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Sunday, February 11th

Speed City, for February 11.


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John messing yeah. On the radio. Speeds. City. Good evening gear heads welcome to speed things. We are excited about tonight show we've got some great guests lots of cool stuff going on in motorsports world. This is John messing Gillis has your sit next to me I was you. And mr. Jonathan green is still down in New Zealand and do you under they just wrapped. Does the championship down there and matter of fact we're gonna have. An interview with the winner of the news of the 2018 Toyota racing series and we'll have a lot more about that illegal over what does we have on the show. Because I'm very excited we have a young an up and coming IndyCar bad ass we have Ed Jones. We had him live in about twenty minutes or so about 730 plus. And I'm really excited about that he was a rookie of the year last year and it was a in his rookie season he was third in the Indy 500 so. This guy is I mean he's gonna sit alongside Scott Dixon. In it with Ganassi racing so I mean it's a pretty coveted sees an interest story how he got their T think so. We'll talk to Ed Jones here about a half hour and now also. Bless you could talk Newt got an Erik Jensen writes is a fast guy he's gonna come on in just a few minutes or Jensen has been involved in driver development and end his woes was not behind the scenes kind of guys and what is really cools heat. Focuses on driver development. Helping them as a driver and led a team business you know which is part of the life now. And it really get them through you know it he dates back to may be a couple guys you recognize the name Lance strolls about a ten year old little kid. In exile Alexander Rossi was a youngster. Guys like that have worked with him and so he's got a proven track record so we're gonna. Here's a little bit about. Development as a driver the business. And furthermore wanna know about future knives coming up through the ranks you know that is one of our everything's on speed city which critics today is a great example right you've got. Then the winner of the Toyota racing series we and all that we've been talking about down there'll those young guys of course this Eric Jensen. And a corset Jones young so I mean he's it's only is you know he's in India lies he's in the us champion. In Sony's second season now in IndyCar. So yes it's it's her it's a theme that we have been following since the day we went on the air south. But LS let's jump into we're gonna have those guys here in a few minutes but let's open to some stories. Oh start with some F one stories because. There's a couple that we had talked about that. After my favorite Bob is that set Hoss if one hasn't sponsor. Oh yeah yeah Jack and Jones millions where you know let it just gonna change the look in the panic right there. You know Americans we've always had the blue jeans the blue Jean jacket. All of that I wanna see the Haas guys coming out in Denham. There that is is it's gonna be used to Ellison you're looking at a jacket and Bruce Springsteen. James Dean and gentlemen teachers it's a little American power odd thing. Yeah and obviously the big story here is just the fact that costs is got some sponsors they haven't haven't done that they have talked about it much so. Yeah that's true you know they he said gene Haas served appears we spoke to him that he was primarily gonna focus on it just being hos. Toll gets the bugs worked out and gets through the first year jitters it that was what he wanted to. And he wants glued wanted to develop a team that was gonna rip in the sponsors well and he thinks he's there and I agree with and so. Kudos here comes Jack and Jones in the FedEx. Yep that's true I think he's achieved that goal so that's up to be interesting to see how this goes in and see who else can they must arson. Have dinner and dividends are so I don't know that plays and a fake birth to kids and good but she could spray some fire Stefhon Hannah bill Simpson did some cool stuff maybe bill Simpson and Jack Jones gets through the first and Asia but yeah communicated as I'm glad to see that gene recognizes that they've reached that point and he's gone into that certainly money's always good on a Formula One team. Yes that cannot hurt there's a bit of money spent in Formula One I some other news stories on now on Formula One is. The Amazon series McLaren series on Amazon television. And it's getting pretty good reviews have been several people tell me that they've seen it already in the it was great I yeah I am. Honestly have been you know pay you know leaders feel or at least less nearly did he allowed only lets ask the same on the sofa the guy that's OK that's that. In his left. Definitely but the McLaren series looks really get it's cool it's gonna be you know some behind the scenes viewing it hadn't been shared before. Check it out Amazon prime yes it's Grand Prix driver four episode miniseries. And which takes a look at the I Clarence 2017. And I was gonna say debacle but pretty close to that I'd have to say. You know the good thing is Olympic ice skating is coming up so we have plenty of time during that. Forever episode two go watch McLaren yeah. It's yeah and Ted and Amazon says it's unprecedented access to what goes on and McLaren so. And in fact Zach brown says he care reform in one team revealing as much as they have Sosa's. This other I haven't watched he had been on the queue that up because. Would be nice to go back. Yes there are some other news stories you got sound. F one reveals starting this week is terrorizing. I'm already walked you know this is you know it in things are beginning to happen around former won their talk and more worst curtain here from the team's I didn't. That's why check out grilled a grid that that's the sponsors from a foreign on the YouTube channel it's been did that they generally that's the meat of things yeah. Williams to announces. Low of February 50s was that Thursday. Of this week the day after Valentine's guys and gals don't forget valentines this week we're Soria that'll be. London Fitzsimmons that'll be I don't know atomic tables follow us on Twitter and FaceBook and we will keep you up to date on that. And then not long I guess and then following weeks when you get a bunch of them because you get. So Murano and Ferrari's summer rental on the 20. February. And then it Ferrari Mercedes on the 22. And then. McLaren on between third. And Tora so literally six and then that's that's all that I've seen a benefit officially announced. All of the if one of the yields so. That's going to be fun to keep an eye on. And then you also you do you talk to some of the number of for the show about Steve that's it. Yeah Steve match it you know we we. I've been curious where buddies from NBC you're going in and obviously leave the fees over and North Korea and South Korea at the Olympics and so Steve mentioned it has now joined fox. To cover formula. Well that's really cool yeah lose like that a lot. There's the technical aspects of both I'm really stood in here and what Steve match is gonna do you know he's he's lived well versed. Behind the scenes guy you're around the teams. And so we get them for a lot of technology known that there are bunch of folks out of the Formula One circles that are known formerly. Yeah I think he's gonna walk in party have their relationship. And really get. The kind of exposure to the technology it that formally brings to it that they're quite honestly it needs to maintain my attention. Yeah I know I'm I've not gotten an excellent still without T yes and only clients racing golf carts I'm sorry for. You know I washed up on what should be decent amount of them and there's been some times I was getting into Obama lie just really haven't gotten. Excited about it I don't know I think kids unity. As a spectator I get it is the reason we love the V ten motors. Yeah I heard the Turbo six's it's the reason no we love in a loud obnoxious slow. Idling instead of a Tesla idling at. If you have a quite honestly there it's there's some noise there's some rattle listen just opened in yeah its cool stuff. What what a change about formally now. I'd like see them go to a standard battery pack battery source. And you only get that one car that one battery source for the length of the race period. No more of the 62. Car change anything like that early or drive the technology and improve it to that point that we can relate it. And another thing. Love seeing paraffin run electric bikes on the same weekend ooh yeah that would be you know it's probably too tight of a course to be safe for the bikes. That just the idea but yeah electric bike series ended on a global scale as they have it yeah and running together that's a good idea. Our there's another story that Skinner who relate to our IndyCar. A yellow we leave there's one more. Harley-Davidson says they are going to bringing. The live wire to the street the electric Carly we hamburger that bike would have a year and a half ago or so yeah yeah we're supposed to get a but it didn't make it here. And but it to be honest I. Led the idea they're looking forward towards back towards electric technology Burt how many of our tattooed Harley riding buddies are gonna get on electric bike. And you show on the torque curve or maybe sell this tree us. Really easily nor is 193 player in the third set alert take a total. So that might get them on their merry go Ivorian eagle intake chambers and wage without going mechanic can benefit if there always isn't just a new MP3 is up for that. We're gonna do we're gonna take a break could tell me tenders to reminder we've got to we get there Jensen coming up right after this break. And of course we have Ed Jones IndyCar driver at 730 so stick with this. Listen to speed city live in Austin back after these messages. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two wheel off on wheels. To caddie often offers only NB of those deaths and a caddie factory authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. But for Tommy sport naked the most extreme essential naked bike and up. All the charisma but don't say 800 the first revolutionary Torah to be built by Ambien get stuff. 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Dead fish Riley's school is the nation's most prestigious driving school is offering seven days a week year round driver education from. A fifteen year old would know driving experience and amateur races after professional drivers are professional instructors never judges Judy based on new day off well. From all that driving back. We'll keep you I'm you'll finally safe on the road all Baghdad on the racetrack. Feel confident behind the whales don't laugh at a situation no matter what you've done the whole way you've done it all how well you've done it. Will thank you NASA. Sound off on the news of the day with a topple online ads on thirteen seventy dot com sock thirteen seventy though right choice. Walker is from downtown LA and find the tournaments it's big city people through. Joe's pizza right. Freeze it advised mostly motor car. Travel into the break it was gonna talk about one more F one story and it was just something on F one dot com they were talking path. How's the new halo. Is strong enough to hold a box. And I thought that was an interesting. Comparison I don't you know my week you know I wonder if the Christmas of that idea and that strength model happened here at certain I would guess is that's what I was leading up to you stole my thunder Thursday you'll blessed with a month wanna go to oops nobody likes to really talk about that will move forward because we're gonna. But your what we will. Bring that bring up the halo two and Jones is gonna be on the show later because his. His teammate Scott Dixon got to drive the new IndyCar with the new wind screen that's our and so will talk to him about that I saw some information about that south. The less he got to introduce our next guess I'm really excited talk to him a first time to speed city this is going to be cool because you know. This is one of those guys kind of quietly behind the scenes but he moves mountains you know you've heard us talk about the Ferrari driver academy and how it develops drivers he. You've heard us even with the Atlanta stroll. Well. Eric knew him back when he was elected in ten year old kid out the one around the then you know we certainly had no generosity on a few times. We got a instance one of the men that. Brought all of those to the front and center Eric Jensen walking speed said he. Thank crowding me you bad things about what. Eric you got a fantastic history and that's one of the things that we always try to shear is. Had you get from the the push cart to end the yard Kart to racing card tour all the way into the formula and open wheel series and you obviously have done that it is special or inferred driving academy. In a long career and did it after. A career. It is it is so. Give us some insight to how the driver academy came. To you for the Ferrari driving academy also had a a quite a notable partner in net. Yeah I so. Why it. Our current American Dad! automatic as part guy didn't that I accrued champ car in the IndyCar. Aaron but I I give much credit from somebody that people don't really know that much better she doesn't get a lot of credit and Vicki O'Connor. You granddad. Played Atlantic championship for years. 00 may indicate I think it's like happens. Beauty incorporated. I'm waiters eerie pale came out of the Atlantic series. So anyway so you always moderate that the Montreal broke free and I what I think you're my variety. Twenty years you fell irate in the Atlantic braves not more that we can't let. Our guys look good ball the error. News media and their friends through the years and it was we can't I had the idea that expects Ferrari hiring. Every year when they wanted to get the next champion driver and egged fifty million dollars since these cheerleading betraying their names how well. Eight that Janet did the Ferrari driver academy actually happened in New York City when we ran up to talk about it and he Christmas 2000. Oh that's awesome that is also don't. Unless a lot of the background of that. So good NTELOS Larry Gibson I dimming because part of what you do you are a business coach and driver coach for the development here. I give us an idea of word you find your candidates to have did they find you and what you do with them once showed its go to the nuts and bolts. As well that the best thing I trained very few hundred kids who went and certain subjects for the kids that are in IndyCar now are there are guys like Spencer early it was then that track teaching him what they need a warrant. And the best thing. If they couldn't get kids between the ages of thirteen and sixteen against. They lit everything Richard cherishing and there's no fear and there's been a distraction. It's really just the bade me good and at the track didn't end and most convection that's why everybody shows again he gave. And it really hit it if the parents who keep them on our game plan and then. It'd been out of date and typically turnout because congress. Now let's nice you know that is amazing well we'll talk. I do wanna hear us kind of some specifics about apple what you do. With these drivers are in and you get into the details if you can't a little bit. Well it started an interesting one so when we got a third Ferrari driver out of you look at it back in. Early 2000 and he would the first kid that I put into the program alliance with the loud enough the car it. And I had a lot of aren't that bad because I knew what is bad it was and it clear that he wanted to get it is untrained sort of challenge you gonna stay. EEA yet wah. Thirty he he made it to be wary that because of his money but that's not the case. The reality is there's a lot of guys why age Lance you have to have that have lots of money. But to challenge him these parent and every year they don't know which series it via. And they also don't know which team Mexico lists and there's no real good plan and so what I did was and that made a ten year plan which. Interestingly enough that million outlook that was also part of my plan that it did does that change your dying will be 2018 maybe that New Orleans and so on exactly the same plan when Lucas still managing the plan. All I'll very inside path a little bit on the question but I. Point and it was there an apparent the main thing you wouldn't get out of its planned early read it long to get play and it got good people managing it. They would let the work. That is cool. That you know would say the other there's science there's like their skills all involved in it and so I think you've proven that so. Erica and I met because I've are heard rumors around speed city that had somebody special down here. Doing some training and coaching with that no one should give us an and he was actually down Harrison also. Eric bush give us an introduction into this youngster is and why we need to watching. Yeah I wed twelve year old nick was forced to you about what is saying that it could help you get help parents live news. It's important transition to a great Carter's earlier than most people ain't all started trading Nicholas introduce modern. Block immerse or you're actually fell a couple of weeks ago. We eat that it had I'm never to track drug test or are. Flag and what I explained here as parents who we trajectory. If you look at Eton or at all development programs you have to be accomplishing big chains of fourteen and fifteen year old. And that would that would happen over night he can only be so much every month to develop it. Looks like group of men men blustery gusting there. So in oil likes that I heard he's down at Harris who don't will try to get it back on her dissent. We heard he's down at Harris hill and you know 11 of the guys down there you know some of the driving coaches I know are like this can as fast. Then you know having been down on the course and run some laps it's it. It's not an easy course it's a good club sport course daft toughest thing but it's a great course great collection of very experienced drivers and coaches there. And when those guys say something about. When there's a kid here. Yeah check this out tension and you know he's not from around these parts and so are we gotta get there and back. So Eric I was just tell them about my friends down Harris still letter as saying good things about this kid does not from Rangers or want to go and continue their. We have our Nick Edwards Walt Euro. He's been doing well and Marty Bennett Spaniards earned. In order to get at least one of the law under every development program there are yeah attract sponsors. You need to now really stand that would result of this fifteen year old. And that. He can't do all the training in six months before your source C it's actually years. So learn the body at all so I've been I've been doing street sense based on. We're Banco does that tracks all over the place so we've been species. And Syriana George. Ontario Quebec. And he's really showing. Amazing happens cities at a yeah hey so and it got a long history. I think Alexander are you what I had in and he was fourteen John Edwards was thirteen got a lot of experience. When it if you start to chase early enough now where they. I'm excited about that structure. You know I was talking to a driver coach a couple of years ago and he said he got approached. By the dad. And and peace and the coach said. You know is this is driving this conversation he said are you dad driving this conversation for the sun there is a son have the desire. Because he said if you're driving the conversation I don't even wanna speak to the sun you know in other words it's got to be. The the driver of the youngster and its has the desire to do this because they're just they're not gonna make you disappear if it's their parents pushing him I guess it's. It sounds like a classic story of whatever sport or whatever it is and that it's got to be it is did the kid its has a desire to do it. Effort Serb and actually like and mentioned that probably train 200 young kid at this point. And I can't remember one kid you didn't have the desire and it obviously it's really fun to drive great scorers. And inside the become a professional bodies that race car driver and is pretty appealing to a lot of people well I never adding challenges that. What motivation from the kids. Now let's call. Love it that we'll that the parents are taking it seriously enough to have let's go do this so what about see here it's certainly America's Odyssey had. Nicholas here at have you spent some time with drivers series go to. Yeah Google are you on the working out Ferrari and I'm updating a model with a flurry driver academy. Go through the last you have for a weekend. The parents mean tonight I was coaching Benjamin Peterson. Share and we didn't really really well and three I graced news including the last straight he lumped all by seven tents in the second which is them and have all done this aspect to our program. Very yeah like in the spec car like Dennis huge. Yeah I think they call Larry. I know that behind behind the scenes is that. Matt vulnerable if you write that Ferrari driver academy now an old friend of mine even though. I'm the F I a juniors singles either condition in which there's Arab mentality. It's sharing and no guy. They're really they're driving force behind this of course nearly as globally that is now at the entry level series for kids that wanna go up you open wheel our third night in America that. They're a well known and bear in in the US could invest in the Formula One feeders series. But they're really enter in snaps or series grow and then also this new street Americans series with their logic here. That's really why they're. And been Peterson and the great kid got on talents and I thought it play helped them. By giving them exceptional results in Innospec here he's been out all boys that intensity exceptional. That I actually walked over night I mentioned whose background that he should take those serious look at that eight intention at that they're under McLaren. And I bet it bunt behind me about how these kids get picked up its. It's exceptional revolve around a bit or have people who are thinking or just say hey that's the key to do it. Well Eric this is says is really fascinating and we spent time with lots of the F four drivers and look at Ford F three. But to Eric Jensen we really appreciate you coming on and nugget that you have cited said Jensen GA dot com JE NSE end. GA dot com we really appreciate and we wanna. Keep you in the Rolodex because there's a fascinating discussion and Andy back on again and Graham turned to see who's coming up to their ranks the Abbott thanks a lot for coming on the show. There are certain there are right there I travels a tough decision. All right but we're gonna go ahead and take a break the world we come back we are super excited because we get and Jones IndyCar driver commercially next. It was in the speeds that he lied and Austin back after these messages. The racetrack it's what legends of I only the finest machines and their reputation for innovation and dominance. Such given name plates you'll find at Aston Martin Boston's bodice of Austin Bentley Alston and Rolls Royce motor car. Austin exotic iconic automobiles it's racing heritage tends everyday driving into an inspiring Jenny is you'll adjust along. I would wanna keep three not a big deal route. Dead fish Riley's school is the nation's most prestigious driving school offering seven days a week. Yeah around driver education from. A fifteen year old would know driving experience and amateur races after professional drivers are professional instructors who never judges Judy based on the day off well. From all that driving back. We'll keep you Abdul finally safe on the road all Baghdad at the racetrack feel calm. In the wail tough not to the situation no matter what you've done the whole way you've done it all how well you've done it will make you backed up. That brown extreme speed motorsports number thirty in the wc numbered 02 in the tutor and this is he'd sit. Welcome back to us beat city crazy advise most motor car. I'll welcome back to speed city we are super excited to bring on our next guest because. This young man and is obviously a fantastic race car driver. And 2016 Indy Lights title stepped up to IndyCar in 2017. And won rookie of the year third in the Indy 500 what an incredible. Rocketing. Trajectory he's got. We wanna look and Ed Jones back to speed city at a Loria. Hey guys postal thanks you know on the show again absolutely. I'm to sanction and we just had a two days testing at Phoenix send. And very positive Ted Sorenson who has great great trip back in the car with. Journey now one more day attention last postseason shocked. Yeah I solid sheet you actually were doing really well in of well almost 300 laps and look and look good I saw like 180 mile an hour speeds and nothing that was pretty good it was very competitive with everybody down there. Yeah exactly and I think is my first assignment in the new come on oval. So it's a bit of that production today especially foam Marxist analysis very different strike. And then in the sense buses come they're pretty much sought out the whole way around the term when it's not you really have to lift a law. Darren earns his style site different 2000 talked about county council slaps. Which is almost up 30% Latino race. And it's including getting used to productively concerts and how I can't. Policy in Eugene police have and are working hard to get its I know what would baseline can count on how to go forward. I mean that is a big deal with a new team with the Ganassi team this year. It he's got an ace next time with Scott Dixon and so that's got a book I mean honestly that's got to help even though you're already on Chip Ganassi team that. In a cat scanner through this is all awesome combination here. Yes but surely you know as possible. Often just one year's IndyCar. To meet ups between my Chip Ganassi racing. And it's Richard contreras was been been the goal is to to get through it seem like they're. And money not to drive the number ten college Skoda a lot of history. Most success. I'm having a GT done as my response so. I'm sure you guys as far as in particular are content delivery death. Which it looks very and Emery probably talk. Reps and Neman. I don't know this team. He said I'm Scott Dixon. And the team may have full time champion I think. There's not many better places that the to a close two lymphoma and gain experience from Munich. Block shipments of Russian boy day another full time champion. I think I've been I've been pretty lucky was my teammates say fine IndyCar. And the sense of Iraq none often. China here and it looks like hand. And what subtle but it draw upon it by seeing how much he makes it. Fantastic but I got to ask so a lot of the news this week besides team new reason driver news. Was around the when screener the windshield. Did you have an opportunity to to check into that I know who some of the others were out there. Yeah well the only person testing was actually skull. So with our team is trying term I don't sit in the crowd bossi. I'm in Germany yet. But the feedback from NASCAR term and ever involved in in the process of trying to make me in the wind screen work is all be very positive. It's great you know in accomplishing. Safety concern even more as comes so strong now. I'm a testament to that is showing my teammates who actually boarded our ship. His accident. To walk away from the well some migration facing. And that there was trying to improve its. They're barking at looks great intentions. Don't bit but it worries of how would look for the oil. In this sense is that close single seater race conflict I think it looks good and doing the job so far I think that if you touch shots for the employees to be expected. Eskimo. Yeah when you look at that compared to the F one halo on you and hands down it's I have Aetna multiples better. But obviously there's a lot of testing for all these together through and yeah and and and look with Louise touched on this last week shows that. Safety being the number one concern I mean if it if it ends up not looking great but it's does greatest job being safe I think everybody's oh OK with that. Yes for sure and I think that is the differences unit of reform along. They wanted to do something and did some assumed the payload. In the sense into that kind of Russia and a time in my opinion. Whereas doctor Terry Trammell who's who's IndyCar dot citizens spend the most time and Aaron Elson vote. As dirty. They have spent some a lot of work and time trying to make sure that when they do NG something. Post safety is going to be the right right thing. And I heard you respect the way that they've you know they've waited out and until they were called and they came out of right right design of our product. They waited and policies pretty paid off for iPhone. I'm sure very soon they'll they'll start to introduce that. Yes and he cited watches because it's it is it's an important part of the sport the way the cars look and let's face it they. And the there's spirit everybody talks about the way the cars look in the windy sounded hell all of these. The yeah advances in technology effective that's what term goes to hybrids and everything else and yeah and some of the way it looks as a big deal but. They don't step back teach it to you were. Your move in choose to Chip Ganassi team you know that just a noted there was a burning hardly deal in the words and they knew it he seemingly had. I'm a great spot where you words also they've kind of came about. Yeah. Total you know it was a great rookie season for me. We're not decide what to do. That is so elusive. Can just say wouldn't it seem like honestly it's been lawsuit Oakland racing. But you know things weren't done under. You know those those don't change I came out this. And I cannot see and it was termed. The way it's presented correction industry. It was for me this American turn down this. You know that that must put our own self be on guard predators sit at the tree won't change seeing somebody have to carve its very terms. So this. I was you know that looked into the good results. Of luck with the timing of things you know there's this F things up inquiries and and I'm pretty great four grateful for it and down putting in as much work return to make sure that they get often on a good run. Yeah it's funny you say that because. Obviously. Edgier and in a phenomenally talented driver because you can't do the things you've done. Without being incredibly talented but it just goes to show in motor sport. That that the way things that timing in the luck of the way things fall together. Eight it's it's an important part and it's a big part of of some of them the best drivers in history of their careers Isner. No official. Of course skill and earned success and how could you run over it plays a massive proper. I think it is very easy to underestimate how coalition or sometimes a bit but it Lanka but it timing. Plays into the internet's fault bush for everything and down that's a big case and very useful and throw my in my career so far. And I even in the junior ranks. Medical. Things to happen which is so Lisa can go another way and you screwed up beyond I have laid it out could you make certain days. Well and ask you about Carlin C because that's you with Carlin before and you won Indy Lights with Carlin ranked. He inaccurate and now they're coming to Indy car what do you think about that. Yes fantastic. This column that is also due to other teams in person holiday which soul searching he changed. But he knew that the congress Soria and Craig. I came over with then you know and actually turning fourteen informant for our program are racing for Carlin. And time this places based. Press this season he's been 2015. Event decisively in devise together. First my first overtime racing in the state in saint Karl. There's a big jump both of us we had finished third in the Indian I process to and then all of a championship in 2016. Nine under cover Colin Hughes who runs a team. His goal always sit together and become potentially an innovative they achieved that very quickly and the group of people group of guys that you know they've been successful never shares erased. You know I'm ready I'm happy for those guys and I'm sure that very quickly they'll be competitive and earned before running up front. MB fun story to watch there was there was an end Jonathan green an hour at the hundredth running of Indian but met with Trevor had the opportunity here. Push things he was kind of cloak and dagger he wouldn't exactly say what some of the things he had gone on but he says just keep an eye on him what was going on and and obviously you know he's played through well. So ordered askew as far as we get then yeah obviously you got a great team we've got a great teammate in the other car. Yeah what are you seeing it as a big advantage for you this week this a year over last season. With that come initial reasoning we're gonna really see a difference for a. Yeah I think. In he's yeah returns whether there is this going to be beneficial for me in the way now apparently is extras behind me. And a lot of annoyance busting you know I've never raison done racists. As long as IndyCar races tunic and agree somewhat shorter than it on a pit stop full Austria. Over the same fuel. In that position visited huge amount learning from the Austrian. Unpopular than any attempt to that in. I'm just pretty excited tend to have another go in Ireland and he's just experienced to the next level. No not me not so much for not from my side it's going to be a big jump also known you know and we can RC Chip Ganassi racing. One of them a successful teams in India and become. Just a wealth of experience. Of you know not just this cause he said the full but everyone in that scene you know from the mechanics. To it then engineers. Just several the spit sandwich from an from the and just the whole United Nations it is that this there very classy organization in their own puts and so much hard work and and they used to winning. When I'm feeling does a lot of pressure yes exactly and as and a time as an out of amien. You know that that depression in the same time is that idea ideal situation and so on a voice to a full. And now our options seem to to win races and yeah a great group of people behind me at home just to. We'll let us say one of the things that I've noticed we get to our trade and it to go on the domestic grudges here it's sort of America's. Yeah and one of the things that we've noticed a new we've got to know some of the faces and so we have a little better information sometimes. It's not just that you. Will be relating to the Indy team. Sometimes there's things that they'll cross from one of the dynastic teams to the other to Nancy teams and so you got much more of talent and much more background. Then just those guys you see standing in the Indy. Grudges with Jessica's point it's really something else the way they do that no cross pollinate share information. You know some it's not relish some other very much as. I correctly. Yes you know it PRC that they racing NASCAR in the time and also that with the Ford GT. I'm I'm great and they've all united. And in racing and a man walked when he drives. You know there's always going to be shall Asian games they just sanction these different types of race. And social social unit Hulu impose on them not come very different. That this going to be seeing Japanese ties of blood which is gonna actually help me in because you aren't simply GT. Until it's great to have that diversity. And here along with a incense and IndyCar it's a very diverse range picture. And essentially you know the other ovals street courses road courses. So yeah they definitely benefit from not from not and and you see that successful and now everything they competed. Like I can see why do nasty snatch you up is because he talked about last year you mean your first year into me this is what makes the difference between. Good drivers and really good or great drivers in the fact that. Ears in a whole new situation all new cars all new all new everything and you come right out of the box and had a fantastic season. And so to me I I just. I mean you know it's it's kind of hard to have somebody gush on you but that that's what's that's why get nasty nest Europe is because they see that and that that talent. Is it's rare so I I I feel like that's part of the reason they snatched up. Thank you yeah undervote in policy. Of the ties with what what the driver at what I do but. On the other hand you have to outright support system grown here and I was very lucky to have people like some Russian border auction Tuesday called C try to help me. I'm an invention is Carolyn. It was a great great system and that I was in the right situation again so. I'm looking forward to seeing what the condition. You know. You were born in Dubai which just it's fascinating bit. Pat how do you it's like that that's not exactly you'll think you've that is. In our territory yeah well as soon as you know how hard was it to get found out of Dubai like that. In. Yeah I was seeing in Dubai must unite our rivers is country and an avid avid to have the Formula One. Mr. say that our son commentary content of those fallen Dubai. Sort of racing consulate I was fifteen and in England tolerated in Europe awhile and then there's a cup came to America and 2015. So as a progression through different things in this I was. An effective and indeed how laws. We always have IndyCar races on TV and defiant emotional. Or especially Indy 500 and it was only an hour. Types nominal and watched that by the time Dubai it was small form of one back down. And then you know lost five years of further into it become more closely and realize how much more competitive but it isn't here platform a long way it's very spread out. And Russell was pretty appealing whacked in with a smaller teams like sources silence in recent adoption chip running from our community Indy 500 finishing. Which. One that made this post team all in it and that the bottom bottom half. People wanted to not have so there about recipient payment. Come from Dubai it's so long way. There there was also talk of having a race as he dissident. I assume you're one day not what helped me but I do think. Well you know dead each time we have somebody new on speed city we had to ask him a few things we just want to the American Augustin gets no you better. I'm only gonna smear their hobbies carding yes boxing. I'm thing NASCAR when I throw helmets and I'm gonna have. We're gonna have you pledged and somebody will you do that and IndyCar is that we're gonna do a. I think I think monitor the reason I don't know how to close a pretty culture I think if I show up fourteen people are kind of rough if it turns out that would really seems to during the slight time. And yes they are what kind of music we also and is very much in music talent. In that very diverse you know I see. Throughout the season to well up front he's not licences different. So all the different Internet albums polite different races chart. And then you know like changes you can go result of that every shot every night and I was dysfunctional it remind you please days. Scenario coaching summit but better races and other unfair. That is only about like two actually listened televisa for racism and I'm pretty and so far enough peace the calm and relaxed. And a and cycling I'm guessing that's the ones with the pedals led the manual cycling diversions only guessing we got some well known. Cycle is around town if you have football is that American food or is that that fund and European soccer thing. Oh and I'll turn out we've played all over. Well although that's understandable have you been to the search through America's we had asked that. Have you been to the search of the Americas Charleston carbon. Unfortunately though envoy opponent Guerin but it. Is throwing things at the gratuity he she and other races on Moore's club should. Each other. Do one event on the other it's I'm gonna try to get around them this year. Well you've got a standing invitation to him the compensating Booth one we usually have a chair available OK I'm going to end yeah. That's right. Hey I wanna ask you wanna come back to the get nasty team little bit because our bus on the gasses earlier this as relieved I am a wanna I wanna know. The difference between when you go from one card the other Odyssey did the big change for you comes from Indy Lights but what about last year's car vs this huge car. I mean is this is a dramatic. The act know it effects this is bigger than I expected term policies but the city does it does some pretty Baikonur special ovals. Businesses in Hershey amount less downforce. Settlement script. All the way through Korea. The initial things social group closest to us is stability in the very true. Cost me about what mall. I need to cash in quick from the straits the and for the breaking even more difficult syndicate in its very easy to look how he's making mistakes. You know coming out calling attraction to ask you have less downforce. So I think is in has committed again a different style and have a full. In terms of the way you drive it. You can hostage in the consummate sliding around a bit more. We even be careful is your time. Degradation. The suit many different factors are playing paid sick and that's a lawsuit. And I think you'll see. If you look like more mistakes than he did not stick just because the problem more global trade. So it should create some entertaining racing. More possibly for overtaking. Trust units that aren't gonna go off more important things like match. I'm I'm really looking forward to it it's whatever you don't want them on the road course two days from the short oval well. So a good idea that's why did. Well see more trees we do if you racists. Well it is Ed Jones is going to be fascinating to watch unity card I think this is gonna be one of the biggest stories to watch just because. Of that seat next to Scott and and you know you come in from rookie of the year last year into a big team like an SE is gonna be really fun to watch and I I'll I'll ask one last question what we like to ask on speed city in that. It's released inching here the answers this question but so sometimes he Sele gave an incredibly mature calm guy like he said but. Maybe beats that they answered the question I know what's coming up what do what do you drive every game and allow owner knows it's it's. It he's a calm guy that when he gets a psych a fire breathing hell cap or maybe you'll what do you do what do you drive every day. How many pages long. Really hit Canada pension causes us citizens league that's. I didn't I didn't run ever and this is what it's. I drive an Acura. Scenarios because we are on the up yeah. They provide the giants that the console vehicles. To burn unit compared and I straight cuts I think it can be static I drive. I'm probably a bit over the course of the liberation. All right he's let me ask. I find it very hard to trust people associate C a point a lot easier on on the track. He's gonna fit in great in Austin could. Oh well I just think he's a monster come back on speed so you really precision and of course who wish you the best of luck this season will definitely keep an eye on you. And now we'll get you back on the show we're gonna have. Most of the winner's going to be on speed city after the races season so hopefully we'll get to talk to several times this year you showed enough times maybe a parking spot at the Eric thanks a lot of daycare Charles label but he earned. Hear cheers. And agonize yet. I'd you know I'm I'm with you I find it interesting that he was you know born in the bi annual stress Indy cars now Sri brace anything else that. Indy cars and kind of surprises me and and honestly kind of you know war Smart if you will little bit to know that. It is looked at that highly oversees the you know it's an American series well means. So I got a really like that it. It's surprising though even still. All right well we're gonna shift gears a little bit we're gonna take a break but we for a go to the break we're gonna talk about the Toyota racing series both before and after bit. Here's a clip from a man Jonathan green down a New Zealand the because it's gonna set up the weekend and this was on Friday they finish the championship this weekend and we got the winner on the an interview but let's hear this clip from Johnson got a set of the weekend. Gone into the final round of the 2018. Castro Toyota racing series the championship was on a nice H. Three Travis all from the same and to competition Jane less than a race when a pot in the points off 212 races and five weekends a pricing. Try stitches Marcus all strolled down the weekend the 33 point lead over fellow Ferrari academy drawbacks Roland Schwartzman of Russia would dutchman Richard the Scholl. 27 points behind hand. With the title and the New Zealand robbery up for grabs the three were determined mood. An old at every since told wanting to wait and I radio regulated. And vehicles and motorcycles obvious pick to be an Italian style precisely prompted with a passion for two wheel off on wheels. To caddie often offers only NB a good stuff and caddie back they authorized technicians in Austin servicing old European brands. The bird Tommy sport naked the most extreme essential naked bike and up. All the charisma but won't say 800 the first revolutionary Tora to be built by and Diego's stuff. Four if you want a credit freeze begin racing then look no further than the world's it was bought winning triple and 3675. And eight pound Red Bull got all act for the ultimate legendary and apple and be a good stuff. Italian style with Texas sole try in the Simon welcome and financing available. To caddie outfit and karma then via goes down and make light right Elaine just east of I 35. Lowe's motor cars is central texas' source for classic performance cars British German Italian Japanese and American ready for that special car you've always dreamed of Mosley. Hey you've covered looking to sell a classic. Let closing handle all the details and get this special vehicles. Ends of the right buyer visit to show rheumatoid port twenty west regulate or call 5128219491. Or browse a garage online at mostly low. Motor cars dot com most motor cars. Drive yourself happy. On air online and on your Smart and nice. Top thirteen seven the kids the right choice. I was in jail oil from jail entourage dot com and you listen to speed city. Welcome back to those speeds city presented by mostly motor cars. All right Andrew into the break there was Johnson green telling us a little bit about what was about to happen just down in New Zealand at the Toyota racing series. Which if you don't know about you get a ticket out because it's one of those paths that two kids go to formula racing through so much. But now we're gonna play cliff and Johnson that includes the winner of the race so let's go back on two dozen green for the tourists answers update. A case recently found on some live with the champion Paul the castle Toyota racing series. Way brothers' lawsuit about a believe it because it was such a bizarre end to the ground braid you've got a bit of time now to settle down and think about it let them. Doesn't buy you rice in the don't bring. Well that was not a best I striped suits make him an area until one. Around the outside but then again actually managers' index had lost today amid them that night it's an NN. Basically resonated the stadium and Charles. To be Farrell is a big struggling with a with a with a violence on the card especially in the middle because we have Brandon Brandon was like pretty close to me so I think. Plus some whale is a bit nervous for me but then I saw that they have managed to get him some good gab and then I was just driving beyond 2000. And at some points. I think day when safety car. And yeah I was just from my tiger which is to try to make them. The last that would have put him. And then this happened at that someone then Marcus card just went for the safe mode and he just felt so everybody needed to avoided him. And yeah I I did my best. I managed to finish second was there was incredible bias there I'm coming to us now that that happened at yeah you cross the line did you know you'd won the championship. Yeah as the case has an affect on the line that seems not shouting at me like crazy like I got in here and he did that. Does that I was asking are we champions because I'm hiding out and aiming to say yes you last night I was thanking me out of your dad. Russian expression. Yeah I think that yeah I can say like that I guess it was just incredible night. You'll never believe that I know. I did my best thing that did their best them basically. Lots of things everybody it was fun to have these final weeks as we did seem especially with a teammates. There was no hold the way fair it was at some point actually vetted now when did you music so clothes I was not all the it's in the driver's. But actually was really fair and really nice did you speak tonight and I had to Europe. Winn Marcus is a teammate look at the free via phone at three it's going to be a big begin in the yeah of course it's gonna be if it's not going to be easy for them I think it's we will reward to be Qaeda and get a bit better late result. And as so that was really exciting to see these reports are hey when it because he didn't leave the whole series now until those until the final race is really exciting group down there are so it's. I will we get we had a rapid updates Virginia just basic demonized as it is every Sunday night. And take its own website speed city broadcast dot com ticker sonar sound cloud account. Twitter FaceBook we keep in all of today thanks to begin talking next week tally off. Who do. Hi this is Mario Andretti in this speech cynic on this mess them.