch for in 2018 but would you have less well I was gonna say won't you know we've seen the likes of Landon Norris come from the lower formula so and Oliver passes UT. RS enjoyed racing series we just talked Cameron headed down there. I got asked. Germany because he's always in the know chairman who really watched next it's up to break out on the scene. He speechless. Or anything he's having a big cat it's it's tough on a certain group met in London Norris. The youngsters as you were chairman Carl Moore but what are the M. You know Ottawa's most of lives. And I'm no longer he truly it's pretty exceptional as well I mean you know Alonso made one of the quickest ever a sense of former one he became an accounting of the world champion he won. Europe it's pretty good single seater champ can be very close your coverage here obviously Newton puma bond that sonic who was called back then it beaded one season of the former 3000. In any informal one for this kid to have Landon Norris. Nice to us she's not racing. He won not. Ian the salute whoops. Comb before effectively. Secondary one to Europe's what you got the tournament her sister's New Zealand you run homer Renner of and then and then this policies is one of the European commentary championships each clearly well yeah awestruck. The and here he's won the test drivers for reform which aren't it is coming coming to the reserve drugs if so it will be cold there so if that's yet to be eaten either go to solve what you. Yeah and does one that's absolutely bill on the radar word in for the last you know a little bit here so. He's going to be fun to watch but I. And other discovered that the that they don't American actually called yield Hagan who is so fast his name here a privilege with some red ripple. Supported for the salukis maintain the makeshift the American former runner. He's just 216 years old and he's a pretty exciting talents as well. Well Gerri what else don't tour and we talked about a bunch of it but there's usually we could I go on for hours about what all you scene down there have been what other exciting things of have you seen the tots drive it down in Daytona. Look at this celebrity stories done here is regatta and oblivion in with the colonel yes very detailed suddenly. They ramps. Up I think there was there was hardly anywhere at a park in the infield patron. It was it was incredible deficit in the rule out adamant in August police state crowd just to check the White House interest in. Agreed to give some of those sort contracts that the directors and new Dellucci Penske trounced. They can responses please not bank. What was really think we are at a very quick chat yes they would want problem won't spoil. To a missile launch and I'm what's cool about it is he's having so much fun. Roster or them which we refer to launch on sister grace and part in this Obama's serious burns so that's a longer that little wary about stripped wanna Colson. Curious so it did become a career and what have you had. I've never seen him this relaxed this release on the heat you're excited because. There he sees it is now racing its first winter comes in at Daytona last week. What you're up to Sebastian I really believe one of the races that took. Pitcher in the speed all week but Scott that was going on but he's just loving driving these cons absolutely loving. FF well I you know those guys when they move from Formula One I think the pressure cooker after that it is seems. The pressure full and everything after that seems a little more fun rather than so intense has got to be part of it that. Hey I got to ask you about. Have been these cost of medical etiquette performance of these calls it to the radicals to their manufacturers and that. And he loves them the multi costs aspects of insurance racing growth going to be at the request went to see him Larry you know Harry terps have a full season of a. Well speaking of veterans and C and the guys you've been racing for many many years. Scott Pruitt had announced that this is his last. Rolex 24 I don't know and it's it's coming up I don't know how many he's won the man he's he's mr. Daytona and Indy and now did you get to run Indian this weekend. I did yeah you won so far the 61. That there'd been no tournament one more he has is such a target and Israelis remember rightly. But Cutler coming toward an ambassador for the sport you is being. Are truly here can still enthusiastic but you know blows much increase on. And at least he's still super competitive. That again Yuri Israel I sit in a ton and tonne launcher on. That's their means. What he's more mid fifties now serious time to took it to hand over to somebody younger guys but he's still gonna be around. There could be of great men talk election streets each each of these. We signed with them to be an ambassador let me minority interest commercials and also slows things as well are you rigorous school but what a great what a great. China has been told this order over the it is he's driven just glad everything's he's won just read everything and just a great characters well. You know one of those great guys and those scores don't show us is you know how many watches does a guy needs. A yeah. Yeah well I shouldn't say that I'm so sorry I think he's had he's got through three Rolex is on eight yards yeah. What Jeremy I really appreciate you coming on the show I'll be as fun down there and of course will be. Following you all season and see India gives you do if you want us. You wanna see is the next seven coming Jeremy shows the data follow then that he's always and guiding those young. American racers towards speed cities suing him on the air but Jeremy thanks a lot. Appreciate it we'll talk to you soon. Marketing just thanks so much they have a great seafood imported Kobe anytime. I really happy new year betting that get their mission are you follow him on line now he is. It is such winners Jeremy Shaw racer so take him out he's got a pretty active on Twitter but he's right you know added. We didn't give opportunities to tune about the scholarship that he helps administrate but it is awesome program for up and coming drivers out do I get on the radar in Indy gets them the exposure. Really works out cool and it's exit he is the guy for known who's coming up that's why I asked that question about the American yeah athletes and you'll have to. Check into the new overhead again and see what's going around his eyes and that's teen USA scholarship dot org it's your mis. The deal resistant so many millions of such a part of in such a key part of for a long time that. But hey ethical legal and take a quick break a little early more have a long segment at the end because we're gonna talks from Formula One. And we're also really give Jonathan green to give us a quick call between the airlines that airlines flights on his way out to the Toyota racing series. And now we'll get him to talk about you know does he didn't tell us every minute detail about that series. And Lou we'll ask him what kind of tricks he's gonna play on camera DOS as a rookie down there and scooter racing here's. All right so we'll be back answers to quick messages you listen in as speed city dive in Austin, Texas. Susan cameras video is the largest candy store in Texas and the 101000 square feet and actually all the latest not a factor offerings. 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Old guy all act for the ultimate legend great and pull NB a good stuff. Italian style with Texas sole try in the Simon welcome I'm financing available. To caddie outfit out. I'm of ambient goes down and make light bright Elaine just east of I 35. Lowe's motor cars in central Texas source for classic for. Performance cars British German Italian Japanese and American ready for this special car you've always dreamed of Mosley has you covered looking to sell a classic. Bloody nose and handle all the details and get their special deal. Ends of the right buyer visit to show rheumatoid port twenty west regulation or call 5128219491. Or browse a garage online. Cars dot com most motor cars drive yourself. John thirteen seven. The right choice. Sign. 876. Buying. All three to watch. I was. Welcome back Joe's beach city freeze it buys mostly motor car. Thank you are produced in just half a half displayed that little clip for ms. Jones boundary. May not have a look at that video. The of the crash did he was caught. And that I. I think it was up to like four million users something where he's screaming no no way at the Macau from three down there left. This big get this done agree we got a lot of from the airport in California mr. green has gone buddy. I'm getting match OK you keep this stock is it's. Still the producer on yeah. Happy new everybody's. Thank you happy would you happy at all on a populist sensibility is Jay Leno that was pretty fun yeah. Well I know you're on your way to New Zealand for the Toyota racing series. You know we just had a camera DOS on and Amanda I noticed this you've been doing this for so long Johnson and it's one of those series it. Then tell a lot of people it may be under the radar a little bit but it's a really important series in that. Cash yet market would become more more. Could coordinate the use of all I think. I mean. You need to grow up yea if he can't stop at all. A decade ago so the junior and New Zealand series and rob buy and actually edited it. And basically it was an independent audit a winner of the country that gives you an idea you know. Take a lead in the what compounds commodity completely even and of course I took. They get them the little to GP two. Obviously Obama. So it proves to be what New Zealand says that it is which was create a championship for the young. Talking and Chris engen with the fact that sixty stronger. Chris Simon uncle won't brought with sort of hatred all that many years on what's coming out of it is not out week. Could invite people learned over I have to compliment Ian Cook. And that our. Eight the company patent and as you mentioned Cameron is so intent on week. Com the place to beat in the winter yet you know that I'm on track. At a and that got quite the cubicle and I need to rock writer mark Armstrong the key key but he already been successful. In Europe he coming back. Rich visual and also it's a Red Bull junior Abby coming back protecting him all on. Cuba and name it it. There are richer this year because he needs to win the championship didn't they would radical. You mentioned the odd. Is an honorable guy so yeah there is it really is on him on a one handed a lot Bob on the other athletes. Pretty intense. Yeah out of stride and it's great and I love the fact that they then they they set out to do this and they've achieved the goals in a spot on no doubt and and I lie and you know we had says several people that come this did come and tried that and and and realize it was a lot trickier and a lot more difficult than they thought it might be we had certain was that last year that. Connor went down at one point I think that was last year GAAP Conor Daly. Well well well you laden and I struggled a lot when he went out and have a huge block and I'm in sports car racing and it's going to try and describe so that was one good example and. Yeah that's you're exactly Ross thank you and yet you're NC right wolf. Well doesn't mean we're so excited about 2018. We've got as as usual we we get you on the road doing to cover in the I cover in the business the fantastic series that it's Toyota racing series in a few other things but. But Formula One we're looking forward to that and now just done Lester and right forget about the last break that. I'm looking for demoted GT and of course in all the other two wheels and get in a motor America of course. Moving right along in their plans kind of collect what you were just saying return races or they've got a very specific plan and move film along those lines. And I think Tony eighteen I mean any thoughts firm from you on 2018 Jonathan. Yeah I think is dubious serious mode you and many black because this somewhat odd ball I didn't even mention on what he. Couldn't read you don't want. You know that little hole. Wait. All people black and all that into action that it. That is the story correctly he walked back from Iraq are really all year to think deeply and Jack. I haven't. Odd. Happened. But they also. Not well utter it on other day my. But B the excitement. These are home to his feet. Thought I'd see back yeah gonna get pregnant mom I don't read it yet. I'm I thought well. You energy all ED. We got him. All of it was at all these don't like did not. But. Hey Charlie Campbell. Yeah well IndyCar. Lacks I think the public. Come out on that I don't know are. How. All you got bit by ROK. And then you're lucky shot and Chris from. So Google won't. Of course I was a boy that good at Sonoma doesn't he got what. All that crap that you attended the I'll let you know actually got a big beat up on our good. Yeah well Jonathan a little extra run buddy and you gotta catch your next flight and we're really excited to be on the obvious you're going to be calling in from New Zealand to give us lots of dates from what's going on down hair during that it. Is a yeah they're very yeah that's the end of we got to do some initiation plays and tricks on him sending to the why well Beth. -- Our 2003. All right thanks are translated all of our we'll talk to singer. I'd. Yeah I'm Amish see what that comes out how Cameron does down there this year that'll be a great. The app it's gonna be fun to watch an American down literacy series but you know we you before the holidays we're going through all the changes the Formula One 128 team and and there's one in particular one I thought was really sneaky cool. Now that we did I get to the list like where you go and like sneaky cool and live the sneaky cool thing that is not allowed in Tony eighteen is is. It's part of the steering linkage. Now what is so cool about it and sneaky is based on your steering your turning. Agree yes this was allowed last year but not this year it. It's it not you know it's it's racing girls was Minnesota loud but it was a 100% right right price years prohibited. And so you know what was so cool is based on your turning radius. Your car might be a little bit lower using the sold link that was in the suspension and it's just wrote intercepting call that it was well verbal. Suspension high it is but the results of that type cat we yeah exactly and and so you know really and sing the way that played out and in a way they caught it you know there were a few folks using it. And that is one of the things that you will not be able to do anymore. And it in other have. Proof that a bully rules Ferrari and Red Bull were both using it now and it is just a very small link up in the front suspension. Connected to the upper right. It just allows the heights of very little bit reducing demand higher into the car improving. The stability of it. When you're in return. Death when you're in a yes you know you remember the old 48 Tucker of sedan had this terrible headlight the lesser Inca that is something a little more high tech than that meant. Turn it hard in the car squats down a little closer I. We need to bust up a welder tried it on your car and we'll see us forced out of the worst Wimbledon Somalia. Hey Alan talk about some of the things in 2018 to watch for an F one what we got abouts. 77. Days I think to many until Australia. But so you know what is this obviously the big thing is. Ken Ferrari catch Mercedes and and you know and win obviously this year I heard this past year they did did they were pretty amazingly competitive. With Ferrari leading them to lose the championship for awhile. But candy and can they when it can they take it from Mercedes when you know we spend. And I'm an incredible run by a Mercedes in Lewis Hamilton and prosper in everybody in the whole team but. But can we do that in 2018 obviously that's going to be one of the big big stories to watched. And and and you know what he you know I have a couple more in my head as they need it. That are you gonna be watching and I seem to formally salute. It you guys get go in and take a behind the scene in my near gosh yes I gonna ask you know the Mercedes team yes yeah. I wanna. Now get into somebody else's garage. And see if they're splitting apart the turbine units. There is so much benefit from that you know the transient heater that comes through and all that I just can't imagine that's not being done. And I actually. Film a statement some word that that was done on some old industrial trucks are really way back when somebody stole the idea since sixty years ago or yeah in this somebody brought it back for the kind of the same you so I'm curious about that now that's a guarantee but. But look at some of the high level point of view I'm thinking about like. Some of the B stores like and you know was Honda gonna be. At deuce or tore also for example and what about. McLaren with rhino power this year. I mean these are gonna be really really inching stories to watch with all the all the politics and everything else behind it and all the driver screaming and yelling in the Alonso and everybody else say I don't think we've along Vincent Alonso his name in this break but I will spend an awful thought at Atlanta Bruno. And McLaren they just seems odd to me in that combination known that McLaren Honda learned her cousins anyway. But you know what I hope it brings back. A situation that'll also can truly be competitive. Does to be on a son Philip he's competed last year and it wasn't his fault and you know the few times he actually was side by side with somebody. He showed his skill and talent but it. These it just didn't have the arms behind to keep up yeah yeah it's true. What else what about a pop and I only ask you this question is get your opinion. Red Bull who's who's gonna come out on top in the Red Bull he's got an Odyssey Max for Stefan is. The the hot young talent the man the most spending a lot of people are saying this guy's going to be. As good as anybody ever or close to that anyway. And the course Ricardo who's been phenomenal he's obviously probably one of the probably the most likable. Character on the one if not the most popular may be behind Lewis Hamilton with his success slowly laid up on those two duty things absolutely boy you know I mean I've always enjoyed talking to. Ricardo in the panic iso blast he's is in no way in person. And in going back this goes back two years ago he is exactly is nice is he comes off I mean he's fantastic so that the before he was actually on the Red Bulls team garabedian talking to him here it was really cool first time we saw him like twelve or thirteen that he has. He's just a super nice kid and still is the senate ominous in as much as I would artsy Ricardo ahead because of that personality because. His fun. Approach to so many things the issue we into an always count as things I would I'm gonna have to go with smacks. On. Cheered dependability. Because consistently there who needs that word with him considering his luck with cars plus our. You know that he's he's got that determination and in a youthful exuberance and in the wild side still with thing. And I think if he can manage to keep out of there is teammate or anybody else is well and also keep in a reliable car I mean that was the big thing for for max's last year too was not having. Reliable car as they can battle and how good red apple can do if they do keep reliable and and you not I don't I don't I don't know somewhat easier to think you can always hear anybody elements here by draw up the Mercedes boys yep absolutely. What else one of the some of the big stories on the other one of the big visual one's going to be the halo I see visual visual and safety your company uneasy this one's been so safe for these last few years but a business expert at his door so it does matter let's gonna take some adjustment absolutely it ended. You know I say. Man I just don't move. What that's going to be like you know I'm waiting to see how they each place that. You know it actually does go back through the cockpit. Four attachment points and so it's not something real simple. It's gonna recourse answers engineering which obviously dirty doing by now but I am just. Hoping it is as successful as possible and hopes Mike comes up the better design that looks better. Yeah and and you know what about the driver visibility this and you really can't seem to see how. And Australia I'm really gonna be anxious to see those post race interviews and other drivers talk about the visibility. Of this this this halo and the out effects and you got to imagine in their simulators they're hurting. Practicing with the death so before long I mean you know it I think it's. Just gonna be invisible tone before long yet. Let's see what are the other big things that are going to be changing. Well it is in one good one is of course. And we're out of time but will that the last world Sais que me you know is he going to be easy to stay at Ferrari you know they can do enough. I think eight EG QB expect him to help this community Franken announcing he's getting up there probably wasn't. 37. Somewhere around there but. Anyway that's another one of them all of keep an eye on but now we're just about a time any any other 2018 for Armenia fought for our. Following a one. It's topics and changes you wanna talk about less. You know I just think. Take for them to Taylor rule to impede or help anybody that I wanna see Mercedes pulled back into the pack. And not be so Lou. Some predictable and us Obama carries 38 zealously recommending balance of power a bounce performance of password did not offer. All right guys we're gonna go ahead and wrap it up we we of course are looking forward this when he eighteen season we're. We've got some some things where in the end of the show this year seriously you know yeah some some seriously fun stuff and so stick list. Throughout the season ticket SATA speeds city broadcast dot com and also social media and we will talk to you live next week. Tell you know.